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    being lifted as a weight and shown what those huge muscles can do with a small 120# dude. Love to see feats strength. Roleplay and real stories are great too.
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    5'1 120. Swimmer/runner build
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    Huge muscle dudes that like to show off, real or rp works both ways.
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    Londonboy and any with strength and lifting guys
  • Favorite Bodybuilders
    Huge ones
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    Big strong muscles on a tall guy

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  1. liftme

    Wee Jock

    Great story. Thanks for continuing it. Why do I feel the wee jock is about to be played with and used as a dumbell for hours and his feet arent going to touch the ground??
  2. Awesome just awesome as usual. Thanks again, LB
  3. Lb dayumn you rock. Awesome.
  4. My opinion, love strength lift and carry, bar bending, car lifting, human weights being tossed around, strength domination. Just saying.
  5. You rock on, even in short stories. Ty
  6. liftme

    My New Job

    Awesome start! Wonder if hes going to show off his strength by using his new friend as a weight.
  7. You never cease to amaze me as yours stories are always fantastic. Love muscle and strength domination and you brought it again. Thank you
  8. LB you still make me so freakin hard. Damn love your stories bud. Thank you so much keep it up.
  9. Speech500, call me a sap but your story was fantastic. The final chapter found tears rolling down my cheeks. Great job and I hope to see more stories from you. I have some in my head and write them down but never have the nerve to submit them. Thank you.
  10. What can I say, LB?? You are awesome and thank you so much?
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