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  2. I contacted Welshy because I love writing stories for folks that in my mind, look like superheroes. I hope you all enjoy my attempt at fun, and creating the first chapter in a possible series on the stories of Welshy, earth’s newest guardian. Please note his youtube page listed below, and enjoy the first chapter. Thanks! @Welshy Welshy’s Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcrbXKpPGI7GVmRFLszRflw Chapter 1 It was just after midnight when Anthony swung through the glass doors of his gym. He’d spent the past few hours working tirelessly, as he did every evening, perfecting his body. The past few years had seen phenomenal progress for a man just shy of twenty-five. Standing at five feet nine, and well over two hundred pounds, the young bodybuilder was already admired for his physique in his local gym, though he craved to be bigger and better than anyone. He helped train others and spent hours perfecting their form, as he loved the feeling of helping them create the best versions of themselves. On that warm August evening, he turned the ignition to his car, a small white sedan, and made his way onto the highway. Just outside of Cardiff and ambling along, he did his best to find something to listen to on the radio. After a few songs played, a weird static buzz sounded, followed by an emergency signal. He’d never quite heard anything like it, and the sound made him move to pull over along the side of the road. It was a high-pitched beep that mixed with the static. He glanced out each window. The road was dark, trees on either side, with a cloudy sky obscuring part of the moon above. Just as he moved to turn off the radio, a green flash of light streaked across the sky. There was a great burst of green and red flame above him—but strangely, no sound—and he watched as a disc shaped object plummeted. His heart raced watching the object tumble downward. He covered his eyes as the object crashed not five hundred yards from where he sat. Smashing through trees and hurtling across the ground, another burst of color filled the air, and he held onto the steering wheel to brace for impact from the explosion that followed. But the shockwave didn’t rattle his car or burst his windows; in fact, upon opening his eyes he saw only that the world around him was bathed in a strange green light. The object was clearer now, a spherical ship with an outer disc, no bigger than a small plane in size. Perhaps fifty feet across, the outer skin of the sphere was a metallic shine not unlike chrome, though the center held a rectangular opening. From here shone the green light, one that streamed out across the side of the road and into the forest. Anthony pondered staying in his car and leaving the mysterious object to be found by the proper authorities. Surely there would be fire engines and police making their way to the scene, followed shortly by the military. Could it have been a wayward experimental craft? But somehow, he was drawn to this strange thing. He couldn’t explain the feeling that coursed across his skin. He felt a warmth across his chest and down to his toes, one that lingered and raised the hair atop the back of his neck. He watched the green light pulse, and without thinking, opened the door to his car. He didn’t remember walking toward the smoldering object, just that he was standing right in front of the door shaped opening. He should’ve resisted, or turned away. Who knew what lay in wait for him inside the strange object. Yet it was as though the thing was calling to him, forcing him to enter into the unknown. Symbols in a language unknown to him traced the black walls of the corridor. Anthony watched them glow in the same color green, his pale face watching the patterns change. His blue eyes gleamed green in the light. He took step after step into the hall, until he emerged into a circular room with a single metallic chair. The walls were black as well, though here there were no symbols, only a pale green light blinking above the chair. He continued forward, and paused for a moment in front of the chair. A part of him wanted to turn and run. This is crazy. What am I doing? His brain was screaming for him to cut and run. He’d seen more than he was supposed to, and who knew what would happen to him if the military did catch him? Or worse, they would take him away forever for discovering something that wasn’t his to find. His heart won the war; he turned and slowly took a seat. Immediately, two metal pieces sprung from the railing of the chair and locked onto his wrists, holding him in place. The silver metal sealed around his skin, and he couldn’t move an inch. His biceps flexed as he scrambled to break free, only to feel a strange warmth flood through his body. Anthony Stingl. Twenty-five. Humanoid. Five feet nine. Two hundred twenty-three pounds. Peak physical condition. Passable guardian. “What?” Anthony heard the sounds from the chamber around him that echoed. The wall in front of him flushed green with every word. “What is this?” This ship has been sent by the guardians to prepare the people of earth for what they are to face. We have failed to contain the sector surrounding your solar system from the Imperials. They have broken through the western defense perimeter—approach of rogue Imperials is imminent. “Rogue what now? Guardians? What are you going on about?” He shrunk back in the chair, his mind spinning. His heart raced at the thought of—outer space? “Is this—are you an alien?” I am not a human. I am an advance pod sent to distribute knowledge and training to a selected lifeform to defend their planet form extraterrestrial attacks. The Guardian Forces work diligently to keep rogue aliens from entering into pre-interstellar spaceflight territory. Unfortunately, our guardians in the outer sectors closest to this solar system were unsuccessful in a recent security breach. “Sounds like someone wasn’t very good at their job.” Anthony smirked. The Imperials are a collective that seeks to sow discord and chaos across the galaxy. Additionally, they harvest energy from selected planets to increase their power. An ambush by Caldar left several of our best warrior’s dead. He has detected the nearest habitable planet and has set a course. “Earth?” In advance of this, we have selected the first available appropriate specimen to train to defend the planet. You have precious little time to be prepared for— “Pod? I can call you pod? They sent you to find me to… train me? To defeat some monster that’s going to destroy earth? And I’m just supposed to say yes and get on with it, no big deal?” Anthony made a face. You may refuse your duty. However, you may wish to see what powers you have been granted. “Powers?” As he spoke, the wristlets detached from the chair. He looked at the glowing green screen and stood. Each guardian is gifted with the power bracers—these that allow you to take in energy to reformat your own body, to give you strength, dexterity, agility, flight. You will learn the tools— “How?” Simply think of strength—imagine yourself, stronger, bigger, larger—hold the energy within yourself. Your bracers will fill you with the power of the guardians. All of it seemed insane, and perhaps a dream. Had he died in the ensuing explosion, or been injured, only to imagine the conversation that was happening with him now? Still, he did feel very much alive, and he wanted to know just what was real from what was fake. He closed his eyes and began to think of his time in the gym. Of getting stronger, straining, of getting bigger, lifting, of all the energy flowing into his body. The hair on the back of his neck stood, and he could feel the energy tingling through his veins. The green glow washed over him, and soon his arms began to thicken, his biceps growing and swelling. His chest pushed outward, becoming more striated and veins popping up across his skin. His quads pushed apart, each tree trunk leg growing, including his calves. His tank top began to strain from the grown of his muscles, his shorts tearing away at the size of his quads. Soon his clothing shredded, littering the floor, leaving a straining pair of briefs in their wake. “Fuck…” He muttered as he felt the energy grown within him. “Fuck yes, give me more!” He threw his head back and could feel he mass swell across his muscles, his back filling out as his body grew. Each ab grew more defined, his oblique’s coming into view underneath his six pack. He wanted nothing more than to see the size fill him, to tap into the energy. It slowed at last when he paused, dizzy from all the growing, his body nearly a hundred fifty pounds heavier. That was an impressive first attempt. You have a natural affinity for connecting with the energy. However, without an agreement as guardian, you will never be able to tap into the true power of the bracers. “Agreement.” Anthony opened his eyes and stared forward. His life was simple; he knew little of what the task ahead entailed, if only that a strange group had asked for his help. He needed to stop Caldar, or whoever it was Pod had mentioned, and perhaps the world. It was all mad and bonkers to him. But—the way his muscles had grown, the size, the power, he only wanted more. He wanted to be the hero, to not only have the superhero’s build, but the title to go with it. “I’ll be a guardian. I swear it. Now—what do I have to do?” It will be painful. You will choose a name for your guardianship. Something reflective of you, your desires, and truths. The energy will fill you to your limit, and then a part of you will be lifted—taken to be saved by the guardians. It will be contained here should you ever need to be reborn. “What about this place? Won’t someone find it if—” As far as anyone knows, this place is just a patch of trees. All the damage that was done is hidden, and cannot be found. A man could come within an inch of the ship and not see a thing. “Welshy. I want to be called Welshy. For my home, my nickname.” So be it. From now on you will be Welshy, defender and guardian of earth. Your energy will be a part of the guardians. I will train you so that you may stop Caldar from destroying your planet and your people. Now. Breathe deeply. This will not be entirely pleasant. Heat fanned out across his body as Anthony stood, bathed in the green light. All of it seemed to be happening so fast. This strange ship was filling him with energy. He could feel it tingle across his chest, then his legs, then arms, even across his back and glutes. He could feel each muscle begin to flex on its own. He grunted, feeling the heat grow in intensity. His pecs striated and he felt his abs becoming larger, thicker, and more cut. His waist seemed to be getting smaller as he grew somewhat taller, thicker. Before long he cast a thick and long shadow, muscles hulking across his frame. He felt an intensity of heat cross his chest, and yelled out as the energy filled him. A ‘W’ emblazoned in blue across his chest as veins crisscrossed over his body. He flexed harder and harder still, until at last, the energy seemed to subside. This is the final trial; your power is nearly at its peak. I will extract a single percent of your ethos to save, in case your powers are overwhelmed. “What?” You may burn through your strength—it is not unlimited. And should you need to ever be recovered, I can use this energy to bring you back and bind to you. It is a precaution. Especially in one so unexperienced. “If you say so.” He felt his muscles begin to twitch as the light flooded over him. He began to grunt and growl as his muscles seemed constricted. He tried to flex but couldn’t feel anything but the heat, the impossible amount of energy flowing through him and over him all at once. An immense pressure that made it hard for him even to breathe. He lifted off the ground, hovering as the light took over him. He stared, eyes wide and open mouthed as a pale gold energy fled from his mouth and gathered in a ball in front of him. After another minute, it formed—muscular and manly, shaping into a version of himself, though less muscled, the same shape as he’d been prior to being flooded into energy. As he faced himself, looking into a golden form of energy with his eyes, nose and mouth, he could scarcely breathe. The colors swirled. He lost consciousness then, the world blackened, and he saw nothing else. Anthony awoke in his bed, eyes fluttering open. Had It all been a dream? But as he stripped away his bedsheets, he saw the two bracers atop his wrists. Stranger still was the small metallic disc upon the small of his back. He placed his left index finger atop it. This piece allows us to be one and communicated though you are not in the ship, Welshy. We can be everywhere together, to train you for what is to come. “I’m having a hard time even processing it.” Anthony rubbed his temples. Being the world’s hero seemed an awful lot for someone that just yesterday was happy just to lift weights and teach others to do the same. We will spend the next few weeks learning to control your power, and to be one with the energy. First, you should stand and call upon your power. He stood from his bed. A mirror on the wall showed his bulky figure. Powerful chest, thick legs, strong arms. You need just say your name, and the power will start to flow through you. “Welshy…” His skin tingled as the energy pulsed through his limbs. He marveled at the sight of his stomach growing more taught, abs appearing and becoming chiseled. His shoulders broadened and thickened, his bicep peaks rising and growing. His legs pushed apart yet again, his glutes tightened. His muscles expanded and swelled outward, dwarfing the man that he had been. Before long he was over three hundred pounds and rivaled any man, who crossed the Olympia stage. He flexed a bicep and then another, smiling at himself in the mirror. A blue ‘W’ emblazoned across his chest, as well as a blue pair of briefs and boots. He supposed they came with the power. Now, we learn to fly. It was his favorite part. Out of his backyard and into the sky, he soared above the cul-de-sac of homes. He wasn’t sure if the neighbors could see—after all, who could mistake the shape of a muscular hero soaring through the air—but part of him hoped they could. He struggled some to get his bearings. The way the wind whipped across his body and the way he needed to angle himself for one. Another was paying attention to pesky pieces of human interference, whether they were powerlines, buildings, or even aircraft from a distance. They spent two afternoons to make sure he could take off and land at full speed. They ended one session with him crashing into an empty lot outside of town, covered in dirt because he hadn’t slowed his massive form quickly enough. “How long did you say we had to train?” He’d said, rubbing the dirt off of his chest. Current projections put Caldar at least seven days away from earth, though no more than ten. There has been no further communication. He relished the ability to grow his strength. They focused first on growing his muscles on command, and maxing out his size. He would start in his normal form, a little past two hundred pounds, and bring his arms above his head in a double bicep pose. He would mutter his new name—Welshy—and at once the power would flood through him. As the ‘W’ began to form across his chest, he would grunt and strain, filling out his back and broadening his shoulders. Muscle would snake across his form, biceps growing from grapefruits to near bowling balls in size, his abs now impossibly cut. His back forming a perfect ‘v’ down to his wait, and legs exploding back outward again with muscle. The sigh of himself in the mirror had him thinking only of the incredible hulk, glistening muscles covered in definition and veins. He could lift thousands of pounds with ease. Heavy steel beams at construction sites were what he lifted now, cars, too. One of his first acts as a hero was to fix a tilting bridge. The media only caught sight of him for a second, but by the morning plenty were questioning who the man with the ‘w’ on his chest was. He made sure the next day to be on the lookout for more trouble, this time finding a set of cars precipitously close to tumbling off the edge of an overpass. He lifted a tractor trailer off onto the road, smile across his face. The local news station got a first-hand interview with the local hero—Welshy—and from then on, they knew they could be safe with such a man flying through the skies. His first brush with evil per say was just a few days later, when a classic hero conundrum occurred: a bank robbery in progress. They had guns of course, but weren’t expecting a shirtless muscular hero to pounce on them. Three masked men held up a set of tellers at gunpoint, only to have Welshy come crashing through the window. They fired their weapons, but here another one of his powers became clear: his muscles were so dense, the bullets that struck him simply clattered to the floor. He took their punches too, each trying their hand to knock against his steel body with their fists. With a laugh, he need just one punch for each to have them on the ground. Anthony sat in the chair of Pod’s ship as the two planned for their next lesson. They had spent the weeks preparing for his battle, though he felt as though there was still so much to learn. He listened to Pod explain that most guardians had years before their first encounter with such a powerful being. You’ve taken well to your lessons, but Caldar is not a basic humanoid. He will seek to destroy you and claim the earth and its power for himself. “You’ve said it yourself, I’m a natural. And with you helping me, I shouldn’t have much to worry about. Your knowledge will help me take him down, my strength will have him on the ropes, and then we’ll do what the other guardians weren’t able to do.” He won’t just be here to conquer the earth. Caldar is on a mission to tap into the energy underneath earth’s core. Several guardians have fallen trying to protect him from sapping planets of their power. “Oh.” Welshy blinked. “What do you mean, ‘sapped?’” Caldar was granted a power by the imperials to manipulate and use energy; he has determined a way of taking that energy from planets and other beings alike. You will see that he has his trophies on his wrists—evidence of the guardians that have failed. He takes their power when they have been defeated. It all had seemed much less real up until the mention of the defeated guardians. Welshy stared down at his wrists and wondered just how much power he had been given. If you are to fail, he will attempt to take your power from you, and then your wristlets. They can only be taken when all of your life force is extinguished. The bracers will unlock and he’ll be able to take them to use as his own. However—once you have completed your training, you will be able to grow your power beyond what he has… through another item not given to most guardians. “What? What are you…” A small cube sprung up from the floor. The box opened to reveal a ring large enough to fit around his forehead. “Why don’t I just use it now?” Those that are unable to tap into its true power may be overwhelmed. It is highly dangerous for an unskilled guardian. The power contained my cause you to burst into flames. “Yikes. Well—I suppose we have a few more lessons before…” The room suddenly glowed green, and Welshy closed his eyes. There is a disturbance in the sky, northward. It appears that Caldar may have entered into the atmosphere. I am putting a visual for you. Streaking across the sky was a creature that appeared humanoid: a similar face with black hair, and black eyes. His body was gargantuan in musculature, rivaling even Welshy’s. But where a normal man had one arm, this creature had four. He wore a black set of briefs and boots, and a determined look upon his face. Welshy felt a chill run through his body. “Right. What do we do now?” We should engage him prior to him finding our location now. He is seeking the strongest signal of energy on earth at the moment—which would be coming from your bracers. When he has found you, he will be ruthless in attempting to wear down your power to destroy you. You have to weaken him until I can be certain your bracers can be used to blast him with their energy. A concentrated blast at his weakest point will eliminate him and his power. “Let’s get this show on the road then.” Welshy flexed his pecs and grinned. He took off running toward the door, and leapt into the sky. He could feel himself straighten in the air, half guided by his training, half by his connection with Pod. He felt a quiet reassurance with the alien android making sure to correct any of his movements. The power grid has been deactivated. His presence is detected at the power plant not far from the northwest corner of town. He was hard to miss, even in the darkness. Caldar’s massive frame was an alabaster shade in the moonlight, his figure hunched over a set of generators he seemed to be feasting on. Welshy could see through the glimmer of sparks and electricity that there was a set of bracers on each of his four wrists; fallen guardians that had failed to take on this creature. He marveled at his massive back and the way his muscles seemed to twitch and grow with every ounce of power he took. “Excuse me, but you’re going to have to pay for some of that.” Welshy said, hovering just a few feet above. He crossed his arms across his chest. Caldar turned slowly, and locked eyes with the hero. “A guardian. How delicious. Have you come to stop me before I lay waste to your pathetic planet?” He grinned. “I was just getting ready to begin charging up to burrow down to your planet’s core—what is it called, earth? Not quite the same amount of energy as some of the other places I’ve been, but I’m sure it will be just as sweet.” “You won’t be getting much further here. I’ve come to put a stop to you.” “Yes—the guardians have granted earthlings their first guard. I heard of this. Unorthodox, with as backward as this planet appears. But no matter. It will not exist for much longer. I suggest you agree to join me now or face the same fate as your colleagues.” Welshy shook his head. “You leave me no choice, Caldar—in the name of the guardians, and me, Welshy,” He grinned. “I’m going to make sure you’re finished.” With this he grunted, and called into his power. Ballooning in strength again, his muscles expanded, pushing past the size of Caldar and adding thickness to his legs and chest. He sneered as he hovered, his bodying bathed in a pale green light as his muscles expanded and the power filled him. With a final double bicep flex he stood, power coursing through him. Caldar wasted no time moving in on him, leaping into the air. He swung one fist at Welshy, then another, and then another. Each time the hero dodge and weaved, then held up his fists to block a blow. He could feel the subtle corrections by Pod, and stayed in rhythm with him. The villain swung hard and knocked his arms apart, only to lay a hard blow on his waiting stomach. Startled, Welshy grunted, but his abs held. This only had Caldar grow angrier—he grunted and threw his own head back, pulling more power into himself and growing in size. Three hundred plus pounds and ripped with muscle, he surged forward and looked to lay more blows on the hero. He knocked his left pec then right, and another blow hit his stomach. But Welshy swung back this time, connecting across the villain’s face. He worked to jab at the alien’s chest, though his four arms made it difficult to land a blow. Instead of focusing on hand to hand, when he saw an opening, he swept his leg across, only to connect with the villain’s exposed abs. He sent Caldar spiraling backward, smacking him into a waiting transformer with a shower of sparks. Welshy hovered above him in the air and flexed a bicep in a taunt. “How is such a pathetically novice recruit daring to take me on?” Caldar wiped a hand across his face and shook his head. “You are not a great warrior. You are a child. One that has barely learned to fight and now uses my own strength against me?” His voice grew louder and he stood, flexing his muscles yet again. Welshy dropped his arms to his sides, curious. “Well perhaps earthlings are more surprising that you thought, Caldar?” He grinned. Enraged, the villain was bathed in a red glow. He launched himself off the ground and moved to wrap two of his arms around the hero. He easily wrapped around his waist, and used the other two arms to lay blows across Welshy’s face. He scrambled, not expecting the sudden burst of power. Welshy. You must retreat—his power is far greater than we could have feared. You should return so that we— Welshy grunted, ignoring pod’s voice in his head. It seemed to fade as he drew in more power, this time flexing his biceps to break free of Caldar’s hold. His arms swelled again, and he could feel the villain straining, until at last he burst free from his hold. Caldar was forced backward, while Welshy flexed in a most muscular pose, triumphant. Caldar grinned. In his fingers, he held the small silver disc that had been atop Welshy’s back, giving him connection to Pod. Welshy moved to grasped it, but the villain vaporized the disc in his hands. “Your guide will not be assisting you, hero. Now we will battle man to man, and see who is superior. Unless you are afraid.” Welshy tried to listen, to see if Pod could still communicate. He wasn’t sure if he should retreat—would he just be leading Caldar back to the ship, so that he could finish off Welshy and gain power over the guardians? Was he truly as strong as they thought? He seemed to be taking Welshy’s blows but he did not seem invincible. He gritted his teeth and shook his head. “I’m not afraid of you, Caldar. I am the guardian of Earth, and this is the end of the line for you!” He moved to swing a fist and lurched forward, but was to slow. His next blow missed as well, and then an uppercut sailed through air. Caldar was easily dodging him, and went so far as to laugh at his attempts. The villain struck back with a blow to his stomach, and then another to his chest, and then both fists to his back. He knocked Welshy this way and that way, his fists hitting his body and striking right through his muscle armor. Welshy coughed as he struggled to regain his composure, but each time he brought up his fists to block, Caldar seemed two steps ahead, laying blows where he couldn’t anticipate them. He lay three successive blows to his face, and sent Welshy spiraling backward. “Is this all you have, hero? Just a pathetic creature that thought he could play hero because of what he’d been given…” Caldar put two of his hands on his waist. “Give in now and you won’t be destroyed.” Welshy shook his head. He knew he had to dig deep, to overwhelm Caldar with his strength. If he could knock him out, or overpower him, at the least he could get away. He closed his eyes and focused. Energy flooded him, his bracers glowing green. His chest grew thicker still, his quads now gigantic and glutes tight as ever. His form swelled outward, and he dwarfed Caldar in size. His muscles were nothing but sinew and strength, the ‘W’ thick upon his chest. He stared down the villain with a new fire in his eyes. “I am the guardian of earth, and I surrender to no one!” He flew forward, arm pulled back behind his head, and he swung a powerful blow. Caldar danced around him, causing the massive form of the hero to slide forward. He was powerful, but too big to be agile. He was slow to correct his turn. By the time he faced Caldar, the villain lay three blows across his stomach, and another across his chest. He peppered him with his fists, sending his massive form this way and that way, until at last two of his arms wrapped the hero’s in a hold to pull his arms back, while the others wrapped around his neck. Welshy gasped, struggling. He tried to call on more power, but to his shock, felt nothing from his bracers. He had tapped into everything he’d had. “Ah—yes. The limit of a guardian’s power. Your precious guide did not tell you what happens to the heroes that don’t submit to us imperials. You see, first I defeat you. Then, I take the power of the guardian for my own… and once I have all of it, and your essence, I can connect with the planet to sap it of its energy. You see, defeating you was the first thing I needed. And now… I’ll show you what happens for your pathetic display…” Welshy’s eyes grew wide as he felt the villain hold him closer. His muscular back pressed closer to Caldar’s front, and he could feel the villain’s bracers on each arm closer to his own. Suddenly he felt tired—unable to even so much as moved. Then he felt something worse—the pull of energy from him into Caldar. He did his best to struggle, to flex his muscles and keep them filled with power, but as their two bodies hovered close to one another, energy jumped from Welshy to the villain. He grunted as he felt the drain sap his power, and stared down at his bracers, watching as the pale green energy flooded into those on Caldar’s wrists. He cried out, attempting to fight it, but the villain’s hold was too strong, even as muscular as he was. The minutes passed and he felt the heat rushing through his body, all of his muscles flexing in a pulse of energy from him to Caldar. The villain laughed as the energy slowed to a crackle. He released Welshy from his hold and let his body tumble down to the earth. Landing with a heavy thud against pavement and cracking it, Welshy moaned. He struggled to stand, his body feeling too heavy for even his legs. He was still a massive form, though Welshy wondered just what he had left. The villain landed in a blink of an eye right in front of him. “Go ahead. Call on the last of your power, Welshy. Fight the good fight. You could simply kneel to me and you could become a part of the imperials. Or—you will fail…” Welshy’s felt the sweat dripping down his forehead and down his chest. He took a deep breath, then another. He had no doubt about the evil he was facing. Perhaps there was still hope—perhaps if he could just tap into whatever limited potential remained, he’d find a way to defeat Caldar. With a final grunt, then a roar, Welshy moved to throw his arms above his head in a double bicep pose. He felt the energy flood him again, his massive body growing green. Caldar mirrored him with a sneer, and let out his own roar. Their energies seemed to connect, red with green. Welshy struggled and fought, pushing back at first, until he could bear it no longer. The red pushed past and flooded over him. He gasped as he felt the air leave his lungs. His arms dropped down to his sides, and he dropped to his knees. Eyes wide, he felt the energy being pulled from deep inside of him, up and out of his form. He watched as a copy of himself formed in the air above him, muscular and powerful, thicker and thicker, until at last—the form threw its hands up in front of his face. A blinding green light filled the area. As the light faded, Caldar stood, still flexing. The energy receded into him like smoke through the air, and he let out a sigh as it filled his chest. He stepped forward slowly. At his feet, open mouthed and eyes wide, Anthony’s body was on its back, his defeated form was nearly unrecognizable. Even the muscle he’d had prior to becoming a guardian seemed gone—he was thin, undefined. His arms lay outward, and Caldar moved to place hands over each wristlet. As he moved to do so, each bracer snapped open at his touch. Caldar smirked as he moved to place one of Welshy’s bracers on one wrist, then another. Within a moment, he took to the sky, leaving only the defeated form of earth’s guardian behind. To Be Continued.
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  6. Hello All, I've written a second installment - this chapter includes an original hero by the design of member @MaxVirility14. I hope you enjoy. Again, if you want to be featured, just shoot me a PM or hit me up on skype. ---- “Max. There is something afoot.” Freya appeared before him, glowing gold. Her small frame was covered with a wispy white dress, flowers in her hair, her blond locks cascading down to her waist. She was surrounded by the others—the demon forest spirits that stood guard over Mayberry’s land. “There was a disturbance… there have been disturbances throughout the week. Something must be done.” A tall man, broad shoulders and barrel chested, glowed red. He had a goatee that he brushed and dark eyes that stared through Max. He shook his head. “We can’t let this continue—the forests around the city are being invaded with foul energy. The demons had become a part of him years ago, when he was still a teenager. Had it been five years already? He’d been just sixteen when the fates had intervened. Ivander was a spry athlete, growing in muscle in strength. Brown hair, brown eyes—plain, but handsome. He’d fought off a group of teens trying to burn one of the small thickets of trees on the outskirts of town. They’d been no match for his fists or his courage, and had turned and ran when he threatened them. Some ingenuity helped to douse the flames, and he’d stood to watch the small fire turn to smoke. The haze that filled the trees didn’t clear. Rather, he felt the skin on his arms rise, and a breeze blow. His chest had tightened, and he knew that something was wrong. His feet felt like they were running through molasses when he tried to run. It was then a green light surrounded him, and he froze in his tracks. “You are a brave soul,” He remembers their voices speaking in unison. “But violent, powerful.” His heart was ready to thump out of his chest. “We want you to protect this place—protect the city from those that would destroy us, and destroy the land. We need you to protect the trees, the water, the air. To be our champion.” He could not say no—they anointed him, they wanted him and they could give him the power. The forest demons were tied to the earth, more powerful than he could have imagined. When they flooded his body with power he gained the secrets of the earth, memories from long and ago. He was transformed with their strength, their power, their love. They wanted to do what was best for the town, for the earth. While they could be wicked, they were neither bad nor good. Just spirits determined to protect their land. And Ivander had become their champion. His body had swelled with new found power. His chest ballooned, pressing out of his shirt and tearing the meager fabric. His arms swelled, biceps growing bigger, and soon his quads were competing in his shorts, tearing away that fabric too. His abs were chiseled, his back broad and thick. When he closed his eyes he could feel the power of the forest pulse through him, the energy that of all the demons giving him strength. He was—virile, powerful. “Maximus Virility.” His given name, his powerful naked form soon bathed in another green light. The demons were a part of him, then, inside of his mind and all around him. And he was tied to the land as he’d never been before. There had been various dangers—men threatening to destroy the trees, hunters taking down game, companies wanting to pollute the lakes. He rose to each challenge, and kept out those that tried to destroy the greenery of Mayberry. The pleasant suburb was never cleaner—or safer—under his watch. Max was the champion of the city, and unmatched in his strength. He was admired by men and women alike, but kept far and away from the locals. He vanished into the night after each battle, to recharge his strength and to keep out of the public eye. “I can feel it, too.” Max was dressed head to toe in green, skin tight lycra, with an “M” emblazoned on his chest. There had been whispers of another spirit—a strange energy—entering in the city and disrupting the balance. Max had felt faint at one point, a strange feeling for one when his felt limitless power at his fingertips. “There’s been men and women disappearing, in the night and day, turning up only as skin and bones the next day.” Freya continued, and nodded in the direction of the north. “There’s whispers along the northern reach of town that something is stalking folks—disrupting the balance of power. I can tell you that it is dark, but not what it could possibly be.” “Then it looks like I’ll have to make it right, and draw whatever it is out. It wouldn’t be the first time that I’ve faced someone—or something—powerful.” He grinned. The young man was cocky, and flexed a bicep to reinforce it. He hadn’t even been defeated, though there had been a few times when his powers had nearly been exhausted. “Be careful, Max.” Another spirit spoke. “There is something different about this, something strange. You must be careful now that Autumn has come.” He took a breath. The power of the forest weakened in the fall and winter, his strength dependent on the virility and life of the trees. The changing colors of the leaves was enough to weaken him. He nodded and took to the streets, now pushing along the main street in the dead of night, his senses directing him to the strange force. --- Bael had been drawn to Mayberry. There were plenty of other demons that stalked the land, and their energy was far more intoxicating than what the mere mortals could provide. After savoring his previous delicious meal, he knew that he could not keep such a high profile. There would be other heroes that would seek to draw him out and destroy him if he was not too careful. But here, he knew that there were spirits that could give him more power. His black skin glistened in the evening light, the cool autumn breeze trickled over his broad muscular chest. He was an immense monster of muscle, standing seven feet and nearly three hundred pounds. He’d gained strength and size from his last slaying, but tonight he would gain something more. He sought a connection with the other world, one that was part of the earth and strong enough to give him immense power. There were spirits that gave strength to every part of the universe—and here, there were other demons present. He had been a part of the other world for long enough, but now that he was physical, and present, if he absorbed the power that this hero had, he would be a force with which to be reckoned. He’d left more than one body in the trail of his destruction for this Max Virility to find. The boy wonder, he was to stop all those that tread through the city and walked among the greenery—keeping them safe, happy, and healthy. It was enough to have Bael salivate at the chance of taking down one so innocent and powerful. Much less the naïve young man he had swallowed before, here was a handsome and strong hero that would do his best to keep his city a part of a perfect dream. But he would fall, like the others, and with it, Bael would gain a window into the forest demon’s powers. Max wasted no time. The spirits gifted him with the presence of sight—telling him where Bael was stalking about. He released a hard blast of blue energy from his fists, and struck the villain where he stood. He fired another and another, causing Bael’s muscular body to tumble wildly across the forest floor. He could sense that there was something different about this villain, but he dared not to let him gain an inch. He raced toward the smoking villain’s body, and jumped into the air to deliver another blow. Bael was alert then. He rolled out of the way of the hero’s fist, who struck down into the ground, hard. The earth shook, but not enough to knock Bael off balance. The villain grit his teeth and angled a punch at the hero’s stomach, sending him flying into the trunk of a mighty oak. Max grunted, daze. He took a breath, his mountainous pecs lifting and falling. The villain was strong—far stronger than anything in Mayberry. He charged up a blast and released a blue spinning orb toward Bael. The villain sneered again and deflected the orb with his hand, sending the energy into the sky. He pointed a finger at Max and charged up a blast of his own. The first Max dodged, and he rolled out of the way. The tree where was standing cracked, the leaves instantly wilting and falling from the branches. Bael fired another, and then another blast. Max easily maneuvered around the second blast, but the third clipped his shoulder. He let out a yell as a stinging sensation took over his entire body. He tumbled down, only to snap upward, his hands on his head. A massive headache pulsed, a feeling that was almost blinding. “You’re fast hero, but you can’t escape me.” Bael’s massive, muscular body with slick with sweat. Max could see the veins stand on the villain’s skin, his tree trunk legs powerful, his biceps a work of art. “You’re far more of a fight than the last hero I faced.” “You don’t know the half of it, villain.” Max took a breath and charged, his body glowing blue. He upper cut into Bael’s jaw, and then landed a fist into the villain’s chest. Each connecting hit sent off a shower of sparks, and Bael’s body was moved. Max held a hand to the ground and charged another fist. “Feel light more?” Bael licked his lips and grinned. He cracked his neck and brought both his arms to his sides. “I am Bael, Incubus, demon, slayer of men. And you are my next meal—powered by demons, I will take your power for my own!” Max felt his heart skip a beat when Bael’s body glowed red. He felt his head pulse again with pain. What was this creature? You have to be careful, one of the spirits whispered. He is a dark and ancient power. “I’ll protect you,” Max replied to them, and tensed his pecs. He charged his power again, this time sending a concentrated blast at Bael’s stomach. The villain was pushed back, but kept on toward Max. The hero concentrated, growing his power, drawing from the demons. The villain slowed, but still managed to take a step. And then another. And then another. Max could feel the sweat begin to pour over his body, each of his muscles tensing as he drew more power. He couldn’t keep up the blast if Bael continued to advance! His eyes widened as Bael came within a foot. The villain’s fist glowed red, and he cocked it up above his head. With a mighty swing, he connected to Max’s fists. The energies clashed together, sending a massive blast throughout the forest. For a moment, everything grew white, enveloping the both of them. Max was blinded, and then felt his body thrown backwards by the blast. He could hear the demons let out a collective scream. He was on his back, vision blurry. Weak. He felt so weak. What was happening to him? He lifted his head and saw that the blast had created a pit in the earth, with smoke rising from where the two had been standing. Max’s body was covered in dead leaves, surrounded by the depleted branches of the smoking trees around him. He coughed. The dead bits of plant life drained his strength, and it was becoming harder for him to move. “At least the forest is safe,” He whispered, thinking Bael had been dispatched. He couldn’t hear the voices of the demons, they seemed lost in the buzzing within his ears. Perhaps he would rest here for a while before he regained enough strength to walk away. “I… hunger…” A voice said in the distance. Max’s eyes snapped open and he could feel his heart beat. He tried his best to roll over, and positioned himself on his elbow. He started to pull himself toward one of the trees, but the leaves continued to stick to his sweaty body. “N-no…” Max whispered out. “H-help me…” He concentrated on the demons, trying to get them to fill him with power. He felt himself able to crawl, but the strength was slow to return. Then he saw the shadow cast by Bael’s massive form. The villain grabbed Max by his left ankle and tossed him hard back into the waiting pit. The hero’s body struck an outcropping, and then spiraled down through the dirt until he hit the bottom. He coughed, his muscular body heaving. He managed to get onto all fours. His strength returned some, the demons working their magic and the leaves now mostly brushed free from his body. He pointed a finger at Bael. A blue ray of light fired out, smacking the villain in his chest. The energy splashed off his heaving pecs, and the villain smiled. “Too weak to fight? No matter.” He hovered over the pit, and then proceeded to land down next to Max. “I have enjoyed our game, and you nearly got me. But I have seen many tricks in my many years, and you have failed.” He moved to grasp the hero by his neck and lifted him up off of his feet. Max gasped, and he could hear the demons groan again. “Y-you can’t…” His body tensed. Bael’s eyes grew red, and then his whole body followed. The energy crackled and connected with Max’s. He felt the two of them beginning to connect. “I will suck you dry of your powers. I will learn the secrets to them, steal the power of these demons that give you your strength.” Max could feel his muscles depleting, his energy being pulled up from the furthest reaches of his being. He moaned. The sensual feeling had him hard in his shorts, his muscles all flexed at once. He couldn’t help himself. He wanted to give in to Bael. He felt as though he was destined to become a part of the horrible villain. Do not yield to him. Fight it. Freya whispered. But how, he wondered. You must make him think he has defeated you. You must give up all you have and join with us, so that you can be reformed. Max took a breath. He trusted Freya, and the spirits, to protect him. “I’m yours to have, Bael. You may use my body… take what you need… but know that you will never become one with the demons of this forest…” Max snarled. Bael wasted no time ripping apart the hero’s costume to expose his body to the night air. Max shivered as his sweat sheened body glowed in the moonlight. He let out another soft moan as Bael lowered him to the ground. He forced the hero onto all fours and stood close over him. “My power is far greater than you can imagine. I will make you a part of me, and then they will yield to my power.” Bael’s deep, booming voice caused Max to shiver. “I will resist you…” Bael grabbed Max by the waist and laughed. The hero felt the demon’s hand slide around his front. He began to stroke the hero’s cock. The energy flowed between them and Max grew ever weaker. It was then he felt the villain’s body atop his own, poking him, prodding him, their sweaty body going from two to one. He had visions of the evil that pulsed through Bael. The dark force that connected him to another world—a vault of all the men that he had drained was locked away within this foul, powerful villain. Max had to fight it—he had to escape the grasp of the villain. He had to trust in the demons. “That’s it…” Bael’s hand was soft upon Max’s leg and he let out another moan. He could feel the well of energy being drained from within him, his own mighty member growing hard like steel, aching for release. But with it too would be his power supply, all the energy he had left. He could feel his very soul hanging in the balance. You must release, or Bael will overwhelm you—you must do it before he does, or we may lose you forever! Max’s eyes snapped open. He stared back at Bael with a look of determination. All the while the incubus continued to sap the power from Max, overwhelming him, working him, the twenty-something’s body shrinking in his grasp. He knew what needed to be done. He had to concentrate. He had to let go, and give Bael exactly what he wanted. “F-fuck.” Max closed his eyes. His body glowed blue, and started to shrink. He was thin now, sickly, energy faint. “F-fuck.” He whispered out again, now arching his back. “You’ve… you’ve…AUGH!” His cock stiffened, and he leaned back against Bael. “FUCK! I CAN’T STOP HIM… TOO MUCH… AUUUGH!” He thrusted forward, a shower of energy shooting from his member. He could feel the air release from him. To his horror, he watched the energy arc back upward and toward Bael. The energy connected with the villain’s chest, pulled from within Max. He continued to shoot until at last it faded to nothing. He collapsed forward, and stared up at the horrifying sight above him. Bael preened himself, laughing all while. He flexed his muscled and growled, his body glowing a flaming red. “Yes! I can feel them… hear them… the power of the forest…” Max gasped as the air seemed to leave him. He was nearly skin and bones. “You’ve… won… the power is… yours…” As he whispered his final words, his head fell back against the ground, and the wind began to swirl around him. Bael watched with satisfaction as Max’s body was lifted into the air, now fading from existence, with one last spectacular flash of white. And with that, Max Virility was gone. To be continued...
  7. Thanks for your support! I intend to keep this going and doing chapters as they come to me. May post another very soon. I'm also hopeful that people will volunteer ideas for heroes of their own making. If you've ever seen yourself as a superhero, or want to get defeated, feel free to PM or skype me! We could come up with the next chapter and have some fun!
  8. Hello everyone! So I’m very into superheroes, and into muscle/power theft. The following story is the prelude to a character that I’ve imagined. The story involves muscle theft, heroes and villains, mild violence, and sex. If you want an approximation of “Bael” I’d say Simeon Panda is a close fit for what I’m imagining. Anyway, I hope you enjoy. I’m going to follow up with Bael’s adventures destroying heroes and getting defeated now and again. If you’d like to be featured as a hero and/or have an idea for an original hero, please PM me. I’m happy to be flexible with ideas (and also welcome the chance to test Bael’s limits). Anyway, please enjoy. -- The first reports were that the men who had been excavating on the project had met a grizzly end. Four scientists had unearthed a slab of rock with strange carvings just outside of Duckwater. There were no reports of Native American activity—which made the find altogether strange, meaning more that someone had placed the artifact there on purpose. They were found close to a week after the find—their radios had gone silent, and the university that had sent them via grant had a state patrol head out to find them. Their bodies had been “licked clean”, or so it would have appeared. Just skin and bones, faded grey, withered to almost nothing. He’d never seen a thing like it. Simon had been watching the news and taking careful note of what they were reporting. The eighteen year old was a wunderkind—the most athletic of his classmates by far, and generally handsome. Tall, over six feet, two hundred and ten pounds, a monster for anyone his age. He’d gone through a quick puberty, or so he told everyone. Hitting the gym, good nutrition, all the secrets that hid the truth. When he was sixteen, he’d been out joy riding in the desert too, and found a crafted necklace waiting in the sand for him, just a short walk from where his car had gotten a flat tire. The black obsidian necklace had gleamed in the sunlight, almost pulsating—as though it wanted to be picked up. Simon had put the thing around his neck before even knowing what was happening. He remembered how he’d been lifted into the air, the pain that filled his body. A whole cloud of dust seemed to circle around him, and then the world stopped. He’d had a vision—a trip that he thought may have been brought on by some of the pot he’d smoked—of a muscular figure standing in front of him, a tall man with rippling abs and a wide back. He spoke to him, the words now almost forgotten, that Simon had been chosen as the Guardian, and that he needed to protect those from evil that lurked. He’d have many test of his strength, but he would be able to use his powers for good. The necklace would instill in him immense strength and vitality. He had awoken next to his car, drenched in sweat. Already he was twenty pounds heavier, and could feel the strength in his arms, his legs. The necklace had shattered into pieces in front of him—his power would flow through him, granting him all that he had ever wanted. Of course, the young man he was, he couldn’t just abandon his studies. He was just finishing high school, all the world watching as he began his transformation into a mutant of power and size. His peers gawked as the muscular figure that walked through the halls, and whispered about how strange it was he grew so quickly. There was talk of steroids but all those that knew Simon knew he didn’t do anything but eat healthy and work out often. He was just an anomaly, one that would certainly be granted a full scholarship on his athletic prowess wherever he felt like going. That evening was different. He could feel the strange tingle rush through his body, the thought that there was something that shouldn’t be there. Another artifact, perhaps one like his, had been found. Something with power, something that could threaten the residents of his small town. He knew, somehow, that this would bring him into the fray. He flipped the switch on his television set in his room and sat for a minute, thinking. He needed to go for a drive—maybe to the twenty-four hour gym. He could clear his mind. There was a line of police tape waiting for him there—two more men had fallen to whatever strangeness was happening. “Can’t cross, I’m afraid.” The office at the tape waved to Simon, who’d gotten out of his car to gawk. Another officer had set up a lap top with his compatriot, and they were streaming a video. They both gasped at the sight they saw. Simon peered over their shoulders. The small town law enforcement didn’t mind—Simon was, after all, something of a local celebrity when it came to high school sports. The security footage was the first determination that something was awry. The two men had been working out—amateur bodybuilders in stature, working out late. Another man entered into the building, wearing nothing but what looked like a loincloth. His black skin was pierced with sweat. His shoulders were impossibly wide and his waist incredibly small; he put the men working out to shame. They looked and laughed at his attire, to which the figure simply stopped and stared. He moved closer to them, and the men began to say something. It didn’t last long – the figure pointed at one and had him in the air, as though lifted by an unnatural force. The other soon was grabbed by the neck with his fist. He looked on in horror as his figure shrank, his biceps deflating, his chest receding. All the while the figure’s eyes grew red, his muscles more taught. When he finished with one, he moved to the other. He tossed both of their bodies aside before exiting the gym. “The fuck was that,” One said to another. Simon was wide eyed, his stomach now turning over. He felt strange—whatever this creature was, he was nearby. He would strike again, and he needed to be stopped. “We have to find him,” Simon said to no one, the police now wondering what he was talking about. “And who are you?” The short one asked, an eye brow raised. But Simon had already raced to his car and started the engine. He didn’t know where he was going—only that he could feel that he was being drawn by whatever was going to strike. -- He cut the engine along highway 39, not far from the water tower. He wasn’t sure what made him come here, other than the tensing of his muscles. He was no hero—never claimed to be one, anyway—but he’d seen the men and women on television. The ones in spandex, saving their cities and town from certain destruction. He’d been given a gift, and it was time for him to use it. He would bring the villain to justice—stop whatever this thing was. Justice. That’s what he would call himself. It was a suitable enough name. One that was honorable and campy enough for a young man. He got out of his car and walked toward the water town, his chest suddenly flexing. He grit his teeth—it was as though his whole body could feel the urgency of this encounter, that he needed to call upon whatever well of strength that he had. His tee shirt began to rip as his muscles expanded. His jeans started to tear until he was in his boxer briefs. His hulking, muscular form exposed to the warm night air. He would have to work on getting a costume before taking on more villains. “You’ve come for me?” A voice rang out across the landscape, and Justice could see the hulk emerge from behind one of the water tower columns. He narrowed his eyes and grinned at the young hero. “I don’t even know who the fuck you are,” Justice spat out, “But I know that I’m supposed to be the one to put you down.” The man raised his eyebrows and crossed his arms across his chest. “Oh really? Why don’t you just call me Bael. We can start with that. Until you’re just a part of me, like everyone else.” Simon cocked his head at this remark. What did he mean? “You going to go quietly, or am I going to have to punch your face in?” He flexed again, feeling more powerful than even when he’d put on the necklace. It all made sense—meeting this man, starting his life as a hero. This would be his big break; this would be the start of what he was born to do. He knew it. “Go ahead.” Bael put up his hands, and then placed them on his hips. “Give it your best shot. The first one is free.” Justice sneered. He hated people that were this cocky; he hated anyone that thought they were god’s gift. He clenched and unclenched his fists. “With pleasure.” He took off in a run, ready to get a swing at whatever this thing was, his shoulder leaned in, his fist cocked back. He put the full force of his might into the punch, and connected to Bael’s stomach. The man crumpled some, leaning back, shoved backwards in the sand. The dust rose, and Bael coughed. Justice didn’t wait for a response, and threw another punch into his chest, and then one into his face. The man stumbled backward again. He didn’t let up on the punches, another finding his stomach and then his chin. He cocked back one more time, before Bael caught his fist in his right hand. There it stayed. “You ever think that feeling you got, telling you to come out, to find whoever did those horrible things, may have been a warning?” Bael whispered to Justice. He tried to swing his other fist, but this was caught too. He suddenly felt powerless—this strange, overwhelming warmth that trapped him in Bael’s fists. He closed his eyes and tried to pull away. “Nnnnnng….” He grunted, sweat now dripping from his body. Bael stepped forward and twisted the boy’s wrists. “You’re practically delicious. I haven’t had a meal in so long… it’s a good thing I found you, you’re a perfect appetizer to start with.” Bael grinned. In a fluid motion he slid behind Justice and clamped his hands onto the hero’s chest. Justice’s eyes snapped open and he let out a gasp. He couldn’t move. He could hardly do anything but feel the villain’s massive form pressing against him. He coughed, and found it hard to breathe. “W-what… what are you doing to me?” He managed to get out. He tried to concentrate, to call on whatever power he’d been given, but each time he could feel Bael’s grip tighten. “I was locked away long ago—for taking the strength from more than mortal men. But I was freed by mistake. And now that I’m free, I’m going to make myself strong again by taking down people like you.” He sneered, his words were like ice. Justice could do nothing in his grip. He flex his pecs tense underneath Bael’s hands and cried out. He moaned, weaker still. At last the villain let go of Justice, letting him fall onto his knees in the dirt. The villain stood over him, and cast a shadow. Justice took deep breaths, and rested on his hands. He could barely hold himself up. He needed to escape, he needed to… “Oh you’re not going anywhere,” Bael had grabbed the hero by his right ankle and put a stop to any chance he’d had. Justice fell flat onto the ground. “I don’t let anyone escape—you’re going to become a part of me. And I’m going to take everything from you. That’s how this works.” The loincloth was removed to reveal Bael’s massive member. He pressed close against the fidgeting hero, his massive glutes already slicked with sweat. He let out a moan as he felt the demon—was that what he was—press against his tight hole. He could do nothing but close his eyes as the man began to penetrate him. He could feel the thick, long cock burrow into him, pressing deeper and deeper. The gigantic tool pressing apart his glutes with ease, welcomed in by the hero’s ass. He gasped—pleasure coming then, as though he shouldn’t resist what was happening. His own cock began to spring upward. The warmth was flowing through his body, his muscles twitching with excitement. “F-fuck…” he could do nothing against the heavy thrust of Bael. He moaned with every inch he took. He was puddy in his hands as the villain grabbed at his shoulders and forced himself deeper and deeper. He could feel his strength melting from him, his mind growing hazy. “Become one with me, hero…” Bael whispered in his ear. “Join me and give me the strength I need to take down more heroes…” “Oh god…” Justice moaned. Bael’s cock was getting thicker, digging deeper. He only wanted more, he wanted to submit to him. He wanted to become him, he wanted to join with his muscle and strength. And it was then he could feel his tree trunk legs shrinking, his chest deflating. He could fell his biceps fail him. “Part of you…” “The final blow…” Bael leaned in to thrust deep. He placed his hands onto Simon’s cock and closed his eyes. The inexperienced eighteen-year-old couldn’t help himself. He began to blow his hot, creamy load into Bael’s hands. He cried out as he came, over and over again. He couldn’t stop—what was happening to him? “That’s it… that’s it!” Simon’s eyes grew wide as the world started to grow dark. This was to be the origin of Justice, the super muscled superhero. But now he had failed, his body skin and bones. His dick sprayed out a few final drops—and he was finished. Bael slid his long, python cock out of the finished meal and stood. His body slick with sweat, he breathed in the last of the essence of the hero in front of him. This was just the beginning. This, my friends, was the rise of Bael, and the fall of all who would stand in his way. --
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