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    Bodybuilder, working to compete and grow huge.
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    6', 242, 18a, 49ch, 40w, 27qd, 17cf
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    Friends, sponsors, other builders
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    6', 270, 24a, 55ch, 32w, 33qd, 25cf
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    And Scott Grew Huge, I Wanna Be Huge, Achieve, The Alpha Kid
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    Joel Thomas, Joey Sergo, Justin Compton, Kai Greene, Dallas McCarver and Flex Lewis
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    Roids, growth, masculinization, attitude change

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  1. buffinup

    the annoyance of the internet

    Hey man, I think you've got some real talent and ability, and these naysayers while annoying as hell are just part of the proof that you're doing something right. It's like sweat at the gym, might not be the best thing for people around you, but it's a great sign that you're working hard.