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    United States
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    Weightlifting and Bodybuilding. Gear. Growing HUGE! Reading Stories and meeting ppl into the sport.
    Flexing with other muscular guys and talk about bodybuilding.
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    29 years old, Black
    205 lbs
    31 waist
  • What are you seeking?
    A fun time with those into bodybuilding and fitness. Cam/ flex buddies. Other bodybuilders.
    Someone to encourage me emotionally and financially to become a muscular FREAK!

    Follow me on Instagram: @1PhrozenDreamer
    Not on Yahoo IM, but can do iMessage & FaceTime! Hit me up!
  • What are your dream stats?
    240 lbs, 4% bodyfat
    28 waist
  • Favorite Bodybuilders
    Brandon Curry
    Tricky Jackson
  • Got Any Fetishes?
    Mutual Flexing
    Muscle Worship
    Nipple Play
    Force Feeding

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  1. awesome progress pics man! great work!!

  2. You have quite an incredible set of lats on you man! :)

  3. Hey what's up man? 

    Looking to grow and become a  muscular beast in the gym and on the stage as a competitive bodybuilder. Let me know if you're interested in coaching/ sponsoring. Would love your knowledge and insight into the sport. 

    James here


  4. Hey what's good man? DMV guy here too into fitness and bodybuilding. Live in Laurel and commute to DC for work. If you ever wanna train together, let me know. Trying to compete at the end of this year.


  5. Looking for other muscle guys to Flex with! HMU on Skype! And Sponsors Welcome!

  6. Looking to Grow HUGE! Help a Brotha out!

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