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  1. flexington

    PIED - Porn Induced erectile dysfunction (yea)

    yea, this is a good resource
  2. flexington

    PIED - Porn Induced erectile dysfunction (yea)

    no, actually the opposite. IT has more to do with being conditioned over and over (since I was young) to a sort of narrow set of triggers. So what actually happens is the dopamine release that causes an erection is highly conditioned to certain stimuli for me (aka huge muscle). It doesn't happen all the time, but if a guy isn't built, theres no chance. But then again, theres been times i've been with BIG guys and still nothing
  3. I've been having trouble maintaining an erection for non-muscle growth related in real life sexual contact. Not something I like talking about, but figured it might be useful to post here. Anybody have any experience with this (especially because we all share in this extreme non-reality based fetish)? Anybody recovered from this? How did you separate out this fetish from real life stuff?

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