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    being lifted as a weight and shown what those huge muscles can do with a small 120# dude. Love to see feats strength. Roleplay and real stories are great too.
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    5'1 120. Swimmer/runner build
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    Huge muscle dudes that like to show off, real or rp works both ways.
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    Londonboy and any with strength and lifting guys
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    Huge ones
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    Big strong muscles on a tall guy

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  1. liftme

    Big Boys and Their Toys - Part Five

    Lb, your stories ALWAYS excite the hell out of me. Your descriptiveness is so enthralling. I was hanging on every line anticipating their next move. Without a lot of actual strength your story exuded it. Thank you so much for your time and effort. Can't wait for more.
  2. liftme

    Story -- BOY IN A BAG

    Ok let me just put this out there...do me/us a huge favor and continue writing these short stories!!!! Dang that was great man. You do an awesome job, sir. Thank you for your time.
  3. Read some stories, really good author.

    1. Hialmar


      Thank you. Be aware, that some of them turn dark, sometimes for satirical purposes.

  4. liftme

    Toy Time, part 3, Taken

    Dang that is an awesome chapter, can' wait for more. Great job sir and thanks.
  5. liftme

    Unexpected Package

    Can't wait for more maybe this droid will use his master as a weight or bend some bars or other feats of strength. Yes please more...and thank you for taking the time.
  6. liftme

    Worship Session, Accident part 1

    Great story with a twist and cliff hanger. Thanks
  7. liftme

    A is for Alpha and Antoine - Part Four

    Love it, love it, love it! Never cease to amaze and elate me. As well as make me hard as helwith your description and flow of your stories. Welcome back.
  8. liftme

    Ginger muscle, part 4, Muscle showoff

    Wow what an awesome chapter. All I can say is MORE...please.
  9. liftme

    The Internet Stalker pt 2

    Awesome part 2. Would love to meet a Daniel. Even at 120 I don' think of be scared.
  10. liftme

    The Internet Staulker

    Pickmeup you are off to a great start. Thank you and I really want to be on that perch.
  11. liftme

    The Muscle Sandwich Part 4

    Holy crap you did it again. Man get out of my fantasies. Lol. Great job and thanks
  12. liftme

    A is for Alpha and Antoine - Part Three

    Dang lb, missed you. Love your stories and can' wait for more. Thanks
  13. liftme

    Muscle Blind

    Rpj your stories never a let down. Keep them/me cummibg. Lol. Seriously very talented writer. Thank you
  14. liftme

    Destiny - Worship My New Muscular Roommate

    Dude you gotta go for chapter three this is way to great to eave us hanging like this. Oh would love to see Ben worship Kyle while he's pressing him overhead or curling him.
  15. liftme

    Worship session, beach adventure, part 2

    Freakin awesome anyway to read more. Thank you for working hard on it and sharing it with us. So How strong is jay? Does he use human weights?? Just curious. Lol