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  1. Too Big - Part Eleven

    LB, you have an awesome talent and a even greater imagination. Your chapters always send me into a hard state and keep me there till the end. Thank you again.
  2. The Scale

    Great start...more???
  3. Too Big - Part Ten

    LB I only wish I had a protector like that. You reel me into every chapter. Thank you sir.
  4. My dream is... dating a strongman.

    As long As he' s strong and likes to show off his strength by lifting me different ways
  5. Jeff College Roommate Part 6

    Jeff the roommate part 6 As time went by Jeff and I continued to grow stronger or should I say, Jeff grew stronger and I just stayed between 115 and 120lbs. I was his live-in tutor and cook, and he was my, well, let us just say, he grew stronger. We had no more incidents with the football team other than them inviting us to a few of their parties that we had a lot of fun at. Jeff’s grade point average climbed and by winter break, he and I were both at 3.85 gpa. He was so glad that I could help him with his grades, because in high school he barely squeaked by. I was still able to work with some of the football team and helped them as well. It was a good start to freshman year. Jeff’s strength continued to climb, like I said earlier. We would go to the gym together and I would either climb, swim or run, while Jeff went straight to the free weights and pounded the weights for hours. Our trip back to the dorm room usually consisted of him fastening me to his back like a backpack and him running or should I say sprinting around the campus taking the long way home. It got to a point that he could no longer use my body weight to warmup doing double arm curls. It was warmup when he grab the harness with one arm and just curled the hell out of me, I’m talking reps in excess of 100, then switch arms, for usually 3-4 sets. Then he’d smile and say that’s a good warmup. For him to warmup his pecs, he would put the beds on top of each other, toss me on it and maybe a dresser too. Again performing triple digit reps for 4-5 sets. Of course, while he was using his favorite weight I would be tutoring him at the same time. How strong did he get, you may ask. Well let’s just say, if I put him in an arm bar, he’d just smile at me and bring his hand to his chest over and over, laughing at my feeble attempts to wrestle him. There was a time that he came home acting pissed off due to a test he took. He pushed me against the wall, then wrapped my tshirt around his index finger, while blaming me for the score he got. With just his finger to hold me, slid me up the wall with ease. Then with just his finger pulled me away from the wall and then slammed against the wall, not hard, just enough to let me know the strength he had in one finger. As he did this about, 10 times he pulled the test out of his pocket, unfolded it, and pushed it into my face, still blaming me for the grade. I grabbed the test from him and held it up blocking his face. I looked at the paper and damn if it wasn’t a perfect score. As I lowered the paper, he had the biggest shit-eating grin on his face and my body was hanging from his finger. He quickly set me down wrapped his anaconda arms around me and lifted me into a massive bear hug, thanking me over and over. When he put me down I started to beat on him as hard as I could, “You scared the hell out me ya big lug, I thought you failed it. You overgrown gorilla, I about to shit myself and you held me with just your freakin finger ya big ox.” All the while I am hitting anywhere I can reach and he’s laughing at me. Winter break was coming fast and I wasn’t sure to go home or just hang out at the school. Jeff came home one day from school and as usual, I donned my harness and was ready for a trip to the gym. Jeff was smiling so big I thought he was gonna burst. He sauntered up standing right in front of me, grab both of the chest straps and slowly curled me into the air. Face to face with him and me just hanging from 27” biceps. “Dude how about we spend winter break together?” he asked “Um but um well are you asking or telling me?” as I glanced from his face to my feet and them being over two feet off the ground. “I’m asking.” As he started to do curls with me. “Where and why not go home?” I asked as my body swayed to his reps. “Well I just got an email from my grandparents and they want me to go to their place and watch it while they go to Hawaii over the holidays. He sent me air fare for two, it’ll be a blast. Big house, pool, secluded, even spending money too.” 30 reps and not slowing down. “Well, im not sure.” I state and with that the movement stops at 46 and so does his smile. He brings me in very close to his face, “What do you mean, you’re not sure?” I glance at his body and every muscle is getting tense and I feel his grip get even tighter than normal. Jeff is glaring at me and talking through tight teeth. “Are you telling me you would rather go home and have your step-father and brother beat you up or torture you like before. You told me that your step brother used to fasten you to weight bars and hang you for hours in the corner of his room or your step dad used to put bicycle inner tubes on you and hang you in the garage. They both would take turns lifting you and tossing you back and forth. Really, you want to go back to that, REALLY?” I just started laughing, hysterically. “Gotcha back, you little tard, remember the test, now don’t mess with me, little boy.” Keep in mind my feet are two feet off the ground and he is like a statue. I just kept laughing, and then he started laughing too. “When do we leave big guy?” I asked as I pat his shoulder. “Tomorrow. We’ll miss that last two days of school but it shouldn’t matter. Let’s get packing.” As he throws me about 7 feet in the air and a span of the room as I land on my bed about 20 feet away. Flight was good and his grandparents driver met us at the terminal and was aghast at how big Jeff had gotten. With a short drive to the hills and a long driveway. His grandparents met us at the door. Of course, they too were amazed at his size and he introduced me as his roommate and friend. They toured us through the house and then took us out to a very expensive restaurant. They left the following morning. Now just him and I alone in this big house. What do we do first? After Jeff’s grandparents left, the butler told us breakfast was ready. Jeff and I sat at the table and there was so much food, but Jeff made quick work of most of it. It was like fine dining. After breakfast we asked the driver and butler to come sit with us to get to know them. We convinced them that they could relax and didn’t need to wear suits all the time. The butler and driver were about the same size, 5’8 around 160 and they were assigned to do whatever we need them to do. The butler was also the cook and Jeff told him what we would like to eat. We also asked them if there are some fun bars in the area and they look at each other, smile, and tell us about a gay bar not far. Then we find out they are partners and live on the property in a bungalow out back. We tell them about us and how I’m the brains and he’s the brawn. We all decide to go for a swim in the huge pool out back. We all got changed and met on the deck beside the Olympic sized pool. Jeff came over and stood in front of me. He was wearing board shorts and they didn’t hide any muscle at all, in fact, the shorts were so tight it looked like a second skin on his thighs. He slipped his hands into my armpits and smiled. My feet left the ground and I traveled up to his face. “Ready for a swim?” He asked with a huge grin. “Don’t you dare as I grabbed his forearms. I mean it, you’ll be sorry.” I said with a grin He walked to the deep end of the pool, “really? And who is going to make me sorry, YOU?” then Jeff started to laugh loud and hard. He tossed me straight up into the air about a foot and spun me catching me so that I was now facing the pool. “Don’t do it.” I said with a laugh. “Enjoy your flight.” He said as he launched me about 6 feet into the air, arching over the pool so that my decent would be in the middle of the deep end. I started to fall and quickly pulled my legs up and cannon-balled into the water. Jeff walked over to the other two who were watching with amazement and just smilled. “Ya know this would be so much easier if I had harnesses for you two.” The butler raised his finger as if to say wait and headed for the garage. He returned with three full body harness. “The boss bought these when we were replacing the roof wanted us to be safe.” I had come out of the pool and joined them and the three of us proceed to put on the harnesses. Jeff came to each one of us and tightened the strap to the point they were tight but they wouldn’t come off. “Um you aren’t planning to toss us around like him are you? I mean we both weigh a bit more that he does. I mean you tossed him like his was a beach ball. You really think you can lift us?” Jeff smiled at them and then looked at me and gave a wink. The butler and driver were standing side by side. Jef grabbed the center of their harnesses with each hand. “I will do my best not to hurt you and I hope you guys don’t mind being off the ground most of the afternoon?” Jeff slowly starts to curl both of them nice and steady. “Your extra 40 pounds will help get me a pump a little faster than little Billy here. And yes, I fully intend to lift and toss you three for most of the afternoon.” Jeff completes a full arm curl with his two new weights and they are aghast at his bicep and his feat of strength. I am standing there with the biggest grin and hardon I have ever had. Jeff started to walk to the deep end of the pool holding the two about two feet off the ground. I see their legs swaying back and forth and their arms at their side swaying too. Jeff slowly moves them to each side of him. Then slowly cocks his arms back and grunts as he flings them into the air and into the water. I followed Jeff and was standing next to him, his throw looked easy again and he just kept smiling the whole time. I wasn’t paying attention to Jeff after the throw I was watching how far they flew. I was brought back when I felt something grab the back of my harness, I looked up and saw Jeff’s massive arm above me reaching to my back. “Get in there, ya little runt.” Jeff says as I am propelled like a torpedo coming out of a sub. Quick thinking I lifted my arms into a superman pose and it was like I was flying into the water, only I was about six feet off the water and flew a good 20 feet. The afternoon progressed with the three of us trying to take down the ‘monster’ called Jeff. We never did take him off is feet and he just kept lifting us out of the water then throwing us. At one point, he called us to the shallow end and said he wanted to try a few things. Jeff proceeded to grab the front of Craig and Jeremy’s harness and lifted them to his side. They both grabbed his bicep and could not stop talking about how hard and huge they were. They even punched them and Jeff was loving the attention. He then powered them both overhead and held them about 6 inches from each other. Then commenced a set of 50 reps with the 160-pound living ‘dumbbells’. He set them down and turned them so Jeremy was facing Craig, using some rebar that was laying against the fence, weaved and bent the bar so they were fastened together. Jeff grabbed the front of the harness with both hands and slowly curled them off the ground. He smiled huge that he was able to do it. “320 pound bicep curl,” he bellowed as he did 30 reps with them. Jeff grabbed me and fasted me to the back of Jeremy. I looked up at him, “Jeff, you’re looking at 420 pound curl. I know you’ve done more in the Gym but this is a little different.” Jeff just looked at me and did a double bicep flex, “you doubt this mountain of pure power?” then laughed. Again both hands grabbed Craig’s harness, I felt my feet come off the ground as he curled three men and then to all of our astonishment, he completed 30 reps with the last few being hard, but he did it. Jeff was certainly getting a workout with his little toys. With the three of us still fastened, he carried us to the edge of the pool and put his massive right leg between ours and started curling us. His thigh ballooned up so massive and Craig held his hands on it as he curled us. After 30 reps, he put us down and did the left leg. This mountain of muscle was using three, THREE, grown men to workout with. Jeff unfastened us, oh by the way, the rebar he used was half inch and he bent and unbent it like it was a simple rope. The butler, Craig, excused himself and made us lunch. While we were eating on the deck chairs, Craig mentioned that we should plan to go out to eat, then hit the bars. We all agreed and took in the sun relaxing until we headed out for an interesting night...
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