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    Besides the obvious and overwhelming interest in muscle, I like reading, video games, tv, movies...loads of nerdy stuff. I'm a nerd at heart.
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    6'1 230lbs. Don't really measure anything else. Numbers distract me from the work
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    The ability to not only discuss my journey in the gym, but to be open about my passion for muscle at the same time. Always looking to connect to like-minded guys who have taken their love for muscle to the gym to work on building something they can be proud of. Not into RP. I keep it real here :-)
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    6'1 at around 275lbs of mostly muscle. I want the offseason look. Arms must be over 20".
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    Frank McGrath, Flex Lewis, Evan Centopani, and Kai Greene to name a few. All of them are damn impressive tho
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    Obviously muscle. Hulk outs or the general idea of muscle taking over a person. I also got an affinity for werewolves for all the furry fans out there ;-)

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  1. What a fascinating topic, and definitely one that I identify with. I've always been attracted to muscle, but sex has never been a part of it. I've gotten to where I now live on my own, so I can enjoy looking at all the muscle I want, or being pumped and flexing all over the place with nobody around to worry about. I love it. I'm definitely not even thinking of any relationship prospects. I've only had relationships with women. I'm at a point where I don't even know how to describe my sexuality, other than all I want to get off to is muscle. I have tried to explore the idea of being with a guy. Muscle is an absolute deal breaker. Tried being with a guy who had the same fetish in muscle, but wasn't muscular. That didn't work at all. I became bored. I've taken to exploring some apps designed to meet other guys. Met a couple muscular guys, but then sex was always an issue. They wanted sex right away. I seem to have lost interest in sex. I don't feel like I'm missing out on something. I don't feel unhappy. Sure, I sometimes wonder if I'm going to remain single forever. Is that a good choice? Should I care more? Has the right person not crossed my path yet? I don't know. Right now, I'm just in a place where I know I love muscle. Working out, getting pumped, flexing, and looking at muscle satisfies me sexually. I don't feel a longing for something more. Well, that's not completely true. I do fantasize of having a true muscle bro. Someone who can say all of the same things I've said applies to them as well. Someone I can workout and grow with. Someone who I can flex and get off on muscle with. For me, that seems to be the missing link right now. It does seem to be a rare thing, even among a place like this. Strange to explain how sex isn't a motivating factor. Many can't wrap their head around it, because by default, we are all sexual beings. It's nice to read a topic like this, and see many echo a lot of my thoughts and feelings. Nice to know I'm not the only one.
  2. Picture props from The Big Guy!  you just made my day, stud, thanks!

  3. It's almost a daily ritual that I...relieve myself more than once before going to work, otherwise THIS hahaha
  4. Awesome. On the same journey just a few chapters back. Keeps getting better from here!
  5. The fixation and attraction to muscle goes so far back that I can't even pinpoint specific things that started it. I just always remember being into muscles from a very young age. I grew up in the late 80's and 90's, so I'm sure most of it can be linked to the bodybuilders of that era. Arnold's acting career. Lou Ferrigno as the hulk. And definitely cartoons. The animation back then really emphasized the muscle, and made it look way more realistic than modern cartoons. So as a child, muscle was a constant stimulus for me. It was inevitable that I would grow an attraction to it. My first erections were from thinking about and imagining muscle growth. Transferring this into the gym took a lot longer. Not until my mid 20's. That was mainly due to me always feeling uncomfortable over my fixation of muscle, and therefore had too many mental blocks when it came to wanting to workout. Thankfully, that's behind me. Combining the lust for muscle with working out has definitely taken it to a whole new level.
  6. It is always on my mind in some way, shape, or form. Definitely a natural tendency for me. The better question is how often do I let it really effect me to the point where I can't concentrate on anything other than muscle. That's where it borders on being a distraction, but I still love it
  7. Yessss. I'm not on a cycle, but the testosterone aspect really compels me to get turned on by male muscle on muscle. And I don't consider myself all the way gay. But lifting and the pump takes me to that place.
  8. Every workout makes me horny, and my overall horniness has increased many times over from working out. Some days it truly becomes a distraction. A welcome distraction, of course.
  9. I heard about a story of a guy and girl who both weren't paying attention cuz they were staring at their Pokemon go. They collided and hurt each other. Needed hospital care. Now they're dating. Live yet to get out there and look seriously for Pokemon. But just making new local friends through it sounds cool
  10. I'd still go with the same advice. Honesty and intentions up front. So in your case the intentions are just friendship. Maybe learning some knowledge of building muscle. But I would imagine many muscled guys will have a certain guard up. I've developed one myself. I try not to live by it, but as it keeps happening where admirers send message after message on wanting to hook up, I'm like damn already. No! Lol. But now if someone not muscled wanted to be friends and learn about how I gained muscle so they can at least be more fit, I for one would most likely be open to that. As long as the other always understood I'm not trying to let something deeper develop as a result. Hope that helps more than the previous response
  11. I've recently been making more of an effort to find, connect with, and meet up with guys who are into muscle. I am pretty much in line with everything allmacarthur has said. As someone who is into muscle, and has muscle, I am pretty much seeking someone who is also muscled. I realize it makes me come off as difficult, but as someone who knows he's very into muscle, but not sure where that lands him on the sexuality spectrum, it's better for all that I limit myself. I'm certainly open to being friendly with someone who is just an admirer, but it does tend to the admirer wanting it all, and it can definitely creep me out real quick. Definitely the type who can't just jump into something. Need to have conversations. Hang out casually. The "Netflix and chill" with pumping iron sounds like an amazing idea lol. So to answer the original questions, I'd say if you don't feel like growing your own muscle, then it comes down to whether or not you can control your own urges, and be able to be friends with a muscled guy, knowing it's gonna stay on that level. Granted im sure there are muscled guys out there who crave fun with those who are not muscled, but as rare as it is to find anybody who is into muscle on the level that those on this forum are, it's probably rarer still to find one who's muscled, and craves friendships or more with someone who is just an admirer. Might come across as unfair, but it's just how it is. I think good, honest conversations can help a lot though. Just make it very clear off the bat what the intentions and hopes are.
  12. I feel like the forums are broken down into enough sub-categories where you can tell where the fantasy stuff should go, and where it isn't needed. The before & after and watch me grow forums should have a general understanding that it's based more in reality. I love fantasy growth too, but there's room and places for both
  13. I would say I'm definitely M-Sexual, though I'd wish there was a smoother word for it. Even muscle-sexual doesn't roll right. But yea, that's what I an
  14. you're just like me gymaholic84. its frustrating because I don't want gay sex. I just want to feel muscles with a friend be horny

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