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  1. was it this? http://archive.muscle-growth.org/indexes/21-p260.html
  2. teroyugi

    The Janitor's Secret (Furry)

    The Janitor’s Secret    The sound of feet stomping and clawing against the floors mixed with the murmurs of the students passing by the college hallway. Henry the newly hired intern watched the students passing by his window office with envy in his eyes. How not too long ago he was one of them, a fresh eyed bunny going class to class thinking that after graduation he would be doing something meaningful with his degree. With a heavy sigh he turned his attention back to the outdated computer in front of him. He clicked his mouse furiously but to no avail, the computer was hanging again.    “Ughh! Come on don’t do this to me now. I got to finish tonight or I’m screwed out of my bonus.” Smacking himself in the forehead for not saving fast enough, the ash brown bunny had enough and decided to get away from his desk.    The other students and faculty members didn’t pay much attention to Henry as he walked towards the vending machine down the hall. It was just how he liked it, they didn’t bother him and he could hardly careless about them, though sometimes he wished he had someone to talk to while working, it would make the hours more bearable. Just as he reached the bright orange machine, he scanned through the displayed snacks and drinks only to be disappointed by one empty B5 slot. His favourite peppermint cola was sold out. Cursing the machine Henry grumbled to himself and made mad gesture to the air like he was punching some invisible force.    “Hey, bunny boy,” a deep gruff voice called out to Henry from behind.    He turned to face an older brown rabbit walking towards him, his hands behind his back like he was hiding something. It was the college’s janitor dressed in his dark green jumpsuit, a white patch on the right of his chest wrote “Jeff”. Henry was instantly drawn towards the thick light brown moustache covered Jeff’s upper lips giving the illusion that the bunny spoke through his moustache.    “Looking for these?” He pulled out from behind two bright pink cans with a green mint tea design plastered on the centre.    “Peppermint Cola!” Henry leapt into Jeff’s arms and hoisted the older bunny into the air by the hips, spinning him around as he celebrated his knight in green jumpsuit. As they spun the excited bunny missed a step and nearly tripped.    “Woah, careful, careful. I don’t want to end up in the E.R. for getting tossed by a coke addicted bunny.”    “Sorry.” Henry gently lowered Jeff back onto the ground. “Did they set up another vending machine in the college?"    “Nah, I just passed by this one during my route and noticed there were only two cans left. And guess who I thought about right away.”    “Aww, shucks you shouldn’t have. Hey, let me grab my sandwich from the office and I’ll meet you and at the usual spot.”    Jeff nodded and walked away with the drinks in hand. Henry skipped back to his office with a song in his heart. His computer’s screen flickered for a few seconds before projecting a completely blue screen, but Henry didn’t have time for it. Just as he was about to step out the office again a shrill female voice called out to him. “Henry! Henry, I’m talking to you!”    Chills ran down the bunny’s spine. He was so close to getting away. Turning back there was no one there, but that was nothing new. The head clerk had her own room while Henry worked the desk job where all the students can come and go. “Henry, where are the test results I asked you to key in for the new semester?” She asked again.    “It’s a work in progress. The dumb computer is acting up again, I can’t do anything about it.” Henry yelled back towards the door of the head clerk.    “That’s no excuse Henry, get IT to check,” her voice answered back.    “I did. They came in earlier and said they can’t do anything about it, and we don’t have any spare computer’s left.”    “Well, I hope you figure out a way out of this Mr. Henry. It’s your head on the line if you don’t fix this mess.”    Henry growled on the inside, his ears stood up and his bunny tail did an unnoticeable swish. Still he managed to hide the rage in his voice. “I’ll get to it when I’m back Ms. June. I’m just out to get my lunch.  “Make sure you do.”    He grabbed the brown paper bag he stuffed into his drawer and headed back to meet Jeff.    Henry was rummaging through the bag making sure he did have the ham and cheese sandwich he made for Jeff earlier in the morning. It was a weird experience for the bunny to cook a piece of meat, usually the bunny kind were vegetarian, not that there weren’t a few omnivores in the crowd. When Henry first saw Jeff eating a whole hoagie he was only mildly surprised. Having an odd diet seemed to fit Jeff’s already odd long ears and the fact that he had a Ph.D. in Genetic Engineering but ended up working as a janitor.    From a distance Henry could see Jeff sitting in their usual spot, a metal table and two chairs tucked in the corner of an empty hallway. Two plastic plants blocked the window behind the seat giving their place a nice cool atmosphere. The older bunny had unzipped his jumpsuit down the front middle, exposing his firm and fit body hidden under his thin white t-shirt he wore underneath. Henry gulped, his eyes widened at the sight of the mature beefcake in front of him nonchalantly browsing his phone, not noticing the growing tent in Henry’s pants.    Henry quickly took a seat. “Sooo, here’s the sandwich I promised” He pulled out the aluminium wrapped snack and placed it close to Jeff.    Jeff tapped a few buttons on his phone before putting it away. “Thanks man,” said Jeff as he unwrapped his meal, “so you catch the documentary I recommended last night?”    Henry was caught off guard with a bite of the sandwich in his mouth. “Mmm,” he swallowed, “not really, I got home pretty late and by then I just wasn’t in the mood for another lecture.” “Really? How tiring can it be to sit behind a desk and type long boring reports?” Jeff asked with a sarcastic tone.    “Pff, well not all of us can have an easy job wiping off paint from the lockers.” Henry took another bite of his sandwich with a sly smile.    “Don’t remind me, the thing still won’t come off, and I know for sure there is a pool right underneath the locker that I have to deal with all on my own, it’s going to take the whole night!”    “Better you than me,” Henry replied, “is that how you stay in shape? Cause seriously how do you keep up that bod?”    “You really want to know?” Jeff pulled his seat closer to Henry, he leaned close, their face just inches away. Henry nodded. “Then you got to watch that documentary,” Jeff announced to a confused looking Henry, “You’ll understand once you see it. Anyways here, these are for you.” Jeff placed the two cans of cola on the table.    “Wait, you don’t want one?” Henry asked    “Nah, I got them for you. One of your two favourite things in the world, this and, “Jeff leaned in close to whisper, “huge muscular guys.”    Henry blushed, “You make it sound so dirty.”    “Well muscle fetish is rare but not the oddest fetish in the world. That’s why I told you to watch that documentary?” Jeff ate up the rest of his sandwich.    “No way, you mean it’s a documentary on muscles?” Henry asked, his eyes widened with excitement.    “Well no, but it’s related,” Jeff replied, “anyways I got to head off, my lunch break got cut in half today anyways. I got a massive spill up to clear courtesy of the Cullinary club. See you later kiddo.”    “Bye,” Henry waved as he watched the janitor head off. He looked at the two cans of cola and thought to himself, “Jeff is so sweet. Would he… would he ever want to be with me?” The young rabbit had long developed a crush on the older custodian, but never had the guts to tell him about it. What with the age difference, and how wise Jeff was, Henry never thought himself good enough for him. But still, he found peace with just imagining one day being with the older bunny.    The rest of the day passed by at a breakneck pace. Henry ran up and down trying to find someone who had a spare computer he could use, but to no avail, so he had to beg the lecturer that needed the report and managed to buy himself another few days at least.    His shirt was a mess with sweat stains and the wrinkles of the day. Henry stared blankly at the ceiling having just completed a stack of invitation letters that his superior so graciously forgot to tell him to do earlier. His eyelids felt heavy. His stomach growled angrily. “What tine is it?” he pulled out his phone. “8:20 p.m. Yeah I think that’s a good time to head back.”    Henry turned off the office lights and started his march down to the ground floor. The escalators were out, so they were practically overpriced stairs. To make matters worse, every floor was dimly lit with the most minimum of light possible, so half the time Henry was walking through darkness. Fortunately, he had his phone’s flashlight to guide him. When he came upon the first floor he heard the sound of metal clanking, it came from further within the hallway-near the student lockers. The bunny wondered if that could be Jeff still working on the locker clean-ups, if so he would want to say goodbye to the old guy first. Henry turned towards the hallway on his left and noticed Jeff facing the entrance under the orange light. The janitor bunny didn’t seem to notice Henry hiding behind the side of the door. To the right of Jeff was his bucket and mop leaning against the wall.    “Hey Je-“” Henry’s voice faded into silence when he saw Jeff grimacing, his hands formed into fists. His first thought was to rush over and help Jeff, he looked like he was in pain. Then the weirdest thing happened, he saw Jeff slowly growing taller and taller. “What the hell?” Henry whispered.    As Jeff grew closer to reaching the 8-foot-tall ceiling. The sounds of fabric stretching and tearing echoed through the empty hallway. Henry’s jaw dropped when he saw Jeff’s chest expand and fill until they were the size of two huge watermelons. The sudden shift in size caused his zipper to fall all the way down releasing his heaving pectorals. Even his white shirt underneath gave in and tore down the middle exposing the juicy, muscular pecs and his large erect nipples. The sleeves of his jumpsuit tried keep up with his growing arms, bulging and stretching as his biceps and triceps engorged with size, slowly getting bigger and bulkier causing holes to tear on his sleeves. Jeff moaned, and kissed his right bicep now larger than his own head. “Fuck, yes! More!” he erotically said, his voice now deeper. With a guttural growl Henry watched as Jeff’s shoulders grew in length, blocking out the back of the hallway. Jeff’s eyes were mad with power, he threw his head upwards showing his thickening neck, with one deep vein visible even under his fur. Henry nearly yelped when he saw the janitor’s traps suddenly enlarge and even encompass the rabbit’s neck, until he looked like he had no neck at all.    Then came his legs, ballooning with thickness. The growth spread from his thighs down to his calves, which literally exploded off the lower part of his jumpsuit. His shoes followed suit, breaking off into pieces of fibre as the bunny’s gargantuan paws burst free. Down the older rabbit’s right thigh it looked like a snake was slithering down. Jeff dug his meaty fingers into his jumpsuit and pulled out his hefty melon size balls and the ‘snake’, a long pink member with an exposed tip. “YES!” Jeff let out. The growth was complete.    Henry didn’t understand was going on, but the stiffness in his groin kept him watching. His hand reached down and started to grope his hard dick through his pants.    The janitor was a hulk of his former self. With ever movement the top of his head would graze the ceiling. The muscular janitor turned towards the row of lockers. He stretched his arms out and managed the grab both sides of the stack of lockers. Jeff spread his legs out, letting his balls dangle freely, and with a grunt he lifted the lockers into the air. Henry gasped. The gigantic muscle rabbit shifted a bit and placed the lockers further away along the hallway. He turned his now V shaped back, with deep groves running down them towards Henry, still oblivious to his adoring fan. The janitor clapped his hands and grabbed the mop.    Henry wondered what other feats of strength would the senior rabbit do? Will he break the mop? No- he just dipped it into his bucket and started mopping the floor. An anti-climatic ending to what Henry had witnessed earlier, he smacked himself on the forehead in disbelief. A slap so loud that it perked the ears of the overgrown janitor.    “Who’s there?” his deep voice commanded to know as he turned to face the door.    Thoughts of fleeing and surrendering himself to his friend raced through Henry’s horned up brain, and in that horned up manner he made the stupid choice-to run. Henry ran the opposite direction, and with each step he felt the ground shook, Jeff was after him!    Henry made a quick turn to the left into the men’s room, and hid in the first stall. He placed a hand over his mouth and cursed himself for trapping himself. The shaking grew stronger with every passing second. He shuddered at the sound of the toilet door slamming open followed by the frustrated grunt of Jeff. “Fucking hell, why didn’t they make bigger toilet doors,” Jeff complained.    The walls shook with the sounds of Jeff slamming himself through the doorway. If he wasn’t scared shitless Henry might have enjoyed seeing that. With one final push Jeff broke through, and some pieces of the doorway too. “Make it easy on yourself and come out! I can rip these stalls apart with one hand. Now show yourself, I know you saw the whole thing…Henry!” Jeff said, his back against the doorway to prevent another escape attempt.    Henry opened the stall door and stepped out slowly. He held his hands together, and his shoulders caved in like a nervous high schooler about to ask the girl of his dreams out to the prom. He took a quick peek upwards and saw the tip of Jeff’s nose past his pecs. “Shit, that’s hot!” Henry thought. The front of his pants was in full mass, but there was no point in hiding it anymore, he probably was going to be killed off for knowing too much.    The scared rabbit looked up again and started to speak. “Before you kill me- I just have one thing to say-“    “Henry,” Jeff tried to interrupt.    “I am more useful to you alive than dead. For one thing if I die, you have a bigger mess to clean up-”    “Henry,listen to-“    “And, it’s not like I am going to tell anyone. I mean a janitor turns into a muscle giant, who would believe that-“    “Henry!”    “And I will do whatever you say. I’ll be your loyal slave, Igor, sidekick, whatever. Please just don’t kill me-”    “HENRY! I’M NTO GOING TO KILL YOU”    “Ok, just butt fuck me to death at least! Err, what?”    The colossal bunny laughed, and pushed Henry against his titanic chest, practically suffocating the tiny guy. “I’m not mad ok. I’m actually glad you found out about my research,” Jeff said.    Henry pulled his head up and looked into his giant captor’s eyes. “This was your research? Oh my gosh, it’s so cool.”    Jeff had a cocky smile plastered on his face. He signalled Henry to wait. And in a blink of an eye grew again, ripping apart his jumpsuit into tiny pieces of rag on the floor. The muscle bunny was naked like a new born baby.    “Yeah you like it? Instantaneous muscle growth,” Jeff released Henry and pulled his arms up into a double bicep pose, “I can control how big I get just like that. You like?”    “Hell yeah! You-you’re like my muscle wet dream. Those arms!” Henry said leaping with joy as he pointed as Jeff’s arms.    “Oh yeah, these babies can lift a house if I try to, give it a feel,” Jeff crouched down and Henry happily accepted the invite and pressed his fingers deep into Jeff’s bicep but it barely moved.    “Fuck,” Henry exclaimed.    “What do you think of these?” Jeff placed his hands on his hips and jutted out his chest.    Henry buried his face between Jeff’s pecs and moterboated them. “They’re perfect” he said though muffled by fur and muscle.    Jeff laughed heartily and stood back up in his full height. He turned his back and gave the largest lat spread Henry very saw in his history of watching porn. “What about these buns?” Jeff shook his bubble butt and cotton tail.    “I could eat them all day,” Henry said as he approached and cupped the firm glutes in his smaller hands. He also noticed that Jeff had a white patch on the middle off his butt.    Jeff could Henry’s boner poking against this ass, the bigger rabbit then wiggled his ass until Henry’s boner stuck between his ass cheeks. Henry moaned and his face turned a deep shade of red. “Jeff, what are you?”    The muscle rabbit placed his thick hands against the doorway and started riding the trapped dick as best he could. Jeff’s body craved it, every fibre of his body wanted to pleasure Henry and to have his warmth inside of him.    “Jeff, stop!” Henry pulled his dick out, now with a big wet spot on the front.    “What?” Jeff turned back, looming menacingly over Henry. The older rabbit’s dick was hard as a rock, and came up to his stomach. A thick odour of musk washed over the smaller rabbit, and he could feel his dick ready to burst at any second.    “You still don’t want me? What’s wrong? I did this for you! Am I not big enough? Cause I can get huge!” Jeff was coming closer and closer to Henry, forcing him to back away to the back of the wall. The older rabbit’s dick shuddered as Jeff moved forward.    “TELL ME,” Jeff bent down his face a mix of rage and sadness. Henry never saw him like this before.    “No, no. You got it all wrong. I like this, I like you. Just I pictured our first time would be a bit more romantic?”    “Oh,” Jeff retreated back, he wiped the back of his neck. “Sorry, I, err this form kind of makes me more easily aroused and aggressive.”    Henry nodded. The larger bunny then took Henry’s hands and held them. “I would really like to try again if you would give me the chance.”    “Of course, and well… I wouldn’t say no to the bigger proposal,” Henry replied.    “You size queen. Now come on, I think you had a bit too much excitement for one night. I’ll message you soon, and yeah, let’s go on a date,” Jeff said.    “Totally.” Henry beamed with excitement. He broke their hand holding moment and was off.    He still could not believe what had just happened. On the bus ride home, he expected to suddenly wake up and everything would reveal itself to be a dream, but it didn’t happen. Just as the bus pulled over he received a text from Jeff. Henry blushed and ran quickly inside his home, running past his sleeping big brother on the couch.    Inside his room, he opened the text which had a picture attached. It was Jeff all muscled up with a his hardon. In his hand he was holding a trash can next to his member just for comparison. The dick was almost of equal length to the container. At the bottom, the caption read, “This can be in you if you just ask.”    Henry sank back into his bed and smiled. He knows what he will be jerking off to tonight. To be continued… Do comment
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    Hard at Work [Part 4 added - 7/23/18]

    Nice cant wait for more
  4. pssh I wish, still looking around. But haven't found any.
  5. Just wanted to ask around what is it like to be a gay muscular guy in south east asia? Like how do you go about finding a relationship? And more kink related how do you engage in muscle worship sessions?
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    Father on steroids?

  7. Hello from Russia! do you love muscle beasts? Especially furry? I love them so much :) Awesome fetish!

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    I'm Bigger! (Furry)

    I’m Bigger! The air in the gym was humid and thick with the smell of sweat in the air. Believe it or not the heat was being pumped out from the gym patrons themselves. There were five of them: a Rapidash on the treadmill, a Typhlosion working on the dumbbells, an Infernape on the bench press and a Blaziken and Incineroar chatting while entering the workout room. Radiating heat off their bodies, the fire Pokémon turned the small gym into an oven capable of cooking an egg on the workout equipment.Their combined heat wafted into the registration room to the right. Poor Pete the sheepdog was sweating bullets behind the reception counter. His thick light grey and white fur coat was not helping him survive the heat. He considered taking off his white polo shirt and just blow his fur against the stand fan he kept on his desk since there wasn’t anyone else coming in. He had just pulled his wet shirt half way up when the sound of the front door opening caught himoff guard. “Crap!” Pete furiously pulled his shirt back down. “Err welcome to…ha...gym…” Pete’s voice trailed into an inaudible whisper as he stared dumbfounded at the large Arcanine looming over his desk. The fire canine was almost shirtless, clad in only a black stringer hoodie but didn’t cover his head. Pete was enthralled by the heaving black pectorals so wide and thick that they look like they could balance a water bottle on them. What enthralled Pete more was the thick bush of cream colored fur covered his chin and ran down his chest like a furry blanket. A tent rose in the middle of his light blue shorts when he caught sight of the Pokémon’s bulgingbiceps and triceps pushed to their sides by the widest lats Pete ever saw in the gym. The orange limbs with black stripes across them made the Pokémon’s muscles look fierce and powerful. He felt a warm sensation building in the pit of his stomach as his eyes traced down the Arcanine’s pecs to the two juicy nipples standing erect calling out to the receptionist to lick them. Blushing deeply, Pete focused on the customer’s deep brown eyes. “Hey,” the Arcanine said with a deep and gruff voice. “H-hi! Welcome to Bulk Up Station. I’m Pete. How can I help you?” the sheepdog asked as he extended his paw out for a handshake. The Arcanine replied with a grunt, releasing a tiny puff of black smoke from his nostrils before reciprocating the hand shake with a tight squeeze. “Max. I’m here about the Friday Fire type Special,” Max said. Something like a switch in Pete’s brain turned on at the sound of the Arcanine’s request. His duties came first over any of his personal desires. The sheepdog pulled out a form and proceeded to ask for the Arcanine’s details. “It’s our gym’s policy to register any new members for security purposes. And you qualify for our Friday Fire Type Special so your entry fee today is fifty percent off, so it’s five bucks. But for twenty you can sign up for an annual membership and every Friday you’ll get access to our gym’s special sauna. One of a kind. Won’t find it anywhere in town.” Pete unloaded his sales pitch with great confidence. All of which Max was half listening to while he filled out his form, he replied the receptionist with a flat “I’ll think about it.” “Ok, but before you start your workout let me give you a quick tour of the place and assign you your locker.” Pete rushed out from behind his desk. He gulped when he noticed the Arcanine’s hefty legs. Max’s black shorts only covered a quarter of his tree trunk thighs; the fabric hugged his legs so tightly it looked like it was painted on him. Trying to play it cool the dog commented on how the Pokémon’s white duffle bag looked good on him and proceeded to lead the way inside. Upon entering the workout area all eyes fell on the tall imposing Arcanine. The Typhlosion who was the closest to them nearly dropped his dumbbell in shock.Pete was aware of the attention the new patron was getting, and was getting uncomfortable with the stares in his direction and the intense heat inside the room. “So this is the workout area.To my right are the tread mill, across is the dumbbells, barbells and benches.And further right of that we have the leg press, pull down and rowing machines.” Max did not respond and simply followed the gym receptionist through the workout area. He passed by the Rapidash standing on the treadmill pretending to look behind the Arcanine while covering the front of his pants;a failed attempt at hiding the fire horse’s cock as his dickhead was already poking through the pants right hole.But Max just pretended he didn’t see it. After the workout area the two entered the locker room. It was equally as large as the workout area.The only difference was that the room held three rows of lockers, two on the side of the walls and one in the middle. Between each row of lockers were wooden benches for the patrons to sit on. “So if you keep heading straight you’ll find the shower stalls.And behind that is the members only sauna.” Pete walked ahead to the fifth locker on the left. “And this is your locker.” The receptionist handed Max the key and left the room in a hurry painfully aware that being alone with the muscle bound Pokémon alone was stirring back feelings in his loins. Alone the Arcanine opened the locker to find a piece of paper inside. Max brought the paper closer and felt his blood boil when he realized it was a photograph of a familiar dingo. “Booker,” Max said with disdain in his voice. Memories of that faithful day began flooding in. It happened three years ago in Max’s community college hall. There was a bodybuilding competition in the Canine frat house.The fraternity was organizing it to raise money for charity. Only a male category was held and there were only four participants at first. Each of them represented a charity of their choice and whoever won would receive a thousand dollars for said charity. It was planned for there to be just the compulsory poses and an encore solo session for the winner. As they were playing by their own rules the judges were made up of a panel of three of three senior members: two German Shepherds and a husky.The rest filled up the audience seats. Max was just twenty-two when he entered that competition. Back then he had more of a middleweight’s build since he just started bodybuilding. He was around 170 pounds. Not as meaty as he is today but he had the puffy pecs, the cobblestone six pack abs, the steel like arms, the wide back with deep grooves running down, and the thickest legs in the whole frat house. He remembered that it was the most exciting moment of his life.It was his first competition and no matter how small it was, it was still something he wanted to win. An hour before setting up,he ran around the frat house just to try to lose some water in him. Thirty minutes before judging time the Arcanine was in his blue posing trunks with the number 33 pinned to his side. He could hear the cheering audience behind the curtain. Some were cheering louder than others-probably they were drunk on beer, he thought. Max took this chance to do a little light curling with the five-pound dumbbell provided backstage.This way, he could get his veins to pop more and it helped him psych out the competition. Sure enough the other competitors were feeling the pressure. A Dalmatian and a wolf had to turn away to face the wall to protect themselves from Max’s intimidation game. Now they were decent competitors, Max admitted.They all look ripped but the Arcanine had the height advantage. His toughest competition that he saw was the giraffe who was practicing his poses in the right hand corner of the backstage. That fur was massive, thick with muscles but not as vascular as Max. Five minutes remained to show time. Everyone was getting into position for the curtain to rise when suddenly one of the competition organizers came in from behind. The wolf wearing a red jumpsuit yelled, “Wait, wait! We got one more.” A dark and large shadow behind him shifted and moved.From the shadows came the largest dingo anyone ever saw. He was at least seven feet tall as his head reached halfway of the giraffe’s neck. He had thickly muscled arms like someone shoved a cantaloupe in there and his shoulders were so wide he took up the entire doorway when he came in. Max stared gawking at the behemoth approaching him, a response he believed everyone backstage had when they saw the dingo. The dingo had a handsome face almost like a new born pup with big bright hazelnut eyes. Light orange fur ran down his arms, back and thighs, but from his bottom chin to his upper chest, as well as his paws and feet was covered in snow white fur. Max had to crane his neck upwards just to get a glimpse of the tip of his snout. The dingo’s pecs and were so thick it had blocked out most of the dingo’s snout when seen from below. Max’s hands started to tremble when he saw the humongous bulge stuffed inside the straining blue posing trunks. “Is that allowed? The dog looks like he stuffed a backpack inside there,” thought the Arcanine. His mind went blank while he stared at the powerful jackhammer-sized legs. All hope of winning the competition vanished in that instant. “So where do I stand?” the dingo asked the organizer. “Oh over here.To the right of Max.” The dingo moved to his place and Max snapped out of his daze as the competition was about to start. “Break a leg Booker.All of you too.”The way the wolf said the second part sounded like everyone was doomed from the start, and Max was starting to believe it. Rock music started to play from the other side of the curtain. The announcer started his opening speech so all the contestants had to line up. “…Here are our contestants!” said the announcer as the curtain rose quickly, bathing Max in the warm yellow spotlight above. A loud unanimous gasp came from the audience; their eyes were fixed on the massive dingo. It was then that Max felt the heavy weight of hopelessness. No one in the audience was paying attention to him. They all just sat there with mouths agape staring at Booker. Keeping his eyes on the crowd Max struggled to keep a smile up as he moved from pose to pose.Deep down he just wanted it to end. He swore he saw the front row audience groping at their crotches-their boners rose in excitement as they watched the dingo flex. The whole compulsory posing lasted for fifteen minutes but then the solo pose dragged on for an hour just because the crowd couldn’t get enough of the titanic dingo. Eventually the other contestants joined in on celebrating the winner. Not Max though.The Arcanine watched from afar, glaring at the dingo flexing his muscles without a care in the world. “Someday… Someday I’ll beat you,” Max vowed with fury. Those feelings of being so small were creeping back to Max, fixing his eyes at the photograph of Booker holding a bodybuilding championship trophy while performing a double bicep pose. The picture was recent according to the date, and just as Max feared-the dingo was bigger. Cursing under his breath, the Arcanine chucked the picture back into the locker along with his bag. Now that he was getting agitated he walked off to the workout area in a huff. Max needed to blow off some steam, and the only way he knew howwas to lift. The warm up session was a good starting point for him.Even at the height of his growth endeavors the Pokémon never skimped on the little things. Starting with the elliptical rowing machine and ending with some bodyweight exercises he was ready for the real deal. As he made his way to the dumbbell rack it dawned on him that the other Pokémon were leaving the gym. The Blaziken and Incineroar held their backpacks close to their groins while trying to avoid Max’s gaze. “Horndogs, all of them,” thought Max. Turning his attention back to his weights he stacked four forty-four pound plates onto the bar and began curling. With each raise of the dumbbell Max felt the tension in his biceps. His biceps bulged and thick veins popped out along his arms. He loved the way his arms felt heavier with every curl.To Max that meant his muscles were being pushed to the limits. Finally done with the twentieth rep Max lowered the dumbbell back down, panting with his tongue out. Beads of sweat ran down his face. His ears then perked up to the sound of the door behind him opening. “Another customer?” he thought.Deciding that it wasn’t any of his business he picked up the dumbbell again ready to move on to his pec exercises. But then he heard that too familiar voice, playful like there wasn’t a care in the world but deeper now. “Hey there small stuff, lifting light I see. Need someone to sport you?” The voice came from behind Max. Annoyed by the fact that he was called small, Max turned to face the speaker only to have his snout slam into a wall of fur. Surprised, the Arcanine tried to push the fur back but he just wouldn’t budge.It felt like he was pressing against a wall of bricks. Instead Max was forced back against the dumbbell rack.When he got a good look at the other fur he swore that he got goose bumps all over his body. “Booker?” Max said with a surprised expression as he took in the dingo entire stature. There stood Booker broader than before.His humongous muscles gave the illusion that he was taller. He looked like he could cover half a whiteboard with his immense size. His blue full body workout clothes were stretched to the limits. Everything about him was bigger. His biceps and triceps now bulged to the size of a bowling ball. Deep ridges formed his six pack abs; they were so well defined one could shred cheese on them. Even through his clothes his huge and shredded obliques was clearly visible. Max gulped when his eyes looked down and saw the gigantic bulge resting between thighs as thick as a stack of three steel beams. “Oh hey nice to meet a fan,” Booker said as he extended his paw for a handshake. Max begrudgingly returned the handshake. His eyes widened when he felt the dingo’s strong grip. “I’m not a fan. We met before.We competed in college. Don’t you remember me? I’m Max,” said the Arcanine breaking the handshake. Booker cocked his head to the right with a quizzical expression, “College…hmm…college…oh you mean the frat contest. Yeah now I remember there was a smaller Arcanine there. That was you? Small world, buddy.” The dingo slapped Max in the back with such force it pushed him closer to the dingo’s stomach. Feeling a little claustrophobic Max moved out of the way. “Yeah, well. I guess you workout here too then?” he asked. “Eeyup, my mate owns this place. Helped him build it up and now I provide coaching services for new members.” Booker crossed his arms. “So the offer still stands for some coaching.” “No thanks.Do I really look like I need coaching?” Max raised his arms up and performed a double bicep flex. His body radiated heat as though to mimic the pride he felt inside for the muscles he had grown for years. “Woo! We have a Machoke in the house,” the dingo teased with a sly smile like he knew something Max didn’t. Slightly annoyed by the lack of response he got, the Arcanine turned and said, “Like you can do better.” Booker smiled and walked over to the dumbbell rack to set up his own weights. “I’ve got nothing to prove buddy. It’s all good.” The Arcanine rolled his eyes at the dingo thinking that he gave his competition too much credit. Through the corner of his eyes Max saw that Booker was lifting a measly 88lbs dumbbell. “Weak,” thought Max. Watching Booker curl those weights made a cocky grin grow on Max’s face. His once powerful rival looked like he was struggling with such a light weight puffing and huffing after only three repetitions. Desiring to show how much he had surpassed Booker the Arcanine let loose a menacing growl while he curled. “Come on. Look at me, look at how huge I got! Who’s the runt now?!” thought Max. Then he heard the unmistakable sound of cloth tearing. His ears perked and his head turned to the right just in time to watch the right side of Booker’s clothes stretch and tear away from the shoulders and across his chest. Another rip was heard and this time it was across the dingo’s chest. “Ah... yeah... more,” Booker said. Standing in disbelief Max watched the dingo’s upper body balloon up in size slowly. Every time Booker curled the weights more of his shirt tore away, exposing his growing arm with veins snaking along the peak of his biceps. Right before his eyes Max watched the dingo’s arms continuously expand until it was the size of a beach ball. “Ugh, they don’t make clothes like they used to,” Booker said with a wink. The dingo dropped the weights and proceeded to tear away what was left of his shirt off of him. He now stood half naked with a ‘shelf’ large enough for four furs to rest their heads on. “Enjoying the view doggy? I ain’t even serious yet. Imagine how much bigger I can get with more heavierweights,” Booker said with a cocky smile. He proceeded to bounce his pecs before grabbing the weights again. Max gulped. All the energy in his legs were drained as he stood there watching the behemoth’s dancing pecs now inches away from his snout. He had to fight the urge to stick his tongue out and just lick every inch of Booker’s massive chest. “Wait a minute, what was I thinking? It’s leg day,” Booker suddenly proclaimed. Without giving Max a chance to respond, the dingo holding a dumbbell in each paw squatted down. A loud tear echoed through the empty gym as he went down. Max didn’t need to ask to know what happened. Rising back up to his full height Max felt smaller than ever. More tearing followed as the dingo’s thigh exploded in size. The canine’s quads grew so thick it could overshadow an entire fireplace log. With an earth-quaking grunt, Booker’s pants flew off past Max’s head, setting free the anaconda growing between his powerful thighs. A wave of hot musk wafted from the dingo’s erect cock. His hefty balls hung low, each the size of a full grown Marill. The sexual tension building inside Max was too much to bear. Inside him the part of him that wanted to pounce on the muscle giant was duking out with his sense of self control. In the end there was a clear winner. Max craned his head upwards and let loose a Flamethrower blast onto the ceiling. He then ripped off his shirt with one might pull. Lost in lust Max forced himself onto the towering stud and planted a deep kiss on Booker’s lips. Max’s tongue struggled for dominance inside Booker’s mouth. The larger dingo’s tongue was just too wide and strong. Their kiss felt like it lasted an hour before they finally broke off, a thin line of saliva still connecting their lips. “Why don’t you get a little more comfortable, hmm?” Booker asked as he stripped Max of his shorts, freeing his throbbing hot boner. Overwhelmed with the desire to kiss and lick every inch of the muscle fur’s body, Max jumped onto Booker, causing him to topple backwards from max’s immense weight. The two crashed onto the matted floor. Whimpering like a dog begging for his treat, the Arcanine buried his snout between the dingo’s heavy pecs. Their members pressed against one another, throbbing and wetting each other’s abs with the pre leaking from the tips. Booker grinned with glee but lifted the Arcanine off of him with ease. The fire dog was dangling in the air as two powerful paws held him by the shoulders. Max was panting heavily, his eyes staring at the dingo with a mix of lust and weakness. “Slow down fire hound. I appreciate the attention, but this ain’t how you service muscles,” said Booker. The dingo grabbed his two dumbbells and made his way to a nearby bench. “Spot me,” he said. Max nodded and stood behind the dingo’s head, his erection hovering over Booker’s snout. Its musky scent was starting to get to Booker, how he wanted to suck on the Arcanine’s thick meat. “Grab on to my pecs,” Booker said sternly. Just when max pressed his paws against Booker’s pecs the dingo lifted the dumbbells closer to his chest to perform a dumbbell fly. Max whispered “Wow.” His paws felt every fiber of the dingo’s muscle flex and bulge. But it didn’t end there.His fingers were suddenly being spread apart as the wall of pecs began to grow, stretching further to the side and feeling fuller in his paws. Aroused by the live muscle growth Max’s cock twitched and started dripping hot pre on Booker’s face. The dingo happily lapped every drop. Booker decided to make the first move. Extending his head up Booker’s lips managed to reach the warm hot member above him. His tongue lapped Max’s dick eagerly, spreading the pre along the Pokémon’s shaft. “Aaah, not the dickhead,” Max said with a shudder. The dingo was teasing his tip like a pro, his tongue twirling around the tip and occasionally poking into his slit. All the while Booker was still lifting albeit at a slower rate, slower and slower until the dumbbells were just left on the ground. Max was close; the bombardment of stimulation was too much for him to bear. Loudly he yelled, “Gonna cum!” A hot wave of cum shot out, bathing the dingo’s pectorals in their creamy heat. “Fuck yea, got lots of protein in ya.” The dingo scooped up a finger full of cum and licked it off seductively. Booker stood back up, his monstrous back flared, reigniting the Arcanine’s loins once again, and as impossible as it was, Booker was thicker and harder than before. He turned towards the naked Arcanine and proceeded to raise his arms into the air. In a blink of an eye his whole body tensed as he performed a double bicep pose. “Come get your treat boy,” Booker teased. Eager to comply, Max grabbed onto Booker’s right bulging bicep, squeezing it with all his might. “Fuck, it’s so big,” Max said. “Mmm, damn right,” Booker replied. Max kissed the mountain-like bicep before lapping it hungrily with his hot tongue. The taste and smell of Booker’s muscles sent shivers down Max’s spine. He regretted ever suppressing his insatiable lust for the muscle dog’s body. Blushing deeply, Max gripped tightly onto the engorged bicep when his cock shot a wad of pre into the air and landed on Booker’s right nipple. “Aww look at the mess you made.” Booker said as he brought his arms down to his hips. Thrusting his cock forward, the dingo moved to a front lat spread. His pecs flexed and hardened into a wall of steel. “You got some cleaning to do Max,” Booker said with a cocky smile. Obedient to his muscle overlord, the Arcanine pressed himself closer and began suckling on the nub of his pec. The salty taste of his own pre was so familiar since he had cum many times into his own maw when Max pleasured himself at home. Booker groaned loudly.His nipples were his greatest weak point. While he enjoyed the tongue bath he got Booker ran his right paw down the Pokémon’s back. His fingers traced the deep grooves down from Max’s soldiers all the way to his hips. The sensation of a thick rod suddenly penetrating his butthole made Max yelp and shake. “Oh fuck,” Max let out as Booker’s huge middle finger invaded his hole further. Booker enjoyed watching the Pokémon squirm so easily. Another finger entered, stretching Max’s insides further. Max’s face tensed as he struggled to accommodate the thick meaty fingers inside him. Unconsciously, his mouth latched onto Booker’s right pec again and continued to suckle at it harder. All the while Booker was finger fucking Max until the Arcanine came all over the dingo’s thigh. Booker grunted before saying, “Don’t think it’s over yet. My dick needs servicing too.” With a loud pop Booker pulled his fingers out of Max’s ass. The Pokémon still hard dropped to his knees and began to rub his snout against the big dog’s warm musky balls. “Ah fuck yea. Lap it up,” Booker said between shallow breaths. The Arcanine got down and licked Booker’s balls. Slowly his tongue moved upwards, bathing the hard shaft with saliva and pre from the tip. Max only managed to take in half of the meaty pole in his mouth before he started gagging. Using his free paws, the burning hot Pokémon stroked the remaining exposed part of Booker’s cock with one paw while the other groped his heavy balls. Booker was blushing intensely as he relished the hot moist touch of Max’s mouth on his cock. Copious amounts of pre gushed out, bathing the horny Arcanine’s face and naked body. “You know you’re a lot more fun when you’re not all about trying to best me in something,” Booker said playfully, draping a shoulder over the naked Pokémon, pulling him close for a hug. Max turned his head away to hide his shame. In all the commotion he had lost sight of what he set out to do, and now he was putty in the muscular dingo’s paws. Booker was quick to notice Max’s reaction. He surprised Max by suddenly pressing the Arcanine’s head into his armpit. Caught off guard Max struggled for a minute to push himself away. His nose burned with the smell of the sweaty dingo. “What the hell was that for?” Max asked. Booker laughed. “You got time to daydream, you can have a little jerk off competition with me. First one to cum loses.” “That came out of nowhere,” thought Max, but he was never one to turn down a challenge. Still sitting side by side, the two grabbed each other’s cock with one paw and slowly jerked the other off. Max’s body shuddered at the dingo’s touch. He expected it to be rough and almost painful considering the amount of muscle that made up Booker’s arm. But the dingo was surprisingly firm yet gentle. He knew when to grip Max’s shaft tightly and when to let go just to tease him, build the pressure inside his balls. His thumb caressed the tip of Max’s dick, sending waves of euphoria up the Pokémon’s spine. Streams of pre gushed from Max’s tip. Overcome by the sensations flooding his body, Max’s will to win began to waver as his paw was slowing to a stop on Booker’s dick. “Oh yeah, cum big boy. Cum for Booker,” his rival whispered. Hearing those words reignited Max’s desire to win. The Arcanine forced himself to concentrate. While he gasped he jerked Booker off with increasing speed. Booker growled, his own cock was reacting to Max’s skilled paw. Twitching and pulsating Booker’s cock released a heavy load of pre wetting Max’s paw in the process. Both of them were close to climaxing. Max needed something to give him an edge. He struggled to hold himself back from cumming. Booker’s massive dick was even tiring his arm out. Then from the corner of his eyes Max noticed Booker’s right paw flicking back forth from his protruding nipple, as if he was trying to hold back from pulling at it. The Arcanine acted on his hunch and latched his mouth onto the dingo’s left nipple. A loud howl filled the workout room followed by a geyser of cum erupting from Booker’s cock. The dingo’s cumshot seemed endless as it went on for a solid minute, coating the gym floors in gooey white cream. Max wanted to cum right there and then, but held back with all his might. Breathing heavily, Booker collapsed onto Max’s shoulder. “That…was…dirty,” the dingo said. “No, it’s strategy. You showed your ‘underbelly’.” Max smiled. “And a win is a win.” Booker chuckled. “I’ll take that win off you one day.” With that said Booker raised his head and planted a kiss on Max’s lips. Max was happily surprised but returned the kiss, only longer. Locked by their passion for one another the kiss filled them with desire again for one another. Booker’s rested member rose to attention once more while Max’s still hard cock continued to drip pre. “Looks like someone’s ready for the real thing,” the dingo said. He gestured to the blushing Arcanine to turn around. Instantly understanding what was to come Max got on all fours and raised his bushy yellow tail, exposing his eager virgin hole. Licking his lips, Booker, on his knees, grabbed Max by the side and pressed his massive dickhead against the Arcanine’s butthole. “Augh, you hole’s too tight. You got to relax a bit,” Booker said while his dickhead struggled to push through. “Ouch, slow down. I’ve never done this before,” Max replied looking back with concern at the dingo. “Hmm, maybe a little more lube will help.” Booker held his dick with one paw and stroked it. He could feel his balls filling themselves with cum again. With a soft grunt he shot a wad of pre all over the Arcanine’s exposed bubble butt. The dingo wasn’t able to control how much pre he made which resulted in an excess dripping down Max’s butthole. Ignoring the mess, Booker pressed his thumb around Max’s hole, smearing the pre all around the deep crevasse. Slowly, he pushed his first two fingers inwards causing Max to yelp and moan in pleasure. “I’m never going to get used to how big your digits are,” Max said without turning to the dingo. “I can make it bigger if you like,” Booker teased as he trusted his digits deeper. Max instantly pictured a gigantic Booker smashing through the gym room with his hard dick impaling Max at the tip. “Oh fuck…yes more muscle…” Max said as he panted. “Heh, then you have to earn it.” Booker pulled his fingers out and proceeded to push the tip of his cock into Max’s ass. Max growled and felt his body tense up a little from the sudden penetration, but it felt easier now to take in Booker’s entire girth. It literally felt like he was shoving an entire baseball bat up his ass. Soon the tension in his ass melted away into pleasure as his ass became accustomed to Booker’s dick. Booker grinned as he slid his whole log inside Max before pulling it back out midway, and slamming back in hard. “Ugh.” Max’s whole body felt like jelly. Bliss enveloped his body and he wanted more. “Faster…please,” he begged with blushing cheeks. The huge dingo didn’t need to be told twice, grabbing tightly on Max’s hips. Booker started slamming deeper and harder into Max’s ass. Every pounding squeezed another groan or moan out of the Arcanine. Max’s cock was going crazy, spraying pre all over the floor. “Harder…more…more,” Max kept chanting his desire to be fucked. Eventually Booker got into the rhythm and was fucking Max with increasing speed. His own dick felt like it was melting inside of Max’s hot ass with his pre flooding the Pokémon’s insides. There was so much pre that it could not be contained inside Max. Streams of the semi translucent fluid began to leak out of Max’s hole and added to the already sticky gym floors. “Ah fuck I can’t keep this up for long. Your ass is so tight,” Booker said. The dingo bent over and bit onto Max’s neck, his thrusting grew faster and stronger. At that point Max was speechless as his prostate was ravaged by the thick dick inside him. “I’m close,” Max screamed. “Fuck. Not yet, turn over!” Booker commanded. He pulled out his pre covered dick from Max’s hole with a wet pop. Breathing heavily and drenched in sweat, it took all of his energy to turn over. Even the muscular dingo above him was beginning to slow down but they both needed to cum first. Booker shoved his dick up Max’s ass once more and continued humping slowly till he found the rhythm again. “Oh fuck yeah, I love your pecs Max. I fucking love a Pokémon with huge pecs. A little bigger and I can fuck you in ways you never thought possible.” Booker grabbed Max’s left pectoral and gave it a good squeeze. Max screamed and shot a wad of hot pre all over himself. “This is too much,” thought Max. His dick looked like it was overly bloated and felt like it would explode at any second. “Oh yea…it’s cumming!” Booker exclaimed. His thrusts were slowing down, his knees felt like they were going to give way at any second. “Me too!” With a powerful howl Booker came intensely inside the Arcanine’s ass. Wave after wave of hot white cum shot out and spilled out of Max’s ass. The Pokémon’s face looked like he was knocked out by the tidal wave of cum. There was just so much of Booker’s seed in him that he felt numb to his own cumshot. Max’s dick stood erect facing the ceiling and rained semen all over the duo. Booker finally stopped cumming after two whole minutes. After which the big canine collapsed on top of Max. Max struggled under the immense weight and struggled to push the pair of pecs suffocating him. When Booker noticed what was happening he apologized. “Oh sorry dude.” With a soft groan the dingo rolled to the left of Max. Once he caught his breath, Max snuggled up close to Booker’s right arm and hugged it tightly. “I…err… thanks for that,” Max said as he purposely looked at Booker’s pecs rather than his face. “Eh no big deal. Everyone needs a good fucking once in a while.” “No, not that. About letting me win in the jerk off contest just now, you purposely showed me how to beat you. And that’s ok…” Max held Booker’s arm tighter, “I know you were just trying to be nice.” A moment of silence then felt like forever then took over. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I just needed to cum and I couldn’t hold back. You might not consider it a win, but I will get back at ‘cha lil’ dog.” Booker turned over slightly and kissed Max on the forehead. Max smiled back and was said, “Heh, by then I’ll out muscle you for sure.” “Bring it on! Heck I’ll workout with ya just to keep you on your toes,” Booker replied confidently. At that moment when he heard those words Max was glad he had a rival. The two looked lovingly into each other’s eyes when the sound of doors opening from the other side of the room broke the moment. “Oh my… what the hell happened here?” the receptionist yelled. “Oops,” the two thought to themselves. THE END
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    sweet will follow
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    Hyperization (Furry)

    A kobold was running for his life as pursuers hidden behind black uniforms and masks chased after him with their guns drawn. One of them fired but the shot landed on Kardukk’s right shoulder armor. He contemplated fighting them but a pair of shoulder armor, vambraces and greaves made out of iron wasn’t going to win him any fights. Not to mention the small reptile was only three feet tall. The corridor he ran seemed endless and mad as it was bathed in an eerie red glow. With fatigue setting in his speed began to falter. Beads of sweat trailed down his grey scales from his head to his back. But then his blue eyes sparkled as a door was just in sight. Kardukk beat his white scaled chest to empower himself to run faster, yet it was all for naught. Something hit him on the back of his neck, rendering him almost paralyzed. There was just enough energy left in him to turn and note the dart. Kardukk collapsed, unconscious. The lighting in the room then returned to normal as the guards aimed their weapons at the creature. A menacing dragon wearing a gas mask and a pair of camouflage pants then cut through the group and approached the now unconscious prey. He was enormous in stature, towering over all the guards at seven tall. His bare front white chest drew the attention of every fur present. He bent down and examined the captured target, the golden scales that ran down his wide, muscular back and his bulging arms glistened under the florescent lights. He pointed to one of the guards behind him, “Take him to the cell, and prep him for the professor,” the dragon said in his muffled voice. The one guard saluted, “Right away Commander Soamur.” As the hulking dragon walked off, the unconscious prisoner slipped into a dream. _____________________________________ Deep underground behind five layers of steel doors locked with a complex encryption was a massive laboratory that doubled as the private quarters of the base’s researcher, Lowius. The room was divided into two sections; one side held the laboratory where all of Lowius’s research was conducted, the other was his bedroom with shelves of books for him to pass the time. As the commotion a few floors up was going on the olive green alien was enjoying his many books. He was dressed in his usual white lab coat with holes for his protruding white and smaller yellow spikes along his back and a pair of long blue pants. His broad muscular pectorals were exposed to the world to see since he never wore anything under his coat. In his right hand he had Mysterious Worlds and How to Get There, on his left he was rereading Magical Doodads all while his second pair of hands below were busy piping a concentrated acid onto a piece of golden scale. Thanks to his four eyes splitting his concentration between jobs was a simple task. The sound of the doors behind him opening pulled his attention away from his work. Setting the books down on his table Lowius turned to face his guest. “Soamur…” Lowius had to fight his urge to let out a tsk. “Professor,” the dragon looked down at the shorter alien, “I have your next assignment. You are to proceed with the next phase of the DNA mutation program.” Up close the differences in their power was obvious, Lowius though physically fit with some muscularity was still smaller compared to the commander. “What? The next phase involves real living beings. The theoretical analysis is still under way; I can’t ethically allow you to accelerate the process. We don’t know what will happen,” Lowius angrily protested. The commander’s nostrils flared, “Might I remind you that the one funding your little tests is the Republic. And the reason you live to breathe another day is because I so graciously as one of the greatest commanders of the Republic will it.” Each sentence was punctuated with the commander stepping closer and closer to the professor until the smaller creature was backed up against his desk. “I…I can’t. This is wrong,” Lowius said softly. Soamur’s face darkened. With a snap of his fingers the professor was brought to his knees, his body shaking in pain as the invisible collar on his neck blasted him with a powerful electric shock. A menacing smile grew on the dragon’s face as he watched the professor suffer. “I trust you will do your best then. Your little guinea pig is on the way.” Squirming on the floor, rage filled Lowius’s mind as the commander walked off. _____________________________________ Five days passed since that painful meeting. The test subject that was brought in was identified as a kobold. Tubes filled with life sustaining chemicals were attached to the subject’s arms and thighs while he remained bound and unconscious on the operating table. To the right of the table was Lowius still racking his brain over the serum he was working on. He had been cursing at his computer every time the simulation failed. There was just no way to make the super soldier serum work. Slouching over his notes Lowius was just about to give up when Soamur entered. “What do you want?” Lowius asked without turning his back. “I see our little trespasser is still in one piece after the serum,” Soamur said. “He hasn’t been administered the serum. I ran some tests, and there is no way it will work.” Soamur scoffed at the professor’s reluctance to do as he was told. “Now how can you be so sure of that if you didn’t really test it?” The commander placed his scaly hands on the professor’s shoulders. Lowius’s pupils dilated, a sense of dread gripped his heart. That was what Soamur was known for, the ability to inject fear into anyone with just his words. “N-no need. I know what I’m doing. I’m not going to let him die for no reason.” The dragon’s fingers dug deep into Lowius’s shoulders causing the alien to flinch. “Your words are hollow professor. You know your curious nature begs you to do it. All you need is a little push in the right direction,” Soamur whispered into the alien’s right ear. Everything seemed to slow down at that moment. Lowius watched petrified as the commander’s right arm reached for his keyboard and entered the instructions to pump the serum into the subject. His computer screen began flashing red. Back at the dissecting table the pumps that fed the kobold was pumping a mysterious orange liquid. Lowius quickly ran out of his chair to tend to the patient spasming out of control all while the wicked dragon laughed maniacally at the professor’s suffering. Turning to leave, Soamur left with one message, “I expect a report soon professor. Have... fun.” _____________________________________ The situation was dire. Lowius was frantically looking left and right for some tool to help him save the tortured kobold. His test subject was twisting and turning his body, trying to break free from the restraints holding his hands and feet down. It looked like it was doing more harm than good. What made it worse was listening to the harrowing screams and spine tingling growls coming from the tortured soul. Only one solution came to mind, the healing tube. Lowius pressed the red button hidden underneath the dissecting table the table rose and flipped itself until the kobold was upright. A huge oval shaped contraption held by two metal poles descended from the ceiling. The dark blue tubes surrounding the contraption began to glow and hum as a glass barrier extended from behind the table and encircled the subject. His restraints and the life sustaining tubes retracted back behind the chair. Both the glass and table then combined to form a chamber. Mysterious light green liquid quickly poured from the contraption and in seconds the chamber was filled to the brim with the solution. Miraculously, the wounds left from the tubes healed in a blink of an eye. Seeing the subject’s body calm down filled Lowius with relief, he slumped backwards into his chair. In just ten minutes he felt himself lose ten years of his life. Just as he thought it was all over the corner of his eyes caught sight of a flickering shadow from the tube. Lowius’s eyes widened when he realized the serum he administered triggered the transformation. He watched the kobold’s head inching towards to the top of the tube as he grew taller by the minute abandoning his dwarfish form. His limbs grew longer and ballooned with muscle. The subject’s arms expanded gradually. First a noticeable bulge in his bicep formed, no bigger than one or two tennis balls. Slowly the peak of his bicep rose with several veins snaking across them. His triceps and deltoids followed suit, doubling in size, making the kobold’s whole arm look like someone stuffed a bowling ball inside it. After five minutes Kardukk’s arms were touching the base of the tube and were still growing in width. His flat chest then began to extend outwards and curve into two small hills of muscle. As his pecs grew denser deep striations began to form across his chest. Simultaneously his shoulders widened apart and his traps began to thicken. It looked like his head was about to be swallowed whole by his own traps as his pecs pushed his chin upwards, but then the growth began to even out as his form grew taller until his head bumped on the roof of the seven foot tall tube. A sharp screech then emanated from the back of the kobold as a white four sided white mace which grew on the tip of his curly tail was now rubbing against the glass. Inside the tube, Kardukk was aware of every change happening to him. Every fiber of muscle in the kobold’s body pulsated with energy. Slowly, his mind was overtaken by the growth, he wanted more and he needed to be bigger! As if powered by his very will the warm glow of the growth intensified in heat. There were two things the professor could have done: he could have run out to call for help or he could have programmed the tube to terminate the specimen, but he did neither and just watched from his seat - powerless. All the while a very noticeable bulge began to form inside the alien’s pants. Next, the bottom half of the kobold started twitching as the growth continued. His once soft belly was replaced by an eight pack wall of abs. Still the most jaw dropping sight was the kobold’s widening thighs and calves, thighs that looked like they could crush a metal cube between them with one squeeze, and beefy calves large enough to balance weights on them. All logic was thrown out the window, as the professor rushed towards the tube and pressed his snout against the glass to take in his greatest creation’s glorious ascension into power. Then came the ‘third leg’, the kobold’s soft member hardened and began to elongate up his abdomen nearly reaching his torso. His modest orbs dangling beneath his shaft grew the least, inflating to the size of melons. “Ah hell,” Lowius exclaimed as he noticed cracks forming around the tube. Just as he got onto his feet, the tube exploded with a loud crack followed by the thunderous roar from the creature it once contained. _____________________________________ Lying on his stomach Lowius thanked the stars that none of the glass shards punctured him. Unfortunately, his clothes were soaking wet from the green substance. A massive shadow then rose and loomed over him, before he could even get up Lowius was tugged backwards by his lab collar. The alien gasped when he felt his back slam against something squishy. Craning his neck upwards he made the mistake of opening his mouth in shock as he saw an immense meaty dick, the hard member leaked a dollop of pre that splattered all over Lowius’s face. He didn’t want to admit it but the warm musky solution felt good against his skin, his two toned cock throbbed as he licked some of the pre off his mouth. Completely distracted the now aroused scientist was hoisted off the ground and turned over by a pair of powerful arms. Clearing his face Lowius stared eye to eye with a very angry looking kobold. It was a sight to behold as the kobold stood at his full height, his horns almost brushing against the ceiling. “Now, now we can talk about this. The uhhh growth potential of your unique cells must have been accelerated by the healing tube and-“ Kardukk interrupted with a loud grunt. The professor didn’t get a chance to completely register what the kobold wanted before the huge muscle bound creature pulled him close for a deep kiss. It was a mind numbing experience, the way the kobold's enlarged tongue invaded his mouth, Lowius could feel it inching deeper down his throat. Pressing his hands against Kardukk’s hard shoulders Lowius pulled himself back to get more comfortable. Now, he was ready. Using his quartet of tongues the alien struggled to wrap them around the expansive organ. But it didn’t matter, their kiss was hot, he could taste the kobold inside him and he wanted more. Never before had he been overpowered so fiercely and passionately. As they kissed Kardukk started undressing his little friend, delicately removing his lab coat with his massive hands and chucking them onto the Lowius’s table. When the kiss broke, Lowius slumped forward half naked and hugged the kobold’s bulging pecs, panting heavily. The kobold’s cock smacked Lowius on the back right above his firm buttocks. Though feeling drained the sexually hungry beast gave the alien no time for respite. Kardukk started flexing his pecs, squeezing the smaller alien’s head between his beefy pectorals. Lowius let out a muffled groan as he was lost in the excitement and power of his muscular partner. Taking the opportunity to indulge himself Lowius licked the kobold’s cleavage and freely explored the broad chest with his hands. The muscle bound kobold groaned heavily. A mere brush from the professor’s skilled hands sent electricity down Kardukk’s spine, his throbbing member drooling with pre along his shaft. Lowius’s boner pressed close against Kardukk’s abs all the while leaking copious amounts of pre through his pants. It was both stimulating and annoying at the same time to have his hard member restrained by his clothes. Unable to hold back anymore, Lowius started unbuckling his belt. But the kobold had a faster solution. He grabbed the professor’s pants and ripped them in half like a piece of paper. Finally freed from its cotton prison, Lowius’s cock slapped against Kardukk’s abs with a wet thud. Its blue tip glistened under the white lights thanks to the fountain of pre gushing from his cock. The bright red color that stretched from the middle of his shaft to its base gave the illusion that he was about to erupt anytime soon. Kardukk smirked at the sight of the alien’s smaller dick, his ego growing. Fueled by lust Kardukk pushed Lowius closer and higher until the professor’s colorful penis rubbed the kobold’s pec cleavage. Like a pet begging for a treat, Kardukk guided Lowius by pushing him gently on the back, letting his cock slide in and out between the kobold’s pecs. Lowius quickly picked up on what the bigger creature wanted. He grabbed onto Kardukk’s mammoth shoulders and started gyrating his hips. His pre soaked cock was a blur, fucking Kardukk’s pecs intensely. Never before had Lowius experience such powerful muscles, the way Kardukk clenched his cock with a simple flex. Just when he felt the pressure in his cock building up, yearning for release the kobold relaxed his pecs and playfully bounce them. “Oh you naughty beast,” Lowius said, his cock still throbbing but the need to cum was subsiding. Not wanting to be outdone he slid down Kardukk’s abs until his snout was facing the kobold’s hard member. Holding the heavy pair of orbs with his lower hands felt so surreal yet so pleasurable. The other pair of hands of his daringly rubbed the kobold’s abs. His burning desire to pleasure the kobold stripped him of his restraints as he buried his nose deep in the musky sack that held the muscle beast’s testicles. The scent of sweat and musk mixed together was an orgasm to the senses. With his tongues he started lapping Kardukk’s balls. Lowius enjoyed the struggle of worshipping the enormity of the kobold’s balls. Moving his snout up, his tongues wrapped around the hard veiny shaft, licking it like he would a popsicle, running his tongues up and down the meat pole leisurely to savor the salty taste. Kardukk threw his head back purring. The mad scientist really knew how to worship a cock. When his partner reached for his bright pink dickhead with the kobold’s whole body tensed. His cock erupted with pre all over Lowius’s face. Still the alien kept going as he plunged two of his tongues into the exposed urethra, causing Kardukk to jerk and flex his upper body. With his other two tongues Lowius wrapped them along Kardukk’s cock and proceeded to suck him off. It was a struggle to fit the entire member in his mouth, like he was trying to consume an extra-large salami in one go. But the alien quickly got used to the thick dick filling his mouth. He was like a vacuum sucking every drop of pre leaking from the tip while exploring the tickling the inside of the kobold’s member. As his grunts grew heavier Kardukk decided to turn the tables in his favor. With one hand he pulled the scientist off his cock, leaving a trail of saliva connecting the alien’s mouth and his hard dick. Flipping him over till his ass faced the kobold Kardukk brought the professor’s tender bottom close to his face and started rimming him. His extensive tongue plunged deep into the crevice of Lowius’s stone hard butt cheeks, sending tremors up the professor’s spine. Despite the size of his tongue the kobold worked it like magic, licking the outer ting of the alien’s hole to tease him before sinking deep to turn the alien into putty. Pre dripped from Lowius’s cock all over Kardukk’s chest again. Seeing his window of opportunity the kobold pulled out of the professor’s hole and raised Lowius’ butt high above his head and suckled the alien’s twitching cock. His large mouth made it easy to take in Lowius’ cock in its entirety and his dangling scrotum. Just like the professor, the massive kobold relished the taste of the alien’s manhood. If someone were to watch the two in action at that moment it would look more like the kobold was milking the professor for every drop of sustenance his cock can muster. Thrice did Lowius come close to blowing his load in Kardukk’s mouth, but he did not want to lose to the titan. “Slow…slow down… you’re going to make me-“ Lowius said softly with his tongues drooping from his mouth. Kardukk replied with a deep chuckle before releasing the professor’s private parts. The naked scientist looked sexier than ever with strings of sticky saliva and pre covering his ass and cock. “Must fuck,” Kardukk said in a deep voice. The kobold pulled Lowius off of him and pinned him on his back between his mighty thighs. Lowius’s snout was pressed against the cool lab floor by just two fingers, his plump posterior pointed upwards towards the kobold’s raging boner. Looking down pass his puffy pectorals Kardukk was enjoying his view. After wetting his index and forefinger with a quick wet lick of his tongue the kobold rubbed around the rim of Lowius’s hole. The usually composed scientist let out a heavy moan, his claws ran along the floor leaving visible scratch marks. Watching his former captor squirm from such a light touch excited the Herculean creature. Kardukk pushed his fingers into Lowius’s tight hole, with every inch he shoved into him the alien gasped and howl. Once both digits had impaled Kardukk’s plaything the kobold started pumping his hole, finger fucking the professor with increasing ferocity. “Faster… faster!” Lowius begged. Kardukk licking his lips was more than happy to comply. At one point his fingers brushed against Lowius’s prostate making the professor yell out at the top of his lungs. Lowius’s cock spewed ropes of pre all over the floor, some of the goo even landed on his stomach. Confident that his little fuck buddy was ready Kardukk pulled out his fingers with an audible pop. The kobold pulled Lowius’ ass closer to his dick. His veiny cock rubbed along the smaller creature’s butt cheeks slowly. As he slid his dick along Lowius’ ass Kardukk could feel the same warm glow from before - he was going to grow. Holding Lowius by the hips Kardukk thrust his dickhead into the alien’s hole. Lowius howled in pain and pleasure as his hole stretched to accommodate the huge rod entering him. Feeling the pulsing cock inside him pushing against the walls of his ass and going deeper Lowius thought he was getting the ride of his life. But turning back Lowius gasped at the sight of the kobold’s dick pushing him further in front. “Fuck! He’s growing!” thought Lowius. This time it was different, most of the growth was concentrated in the kobold’s private parts. Lowius nearly screamed when his feet were lifted off the ground and rising with the growing shaft expanding in girth and lengthening inside him. Thick veins popped along the now baseball bat sized dick, every inch it grew a bucket load of pre filled the professor’s insides. While the professor was impaled on his growing cock, Kardukk was taking the chance to enjoy his own muscles. Kneading his pecs Kardukk moaned. His body felt hot from the continuing growth. All the while his balls had been expanding. Now they were as large as watermelons and still growing. The buildup of semen in his balls flooded the kobold’s brain with ecstasy. His cock rose ever higher until Lowius’s was looking at the ceiling, the kobold’s cock must have been at least a meter long and as strong as a stack of steel pillars. “I don’t think,” Lowius moaned when his prostate was pressed again, “this is going to work. You’re too big even for me,” said Lowius. There was no reply from Kardukk. He held onto Lowius’s hips once more and proceeded to lift the little guy off his cock. Just when the alien’s supple butt reached the tip of the kobold’s dickhead Kardukk pulled him back down, slamming him deeper. The two roared in unison at the moment of impact. Desiring nothing more but release Kardukk continued to slide the professor up and down his dick. With every pump all Lowius could do was grunt and moan. His own cock was spraying pre across the room. Once his ass got accustomed to the kobold’s girth pleasure sweeter than ambrosia washed over him. Feeling his balls pulling upwards Lowius knew he wouldn’t last long. Kardukk’s was mercilessly slamming his meat into Lowius, fucking him faster and faster. Just as he felt a tightness in his scrotum the kobold’s poundings slowed down… and then he cummed. Every fiber of his body tensed up at that moment, the veins across his muscular body popped. Lowius could literally feel the blast rising up the kobold’s shaft as wave after wave of hot semen flooded his insides. The feeling of being filled by so much hot cum was heavenly. Unable to hold it back anymore, Lowius’s cock erupted when the third load of cum rushed into him. White ropes of semen flew across the room and hit the wall across the professor. His brutish lover was showing no sign of stopping but there was just too much that Lowius could not hold it all in. Streams of cum began to flow out of Lowius’s ass and formed a pool beneath him. After the eleventh cumshot Kardukk slumped backwards and sat leaning against the table he was once held. Lowius was able to dismount himself when the kobold’s cock softened. The professor just laid in the white pool of semen that leaked out of him. His whole body felt like he had been doing cardio for a whole day. Exhausted, the two fell into a short sleep. _____________________________________ When Lowius finally woke up he found himself naked on the floor but squeaky clean. “Hey!” a voice called out to him from behind. Lowius turned and saw the still huge kobold sitting against the ruins of the healing tube. “Um, err are you talking to me?” Lowius asked while pointing to himself. “No I wanted to talk to the wall behind you,” Kardukk replied sarcastically. “Well I guess a whole lot of explaining is needed here-“ Kardukk raised his hand up gesturing to the professor to stop. “Skip the guilt talk doc. As you and see and felt I am better than ever,” the kobold bounced his pecs which caused the professor to blush a little, “my body is a little particular. Let’s just say it will take more than that to hurt me.” “Yeah, well it still wasn’t right of me to allow it to happen. There were so many chances for me to have stopped it.” Lowius lowered his head in shame. “But I promise now I will get you of here.” Standing up Kardukk smiled at the remorseful researcher, “I believe you. But sadly I have to chalk this up as a failed mission.” “What mission?” Lowius walked closer to the gigantic kobold. “I was supposed to get some documents about making indestructible dragon scales, but at this point I’ll settle with getting somewhere safe.” Lowius nodded and extended out his hand for a handshake which Kardukk happily reciprocated. “I’m Lowius by the way,” the professor said. “Kardukk,” the bigger kobold replied. “Nice to meet you. Now let’s get out of here.” The two then began concocting a plan of escape, and perhaps put an end to the madhouse they were both trapped inside. _____________________________________ “Can I get someone over here in the lab. I have a corpse that needs disposing. Bring a full bodysuit, you don’t want any of this stuff to get on you,” Lowius said into the intercom on his desk. The bait was set. Kardukk stood by the lab door careful not to be seen while Lowius stood in front to distract whoever it was that was coming through. A soldier dressed in a bright yellow radiation suit entered the lab five minutes later but he did not get a chance to blink before a boulder like fist descended upon his head, knocking him out. Confiscating the agent of his clothes Lowius donned his attire. The suit was too big for him so it looked loose on him. Nonetheless, no one would notice as he sneaked Kardukk under a giant white tarp on a cart. Whenever a random guard would pass by Lowius would tap him on the head that was the signal for the kobold to hold his breath. If they wanted to make it out alive Kardukk had to play a very convincing corpse. Their target was the incinerator room and energy core. Both rooms were one floor apart from another. So, first Lowius dropped Kardukk in the incinerator room. As discussed earlier, behind the massive trash burner machine was a six foot tall vault door that lead to the vehicle storage bay outside. With his incredible new strength opening the door would have been a piece of cake for the kobold, but he had to wait for Lowius to join him. After dropping Kardukk off, Lowius made a mad dash to the energy core room. The heart of the entire base’s operation and the only thing separating him from it was a DNA scanner. It was obvious who would have permission to such an important area. Pulling out the golden scale from before from his pocket Lowius pressed it against the scanner. A quick scan and the doors opened with a whoosh. Soamur should not have let his guard to let the professor get his hands on something so valuable. Inside, a huge black cylinder made of steel and electronics extended to the ceiling. Excitement filled his chest as the chance for freedom was so close. Upon entering the room Lowius reached for the keyboard mounted on the machine and made quick changes to its instructions. First, he deactivated the protocol that kept his collar running. A click of button here and there and a soft beeping sound came from his neck. The invisible collar revealed itself before unlocking and falling to the ground. Rubbing his throat Lowius felt immense relief to finally have the threat against his life taken away. Still it was no time to celebrate, Lowius worked fast to activate the core’s self-destruct system. He chuckled at the thought that the base’s own security measure against invaders would be used against them. The timer was set for 20 minutes. Lowius walked briskly back to the incinerator room, a task hard to disguise as natural since there was a ticking time bomb behind him. Once he reunited with the behemoth who had draped the white tarp over his privates Kardukk pulled back the vault with little effort. Together they ran for the closest unguarded storage ship and blasted off into space with no resistance. From the backseat window Kardukk watched as a small red dot formed on the planet’s surface where the base used to be. It was finally over. Stripping off the mask from his attire Lowius turned back towards his friend. “Comfortable back there?” Lowius asked from the passenger seat. Stretching his long legs Kardukk leaned against the back of the ship, its interior was roomy without any cargo to carry. “All good back here, but a little entertainment on this flight would be nice.” Lowius chuckled before he threw something to the kobold. A stack of documents entitled, Empowering Dragon Scales landed on his lap. “Read that then till we arrive at our next destination,” Lowius said with a grin on his face. And with that the professor set their ship into hyper speed and the ship disappeared among the stars. Despite the Republic’s best efforts to apprehend those who destroyed their base, they were never found. Rumor was that the two had left the universe completely and were on their own world hopping adventures. The End.
  11. teroyugi

    This Guy

    So there is this guy I know. We met online through some bodybuilding forums and found out that we were just a few streets apart from one another. Since then we met up a couple times, had lunch and chatted. But boy I was not ready for him and his love of muscle. His name was Dave. The first thing we talked about was his workout regiment. How he had been working out for a year and wasn't satisfied with what he had. Sure I agreed with him, he had an overall chubby appearance when I met him. Then he would rant about how he regretted not starting bodybuilding since he was in high school cause then he would be jacked at this point. And as usual the conversation would end with his fantasy of being so huge and muscular that he could not even fit in any clothes or doorways. Fun guy right? Well he and I stayed in contact for several weeks without really meeting after our third time out. The last message he sent to me was that he found a guy who had this new supplement that could his growth the edge he needed. Fast forward to today, I received a call that Dave would be coming over to my place. I found it weird cause it came out of the blue in the middle of the day, that and his voice sounded strangely out of breath like he just ran a marathon. Still I said ok, cause at least I could checkup on him I thought. At exactly 3 p.m. a loud knock came from my apartment door. Which was terrible for me as I ran out of the shower in just my white towel covering me. I opened and was nearly knocked back by the largest pair of pecs I ever saw straining through a thing white tee that didn't cover the row of 8 pack abs below. "Holy fuck!" I exclaimed. "Hey bud, good to see ya," the muscle bound giant at my doorway spoke. "Da-Dave? What happened to you?"I had to back away just to get a good look at my friend who just turned up looking like a muscle monster. My eyes trailed downwards and noticed the skin tight jeans he was wearing. His bloody thick thighs looked ready to burst out of them anytime soon. Dave turned sideways and forced his whole body through the doorway. I could have sworn that his pecs made some cracks on my wall when he pushed through. Looming over me at six feet tall all I saw was his bulging pecs. "I grew," Dave said. He brought his arms down into a crab pose and growled. My cock sprang to life when I saw the pathetic fabric that was his shirt rip apart near his shoulders and fell onto the ground. I was rendered speechless at the sight of his humongous arms that looked larger and wider than my head. Lost in amazement I didn't even react when Dave used those powerful arms to pull me off my feet and force me into a tight bear hug. My towel fell off my hips. He buried my face deep between his meaty pectorals, and as much as I kicked him in the abs he didn't let go. Instead I heard him laugh and say, "Enjoying my muscles bud? Yeah take it in this is how a real man feels like." He was right, I loved it, I loved being squished between his pounds of muscle. The pressure in my balls was growing heavier and before I knew it I shot my load all over Dave's stomach. Some of my cum even got onto his jeans. "Fuck! You blew your spunk all over me," Dave said as he dropped me onto the floor. I was blushing red like a tomato and my cock was still hard. It was kind if funny seeing such a big muscle man looking uncomfortable with some cum on him. "Aww man you got it on my new jeans too." Dave looked at me with a serious glare before he brought his arms up in the air and flexed a double bicep pose. I was dumbfounded as I saw veins snake around his pecs and arms, his face was turning a deep shade of red. Then he started growling deeply, while he still flexed. With a mighty roar, his muscles then doubled in size causing his jeans to explode off him. "Fuccck! Yes" Dave screamed in his white briefs. It was then that I saw his enlarged endowment standing stiff inside his underwear. A visible wet spot was growing in his briefs. I gulped at the thought of sucking that huge python of a cock. "Wh-what was that?" I managed to ask. "That was a 200$ pair of jeans turned into a piece of rag. Now come on you got to clean me up," Dave replied. I nodded and closed the door behind him, thankful that no one outside saw what just happened in my living room. Still butt naked I lead my extra large friend to the bathroom. Thank goodness there was space to fit his now mega wide shoulders and huge muscles. Dave took off his underwear with a loud snap and tossed the brief to the wall on the right. The poor fabric was stretched out like a worn out rubber ban, no way was it going to handle Dave's incredible manhood anymore. As I stared at his wide back with deep grooves running down his back my boner was leaking pre all over the bathroom floor. Dave didn't notice any of this as he turned on the shower and was busy lathering himself with soap. "Hey, get my back would ya?" he asked holding the bar of soap over his shoulder to me. I nodded and grabbed the soap from his wide hands. Nervous, I rubbed his back softly only to get a chuckle from Dave. "Are you made of wind bud? Rub harder. These muscles can take a beating!" he said. And so i did, I rubbed the soap furiously, the foam ran down his back and lathered my hard cock as well. I was breathing heavily as my fingers ran across his tough shoulders. Slowly I my hands moved closer to wards his pecs and just like that I was groping his watermelon sized pecs. "That's it bud, worship these pecs," Dave whispered. My fingers found his nipples and the moment I pulled on them Dave yelled, "Fuck!" I heard a loud splattering sound from the front. Did Dave cum? Turning my head ot the right I saw his still hard cock and a wad of translucent pre on my bathroom wall. "Wow," I said. Suddenly Dave pulled me and pressed me against his cock. "Don't waste time looking bud, I said clean me up. All of me!" And that was the moment I thought, what had I gotten myself into?
  12. teroyugi

    Bar Buddies (Furry)

    Part 1: Let's Drink! Scratching his dark-brown ears, Iron the coyote was looking at the piles of documents that he would sift through today, a task no longer new to him. For someone who was just twenty-five, he looked older thanks to the varying streaks of grey around his fur, though mostly he was brown and white all over. If the grey fur around his eyes got any darker, one could mistake them for eye bags, which wouldn't be surprising with all the stress he had experienced doing office work day in and day out. And thanks to his fur constantly having a ruffled look, he exhibited a rugged charm around everyone. Despite his somewhat unusual appearance, the only bit of excitement he could ever experience at work was during lunch breaks, where workers would only talk about the spiciest office gossip, or who had the grandest-looking lunch today. He looked like he was busy working but Iron's mind was elsewhere. Every few minutes his hazelnut pupils would dart down to the smartphone he laid on his lap, waiting for 6 p.m. Even his clothes had begun to send a message that he was done with working for the day; the sleeves on his white long sleeved shirt were pulled back past his elbow and his long black pants were beginning to wrinkle from sitting for too long. It was the shrill voice coming from across his table that caught Iron's attention. The voice belonged to a female sheep dressed in a light brown pantsuit that waved to him and said, "Hey Iron, everyone was planning to hit the karaoke place after work, you want in?" The coyote's first thought was, "What was her name again? I think I should know this. I want to say-Jenny?" But he never did remember, and instead dodged the whole issue altogether. "Umm, I kinda have plans already...Tell everyone else next time perhaps," he replied with a forced smile. His colleague didn't seem surprised; it was the same every Friday for Iron that he would be the first out the door to who knows where. It had even become an in office joke that Iron prowls the city limits at night hunting down roadrunners. Come 6 p.m. Iron was out the door so fast he nearly knocked the sheep off her feet when she was walking towards the exit. The coyote grabbed a cab and was off to the downtown district. Through the backseat window Iron took in the view as the streets turned from plain grey brick buildings to brightly lit stores and towering office buildings with their lights still on. There were bars and restaurants opening their doors to hungry patrons, high end bookstores and the same branch of coffee shop every few blocks. Groups of furs filled the streets. Iron caught sight of a group of gorillas in suits walking into a restaurant, and he found it adorable how they tried to use a small smartphone with their oversized hands and right behind them three young peacocks in tight dresses stepped out of their ride as they cheered on one of their friends, probably a celebration. Iron's tail wagged softly as he relished the city ambiance. Leaning back against his seat he pulled out his phone and sent a text to his friend Mark, "On the way now." An orange text bubble appeared below Iron's message, "Cool, ordering a beer now." After a half hour of travelling through the city traffic at a snail's pace, the cab slowed to a stop at its destination. Iron paid his fare and stepped out grinning ear to ear. The neon blue signboard above the glass entrance read "Anything Goes". Glass walls covered the building, giving the outside world a peek into the bar's unique interior. Iron loved coming here ever since the bar opened two weeks ago, the beers were cheap and they treated their customers like VIPs. The coyote made his way through the crowd of customers while poking his head high up to try to find his friend. As he searched he could not help but stop and admire the bar's interior. It was reminiscent of a medieval pub straight out a storybook. Wooden barrels were used as tables and small chests acted as chairs. Finally, he spotted the German shepherd's wide back in a green and blue striped t-shirt. "Coming through," Iron repeated as he squeezed between a whole flock of sheep standing around the bar trying to take pictures of themselves posing around it. He couldn't blame them; the bar was extravagant with a counter that looked like it was carved from real cobblestone, a crest depicting a blankshield with two sword sheathed behind plastered in the middle of the counter. Behind the counter were shelves housing wine bottles with various colorful glowing liquids, purely for decorative purposes. To add to the authentic medieval feel the bartender, Mr. Kane, always wore long purple robes to play the role of a wizard. It was a job that suited the tiger very much as he had a flare for the theatric while serving up drinks. "Bang," Iron said as he placed his two fingers on the dog's back like a gun. Mark turned and replied, "Oh hey, if it isn't the hardworking salary man." Iron punched his friend playfully on his chest, only to have its impact softened by the German shepherd flexing his pecs. The two laughed and bumped fists to celebrate their usual Friday meeting. "Just in time, I just called another round of beer for two," Mark continued. "Well that's pretty good timing." Iron took the free seat to Mark's left side. "Actually they're both for me, but you know since you're here..." Mark's bushy brown and tan tail wagged as he joked. "Oh. Hahaha..." Two young female leopards then walked pass by while giggling and whispering to each other. Both of the canine's dark brown ears' twitched and caught the faint whisper of one of the leopards. "He's jacked isn't he? So cool!" one of the leopards said. Mark's bright blue pupil sparkled with glee. The dog puffed his chest out further and bounced his melon-sized pecs. The girls blushed and laughed before disappearing into the crowd. "Think they liked my muscles," Mark continued. "I think you scared them away BB," Iron said. Mark's back fur stood on end at the sound of the name. "BB" was a nickname that followed him throughout high school that meant bowling ball. He was made fun off back then just for having a birthmark in the shape of the holes of a bowling ball on the side of his right eye. And that was how the German shepherd dedicated himself to growing bigger and stronger so he would never be picked on again. Still, he allowed Iron to use it because of their enduring friendship. The two then broke into a laughing fit, their tails wagging to and fro with such vigor they could have swept the entire bar floor. It was moments like these that Iron cherished the most; Mark had been his friend since high school, and despite their differences they managed to stay close. Physically, Mark was always the bigger one since he indulged in the field of bodybuilding since thirteen. Now his arms were like mole hills made of rock hard muscles. Under his straining shirt were thick barrel pecs and hard washboard abs. Mark's tight jeans left little to the imagination as his tennis ball sized bulge sat prominently between oaken thighs. So, the hours flew by as the two downed bottle after bottle of beer while exchanging jokes and the silly things that happened in their respective workplaces. Slowly the crowd began to thin away until all that was left were the two inebriated canines struggling to stay awake. Iron was resting his burning head on the counter top with his tongue sticking out. He could only produce inaudible whines and groans at that point. "One more!" Mark called out. He too was in no better condition, the German shepherd was struggling to maintain his balance on the bar stool with his head bobbing up and down every few minutes. The barkeeper ducked down and pulled out two red bottles. Their labeling was strange as only the words "Crescat" was printed in bold Calibri. "Alright boys, this is your last call. It's 2:30 in the morning and I want to clean up," the barkeeper said as he placed the bottles in front of the duo. Mark picked up his bottle and stared intently at it, mostly to try to pronounce the label. "C-chest cat? Wh-what happened to the regular beer?" Mark fumbled out his words while shaking the bottle. "I figured you two could use a little pick me up since you out drank everyone else from here. Try it, it's a new brand from an upcoming brewery that just opened up somewhere in the city, and it's on the house for my first two guinea pigs" Kane said with a smirk, but the two friends were too wasted to notice. Iron suddenly pulled himself up and grabbed the beer with his right paw, shoved it into the air and declared, "Well free is free." The coyote chugged down the odorless beer and let loose a hearty burp. "Excuse me," Iron said. "Now there's an alpha. Here, you can have the last bottle," Kane replied as he passed another bottle to Iron. Iron felt the effects of the beer quickly as his mind cleared and his whole body was energized like he could leap across a canyon. A wave of heat began to spread from his tummy like his whole body was being caressed by warm paws, almost like an erotic experience. The coyote took another swig of his beer with such gusto he could have swallowed the bottle itself. As he lapped up the last drop of beer his attention turned to his arms that started trembling. In a blink of an eye, Iron's sleeves exploded off of him as his arm widened and thicken with muscle. The bottle in his paw broke into tiny pieces in the coyote's growing grip yet he felt nothing. His flat chest began to expand forward, getting fuller as they grew into thick bulbous pectorals. One by one the buttons on Iron's shirt flew off; the first one hit a bottle on the shelf and the second one ricochet off the shelf and hit him square on his thick pecs. The coyote's powerful arms started moving apart as his shoulders magnified in length, and most noticeably his head was growing closer to the ceiling. Next, his bushy tail elongated until it pressed itself against the glass wall behind him. "What the fuck?" Mark yelled from Iron's right. He was so surprised he knocked himself off the stool. The German shepherd searched frantically for Kane for answers but the barkeeper was nowhere to be seen. Lost in the confusion all Mark could do was sit on the floor and watch his friend grow. "Feels... so good!" Iron said between pants, his voice dropping in tone with each breath. Loud creaks and the sound of wood splintering then emanated from beneath Iron's now massive ass. Iron's pants were fighting a losing battle trying to contain his enlarging steel like thighs. The leg openings of his pants gave out first as his diamond hard calves bulged out, followed by his bare feet growing longer with visible veins popping along the bridge of his feet. "Shoot!" Mark made a mad dash to a nearby table and flipped it over to shield him from the oncoming barrage of splinters. With one loud cracking sound the stool gave in to Iron's increasing mass and broke under his butt. The coyote made a huge dent on the wooden floor with his fall. The coyote grabbed onto the bar with his right paw for support. He pulled his hefty frame up but in the process left deep indentations in the shape of his paw on the bar desktop. Iron's body was burning up like a high fever. He needed to cool himself down the only way he knew how. His meaty paws grabbed onto the tattered remains of his clothes and ripped everything off of him, there he stood growing and butt naked. Two massive orbs the size of a four wheel's tire nestled within the confines of the coyote's musky scrotum wrestled for space between the canine's legs. His flaccid penis was as long as Mark's entire arm and as thick as the columns that held the roof of the bar up. Mark stared with a dropped jaw as he saw his friend's testicles expand to the point they were just inches away from touching the ground. He never felt more emasculated before in his whole life. Gradually, the growth slowed to a halt. And not a moment too soon since Iron's head was brushing up against the eight foot tall ceiling. His head was spinning like he had been riding a mechanical bull for hours. From his height, Mark looked like one of those toy soldiers. "Dude," Iron said. "This is fucking awesome! Check out my pecs!" The oversized coyote brought his arms down and squeezed his meaty pecs together. Standing up, Mark was befuddled by Iron's actions. "Who's the big fur now huh? Come on feel my legs. They're the second thickest thing I have on me." Iron brought his right leg forward with a loud thump and flexed, his ample tri-colored thigh hardened with deep striations running along the whole thigh. "What? This isn't the time for that," Mark said, concerned for his friend. "Aww, someone's just size envy now that there is a bigger fur in town," Iron raised his arms to perform a double bicep pose. "Yes, look at these arms. I think I can bench press a tank easy." From the corner of his eye the self-indulging coyote noticed the bottle in Mark's possession. "Hey are you going to drink that?" Iron asked. Mark realized then that it was the beer that made the coyote grew. He was hesitant to give anymore to his hulking friend, and a large part of him wanted to be just as big if not bigger than him. Before he could decide though, a massive light brown paw reached for him and grabbed the bottle with great dexterity. "Hey!" the German shepherd exclaimed. He tried to stop the giant by climbing up his abs, but his still drunken state was not strong enough to reach the bottle in time. "No fair," Mark complained as the coyote started sipping on the bottle that appeared microscopic against his enlarged paws. He was so frustrated he started kicking the coyote in his balls though it didn't do any good since it didn't look like he felt anything. Seeing his buddy's frustration made Iron laugh, which was strange since he never was the type to be so cocky that he took pleasure in the struggles of others. "Ok ok, I'll share you a little squirt," Iron said. The giant grabbed the struggling dog with ease and set him back on the ground with the Crescat. Without hesitation Mark downed the rest of the bottle. "Oh dude, I hope yours kicks in soon. Cause here I..." Iron could not finish sentence when the growth overcame him again. Every part of his body stretched out further, growing in length and musculature. The building never stood a chance as the ceiling collapsed and Iron's giant ass and arms burst through the walls, every table and chair inside reduced to scrap wood under the heavy force of his body. In all the destruction and excitement of growing, Iron forgot about Mark. When the dust finally settled, Iron's growth had stopped at a hundred feet. Shaking his head free of his dazed state Iron looked down at the pile of rubble, "Mark? Where are you bud?" he called out. One of the piles of broken furniture and debris then started shaking, and out sprang a naked Mark howling into the night sky. "I feel the power," the wolf bellowed. Like Iron, his body doubled up in muscles, every part of him bulging up with veins running across his entire upper body. His cock stood erect and even his balls were engorged, hanging low between his thick muscular legs. The only down side was that he had only grown to reach Iron's belly button. The coyote laughed out loud clutching his stomach. "That's so cute," Iron said. "You're like a little He-Cat action figure I had as a pup." Mark looked up at his taller friend, "Oh please! You had a running start! Besides, you may be big, but not where it counts." The German shepherd then performed a most muscular pose while grunting. It was a sight to behold as the veins on his arms and neck grew more prominent. True enough, Iron may have been larger but there was a kind of seductiveness in Mark's veiny muscles. Watching the dog do pose after pose stirred feelings in Iron's loins, the wolf's member rising to full attention, almost the size of a car carrier truck. A dollop of pre fell from the coyote's piss slit to the right of the posing dog. Surprised by his buddy's response, Mark concocted a plan in his head, "Well looks like someone is enjoying my show," he said with a sly grin. "I just have a thing for muscle furs. You should be honored you got me hard," Iron replied. Mark stepped closer and started massaging Iron's humongous balls, "You know, I might know how to make you grow more." "Oh how?You going to pull another bottle of beer from your ass?" The two chuckled. "Nope, hear me out. We both drank the stuff right? So it's inside us, I think if you drink some of my cum the beer particles can get passed on to you, Tada! Instant growth." Iron's right eyebrow arched upwards, he wasn't a chemistry buff but what the half sized giant was proposing sounded logical. The coyote stared at his friend, and then picked him up with both paws, his right supporting his back and his left was massaging Mark's balls. Mark groaned at the touch. It was like all his senses were intensified with the growth. The coyote opened his maw and sucked his friend's hard dick intensely. But due to their size difference to the coyote the dog's dick felt like he was sipping on a straw. His tongue lapped along the shaft and poked the piss slit a little. Mark moaned loudly in response as he clutched Iron's cold wet nose with both paws. A small smirk grew on Iron's face - he literally had Mark in the palm of his paw. Iron himself was enjoying the moment immensely. While one paw he rubbed the dog's nipples, the other was rubbing his own erection with increasing speed. But it was too much for his friend; the dog's brain was being flooded with euphoria. Grunting wildly, Mark released his load inside the giant's maw. The coyote pulled Mark away from his mouth, drops of cum falling onto the ground. Arching his head upwards Iron swallowed the salty liquid. It was amazing how much cum his little friend could make. With his tongue flopping out, Mark panted heavily as he rested on Iron's paw. His dick softened, limping against his balls. They waited for two minutes for something to happen but nothing did. "Your idea didn't work," Iron said, his breath smelling like semen. "Yes it did. I got you to suck me off," Mark said with a cocky expression. Iron was at a loss for words for a moment. "You're so lucky you are my friend or I'd have trapped you between these pecs right here for that til' next year," Iron said, followed by him bouncing his pecs to make his point clearer. "Ok ok. Put me down now, no more tricks." Satisfied that he got his message across Iron set his friend down and said, "Now you just stay here. I might accidentally step on you if you follow me." Mark was instantly annoyed, his tail standing erect as his fighting instincts kicked in. "Oh please, stop babying me just cause you're bigger. I'm going to catch up to you or even outgrow you. We'll see who the bigger muscle fur is then!" "Bring it on shrimp. You'll be no bigger than my toenail once I find the brewery, then I'll be growing out of this city," Iron said while crossing his arms. With their rivalry inflamed the two sprinted off on their own paths. Mark headed off to the shopping district while Iron bounded towards the business area. Every step the heavily muscle bound coyote took made the surrounding buildings tremble, and in his wake footprints that could shadow a car were left behind. Part 2: Filling the Gym At three stories tall, the German shepherd was enjoying his stroll past the shorter shops and malls. For the first time he could see the roofs of almost every building. Mark was walking with an added confidence, swaying his bare bubble butt side to side to purposely slam into buildings. He would playfully go "Oops, looks like they need to build wider roads for this buff dog!" in his head just to feed his ego. He wished there were some furs around so he could put on a hot steamy flex show for them, or at least have some cars around to lift or smash. It was then that his eyes caught sight of one building still awake with its lights on. The building was only two stories tall, but its signboard was huge as it came up to Mark's eye level. He had to back away a little to read the sign which showed a neon buff squirrel in blue speedos lifting, and the words "Barney's Gym" next to it. A sly grin grew on the dog's face. Inside, a naked brown squirrel sat on a weight bench drying his pecs with a light blue towel. The six foot tall bodybuilder was Barney, the owner of the establishment. Ever since he set up shop, it became a routine for him to work out in the nude before the sun even came up. He figured there was no harm done. It was his place, nobody could see inside, and it just felt good to let his fat dick and balls hang loose. The squirrel had just complete a few reps of chest exercises after opening up; the entire time he was completely unaware of the commotion that occurred several blocks behind him. While he wiped himself dry his attention turned to a bottle of Crescat on the right side of the bench. The bartender of a nearby bar gave it to him the night before just when he was closing up the gym and forgot to take it home. He was about to grab the bottle when the earth started rumbling again. Barney's right eyebrow arched upwards to give a confused expression. Was there construction work going on nearby, he wondered. No sooner when he held the bottle in his paw that the entire gym shook, as if the earth beneath was about to open up and swallow everything whole. The entire area above the squirrel was ripped off. His arms went up to shield himself from the incoming debris. Several pieces of tiles and cement hit him, but it was no big deal. When he finally dared to look up, the squirrel's jaw dropped at the sight of the colossal German shepherd towering over him, the remains of his gym in both the giant's paws. Mark tossed the upper half of the gym aside with a thundering crash. "What do we have here?" Mark said with a playful tone. He was expecting to find a regular old fur. Instead he stumbled on a very delectable piece of meat. The dog's dick rose and poked through the remaining wall of the gym, knocking several bricks down. "Holy fur! Stay back!" Barney made a mad dash for the back door with the bottle still in his grasp. Alas, the macro's right paw swept him off his feet and brought him face to face with the dog's big wide eyes. The squirrel struggled with all his might, his muscles tensing up fighting against Mark's grip, but it was useless. "Aww, don't you like me little guy?" Mark brought the squirrel close to his throbbing erection, "'cause I like you." Barney struggled even harder to escape what unspeakable acts the giant would commit unto his body with that monstrous tool. What's worse was that being fur handled by a larger more muscular figure was turning the squirrel on. Barney's hard dick was poking the giant's palm. Mark noticed the squirrel's boner as he released his grip on his little play thing, and licked his lips at the sight of the twitching cock pressed up against his abs. With his other paw the giant started rubbing along the bodybuilder's body, feeling the bumps and grooves that ran down his chest all the way to his stomach. Mark loved the idea of muscle worship, more towards being worshipped but who could satisfy his immense size now? The canine was enjoying making the squirrel blush and squirm. The tip of his finger was doused with the squirrel's pre. Barney felt helpless yet he loved every second of it, feeling his cock about to erupt. The macro dog started to pant as he watched the squirrel's hot body squirm with every touch. He needed release too. Turning his paw over Barney was dropped right on the base of Mark's cock. "Jerk me off," Mark commanded. Barney was hugging onto the hot member for safety. In the heat of the moment Mark didn't realize the gym owner was holding onto what he was looking for. "No! Wait." Mark's right paw came down and confiscated the bottle with no resistance. It was so tiny compared to when he first started. Mark chewed off the top of the bottle and spat out the piece through the window of another building. Chugging down the magical liquid down his throat Mark felt a rush of adrenaline flowing through his veins. The growth was coming. Barney, still confused about what was happening, got the shock of his life when the boner beneath him started jerking wildly. A dark shadow began to extend above him, looking up he was at a loss for words. The German shepherd was growing! His pecs extended out further, his nipples grew thicker to the size of barrels. Mark grew taller gradually with his muscles engorged with pipe sized veins pulsing along them. His thickening cock was leaking torrents of pre onto the ruined remains of the gym like a waterfall; it grew until it penetrated the back side of the gym. When the growth subsided Mark was finally the same height as Iron but twice as muscular and wide. He resembled a walking wall of muscle blocking the entire street with his thighs and ass. "Fuuuuuccckkk!" Mark yelled into the night sky. So much power coursing through his veins, he felt unstoppable. Panting heavily, the dog was filled with only one thought - to grow more. "Looks like we'll have to put the jerk off session on hold buddy," Mark said as he reached down and grabbed the panicking squirrel. "Wh-what do you want from me?" Mark placed Barney on his pecs. His chest was so wide and dense that he could support a whole football team on his chest. The dog's bulging traps gave the illusion that he had no neck which made him look even more like a muscle giant. "Just tell me where I can find more of that tasty brew?" "I can't remember, the fur that gave it to me just mentioned it briefly." Mark rolled his eyes and made a sudden 180 degree turn. His erection swung with a mighty force that rammed through the coffee shop across the gym, destroying the top half of the shop. On the pecs of the giant dog, Barney had to cling to the giant's chest fur for dear life to not be flung away. Mark laughed while he raised his arms to perform a double bicep pose. "I can do this all night." He proceeded to bounce his pecs sending the bodybuilder squirrel in a screaming fit as he fought to not fall off. "Ok! Ok! The brewery is at the industrial district. Next to the factory with the three chimneys," Barney screamed at the top of his lungs. Satisfied with the squirrel's response, Mark turned back. He grabbed Barney and placed him back down on the precum-stained remains of his former gym. "And here's a little bonus just 'cause you're so nice'." The German shepherd grabbed his dick with both paws, positioned it to point towards the gym and started jerking off. Mark's cheeks flushed red and his whole body rumbled. Barney knew what was going to happen, his brain was telling him to run but his heart wanted to see it happen. "Here I cum!" Mark's balls pulled upwards followed by the thickest, and muskiest cum shot he ever experienced. Hot semen flooded the gym and continued to rise until it spilled out of the broken rooftop. For two whole minutes Mark's cock just spewed wave after wave of cum. Some of the cum that over spilled trickled onto Mark's feet carried with it Barney on his back and covered in the giant's seed. The tiny fur was dazed out from the shock and awe of what he just experienced. Panting heavily, Mark's cock finally softened after the fifth cum shot. He chuckled as he admired his handiwork. The gym now looked like a cake overstuffed with white frosting from the inside. Waving goodbye, Mark continued headed off for the industrial district - the growth was calling out to him. Part 3: Strong Arm of the Law At the same time Mark was terrorizing the gym, Iron was too absorbed in his reflection on the surface of one of the many buildings that were still taller than him. Every building in the business district looked alike. The only differences between them were the signboards that hanged above. He enjoyed posing for himself, the definition on his abs, the way his serratus bulged and the bulkiness of his pecs kept his dick hard. Distracted with his own reflection, Iron did not notice the incoming police cruiser. Two Dobermans in identical dark blue police uniforms stepped out of the vehicle with their tasers drawn. The driver had a heavy set build with a visible gut showing under his shirt. His partner was a fresh young graduate from the academy. What a night he was having on his first week! The junior turned to the older Doberman with a worried expression. "What are we supposed to do? They didn't teach how to subdue a macro during training!" He turned back to look at the coyote's brown wrecking ball sized butt and gulped at the thought of being smooshed by those buns. "Calm down, can't say I have dealt with this before either," the larger Doberman said. "We should call for backup." The rookie rushed through his words in his nervousness. "And risk getting others hurt? We'll talk to the giant. Maybe... maybe he can be reasoned with." Though uncomfortable with the idea of facing the giant with only a taser, the rookie reluctantly followed the other dog's plan. Facing upwards, the leading canine yelled out to Iron, "Hey, big guy!" Iron's ears perked up at the sound of the new voice. He turned away from his self-worshipping session and squinted to take a good look at the tiny cops in front of him. The cop continued, "Mighty fine night for a walk, but you do know public nudity is illegal right?" Iron placed his paws on his hips and flaunted his erection proudly. "Sorry officers, but I just can't find anything to fit this these days." "That's ok, now we don't want to hurt you." The Doberman turned to his anxious partner who had one finger on the trigger, ready to shoot. "Just come with us and we'll get you some help." Iron shrugged. "Okay, guess I get to sit in the back seat then!" Instantly the two knew what the coyote was about to do. They ran off quickly in opposite directions away from the cruiser. The muscle bound coyote made one big leap and slammed his thick derriere onto the car, turning it into a flattened metal pancake with ease. A loud crashing sound that could be mistaken for a volcano's eruption echoed throughout the city. Iron's jump also left a crater in the shape of his butt cheeks and cracks running up the nearby buildings. Iron laughed maniacally, relishing the power he had. Both officers were brought to their knees by the force of the impact. It was painfully obvious that they were outmatched by the gigantic coyote. Their only hope was to escape. The older Doberman tried to run pass the coyote's thighs but Iron quickly caught him from the corner of his eye. One swift swoop and the officer was trapped in the palm of the giant's paw. He screamed at the top of his lungs. "No! No! No! Don't kill me," he begged. However, Iron was not interested in the minuscule pleas of the tiny dog. The other Doberman was quaking in his boots; it was getting difficult to aim his taser right. When the giant caught sight of him he yelled and fired his weapon, its probes flew an amazing distance and struck the coyote's triceps. "Ahh, the pain." Iron grimaced before he started laughing again. "Just kidding. Come here you." His target jumped just in time to dodge his pursuing fingers. The Doberman then ran into the building behind him - an office of some insurance company. He kicked himself in his head for running into a deathtrap of his own design. Either way he had to at least hide. Once he reached the first floor the dog kicked the door down to get inside. Bathed in moonlight through the windows, the officer could see that the room stretched far to the other side of the building. Four rows of desks filled up the entire space. He quickly dropped on all fours for fear the giant would see him; slowly he crawled under the first table he saw and covered his snout as he hid. Meanwhile outside, Iron rose to his full height with the older dog in one paw and the flattened remains of the police cruiser in the other. The captured canine was getting dizzy from being moved around in the air a lot. Iron then placed the tired officer on the remains of the car and wrapped him up like a piece of sushi. He had to take precautions to avoid the tiny fur from running around and getting accidentally squished by him. Sure Iron was huge and strong enough to crush the whole city, but he still was a nice fur at heart. He placed his capture on top of the building across from the one the other Doberman ran into. Now he was ready to flush the little pup out. The coyote stretched out his pumped up arms and wrapped them around the building, his hips pushed back to let him position his throbbing erection properly. "Last chance bud, come out with your paws up or things are gonna get musky!" Iron said loudly towards the building. He waited a whole minute but there was no response. "You asked for it." Iron slammed his dick into the structure. His whole member crashed through the fifth floor like a hot knife through butter. The coyote's fingers dug deep into the side of the building as he moaned heavily. His dickhead burst through the back of the building and squirted a copious amount of precum all over the streets below. He never experienced such an intense fucking before; it was like his cock was fucking the tightest hole in the world. It took all his willpower to not continue attacking the building with his cock until it turned to dust. Instead Iron pulled his dick out leaving a gaping hole with crushed tables and damaged pipes. He called out again, "One more time come on out Jack or this giant is going to shove his beanstalk up your butt." Iron moved his hips a little to the left and spread his legs further apart. Now his erection was on par with the fourth floor. With one mighty trust he plunged his doghood inwards, leaving a trail of precum in the second hole he made. This time the coyote grunted and winced as he tried to hold back the pressure building up in his balls, demanding release. Meanwhile inside, the Doberman was at his breaking point as was the building. Parts of the ceiling started crumbling since the first impact, and the cracks were forming on the walls and pillars. Panting heavily, the cop's eyes darted left and right as he considered his options, either he gets crushed to death by the falling building or be impaled by the macro's cock due to his bad luck, or he could take his chance and try to run again. Choosing the lesser evil the dog made a mad dash out of the office and was back on the streets in a matter of seconds. Simultaneously Iron was just about to pull out of the building when he saw his target on the move. The coyote flexed his arms and chest to bear hug the building with all his might, causing it to crumble and crash onto the ground in a huge dust cloud, freeing his burning red member. In just two easy steps the coyote had caught up to the K-9, his left paw swooped downwards and captured the tiny fur with ease. Despite his unfortunate capture, the rookie managed to pull out his taser again and aimed it at his captor's bright hazelnut pupils. Iron scoffed and flexed his other arm. His bicep rose and hardened into a mountain of steel. "You're really going to try that again? Kid this is a real gun," Iron mocked. He brought the cop closer to his bicep and rubbed him in a circular motion all over the mound of muscle with a cocky grin. While the officer was plastered against the musky arm Iron spoke. "Now, I'm going to let you out and ask you a question. If you behave I'll let you and your partner go. Don't and it's a snout full of biceps for you again. Understood?" Only a soft muffled sound came from the cop, Iron took it as a definite yes. Once freed, the Doberman gasped for air. Iron then asked, "Now tell me where the Crescat brewery is." The officer raised his shaky right arm and pointed to a factory in the far right. Iron squinted in the same direction and was surprised to see a more muscular Mark heading in the same direction as well. If Iron could see him for so far it only meant one thing. "Shoot, must have gotten his paws on another bottle." Dumping the dog with his partner on the roof Iron instructed him to get the other dog out of the city. He then ran towards Mark at full speed smashing through every building in his way. Part 5: Big is Better A pair of mighty feet came down on the sides of the factory. The macro's ball sack rested on the roof. Across the factory were three buildings of equal height. Mark stood with his thick arms flared out to the side and a confident smile. Among one those buildings was his ticket to beating Iron in the growth race. Just thinking about eclipsing Iron made his cock fill with vigor and stood erect. But his chance to relish in his advantage was cut short when he saw the giant coyote running towards him like a bullet train on steroids. Panicking, he was not sure which among the three buildings in front the brewery was. The signboards on the buildings were now too small for the gargantuan dog to see. He then grabbed the roof of the first two buildings and ripped them off effortlessly. Luck was on his side as in the middle building where two large barrels label and the words Crescat was plastered on the wall. Engrossed in his find, the German shepherd didn't question how odd that a so called brewery only had two barrels of beer and nothing else. Mark reached out for one barrel and ripped the top off ready to consume its contents. He had just managed to take a sip when his eyes caught sight of Iron jumping from two streets over into the air. The coyote came crashing down right in front of Mark, he was so close the dog could smell the musk radiating off Iron. Mark was caught off balance as the coyote's jump made the ground shake. "Whoa, whoa. Dude don't!" Mark exclaimed while wailing his arms around. Grinning mischievously the coyote took the small window of opportunity and pushed his friend back on the chest. Mark fell hard right onto the factory behind him. In an act of great coincidence, his ass was directly above the long chimney. The phallic structure plunged into the dog's hole sending a wave of stimulation all over his body. It was a mix of pain and pleasure as his virgin ass was suddenly filled. There was no holding back; his hard cock fired a thick stream of cum into the air. Iron managed to dodge by stepping to the left to avoid getting creamed in the face. Instead the cum rained all over the buildings with their roofs ripped apart. As he orgasmed, every fiber of Mark's body tensed up, causing him to accidentally crush the barrel in his paw in one powerful grip. Streams of beer leaked between his fingers onto the tarmac below. Iron gripped his stomach as he laughed. "Hey if you need a smoke you can use your 'dildo' too. Get it? Cause it's a chimney." Mark just responded with a grunt without moving from the bed of rubble, the chimney was still lodged deep in his rectum. A few seconds later the growth kicked in. Mark's entire body began to grow upwards in height, this time he didn't feel himself adding anymore muscle but his third leg thickened and lengthened to the size of two train carts. Standing up, the chimney slid out of Mark's expansive ass. Growing hard again, his cock slapped against his chest and rested within the space between his mighty pectorals. Not wasting any time as Mark grew to four hundred feet tall, Iron grabbed the remaining barrel, brushed off the layer of cum on the lid and downed its contents upon opening it. "I feel it!" Iron felt the same rush as the first time his lips touched the Crescat, the heat spreading from his chest to the rest of his body. This time the growth was in hyper drive. In a split second Iron shot up in height quickly surpassing Mark, whose growth had slowed to a stop. The German shepherd was not prepared for what happened next. Just as quickly as Iron grew, the coyote's endowment extended out and cast a shadow over the dog and the surrounding buildings. Iron's erection was now the size of three silos stacked together. Mark stared with his jaw hanging downward as Iron's face soon lost behind his chest. "He must be at least a thousand feet tall," thought Mark. Despite only reaching up halfway to his friend's muscular thighs, a new feeling began to stir within the K-9. No longer jealousy, it was lust. How he wanted to see the coyote use the power of his muscles and cock to dominate the world. Iron started to crouch downwards, bringing his tail down with him, smashing it onto the ground and breaking anything underneath it: lamp posts, signs, even smaller buildings. "Looks like I win bud!" Iron said in his new deep, almost godlike voice. Mark was staring at the coyote's bulging light brown chest. He wanted so much to jump into it and just be lost in all the muscle. An even more remarkable sight was how the German shepherd's dickhead dwarfed in comparison to Iron's. Both of them were leaking precum onto the ruined streets below. "You know I think I deserve a reward for winning our little contest. Why don't you help get me off this time?" Iron grabbed his dick and wiped the tip all around Mark's face, smearing pre all over him. Licking the translucent liquid with his tongue Mark responded with a playful grin. "I have a better idea. What if I told you I knew a way to help you get off and make us the new landmarks of the city? Interested?" The twitching response from Iron's cock was all the confirmation Mark needed. Iron lifted Mark up and rested him on his shoulders like he was giving him a piggy back ride. Iron didn't mind the feeling of Mark's dick pressing up against the back of his head. What would have taken an hour's drive took only five easy steps for Iron to reach the heart of the city. There stood the two crowning achievements of the city, the tallest skyscraper in the country at one thousand five hundred foot tall and to its right the egg shaped, enclosed Blue Bull Stadium home to the city's well-loved football team. Mark jumped off Iron's back and started caressing the stadium, his hard cock rubbing against the roof that was caving in under the giant's weight. On Iron's side he had the skyscraper all to himself. Holding onto the building gently like how he did before with the insurance office, Iron applied a little pressure and his dick pierced the tower with ease. Iron howled and wagged his tail excitedly. Fucking a building never felt so good. Overcome by the urges of his loins the coyote pulled his member out halfway before slamming it in hard. His hips gyrated with such speed and power it was amazing that the skyscraper was still standing. Watching his partner destroy the skyscraper drove him hot with euphoria. Mark's humping escalated in speed and strength until his cock smashed through the stadium's roof. His powerful arms dug deep into the sides, causing cracks to form on the walls and spread throughout the bleachers inside. The two were approaching climax, groaning heavily they tried to hold back their cum. Their thrusts were slowing down, but they were slamming harder than ever into their respective structures. Finally, with a powerful roar Iron bear-hugged the skyscraper, breaking the top part off from the rest of the building, the bottom half exploding into broken steel and stone as he unleashed his pent up cum. Ropes of thick white seed blanketed the rest of the city behind the skyscraper. No building was spared from the wide breath of the giant coyote's cum shot. At the same time, Mark yelled out Iron's name while blowing his load into the stadium. A torrent of cum flooded the inside field, the stadium just barely holding in the gallons of semen that filled up its insides. Lethargy then took over both of the giants. Their dicks softened and they both fell back next to each other panting and laughing. "Best night of my life," Iron said. "Ditto. Sad it has to end," Mark replied softly, beginning to feel sleepy. "Who says it has to end? I say we find another brewery in the next city and do it all over again. " Their eyes lit up with excitement, reinvigorated with new energy at the thought of growing again the two friends got up and stomped off into the sunrise, all the while deep underground a certain tiger was happily taking notes on his two successful test subjects. The End.
  13. teroyugi

    Growing a Friend (Furry)

    Aww thanks Hanu, sorry I have been writing slowly lol. I hope to get better at it soon
  14. teroyugi

    Growing a Friend (Furry)

    My name was Barnaby Tabs or Berry as those closest to me call me. We were the only Rottweiler family living on Talon Street. There was nothing really special about us, my dad worked as a pilot so he was never around much, and we lost mum long ago after the twins were born. Although we were all Rottweilers we did not conform to the expectations that our kind were big and muscular with a tendency to pick fights with anyone. For one thing, I could never survive a fight being of average height and build; I barely qualified for my high school soccer team. Even my little brothers who were younger than me by 2 years could easily overpower me, but I would attribute their victory to their 3 years of being in their school’s wrestling team too. Fortunately, they know how to behave when dad isn’t around, they know I am pack leader, that and they would get no desserts for dinner if they tried anything. I never minded my school life, although I didn’t get to become the king of the school I got to spend time with my best friend Zack. He was a bright orange fox with white fur running from the bottom of his muzzle and throughout his chest. Unlike me, Zack was his own kind of rebel, sporting long head fur that he dyed streaks of purple which drooped over his left eye giving him a brooding appearance. Every day he would wear a black sleeveless shirt not that he had any muscles to show off, he was as skinny as a stick, but he thought it made him look tough. The shirt would always have an obscure band’s name on it or some smartass antiestablishment statement on it. At least he wore regular jeans to class. He and I started our friendship ever since we got partnered up in science class, probably because everyone else avoided him like the plague. He did come off as a show off know it all but I enjoyed listening to his ideas, to me he had a very mature perspective of the world. Sadly, his parents didn’t find him as intriguing as I did. Even at home he tended to be ‘rude’ with his sarcastic remarks and sharp comments. They were worried for their son, they didn’t want him to grow up into an antisocial troublemaker. Like any loving and overprotective parents they enrolled him into Camp Build Em’ Up for half of his summer vacation, hoping the group physical activities could bring a positive change to Zack. It was upon Zack’s return that my life would be turned upside down. “Jerry, Tom stop punching each other! Or so help me-“dad said assertively without taking his attention away from the road. “Tom started it first,” the twin sitting closest to the car door interrupted. “That’s cause you were drooling all over my shoulder in your sleep, you dick,” the twin sitting in the middle spoke with an irritated tone. As for me I was twiddling with my plain green shirt and thinking if it was right to match it with a pair of dark blue shorts. “Watch your muzzle young pup! And Jerry I told you to sleep earlier last night. You knew you were going to Camp Build Em’ Up today.” Dad continued driving but his stern eyes would look at us through the rear view mirror every few minutes. It was a coincidence that my brothers would be going to the same camp just a week since Zack got back from there. But, did that mean that dad thought the boys were in need of some discipline? There was never any issues before. Even they looked excited to be going as they started talking about the possible outdoor games they could take part in. Well I didn’t think much of it. I was itching to jump out of the car at the sight of Zack’s house in the distance. His parents were on their second honeymoon so we planned a week long sleepover. The moment the car stopped in front of the driveway I grabbed the handle on my backpack and sprinted out while saying my goodbyes to everyone. “Bye dad, bye guys. See ya when you get back,” I said hastily. The twins replied in unison through the half opened window, “Bye big bro.” Dad chimed in last, “Don’t get into trouble, just cause you two are 18 doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want.” “We won’t,” I yelled from the porch as I waved goodbye to them. Turning back to the door I was just about to knock on it when it swung open and my paw hit a wall of abs. My brain went blank for a second, I was staring face to face with the skull t shirt Zack always wore, but that wasn’t right Zack and I were the same height. What more, this fur’s arms were huge and long, his thick melon sized biceps blocked off the rest of the doorway. My pupils trailed downwards and I saw something I shouldn’t have, 2 mammoth sized thighs straining against a pair of blue jeans and an obvious bulge the size of two baseballs. Looking upwards I saw Zack’s usual hairstyle and bright blue eyes looking down at me past his beefy pair of pectorals. “Um…Zack?” I asked dumfounded. “Uh duh, did you hit your head on your way here or something?” Zack asked like I was the one who just turned into jock in less than 3 weeks. The fox turned sideways to let me through the door. I was still taken back by Zack’s sudden transformation but before I could ask he grabbed my backpack from my paw and slung it over his shoulder. “Come on dandelion, the room’s this way. Really dude you’re out of it today.” How I wanted to say something but I figured it wasn’t the time to argue with a muscle bound teen fox. Following his wide back up the stairs we entered Zack’s room. It too had changed slightly like its owner. The walls used to be covered with posters of the fox’s favorite band and artwork, but now some of it were replace with pictures of bodybuilder furs and workout motivation posters. The shelves of books and Blue-Ray discs that covered an entire wall were removed to make room for a workout bench equipped with barbell and dumbbells. “You just caught me near the end of my workout, give me a few minutes, just relax on the bed.” Zack said as he pointed to the bed across from the workout equipment. I took my bag from him and my way towards the bed while he grabbed a pair of dumbbells. Those things looked heavy, with four large plates stacked each side. “How heavy were they?” I wondered. Before I sat down I the fur on my back stood on end and my ears perked up at the sight of how the bed sort of collapsed in the middle. It probably struggled to manage Zack’s new weight. Taking out my laptop I sat at the edge of the bed to avoid sinking it further. I was halfheartedly starting up my Roarwatch game to hide that I was staring at Zack working out. He was doing that chest workout routine I saw on the infomercial channel, a dumbbell fly. A weak gasp escaped my lips as I saw his powerful arms in action, raising the dumbbells close then pulling them away. His pecs were in sync with his breathing, every time his exhaled his pectorals rose. My cheek started to burn so I quickly looked away and was soon engrossed in my game. I wasn’t sure how much time passed but aside from the occasional grunts and clanking of metal Zack didn’t make a peep. When I finally reached my thirteenth dungeon I was exhausted, I closed my laptop and just lied down on the bed and slowly drifted off to sleep. When I woke up I saw it was 7 p.m. on the digital clock next to the bed stand, I was asleep for at least an hour. Pulling myself up, my tail ached; I shouldn’t have slept on it. I scratched my head and felt the weirdest sensation from my groin, it felt slightly sore. As I touched my crotch I suddenly had remember a weird dream I was having earlier. I dreamt Zack was standing over me, panting heavily. He pulled me by the legs closer to him before he unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock. He lapped at my soft member like a hungry wolf, taking it all in and lapping it up with his tongue. My cock hardened in his mouth but he kept on sucking it. In the dream he was massaging my balls with one paw while the other went up my shirt and rubbing my chest. It didn’t take long for me to spray my load inside his maw, Zack drank every last drop eagerly. I remember feeling so drained that I was about to fall back asleep. Then the most extraordinary thing happened, I saw the fox grow. Zack stood up growling and rubbing his chest. I didn’t know whether he was in pain or ecstasy. His pecs protruded further causing his shirt to hug tightly against his chest. He must have grown taller too because I saw his shirt rise to expose his bellybutton. And his arms, his already muscular arms thickened until they looked like they could crush an apple between his biceps and forearms with ease. My vision became too blurred by then to see what happened, but I remembered hearing clothing rip before everything faded to black. I was walking down the flight of stairs heading to the kitchen when I thought of that dream. My heart felt uneasy yet excited at the same time, was it all really a dream? It didn’t help that I was turning myself on thinking about it. Shaking the thought out of my head I waited for my boner to subside before entering the kitchen. I caught whiff of bacon and waffles being made from the top of the stairs, and I couldn’t wait, Zack was always a good cook. The moment I entered I stopped dead at the entrance, across the kitchen desktop was Zack, but like in my dreams he looked bigger than when I saw him earlier. A noticeable tent extended out from my groin area. His back was half as wide as the desktop now, and the poor fabric looked like it would rip if the fox moved. “Z-Zack?” The huge fox turned with a dying pan with three slices of bacon in it, “Oh hey there sleepyhead. Hope you didn’t mind the smell, thought I make us breakfast for dinner,” Zack dropped the bacon over a stack of pancakes and served it on the counter, “eat up.” I hesitantly approached the delicious smelling meal. In my mind I decided that before I finished this meal I would get some answers. “Zack, I got to ask. What happened you at that camp?” I poked a piece of bacon with a fork nearby. “Ugh that place was the worst. They had us wake up at 5 in the morning to run laps. Then after breakfast it was the usual ‘team events,” Zack did a quotation sign in the air with his fingers when he said team, “so I was forced in with a bunch of other sweaty furs to do useless repetitive tasks.” I listened attentively while stuffing my face with food. “No I get that…” I had to pause to swallow a big piece of pancake, “but how did you get so buff? You’re like twice the size of the jocks at school.” Zack made a pff sound while rolling his eyes, “I am nothing like them. This is physical fitness. I admit the camp was dumb but the counselors really convinced me that for a smart ass like me I should have the body to match it.” “That still doesn’t explain how you grew in such a short time!” “Just proper nutrition and good genes I guess,” Zack grabbed a piece of bacon off the plate and ate it. My shoulders dropped in defeat this conversation wasn’t going anywhere. Deciding not to pursue the topic anymore I asked, “Where’s your plate?” Zack walked pass the counter and I saw that he was in his boxers now, his very thin and straining boxers. It did nothing to hide the python between his steel thick thighs. That cock was snaking along his right thigh and I swore I saw the dickhead poking through the leg hole. “It’s cool dude. You finish up, I had my protein shake and a ‘snack’ while you were asleep. Take your time I’m gonna go set up the Y box,” Zack said. Something about the way he mentioned snack sent shivers down my spine. Was he there when I had that dream? I watched he strut out of the kitchen and I blushed when Zack suddenly stopped at the doorway and flexed his glutes. Shit, he knew I was staring. After the meal I dropped the plates and utensil in the sink before entering the living room. There was no chance for me to take a good look at it when I arrived but now I saw that the living room became even simpler, there were no decorations whatsoever, just a white sofa across the big screen TV with the Y box attached to it. The TV was already on and set to a racing game. I walked over to the sofa and said, “Where am I supposed to sit?” Zack had taken up most of the sofa by lying on it. “Quit your whining, there’s room here,” Zack beat his chest and patted the small gap of sofa in front of his abs. “I think I’ll take the floor.” “Dude-lie here,” Zack said in a commanding tone. My short little tail rose on attention and my body moved automatically following the fox’s instructions. It was amazing what pounds of muscle could do to a guy’s dominating presence. So, I tried to squeeze myself in front of Zack’s might frame, my head resting on his thick right pectoral. Sure enough I barely fit but it felt surprisingly good. His body radiating warmth. Zack then pulled out a controller from behind him and gave it to me. The fox’s left arm draped over my shoulder to allow him to reach his. I was trapped in the muscular arms of my best friend and I liked it. The game then started and we raced three rounds while throwing playful insults at each other. That moment felt like the good old days, he and I laughing and just gaming without a care in the world. By the fifth round however, I had to call for a pause. “Hold on dude, I think my joystick is busted. It won’t move right,” I said pulling the right joystick back and forth trying to ge tit to work. “Oh, well I think you have a substitute joystick right here,” Zack said softly almost like a whisper. “Where?” I asked. “Here,” his left paw reached down my pants and grabbed my cock. I yelped, which must have scared Zack cause he was quickly pulling his paw back, but then I stopped him. “No,” silence filled the air, I looked up into his face, “umm… it feels good, but I don’t think that will help me play better.” Zack smiled and sunk his paw back into my shorts, “Well why don’t we stop and play something else.” His paw started to rub my cock softly. I gasped. “You know, I’m getting pretty hungry. I was wondering if you could feed me,” Zack said as he licked his lips. “Wh-what?” “All these muscles need lots of protein Berry,” the fox raised his right arms and flexed, his veins snaked up all over it, “ that’s what the camp thought me. They made us stronger with some special juices just so that we all could keep up with the games, but I learned a secret from the camp counselors one night, cum makes the growth faster.” The fox rubbed my rock hard cock faster as he bit onto my neck. My breathing grew heavier as my brain fogged from the waves of pleasure taking over my body, what Zack was saying was like something from a B movie horror film. One of Zack’s long feet grabbed my shorts and tugged it all the way down, exposing my tender behind. He wasn’t slowing down for a second, pumping my cock with increasing vigor. Zack stopped biting and pulled back, his breathing was escalating as well. I could feel something stiff poking my butt. “Do you want me to grow Berry?” Zack asked excitedly. “Yes, yes.” I answered passionately. “How big do you want me to grow?” His paw was like magic, rubbing the tip of my dick with his thumb, smearing the pre along my shaft so he could jerk me off faster. I moaned heavily, “Grow…grow out of your clothes!” My body shuddered, I could feel the pressure building in my balls. Just as I was about to cum Zack pulled his paw on my cock, back grabbed me by the hips and tossed me back until my upper body was leaning over the sofa. It all happened so fast I didn’t have time to scream. My still throbbing cock then bumped against something cold, it was the fox’s wet nose. Clutching the sides of the sofa with my claws I groaned when I felt Zack hot tongue lapping around my cock. This was the feeling in my dream, the heat of his breath and the power of his tongue dominating my cock. In just a few second I came hard in down his thick throat. The rush of ecstasy was powerful as I cummed at three times. Zack then patted my butt, and I pulled myself back to face him. There was a line of white goo on his lips. I chuckled and was about to go in for a kiss when I felt his stomach beneath my butt shake. The fox grit his teeth and his whole body started expanding and twitching. His shirt ripped in half as his shoulders broaden and his white pecs ballooned up into two thick watermelons. A rich web of veins then spread across his chest and arms, it almost looked painful to me. I held on to his wall of abs that suddenly morphed from a six pack to an eight pack. “Whoa!” I exclaimed. I wanted to back away but then my back hit some fleshy and wet from behind,. Turning my head quickly I gasped at the sight of the largest dick I ever saw, it was longer than my arm. The dickhead was leaking precum at an alarming rate, drenching the back of my shirt. His legs and testicles then grew thicker until his left leg was forced off the sofa due to the lack of space taken by the bulging scrotum. Loud creaking noises came from the sofa, it probably wasn’t designed to hold up so much weight. “Fuck!”? Zack yelled when he grabbed me with his titanic arms. They looked like someone stuffed a pair of bowling balls in his triceps and biceps. “Z-Zack? What’s wrong buddy talk to me,” I said nervously. His eyes were wild, his usual calm golden eyes now shone like a hunter that had just caught its prey. “Must.Fuck.Berry!” He said. I screamed and struggled to get away but it was no use, he was too strong. “No, no. Zack no. Don’t do this. I’m your friend you’ll rip me in half with that thing!” My ass was floating right above the tip of the muscle bound fox. I closed my eyes, not wanting to cry from the oncoming impact. But it never came. Instead I heard laughter, playful laughter. Opening my eyes I eyes I saw Zack laughing heartily at me. “Good grief, you should have seen your face. It’s hilarious,” Zack said with a stupid smile on his face. A fiery rage then build in me when I realized I had just been pranked. I kicked in the air trying to nail that mischievous fox in the chin but he was holding me too high up. “Woah, woah. Ok, I’m sorry dude. Chill,” Zack apologized and place me safely on the ground. But I still punched him in the pecs repeatedly, not that he felt anything. “You ass. I thought you turned into some kind of a fuck muscle monster!” “Sorry, sorry. It just seemed so right.” He sat up and held his wide arms open for a hug. His boner was pointing at me and dripping pre on the floor. I sniffled and reciprocated his hug from the side. Zack didn’t control his strength and held me so tightly he could have broken my back. We looked into each other’s eyes lovingly, and then I sneaked a kiss on his chin. The fox smiled and went in for a deep French kiss. His enormous tongue wrestled mine as he explored the inside of my mouth. I didn’t want it to end but Zack broke the kiss and whispered into my right ear, “Want to continue this in bed?” Blushing like a red stop sign I nodded. The huge fox lifted me off my feet and carried me like a newlywed bride. He had grown taller too as his head was closer to the ceiling than before. Snuggling against his chest my muscle fox carried me into his room for the most wonderful night of my young life.Then a troubling thought came to my mind, if Zack grew this much from the camp...what was going to happen to the twins? The End?

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