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  1. Great start, really cute
  2. Thanks dude, found it on deviantART too
  3. Also they end up dating and I think it ends at a train station
  4. It starts with this cocky muscular guy who dates this seemingly weak nerdy guy and on their second date the nerdy guy invites him over and is all like "you really thought you were big, you're so weak" and the guy's like wtf who is this punk and then the nerdy guy grows into an 8ft behemoth of a man and blocks doorways with his pecs, crushes the guys keys into molten metal with his fist and throws him around
  5. Really interesting story, I can't wait to read more!
  6. Cleaning muddy boots sucked, knowing that I made Frank Clyde nervous made me feel better though. I'd never really liked him 'cause he used to pick on Jerry before we'd become friends. He was also a massive tool, his girlfriend had him so whipped and he loved to remind everyone that they were dating by constantly kissing her - even she found it a little annoying. "Hey, I'm sorry for grabbing you like that" I mumbled as I finished my share of the boots and went to put them away in everyone's lockers. "It's fine don't mention it" he grumbled in response before falling silent again. "You're not going to apologise to what you said to me?" I growled, turning to him. "Why should I, it was true wasn't it?" I replied snidely as he stood up, preparing himself in case I went for him. "You know what, you're not even worth my time" I spat "I can't believe I felt sorry for you" "Whatever freak" he replied. I laughed and stepped towards him. "Yeah I'm a freak, a beast. Don't forget that it just means I can kick your ass even easier, be glad we're on the same team too 'cause if we weren't I'd snap you like a twig" I replied flexing my bicep at him. He sat back down shakily. "Scared to get too close to the beast, boy?" I leered, going into a most muscular pose and tearing my rugby shirt. I grinned at him and pulled it off, throwing him at him. "If I ever hear you calling anyone a faggot again I will personally rip you apart" I threatened I could hear the ferocity in my voice as I pulled on my normal school clothes and left, Montfort was yet again standing in the doorway. "I'd listen to him if I were you, 'cause if I catch you saying it I might just look the other way when that beast attacks you next time" "I'm sorry" said Frank as he hung his head in shame. "Good now I want you two to shake hands, agree to stop this stupid behaviour. You're on the same team and you're gonna start acting like it" I breathed in heavily and walked back over to Frank and held out my hand "You're a great rugby player Frank, we'd never lose if we worked together" I complimented. "Thanks, you're a good captain. I think we'd work well together too" he replied. "Great" said Montfort as he patted is both on the shoulder. "There's a guy waiting outside for you by the way Troy" When I reached the entrance to the school I immediately spotted Ig and went over to him. He grinned and grabbed me in a headlock "What's this I hear about you throwing some kid around little cub?" he teased as I tried to escape. "He deserved it" I replied as he let go and grinned up at me. "Come on we're all going out to dinner it's Rhea's birthdays" said Ig - Rhea was one of the female werebears who I'd met, I think she was the blonde haired one. "Can I at least get changed, I hate looking so formal" I replied, indicating to his school clothes "Keep the blazer, but I've got clothes for you in the car along with Bear. He wants to chat to you about what happened" "How do you know what happened?" I asked curiously. "We felt you get angry so I asked your friend. He seems nice" replied Ig as we walked to the car. As I got the the door it was thrown open and Bear grabbed me and pulled me inside. "How's my little cub doing? I hear you've been getting yourself into fights" he teased as he rough housed with me, causing the car to shake. "It wasn't a fight, I just picked him up and threw him" I replied, Bear just rolled his eyes. "Sounds like you're following in Iggy's footsteps cub" said Bear as I pulled on my seatbelt. "You still feeling angry?" "Kinda, more at myself though for being so stupid" I replied as Bear out his thick arm over me. "Don't blame yourself, teenage werebears always have been reckless. Believe me I've been there" replied Bear as he handed me the clothes he'd been promised by Ig. When Ig stopped the car and we all got out I realised we were at the restaurant that Jerry worked at - Carp Diem. The name was cheesy but the food was amazing, they had every type of fish dish possible including sushi and award winning burgers, the price wasn't too shabby either. I just hoped Jerry wasn't working tonight because I still didn't have an explanation for everything that was going on. "Come on Troy she'll be here soon, it's meant to be a surprise" said Bear as he ushered me inside. The guys were all inside and they all greeted playfully until Bear told us to hide as he'd heard Rhea and her girlfriend getting closer, as they entered the restaurant her girlfriend took her hand and the lights went off. Bear quickly ran over to her and lifted her up on his shoulders before the lights turned back on and we all yelled, "SURPRISE!" She was grinning broadly and laughing as Bear brought her over so she could greet us. She kissed us all on the cheek before getting to her girlfriend and Bear, he hugged them both and kissed bear on the cheek before thanking her girlfriend with a long passionate kiss. Once we'd settled down into our seats everyone began chatting and I was pulled into a conversation about rugby. I had a great night and I hoped that Rhea enjoyed herself just as much. Once we'd eaten at the restaurant we'd gone back to the manor. I'd texted my foster parents that I was staying at Jerry's. He'd seen us at the restaurant and said he'd cover me. I was now sat on the couch between Bear and Ig as we watched Rhea's favourite film - Mulan. A few of the guys were drunk and had fallen asleep on each other. Bear had his arm around Ig and I and on his other side Rhea and her girlfriend - Marie were resting against him. Once the film was over Ig and I said goodnight to everyone and left. He lead me through the house once more, stopping off to feed Grey and then taking me up to the 3rd floor where his room was situated. The only way I could think to describe his room was 'heaven'. He had a massive bed with a plush duvet, work out equipment all over the room - some serious weights too. A chess set and padded seats in his window alcove. A flurry of leather harnesses, jockstraps, hand cuffs, dildos (Of a WIDE variety of shapes and sizes) and lube. "So are you a virgin?" I teased, looking around at all the sex toys. "Oh yeah, I'm just like you. Fresh as a daisy" he replied as he turned on his computer, which was a top of the range gaming PC. "How do you know, Richie Rich?" "I can smell it on you and I paid for everything in this room off my own back thankyou very much" he replied, slightly defensively as he stepped towards me and grinned, my dick began to stir immediately as he started kissing me. We were soon making out on his bed, he was lying on top of me, grinning down at me. "You said you wanted to know me better?" I nodded in response and he smiled deviously and he began to take off his collar. The chain loops were incredibly thick and heavy - as he placed it on my chest. Though it gradually began to feel lighter and I realised what was going on, he was growing. It happened slowly at first, his thighs expanding and squeezing me tighter as he slowly made his way up to 7ft. He the placed his arms either side of me so that he was in a press-up position above me, his powerful pecs began to expand ripping through his shirt and rolling like a tsunami of muscle as they crept towards my own chest. He was grunting now and bucking his hips as his cock began to grow along with his tight muscular ass and thick abs. He expanded until his body completely blocked out the light behind him. I guessed he was about 7ft 8 and at least 600lb. He was enormous, his biceps looked like beach balls and were about 40", his forearms were the same size as my quads. He was as wide as I was tall and his dick was resting against my chest at a solid 18" and it wasn't even hard. Every inch of muscle he had was shredded to the max, he couldn't have had more than 5% body fat but I imagined the sheer amount of hair that covered him gave him a few extra pounds. He was even sprouting a full beard! "How do you like the real me, cub?" he asked, his voice now deeper than Bear's. It resonated through me and instantly hoisted my dick up to full mast. "I'll take that as a yes" His pecs were rubbing against my own, I grabbed them but they didn't give an inch. They were harder than diamonds and I knew I could easily loose my forearm in his cleavage and he'd probably be able to snap it like a twig. He sat up and felt his pecs himself, bouncing them and rubbing his engorged nipples "You like my pecs huh?" I nodded and gulped. "Want to taste them?" I sat up to and began to nuzzle between his mountainous pecs as he wrapped his arm around my waist, completely covering it. He had a masculine scent which drove me wild and made me want to attack him in pure lust. As I sucked his nipple he let out a groan and his massive cock sprung into life between my thighs, slapping against my ass at it's full 2 foot length. "Holy shit" I muttered as I stopped licking. He just smiled down at me again. "Don't worry I'm not doing anything you're not okay with" he replied as his stomach grumbled loudly. "Why don't I get us some more food and let you relax?" I nodded and hugged him tightly before letting him leave. When he returned he turned some music on via his PC and handed me a plate of birthday cake and bacon. "It's gonna get quite loud in a bit, I hope you're a heavy sleeper" he said as he hopped onto the bed with me, causing it to creak and me to roll into the crater he'd created. "You okay?" "Yeah, I just can't believe how big you are" I replied, looking over his godly body once more "I'm kinda jealous." "Well if you're willing to work for it I'm willing to help you get this big" replied as he pulled me into his mountain range of a chest. "I am" I replied excitedly as I rest on his pec, which was wider than me. "Good, we'll start tomorrow" he replied as he rolled us over and trapped me beneath him. "Night" "Yo wake up you two, one of you has school. Remember!" called Booker from the doorway. I groaned and opened my eyes but it was still pitch black. "Ig I said get up!" Ig roared at Booker and leapt at him, tackling him to the floor "Shut up you mangey little pup" he snarled. His massive frame shielding Booker completely from my view as Ig continued to snarl at Booker who was now whimpering and submitting to Ig. "Hey! Get off him he's right!" I defended as Ig turned on me and yawned. "You're pretty brave pup" he kissed me passionately "I like that" I poked his chest and grinned "I see why you're the aggressive Beta" Booker stood back up and grumbled, "More like the dickhead Beta" as he rubbed his arm. Ig turned around and hugged him, surprising me a little. "Sorry it's been awhile since I let myself get so big, I got a little bit carried away" he apologised. "Now get dressed Cub I'm taking you to school" I did as I was told and Ig walked into his ensuite bathroom and turned on some music - though I still knew what he was doing from the dull thud and grunting as he let out his load. "You ready?" I teased as he stepped out and went over to his chain which was now small and rusted. He clamped it around his neck and slowly deflated down to his old size. He pulled on some skinny jeans that hugged his sculpted body like paint and a t-shirt that did the same and then nodded. School was a lot better that day, nobody said a word and everyone was starting to accept me a little more. Jerry and I had started to hang out with some guys from year 13 who worked out at the local gym but didn't play sports. They were all over me, trying to work out how I'd got so big. I told them it was a late growth spurt and then said that it hadn't stopped yet- because I planned on getting a lot bigger. After school nobody was waiting for me so I walked home with Jerry and we stopped off at the same cafe as before so I could help him finish off his English essay. "So Beast, you ready for your game tonight?" he teased before sipping his mocha. "Yeah it's only a school game, I'm waiting for the under 21 games. They'll be good" I replied as I munched on one of the two paninis Jerry had bought me as payment for helping him. "Hey what did I say about cocky jocks? Next thing you know you'll be strutting around school in a jersey bragging about how many chicks you banged last night" "... You watch way too much TV dude" I replied laughing a little "though I do love banging chicks" "Yeah, I can tell. You enjoying that panini" he replied dryly as he pointed to the bulge in my trousers. "What? I'm not hard?" I replied slightly confused. "Oh god now I have to deal with a cocky jock with a big dick - dear lord why hast thou forsaken me!" he cried melodramatically as I rearranged and then continued eating. "I think you're just jealous" I teased in response as I finished my first panini. "Of course I am, you'd probably make a horse have penis envy" replied Jerry. "But size isn't everything big guy, you gotta have skill too" "You're a virgin too Jerry, how do you have any skill" I replied, leaning forward and grinning deviously "been practising with a fleshlight maybe? Watching tutorials?" "Do I need to bring up the dildo I found in your room last time I was over?" he replied, turning slightly red. I laughed and sat back "Don't worry Jer by my eighteenth neither of us will have any problem finding anyone to stick it in" "Crude, but go on" "Well I happen to know a few girls who have major crushes on you. They're sweet too" "You want to set me up just so I can have sex?" "Hey I'm only setting you up, what you do is down to the both of you" I replied putting my hands up. "Okay then, what about you?" he asked, "the guy in the black car?" "Maybe" I replied "I still don't know what our relationship is" "Do you like him?" Jerry asked, leaning forward himself this time. "Yeah, he's amazing" I replied "but I don't think we'd have a very closed relationship" Jerry narrowed his eyes and pointed to my shirt "Show me your necklace" I pulled out the chain and displayed it to him. "This is one of those Dom-sub, master-pup things isn't it?" "I suppose... How do you know about that stuff?" I replied. "Your internet history" It was my turn to blush now. "That's private" I growled. "Hey it just popped up when I used your phone. I wasn't trying to invade you privacy calm down big guy" he replied and then rolled his eyes "Your boyfriend's here" I turned in my seat and saw the car. "Do you mind?" "Nahh so long as you do actually set me up on this date we're cool" he replied as he pointed to my panini "You owe me at least half of that though" I took a massive bite out of it and then passed him the plate. I then stood up and bowed my head before grabbing my blazer and leaving. Ig took me out for dinner, just the two of us. It was a kind gesture but I was annoyed that he wouldn't let me pay for at least my food - I was starting to feel like I was mooching from him. "Pay me back by showing off in your rugby game" he replied "It's been awhile since I've seen a good match" And show off I did. I rallied my team and charged through the opposing team like a beast. We never lost a maul and soon everyone was chanting "Beast!" which removed my fatigue and pushed me and my team to score five more tries. I didn't want to be a glory hog so I tried to make sure the other guys got some spotlight. Frank did well too and I was glad, though as the game drew to a close he got caught in a bad tackle and went down hard. He yelled out in pain but he was covered in guys, the ref blew his whistle and I immediately ran over to him and started throwing the guys off him, literally. "Frank you okay?" I asked as I knelt next to him with the ref. "Urrrgggghhhhhhhh" was all I got in response as he cradled his arm. The ref instantly got up and turned to the one who's tackled him and showed him the red card, the tackle had been illegal even if it was unintentional. I felt like going for the guy to get back at him for Frank but he grabbed my hand "Calm down Freak, I thought I was the only guy you pummelled" he mumbled. I laughed and helped him up, being careful not to hurt his arm. "Keep talking like that and you'll get more than a pummel" I replied as he patted his back. He was lead off the field and the teams went back to position. I noticed the other team has given up hopes of trying to win and we're now just being reckless so I decided to end the game on my terms. As soon as the biggest guy on their team - the most reckless one - got the ball I charged him and slammed him to the floor - completely legally - and grinned as he cried in pain and the final whistle blew "Don't dish it out if you can't take it" I growled. Back in the showers I was getting a rather big audience but I didn't pay them a lot of attention until Frank hobbled over to me. "I heard you thrashed that guy for me" he stated as he started washing. "Yeah, can't let them get away with reckless crap like that. You okay?" I asked, turning to him. "Yeah I'm just bruised and aching, pulled a few muscles but nothing major" he replied. "Anyway me and a few friends are having a party this Friday, you should come" "I might show up, can I bring Jerry?" I asked, knowing that everyone always went Frank's parties. Though Jerry and I had never been invited before. "Sure and could you tell him I'm sorry about being such a dick to him?" asked Frank as he looked away. "Tell him yourself" I replied as I turned off my shower and swaggered back into the locker room. As I left I saw Ig walking towards me with Bear and Booker. They instantly made me smile and I ran towards them "That was a great game cub" praised Bear as he hugged me. "Yeah you certainly know how to show off" teased Ig as he put his arm over me. They lead me over to their car and I hopped inside.
  7. Voila the second part to the BEAR series, sorry that it's not very 'raunchy' I wanted to save the best parts until Troy's 18th The rest of the week went so slowly, I hadn't heard much from Bear and Ig. Ig had added me on Facebook and I'd seen him driving around. I was feeling a little hurt about it until Saturday when Jerry and I were sitting in the local Internet cafe writing out our English coursework. A black hummer pulled up outside and honked it's horn, I immediately looked up and realised who it was. "Don't tell me that's for you" groaned Jerry. "Yeah, sorry Jer I'll help you finish it off tomorrow if I can" I said, feeling guilty. "You could've at least told me about your new boyfriend you know. I wouldn't have judged you" he said, looking as I hurt as I had been all week. "Jer, I don't know what we are. As soon as I figure it out you'll be the first to know" he just nodded so I patted his shoulder and walked off. As I reached the car the door was opened for me. "Hey Troy, you doing okay?" asked Ig from the front passenger sheet, Bear was miraculously able to fit into the car and drive it. "Good to see you again Cub, sorry we 'aven't been in touch all week. We have been keeping our eye on you though" explained Bear as we drove off. "Where are we going?" I asked, I wasn't nervous simply curious. "Back to the manor, we've got a surprise for you" said Ig as he grinned back at me. I then felt a wet sensation on my neck and I jumped in my seat. "Oh yeah meet Grey, our guard dog" I turned around and saw an over-sized dog that looked like a half bulldog half Great Dane, but it's fur was a cloudy grey like it's name-sake" It took us ten minutes to get to the manor thanks to Bear's 'efficient' driving. I had never really seen the manor during the day but it was gorgeous. There were five colour full gardens surrounding an enormous fountain outside the front entrance and a massive arboretum surrounding the grounds of the house leading onto the ancient forest on the outskirts of town. "You never been here before? Not even on a school trip?" questioned Ig as he saw my amazement. "No, I only moved here four years ago and our school doesn't really do trips" I replied as grey jumped into the backseat with my and stuck his head out the window. We pulled into the garage through an automatic door and Bear threw a blindfold at me "Put that on" he ordered. I did as I was told and Ig helped me out of the car and together the two of them and Grey led me through the house. "Okay take off the blind fold" whispered Ig. I pulled it away and no sooner had I opened my eyes had the room erupted into an uproar. "WELCOME!" roared a group of half-naked muscular men and women. "Welcome to the Pack cub, this is your initiation" announced Bear as he put his barrel sized arm over me and lead me to the centre of the room. I was immediately swarmed by everybody as they all tried to hug me or kiss my cheek as though I were some kind of long lost family member. "Alright let the boy breathe" ordered Bear as he parred the sea of people until one relatively (as almost everyone in the room was over 6ft) short man stood before me with a dainty woman at his side. "Troy meet my passive Betas, Yui and Horace" said Bear as they stepped forward, Horace shook my hand and Yui hugged me. She stood at around 5ft 6 and she was quite skinny so even I dwarfed her. "It's not often Bear brings home such handsome young men, welcome Troy" she said politely as her black hair fell in front of her eyes. "Yes you're a very lucky man Troy" said Horace as he put his arm over Yui's shoulder "I look forward to getting to know you better" The two of them then walked away and I was introduced to the other thirteen pack members. All the guys gave me a bear hug and a few friendly pats on the butt, it was all just regular locker room stuff but their eyes were hungry and inviting as they walked away. I couldn't resist checking them all out. The other two women were both 'defenders' for our pack, I was told that they were basically just security for our manor and if our Pack was threatened. They also bounced at local clubs and they promised to let me in whenever I wanted. Once the introductions were over I felt a little overwhelmed. I'd never had a very close family. My foster parents, God bless them, did try but we'd never really clicked. I did love them, but I didn't necessarily always like them and they had accepted that - they said that they would always love me too but if I wanted to leave when I turned 18 they'd harbour no grudges. But now I had a whole room of people who treated me like a brother. I could tell it was genuine too, years in care homes had taught me how to recognise people who liked and didn't like you. Everyone adored me. I almost felt like crying because I'd never felt so accepted. "I know it's a little overwhelming and I'm sorry it's happened so suddenly. But I hope you still want to be a part of our little family?" asked Bear as he smiled down at me. "I'd love to" I replied as I beamed and suddenly felt a warmth emanating from the scar bear had given me. I went to touch it and felt it slowly fading away. "Excellent, now if you'd like to follow me. We have something else we think you'll enjoy" I was lead out of the room and down a few sets of steps into a cozy dining room. The smell of food on the way there had made me hungry and I wasn't disappointed as I saw the spread that had been lain out. "I heard your stomach Troy, dig in we only need you to listen" I didn't need telling twice. I immediately dug into the food, each bite set of firework of flavour in my mouth as though I were eating for the first time. "So you might be wondering why you didn't go all 'teen wolf' and start turning into a bear in your bathroom." I grunted a yes. "Well the truth is the strength of our gift is dependent on the potency of the one who inflicted it. Meaning that because you were scratched by an Alpha it's been a lot more potent so your body has to prepare for it" said Bear as he threw some of the food into his mouth. "So we need to feed you up to give you the energy and the nutrients your body needs to become a werebear and believe me it's going to be good" "What do you mean?" I grunted through bites of food. "Well let's just say before my I developed - as I was born a werebear - I stood at about 6ft. Once I transformed I shot straight up to 8ft and about half a ton, obviously I don't look like that now because I suppress it so that I can fit into ordinary life - just about" "So you're saying I'm gonna grow?" I asked eagerly. "Oh boy you're gonna grow. Strapping lad like you, still going through puberty, clawed by a born Alpha. You're gonna be fucking huge" I was so excited, I could sense my body getting ready now. I wanted to be big, it'd mean everything to me. Then I realised "How the fuck do I explain growing to 8ft and half a ton to everybody?" "We'll suppress it, make up excuses you'll be fine" comforted bear as he grinned at me. I'd finished all the food on the table but I didn't feel full "Now how about some more food?" "Bring it on" I grunted as Ig walked in with four more plates of meat, bread and cheese. He then threw a bunch of bananas at me and a whole pie. "Dig in little cub" he cooed as he drifted over to me and say besides me. I was in heaven. An hour later I finally felt full and some of the guys from earlier had joined us "Bloody hell cub, are you half whale or something?" joked one of the largest - 'Booker' (He got the nickname from his aggressive way of playing Rugby as he usually got booked and sent off) though I'd heard people call him 'hooker' for entirely different reasons. "I thought that was you" I replied playfully as I nudged his noticeable gut. He grabbed me in a headlock and wrestled me around. "You should learn to watch your tongue little cub" he grunted as he lifted me out of my chair. Eventually he let go and slapped my arse. "Alright Hooker leave him be" jested Ig as he grabbed Booker and pulled him away "besides he's not gonna be a little cub for long" "He'll still be just a cub though" noted Bear as he beaconed me over to him. I immediately walked over to him and he stood up "I'm going to help you turn into your bear form now, okay?" I nodded, starting to get a little nervous as the rest of the guys backed away. "How?" "Well in laman's terms I'm going to have to hurt you. Pain sets off the change, but after you turn and we teach you how to control yourself you can change painlessly whenever you want" Bear put his hand on my shoulder "We need to do it today, the longer we wait the harder it's going to be for you" "Okay, I'm ready" I said firmly as he gave me a warm smile and the rammed his knee into my crotch. I collapsed to the floor in agony, crying out in pain until the pitch suddenly dropped to a low guttural roar. I felt myself get angry and something inside of me responded to it and fought it's way to the surface. I began to get up, snarling but Bear there a right hook and I flew backwards once more. This time I managed to roll and keep my balance, leaping at him again as I felt my body begin to change. "That's in cub, fight me" taunted Bear as he skillfully dodged my attempts to harm him. As I swiped at him my arms became hairier until a thick layer of fur covered them. Slowly my fingernails elongated and curled, dying black and becoming razor sharp. My arm slowly began to bulk outwards as well until my originally fairly impressive 16" arms looked more like 25". I felt the urge to bite him and as I lunged forward I realised my face had elongated into a snarling maw of sharp teeth and fur. It was then that I realised I now stood taller than Bear. In the brief moment of shock Bear transformed top, shooting past me in height and tackling me to the floor and keeping me there before licking my maw. I continued to grow beneath him till I capped out at 8ft 5" and almost as broad as him. I felt exhausted and eventually I fell asleep. When I woke up again I was in a large plush bed with my head resting on a man's chest, it was Bear. "Finally awake eh?" I heard him grumble, I saw him raise his arm and point across the room "Go look in the mirror" I slowly pushed myself, feeling a lot heavier than before. When my foot hit the floor it landed with a loud thud and I pulled my groggy body over to the mirror. "Holy shit" I mumbled as I began to feel up my new muscles. I stood at a solid 6ft 8 and at about 20 stone (280 lb). My arms were now 22" (slightly smaller than when I was a bear), but my quads had a blown up to 30" each and as I felt them I brushed against my now extraordinary package. My dick now hung near my knees, it was at least 10" soft and 7.5" thick, soft. "Wow cub, looks like all that food went to your cock" teased Bear as he sat up and patted the bed. "Wait for your hair to grow back in and you'll be one sexy fucker" I crawled back into bed next to him and flirted, "Like you?" "Damn straight" he replied as he grabbed my ass. "Fuck me lad, that's one sweet arse you got there" he growled. I shivered with pleasure as he rubbed his hand over it. I turned to him and nuzzled against him "Thankyou" I groaned, feeling warmth emanate from him. "So how about we re-introduce you to everyone else? I'm sure they're all dying to see their new hunky brother" said Bear as he massaged shoulders. "How long have I been here?" I grumbled in response - worrying about my foster parents panicking again as they'd been so worried last night. "Only an hour or two, we just need to get you down to a more believable size before you leave" replied Bear "I mean you doubled in size width ways and you're almost 7ft, no excuse can cover all that." "Heh yeah I guess you're right" I irked to myself and flexed my huge biceps before I felt myself get lifted up into the air. "Don't let it go to your head though cub, you're still just an oversized pup." teased Bear as he carried me out of the room. This time when I met everyone they were a lot more physical. Chest bumping me, throwing me around, playfully punching me, pinching my ass - which was apparently the best they'd ever seen. I was just a little nervous that I might get slapped in the dick, but they seemed to steer clear of that area - with their hands at least, their eyes were all over it. "Wow you got big." complimented Ig as he entered the room. I now dwarfed him pretty easily so I tried my luck bear hugging him and trying to over-power him with a bit of roughhousing. Though I soon found myself flat on my tight ass, "not big enough though, cub" He helped me up and patted my chest "One day" I promised, hitting him on the shoulder. "Pfft keep dreaming." he replied as he grinned up at me "You're gonna have to shrink down now anyway" "How am I meant to do that?" diverting my attention to Bear who seemed to know. He held up a chain necklace with an ornate padlock un-locked on it "I'll be the one controlling that don't worry about a thing, this is just the final part of your initiation. Once you put on this collar you are mine, my cub until either of us says otherwise" I took the collar and put it around my neck, my fingers now ready to push the lock together "Do you have the key?" "It's in the study, it doesn't belong to either of us. However, as my cub you are expected to achieve certain things and carry out certain tasks for our Pack" I nodded as a sign for him to continue. "Firstly, when you're ready you'll come live with us. Secondly, you will complete and exercise regime we set for you each week. Thirdly, once you turn eighteen you will provide certain services for me and your Packmates - a certain type of stress relief" "Gotcha" "And one final thing, you will tell me what you hope to achieve from this relationship and in your life and I will do everything in my power to make sure that happens. Okay cub?" he asked, smiling warmly now. "Yes, of course" I replied as I pushed the lock together, binding the chain and committing myself to Bear. "I love you cub" he said as he hugged me and kissed me. I wasn't as stunned as when Ig had sprung a kiss on me, Bear made me feel so at ease that it was impossible to feel awkward. As we kissed I felt his body expand around me as my own body shrank down. When we parted he stood at a lofty 7ft 3" and I was back down to around 6ft 5. I'd kept a lot of my muscle but it was relative to my new height. Bear seemed a lot bigger and his muscles all bulged out more than ever. "Did you just steal my muscle?" I asked, a little crestfallen. "I took your height, my muscles just adapted to it. The mass you lost is in that chain, look" I examined the chain. When I had been given it it was a bit dull and he lock was a bit rusty but now it looked freshly polished and thicker. The lock felt warm too and I could see a Nordic pattern on it now. "Whenever you visit you can go back to your normal size, if you want you can slowly grow yourself publicly but believe me life as a giant is a lot more difficult" he chuckled as he lead me out of the room. "Let's get you some new clothes and get you home, I don't want my little cub getting into trouble." I was given a fresh set of shirts for school and some fashionable casual clothes all in my size, as they ugh they'd been picked out just now. "How did you know what size I'd be?" "Horace and Yui worked it out for me. Becoming a werebear and gaining all that size can actually be calculated if you have the time and if you're as smart as they are. You should find they fit perfectly and all the colours suit you and your own style. They were busy researching you all week - sorry if that sounds creepy but I asked them too" "It's cool" I replied as I tried on the leather jacket I'd been given "They have really good style" "Yui does, you'd be lucky to find Horace wearing a tie with any of his shirts let alone matching up to the rest of his outfit" replied Bear as he smiled at me. "If your foster parents ask where they came from you tell them that you've become a model - Yui owns her own clothes shop in town so they should buy it." "Thankyou Bear... For everything" I replied, unable to stop my emotions seeping into my voice. He wrapped his arms around me and I felt a few tears roll down my cheek "I've never really felt at home anywhere, but being here with all of you and knowing how much you care... It's the greatest thing that's ever happened to me" "Aww come on cub, you're gonna make me cry soon" he replied wiping away my tears and kissing my cheek. Once I'd gotten dressed Ig entered the room and lead me away to the garage, he'd be the one taking me home. Before we got in the car he grabbed my hand and I turned around to him "I promise we'll stay in touch better with you this time Troy, you're very special to me" said Ignis. "Thankyou" I replied as I initiated a hug with him. "If you want you can come to my Rugby match on Tuesday?" "You play rugby?" replied Ig happily. "My dad owns the club, I'll see you there big guy" We hopped into the car and he drove me home once more. When we stopped we kissed once again, but as Ig went to put his hand on my thigh I pulled away. "Sorry... I don't think I'm ready, maybe once I know you better" I said breathlessly as I looked away from him feeling ashamed. He turned my head back to face him and grinned "It's okay cub, I can wait" he kissed me on the cheek and then unlocked the doors so that I could hop out. When I got in my foster parents were sat in the living room "Did you have a good time?" called Karen - my foster mum. "Yeah, it was amazing" I replied as I hurried upstairs whilst they gave each other a knowing glance. "Mr Winslet!" roared my biology teacher - Mr. Carmichael - as I jolted awake in my seat. "If you could be so kind as to pay me your very precious attention I was trying to teach!" "Sorry sir, I-" "Save it. Now why don't you answer some questions for me" he said snidely. "Fine" I grumbled as the class all started looking at me. Jerry and I were the only people from our year in the class so I didn't really know the others as none of the new rugby players took biology as an A level. "What is the difference between DNA and RNA?" "The sugar, DNA has deoxyribose and RNA has ribose - there are also three types of RNA and only one type of DNA" "It's good to see your remember what I taught you last year, it's a shame you couldn't in your exam" he remarked. I went to say something back at him but Jerry nudged my side. "Yeah, but I'll get it right this year" I replied through gritted teeth. "Well perhaps you should start by remaining awake. Now could you please read off the board for me" I really didn't like Mr. Carmichael, he'd had it in for me since year 7 when I'd show him up in front of our headmaster. The rest of the day went smoothly as not all of my teachers were massive dickheads, in fact they were pleased to see me and Jerry. We had training after school so we made our way to the locker rooms. Although my teachers had been pleasant, I kept hearing people muttering my name followed by words like 'roids', 'mutant' and 'freak' and it was starting to piss me off. I think Jerry could tell I was annoyed because he seemed to step between me and anybody who was muttering in case I snapped and went for them. "Don't listen to them big guy, you had a little growth spurt so what?" said Jerry as we walked into the locker room. "I know you're not on drugs, you're not cool enough to know drug dealers" he joked making me smile. As we got changed the rest of the team entered and I could feel them all staring at me. A few didn't care that much and just got dressed but most kept glancing over at me and then the whispering began as I took my shirt off and displayed my wide - now hairy back to them. "I bet he's on roids" "Or he's some kind of freak" "Well if he's on roids he won't be winning over any girls with his little package" "Nah I heard he's gay" "Pfft bloody faggot I bet-" I'd grabbed the guy by the throat and shoved him against the wall. "Shut the fuck up." I snarled at him as he struggled against my vice-like grip. "Troy calm down!" shouted Jerry as he tried to pull me away but I didn't budge. I threw the guy across the floor and he skidded over to the open doorway where Mr. Montfort was stood. "MY OFFICE, NOW!" he snapped pointing to the two of us and then to the door. We both obeyed immediately, the boy I'd grabbed was coughing a lot but didn't seem too hurt. "What the fuck is wrong with you two, rough housing in the changing rooms like children" "He-" "I don't care who started it, you two are gonna apologise to each other. You're gonna clean the entire locker room tonight and everyone's boots and if I ever see you two doing that again you're off the team." stated Montfort. "Now Mr. Clyde if you could please leave I need to have a talk with Troy" I looked down at the floor, hands balled in anger. I could hear the disappointment in Montfort's voice, I felt so guilty. "Look at me" I ordered, his voice stern but not angry. I looked up at him and he sighed, "what's going on Troy, you're a good kid. I don't expect to have to split up a fight with you in it" "I'm not on drugs" I muttered. "What? Of course you're not, you know better than that and I know you wouldn't, remember what I told you all in year seven?" "If you ever caught us taking drugs you'd make us run till we sweated them out" I replied. "And if you were dumb enough to do it again I'd feed you to my huskies" he replied, grinning at me. "Is that what everyone's been saying? That you're some kind of roid head?" "Some kind of freak" I corrected, looking away again. "A faggot" "Listen Troy, my boys are made of stronger stuff than that. You need to understand, the only reason they say that crap is because they're jealous of what you've achieved and they take out their jealously by trying to hurt you. They know they can't hurt you physically so they try it mentally, throwing insults at you and if they know they can get you riled up by it they're gonna continue to do it" "So I just let them get away with it, let them treat me like shit?" I grumbled. "Well you certainly shouldn't manhandling them. If I ever see you doing that again I will personally throttle you" he threatened. "But the best way to deal with it is to internalise their insults, they call you a freak? Be a freak, get bigger show off make them uncomfortable with it" "You want me to show off?" "Well no, just show that you enjoy being as big as you are. If they think they can hurt you they will. Though if they call you a faggot again tell me and I'll make them wish they hadn't" "Thanks Coach" I replied as I stood up. "No problem, your punishment still stands though. Now go out your kit on" he ordered. I nodded and left the room. Back in the changing rooms everyone was dressed and chatting. I went over to my stuff and got changed, my rugby kit was rather tight which made me feel happy as it made me realise how big I'd actually gotten. "You gonna be okay Troy?" asked Jerry paternally as he turned to me. "Yeah, I'm a beast remember? It's gonna take more than words to hurt me" I replied confidently. "Good, just don't let it go to your head, there's nothing worse than a cocky jock." he replied, patting my shoulder and walking out to the basketball courts. I pulled on my boots and jogged outside to practise. I'd never felt better, no-one could stop me scoring, in fact it took almost seven guys just to get me down and coach looked impressed. "Well we certainly have a strong line up this year lads but I want you to all follow in Troy's footsteps, start bulking up and eating right - but if you could not start fights in the locker room like that beast it would be greatly appreciated" said Montfort as he grinned over at me "Now give him and Mr. Clyde your boots to clean and get back inside"
  8. Love this story so much The body paint was a great idea, I'd love to do that
  9. Ragnar12231

    m/m BEAR

    Thank you for the support, I'm hoping to get the next part up within the next few days. Troy will finally become a fully formed werebear
  10. Ragnar12231

    m/m BEAR

    I promise there'll be more muscle growth and romance in the next part, I just wanted to set up a backstory. I hope you enjoy it "You know if this school ever recognises us as actual students and not just pests I might just get some A levels" muttered my friend Jerry as we walked away from the school library after being kicked out so some little kids could have a class in there. We were both in year thirteen (though we were re-sitting our AS) and we were trying to finish off our biology assignments but now we had nowhere to study in silence as everywhere else in the school was full of rowdy kids. "Maybe Mr. Montfort will let us use his office again, it was alright in there last time?" I suggested, trying to remain positive - I was still just as annoyed at Jerry but I knew complaining wouldn't change anything. "Yeah maybe, but it's a bit cramped in there especially seeing as it's home to a man half your size" he replied as we began to walk along the P.E. corridor. "It's better than nothing and if we're nice to Montfort he'll be more likely to put us on the school teams" "Like you need help doing that, Troy" he said dryly as we reached Montfort's office "Yeah, but I know you could do with the help, titch" I joked in response as he rapped his knuckles on the door. "Oh shut up you lanky prick" he growled. "Temper temper Mr Thomas." said Mr. Montfort as he opened his door "Let me guess, you got kicked out of the library again?" "Yeah" we replied in unison. "And you want to use my room?" We echoed our past response "If you get me a coffee from the cafeteria then I might consider it" "Are you blackmailing us?" I questioned as Montfort grinned at us both. "I prefer the term coerce, now chop chop else I'll give the room to someone else" he replied as he walked back inside. "Ha! The cheek of him, making us get him coffee" muttered Jerry as we walked towards the cafeteria. "It could be worse, I heard he once made two sixth formers help him teach one of his lessons by dressing up as a skeleton so he could teach them about the body" "That doesn't sound so bad" "He made them dance and sing about all the bones" I added. "He's evil" "Yeah, but at least he has a sense of humour." I replied. A lot of our teachers were very... Well dull. Luckily most of the one's I was taught by were friendly enough to make jokes and talk to us. "I suppose" he sighed as we walked to the coffee machine and made one for Montfort and ourselves. When we got back to his office he was just about to leave to take one of his classes outside "Right on time" he took the coffee "thank you boys the office is all your's" We thanked him too and walked inside. He had the air con on and the windows were open as it was an uncharacteristically hot day - seeing as we were in March. Unfortunately there were boxes of files everywhere and random sports equipment scattered all over the place. "How does he find anything in here?" I thought out loud as we began to clear a space. "Sniffer dogs maybe?" Jerry responded as we set down our books on his desk. Then after finishing our coffee we started to work. An hour later Montfort returned, he seemed happier which probably meant his class were exhausted. "You boys ready for the trials tonight?" he questioned as he rested on the desk. "Yeah, we'll be there" we both replied. "Good, I just hope the fresh meat isn't as bad as last year" he turned to look at the two of us "excluding you two... Obviously" he said sarcastically. "Thanks" grumbled Jerry as we collected our stuff. Montfort just laughed and opened the door for us "see you later ladies" After our last lesson of the day - Biology - we don't walked towards the locker rooms and scared all of the younger kids out. "I love being a sixth former, all the lower years are scared of you" "No they're all afraid of you, they'd probably just beat me up and take my lunch money" replied Jerry as he took off his blazer and shirt (Our sixth form forced us to wear 'office wear' except on Fridays. "You're plenty scary, I mean have you looked in the mirror lately?" I joked as I nudged him and indicated to the newbies entering the locker room. There were a few guys that I recognised from youth Rugby teams who had flocked to our sixth form and a few random guys I'd never seen before. Luckily they all looked like rugby players. "Good haul for your team then" said Jerry as he pulled on his jersey. "Hopefully the basketballers will be better, i'm hoping for someone taller than you" "You might be disappointed" I replied, pointing to the guys entering, only a few broke the 6ft threshold but they weren't taller than me and they were all rather skinny apart from one rather stacked little guy - I hoped he was coming for Rugby. "Alright! Basketball try-outs are in the hall with Mrs. Singh and Mr. Drake. I'll be hosting the rugby trials by myself because the other teachers don't want to get cold, meet me outside in five minutes. If you're late you won't be on the team" called Mr. Montfort from the doorway. I'd already finished changing and so had Jerry so we followed immediately so we could chat to Montfort about the new blood. The try-outs went as I had expected. Anyone who wasn't serious about playing Rugby got thrown about like a sack of flour and the rest of us enjoyed throwing them about. Though I did manage to embarrass myself by tripping as I went to kick and having the ball fly off into the forest nearby. "Alright lads, come in" called Montfort after an hour and a half. "Glad to see you're all still standing, though some of you definitely need to work on your fitness mentioning no names" he then pointed at three red-faced boys. "Now the list of people who made the cut will be posted, now all of you get back inside. Captain you can go fetch the ball you lost" said Montfort as he winked at me and I beamed. I jogged to the end of the field and through a hole in the perimeter fence into the forest. I knew it hadn't gone in far and it was still light outside so I didn't think it would take long. I would've been annoyed about the task but after hearing I was Captain this year I was riding a mental high. I was so happy in fact that as I hopped over a log after finally spotting the ball I didn't even notice that the log had been hairy, or that it was now casting a large shadow on me. The log then let out an almighty roar and I stumbled backwards, falling on my arse as I turned to see it. Standing before me was an enormous nine and a half foot tall bear, and it looked pissed. I was frozen in fear as it slammed it's paws into the ground, causing it to shake. As I felt the vibrations my mind yelled at me to run and I went to bolt away as it slashed at me with it's paw. Luckily it hasn't hit my leg else I'd have never escaped, though it's lacerating paws did tear through by rugby shirt and rake across my back. I charged forwards with the ball, ignoring the pain mainly due to adrenaline and made a beeline for the fence. I didn't need to find the hole I vaulted it and lands hard on the other side. But I was up immediately and started running again, not looking back until got to the first rugby goal and tripped over myself. However this time I couldn't get up, my shirt was sticky with blood and my legs were burning from exhaustion. I looked back towards the forest, expecting to see the bear running towards me, ready to devour me. Instead I saw the outline of a large man but before I could make out any features I blacked out. I woke up in a large dimly lit study, a fire was roaring to my side and I was sat in a large plush armchair. What had happened slowly came back to me as I scanned the room. The walls were lined with books and paintings, a large oak table was sat in the middle of the room. It had a kettle and a cup and saucer. "At least I know I'm still in England" I though to myself. "You alright over there lad?" called a gruff voice from the corner "I really did a number on you" "What?" I grumbled, my throat was dry and hoarse. "You woke me up remember?" he replied as he moved towards me and into the light. He was massive, about seven feet tall and as broad as a truck. "How's your back?" I was nervous now, I could feel beads of sweat form on my brow. My back didn't hurt at all "It's fine" I stammered. "Interesting" he replied as he began to pour us tea. I was surprised his thick fingers didn't break the mugs as he deftly handed on to me. "Sugar?" "What's going on" I demanded, my voice shaking a lot now through panic. "It's gonna be okay don't worry Lad, drink your tea and I'll explain" the man replied with a surprisingly soft tone. His voice soothed me and I took some sugar and milk for my tea. He sat in a large chair slightly to the side of me and scratched his brown beard. His hair was short and his brow was thick, he had a very hard-set face. His muscles were like nothing I'd ever seen, his arms were larger than his own head and his chest was three times as thick as me, his pecs pushed out at least a foot from his body and they were covered in thick hair. He wore only a pair of khaki shorts which struggled to contain his tree trunk thighs, I quickly looked away when I saw the large bulge between them. I knew he'd caught me looking but he didn't say anything. "Right, where to begin..." "Your name?" I queried. "Just call me Bear, everybody does. The reason why? I am a bear, both the animal and the gay stereotype" he replied, managing to make me crack a smile. I didn't question the fact he was the bear as we didn't actually have bears wild in England and I knew that what I saw was definitely a bear, logic dictates that he was telling the truth no matter how ridiculous the truth was. "So are you like a werewolf?" I questioned. "Better, I'm a werebear. An alpha no less" he replied politely "and just as a heads up, you're probably gonna be one too - though not an alpha" "What!" I exclaimed I started to feel pain emanate from the wound again. I winced a little and noticed a trickle of blood coming from my nose. "You're healing yourself" he said calmly as he handed me a napkin to stop the blood with. "Why, why am I a werebear now?" I growled, suddenly getting quite angry at Bear. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to give you our gift. Usually people don't survive when we scratch them, but you're stronger than that" "Am I meant to be happy that you tried to kill me then?" I spat "You did wake me up from a hibernation nap, I was pissed off." he reasoned. "So what now am I just gonna turn into some kind of beast?" Bear snarled at me and his face transformed into a bear's long maw, though it still kept a some human aspects about it, he then snapped at my face before licking at it and nuzzling me. "If you learn to control yourself you'll be part of my Pack, if not... Well let's just say it's best if you just do as I say from now on" "Your Pack?" I questioned "I thought bears were solitary creatures" "Well we use the term 'Pack' rather loosely. It's more like I'm Alpha and everyone else are all my Cubs, but some Cubs have more influence over our little family" he explained as there was a knock at the door. A man then entered, he was dressed in running gear and each one of his bulbous muscles were toned and defined so that every crevice looked like it had been painted onto his body. "Brother, I heard you turned one of the locals" he looked down at me from his 6ft 5" vantage point "Is this him?" "Yes, this is him. Ignis meet... Err" "Troy" "Good name. Iggy meet your new brother Troy" "Nice to meet you" said 'Iggy' as he held out his hand. I shook it firmly but his grip was a lot better than mine. "I hope Bear treated you okay?" "Err yeah, he's been great" I replied, smiling over at the hairy mass of muscle to my left "Not to be rude, but could I go home now?" "Oh, yes of course your parents are probably worried" replied Bear as he patted my shoulder and stood. "Foster parents actually and yeah, I'll probably get a bollocking when I get back" I replied, grinning a little. I was surprised that I wasn't freaking out but for some reason Bear's presence put me at ease. "Ha! Well be sure to think of a good excuse, I'm sure you've realised by now that you shouldn't tell people about us. To the rest of the world our kind doesn't exist okay?" "Understood" "Good, now I'll get Iggy to take you home but don't worry we'll be in touch" and with that Bear hugged me, squeezing me firmly and warmly. I was forced into the cleavage of his pecs and I breathed in his scent. It was powerful and very masculine but there was something comforting about him that made me hug him back. Though I realised the feeling of his mountainous table sized pecs and furry muscle gut had gotten me quite aroused "Oh our new pup seems to like me Ig" he joked as I pulled away. He slapped my arse as Iggy led me away "Bye cub" I was beaming at that point, I'd never felt happier in my life as Iggy put his muscular arm over my shoulder and lead me out, waving Bear goodbye. He led me through their house, it was a series of corridors and large ornate rooms. "Are we in Ursine Manor?" "Yup, Bear owns the place, ironic name right?" replied Iggy as we entered a large modern kitchen. "Yeah no-one pulled any muscles thinking up that name" I joked in response as I we continued on into a large garage. "Heh, we'll take the hummer it's got the nicest seats. Where am I taking you cub?" "Sown street, next to the butchers" "Ah yeah, I know where. Love that place" he said happily as my stomach growled in hunger. "Maybe we'll stop for food too" "Oh there's no needs I'll be-" He put his finger on my lip and I was silenced instantly "Your part of our Pack now, let me look after you" he replied as he smiled at me. He was so handsome and his smile melted me, in that moment I would've done anything he said. "Okay" I responded as he too grabbed me in a hug. "It's just so great to have a cute newbie like you around" he said happily "we're gonna have some fun" We climbed into the car after that and he drove me home, stopping off at a drive-thru and giving me the largest meal there to "Keep his little pup growing" he then playfully punched my arm and grinned. When he dropped me off he left me a few houses down so my foster parents wouldn't question why I had gotten a lift from a stranger. "Hey Troy, you're 17 right?" "Yeah" I replied, "eighteen next month" "Good" he said before grabbing my head and kissing me. At first I was shocked but damn he was a good kisser. It was my first kiss too and I was in heaven "Sorry. It's just so great to meet you" "No problem" I replied, I could feel my cheeks burn bright red as I felt a tent pitching in my pants. "Heh didn't think I was that good at kissing, I'll see you around Troy" he replied cockily as I hopped out and quickly mumbled a goodbye, too shy and overwhelmed to be coherent. Once he's driven off I ran home and immediately went up to my room so I could 'calm down' before my foster parents swarmed me with questions. I just had my first kiss from the world's biggest stud, I got turned into a werebear by the biggest guy I'd ever seen, I was school captain and I had a biology assignment due tomorrow... Shit.
  11. It's going to be set in England (near Oxford) Some other members of the Pack(s) will be from elsewhere though, but arm the main characters are all from the UK (Bear is gonna be Scottish)
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