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  1. If gets anyone off, then good. --- Since his Boi was not being as financially helpful to his big cocked muscle daddy, he decided that maybe he’d save up and buy daddy a present. After a few days of hunting, he found something that might make daddy a bit happy. The price was a bit steep, but after several rounds of emails being exchanged a pretty good package was put together. Come Friday, daddy was tired from spending the day at the hospital and was preparing to go to work when he got a call from his boss. “We have arranged some coverage for you tonight. We were told of your situation, so we felt you could take a night off. You’re still being paid, thanks to a company fund we have for situations just like this. Thanks to some calls made, knowing your current living situation, we arranged for you to spend tonight at a nice four star hotel in downtown. Remember we care!” Needless to say, daddy was speechless. Preparing like he’d go to work, he also added some toiletries and, after kissing his mom and aunt good night, took off towards work. He got a text saying the address of the hotel he’s to stay at, and, giddily, drove off to it. The hotel was one of those places you imagine basketball players who are playing the Thunder would stay at. He was greeted by someone to check his car, take his bag, and he was immediately escorted to the VIP check in. The check in was quick — “one night for two, correct?” The attendant gave daddy his room key — one of the suites overlooking the downtown! When you got to the room — it required a special elevator, just for VIPs — he was in seventh heaven. A California king bed with mirrors all over. A massive whirlpool jacuzzi tub against the windows. Three televisions. A PS4, X-Box, a dining area, three couches, a fireplace...this place seemed like it should be for a family...but it was his! All his! Daddy is finally being treated as he should be treated. A few thoughts of wishing his mom was there to experience it too — but daddy knows he’ll be a success and treat his mom like the queen she is. Man, all this room just for him. Lying on the bed, starting up at his magnificence — broad shoulders, thick pecs, traps rising like mountains, swollen lips, tight waist, abs clearly visible, powerful tree trunk thighs, and a soft 7” thick man sausage proudly bulging from his pants. God he was a beautiful specimen. All those hours lifting, eating, training, working his body to match the power of his 10” fuck stick...god damn it was beautiful. Seeing his power in the bed started to awake daddy’s sleeping python, growing thicker, longer, harder, rising up like a mushroom cloud of ass destroying, pussy devastating, cum filled raging power. Right as daddy’s right hand started to grip around that mighty pole, he heard the door start to unlock. “The fuck...” Wearing nothing but a tight tank top and short shorts walks in “Luxuryan” from Tumblr. His equally broad chest protrudes from his tank, nipples exposed to the world, exudes sex and blowjobs and being the greatest bottom you could ever experience...while his thighs roll past each other, pushing his also prodigious manhood out and down his legs, the thick head visible outside of the pants and the outline clear as daylight. He turns to daddy and says, “hi — I was flown out here as a one-night present for a daddy. And you look like my daddy tonight.” Your cock gets immediately hard. Ryan slides over to daddy, grabbing his broad shoulders and, looking up with his black eyes, whimpers to daddy. Still in disbelief, you raise your hands behind his back, pulling Ryan closer and pushing the big daddy cock to the left, hanging two inches away from both of you, leaking precum like a slow leaking pipe. You rub Ryan’s lower back, feeling that lean waist and amazingly round ass — maybe the only ass more bubble than daddy’s — as he brings his arms to the back of your head. Slowly running his fingers through your hair, he confidently whispers, “you’re even more of a handsome man in person.” He pulls himself up to you and kisses you full on the lips. His soft lips softly yet forcefully pushing against yours. His tongue fighting with yours over who owns your mouth. Wait, you are the daddy: you control the situation. Why are you so helpless? Ryan moves one hand from your head to your chest, where he slowly starts to outline your chest with his fingers. Knowing you are being worshipped, you instinctively start to contract and bounce your pec, causing him to giggle while your tongue rapes his mouth. Pulling away from your wanting mouth, Ryan sucks on your neck and chest, clawing at your chest and shirt. You raise your arms to help remove your shirt, but he grabs your arms, whispering a “shh,” he grabs your shirt and rips it effortlessly in half. Being a gentleman, your hands rub across his chest, thumbs lingering on his nipples, rubbing them hard, you rip his tank top off. Two muscular men — both with hard cocks with a foot and a half of rigid, dripping fuck sticks — start to move towards the hot tub. Ryan starts to lick your beautiful six pack, but immediately stops to grab your massively thick, 10” cock stick, oozing tablespoon after tablespoon of thick, glistening, delicious precum, and starts to expertly lick and suck on your cock head. Your hands rub his hair, moaning loudly, as he drags your leaking cock against his mouth, cheeks and glasses. You look and flex your cock, pushing even more precum gushing out. You gently and yet forcefully face fuck Ryan, him gleefully accepting the task, as you feel your balls get ready to unload a massive amount of god juice into his throat. He feels the movement in your balls and cock, and immediately pulls himself off...leaving you with that amazing edge orgasm that causes you to moan aloud and curl your toes. After a minute of letting your cock rest, Ryan, quick as a feather, pulls you into the three-foot-deep tub, and turns around. He displays his magnificent ass for you — a work of art that could clearly and easily squat three or four plates for reps — and starts to rub it against your still hard manhood. You quickly grab his shorts and rip them in half, revealing a jock and perfectly outlines two golden, round, smooth, hard pieces of man ass meat. Like an expert daddy pleaser, Ryan starts to massage his glorious gluteals up and down your lengthy and pulsing shaft. Up and down. 10” up. 10” down. Every. Inch. Squeezed. By. A. Rock. Hard. Ass. Showing amazing dexterity, standing straight up, Ryan bent perfectly over, legs monstrous shoulder width apart, and his bulbous ass cheeks parted, revealing a freshly shaved, puckering, wet, brown asshole. Your cockhead, still gushing precum, presses against the glorious entry, and Ryan grabs your thick cock, his hand barely reaching around, and pulls himself slowly onto you. Now, daddy knows he’s big. There are reasons why he has spent thousands of hours building his body to be as stunning as it is. 18” biceps, a 32” inch waist, a 46” chest, and 32”’thighs. He has benched 225 for reps, squats 315 for fun, and deadlifts 405 when he wants a light workout. All of this was to make his body as mighty as his cock: 10.25” fully hard with a 8” girthy circumference. As a result of his size, all pussy and ass feels the same: tight as fuck. Ryan’s asshole felt as though daddy had to force his cock into a hole the size of a dime. Only half of the prodigious horse dick was inserted until daddy knew he had to cum. With a gasp and a roar, daddy had no other choice but to blow his first load. Had he thought to look, he would see his balls rhythmically rising and falling, perfectly in sync with pulses pushing thick, copious man sauce up and into his swelling cock and filling the tight ass with cream. The orgasm was so intense that daddy’s knees shook and fell atop Ryan, pushing the cock the rest of the way in and forcing the half cup of cum further into Ryan while more continued to pump into that tight ass. Reaching around to feel his abdomen daddy felt how much cum filled Ryan’s gut, since it started to protrude. Breathing heavily, you slowly start to pull out of that tight ass, more cum being pumped into the rapidly expanding colon, and with a very audible “pop!,” your thick cockhead emerges and continues to spit out cum, volley after volley. Eventually the cum fest stops, and you return to your normally 6” flaccid state. Looking visibly full and quite unsatisfied, Ryan turns to you, his abs distended, and starts to massage the cum into your abs and pecs and thighs. You start to purr as he pours as much muscle worship as he could into daddy’s massive body. You love this. You deserve this. You’ve wanted this for 21 years. Your cock starts to recognize the praise, as it starts to rapidly expand again. Your abs and navel are covered by your column of cock pointing up to your pecs, and Ryan starts to offer that muscle some worship, too. What you didn’t notice is Ryan’s own 8” monster had rapidly expanded and is currently currently hovering dangerously close to your own bulbous and glorious ass and hole. Equally dripping precum to match you, he starts to tease your eager hole with his glistening cockhead. The presence of his foreskin adds an additional tickle you didn’t expect, making the entire tease more enjoyable. While suckling your nipples and fondling with your cockhead, rubbing his thumb around the ridge, Ryan pushes his cock into you. Instantly your cock surges in size, seemingly swelling by a quarter inch in thickness and maybe another inch in length. Teasing you, he pulls out, rubs his head around your now quivering opening, and inserts again. Out. Tickle. In. Out. Tickle. In. He leans over, kissing you gently on the neck, and whispers, “ready for your new daddy?” You whimper, and he thrusts his entire thickness into you at once. Your ass immediately realizes the assault and clamps down tighter, but he’s strong and keeps stroking your anus, a full 8” in and a full 8” out. Due to the shape of his head it perfectly massages your prostate, causing daddy to pour even more precum out. You have been milked so much it’s starting to ache, but you don’t care. This feels so good. After a couple dozen thrusts, he kisses you full on your lips, his strong tongue raping your mouth. You suck on his tongue as he pulls away from your pouting lips, and then announces: “from what I’ve heard, you’ve been carrying your family. Let daddy now carry you.” He wraps his muscular arms around your back, and you wrap your thick thighs and legs around his tight, small waist, and he lifts you up, sliding you all the way down to his balls. In an amazing display of strength, he carries you out of the whirlpool tub and to the window that is in front of the bed. You simply can’t believe he’s carrying your 190 lbs of massive muscle as though he is carrying a baby. Standing before the city, he pulls you off his cock and starts to slam you back down. He pounds you mercilessly, holding you for the world to watch. Your monster cock slaps between your abs and his, spraying both of you with so much pre it’s starting to make sticking noises. As though he feels a need to show off and make you happy with your night, he regrips you and starts to do ass to the grass squats, allowing you to slide out as he reaches the bottom and thrusts into you full when he stands straight up. Your prostate can’t handle this. Your ass can’t handle this. Your mind can’t handle this. You blow your second load as he finishes his fifteenth rep, hitting him and you in the face, chest, abs, and pouring all onto the floor. You’ve so far cum at least a quart of cum and pre so far...and you two only met a half hour ago. He hasn’t cum yet. But you can feel how big those balls are, which make yours look modest, so you know you’ll be receiving a large gift later. As sweat pours off his body, mixing with your cum, you hear the words you’ve been waiting for: “get ready.” With a mighty roar, his balls ride and start pumping their own viscous, abundant, opulent man juice into you. Each pulse feels like it lasts for a full five seconds of a continuous stream of cum. Five pulses. You’re feeling full. Ten pulses. You can’t handle the pressure. Fifteen pulses. You try to pull away but he’s just too strong for you. Twenty pulses. It’s pouring out your ass and adding to the massive mess on the hardwood floor already. Each pulse feels as strong and continuous as before. After his thirty-ninth pulse, he pulled out. At least a pint of cum pours out to join the already gallon plus of cum you two had produced. Laying you on the bed, he gently kisses you on the pecs, cheeks, lips, and amidst your collective panting, says, “I was paid to keep you happy, daddy. I’ll let you rest before round two.” His cock hardens again.
  2. Apologies for this one being so short -- work is bogging me down... === With very little doubt this was not what Jon Snow expected to happen. Still at his original height and musculature, anything that this inhuman Euron could have done to Jon would have been immediately devastating. The mountain at sea tried to stomp on him, which would cause the ship to buck wildly starboard and aft. He would dodge the swinging cock, which could have easily given a dragon’s tail a run for its money based upon its size, just to avoid a foot or an arm grab. What Jon needed – and wasn’t going to get – was a moment to focus on growth. He was already big from fucking Reek, but why couldn’t he grow more? From the side of the ship, he heard Reek start to cry, and as he turned to notice the sound, that’s when Euron snagged him. Struggling against a monstrous grip, he thought he might have a chance against this monster if he focused, which was when Euron shook his head. “No, no, I have someone who wants to meet you.” With that, he flicked his finger gently against Jon’s head and he was knocked unconscious. -- Jon awoke in a cell…somewhere, he did not know, bound by chains in a dimly lit area. As far as he could hear, there was no one really around him except for dripping water, the causal flicker of fire from torches outside of the cells, and some distant echo that didn’t mean much. The time passed with him passing into and out of consciousness. It’s something that happens to those in dungeon areas…the dark tricks your brain. It allowed him to think, however, especially about how Euron seemed to be so massive, so fast, and somehow Jon couldn’t focus enough to make himself grow even more. It had been so easy when it was just him and Reek, or him and the two Dothraki guards, but now? He should grow, bust out of these chains, lay destruction to whoever got into his path, and figure out how to get out of…wherever this place was. -- Not entirely sure how long he was there, waiting, sleeping, thinking, not growing really, sounds resembling footsteps started to echo in the walls…drawing closer…. He stood up, as best he could, trying to see through the darkness. Eventually, some slender, darkly dressed woman with short hair…wait. He knew her. She was, what’s her name? Cersei Lannister, or Baratheon, or whatever. She wanted his father murdered, and got her wish. She wanted his brother, Robb, and mother, and the rest of the family, dead. She got her wish for several of them. And there she was, standing before him. Yeah, he could feel some anger and rage start to build up inside of him…and then more came in. There was a smallish man, he looked like a maester except he was missing all of the maester’s chains, who seemed to be around Cersei, constantly whispering into her ear. Odd – his behavior was suggesting he was more of the hand of the queen instead of one with knowledge. Behind him followed someone who could be described nothing short of a mountain…a mountain…wait, the Mountain? Ser Gregor Clegane? He had heard that this…thing…had crushed skulls with his bare hands. He had raped Septa Unella until she split in half. He beheaded his horse because he noticed a mare in heat. This man was not to be fucked with. Cersei looked upon Jon, a look of disgust and disappointment washed across her face. “So, this is the legendary Jon Snow, bastard of Eddard Stark. The one who was in charge of the Knight’s Watch…until he was killed. Stabbed by his own men, since they didn’t trust him. They felt he betrayed them…as though he had betrayed his king?” Oh, she’s a cunt alright. The stories are true. “It seems odd, for someone who had been stabbed before,” she reached out, touching his chest, massaging her fingers gently over the stab wound scars, “that he could be taken down so easily? I suppose you thought you would somehow overcome Euron Greyjoy?” Well, yes, he did think he could have done that…but that twist of power… “Perhaps you thought that your heroics from the north, that – what was it called? The battle of the bastards? Yes, the battle of the bastards and that narrow victory you had would make you somehow capable of taking on the power of King’s Landing and the Iron Thrown of the Seven Kingdoms?” She paused and smiled. “Your silence doesn’t tell me much, nor does that stupid, fucking bastard blank stare on your face.” She paused again, looking down towards his crotch. “I heard of what your cock did to your ship. It was supposed to be quite impressive. You poured out enough cum to fill sixteen wine barrels…. Yet here you are, chained up, small, nondescript, captured, pathetic.” Standing up, all amusement wiped off her face, Cersei continued. “Your family has fucked with mine for too long. I have three dead children in part because of you and your family. I haven’t killed all of you, not yet. But I at least have you fucked.” With that, she turned to the Mountain, who started to remove his breastplate and and the cuisse, the thigh covers, to reveal just underneath a soft cock that hung down almost to his knees. The Mountain, not breaking his gaze upon Jon, started to thicken up, with his cock lengthening well past his knees and at least as thick as Jon’s biceps. Jon knew what was coming next, and hoped his rage would find him.
  3. It took Ser Davos, the eunuch Varys, and the remaining Dothraki guards a day to get to used to seeing Jon Snow tower over basically everyone and everything. Reek was taken away to be tended as best he could – his mouth and throat were pretty destroyed, and they had to figure out a way to create food he could eat until a Maester could fashion him dentures. He spent a few days in the caves, ripping dragon glass out of the queries with his bare hands, periodically playing with this newly-found power of his. When that warmth would spread, and his pale skin became reticulated with red, he would grow, much like a fire does. However, when he would feel extreme cold – much like a snow from the North spreading across Westeros, since winter was basically there – he would start to shrink. That perhaps would have been useful to know when he was locked from parts of Dragonstone due to his size. Although he would effectively return to his original height, his dimensions…would not return entirely. His chest seemed far more full, as though he were a wrestler of bears; his arms made his black jacket and suit very tight; his crotch…well, his manhood was not quite containable in normal trousers. Missandei used some of her old skills and fashioned trousers with an additional sleeve, just for his flaccid cock to sit in and remain out of the way while he walked. As much as he despised Reek for what he did to Jon’s family, there was part of Jon that…forgave?...Theon. It was as though he was acting like a stupid child when they were just boys in Winterfell. Jon didn’t like that mindset, but it was there nonetheless. Euron, on the other hand, seemed a usurping, homicidal sociopath…and he needed to be dealt with. Knowing that traveling to King’s Landing, although with his newfound gifts, would not be something he’d enjoy, he wanted to meet with Euron to put him in his place. Knowing how proud the Iron Born were, Jon would want to combat and beat Euron at sea, where Euron already thinks he reigned supreme. Yes…yes…fucking Euron to death at sea…that would serve the murderous shit well…. With an air of superiority that was not common to him, Jon commanded that Varys send a raven to Kings Landing to request that Jon meet Euron at sea, in the Gullet that separated Blackwater Bay and the islands of which Dragonstone belonged. While he thought of how exactly he would taken down Euron, which Jon understood would take some craft and not pure brutal strength on his part, he anxiously awaited the response from Euron. Within two nights, Jon received his response. “Boy, if you want to meet your end before your beloved Daenarys does, I will see you at the Gullet in two nights.” Jon informed Reek that he would be taking the ship he came back to Dragonstone on, and then that he will use some of the Iron Born to man the ship. A plan had been formulated, and it was just a matter of whether Jon could execute it. -- It took half a day to sail to the Gullet, so after a day or so he set sail to meet Euron. He half expected a trap when he arrived, but they were desparately short of ships thanks to Euron’s surprise invasion along with the news that Euron’s ships took out the remaining fleet at Casterly Rock. Jon was pleasantly surprised when only one ship was waiting in the Gullet – Euron’s – when they arrived at noon. Jon had never really enjoyed travel by sea, and he was pretty sure that this trip would not end up as smoothly as he hoped. Reek was there, helping guide the ship. He would jump usually whenever Jon would come close, twitching when he’d see the massive biceps or bouncing pecs through Jon’s clothing. He had been caught eying the massive python that remained, soft, in Jon’s trousers. From the appearance of it, Jon soft was much larger than Reek was when his manhood was in its prime. Seeing the black flag with the Kraken upon it within eye shot inspired Jon to test out his vocal capacity. “Euron of the Iron Islands! I have come to battle you, fist to fist, man to man, for the crimes you and your family have committed against the King of the North!” A laugh echoed between the two ships. “Ah, the bastard I’ve heard so much about! Is that all? The boy wants to play with a man? What is dead my never die!” With his decree, Euron dove into the sea and swam towards the boat Jon was already on. This move, this…boldness?...struck Jon. Perhaps this Euron was a tad more insane than the stories had seemed. Upon reaching the ship, Euron scaled the side of the boat – a tad too easily? Whipping his hair to remove it from his face, Euron stood tall before Jon. His face smirked, almost as though he had something Jon didn’t know – was there another fleet, ready to attack? He didn’t appear armed. Oh—his attack was immediately on Theon. “Ah, Theon – or, wait, what are you called? Reek? Is it because you reek of weakness and patheticness? Did all of your Iron Born senses leave you when you let that bastard cut your cock off? Yeah, I’m not surprised you’re the bastard’s little fuck toy…not up for a real man?” Euron pulled down his drawers, revealing a soft cock that’s a hand and a half in length. It was something that was impressive, had Jon not gone through is previous growth spurt. He was torn whether it was erotic enough – he had to get through Euron’s bullshit first before he would start judging the sexy-value of anything going on at sea. Euron decided to taunt the aggressor, Jon, even further: “Hey, Theon, boy, do you find this erotic? I know your sister was a cunt lover—maybe you’re a cock lover, eh? You never got to see what a real man looked like up in the north, eh? Those shriveled-dick northern boys didn’t know how to be built like men, eh?” He stroked himself up to his full size: the thickness of his wrists and the length of two hands. Without a doubt, he was impressive. His body, lean and hardened by the sea, made his fully erect cock look even more impressive. The cold ocean spray over the side of the ship, hitting him in the balls, didn’t make him shrink at all: if anything, he seemed even harder. Wanting to show he was more of a man, Jon dropped his trowsers, revealing his soft python that extended almost to his knees. With a bit of rage—namely due to the mockery that Euron showed Jon, and his impressive cock—Jon’s manhood fully engorged itself to five lengths of his hands, and the thickness of two hands around the impressive cock. Without expression and emotion, he grabbed Reek – he knew what was coming his way – ripped his trousers, and fucked him mechanically. The bull-sized balls of Jon slapped Reek’s ass, loudly enough that it could be heard over the wind and waves of the sea, while Jon stared down Euron. Other men who were looking on were not sure how to interpret the situation. On one hand, Jon was forcing a cock that would make horses blush into Reek, who was in no situation to handle such a cock. The screams that came out of Reek resembled a pig to slaughter: high pitched, relentless, and oddly erotic. He would alternate between high pitched squeals of pain and low pitched moans of delight. The entire time, Jon kept his gaze locked upon Euron, almost as if he were saying “this is what I will do to you and your family.” Instead of showing too much surprise, Euron simply stared at this young, pale, toned, ripped and evidently hung like no one’s business northern boy who was essentially raping his nephew. But, given what the guards were doing to his sister, Yara, in King’s Landing, did it really matter? These two were progeny of his pathetic brother, Balon, who never really submitted to the Drowned God: he never found out, really, if he could never die. Euron, Euron—he knew. He was lost at sea, lost to everyone who knew and “loved” him. When the squall hit his ship, it didn’t stand much of a chance. He was tossed under, pinned by iron that drug him to the bottom of the sea. He pleaded to the Drowned God to let him live, to let him have a second chance—and that’s what happened. He didn’t die. He survived being stuck under water for however long he was under water. What is dead may never die. Jon kept plowing, feeling that hot rage spread throughout his body, and he started to grow. Rather quickly his quads split his trousers apart, revealing pale white, rippled, vascular tree trucks that expanded by the second, quickly expanding the thickness of even the largest men’s shoulders. His calves grew to the size of men’s torsos, spread themselves further apart with each the thrust. Jon’s cock expanded, finger width and length with each passing second, and his balls expanded with each thrust, dangling lower and lower. Had his skin not appear to harden with the growth chaffing might have happened between swinging testicles and thighs. Jon’s torso lengthened, too, adding at least two head’s worth of length to his body. His shoulders seemed to almost double in width, expanding to fill the space of the deck of the ship. His pecs, once again, ballooned to fill up his chest and spill out well over a hand’s length over his sternum, preventing him from looking down and seeing the pathetic Reek he was destroying. His cock had enlarged to the point where he stood up, and held the entirety of Reek’s pathetic body dangling off his monstrous dick, being slid up and down as though he were a sheet draped across a child sized piece of man flesh. Feeling his balls pull up towards his body, Jon felt his cock split Reek even more as the pulses started to travel from his balls through his body and up his cock. Wave after wave pushing thick, dense cum into Reek’s ass, immediately causes a belly to bulge out on his otherwise pathetically thin body. Knowing he didn’t need him to die, Jon pulled him off, his cock still pulsing, and shoved it through the floorboards of the poop deck of the ship, pouring his cum into the ship decks below. The entire time, he maintained his gaze on Euron, who slowly was jerking off his own plentiful cock. He threw Reek to the side, cum pouring out of his ass. Under the deck, the cannon, hammocks and supplies were being destroyed by the sheer volume of Jon’s cum: it split open chests, ripped through several decks of thick wood, pushed several stone cannon out of the way, and more kept pouring down. The bottom of the ship started to push down into the Gullet’s deeps due to the density of the cum being poured into it – more and more keeping filling up space, bursting holes into structures that should withstand whatever storms came over the seas. After perhaps the one hundredth pulse of his god-like cock, Jon pulled his still rock hard cock out of the ship, shooting cum all over the shipmen around and Euron himself. Euron slowly drew his finger across the cum that his beard, eyed it for a moment, then tasted it slowly, also not breaking his gaze with Jon’s. “I taste some power in you. Have you been blessed by the gods once?” “I was stabbed in the heart by several men, and the Lord of Light brought me back.” “Ah, I thought I tasted god blessings. Well, my pale friend, let me explain to you how things work on the ocean and the Iron Born. I was trapped by the ocean, drowned, and the Drowned God did not let me die. I, too, was saved from death. I have died too, just like you. I was given gifts, much like you, from the Drowned God; these blessings allow me to demonstrate that those who are dead may never die. The problem for you is, you have never died at the hands of the unfaithful, unmerciful, unyielding sea. It puts out fire. It melts ice. It does not give a fuck about your past. The ocean destroys everything.” With that, Euron started to laugh. It was a slow, deep, echoing type of laugh…the winds calmed, as did the waves. The energy that normally drove the wilds of the ocean, both wind and wave, seemed to become focused…on him. Euron’s gaze did not waiver from Jon’s, although the perspective started to shift. The noise that should be heard, the rocking that should have been felt…it all was focused…on Euron? His flimsy armor, or whatever it would be for someone on the sea, started to sound like it was being pushed apart. The sound of iron…breaking?...was filling the sound that should have been the wilds of the sea. Jon thought that he might have experienced everything that could happen. He had seen dragons, he had seen White Walkers, he fucking grew and killed men with his cock…but, this…this was something else. Within the span of thirty seconds, Euron had gone from a man to an indescribable beast. His height had tripled. He was half the height of some of the ship’s masts, and appeared as though he could have kept growing. Each foot could have filled a small dinghy, attached to calves that were easily the torso of that fat eunuch Varys, except covered in gnarly, thick veins that resembled the weeds in the deeper seas. Euron’s thighs easily could have fit two of Jon with his massive shoulders; they were as though some legendary sea creature formed a cocoon, visibly wriggling within it, and stood itself upright. Those legs in their entirety had the power to easy break through a ship without much effort. From there, he became more terrifying. His waist line was perhaps the width of Jon’s amazing shoulders, but tight: an inhuman number of bricks appeared, stacked up atop each other, each perhaps the height of a normal man’s hands. How many were there? Seven? Eight? They were so mesmerizing it was somewhat difficult to actually count. From there no V-shape took place, but rather Euron’s lats appeared more like horizontal shelves, expanding at least another full width of Jon’s body. Veins snaked like eels over the insanely massive muscle, each seemingly as thick as either Jon’s fingers or upwards as thick as his wrists, coated the surface of this beast. Jon had heard of stories of fish in the sea that were so broad that they appeared like a kite in the waves – he was witnessing such a beast before him. Had Jon not stood so far away, he could not have seen past Euron’s pecs. Each was perhaps two of Jon in width, and stood out at least half a man’s body in front of Euron’s chest. They were so thick they sagged under their own weight, pushing the nipples pointing back towards Euron’s inhumanly chiseled torso. Veins the thickness of Jon’s wrists snaked over the muscle pillows, which would sporadically twitch in slow motion, causing a sonically noticeable booming. Hidden beyond Jon’s view were Euron’s shoulders, but his arms were fully visible, as Euron was reaching towards the tops of the shorter masts with his arms. To call them arms was unfair. Each biceps-triceps pair could have enveloped Jon’s waist, and were about as long as his torso. Inhuman veins also covered these muscles, split to see each portion of the muscles separately. The forearm, somehow, was even thicker than the biceps, with an ocean’s worth of individual muscles and veins rippling through them as Euron’s hands reached for the sky. The deck of the ship was finally catching up with his massive size and weight, as the boards were starting to crack. A voice, sounding like a thunder clap, started to laugh as Jon realized that his view of Eurons’ face was obstructed by his cock. Easily the length of Jon’s height, there was no possible way that Jon would hug the cock…and it only seemed to stretch itself bigger. Veins, easily the size of Jon’s forearms, covered the shaft, with the head eclipsing its owner’s head, dripping precum that could fill water pitchers at a time… “So, little boy, you thought you’d show off your gifts? You are still just a boy, and always will be. The Drowned God chose me to be the unstoppable one, and there’s nothing much you can do to stop the seas. What is dead may not die, but you certainly can!” With that, the mountain at sea lunged at Jon.
  4. Instead of working, I wrote this. The perspective changed, so hope it works. Yeah, I didn't realize I had a violent streak in me like this... --- All the Dothraki soldier knew was this…beast? god? white sorcerer man who grew? beast man, or rhoa mahrazh?...was that small, albeit muscular, pale man who came to see the Khaleesi and ask for permission to do something on the island. He had known that Khaleesi was the Mother of Dragons – he recalled seeing the burning of Khal Drogo and her emergence, unscathed, with the three young dragon hatchlings. Nothing like that had ever been seen before by the Dothraki. But this man had come to her, and did not show her the respect she deserved…yet, here he was now, three or four times the man he once was… Through his training, the Dothraki know two things: they were to be the most powerful around, or they would die. They were trained to fear no one or no thing. Although he saw this mountain of a man before him should bring fear…and he did…the soldier knew that he should fight and win instead of being conquered. That was why he fought against this beast, twice, just to be thwarted both times. Being bested so easily made him very uneasy, and seeing what this monster did with his cock to his fellow Dothraki, he knew that his death was coming for him. He will shortly be joining the mighty khalassar, hopefully to ride through the skies throughout the rest of eternity. The rhoa mahrazh before him closed his eyes, as though he was focusing on, well, something…although it was hard to say, this western common tongue was so rough and used too many words to express the simplest of thought. The Dothraki noticed that the large penis, which was the height of the his own legs, had started to shrink – he was not as excited as he once was? What sort of man loses his excitement after killing another man, especially when the victory was so one sided? This was just a strange thing to witness. Slowly the rhoa mahrazh opened his eyes, looking down upon the Dothraki. They were dark, cold, and full of anger…yet, a fiery anger. He had seen such fire in the eyes of the Khaleesi before she would unleash her fury upon a group of men who deserved death. The pale skin of the beast started to become various colors, like a mixing of horses in the khalassar, reds like the blood of slain men and white like the sands upon which the Dothraki rode. The man’s gaze started to look further and further down upon him—was he sliding down the wall? No. He could not feel his back moving, even though the giant paw of the man kept pushing against his mighty chest…the chest he once thought was mighty…. No, the rhoa mahrazh was growing – again! Due to the silence of the hall, the Dothraki could hear the muscles tearing and forming, the skin stretching, the bones popping and reforming, as he became even more of a beast of ancient story. The muscles grew into grotesque displays of raw power, covering themselves with sinew and pulsed with power. Even though his feet were slightly off the floor, the Dothraki found himself staring even with the nipples of this rhoa mahrazh, which of which was the size of his flaccid penis… …oh, gods, the Dothraki’s penis was starting to lust for this beast. It was forbidden to lay with another man, let alone to think thoughts of sex about another, but clearly what stood before him was no man. The Dothraki’s ample cock – he had pleased many women and impregnated many more who initially fought against his power – had pushed his loincloth out of the way, showing his power and might towards the knee of the monster. The monster looked down further, noticing the tiny cock, and smiled. “So, that’s the way you want to go? I’ll let you die that way, since I am generous.” The Dothraki didn’t understand those words, but the deep, reverberating voice made his cock pulse even more, spilling precum out and down his long, thick cock. The rhoa mahrazh stepped over the Dothraki, both hands holding him like a toy, and allowed the Dothraki’s monster…well, in comparison, child’s toy…cock up near the monster’s ass. The Dothraki’s cock was pulsing, swelling and changing colors due to the pleasure that it knew it was soon to enjoy. The soldier himself was sweating, unable to control his own body spasming at the thought of being so manhandled and getting to breed such a stallion. “In you go, boy,” the rhoa mahrazh mused. “You cum when I command you.” The cock was pushed easily into the monster’s ass. It felt unlike anything he’d fucked before. It was so…big?....that it made his own prodigious dick feel small, as he was not filling the entire space. The monster was not moaning or screaming in pleasure, like the others he’s filled to overflowing abundance. But there was a warmth and coolness to being in that space that could not be described. The monster pushed him in and pulled him out a few times, driving the Dothraki to orgasm at the mere motion and feeling of warmth…but not because he felt any frictional pressure. It was almost as though the presence of this beast was enough to trigger his primal urge to rape, breed, kill, eat, repeat. A slow, rumbling roar started to eminate from the rhoa mahrazh’s core. The soldier remained as painfully erect as possible, even after unloading his copious seed into the monster. “You did not listen to me, ant. I knew you were too stupid to know better.” Immediately, pain shot throughout the Dothraki soldier’s body. The monster had clenched his asshole, tighter than anything possibly could, and clamped down on the soldier’s swollen cock. Although horrifyingly painful, the sensation of such power was beyond his imagination, and he started to pump out more cum…even though nothing left his penis. It was crushed due to the incredible ass musculature of the rhoa mahrazh. The monster pushed the soldier down, ripping his penis from his body. Cum and blood poured from the wound, unleashing a scream more terrible than any of the two previous sex victims of the monster. Looking down, the white man shit out the soldier’s once prized cock…looking pathetically small even next to the toes of the monster. “And now, you will die. Perhaps I will give you pleasure first?” Confused, in pain, and still orgasming, two large hands picked him up, holding him in the air as though a baby held by its mother. One hand left his torso, and the soldier then felt a rigid yet soft, warm yet freezing cold piece of flesh push against this ass from under the loincloth. Immediately he started to realize that the width of this flesh was as thick as one of his own ass cheeks, which was somehow insanely erotic and mind numbingly terrifying simultaneously. The rhoa mahrazh’s hand slid up and over the large piece of flesh, and inserted one of his thick fingers into the Dothraki asshole. The soldier screamed at the sudden, deep and thick penetration. Another finger joined, and another. Screams echoed throughout the hall, and no one was there to answer. Or, if others heard, they didn’t dare come to see what was causing the pain and pleasure shrieks. The monster used his fingers to reach inside, deep, and find the Dothraki pleasure bump, the one where when pressed made his seed pour forth in a far more copious amount. Without much noise, the Dothraki soldier fell into yet another orgasm, clearish cum pouring out of his dick stump. Immediately after, the three fingers spread his asshole as wide as he felt it possibly could go, and the large piece of cock flesh was slowly inserted. But only the tip. His vision became fuzzy due to the amount of pleasure and pain pulsing through the pathetic man’s body… “And, now, I will see what you are really made of, horse slut,” the rhoa mahrazh sneered. Even though it was soft, it felt as though a khalassar had to move its entire number through a narrow opening all at once. It was too much to comprehend at once. Through brutal force the monster was pushing this piece of man flesh into an opening not mean to house it. The low rumble coming from the rhoa mahrazh’s mountain of a chest must have meant he found it pleasurable, because this was the tightest fit possible. More fingers forced their way into the Dorthraki ass, pulling him open. He felt as though he was actually being torn apart, the pain felt unbelievable. More of the cock head was slowly maneurvered into the pathetically small soldier asshole, being stretched and possibly torn as nothing else could. The Dothraki was finally understanding why those women screamed when he penetrated them: such a large piece of man flesh entering into such a small, delicate opening was no normal feat of strength and fit, but it occurred through careful and forceful thrusting. In this case, it was the rhoa mahrazh’s brute strength forcing a soft cock the size of a leg into him – or, terrifyingly, just the bulbous head. Through subtle gimpses of the world around him through flashes of pain and orgasm, the Dothraki saw the inhuman skull of the pale man, the rhoa mahrazh, the beast monster, the muscled mountain, the walking sex, looking deep into his own eyes. They were filled with lust and revenge, still, along with frustration. The penis head was not quite in yet, but he kept gently pushing the still soft snake into the pathetically small and weak Dothraki soldier. With a final grunt, the monster thrust the entire head into the Dothraki ass – and the soldier’s vision and voice came back. The piercing shriek that emanated from the man’s mouth resembled that of the Night King, which brought about a sense of fear and anger in the white man’s eyes that the Dothraki had not necessarily anticipated. The pain and simultaneous erotic joy he felt was too much to comprehend at the same time, and all the horselord could do was realize that he had to focus on the pleasure before his impending death. Would he be dismembered? Would he be decapitated? How would his death happen? “You’re a tight little fucker, ain’t you, horse bitch? Time to breed you.” The monster started to close his eyes, and his skin started to change color again. His height nearly touched the ceiling of the hallway, his arms capable of wrapping around the massive stone pillars that periodically held up the portion of the fortress. This chest was wider than two or three of the largest Dothraki riders. His legs appeared stronger than a team of horses. His testicles, swelling no doubt with man seed, dangled halfway down his thighs, appearing like large water chambers the soldier once saw in Vaes Dothrak, the Dothraki “city” on their continent. Pain once again washed over the soldier; he knew that the rhoa mahrazh was becoming excited. Since the cock head was so much wider than the rest of the beast’s shaft, he felt as though a leg was being slowly inserted up his body, except that the leg was growing thicker as it grew longer. Most of the ever thickening cock was still outside of the soldier, but he could feel it under his belly, and a strange sensation of being ripped apart from the inside. It hurt unlike anything he had experienced, including the loss of his cock, but the sensation was so pleasurable he wanted to continue to feel it. Bravely the Dothraki soldier, as it were, raised his arms, shaking uncontrollably, and reached to the mighty chest of the rhoa mahrazh. He found the nipples, as thick and long as his once soft cock, when it was his cock, and started to masturbate them. The beast monster immediately moaned, reflexively contracting those mighty abs and pushing at least another large portion of his cock into the Dothraki. The heart of the Dothraki felt it being pushed, and his ability to breathe was becoming even more difficult, almost as though he was given a large, strong hug from within his own body. Looking down he saw the large shape of a cock, almost as wide has his torso, extending well below his ass to the monster’s body, pushing up into his own chest. “Die, now.” With one slow, agonizing, pleasurable, horrifying move, the monster pulled the cock out of his body – it was still growing thicker – until only the head was left inside, and the rhoa mahrazh drove the even thicker and still growing cock back in. It was expanding so quickly that the hips of the Dothraki soldier split open, the crack almost as loud as the man’s screams. The friction of the monster pushing apart every organ in the soldier’s body, causing unimaginable damage and bleeding internally… cock head… against… heart… feels strange… maybe… not… pulse… swelling… pressure…joy…. -- Jon looked down to the Dothraki ant, his monstrous cock, probably rivaling that of the northern giants, filling the torso of this pathetic ma—boy, splitting him in half and shoving his cock into the ant’s throat, dying before him. How dare he even pretend to stop Jon Snow, the King of the North? Perhaps he should have a change of heart, and maybe he would do what others tempted him to do, to become the One Who Sits Upon the Iron Throne? Eh. Too easy to do. He has white walkers to kill. But, first, this pathetic ant, covering his cock like a sleeve, dying slowly due to his internal bleeding, needed to be pulled off. Reaching down, feeling for the bottom half of his cock, he grasped it as much as he could with two hands, and made love with his hands. The more he squeezed, the more pleasurable it felt, feeling something as powerful as Jon Snow trying to hurt something as powerful as Jon Snow’s cock…it was too much. Pulse after pulse pushed from his dangling watermelon sized balls, coursing through his abdomen, and generating waves of pressure and pleasure up and through his cock. He felt his seed filling the Dothraki ant, as though a child filling the intestine of a goat with water, hoping to make it pop. Shot after shot filled the ant, making him swell up as though he made poor Sam seem like a slender twig of a boy, with shot after shot continuing into the corpse started to leak seed from the nose, eyes, (more pulses of seed) ears, mouth, (more pulses of seed); his skin started to form stretch marks, possibly unable to contain the pressure from within (more pulses of seed), until eventually the ant exploded. His cock, extending more than an arm’s length away from Jon’s body, kept pulsing blast after blast of his thick man seed as the hall was scattered with blood, seed, bones, shit, and other pieces of body part. After several minutes, the pulses stopped. His cock softened, reaching somewhere below his knees. Jon was covered in fluids, some of his own, some of the Dothraki, but he needed to take a swim. Perhaps he could convince the others to fetch his dragon glass while he took a swim to find this Euron, the man who made his plans upset? Reek needed to survive the punishment that Jon would give him. Euron, as Reek’s uncle, could take some of the sin of the nephew
  5. So, this is a turn for the darker (reminiscent of the Khali series). Hope y'all like it. Thanks for the positive feedback, written or otherwise; it's nice for the ego. --- There was a very loud pounding at the door, which somewhat startled Jon. That helped snap him out of the rage-filled sex revenge that he had been unleashing upon Reek, where he had odd sensations of ancient beasts that filled his body. He felt a fire, as though he had power like those amazing dragons he saw filing around Dragon stone…but also the slow, methodical, stealthy strength of dire wolves and other “monsters” that inhabit the northern parts of Westeros. It was an odd sensation, one that he had most assuredly never experienced before, until meeting Taenarys and seeing Reek again. He had partially dropped Reek, but his legs ended up dipping a foot-length into the cum bath filling the room. Reek’s foot immediately looked as though it had been in the summer’s sun for an entire day. Looking down, it made Jon realize that he needed to look up…at his stature. He stood at least to the height of the door – perhaps his eyes looked down upon the top of the door. By the gods he had destroyed this room. His soft penis, still thicker than his now monstrous hand, arched out at least one outstretched hand in front of his eight thick, bold, insanely deep abs and was nearly touching the top of his knees. Slowly Jon reached under his cock to feel two testicles, each he could partially palm in his hand (although the thick, coarse black hair aided in holding them; the cum still plastered to his body made the task trickier). All Jon was left with doing was grabbing his manhood, as his chest had enlarged so much that it extended well over the length of his hand in front of his body. A quick feel verified that his nipples, pointing straight down, were placed on two massive granite boulders of muscle…but he was now covered with so much thick, northern black hair, made slick with the cum splashing, that Jon figured he probably looked like he wore a massive breastplate of dragon glass. A thin trail of hair connected his massive chest and crotch, as he saw in a reflection of one of the windows remaining in the room, that made him resemble one of those giants he fought against North of the Wall. More pounding at the door…but Jon needed to examine what he had become a bit more. Whoever it was, they could wait. There was some shouting, but he was too caught up in admiring and becoming terrified of his own physique to care right now. He did walk near the door, however, to judge his thickness. Placing the left shoulder on the edge of the door, his right nipple pushed against the right side of the door…this might make for some interesting maneuvering necessary to recover the dragon glass from the caves that held it on the island. Maybe if he allowed Reek to live he will fetch the dragon glass? Jon snickered at the idea, bringing his inhuman left arm up to admire it. His left deltoid bunched up upon the contraction so high that the peak of the shoulder muscle reached his eyes; flexing his arm revealed a biceps that probably could rival the strength of a Northern giant…or the entire Night’s Watch… The muscle split down the middle, revealing a chasm thick and deep enough that a…well, much lesser man’s cock could easily fit into, should the veins that snaked over the surface not interfere. With his right hand, Jon lifted up the barely functioning corpse of Reek – yeah, he was breathing and the bleeding had stopped – to place Reek’s thigh next to John’s forearm. That wasn’t fair. Jon’s forearm was practically the size of this twig’s thigh, with far more muscle rippling through what should have been a much smaller body part. Jon’s hand could practically wrap, thumb to finger, around one of Reek’s feet. He could crush him, literally crush him, with a squeeze. His right arm, barely noticing that he held a man up with it, had his hand clamped onto the ribs and one gentle squeeze could crush him. This brought a smile to Jon’s face. More. Fucking. Pounding. More. Fucking. Yelling. To this, Jon was now getting pissed off. The dragon…the wolf…Jon…had his prey and was playing with it, and now some other lesser beings were trying to interfere? This was not going to happen. He felt a bit of rage come back into his body…that cold fire spreading, in part from his heart where he was stabbed, and also from his groin. With one swift motion, Jon grabbed the door with his left hand and ripped it off, tossing it into the moat of cum in the room. He heard a singe when it hit – he forgot that his cum had massive amounts of heat coming off of it. Once opened, the heat poured out of the room onto the two thick, tall, dark and muscled Dothraki guards who remained behind at Dragon stone to protect…well, Jon didn’t know why. He knew that Missandei had some unsullied with her, but they were not at Jon’s door. Reek’s door. This door. Jon needed to step back in order to actually see the Dothraki, so high were his eyes and so, how amusing to think it, small the Dothraki were. Normal men should fear the Dothraki…armies should fear a few of them. Even Jon Snow, the bastard of Ned Stark, had heard of them. But now? Now they were ants that seemed like they wanted to bite him, hoping their pathetic attempts would hurt him. None was going to hurt him. Not any more. He moved slightly to see them better, which both Dothraki took as a threat. They were shouting something – Jon hadn’t the slightest clue what it was, but he was going to move out of the room and somewhere else. He was going to take Reek with him, too. Clearly the intention to move was not what the Dothraki wanted, as both immediately drew their swords – why were they allowed to have swords? – and held them menacingly at Jon. Although he wasn’t sure, he felt like he could take a few hits from those blades…like his skin was tough as a dragon. The mere though of such power caused a pulse down his monstrous limp dick, awaking the monster once again from its slumber. One of the Dothraki, not noticing the motion was from a cock and not some python this white northerner wore around his waist, lunged with the sword at Jon’s chest. In an awesome display of grace, Jon twisted to avoid the thrust, grabbed the blade with his hand, and snapped it in two. The portion of the blade held against his hand should have partially severed his fingers, but nothing happened. Jon and the Dothraki came to this realization at the same time. The other stood his ground and dared not move. With a smile, Jon placed Reek somewhat gently on the ground and turned back to these two ants. The Dothraki who first charged, now with a broken sword, charged again while the second charged with the sword swinging. Missing the broken sword thrusts, Jon amused himself by avoiding their every advance. It was though their time had slowed down, and he could see everything they were going to do. More blood flooded into his cock. The broken sword one had a lucky move and shoved the broken end of the sword onto the now massively long cock – and nothing happened. It stopped Jon and the two ants – realizing their weapons were useless, Jon quickly struck to crush the sword hands of both Dothraki – their bones snapping and becoming dust within their skin echoed throughout the hallway as Jon became even more excited. He pinned both against the far wall with his hands, which basically covered his chest. A very cruel thought passed through his mind. He smiled and both Dothraki immediately started to squirm. The first ant, the one who was so stupid as to charge this monster, was pinned against the wall; Jon lowered the second until his cock reached the Dothraki’s face. A sinister look covered Jon’s eyes, and he felt the cold warmth spread from his groin towards the cock head. It pushed out further, touching the lips of the unwilling Dothraki, his eyes wide and aware of the coming assault. The cock surged forward, forcing open the lips, and then the teeth, and then the mouth. The more blood engorged the monster, the louder and higher the screams of the Dothraki became. Knowing his right arm could be spared, Jon let go and the muscle bound savage was pinned helplessly against the wall by the largest cock ever found on Westeros. “I have heard of your kind, and I was told by my father I should fear you. Funny, I didn’t realize it was because you were so bad at sucking a man’s cock,” Jon smirked. He didn’t care if the ant understood him or not. Raising his right arm, Jon showed off of the power of his biceps, peaking larger than before. The warmth spread to all parts of his body, and he felt his legs pushing apart. His head rising higher. His arms lengthening. His muscles becoming more inhuman. The pathetic ant’s screams became even more severe as the entire head of his cock forced itself into the Dothraki’s skull. Thrilled with the sight, Jon squeezed his cock, feeling it swell even more – dislocating the jaw of the Dothraki. No more screaming. “I am bored of you, so I will let you die quickly.” With one thrust, Jon drove his cock through the back of the Dothraki skull, immediately stopping the ant’s pain, and shoving it through four layers of ancient, thick stone. With one swift pullback contraction of his mighty abs, his cock ripped itself out of the wall, throwing stones everywhere, consequentially removing the head of the Dothraki, leaving the last few hand length’s of his dick covered in blood and brain. “Ha. I heard your people like to decapitate the losers. So what shall I do with you?” Jon pondered, as he turned his still expanding body, with his skin marbeling in red and white, fire and ice, hot and cold, and his cock the size of a child towards the more aggressive Dothraki ant, still pinned against the wall. The Dothraki shit himself. Jon smiled.
  6. Of course I was waiting for you. Sorry – I can’t stick around too long tonight. I have to work some magic with some others – well, yeah, I know it’s not magic, but whatever. You know what I’m trying to say. Yeah it’s been fucking hot. The AC broke in this place last night and the bartender is trying to get it fixed. But I see the heat has prompted the move to basketball shorts? Ah, I see – look at you swagging and going commando. I see your treatments have been producing some results you like? I bet you still get hard every time you bump into anything or think about someone noticing your thickening manhood, huh? Let’s look at you, big boy. God – fucking – damn, look at you. Your monster is really coming along, isn’t it? You look at least five or six inches soft by now. Are you tender? That’s a lot of growth in these two weeks. Let me outline the head…aaaaand, there you go. Man, you get thick, don’t you? Pulling your shorts legs…man, look at those balls. You got them big, too, didn’t you? They’re probably also pretty damn tender. You can’t wear jeans because your cock and balls would be pushing out the front zipper, huh? Hmm, you orgasm already? Your dick is pulsing…oh, that’s just your pre? Shit. Your dripping on the floor and onto my sandals. Mmm…you smell good, too. You like what I’m giving off? More cock growth juice. The fact that it’s hot in here makes it even better – I’ve been pooling it on my skin and it’s looked like I’m sweating, but I’m not sweating that much. I can wipe it off with a towel and ring it into a shot glass for you? Oh, or you can do that. Jesus H. Christ, your tongue on my neck…fucking fuck. Ugh…not the nipples. Fuck. FUCK. You…tr…lick…all of…god… Feel you…fuck…even bigger…need release…. Please. Please. Let’s try the bathroom. Muscle boy Christian isn’t coming tonight. He said he’d come by tomorrow for a drink. Let’s visit the bathroom. I know it was just cleaned. -- Close the door and lock it. So, last time I told you I know ways to make changes happen really fast. Calm down. Let me explain first. You absorb best through mucus membranes. Your nose, your mouth. Your stomach. But a place that I have found does the best and fastest job is up your ass. The rectum is insanely vascular, which is why hemorrhoids is a real thing. And I get a direct shot at your prostate. Will it take me time? To what? Put the proper hormones into my cum? Please. I’ve been loading it up and abstaining from cumming for two weeks, ever since I started my project with you. Damn, boy, you look like you been practicing. Let’s just see if you’re ready for me… God fucking shit, you’re tight. Uhh…uh…uhh….mmm…your…mmmmmm…asshole…fuuuuuuuuuuuu…so tight…mmmmm… -- You…uhhhhhhhhhhh…ready? God, just…UUHHHHHHHH. FUCKING CHRIST FUCKING GOD FUCK. *breathes heavy* God your ass was so good. No, keep down that way. Let me admire my work. Plus you need to absorb it all, and fuck did I give you a load. I might have produced a monster with that one! My body? I’ll tell you about my body later. Yeah I think you might be fine. You’ll leak a bit but not that much anymore. You want it all to stick around. Like I said, I can’t stick around much tonight. Oh, you are still looking happy. Well, I guess if I gave you a present – fuck, I can’t grab your cock, it’s so goddamn thick – you owe me a milk shake, no? Heehee.
  7. I thought of a continuation. Hope it lives up to what some wanted. --- Jon had some, well, pent up aggression towards this Reek. It was a little messy, when his cock grew so thick that Reek’s jaw cracked – the teeth didn’t hold up so well and were snapping out of their sockets – and Jon took that as an assault on himself and his family. He could feel his anger and frustration…along with this strange sensation of channeling giant beasts of the past…into his body swelling up more by more. Perhaps he should have wondered if death was going to happen when it appeared like Reek’s lips were being stretched and perhaps starting to tear. His cock was so thick – at least as large as the palm of his hand in thickness – and rather than focusing on pain, Jon felt himself pushing himself into Reek. His cock seemed to know what he was thinking, and it pushed further and further into his mouth and forcing itself into Reek’s throat. He felt the tip pushing through the esophagus, reflexively wanting to force this ever growing snake out. Reek’s muscles, as they were, closed in on the cock, but they were no match. Jon’s python kept pushing further and further into the throat, expanding, ripping lips, snapping more teeth out of place, and pushing further into Reek. Reek’s face was starting to turn slightly off – how long had he been pushing into him? – but Jon still felt a pulse pushing against his cock, so Reek wasn’t dead yet. Jon kept on growing into him. The monstrous tip felt some resistance at last – it was as though he reached the end of the throat. From days hunting with his father, Jon knew that this was the stomach. It was usually filled with bile, and it burned when it poured out. Reek’s heart, positioned just in front of the throat, tried feebly to push against the monstrous limb that was skewering its owner…and Jon felt every pathetic push. It felt so good and powerful…Jon urged his cock to continue. As his beast pushed into the stomach, teeth snapped out of the jaw and blood was pouring from the corners of Reek’s mouth. It was so much wider than his palm now; he wondered how it would look from the side, pushed through Reek’s pathetic skull, neck and chest… Stomach bile started to flood around the head – however big it was now – and as much as it burned, Jon felt a coolness wash over himself. It was as though he was resistant to such dangerous liquid. But…Reek’s face was starting to look pretty bad, color wise, and Jon could feel the pulse drop. Eh, the fucker didn’t deserve to die yet. He wasn’t fond of fucking a corpse…although his anger probably could get him to fuck Reek dead. Standing straight up – and up – and up – had he grown in height? Had he not noticed? All sensation seemed focused on this cock, the size of his forearm, that he didn’t notice his musculature and physical status change. No matter. He grabbed the sides of Reek’s skull, and started to pull out. Reek had passed out due to the pain, or pleasure, of what was happening to him, so Jon manhandled his body to pull this human cock sleeve off. Eventually he had to stand on the ground and pull the mighty cock all the way out by walking backwards – how big was he? The thick head got caught on teeth, since the sides of the tip were wider than the cock itself, and with a tug ripped the remaining teeth in the way out of Reek’s pathetic skull. The dick, somewhat soft, slapped his knees that probably would have bruised a normal man. It was thicker than his wrists and ankles, covered with veins the thickness of his fingers. Its incredible length arched out near the root, because what Jon just started to notice was his balls and grown to impossible dimensions – easily each was the size of two of his rather large fists. Blood, saliva and thick precum covered Reek’s face as he spontaneously started to gasp for air – his throat hadn’t been used for breathing for at least a minute or two – and color returned. He hadn’t woken up yet, and Jon did not think that Reek could survive if he grew one more time inside of him. His pathetic body almost made Jon feel as though Reek did not deserve everything that had happened to him. Feeling his chest, he felt where he was stabbed by the Night’s Watch. He remembered his death and resurrection. Jon had flashbacks to the same feeling when he heard that Robb was killed. Seeing Rickon dying in front of him due to that fucker Ramsay Bolton…who got his power because of fucking Reek. Anger came back. The somewhat sleeping python started to wiggle near his knees and spit out his thick, dripping saliva all over the floor. Jon’s cock thickened once more, and he wanted to feel it. He could barely get two hands around the thickness of it, and as it swelled with more hot blood, Jon’s hands slowly were pushed apart. So much blood was rushing to the cock, he was feeling light headed. But no. He can’t pass out. He must continue punishing Reek. His lightheadedness was overcome with swelling. A warm – no, burning, swelling. His hands got bigger. His forearms became hams. His biceps – oh, fuck, his biceps – easily the size of cannonballs. His chest was protruding so far over his abs that he would need to look to the sides to see what was beneath him. But, growing and growing, reaching his nipples, then his chin, then his eyes, was his man-destroying cock. The head felt as though it was as wide as his own skull. This would have blown Reek in half. Precum oozed out of the slit, pouring like thick, sweet, clear wine down his hands, cock and puddling on the floor. He started to stroke the monster. Jon’s calloused hands tried to harm the impossible skin of this looming python. Length after length, his felt the weight of his cock pulling itself to the ground below, his abs and his biceps struggling to pull it up while stroking. Stroking. Stroking. That swelling sensation started to hit his balls. Jon knew that it was only a stroke or two away from unleashing whatever amount of cum he had been brewing for the past hour since his last cum blast inside of Reek. His arms started to shake as he continued to stroke, up and down, up and down. More friction. More precum. More shaking. More anger. More frustration. More fire. Jon fell to his knees, cracking the stone below, grabbing his cock, aimed at Reek’s bed, and roared as he felt pulse after pulse travel from his massive balls, resting on the stone, into his core and out his monster. The first blast actually made a sound as his penis slit burst open due to the force of the ejaculation. It hit Reek’s bed, and pushed it away. The second blast hit Reek in the side, knocking him over to the edge of the bed. The third, fourth and fifth blasts hit the stands and broke the bed down, spilling a still unconscious Reek upon the floor. Blasts six through twelve further disintegrated the bed. So much cum was within the room that it had started to cover the entire floorspace and was filling like a bath – impressive, given the size of the room. Pulse after pulse traveled from balls to cock, filing the room with hot, as in scalding hot, cum. Burns started to appear on Reek’s arms and legs – his face was aimed up. He was turning red from the cum’s temperature. Blast after blast continued, nearly covering his broken mouth and nostrils with cum as the room filled ever so slowly. Jon figured he shouldn’t let passed-out Reek drown in his cum – that would be to kind a death – so he picked him up as his cock continued to push more cum into the room. Perhaps this counted as payment for what Reek did to Sansa – not seeking to help his sister. Payment was still needed for the rest of the Starks.
  8. I was watching Sunday’s Game of Thrones episode, which was beyond words amazing, and the scene between Theon and Jon Snow immediately triggered this situation in my mind. If you haven’t watched Game of Thrones, (1) I’m sorry, and (2) spoilers – as in, major spoilers. Also, this is violent and involves rape – I don’t condone it, but it felt fitting. I guess I’m feeling a bit hypocritical. I hope it’s mildly enjoyable. *** Theon Greyjoy was surprised to see Jon Snow there on Dragonstone, given the humiliating defeat that his uncle, Euron, handed him at sea. He had reverted back to that weaker, smaller, defeated mindset — Reek — when he saw he was powerless against his uncle. Escaping the ship, he slowly snapped out of it. He had held himself together just enough to convince the other Iron-borne who saved him from the sea not to immediately kill him, but rather to return to Dragonstone to the queen, Daenerys Targaryan. There he can recouperate and snap out of this lowly, Reet state fully, and figure out how to stop his uncle. What Theon had not anticipated was seeing Jon Snow, the bastard of his former lord when Theon was a ward to then king of the north, Ned Stark. Theon was raised with the Stark children and Jon Snow and knew them as brothers...which made his betrayal all the more painful. It had lead to the deaths of two of his "siblings" — Robb directly and Rickon indirectly — along with his lord's wife, Caitlin, when he tried to take over Winterfell, their home. His fall from power resulted in this...this...Reek...where he had his once proud monstrous cock cut off of his body, fully erect, at the hands of Ramsay Bolton, and subjected to daily, hourly, psychological assault and humiliation. He finally snapped out of it, but seeing Jon Snow is bringing all back. Theon figured he should make the first introduction, to soften the blow. He felt the tension as he finished pulling his boat up onto the shore as Jon approached. "Jon, I didn't know you were here." Jon kept coming. "Sansa...is she alright?" Jon grabbed Theon...Reek...and pulled him up. God, he was always so strong. "What you did for her...is the only reason why I'm not killing you," hissed Jon at Theon. He had to turn his head away, ashamed, knowing Jon was right. He and Jon, along with Ser Davos, the Onion Knight, exchanged about Queen Daenarys and her help...but she was gone. Tired from the trip, Theon and his men moved around Jon Snow, the Dothraki guards, and Missandei up towards the castle. As one of the willing allies of Daenarys, Theon was provided one of the nicer rooms of the castle -- its views overlooked a large part of the sea that spread before the enclosure, receiving a nice breeze on those hot (yet not as hot as they used to be) afternoons. The bed was soft, with clean sheets, and it was quiet. He had grown used to the quiet since his...Reek...treatment. It was a nice change from the annoying chaos of sea battle. There may have been some wine consumed...a little less food eaten...and Theon found himself on the bed, feeling a bit less than his usual self. A good night's sleep in a real bed should help him recover from the incidents of the last week. If his Reek conversion has taught him anything, it's that he's not iron borne. ... A pounding on the door woke him up, similar to the pounding within Theon's skull. Whoever was on the other side of the door sounded angry, and probably was going to enter any second. Due to Daenarys's decree, he had no weapons within him, so he scrambled to find something to cover his partially naked body just as...Jon Snow entered. He was naked except for a loin cloth, revealing his chiseled body. He had grown so much since he and Theon were boys at Winterfell. Before Theon was a man: a thick, bold chest, sprinkled with hair to make the veins that cris-crossed over them seem hidden; eight bold, brick-like abs stacked atop each other in perfect symmetry; flaring obliques and lats that pointed towards a deep-cut V atop his under garments. His shoulders seemed smaller when he was dressed on the beach: each deltoid stood out over vascular, muscular, rippling arms. His legs, pale as his bastard name implied, were pale white, but covered with similar vasculature worthy of his toned body. His eyes, however, suggested revenge. Theon — no, Reek, that pathetic excuse for humanity — had fucked over Jon's family. His sister was raped, and two brothers dead, because of that Reek piece of shit. Jon desired to beat the fuck out of him, but decided he could do one better. He had heard Theo—Reek had lost his prized manhood, but he hadn't been properly treated by a man. Reek's sister, Yara, gladly and proudly slept with other women. It was time Reek learned what a real man would do to him. ... Jon normally achieved arousal from beautiful women, or at least he did before his (short lived) death. Now his only sense of erection, arousal, manhood, was seeing his family's enemies destroyed. The death of Ramsay Bolton brought hours of masturbation, where he filled cups with his cum. He found Ramsey's partially eaten body and poured his seed all over the corpse...which brought the dogs back to continue feasting. After that night, his manhood felt even more powerful, longer, harder, stronger, with his testicles filled with even more white cream seed. He had dreamt of being able to destroy another enemy of his family, like the Lannisters, but Reek presented before him was too good an opportunity to pass up. Jon's manhood started to thicken, engorging on the warm blood that fueled his anger for Reek. The undergarments started to stretch with his thickening cock, tearing noises started to become quite audible before the horror-struck Reek, fully aware of what was probably going to happen to him. Jon closed his eyes, smiling as he felt his cock stretch longer and thicken more as his knew revenge would be his. A cold snap hit the throbbing and dropping head of his penis—he had broken free, nearly the size of his fist—and his eyes now turned to Reek. Swiftly, like his beloved direwolf, Ghost, Jon pounced upon a helpless Reek, grasping him by the throat and lifting him into the air above his bed. "You fucked my family. You killed my brothers. You let my sister be raped by a piece of filth. I am not allowed to kill you, but I will fuck the revenge into you, Reek. You will reek of nothing but piss, shit and cum when I'm done...and everyone will now the filth you truly are." Jon’s true manhood stood out before him – at least the thickness of his wrist, if not his forearms, covered in veins, the length of a good sized chicken – he was a sight to behold. The head was dripping its clear, sweet lubricant, knowing that it would get to make another vessel filled and overflow. Reek screamed, knowing that whatever masculinity he still possessed was going to be ripped into him by such a massive, throbbing member. Secretly Reek wished he still had his once prodigious, although not nearly as impressive, member to grip in secret excitement. As the massive cock head pushed into Reek’s virgin asshole, the screams would be heard throughout the castle. Later it was said that the Onion Knight thought ghosts were again invading, having heard of Melisandre’s smoke baby killing Renly Baratheon. Jon’s eyes did not waver as each portion of his cock – his monster – pushed further into Reek, being pulled out gently and shoved in harder each time. The large balls, still remaining on Reek’s pathetic body, next to the stump that once could deliver the future of the Greyjoy line, bounced as Jon pushed more and more into Reek. Inhuman strength possessed Jon: his arms seemed to swell in size as he continued to push his python into and out of Reek’s pathetic body. Jon would lift Reek off his monster, feeling the cold breeze pass over each length of his swollen penis, and then immediately feel the warmth of Reek’s pathetic body, even more useless than the undergarments that were destroyed earlier, cover him with warmth. Each lifting of Reek’s body felt easier—Jon looked down, noticing that his once respectable pecs were swelling like a woman’s breast after childbirth. They were thick, covered with more veins and hair, feeling harder and more indominatible than before. His arms – biceps, deltoids, forearms – grew with each lift and trust of his mighty body. His waist grew tighter with the workout, pushing this pathetic shit of a boy onto his kingly cock over and over. Finally, after five minutes of Jon’s silence while Reek squealed like a pig, Jon had pushed the entirety of himself into Reek, and whispered “you’re mine, you piece of shit.” The swollen balls, haven also grown in size with his cock and muscles, pulled up as he unleashed pulse after pulse of his cum into Reek’s swollen, bleeding ass. Jon could feel his thick, white seed pouring down over his over thickening dick, dripping onto Reek’s bed. Reek had started to convulse as he was being filled with amazing amounts of cum, enough to where Jon lifted him off his cock and let him fall onto the bed. The convulsions continued while stream after stream of thick man seed poured out of the colossal cock onto Reek’s pathetic body, coating his chest and face. After a few minutes, the stream of cum slowed down and the convulsions stopped. Reek, covered in cum, started to speak when Jon immediately shoved the monster cock into his mouth, gripping his throat as though he meant to crush his windpipe. Jon’s cock had softened, but felt just as large in his pathetic mouth as it did up his bleeding asshole. “You don’t speak to me. I own you. That was payment for being in the presence of my brother Robb. You still owe me for Bran, Rickon, Aryia, Sansa…and then we start to talk about their troubles, deaths, and their grief due to you.” Jon’s eyes turned even darker, with his muscles swelling up even more, as his cock started to engorge in Reek’s mouth. The last memory Reek had, before blacking out, was the feeling that a rod, harder than Valyrian steel, was cracking his jaw open.
  9. Hey, I remember you...Jake, right? You came back, huh? Clearly you didn’t think I was full of shit last week. Yeah, I frequent this place a bit. Bad habit, but it lets me work some of my stuff. Make some people happy. So, clearly something made you believe me. What was it that I said I’d do? It’s been a week. Oh yes. I see it clearly now. Your cock. I’m still being too loud? No one in here is paying attention to what we’re saying. People come here to get drunk, not to eave’s drop. Calm down – I see you pants aren’t. So, let me guess. You left here after I did, wondering what type of bullshit I was selling. About…an hour or two after I left?...you started to feel a weird sensation. It was like you were in puberty again. That dull ache that seemed to be everywhere that you didn’t like then, and you don’t like now. Except you felt it in your balls. You started to have that feeling that your balls might be bigger, or something is going on in there. A day or two later, you probably were noticing that everything that bumped into you made your dick immediately hard, right? It was like being a teenager all over again. It was so horrible – but so awesome – you kinda wanted people to know that this was happening, but not in public. Let me also guess that you’ve been walking around all week, aware of your cock, but also thinking that your pants feel a bit tighter in the front. The wiggle room that you once had isn’t there any more. It’s not much, but it’s noticeable, amirite? Found yourself playing with your junk, pushing it around when you had those two or three moments of being soft, wondering to yourself if it’s all an illusion? Does it actually feel a bit thicker? Does it feel a bit longer? You don’t seem the type to measure yourself, but god damn you wish you started, huh? Am I making you hard, recalling the week? Let me keep going. Tell me where I’m wrong and how I was full of it. I’d bet that last night you went to bed and woke up to a bunch of spasming in your – well, how do you sleep? Boxers? Ok, felt some spasms in your boxers. Cum all over the place, no? Reminded you of entering puberty and having that first wet dream all over again, huh? Did you feel like the pulses were longer, harder, and thicker than normal? Did you find yourself cleaning yourself even more than usual? Yeah, I thought so. Let’s feel. Oh, damn, daddy: you starting to pack. Are you liking this stroking? You twitch every time I get near your thick head. Yeah, daddy, you like this. I’m curious what you’ll look like in an additional week? Can you imagine if this keeps going? Yeah, I’m still pouring those hormones out around you. You can smell them, can’t you? That desire to keep around me? You want me to grow you more. Ooo, your aggression is up, too. Yes, daddy, show me how much more of a man you are. Mmm. Oh, you wanted to see what I did to the other guy? He was here on Monday. I asked his number. Let me see…ah, he’s on his way. Would you like me to keep pushing yourself to see if I can get you to shoot your juice all over the place, right here, right now? No? Damn. Let’s give it another week. I have a feeling you’ll be impressed by my first experiment…to your knowledge… Ah, speak of the devil and he shall appear. The muscle man comes in. I’m happy with how he’s dressed. Look at that tank top on him – do you notice those traps? They’re far more defined than they were last week, huh? See them actually pushing up towards his ears? And those delts on him – the V is far more defined on him, huh? Can you see the thickness separating the three heads of the deltoid? Damn. His thighs are filling out those shorts a bit more – I see his quads separating a bit. Nice bulge in the front too. What, I could have packed him as well. And…ah, I feel you’re getting hard again. *sniff* Hmm, I think you might be liking what you see? I smell you leaking “fuck me papi.” Am I right? Yeah, you feel like I’m right. Do you notice those biceps on him? Yeah, they look more defined than they did a week ago, huh? Notice how his tank is clinging more to this pecs. They’re rounder, aren’t they? They push a bit more out, don’t they? Doesn’t his chest look a bit wider? Maybe his waist is a bit tighter, or maybe its his chest slightly larger? Yeah, you don’t get that in lifting in a week. You get that if you lift for a week, like a mother fucker, and you have some superior genetics going for you. I think I need to give him some more, don’t you think? Oh, you want to join me in talking to him? Sure. Jake, meet my young muscled friend, Christian. Christian, Jake. How are you doing? You look like you’re hitting the weights a lot more. May I feel your guns? I’m kind of a muscle queen. I gotta feel power. Damn. What are these up to? 14”? You look like you’ve been packing onto your arms a lot in the past few weeks. And those veins! Sorry – it tickles – but tracing your veins is just amazing. Shit, you feel solid. Damn, I must be nervous – muscle does that – cuz I’m getting sweaty around you. Sorry, I sometimes smell a bit…yeah, TMI, no? I don’t wanna eat up too much of your time. Just wanted to say hi and introduce you to Jake. I’ll probably see you around. Clearly the beer here does the body good. So, what did you think of Christian? Yeah, I was having a hard time not wanting to touch that chest. You saw those nipples pointing through the tank, huh? Made you want to run your hands on them, under them, squeeze them? Oh, look: he’s turning around. He’s clearly been also working his ass. It’s starting to form that nice bubble, don’t you think? Yeah, he swings your way. I’d imagine that that butt would be a hard thing to split open. Yes, I see your thicker sausage stretching again. Does this talk get to you? You seem to be leaking – yeah, I see your pants, right near your hip…damn. Could you imagine bending Christian over, feeling that broadening back leading to that slender waist, shoving that thick cock of yours into him? Do you think you push harder than his ass could resist you? I’m wondering. You’d like to try? The bartender here keeps the bathrooms clean. He’s pretty good, and as long as you don’t make a mess, he’s fine with you trying out the bathroom with Christian. Haha, you will? I’ll just be here. I’ll wait. … Damn, that was, how long? Shit, that smile on your face. I see Christian hasn’t come back yet…oh, he’s going to have trouble walking? Well, no shit Sherlock, you were in there for half an hour. Was his ass as glorious as we could guess it to be? It was? Fuck. How many ways you fuck him? Six? Shit. I see you’re still hard at the thought of him – feeling hornier than usual, eh? Yeah, I’ve been loading you with more hormones. It’s gonna make you harder, thicker, longer, hornier, and full of so much more cum…yeah, you’re leaking again. Well, go get him. I’m sure he hasn’t moved too far from where you bred him. Shall I see you again in a week? I’m sure you’ll have plenty to show off. Ok. I’ll see if I can make your little muscle boy even bigger for you. I have my ways.
  10. Oh, hey. Sure, you can buy me a drink. Thanks. Hmm, you think there’s an aura about me? Why do you say that? There’s something about me that seems different…that, feels different? Yeah, let me explain some things. Some of you would call it magic, or godly powers, or something stupid like that. Not saying you’re stupid, but the ideas are. Kinda. You hear of these people who can squat 1000 lbs, or have 20 inch biceps, or cannot get sick, or something else that seems cool that you wish you can do…and then you try to figure out how they did it. Those things fall, sorta, within the normal realm of human possibility. But what about those people who get hit by a truck and survive? What about those people who somehow hit growth spurts in their 30s and 40s and gain inches…everywhere? What about these people who seem to fly, or can lift anything they want, or cum a gallon or more? That shit is clearly made up, right? Or, as we humans like to attribute such things, it’s clearly the work of magic? Y’all watch those Avengers movies and think that’s all made up, because it can’t be real…. I’m here to let you know that it’s not magic. It’s science. And I tell you that because I’m one of those…well, freaks, if you will…and I know how I do what I do. You see, I have a gift. It took me a while to figure out my gift, but I got it none-the-less. I’m calling it a gift because it’s actually possible for any of you to do this – but, for whatever reason, I can and you can’t. I have the ability to change your body to, well, a lot of things. Not everything. I can’t make you a fish, and I can’t make you 30 feet tall, and I can’t make you sprout an extra cock. I’ve tried, it doesn’t happen. Without going into too much detail, we are the product of two things: the environment around us, and our genetics. Nothing is one hundred percent one or the other. Why are you short? It could be your genes, but it could also be your environment. It could also be both, which sucks, but such is existence. I can’t do much about the environment, but I have the ability to influence your genetics. No, I don’t rewrite your body’s genetic code, but I can mess with your genes’ expression rates. There are these funky chemicals we give off, called pheromones, that help dictate gene expression. Again, I don’t understand this part, but I can control which pheromones and gene regulators I secrete into the environment around me. You sniff them in, you absorb them through your skin, and boom. I am now changing your genetics. The skin’s the best, though – direct contact. I’m also pretty good at detecting pheromones, which is weird for guys. We don’t typically pick up on this stuff as well as women do. That’s why they’re always ‘oh, I have a bad feeling about this person,’ and all that catty shit. They’re reading pheromones. Maybe it’s because I can deal ‘em, I can detect levels of pheromones being given off. Some of them are hormones excreted by your skin, which aren’t in high doses, but I can tell. Yeah, I can sniff if someone’s in heat or got performance issues or even if a person’s got cancer. That lady over there, talking to that guy who wants nothing to do with her? Her FSH is off – the – chart. Oh, you don’t know what that…nevermind. I don’t know how many of you took high school biology, but let’s summarize a whole lot of shit you don’t remember succinctly: fucking with genes takes a long time, because there are lots of things going on. If I walk past you and release the chemicals to make your muscles grow, you aren’t going to gain 30 pounds in the next three seconds. That’s not possible, and your heart couldn’t handle it. I can’t make you gain ten feet in height, because your body couldn’t handle pushing blood up fifteen feet into the air. There are limits to these things, ok? Science is science. I just can fuck with what science lets me. Oh, you don’t believe me? Ok. Let’s do an experiment or two. It’s gonna take some time, so you gotta be patient. See that guy over there? The one talking with that tall guy having one too many Guinesses? He’s trying to gym consistently and he wants to gain some muscle. How did I figure that out? You’d expect me to say I can “read minds,” but that shit ain’t possible. Ever try to figure out your own thoughts? Yeah, exactly. He’s like 5’5”, maybe 100 lbs, and he’s wearing a LVFT shirt. People who don’t lift, or want to lift, typically wear that. Shall we verify? Told you. Oh, I said he has a nice brand of shirt and he smiled and said he’s been hitting the gym for about a month. He’s frustrated that the growth isn’t as fast as he’d like. Why did I touch him on the arms? Ah, you weren’t paying attention, were you? Touch is the best way to deliver the pheromones. I got them to concentrate on my left hand, so when I asked to see his progress – yeah, he’s trying – I had an excuse to feel his arm and, boom. I had to apologize for having a “sweaty palm,” cuz I left his arm wet. I made sure I poured out a lot for him. Had to have an excuse, so I blamed it on the heat. It’s always hot in this bar, which sucks cuz the drinks are good. He said he comes here regularly, so I said I’d get him a drink the next time I’m here and he is too, which is next Thursday. Yeah, conveniently a week from today, no? I’m pretty sure you’d want to come back to see if I’m full of shit or not. For full blown muscle growth, it typically takes a few weeks to see pounds of muscle mass to be gained. Wait, you think that’s normal? Hell no. A few pounds a year is pretty spectacular. I’m not entirely sure – I will need to smell what he’s giving off next week – but I think I gave him enough for thirty or so pounds. That’s a lot, and he’ll be showing. What’s in this for you? Well, I told you an experiment or two. You’re the second experiment. I can’t figure it out from what your body is dumping off, but your testosterone, hGH, FSH, dihydroxytestosterone, LH, progesterone and androstene levels smell normal. Doubting there are enzyme deficiencies. So, I’d guess you’re packing what? 6 inches? Something about average? Yeah, I figured. Oh, oops. Sorry if I’m being too loud – I do like this Jaegermeister shit. I like these, um, discrepant events? You think one thing is the case, while I’ll show you’re wrong. Yeah, this works for doing other things, too. I’m still not great at the cancer thing – but I’m working on it. If I figure it out, yeah, the medical community is gonna know. What about my body? Oh, I’ll explain that later. Sad story. So, while we’ve been here, I’ve been pouring out as many of those hormones as I could. Hormones, pheromones, eh, they basically do the same thing. I’m giving you some other fun things that only target your dick. This will be a bit more entertaining, because you’ve been sniffing it for the past thirty minutes. It’s stuck on your clothes. You’ll keep absorbing it after I say goodbye. If I’m not full of shit – and I’m not – I’ll see you in a week with a bit more stretching your pants than I can feel right now. Yeah, it’ll take time, just like my muscle man project over there. Oh, I’m good to go home – I live within walking distance. See you next Thursday.
  11. Email 15. Thanks to your precum I was already taller than you. Your muscles were still vastly superior to mine. Your cock was colossal compared to mine. Your natural beauty had been magnified with each meter you grew. No, by each centimeter you grew. Your kindness exploded with your body. I was the luckiest person who ever loved and lived. I placed my body on the cushions inside of the cabana. Thousands outside looking at our outlines, our silhouettes, hoping to see what happens next. I had grown maybe a meter in height, so I easily did not fit the space. You did not fit because of how insanely muscular you were. I wanted you to dominate me. I wanted you to destroy me. Not necessarily because you were alpha. I don’t know who was alpha. Love doesn’t require dominance. Love requires listening and attention and giving to the other. I raise my legs to you. They stick out of the cabana. You can tell everyone wants to look inside. Security rushed to give us privacy. I announce, as loudly as I can, that we will donate half of whatever is given to us to better the poor and sick of Medellin from what they donate. I told the security, as firmly as I could with my most handsome man on top of me with his rapidly hardening cock, to keep money separate and not to touch it – we will give them separate tips. They said “si, Señor!” quickly. I announced every thrust would require $50,000. We would repeat until cum. I instructed the security to notify us of goal certification. I received another “si, Señor.” I look at you and smile. I tell you that, love, I want to use world wealth to to fix the world’s problems. You say that’s what you want to do too. The special shakes we were selling removed people’s anger against people who were different. It made them less likely to pollute and waste. It made them less hateful. My most beautiful, hung, muscular, kind boyfriend was making the world better. You are Señor Guapo. I was notified we reached $50,000. You look and smile. I say, “mi amor, te amo,” you gasp, then push your cock in. Even though I’m so much taller now, your cock head is massive. The pressure is incredible. I wondered if I could handle you. You were as thick as my forearm…and I was thick. You kept pushing until you were all the way in. My perfect abs stick up due to how massive your cock was. I shouted for a cell phone and in pain and in pleasure. Nothing could ever feel like you. I get hold of a cell phone, connect it to the hotel wifi, and log us onto chaturbate. I post that every 650k tokens you will thrust. There was a security person who had been with us since our first trip to the hotel and been so respectful and kind. I asked him to be the one to hold the cell phone and tell us when 650k were reached. He was allowed inside the cabana. He was maybe 1.9 m tall, 95 kg, and very vascular. His penis looked 21 cm in his pants, as he was hard the entire time. He had a difficult time saying yes, because he had trouble speaking. The 650k tokens were reached in 1 minute. You pulled your cock out – it might have been 2 meters? – and thrust it right back in. I moaned and squirted 250 mL of precum. More money came in from outside. Another thrust. 650k. Another thrust. Money. Thrust. Tokens. Thrust. Money. Thrust. Tokens. Thrust. This repeated maybe 20 times. One million – 1.000.000 – people were watching us. Every once in a while you would let your cock come out, and I would drink the precum pouring out. I would grab and lift you, making my body swell even bigger. You looked hurt I wouldn’t worship you, but I pulled you in for the most sensual kiss I could give you – our security man, Oscar, made cum twice in his pants – and I said not to worry love. I will save the best for last. More tokens. Thrust. More money. Thrust. More tokens. Thrust. More money. Thrust. Slurp your precum. Grow. More tokens. Thrust. More money. Thrust. Your face told me you were getting close to cum. I knew my body was really strong at this point, but I was hesitant to your powerful cum. Now was the time. You had just thrust into me, and I grabbed you and pulled you down to me. I whispered into your ear how much you mean to me. How you are the most perfect man who has ever lived. I loved your life over my life. Tokens. Thrust. Money. Thrust. Drink precum. I started to worship your massive muscles. I was rubbing my precum all over your body. Instinctively you started to contract your muscles, making them bounce. I grabbed your muscle ass and fingered your asshole. I worshiped and kissed your pecs, biceps, neck, abs. Tokens. Thrust. Money. Thrust. Drink precum. I feel you growing in me. It had been months since you’ve grown. You had become thicker and more muscular, but you hadn’t grown taller. I was going to try to change that. The more you thrust, the more I worshiped, the more I drank, the more we grew. Oscar was being pushed slowly out of the cabana. Ten million were watching us. Over one hundred million tokens given. Tokens. Thrust. Money. Thrust. Worship. Tokens. Thrust. Worship. Money. Thrust. Drink. Grow. Your face said you were going to cum. I was losing track of what was going on, your monster penis was giving me such pleasure. You said you were going to have cum, and started to pull out. I grabbed you, thrusting you deep into me, and said, “my love, if your cum kills me, I will die happier than anyone could. You complete me.” Your face looked like you would cry, and then you made cum. I felt the first two blasts inside of me. My belly, as hard as it was, grew like a balloon. You grow half a meter in every direction. Cum was pouring out of my ass. You pulled out as I started to pour cum out of my ass. I grab your cock as it swells thicker than I can grab. I drink as much as I can. Oscar is pushed out by our growth. I keep rubbing your abs and pecs as you drown me with your cum. It is overflowing out of the cabana. I grow. You grow. You grow faster than I grow. You quickly press against the top of the cabana, bent over, and I am wedged against the posts. I scream that we will explode out of the cabana for more money. The tapping on my foot and what I could gather from Oscar was millions were being given to us. I grabbed you for a kiss, and your growth exploded. You immediately blew up a meter or two in every direction. The top of the cabana blew off. Your muscles became incomprehensible. Your cock was nearing the length of my torso, and almost as thick as my biceps. You kept growing taller and taller. I kept drinking your cum and growing. More money poured in. More cum poured out. I grabbed your gushing cock and shoved it back into me. I wanted you in me. I wanted to feel your growth. I kissed you as we crushed the cabana with our size. After a 30 minute orgasm, we stop growing. -- Email 16. So much had happened so quickly I don’t know how to summarize it all so shortly. Let me try. We blew open the cabana. In my previous life I dealt with science – in particular, physiology – and I knew a thing or two I didn’t study. The reason why mammals aren’t tall is due to the weight of water. A heart to push blood up three meters must be massive. What would you say about a heart that pushed blood up eight meters forty six? It’s not possible. Muscle’s job is to contract to pull weights. I can explain sarcomere function, the role of calcium, the mechanics of the power stroke. Muscle causes immobility. That’s that role of antagonistic muscle pairs. What does that mean to a god who is as flexible as the most nimble ballet dancer? You defied science. You defied logic. You defied reason. Well, to be fair, I was something like eight meters tall, so I guess I did too. That little growth stint somewhat broke the internet. Something on the order of 2.1 billion—billion, like with the nine zeros—dollars moved through chaturbate. It was insane. We sold billions of shakes online, which should have made us drive up the cost. Wasn’t that what capitalism taught us? Increase demand with a certain supply shifts the equilibrium price up. Naw. We rejected that and lowered the price. More sold. Every country on earth bought shakes. North Korea bought shakes hoping to make super soldiers. Russia bought shakes hoping for athletic victory. The USA bought them for their egos. For whoever bought those shakes, it ended the same. The world became less sick. The world became more loving and more tolerant. It’s not like you brain washed the world with your cum shakes; rather, people realized what they could be. Humans tended to their better attributes. It seemed like over the course of a week it was agreed that all nuclear bombs would be destroyed. You personally could attest to it because, among your stunning attributes, you were basically radiation proof. You crushed three thousand bombs yourself. I helped out with around one thousand five hundred. The rich of the world realized their wealth meant nothing once they died. It didn’t call for the end of capitalism, but greed was dramatically reduced world wide. Charities saw spikes in donations. Poor were receiving the care they needed. They received free housing, job training, showers, food, dignity, self respect. The mentally ill received the treatments they needed. People who were addicted to drugs were helped. People in gangs were accepted by society, and gangs slowly died. Humanity slowly became, well, one country…one people. Isn’t this what everyone wanted? Isn’t really what the dreamers like Chavez, King, Lenin, Washington wanted? Humans treating each other like humans? You did this. So, yeah, although billions of dollars poured into us through the website, the live show we did, and through the selling of the shakes, we realized that we couldn’t really do much that we wanted. The tower that we were having fixed up, with the six meter tall story just for us…yeah, we couldn’t fit. So we gave it to the city of Medellin instead. We paid to fix the building, to make it perfect for the people and us…and then gave it up. We were offered homes in many countries. The United States offered me jobs in its government, which I said no to – I was too bitter from the past to ever go into politics. You were a reason why I had to say no; I would need to be away from you, and I didn’t want to do that. You were asked to be president of Colombia, and you also said no. You didn’t want to live off of the hard work of the people of Colombia. We made billions – it was stunning how our mere presence, or your shakes, would generate so much money – and we gave away billions. I suggested that we find somewhere quiet to live, where it was beautiful, but we could be alone. Just the two of us, where we didn’t need to worry about people, but we could be with people if we wanted to be. One of my dreams was to live near the stomatolites of Australia. There were several reasons for this. First, they were amazing. Two, they were remnants of the some of the oldest organisms on earth – 3.5 billion years old. Third, they were in the middle of no where. Fourth, they were in a beautiful tide pool near the Indian Ocean. No one would pester us if we were there. The locals did not gossip. We spent some of our money to build a house there. To be safe, it was one story. The story was 13 meters tall…just in case. It was along a beach that looked a the ocean. An airport was built, with a plane would use (we would need to hire someone to fly us around), just for us. Everything we could ever want was put in there. A large kitchen. A gym. A television. A huge bed that overlooked the ocean…and, if you looked left, the stromatolites. Air conditioning. It was perfect for us. The world never really found out where we moved. The house was paid for in cash. Every once in a while we would show up on camera, make even more money, and then disappear. The shakes were being made still. We would fly to the factory in Medellin once a month, enjoy making the shakes – your growth was nothing like it used to be – and then we’d fly back to be with ourselves. You were all I ever needed, and I did not need anything else. I suppose I should conclude with your stats. Well, I guess I’ll go first. Height: 778 cm Neck: 185 cm Biceps: 230 cm Triceps: 85 cm beyond elbow Forearms: 144 cm Traps: 66 cm height Chest: 801 cm Pecs: 109 cm over abs Waist: 258 cm Ass: 491 cm Thighs: 503 cm Calves: 188 cm Testicles: 150 cm around Cock (soft): 190 cm Cock (hard): 230 cm Then there was you. Height: 906 cm Neck: 210 cm Biceps: 301 cm Triceps: 116 cm beyond elbow Forearms: 183 cm Traps: 90 cm height Chest: 1031 cm Pecs: 140 cm over abs Waist: 300 cm Ass: 522 cm Thighs: 593 cm Calves: 200 cm Testicles: 191 cm around Cock (soft): 230 cm Cock (hard): 300 cm And you were all I ever needed in life. -- That's all I got. I don't know if I should write more, unrelated to him, but it was fun to write. Hope someone out there found it enjoyable.
  12. Email 10. I have a bad habit of passing out in front of you. I should stop this, or maybe have this checked out by a doctor. When I came to, you had placed me into your bed in your apartment. Since I was out, my plan didn’t happen as I expected…but we could fix that. You were sitting down, namely because standing up wasn’t an option, right in front of your window, where you used to work out with those weights you made. I don’t think you’ll be able to lift them long enough in order to feel them. The sun, hitting your back, gave you this other-worldly aura about you; all one could see was these vast muscles blocking the sun, leaving your insane musculature covered up in the dark. You say there, watching me intently, with what I believe was a smile on your face. I love your smile. Sitting up, I found out why you were smiling at me. I looked out at my feet – a bit blurry since I wasn’t wearing my glasses – but they looked…different. Were they longer? My gaze transitioned to my calves – holy shit, I had calves! – and thighs – I had, like, defined muscle! – and my soft penis was sitting on top of my thigh. My penis does not do that…it’s never been big enough…but it is doing that. Having this realization slowly hit me, my cock pulsed and lengthened, now draping over my thigh. Over. My. Thigh. I reached out and grabbed it. My hands felt a thick penis, and my penis felt thick hands. This isn’t an illusion. Oh my god my hands. They’re thick and covered in veins, and attached to thick wrists covered in veins. This isn’t fake. The forearms are massive – they seem twice the size they once were. Veins crisscrossed them like a den of snakes. I’ve never had this. Ever. I feel them, and it feels electric. Is this how you have always felt whenever you would touch your godlike body? My biceps. They were bulging. But my arm was straight. But they bulged. Veins were all over my arms – where did these veins come from? – which I traced to my shoulders and chest. Holy shit! I had pecs! I always had something, but looked more like old man boobs or a “dad bod” chest. These were real. And round. And broad. I went to reach one, and I noticed my bicep explode in size and yay pectoral bulged upward and veins began to appear. This was just too damn hot to exist. I see if I can get the muscle to bounce. It took a few tries, but I get it! I start to giggle…and that’s when I see my abs. For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to see my abs. No matter how skinny I was – 50 kg, 60 kg at 178 cm – I didn’t see them. I have eight of them. Not six. Not one. Eight. They are gorgeous. Look from them to you, I realize quickly that gorgeous isn’t the right word: you, my most handsome, strong, loving, delicate, compassionate, forgiving and intelligent man, are gorgeous. But holy shit I have abs! Wanting to walk over to you, I stand up and almost immediately lose my balance. The hell? I figure it out quickly enough: I’m taller. I don’t know how tall, but I am taller. Walking over to you, I start to gauge the change. Before, when you would sit down in the ground the top of your head was somewhere near the top of my chest. Now, the top of your head is somewhere my belly button – holy shit that’s like 30 cm! It also placed my cock near where your mouth was…and you figured that out too. You grab my ass and pull me in immediately to start sucking down my cock. It hardened very quickly, and it looked like my preferred to get thicker instead of longer. Your beautiful lips looked as though they would almost start to need to open widely to accept my cock. It was stunning seeing something so thick pass into your beautiful lips. I almost felt like I was disgracing your face since it should not be defiled. You didn’t seem to mind however. I wanted it to continue but I had to ask you to stop. We’re being distracted from the real thing we needed to do: get you a new place to live. To go to the store, I wore some of your new clothes. I looked like someone who wanted to be a 90s gang member, with all of the clothes being baggy and not really fitting. Running to the store – having longer legs really did make that a lot easier – and I bought a lot of milk and chocolate mix along with some disposable cups. They looked at me like I was crazy, but I simply smiled and bounced my pecs. One of the women audibly swooned and a few guys got erections. I found another place that sold large containers that anyone could fill with liquids. Back at your apartment I bring out the containers and walk up to you. You were sitting next to your computer, visibly frustrated that typing was difficult. You were trying to use two pencils to type but your fingers were crushing them. I grab your face in my hands, kiss you softly on your lips, pinch your nipples hard and twist. Your cock springs to life and almost hits the table. I then grab your cock head in both hands – even being larger, it’s still insanely massive – and I lick your slit, shoving my tongue into it. God you taste so good. You shriek, your cock pulses again, and your amazing precum starts to flow again. I drink up maybe five or six overflowing mouthfuls – God I feel the burning already – and then I let it fill up a few liters into each of the liquid storage containers. I drink up more of your precum and then tip your penis back to to your mouth so you can drink and grow. We will do that later. I snag the last liter of precum that I’ll use later. I make up some chocolate milk and pour it into the jugs. Overall the mixture is maybe 1/3 precum and 2/3 chocolate milk. It was expensive, but I know how we will make some more money. I took the four full jugs and cups – I could hold them in my hands and they felt light! – and I went for a walk. I kissed you and said I would return soon. There was a gym downtown. I walked there and noticed it had all sorts of massive body building types. A few days ago I would have been terrified to be there, but now…I could take them all. I walk in, look at some guy who was benching 180 kg, who was big. He had maybe 7 reps. He probably took drugs to make him stronger or bigger. In a sense, so did I, except I know mine was organic and real. I asked if I could join in, and he eyed me up and down, then said sure. I lied down, placed my hands on the bar, then did 40 perfect form presses. (Not gonna lie: I impressed myself! I also am feeling your precum start to make me swell up bigger.) I did my best to not look happy, but rather giving a face of “well, that was acceptable.” I thanked him, and moved on to deadlifts. I did the same thing: asked to work in with a massive guy who I made look weak. I repeated this with squats, overhead press, curls, and weighted pull-ups. By the end of thirty minutes, everyone in the gym was wondering what I was up to. I carried my stuff into the locker room, where I “wanted to change.” They followed me in right as I took my shirt off. I made sure to contract my abs, bulge my biceps, and bounce my pecs. They were staring and drooling. Several had erections. I dropped my pants, revealing my thick and long snake of a cock. Looking in the mirror, I noticed my orange size testicles, and tried to not moan at the sight. I was amazing looking – only because you weren’t next to me. I do a brief kegel contraction, and my dick thickens and lengthens. Once I stop, it doesn’t go back. Your precum in action. All this time, you can tell they’re trying to figure out who should speak first. I am ignoring them. I take out my specially made shake – 90% precum and 10% chocolate milk – and I drink the entire liter. God I felt so good from feeling it burn through my body. I start posing, looking only at myself, being sure to hold the hardest contractions so make myself grow. They can see my biceps increase in size. They see my pecs grow. My thighs and calves blow up. My cock lengthens and thickens. My balls enlarge and drop. My shoulders become rounder, and my neck becomes more like a bull. I’m also glad that I feel my legs spread out – I’m growing taller in front of their very eyes. I then look at them, intentionally, and do a most muscular pose and swell up even more. Half of them were masturbating, but after my pose they all came. Gym owners. Muscle bois. First timers. Everyone was paying attention and wanting me. So, it’s time for the sale. “Hello bois. You look like you want this.” I swell up more. “I can assure you that this is not a result of some stupid needle that costs a lot and gives you horrible side effects.” Side pose, pecs bounce up centimeters and ripple. “If you are willing, I have what I use right here in these containers. I have enough for all of you to make some amazing gains.” I crunch my abs and the eight separate into bricks. “I can give you a cup full for $5. Trust me, you will walk out of here with gains you didn’t think possible. This isn’t a bullshit scheme. You saw it work on me right now.” I slowly jerk my cock, which thickened and pushed my hand open. “Let me know when you’re ready. Don’t try and rush me – I’ll take you all on and win!” I boomed. I took my hard cock and thrust it at one of the thicken iron gym lockers, which was pierced through and I felt myself push into the concrete. I pulled out and ripped off the locker for proof. Another round of guys came. “Come to me if you want this.” I sold $500,000 in thirty minutes. They were fighting to get more. They were giving me any money they had. They would call their family and friends telling them to show up. The gym manager was trying to buy as much as he could. I don’t think any of them drained their bank accounts, but they sure seemed willing to sacrifice a lot for muscles. I carried the empty containers back with the cash tucked into my pants. With my bulge, who would question what it was? You could clearly see my cock snaking down my right leg. When I come back to you, I see you curled up in the corner, bigger than you were. I kiss you to wake you up, report about how much money I just made for you, and told you we are going to find you a bigger, nicer apartment. I then say first let’s leave some presents for your neighbors, some free growth juice. You smile. I slowly remove my shirt – it’s now tight on me and it was once loose – and I start worshiping my god, my boyfriend, my lover, my love. I rub your pecs. I lick your abs. I try to dent your uncontracted biceps and triceps. I cannot. I feel your growth starting, little by little. Your colossal cock wakes up and starts to leak precum by the liter again. I grab the head and start swallowing as much as I can while pulling your powerful cock towards your abs while pinching your nipples. My belly is starting to stretch from all of the precum I’m drinking as your cock stretches my mouth open wider and wider. You look longingly into my eyes – your beautiful chocolate eyes – and ask me to fuck you. I say I will try. You flip your legs up and almost hit the ceiling, your cock flips out of my mouth and slaps you in the face. You drink your own precum. I wonder why it doesn’t make you grow? I don’t thinks too much, because I’m back to worshiping your torso, your thighs, your balls. Oh god your balls. Each is the size of a watermelon, full of growth juice leaking onto the floor. My cock is hard. I start to push in while licking and rubbing every square centimeter of muscle you possess. I start to push in and you fight back. It’s been a while since I’ve entered you. You fight me and I start to push back. I’m pouring sweat as I feel the fire happen inside again. I feel like this is the best workout ever. You’re loosening up. I am swelling. I start worshipping your body again. I reach and grab your cock, pulling hard, and start drinking your precum again. I pound harder. I rub you more. You leak more. You swell up more. I drink more. I swell more. I feel the pressure mounting, and feeling your balls push against me, I know you’re going to cum soon too. Each thrust I reach further into you. Each thrust I open you more. Each thrust I feel myself rise. Each thrust I see you smile more. Each thrust I drink more and you expand more. I grab your arms, and while still inside of you, I try to pull you up. I struggle, I shake, but you tip your cock to me and I drink more and, by god, I lift you up. I keep pounding you as I get to hold my godlike muscle handsome lover and I push us outside. In more more thrust I know I’m going to cum, so I pull out and you stand up – and up – and up – and flip me upside down and swallow my entire cock. I convulse and unleash liters out of my balls. I start to grow again. I have enough wherewithal to rub your body as your cock sticks up higher and higher, and then explodes. Your body expands to the point that you are breaking the walls. Cum is being shot half a kilometer into the air and raining down. I drink some as it oozes down your cock and I swell up more as I keep pumping more cum into you, onto your chest, onto the ground. The two of us grow and cum for what felt like hours. Finally, exhausted, you sit and push a wall out of the way. I sit on your lap. I am huge – I giant – I’m sure, but you are a building. We’ll measure later. Gasping to speak, I finally suggest to you that we need a newer and bigger home. You nod. -- Email 11. We used a limo again to travel around town – your biggest clothes were being stretched by my body, which means you didn’t have a chance of wearing any of the clothing. The limo was pretty big, and our combined mass filled the inside and made the limo start to sag. Because I couldn’t control myself around you, I only took down some simple measurements that didn’t make me too horny for you. Your starting height: 170 cm Your previous height: 312 cm Your new height: 422 cm You are more than twice your starting height. You are more than twice as tall as the normal man. Throughout your growth you have only become more handsome. I think I must call you Señor Guapo. Mr. Handsome. You made everything more handsome with your presence and your cum. You are a superhero. I’ll give you an example: me. My starting height: 178 cm My previous height: 218 cm My new height: 326 cm I cheated in that I used your precum in a shake between some of those measurements. But, still, I have nearly doubled in height from your cum. Those super buff guys, who normally wouldn’t know I existed, suddenly noticed me. You made me more handsome. You are a superhero. I also noticed something else happen. My left shoulder has had trouble for over five years, but the pain stopped. My knees didn’t ache, even though I was so much taller and heavier. My odd acne I’ve had for 20 years is gone. My ever-present athlete foot itch went away too! That’s it. I have a new name for you: Señor Curandero Guapo. You heal my heart and my body. We were heading to look a new home – one where we could maybe stand up – but off the side of the road there were many homeless. Your eyes said you were sad; I could see tears welling up and spilling over your cheeks. I had an idea. I ask the driver to pull over, and find a cup. We had some orange juice – I don’t know why – and I quickly started to suck on your massive cock, and you were immediately leaking. I drink about a liter – god you are so tasty – but allowed about 100 mL into the cup. I filled it up with orange juice, and then walked out to one of the homeless. He looked as though he was 70 or 80. One of his legs was crippled looking; maybe it was broken and never set correctly. I don’t know. He was so skinny maybe he hadn’t eaten in a week. His face said he was in pain when he would sit or stand or move. In total, he was sad. I had something that might fix his issues…or some of them. I walked to him, and his eyes got big. I forgot that being 326 cm I might intimidate an old man who was maybe 150 cm. When he looked up at me I instinctively bounced my pecs and contracted my biceps. I probably looked like a monster. Well, I guess I was. I giant monster. I bent down, doing a perfect squat and my monster cock and balls touching the ground – I picked up my cock and put it over my thigh – and used broke Spanish to tell him I wanted to help him. He nodded slowly. I gave him the drink and told him it would make him feel better. I looked at me funny, and asked if he would look like me. I said I don’t know, but his pain would stop. I told him trust me, and my friend, Señor Curandero Guapo, would help him and make him better. He asked who this Señor was, and I pointed out to the limo, where part of your massive muscular body was visible. The old man drank the drink, started to shake and looked worried. I told him to stand up and walk. He seemed scared, but he did it. His leg…fixed itself. He filled out. He lost 10 years of age off his face. The pain was gone. You are a superhero. You healed this man. I told him to spread the word: Señor Curandero Guapo will save everyone who needs him. Back in the limo I ask the driver to continue our drive. I jump into your body, and decide it’s too much. I want to do something I have not been physically able to do in a week: I want you to make love to me. -- Email 12. On the route to the downtown area we needed to pull over three times. Once your cum blasted a 10 m hole that filled up cum and started to flow over. Another was my cum filled up a vacant hotel’s swimming pool area. I didn’t shoot hard enough to break the concrete, but the 5 meter pool was filled up. The last time both of us came together and broke an abandoned house. I don’t think anyone was there, but I felt badly. I did go check and couldn’t find anyone. Both times I collected your cum and precum. I think I might need to make you some more money for presents. Plus worshiping your body gave you only a 21 cm growth. I felt short so I drank maybe 2 liters of your precum…I didn’t check my new height. I was starting to wonder at what point this wasn’t going to work anymore. Oh well. Once we got to the downtown area there was a whole bunch of stuff to think about. First was where we could live that would handle our size and…love making. Out of fear things would become out of control, we started to look at buildings. Yes, buildings. We found one that was somewhat old and looked like it could use some funding. I had some ideas about how I could raise enough funds. I called the manager of the building, which took some time. Once I got hold of him, I proposed changing the building and maybe selling it to us. He said the spot wasn’t too good. Many years ago the neighborhood was very rich, buy times changed and the money went away to other parts of the city. He was willing to take basically any money for the building. I offered the $500,000 we made the previous day – and he said it’s the best offer he’s been given in years. I asked for him to arrange to meet us so we could fill out papers. He was quite shocked when he saw us. I mean, you were 4-and-a-half meters tall and I was probably near 4 meters in height. The owner was Chinese and maybe 1.6 meters tall who was in the city trying to buy even more property. When we handed him the $500,000 in cash, he was quite happy. We said it was a pleasure doing business, and took the keys. Walking inside, I had many ideas for the building. Because you are my Señor Curandero Guapo, I wanted to ensure that this building helped out people. The average person made $20 a day in this area. Talking it over with you, we decided that we would do many things for the community. Construction would be done by people who need jobs. All workers will be given shakes to make sure they feel better physically We will live downstairs…well, it will be several stories – three? – tall, but we will start on the ground level. The building has 15 stories. There will be a gym and food kitchen for those who cannot afford eat, gym or have a place to cook. Free showers for those who need to shower and are homeless. We will make the rest of the space – 10 stories – for low income apartments. But first, we need to pay for this. I set up a quick website for us to sell our shakes. It’s international so I don’t know if there are too many rules. If not, I’ll learn as I go. Making them is pretty easy. I enjoy juicing the main ingredient too. You logged onto your chaturbate account, even though you haven’t used it in many months. I set up the camera and computer outside so you could stand up. I mark your penis from the tip with a marker every 10 cm. When you were soft, I needed 13 sections. 134 cm of soft ass-destroying man meat. Just your cock head is visible…well, half of it. I placed apples next to it so people can judge size. I have the goal read, “10 cm more @ 2000 tks.” Thirty seconds later, we had 2000 tokens and five requests for privates. We repeated this goal for 13 times. It took us 7 minutes to earn 26k tokens. I wrote for 30k – ten thousand tokens – we would show your abs and balls. Hit the goal. You had over 6000 people watching – I’m sure they’re all jerking their tiny penises or rubbing their clits and cuming repeatedly – and more kept joining. For 50k you would show your pecs. Done. 100k you would use your biceps to break open a 50 cm diameter concrete pipe we found. Done. For 500k we would show your face. That happened within 20 seconds. You had 19,000 people watching you when you revealed your face, nearly 4.5 meters above the ground. The website crashed. Once it was working again, I put on some more stress. These people had been so cheap to you, my love, my lover, my all and everything, that I would make sure they paid you all you deserved. I inserted a link to our website for the shakes under the ‘wishlist.’ The final act was about to happen. Time to build up to the crescendo, as they say. Once back, I joined you on camera. I felt so small next to you, but I wanted everyone to see us together. I posted that for 1.5M tokens I would make your cock hard and suck off your precum. I would think that it would take a while to have enough people spend money to buy tokens to pay for that – $320 buys 4,000 tokens, so this is $120,000 being spent. The chaturbate company must have been jerking off at how much business we had given them in 30 minutes. We got that many tokens. I started to jerk off your unbelievable penis. I placed it into a 20 cm concrete tube while I started to rub your cock head. Your penis swole up and broke the tube. I couldn’t get my hands around the penis and my hands kept spreading apart further. It stood up nearly 2 meters in length. It’s taller than most people. I asked you to sit so that your precum could show up. I had the first precum drop into a bucket. I picked it up and showed the camera that your precum filled it with one round. I wanted to keep that for me. I brought the camera up and started sucking on the massive head. Liters of precum went down my throat. The burning was real…I knew if I could workout I would have an amazing growth. I kept going though. Your massive hand held my head on your cock…pushing me further down so I had to try the entire cock head into my mouth. It was so difficult. Once you let me breathe again, I change the goal. 10,000,000 tokens. Ten million tokens. 10M tokens. If we get that, I will make you cum. I knew it wouldn’t be hard. But I wanted to also convert your precum in the bucket into a shake. That also wouldn’t be hard. I was telling you my plan. It’s a good thing you never use audio! You agree. After ten minutes we hit 10M tokens. $800K was spent so I could make you cum. There were 27 thousand people watching us. The website shut down except for us. I turned on the volume, said I need a shake we make to prepare me for this, turn the volume off, show the shake, then drink it. It was a lot. I grabbed your massive cock, and started to pull your tree cock down repeatedly. I was sweating liters of water due to how strong your cock was. I could feel fire and that I would grow. Your beautiful smile said I was growing. I creeped higher and higher, near your height. I don’t care how my body grew. I wanted to sell shakes to make you money to help those who the Colombian government, and everyone else, have ignored. Señor Curandero Guapo will be the savior of Colombia’s poor. You do not forget them. Using my newly enlarged hands I jerked your insanely massive cock and told the 45,000 watching us that you were gonna shoot. I moved the camera to a building behind our building – it was empty – so only I could see you. I stood on my toes to reach your lips, said “I love you so much,” and kissed you. I rubbed my hands over your body, pinching your nipples, rubbing your abs, licking and kissing your pecs, abs, biceps, triceps, cock, balls, thighs. You screamed out enough to shake the area around us as your cock exploded maybe 1,000 L of cum. Your cum hit and exploded the building. Your body exploded in size. I dare say you gained nearly a meter in height. Your cock stretched so much that it showed up in the live stream. When you stopped pumping out cum, maybe 8,000 L of cum filled the back area. I collected 10 L of cum for shakes. I bring the camera back to just see me. I turn the sound back on. I said, “we sell shakes that will make you feel better, make you lose weight, and gives you a better disposition on life. Link is below.” I pick up your cock – 1.78 m long, my old height – and then log off. We ended with 71,000 viewers. We gained 25,000,000 tokens. That’s $2M. Your phone immediately rings from Chaturbate. I answered, since my spoke English is better than yours. They want us to make a show every day. I said no; they paid you shit, and we will go alone unless we can receive 90% of our funds raised. They said yes. I turned you to, my love, and decided it was time to give you some proper measurements. I had the foresight to buy a multiple meter tape measure, and here’s what I got about you: Height: 566 cm Neck: 120 cm Biceps: 199 cm Triceps: 77 cm beyond elbow Forearms: 104 cm Traps: 51 cm height Chest: 610 cm Pecs: 100 cm over abs Waist: 280 cm Ass: 316 cm Thighs: 321 cm Calves: 160 cm Testicles: 129 cm around Cock (soft): 178 cm Cock (hard): 227 cm Your face was taller and brighter and more beautiful than the heavens. Your body more magnificent than god or gods themselves. Everyone looked up to El Dios Curandero Guapo and knew he was good. You picked me up, said you loved me more than anything because I wanted to help you help everyone, and kissed me full on the mouth. You tasted of summer and sex and all things beautiful. Once you stopped kissing me, I said we need to heal your mother. You cried. -- Email 13. It took a while to convince you to give your mom a shake. You didn’t want her to see you as you were, or meet me, or drink your cum. I said you needed to overcome this, and you would give her health again. We had shown many times you give people health. They feel better, look better, think better. All of her sickness was cured with your special shakes. We did five more chaturbate shows to promote the shakes. Each time we had a show we got bigger and bigger results: 1st show: 71,000 viewers – 25M tokens This was our first show together. 2nd show: 88,000 viewers – 31M tokens We broke the website when you shoved your cock into a car and broke it in half. 3rd show: 99,000 viewers – 38M tokens I pushed my cock into a tree and blew it apart with my cum. You wanted to sit back and watch. 4th show: 106,000 viewers – 46M tokens You fucked me. 5th show: 112,000 viewers – 55M tokens I fucked you. 6ty show: 142,000 viewers – 74M tokens I made you grow again. Your height had expanded to 610 cm. It’s a good thing we were taking the first 14 m of the building! Your growth had been slowing down. I don’t know if I wasn’t doing as good a job as I once did, but you didn’t seem to mind. My stats were things I didn’t normally like to measure, you insisted. You also pushed your massive cock head into my mouth and threatened to not let me taste you again if I didn’t. I knew you wouldn’t do that, but I worried and did it anyway. Height: 570 cm Neck: 120 cm Biceps: 187 cm Triceps: 65 cm beyond elbow Forearms: 99 cm Traps: 42 cm height Chest: 588 cm Pecs: 81 cm over abs Waist: 235 cm Ass: 470 cm Thighs: 320 cm Calves: 146 cm Testicles: 115 cm around Cock (soft): 146 cm Cock (hard): 183 cm My numbers were nothing as impressive as yours, but I shouldn’t complain too much. I was nearly three times taller than the normal man and my penis was taller than most men. For about four months we had people working on our new building. Everything was being replaced. Thousands of people in Medellin and around it had jobs because of our building. To pay for it, we had brought in $18M for the company and we kept $16M of it. All of the money went into jobs and hiring people to work for the community. We also started to ship the shakes – $30 for 1 L, even though it was only 10 mL of your cum in each liter AND people couldn’t buy more than 2 L in 6 months – we made $28M in four months. People came down to get fresh shakes. That’s an additional $12M. That’s $56M we brought in ourselves in four months. I’m sure we could do much better if we wanted. I had some ideas. We did not keep the money. You made the Colombian government start to build housing for homeless. I remember seeing cheap homes that could be built well in the USA for $300 each. In Colombia it cost $50 each. We could give homes to 1.1M people. We gave them the money – and they started to build. We dropped the homeless population from 28% to 25%. We wanted to do more. And we will. Here are some of my future plans for us: 1. Your shakes will be used to eliminate fevers and malaria in South America and Africa 2. We will raise $1B and make Colombia the first country to have 0% homelessness 3. We will use our internet fame to destroy weapons in major countries 4. We will use our power to remove drugs from Colombia I told you my plans with about a week before our new house was to open for us. Comaonies had sent is custom made clothes to fit us. Somewhat. I had been trying to not worship your body for months, which I know upset you. I also had been trying to not drink your precum or cum. Both have made you upset I think. We had sex but I tried to avoid growth. I wanted to give you something special. For the one year anniversary since your first hot shower, I brought us back to the same hotel. They were excited to have us there. We had become celebrities, and many wanted to be there because we were there. I had found out that they had rented the entire pool for us, since the last time we were at the pool we made a scene. I surprised you with a bikini that showed your massive cock and perfect ass. I tore out of my first bikini looking at your body. We were going to have a fun few days here. Just you wait. -- Email 14. The manager had given us the penthouse suite. The very top of the hotel. From the top we were 29 stories up. We could see everything from our 360-degree windows. There was a large bathroom in the center of the suite, and the entrance elevator next to it. There were three beds, each viewing a different direction. We were the top of the hotel and it was all ours. It also helped that the suite was 10 m in height. You were at 6.10 m in height, so this was good. Whenever we walked we made the entire floor shake. They had specially-made beds brought in just for us, since most beds are “only” 2 meters in length. We needed something just a little bit bigger, since we were slightly bigger…like 2 or 3 times bigger than most people. One of the things I had requested was a cabana for us. The largest cabana they had. I told them I would be willing to pay for the cabana, too. They said no worries, and they had a specially made, 8 meter tall and 12 meter diameter cabana brought in just for us. It had pillows, blankets (really? blankets?), and was placed at the edge of the pool so we can go from playing in the water to the cabana. The pool was only 3 meters deep, so it’s not like we could really do too much in the pool. The manager had asked me right before we went to the cabana if he needed to remove everyone from the pool area, and I said no. These people are paying to use the pool area, so they deserve to use the pool. Around 5,000 people were at the pool area waiting for us. You instinctively showed off how big your biceps were, and started to bounce your pecs. Everyone cheered. A few people even fainted. I walked behind you, since I’m shy still, and I was admiring your insanely huge lats. Your chest was over three times the size of your waist! You are so damn good looking. My cock was getting hard looking at you, and several people were noticing that my custom-made board shorts were stretching and they were jacking off in public. I smiled and squeezed my hardening cock, so they could see how thick it was. My hand got half-way around it as it kept pushing further down my pants and the head started to appear. A hundred people had cum at the sight. I decided to give them a show. I spun you around, and asked if you were ok if we had a public show with them giving us money. You said yes. In my loud public speaking voice – I had used it a lot in my old job – I told them that the more cash we had left in the cabana, the more of a show we would give the audience. They were free to use their phones and record anything they wanted. A resounding cheer came out from the crowd, so I immediately grabbed you and picked you up. Your long, thick, powerful legs wrapped around my torso and I was kissing you full on the mouth. You put your arms around my chest and started to rub my hair. My cock was started to lift up and tear my board shorts. I gave a good kegel contraction and it tore all the way off. People were throwing hundreds? thousands? into our cabana. The hotel staff ran out a few security guards to watch the money. I figured I would give them a big tip at the end. I threw you into the pool. You hit the bottom, of course, and the splash covered a third of the crowd. You stood up, and up, and up, half of your body out of the water in the deep end of the pool. You were a god to behold. I walked into the water, watching people cheer and masturbate and cum at the sight, and pick you up again. I started to suck on your cock through your pants. It started to stretch longer and thicker. Your cockhead, bigger than a watermelon, was leaking precum and leaking through your pants. It was weakening the material and it was going to rip. I started to suck on your massive cockhead, drinking the precum and feeling the fire inside of me again. I start to curl you up and down, and I felt the growth kicking in. You swell up even more and I swell up even more – your cock rips out and you can hear a few thousand people cum. As the money pours into the cabana, I start sucking your cock even more and the precum is pouring like a fountain. I feel burning as I continue to curl you. I feel myself start to grow. I walk slowly to the deep end of the pool to feel myself expand out of it. I keep drinking, I keep curling, you keep moaning, I keep expanding, you keep leaking. I feel my ass and balls start to grow out of the water, the more I use your body for exercise and I suck on your massive cock, drinking all of your delicious protein. I start doing body squats holding you. More moans, more cum, more screams, more money. I needed you. I needed you in me. I needed you to be my man, my superhero. You already made me what I was, and now I wanted you to be even more of who you were: my superhero.I stand up and walk out of the 3-meter depth of the pool, and bring you into the cabana. I lie down, with you – visibly smaller than me – on top. I then make a request: fuck me raw. You smile.
  13. Email 5. I woke back up in our hotel room. It’s on the 25th floor of the hotel, and you must have taken the elevator to the top – you couldn’t fit through the stairs while holding me. I do not know for how long I was asleep. When I woke up, I was all clean – all of your cum had been washed off me, I smelled like soap and shampoo – and I was in the bed, wearing nothing but a new pair of boxer briefs. I didn’t know where you were. I worried a bit, but I figured you would come back. After twenty minutes, which felt like forever without you, you came back. You looked sweaty, but all of your cum was off of you. I guess you bathed while you bathed me? You were flush red, so I guess you just went to the hotel gym. I’m not sure what they would have that you would consider a challenge anymore. Your body was swollen and vascular. You looked as big as those superheros you would show me on your phone…well, maybe they were looking like you. You somehow fit yourself into a pair of shorts – I think they were mine – but barely. Your massively soft cock, maybe 30 cm, was pushed off to the side, and the tip was still thickly bulging out of the right side. Your balls were clearly visible, pushing down and out against your thighs. My god your thighs. Each was at least 60 cm around, making the shorts legs look like they would break if you tried. The waist – mine is 81 cm – was comically large on you. Your tight waistline, maybe 70 cm now, was covered in veins and your amazing eight abs bulging out bigger and harder than ever. Each abdominal was the thickness of your cock soft. Your chest sat atop your eight abdominals, sticking five or so centimeters beyond your abs, and was at least 100 cm in circumference. Your lats were flared like a cobra. Your shoulders pushed at least 130 cm around, sticking out like bowling balls. You stretch, and your 55 cm arms explode in size. I didn’t think arms that big were possible, but you kept squeezing. 56. 57. 58. 58 cm around. Your forearms were at least 40 cm. They’re bigger than my biceps. You then throw your arms down and contract your triceps, perfect horseshoes that stick ten centimeters beyond the back of your arm. They bulge with power and are rippling in veins, like the rest of your body. I run to you and give you a kiss. You pick me up, spin me around like some Disney princess, and gently lower me for more kissing. Your tongue, so powerful and thick, moves throughout my mouth with gentleness. Your skin is on fire with heat radiating from your muscles. You could crush me without effort, yet your touch is so gentle. The perfect lover. I start to ask you what I did to deserve someone so manly, so perfect, so awe-inspiring, so gentle, so lovely and beautiful and good – but you stop me. You start to ask how you lucked out in finding someone who is perfect and beautiful…and I cannot believe that you are talking about me. You are a god of humanity. Your strength and muscularity and power are without equal. You could destroy anyone, yet you think only to give me compliments. I am speechless. I start worshipping you. I rub my hands over your pecs, your abs, your biceps. I know this will make you grow. I saw the carnage from the window. People are still drinking cum from hours earlier. I lick all the veins I can find. You start contracting your muscles to show me your size. I can’t get enough. Your moaning seems to echo. The veins are as thick as my cock. They are everywhere on your vascular and ripped body. I don’t know why I cannot control myself when I see you, but I cannot. I hear ripping. I know what this is: I look down to see your cock, thicker than my wrist and maybe forearm, thickening and lengthening. Within a blink of my eyes it tore out of the pants. All 50 cm of godly cock were there, along with your massive balls, swelling and expanding after being freed from their prison. I liked those pants. I like your muscles, cock and balls more. The more I worship your muscles, the harder they feel. I’m lost in the euphoria of your presence that I didn’t notice you changing. You started to grow taller. Your muscles expanded more. Veins grew thicker and covered more of your body. Without witnessing it, your strength grew exponentially. Your cock. Oh my god, your cock. It blew up like a balloon. I had to keep licking your body to keep up with all the new skin you were covered in…and eventually you said you couldn’t handle it anymore. Your voice was so deep, I wasn’t sure what to do. You told me to back away, and your cock started to shoot. Again. I don’t know how long you shot, but when I snapped out of my stupor I noticed a few things. First, a large hole was shot out of our hotel wall. Second, there was a 7 cm thick pool of your cum filling the main part of the hotel, pouring off the hole like a cum-fall. Third, oh my god, third. You were massive. I went and trapped a tape measure and started to measure you. Here’s what I recorded: Calves: 45 cm Thighs: 78 cm Waist: 66cm Chest: 151 cm Pecs: 11 cm over the abs Shoulders: 188 cm Biceps: 84 cm Forearms: 59 cm Neck: 50cm Cock (soft): 49 cm Cock (hard): 69 cm Testicle circumference: 35 cm - each Height: 190 cm I was looking up and my god. You were sexier than any comic book hero. You were more manly than anyone who had ever lived. You were filling the room with your heat and muscle and glory. I passed out again. --- Email 6. After waking up again – I seem to pass out with your body – you are simply stunning. You placed a spare set of sheets over the hole in the wall from where your cum blew it open, and cleaned the place up. You’re quite the man to keep around. You devoted yourself to some pushups while I was unconscious as well, so your stats changed a little bit more. Calves: 45 cm Thighs: 78 cm Waist: 66cm Chest: 155 cm Pecs: 12 cm over the abs Shoulders: 188 cm Biceps: 84 cm Forearms: 59 cm Neck: 50cm Cock (soft): 49 cm Cock (hard): 69 cm Testicle circumference: 35 cm - each Height: 190 cm Yes, your chest continued to grow. You are too much to take in…but I had to control myself. You said that I need to look worthy to be around you, and my eyes started to water up. Sensing I did not understand the joke, you walked up to me and gave me the most gentle hug. Bending over, your body enveloped mine. You were so massive, but so soft and warm. You kissed my neck, chin and lips, saying that I was perfect and never needed to change. I responded with a need to go to the gym, because I did want to be big and muscular and worthy of being around you – joke or not. So, we went to the gym. I was was impressed. This hotel’s gym was far better than I normally think a hotel’s gym would be. There were actual bench presses, with real weights, a squat rack, and dumbbells that went up to 100 kgs. This was better than the gym I go to back in the United States! I was wearing a tank top and board shorts – the pair you didn’t destroy – and you had another set of my shorts on. The waist was too ridiculously big for you, but everything else was super tight on your body. You looked amazing, with your soft cock sticking out the side of the pants and your perfect bubble butt filling out the backside. One of my really big tank tops that, for whatever reason, I still had barely covered your chest. Anyone could see it tearing in your armpits. Your abs were visible for everyone to see. I didn’t mind, because I got to look at your pecs from my 178 cm height. First, we did bench press. My workout was alright. I did a 5x5 using 90 kg, and it was a struggle but I finished. My chest was swollen – well, by my standards. You did a warmup with 200 kg – only 50 reps – and then you did a 5x15 with 320 kg. You didn’t break a sweat, but you did turn red. You are adorable when you turn red. The veins were spreading everywhere on your body, and your pecs were ripping my tank top. How many of my clothes are you going to destroy? It looked like your chest had swollen a few more centimeters. Maybe 160 cm? Your chest is almost as round as I am tall. Your shoulders already were. Fuck. Next we did some deadlifts. My form has been not that great. but I still managed to do 5x5 at 135 kg. You did 5x20 with 450 kg. Your back and arms were so swollen with muscle and veins and blood. Looking at your butt as you did those deadlifts made me want to make love to you on the spot. You would have needed to bend over a lot because you are so much taller than I am now. But I wasn’t ready for what came next. Squats. I do my set using 5x10 using 115 kg. My form is ok. For the most part, ass to the grass, going very low and working on having my legs spread out. You comment a few times that you like how I stick my ass out when I squat. I ask you how much. You start rubbing your penis head – it’s sticking out of the pants by about 5 cm so far, and it’s ONLY the head. It’s looking as thick as my wrist, and I can tell it is not hard yet. I lost concentration from that sight, so you had to help me with my last set. Just a few little taps under my armpits to make sure I got up. My body was swollen. I should have thought of measuring myself to make my ego a little bit bigger, but that didn’t happen. Then it was your turn. I told you that your ass was one of the best things I’ve ever seen, so you wanted to push yourself. You started with 20 reps at 100 kg. Then you did 20 reps at 150 kg. This kept repeating for 200 kg, 250 kg, 300 kg. At 350 kg, you started to struggle. I don’t know why, but you were perfect to this point. Your legs would shake. You were pouring sweat off your body. It was a waterfall on your abs. My pants were soaked and I could see your massive cock clearly through it. Your perfect asshole was showing when you would squat. The legs were starting to rip, and it sounded like the seams in the butt area were tearing too. You were shaking. You made it through one rep. Two reps. Three reps. All of them your ass nearly touching the ground, your form so perfect. At nine, you were struggling. I couldn’t spot you for two reasons – I was too short, and I didn’t have any strength to even move 350 kg. So, I did what I knew would work. I ran to be in front of you, and started to rub your thighs. My god were the strong. Thicker than my chest, stronger than a whole team of men. They were rippling with muscle and swollen with veins. I proceeded from rubbing and kissing and licking your thighs to your abs and pecs. They were so hard and so slick. You could see the sweat steaming off of your body, you were making so much heat. Veins were everywhere. You were getting leaner! Your pecs were so big that your nipples were pointing down, stretched so far out from the tank top that it looked like a comic. I started to flick at them with my tongue. You were shaking, but not like you had before. As I sucked on your manpecs, I was rubbing your cock. This normally would be dangerous to do, but I knew I would be safe. My safety was confirmed when I heard the pants rip and the tank top split. You were growing again. I could feel your thighs and cock thickening. You paused, dropped back lower so your ass touched the ground, and then stood up. And up. And up. The pants exploded open, freeing your semi-hard cock – it was nearing the 69 cm it used to be fully hard – and you repeated the movements another 50 times. FIFTY TIMES. I kept rubbing my hands on your pecs and abs and waist and thighs and cock as you continued these reps, slicking my head in your sweat, making me smell your man scent. You looked down at me, winked, and then started to overhead press the 350 kg. Once. Twice. Ten. Twenty. Thirty times. Your body just kept expanding. pushing against the sides of the squat rack. I was standing on my toes to suck on your pecs, and reach up to rub your shoulders and massage your huge, firm ass. You asked me to stand back. I did. You stood out of the squat rack, and started to curl the 350 kg, your biceps exploding larger and larger in size. This entire sight was unbelievable. Seriously. Nothing on the internet could prepare me for what I watched. You then dropped the weight on your cock. Yes. Your cock was swollen to a thickens almost matching my calves, if not more, and it bent the bar. Your dick was thicker and harder than the barbell with 350 kg on it. I had to get measurements. I needed to stand on some equipment to get them, but they were stunning. Calves: 60 cm Thighs: 90 cm Waist: 75 cm Chest: 190 cm Pecs: 18 cm over the abs Shoulders: 200 cm Biceps: 98 cm Triceps: 20 cm beyond elbow Forearms: 60 cm Neck: 80 cm Cock (soft): -?- cm you definitely weren’t soft Cock (hard): 81 cm Testicle circumference: 40 cm - each Height: 217 cm You then asked me if I wanted to help you cum. I could barely nod yes. --- Email 7. ’m not going to lie. Seeing you before me, hulking, massive, ripped, insanely tall and erect at full mast, the thought of jerking your cock off was terrifying and exciting. It was a matter of figuring out how to do this safely for me, satisfying for you, and I wanted you even bigger. The corner of the room had a smith machine, pathetically used earlier by some people who were squatting when we entered but left before the show. It was going to require some work but I think each of us will end happy. I moved the bar to be level with your hard penis – around my upper abdomen. I grabbed enough 25 kg plates so that each side had 200 kg. The bar was bending but it held. I had you place your cock head under the bar. I backed away 75 cm, where your large orb testicles dangled like fruit begging to be juiced for their delicious liquid within. You had not heard of kegel exercises before, so I had to explain exercising to a muscle god! How strange. A kegel exercise requires you to contract the muscles around your public area. When done correctly you feel the base of your penis squeeze and your penis pulls upward. The point of the exercise is to maintain the contraction as long as you can. It also increases the pressure in the penis, making it temporarily swell up more. That explained I told you what the routine would be: with all 420 kg pushing against your erect monster you are to squat as low as possible, hold it for five seconds, then stand up and hold the kegel contraction for thirty seconds. You were to do as many of these reps as possible…hopefully ending in something happy. I get into position on the ground, sitting up right underneath where your testicles hang, between two of the most massive legs to ever grace the earth. I was telling myself to NOT grab them. No distractions from my musclegod boyfriend’s exercises. I tell you to reach out, unhook the safety on the smith machine, and start. You unhook the machine and your penis drops quite a bit, maybe 10 cm. You strain and it holds. You slowly squat, I see your legs shaking, until your balls are right in front of my face. Perfect. I place my hands on each testicles and start to bathe them in my saliva. I rub each one like the previous orb of godjuice fruit it is. I tell you to stand up — it was five seconds. You struggle, legs shake entire time, but slowly and surely you start to stand back up. Your monster cock also was shaking. At the top, you start the kegel. Your balls rise up. Your cock swells, adding several centimeters of thickness. The cockhead flares. You start to shake and drip sweat. I tell you new rep. Again you come back down shaking, and I start lathering your sweating testicles with my tongue again. I’m rubbing your balls and the space between your scrotum and god ass. You shake a lot more, and I think magic might kick in the next rep. Oops, it was more than five seconds, so finish the rep! Your cock swells with veins and becomes an angry red color. It matches your skin right now, vein coated and rippling with muscle. I hear your breathing sound hurried. This is a good challenge for my musclegod boyfriend. You drop again but this time I’m standing. You didn’t notice since your focus was on the exercise. I reach under and fondle your balls — are they getting bigger? — and I start kissing your abs and licking your erect nipples. I don’t need to bend over too much to reach your massive pecs. I’m rubbing my body against the base of your cock too. You start to shake, and then I feel the growth start again. I know this because I just reach down further for your balls while reaching up more to suck on your pecs. Your cock swelling starts to push me to the side. After thirty seconds of this I command you to rise. You do, with me still rubbing your balls. I turn to licking the base of your cock. You do your kegel as your penis swells more. The massive head, now looking like it’s the thickness of my thigh, is maybe fifteen centimeters beyond the bar. Your penis is rising from your growth. You raise your arms and hold them behind your head, contracting your biceps and crunching your abs. I turn to see your reflection in the mirror. I should have been terrified. It’s insulting you to call you a musclegod. You’re a muscletitan. You’re a musclegiant. Your biceps kept swelling thicker, your pecs growing fatter, your traps raising higher, your abs more defined, your lats becoming wings, your thighs becoming tree trunks, your calves larger and more perfect than any diamond science can make from 1000 kg of coal. I ask you to complete one more rep. You drop down, and I stand on your cock. Yes. I’m standing on it. It’s the only way I can look into your chocolate eyes. I place my hands on your cheeks. They are comically small. I put my forehead on your nose. After five minutes I ask you to stand and finish your rep. As you do, I hold onto your thick elephant neck to stabilize myself. It would be a huge fall otherwise! My feet feel you start the kegel contraction as your cock swells up and wider. I start rubbing your neck, licking your cheeks and jaw. You shake so much. After around ten minutes of you holding the pose and my worshipping my growing musclediety, I start to kiss your most beautiful mouth. My tongue comically pushed into your mouth. Your taste is heavenly. I grasp your head, playing with your still adorable poof of hair, and you push your tongue into my mouth. Granted only the tip can be pushed in, but you fill me so much. I hear your breathing become labored. I am overwhelmed by the smell, taste and power of you. I cum. I full hard. Cum pours out of my pants onto your body, mixing with your sweat to make a white streak across your angry red skin. I whisper into your ear, “te quiero mucho, mi amor” and you cum. Your cock spasms back first, ripping itself from the smith machine. The bar was ripped apart. The second bob you made cum hit the wall, shatter the glass, and push you backwards a few meters. The second blast blew open the wall. The third blast shot upward and broke open the ceiling. Good thing the gym was a stand alone building. The fourth blast hit the side of the smith machine and broke what was left of it. The fifth through, well, I lost count, some number of cum blasts you proceeded to effectively break open a three meter hole in the wall. Cum was shot at least 90 meters beyond it, bathing everything in your delicious juice. There was a lot of stuff flying back at us as your ejaculation broke the gym. Your arms held me tight — you managed your strength to not crush me — and I felt you swell larger, thicker, harder with every cum blast. It took minutes for the cum to stop. You had fallen down — I don’t remember it. You let me out of your arms and onto the ground. The devastation to the gym was colossal and complete. A bomb couldn’t have done this. You, sitting down, are nearly my height. It’s next to impossible to possibly grasp your size. But, I got these numbers since I know you’d want to know. Calves: 80 cm Thighs: 117 cm Waist: 100 cm Ass: 140 cm Chest: 234 cm Pecs: 38 cm over the abs Shoulders: 281 cm Trap: 25 cm in height Biceps: 126 cm Triceps: 44 cm beyond elbow Forearms: 81 cm Neck: 91 cm Cock (soft): 103 cm Cock girth: 49 cm Cock head: 16 cm long, 55 cm around Testicle circumference: 71 cm - each Height: 308 cm The biggest, most comically drawn superhero was nothing next to you. Nothing. My boyfriend was officially the sexiest, strongest, most muscular, most defined, most ripped, most hung, largest cum maker on earth. And I loved you more than existence. You gave me a gentle hug, and asked me if I wanted to get big like you. Your cock started to grow. --- Email 8. The hotel wasn’t too upset about the damage caused. They said they needed to fix things up anyway and you saved them demolition costs. I think they were just more scared of…or lusting after…your overwhelming size. I don’t blame them. I mean, your stats speak for themselves: Calves: 80 cm Thighs: 117 cm Waist: 100 cm Ass: 140 cm Chest: 234 cm Pecs: 38 cm over the abs Shoulders: 281 cm Trap: 25 cm in height Biceps: 126 cm Triceps: 44 cm beyond elbow Forearms: 81 cm Neck: 91 cm Cock (soft): 103 cm Testicle circumference: 71 cm - each Height: 319 cm (you stretched out a bit more) What I do recall, however, was we needed to pay for a few things before we left. Yes, I had money back in the USA, but the goal was to not spend any of that. We had a few more days in the hotel before we left. (They said nothing of the damage, but many staff would want to pass by to see your body.) I had been noticing some other…weird…things going on at the hotel. From a few days ago, when your cock was half its length and your height was half of what it once was, you shot your thick cocksauce out all over the pool area. Those who immediate started drinking your cum like it was water looked bigger. They seemed taller, more defined and definitely more muscular. When we weren’t making out – there was no way I could take even the tip and your growth caused enough damage without me wanting to trigger more – all we heard was sex. Everywhere. Some in public, some in their rooms. When I walked past the blown open gym – the equipment was still good, except for the smith machine – I noticed that the grass that was once covered in your cum was a lot taller than the other plants. I wondered. Four nights before we had to leave you fell asleep early – you’re so cute when you fall asleep watching TV – I noticed your cock was leaking. Your precum was dripping. Well, by a man your size, it was dripping. In reality, I had collected nearly 700 mL of “dripping” precum. Not wanting to waste an experiment, I gave it a little taste – very sweet, slight salt flavor, very thick, but overall not bad. I decided I might make us some money. I ran down, asked the hotel management for some orange juice and cups (we knew them on first name basis because of you), and told them I had a drink I wanted to sell. It would be cheap, and I’d give them 67% of the proceeds. We could keep 33%. Because of you, and only because of you, they said yes. Perfect. I mixed your precum with ice and orange juice (1/3 precum, 2/3 OJ) and had a little stand outside of the gym. Oh, those buffer people all seemed to want to use the gym. I guess once they got muscles they liked them. The hotel wasn’t selling preworkout or energy drinks – odd based upon the number of Americans at the hotel – so I made one up. I made the drinks $1 each. Too cheap for any American to pass up. I filled some cups right as people were entering. I explained what I had – protein energy drink that builds mass with good results, and all organic (I didn’t lie) – and I sold ten. After they finished the gym, they were visibly bigger. They were thrilled and bought ten more. Half an hour later a larger group showed up and bought fifty. They bought one hundred more after the gym. After the word spread, I had sold 3000 cups in about two hours. I was running low, but one particularly buff guy with a blonde bimbo lady friend said he’d give me $500 for what I had left (it wasn’t 500 cups’ worth) and he drank it all. He took her into the gym and proceeded to work out…but all I heard was her screaming ten minutes later as I had finished cleaning up my little business. I gave the front office $2000 cash along with the cups. Their jaws dropped and asked if I could do this again. I go back up to the room and you’re still asleep. God you are so handsome and adorable. Your mouth was open and a little bit of drool was mixing down your cheek. I licked it up and kissed you in your lips. Despite their size they are still so soft. Since your half hard cock was still standing up – I swear it’s as thick as my thighs – I gently rub the head. Your cock immediately spasms and more precum starts to “drip” out. I collect twice as much as I did last time. Once again I asked the front for some OJ and equipment from the front – they were so happy to see me again. I asked if they would take 50%; they were alright with this arrangement as local weight lifters had seen what was going on and were coming to use the gym. While walking to the front desk area I saw the pool packed with people who had bought “shakes” earlier. Both the men and women who had them visibly looked better. They were nothing next to you though. I announced to them that I think I knew how to make the shakes better; there was a mass exodus from the pool area to the gym. I increased the strength – 2/3 your precum and 1/3 OJ with a bit of sugar added – for $5. Within 45 minutes I had sold $15,000. I don’t know where they all had this money but I wasn’t going to argue. The front desk got its $7500 and I brought it back up to you. Before i woke you up I collected around ten liters of your precum. I had to be creative to hide it from you. I was going to surprise you at the end of the trip with the money I raised for you. I cannot lie: seeing what it was doing for others made me want to drink it all…but I can’t give you gifts that way. After hiding the bottles in the wet bar you started to wake up. I put the money there too. I walk over to you, place my hands on your cheeks, and kiss you as largely as I can. You are just so big I feel comically small. As I start to pull my lips away from yours I feel a massive and strong hand gently cup the back of my head and pull me in for more kissing. Your body started to radiate heat and I began to sweat. Enjoying your taste I start to rub your chest. It has become so large I could almost reach your far nipple with me reaching. While kissing you I was pinching your nipples, hard, and it was enough to maje you moan. Your voice was so deep, it rattled my body. Your cock started to react, rising higher. Even with you lying down, the head of your cock was almost where my head was. I pulled away again, gently grabbing your hand to indicate let me move, and I start to move to your dick. I hadn’t thought through what to do with me jerking your off – namely the damage I know your powerful cum blasts would cause – but I wanted to please you. I wanted to cause your body to shake violently from the pleasure I could give you, because that was the closest I could do to making you feel how I feel about you. I grab your thick shaft but you lean up, grab me with both hands, and gently pull me away. You pick me up and Place me on your broad chest and mountain like abs. Next to your chest your waist is so small it’s comic book ridiculous. You wrap your arms around me and gently press me into you. You mutter how much you love me, radiating more heat and I am seriously sweating while trying to properly hug you back. You are so hard yet you feel so soft and lovable. My legs get a sudden sticky sensation – I don’t think I came? – but the amount made me realize you were leaking more precum on me. I tell you I want to pleasure you, but you tell me to stop. “you have made me what I am. You make me feel like a superhero. You make me feel invincible. You make me feel loved. I want you to feel that way too.” With one hand you tear my clothes off and kiss my neck then pecs then belly (I’m still not good looking enough to have my abs visible). You say you’re hungry and pull my pants. I am visibly excited – but I must admit I feel childishly small and inadequate next to you. Your penis soft is nine times larger than mine erect. Your nipples are nearly the size of my penis. I should be embarrassed but you start sucking on me like your life depends on drinking my cum. I’ll admit it was painfully pleasurable. Your chest was so powerful I wouldn’t be surprised if my cock was larger just because of your sucking. You fondled my ass and rubbed my chest as you gave me the blow job. It was so good. After around a minute of sucking – I don’t have your stamina, due to my size and age – I cum. It felt like the biggest load I could have produced. You swallowed it all, licked my cock clean, then started sucking again. All I could really do was rub your massive forearms and play with your hair. I started to shake and I came again. You started for a third round but I don’t think I could have done it and ask you to put me down. I fell asleep on your chest, and you fell asleep around the same time. We did this for the next three nights. You would also take a several hour nap in the middle of the day – with a body as big as yours, everything is exercise even though you’re stronger than an army – and I kept bringing in money. I slowly kept bringing up the prices, so by our last night I brought in around $112,000 in cash. This must be how drug lords feel! You asked me early the next day if I had noticed the people being bigger. I asked what do you mean. You responds with how the people all look taller, more muscular, and more lean. Well, everyone except me. I say to you that I have a secret, and reveal the business scheme I did while you slept. Before you could react, I then asked you to open your hands, and I place roughly $175,000 in cash into your hands. (I needed two hands to lift the bags that fit comfortably in yours.) I explain the hotel arrangement too. The hotel loved the arrangement – they ended up making $90,000 without needing to do basically anything. Stunned you asked me why I did this. Your face was stunned disbelief. My answer was simple. You never had much growing up, and I knew you were uncomfortable with how much I would spend on you – either through chaturbate, or western union, or even this weekend – and I wanted to give you your own money that, technically, you raised. (Your precum is amazing – I wonder what your cum would do?) It was all for you, to use as you wish. I would help you make more, but it’s not mine. It’s yours. Your face looks like you are going to cry. Scratch that, you do cry. I ask you to bend over, and I use my shirt to clean your handsome face and ask why you are crying. You respond with, “I never knew I could love someone this much. --- Email 9. Walking out of the hotel with $175,000 added a bit of bounce in your step. Well, to be honest, you had to walk bent over if you were moving around the hotel, so being outside allowed you to stand up. But when you’re 312 cm tall…not too many places are tall enough for you. There was a website that makes big and tall clothing that I had to special order from to clothe you. The tallest people they have clothing for are only 225 cm tall. Did I just say only 225 cm tall? That’s beyond giant to me…but you’re 87 cm taller than that. I ordered you ten tank tops and they agreed to fast shipping and 75% off. I guessing sending a video proving your size made them want to be seem like sponsors for you – and they even said they will work on getting larger clothes for you too. The tank top was ridiculous on you. The bottom was loose around your amazingly tight waist that had 25 cm of the bottom of your abs exposed while your insanely broad chest exploded and stretched the top to its limits. The pants were a different story. Your legs are so long, with thighs thicker than your tiny waist, that this makes an issue for pants. None of that takes into account how thick and massive your normal-human-leg-sized cock and basketball-sized testicles. The best solution I could think of, besides you being naked, was very stretchy sweat and athletic pants. They were 1.50 m in length, but with your muscles…they looked like very long, tight shorts. Sorry, you had to be barefoot. Nothing to do there. While I was figuring out our trip back to your studio, you said you were worried about how you will fit into it. The ceilings aren’t that high, and you do fill up a lot more space now. I told you that I had an idea. I ordered a large limousine in the shape of a hummer. I didn’t know if those existed in Colombia, but evidently they do for the American tourists. It is expensive but you can actually lie down in it and not be uncomfortable…and it could handle your mass. Hmm. We never really tried to figure out how much mass you have now. Maybe I’ll see if I can find a scale that will allow me to find out. Inside of the limo I immediately jumped onto your body, gripped your face, and started to kiss you. God you are so irresistible. I start by licking your lips, then wiping your teeth with my tongue, then try my best to probe your mouth. You seem to taste better every time I kiss you. It’s almost like your mouth has its own daily or hourly flavor. I rub your cheeks and hair and neck, not believing that someone like you actually likes me…let alone loves me. I start to climb on top of you, continuing to kiss you as deeply as possible, rubbing your massive chest. I need to reach outwards to grab your nipples, which point towards your abs – not down, but your pecs are so massive they actually point backwards towards abs the size of my hands. Pinching your hard, thick nipples, I make you moan loudly and your cock spasms. The head was near the end of the pants, and the spasm released at least 500 mL of precum all over the pants and seats. I want more. I move from your mouth to your neck. God it’s so thick and muscular. It’s covered in thick veins, moving your thick god blood throughout your body, keeping you swollen. You tense your neck and it pushes my jaw open more…almost to the point where it hurts. I keep sucking because I need all of you. You start to rub your hands all over my back, slicking me up from your precum. I quickly grab your massive hand and bring it to my mouth, where I start to suck each finger and lick the precum off of your hand. Oh my god I can feel it. My muscles felt like I have DOMS. A fire was burning inside of me, and I felt as though I could swim 10 km. This was amazing. I needed to do something with all of this energy. I turned my attention to your chest. Like s baby, I grabbed ahold of your pecs, latching myself to a nipple, and started to suck. They were so tender and so soft…but feeling them harden up and lengthen. I swear their size and thickness started to rival the penises of many men. I suck even harder. My hands rub over the massive pec muscle, even though they are so thick I cannot see over the insanely large shelf. The more I rubbed, the more I heard you moan…and the then nipple started to thicken and lengthen. I’m doing it again to you, and I want more. Quickly I move to the abs that are covered by the shirt. I pulled the shirt up and put myself under it, so I could rest on your abs. I was wrong. Each is bigger than my hands…and, I know there are only eight of them, but they seem to go on forever. The veins covering them are the thickness of my small fingers. Each movement you make I can see the muscle pulse and bulge. I start to kiss them and lick them, rubbing my hands all over them. I am so hard, too, so I take my hard cock out and start to fuck the spaces left between your massive abs grooves. It is so hard and so hot and I lose it quickly, shooting my sperm all over your abs. Rubbing my cum onto you, I feel the abs start to get thicker and lengthen even bigger, as I am being trapped inside of your shirt. Your pecs are pushing down on me, your abs are pushing me up against the shirt, and your hands start to rub my back. A loud ripping sound echos throughout the backseat of the limo and an even louder “thud” sound rattle me. There is the sound of denting and then I felt like I was hit with a baseball bat. It really hurt, and I think you knew it. You tore the shirt open and scooped me up, cradling my head, asking if I was ok. I blacked out for a moment from the hit. Why it didn’t come to me that getting you this excited and your cock ripping out of you pants, denting the roof of the car, then hitting me in the back was a real possibility from my need to make my man even better, I don’t know. Your cock was hard and full length. Holy shit was it massive. It was bigger than my thighs. The head was almost as round as my torso, and it was dripping precum all over. You lowered me towards the drooling precum, and it was covering my body. I closed my nose as it covered my face, and I started to swallow as much as I could. I was burning. I was filling with energy. I was so sore. I could feel every joint in my body aching – every muscle in my body feeling as though it was being ripped apart and struggling to stay together. I don’t know if I was growing or not, but it sure as hell felt like I was in puberty all over again. I reached up and grabbed your godcock. It was fucking thick, pulsing and clearly stronger than I was. I grabbed it and pulled down as hard as I could towards your body. As I did that, I used my torso – lathered and lubed in your precum – to slowly jack you off. You were so huge. Instead of making you grow, I wanted you to feel pleasure. I wanted your firehose to destroy a building. My muscles were getting the worst yet best workout they’ve ever had, pulling your cock down and trying to masturbate you. The harder I tried, the more I swallowed your precum, the easier it became and the more I made your massive cock leak precum. It was a vicious cycle and I was up for the challenge. Your breathing started to breathe hard, and I knew you were going to cum. After smiling, I realized this could be bad, and quickly yelled at the driver to pull over. He said something about being near a river, and I said that’s alright. You had enough time to pop your massive cock out the door before it exploded. The first cum blast shot 100 m, hitting trees and blowing them away, and hitting the river below. I think there was a sign for it being called Quebrada Iguana. The first cum hit shot water out of the river at least 50 m. You kept cumming. It was maybe 20 L of cum, or it could have been 100 L, I don’t know, but the force that it was shot out was blowing water out of the river and causing issues. It was so thick that it was starting to clog up the river, forcing the water bed higher and higher. After ten minutes, your cock started to slow down. A clear path connected your massive penis and the river, now looking like a bomb had detonated within it, blowing water and white, delicious smelling cum all over. Your now limp penis was hanging out the door, still dribbling. I had grabbed a cup from inside the limo, filled it with 500 mL of your cum, and looked at you saying, “to your health,” and then drank it all.
  14. I wrote this over email for someone I met online. I suppose it means something more between the two of us, but I'm sharing it here. I've never shared anything before, nor have I commented. I've written a series of these for him, so I suppose I'll post one at a time. Thanks for the indulgence. This is a jump-right-in set of fantasies. He and I met online, and he lives near a large city in Colombia. I live in California. ---- Email 1. Because you had never been to a hotel, I made a reservation at one of the fancy hotels in the downtown. You’ve never seen anything like this, so I made sure it would be memorable. I arranged for a limousine to pick us up – you’ve never had this type of luxury. It’s unfortunate that so many have his daily and don’t deserve it, while you deserve it and have never experienced it. I reserved a suite, with its own private balcony, large bathroom and massive king bed. The bathroom is bigger than your room you normally live in. The views from the balcony overlook the massive pool area and gardens of the hotel. You can’t believe this exists. Since it is Colombia, it’s around 38 C outside with 90% humidity…and you laugh at my inexperience with humidity. I’m sweating a lot, and you suggest that sometimes taking a shower helps. Yes. A shower. That’s what I need…and I get an idea. You told me that you’ve never had a warm shower, let alone a hot shower, so you don’t know how it feels and that it works better than cold water when it’s hot outside. So, I start to strip for the shower – I’m still embarrassed to be naked in front of a living, breathing, moving god of muscle and beauty – and I ask you to join me. I don’t give you a chance to strip. I pull you into the shower, which is exposed to the large balcony and overlooks the massive estate of the hotel. I turn on the water, and you instantly gasp. Warm water starts pouring over you, making your already-tight shirt cling even more handsomely to your pecs and abs. Your pants were gripping to your marvelous butt before, but adding water…it was hard to figure out what’s more tempting: the bulge in the front or the bulge in the back. I start to soap up my body, and quickly realize it’s not fair to not have you wash too. I spin you around, your ass to my quickly hardening dick, and start to grope your lengthening and thickening manhood. I bend over, water dripping from me to you, and ask if I may take off your pants. You moan, flex your cock and start to rip your shorts. Your semi 19 cm python swung free, and let me tear away at the rest of your pants. I move my hands…reluctantly…from your massive dick – now much longer than 19 cm, maybe 23 or 24 cm and at least 15 cm around – to your pecs. I start groping them, so tight and full in your shirt. You start to bounce them, tearing the shirt. I help you by ripping the shirt off your body. Your mass swells and fills up the shower. Seeing so much muscle swell, water dripping off all of the ridges and veins snaking your back, my cock swells up even more. It hurts seeing so much beauty within my grip. I add soap to your body and start to scrub. I want to be gentle, since you turn red so easily, but I want to feel the abrasion of your muscles. There’s nothing as hard as them. You start instinctively contracting muscles wherever I add soap. Your biceps swell larger than 40 cm. Your forearms much bigger than 26 cm. Your chest expands larger than 107 cm. Your shoulders become rounder. Your thighs blow past 70 cm. Your cock must be at least 28 cm. It’s angry and red and covered in veins. Your moaning becomes very loud. I don’t know if it’s because of the warm water, your swelling muscles, your massive cock almost at your pecs, or that you’re with me. You bend over, having more muscle spread wide. I lather up your back. It is nothing but ridges and mountains and valleys of muscle, moving and swelling. You bend over even more, showing how wide your back is and how small your waist is. I lower my hands to put more soap on your lats, waist, and ass. I massage your ass and waist, reaching around to grab your colossal cock. I can’t get my hand around it. You bend over even more. I’m puzzled why you keep doing this. But you soon let me know. You start to back up, pushing your perfect ass up against my dick. I understand now. I start to slowly grind my cock against your ass. It’s not anywhere near your size, but since I’m taller, I can grind down against you. I push it between your ass cheeks, much similar to a hotdog between buns, and you instinctively squeeze. I moan. I’ve never felt something that strong. You moan more, reach around and push my dick into you. You’re so hot. My dick feels like it’s on fire. I push with all my strength to enter you. Your ass is so strong it fights back against my entire body. You start to relax with the flow of water. I bend over, grab your chest, and start to massage your words, abs, arms. I kiss your neck and cheek. I keep pushing and pulling. In and out. In and out. You face me, your dark eyes look into mine, and I kiss you. Your tongue is so hot and strong. You reach up to grab my head, your biceps swell. In and out. In and out. In and out. I can’t handle how hot you are, and I warn you I am going to shoot. You beg me to stay in, and grab my ass. I am pushed further into you, and I shoot. Your prostate is pulsing and your massive 30 cm cock erupts. I can’t keep track of what’s hitting me: cum or water. I keep pushing tho. In and out. The massaging keeps your cum flowing. I feel your legs start to shake, and I grab you before you collapse. We need another shower :). --- Email 2. We had sex two more times in the shower. Well, sort of. You made love to me, and then we mutually sucked each other off. I choked on your swollen 30 cm cock twice, but you insisted that I swallow as much as I could. After all of that sex, we needed to go outside. Both of us are so pale, but I tan better than you, so we both put on sunscreen. You insisted that you put some sunscreen on my ass, even though I didn’t think we would be naked. There were people outside! I am too self conscious to do anything that risky. You also don’t want anyone to see you naked…and I want you naked only for me. I called the pool to see if there were any cabanas available, and there was one! It was rather large, next to the pool, and had coverings on all four sides so that we could have privacy. I booked it immediately. We had three hours to use it…so we had to get down to the pool immediately. For as hot as the day was, there were not a lot of people at the pool. We got to our cabana, and then immediately went to the pool. I’m not too fond of swimming, because I don’t like my body, but your god-like body relishes in the swimming. You strip your pants, and I notice you’re wearing a speedo. Your ass bulges commandingly from the rear, and then there’s your cock. The bulge is obscene. Your balls had swollen as much as your manhood, and it was pushing the pouch down. Anyone can see the thick root of your cock easily. You don’t seem to notice or care – your muscles shone in the sunshine, from the sweat and from the sunscreen. We jump into the pool. No one else is in the pool. Too many people were drinking, dancing, or taking selfies. I’m more comfortable than you in the pool, so you stay in the shallow end and I swim all over the pool. I prefer to swim laps, but I didn’t have my prescription goggles so it made it restrictive. I wasn’t happy with swimming that way, but I made it work. You were a blur, but even in that blur I could see your beautiful face and muscular body. I swim back to you. You smile, grab me under my arm pits, and easily pick me up out of the water. I kick the water, playing and partly scared (I didn’t expect that!), and then you throw me back to the deep end. I shoot out of the water, gasp, and call out “you fucker.” You said “only if you’re good” and giggled. Game on. I dove under water and swam at your legs. I stood up, wrapping your legs over my shoulders, and your crotch in my face, and I stand up. You immediately start to worry, because you’re out of the water! I walk around, holding you up this way, and ask you “is this being good?” and start to kiss your cock bulge. You start to moan and then tell me to stop – people will look. I comment that they won’t, since they’re all playing on their phones or drunk. You look around, and notice it’s true. I keep sucking. Your cock stretches more and more, and eventually your speedo breaks. I saw this happening, so I wasn’t surprised when your cock slapped me upside the head. Not going to lie, it really stung. I’m not sure, but it’s feeling thicker than the 15 cm girth and 30 cm length. How you keep becoming more massive, I do not know. I suck on your balls, with your cock hanging on my face and onto my head, and your moaning is getting loud. I feel your balls pull up and start exploding, a fourth time in under an hour, adding more godmade sunscreen onto both of us. Your scream made someone call out, from somewhere and sounding very drunk, “what’s going on?” I got scared and dropped you into the pool. You gasped at that when you came back up, and it was your turn to call me a fucker. I pointed at our cabana, tugged on your 32 cm cock, and said “only if you’re a good boy.” You smiled. --- Email 3. I run and grab your towel to attempt to cover you up as we head back to the cabana. Not going to lie: it was very difficult trying to cover you up. Whatever has been making your muscles grow has made you waist smaller and your penis, now only semi-hard, was pushing 25 cm straight to the side. Watching you walk was amusing to say the least – it looked like you injured your leg…until you notice that massive third leg pushing to the left. We get back into the cabana and you toss away the ridiculous towel. I scold you for being messy, and hang the towel on your cock. You laugh, making it bob up and down. I pull you into the cabana and close the coverings. From the inside it seems rather bright, but having been at the pool noticed you can’t see much of what goes on inside. Probably a lot more alcohol and selfies, based upon the tourists. There are blankets and towels everywhere in the four-square meter space. I had other ideas. I had been pondering why you are getting so much bigger, so much more manlier. Exercise wasn’t entirely doing it – the sex alone should have made you three times the size you are – and it’s not food. Ever since visiting you I notice you don’t eat as much as I think you should. But, since I was trained to think as a scientist, I had a possible cause. I don’t know how it works, but first thing is I must test it. Looking at you, I see how the sun makes a halo around your body. Your pecs, at least 115 cm, look black compared with the light shining around your shoulders and biceps. Your face is hidden, although I’m sure your gorgeous eyes are smiling as big as your mouth is. I had you your glasses, and I grab mine, and we see each other. You are magnificent. God himself couldn’t have made someone so beautiful, so perfect looking, so wonderful, so sweet, so handsome, so charming. I ask you to crawl over to me, and I lie down. I notice that, as you crawl over me, your penis is hard again. I can’t see past it’s profile: it’s so long, so thick, so massive, I can’t see your face or insanely broad chest. I keep my eyes closed and take my glasses off. Then your testicles come into view, and they are bigger than they were. I swear they’re at least 5-7 cm in diameter. How did they get bigger? Just, damn. I can hear more cum being made inside of them – and they must be churning so much testosterone that it keeps that immense log of manhood erect. You sit on my chest. I feel a bit more mass – you are heavier than you were in the pool. I start rubbing your chest and abs. Your six pack is now feeling like they might be eight. Your body is just so hard. Pushing my hands are feeling friction against your skin and muscles – there’s no fat to be found. I only feel striation and veins. The veins are so thick and hot. Your balls push onto my neck, and they’re so heavy I need to try to swallow and breathe. Your cock blocks both of my eyes from seeing you. I keep feeling your muscles, and I slowly start licking your cock. I feel it swelling up thicker with my tongue. My arms swing down and start to feel your thighs. I know the names of every muscle in the thigh. I can feel every muscle, swelling, rippling, generating tens of degrees Celsius. It’s so hot being placed between them. I’m sweating, and it’s slicking them up. I try to reach around and grab you ass. It’s so thick. It’s so hard. It’s so tight. Even with your ass spread open, I can feel your muscle pushing your hole closed. I feel it. So smooth. You giggle at the sensation – is your voice deeper? I might be hearing things. I go back to your thighs and calves. I had not noticed your calves before, but they’re wide and thick. I notice the veins crossing over the back of the swollen muscle. It must also be at least 30 cm around of hard man muscle. You give a loud gasp followed by a deep, sensual moan. As I rub your calves I feel something push against my chin and I feel a cool sting to my forehead. What’s that? Your balls feel like they pulled up and hit my chin…but they’re still crushing my throat. They’ve swollen bigger. That cool sting happened again, but I feel it moving on my forehead. I open my eyes to see your cock – no, a pillar of manliest muscle and fuckhood – standing straight up. It’s almost at your chest, and precum is dripping off it like I just came. I was right. Praising and worshiping your body makes you bigger. I can’t handle this. This defies anything that should make sense. I grab both hands and try to grab your mancock – both hands do not go all the way around it – and I start jerking it. It’s so difficult; the friction is giving my hands blisters. My forearms are burning, as are my arm and shoulder muscles. I cough from your balls bouncing up and down on my throat. I scream your name, acknowledging your body above all others. Your beauty above all others. I want my god to show me his muscles. You give me a double biceps pose, and I see your biceps swell up in size, peaking higher than your shoulders. Your triceps push down. Your forearms swell more. Your lats push outwards. Immediately you move into a most-muscular, where your traps build up higher towards your ears and your chest balloons. Holding onto your cock, you flexed it and pulls me upwards. You tell me to back away as you grab it with your two hands and jerk as hard as you can. I stand up as best I can in the cabana, I bend over to tickle your balls – each the size of an orange – and I gently lick your cockhead. I tickle under neath its flaring sides. You can’t handle it. I can feel, since I’m pressed against this 40 cm monster, waves of contraction move from the base to the head, and you cum again. You hit the top of the cabana and dent it. There is so much cum that it starts flowing over the edges and onto the concrete. You are moaning and screaming as your cock pulses, jet after jet, for two minutes? Three minutes? I don’t know. I’m swimming in your cum and sweat. I’m covered in cum and sweat from your body heat. Once it starts to slow down, you look down at me. You smile with your beautiful, chocolate, love eyes, and I whisper “fuck me.” --- Email 4. I was torn when I saw your massiveness: I know I want you to fill me physically as much as you do with love, but I also knew…I don’t know how this would work. Your cock, at least 40 cm pulsing, would tear me apart. I might not make it. I was willing to try it, because, it’s you. Looking into your beautiful eyes I knew you would not hurt me intentionally. To give me a chance, I ask you to calm down. You awkwardly lower your body – you’re so much bigger than you were, it’s stunning – and sit next to me. In order to calm you down, I start asking you about your mom, to make sure she’s ok. Your face changes, it softens, namely because I know that you have a special place in your heart for her. Her medications are helping her out, but they are just so expensive. I hold your hand during this. You’re not sure what to do. I see tears welling up in your large chocolate eyes. We will make this work. We will make this work. So quickly for your size, you grab me and give me a big hug. For being so hard and muscular, you are so soft and warm. I kiss your cheeks, then rub away your tears. You open your mouth to speak, but I immediately put my fingers onto your lips – those large, succulent lips – and tell you “shh.” Your eyes remain locked onto mine. I move my fingers, and replace them with my lips. Your lips are so soft. I caress the back of your head as you pull my body into yours. I push my tongue into your mouth. You taste even better than your cum does, and your cum is delicious. I continue to make out with you as you slowly lower me down onto my back. We found a spot not still dripping with your cum. Feeling your back move as you move me – it’s just so thick and hot – as I then move my hands around your neck – it’s maybe 35 cm, and barely visible near your insanely huge traps – to your waist, which is so small, and I’m getting aroused again. At times I wish I were growing like you, so I could please you the way you please me. Based upon how you kiss me and caress me and gently handle me, I think you are quite pleased with me. I feel you start to rub your soft cock near my ass. I had slowly been practicing being stretched by you – your girth is so much bigger than my sad looking penis, at times I feel like a child next to you – but even what I’m feeling next to me is somewhat scary. You start rubbing my ass, massaging me to make my hole relax, and continue to kiss me. Your lips are just so soft. After a few minutes of relaxation, you ask me if I’m ready. You push your soft cock – it’s “only” 22 cm at this point and around 10 cm around – in as gently as you can. I’m trying to relax, but even soft you’re so hard. You keep pushing. 5 cm in. 10 cm in. 15 cm in. 20 cm in. I can’t believe that much has been pushed in. You then, slowly, pull all 20 cm out. As you do that, I feel you starting to thicken up. Your erection is coming back. The stretch is painful, but having something that large rubbing against my prostate is unlike anything I have ever felt. I cum immediately. I cum a lot for me. It hurts. You smile, and rub the cum into my abs then start licking your hands. You slowly push the hardening and thickening 27 cm back into me, the friction requiring you to use your strength to overcome the resistance of my body. You pull back out, thickening even more – 13 cm around – lengthening even more – 31 cm. The sensation is unlike anything anyone could describe. My prostate is always being activated by your passive cock. I feel like I have a piece of shit in me that keeps getting bigger and bigger. I look and I can see your bulge inside of my abdomen, as you push back in, swell up even more, and pull out, swelling even more. You continue to kiss my face, rub your arms against my much inferior chest and arms, and I continue to feel your back, your ass, your chest, your arms. My god you are so perfect. You pull almost all 37 cm out – the pressure relieve is amazing – you leave your massive, 6 cm long head in, which is probably 17 cm around by now. You ask me to tell me I love you, and I do. You push all the way back in. I erupt again. And again. It’s too much for me. I am shaking so much that the cabana itself is shaking. You can hear others wondering what we’re doing – stupid drunk tourists – but I don’t care. Your moans were getting louder. After you bottomed out – I felt your balls slap my ass hard – you continued to grow. I felt your cock get even harder inside me. I felt it thicken inside me. I’m pretty sure there should be structural damage inside me, but I don’t feel any pain. Nothing but pleasure. You pull out, slowly, moaning so loudly that others start to giggle at figuring out what we’re doing. Your cock thickens even more as you pull out. It lengthens as you pull out. You keep just the tip in, and use just that to keep fucking me. Just those 10 cm, back and forth, in and out. It tickles so much I cum again. I start masturbating your cock. It’s at least 45 cm if not more. It’s at least 26 cm around – that’s your old forearm width! You start to shake, and I know I can’t handle if you came inside me. That might cause harm. You know that, too, and pull all the way out. Oh my god the relief. You immediately push your cock down into the towels and wooden structure of the cabana, and your God cock breaks the bottom of the cabana. YOU BROKE THE CABANA WITH YOUR COCK. Your roar shakes everything around, and you release again. The blast was so powerful it pushed you back into the cabana, ripping the bottom even more. Cum shot out around three meters everywhere underneath the cabana, and it continued to pulse inside. Five shots took out one of the railings and it collapsed on top of us. You keep cuming. It hits a cabana four meters away. Your cum hits the concrete and makes another pool. You cum and cum for the next five minutes, bathing everything in your manjuice. Guys who didn’t look gay started running over and drinking your cum. Drunk women started using it as lotion. The hotel staff wanted to take their clothes off and masturbate. It was a sight to see – I had found my glasses. You were on your back, erupting like a fountain. If it weren’t for the fact that that we were elevated we might have drown in the cum. Eventually, you stopped. People were in a frenzy, and no one noticed us. I couldn’t walk from the ass pointing you gave me, but I could sit up. I got a glimpse of you before your erection went away. Your cock was 50 cm long at least, your balls the sizes of melons. Your chest, biceps, triceps, forearms, quads, ass, calves, neck, lats, all had grown. It was too much to take in. You pick me up, kiss me gently, with your cock slapping me on my side, and ask me if we should retire to the room. I said yes, falling asleep in your arms.
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