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  1. musclepwa

    Pec bouncing

    Not a pec bounce but watch his pecs at 5.55 onwards as he works his legs!
  2. musclepwa

    Pec bouncing

    Imagine plenty of passengers checked you and that chest out as they passed you by!
  3. musclepwa

    Pec bouncing

  4. musclepwa

    Pec bouncing

    Sounds absolutely awesome and imagine made that wait go so much quicker for other passengers who were in awe of that physique!
  5. musclepwa

    Pec bouncing

    Im Awesome experience. Ever done it casually like on a train or bus to watch the reaction?
  6. musclepwa

    Pec bouncing

    It gives these muscle guys so much confidence and who could blame them!
  7. musclepwa

    Pec bouncing

    Something absolutely unreal about a huge bodybuilder showing off all that work on the chest with a pec bounce like this! Wondered what the experience was like for the muscle guys on here the first time you could do that and the best ever reactions?!
  8. musclepwa

    Incredible Hulk

  9. musclepwa

    UK teens getting massive

    Sexy hunk on here!

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