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  1. ZospenQomy


    I see more and more forums doing this to varying degrees. I doubt I would personally use it, as the main off-topic forum, humor forum, or status updates would cover every general-purpose thing I could think of posting. But I'm sure others will find good use for it, so I believe it would be a worthwhile feature, if only because I've seen it succeed in many other instances.
  2. ZospenQomy

    Young lad growth

    Oh, it's for a section called "unfiltered" that you have to apply for. You can go to "Subscriptions" on the top menu of the forum and choose "Member+ Subscription" under "Forms" - or just try this link to the application directly: https://muscle-growth.org/forms/2-member-subscription/
  3. Wishing you 30 lbs for 30 years!

    1. GiganticBeast


      Fuck yeah man! 30lbs or 30tons! either way i'm happy! Thanks!!

  4. In a development that seems straight out of a fictional fantasy, more and more high schools are renting out their wrestlers for manual labor gigs around town. The programs are actually called "Rent-A-Wrestler" (or RAW for short), and they're as simple as calling the coordinator and having the wrestlers show up to take care of your jobs. An article from one local newspaper: http://www.coshoctonbeacontoday.com/rent-a-wrestler-and-help-rhs/ Area residents can rent a wrestler for a maximum of two hours for at least a $10 donation per wrestler, per hour for odd jobs performed. The wrestlers will work in pairs to do odd jobs, clean up, help residents with loading, hauling, yard work, painting, lifting, organizing, etc. Your extra junk also can be hauled away. Items accepted for removal are: Appliances, grills, lawn chairs, batteries, mowers, transmissions, pipe, bikes, tires with rims, copper, bed springs, metal frames, wood and old vehicles. That program has a few relatively strict guidelines. Many are more generalized, such as this public callout from Amity Wrestling: http://woodbridgetownnews.com/amity-wrestling-rent-a-wrestler-fundraiser/ Amity Wrestling is having its 3rd Annual Rent-A-Wrestler Fundraiser. Have our boys do your Spring Clean-up for you! $10 per hour- all proceeds will go to our Championship Team! Then you've got the nearly-anything-goes programs, like this one from Rochester Zebras: http://www.rochesterwrestling.org/pages/8069/rent-a-wrestler-raw What: "Rent-A-Wrestler" is intended to help those in the Rochester Community with any of those "dirty" jobs that you do not want to do or cannot do. This includes, but is by no means limited to yard work, painting, cleaning gutters, and any other backbreaking job you do not want to complete. Why: This is a great way to: 1) Get all those odd jobs or that backbreaking work done at a cheap price. 2) Meet the Rochester wrestlers. 3) Help the Rochester Wrestling Program. When: We will offer this service to you during the months of April, May, June, July, and August. We will try to be as cooperative as possible with scheduling these guys to meet your needs. Cost: This year we are going to charge $10.00 per hour for any job.You can hire as many wrestlers as you want for as long as you need them ***Here's what you need to do: 1. You can contact Head Coach [...info...] 2. Ask for any wrestler you want, what day or days you want them, and approximately how many hours. 3. Supply all necessary equipment. Members of the Rochester Wrestling Club will be working this summer. So far, the "Rent-A-Wrestler" has been a tremendous success and many of the wrestlers enjoy the work. I mean heck, that one even lets you request whichever wrestler you want, let alone taking as many as you want for as long as you want. Of course, the ultimate goal is fundraising, and some teams run the traditional fundraiser alongside their RAW program: https://www.gofundme.com/laportewrestling To help offset the costs we are completing work and odd-jobs throughout the community for donations with our Rent-A-Wrestler program. Another article (bottom left) briefly explains RAW's purpose, and even features some of the stars: http://www.esidney.com/52709.pdf The latest project is “Rent-A-Wrestler” with the athletes willing to do all sorts of odd jobs or yard work. A few of the wrestlers include Jace Buxbaum, Clint Dunn, Scott Andreasen and Trevor Tracy. They can be hired any time between now and mid June when they leave for Florida. To line up a wrestler, you may contact Lisa Gorder at [...info...]. The suggested cost is $10 an hour for each wrestler. And even some larger organizations are hiring these guys as groups, such as this beach club: http://sammamishbeachclub.com/admin/minutes/2015_05_13_Annual.htm We will make a donation for the services of “Rent-a-Wrestler” – a local high school wrestling team - to do some of the hard labor, including painting the tunnel and hauling sand, playground chips and timbers. And now I anxiously await the story about the lonely bachelor or friendly family man who falls behind on his chores and rents some cheap labor, only to find the 6'6" 300 lbs international champion at his door
  5. Damn mate, that back in your profile pic is awesome!  Always good to meet another guy who loves sexy legs!

    1. ZospenQomy


      Yeah man, if there was ever a case to be made for "bigger isn't always better," this shot's the first one I'd pull out. Great as the Mr. Olympia backs are, I know those genetics aren't within my reach even if I did decide to drug up, but what I can get going is a good balance of mass and conditioning, and in that regard, this dude's pretty much the ultimate "realistic" goal.

      And yep, gotta love the mega-legs. It's the proof of a true lifter vs a beach body, after all.

  6. Hi ZospenQomy,

    your Status has been updated to Member+.



  7. ZospenQomy

    Muscle-Growth's 1st Annual Storiversary

    Oh yeah, I mean that would be great too. I was just anticipating a possible drop, and what to do to keep the stories coming in daily.
  8. ZospenQomy

    Muscle-Growth's 1st Annual Storiversary

    Wow, I'm surprised to see this filled up so quickly. This event sounds really fun, to say the least. Now I don't mean to be a downer, but it's often inevitable that one or more people may have to drop out of an event this size (and usually for perfectly legitimate reasons), so perhaps allowing a short queue/waitlist for people who didn't make the initial cut could be a good idea, so that somebody would be able to fill a spot in case a vacancy occurs.
  9. Man, that is an amazing back shot on your profile.  Great job!

    1. ZospenQomy


      Well thanks, I suppose I am pretty good and cropping and resizing images :P

  10. ZospenQomy

    Mystery Project

    The forum software is going to be moved to a server powered by Robert Förstemann's legs?
  11. ZospenQomy

    WTF MUSCLES?!?! (Possibly NSFW, Idk)

    Ah, now this is my kind of thread! Very amusing things you've dug up, a number of which I've never seen before. But a topic like this can never be complete without the Ultimate Muscle Roller Legend:
  12. ZospenQomy

    Please tell me I'm not the only one.

    I always think everybody would good with more muscle, straight friends or otherwise (In other words, yes, though just one though train of many in an already-packed station.)
  13. ZospenQomy

    Guys with huge glutes?

    Do you mean stories where they're the main focus of everything going on, or just that a generally big guy also happens to have huge glutes and they get mentioned every now and then? I mean, most stories with a huge muscle guy also point out the huge glutes at some point. It's kind of a selling point, at least around here. As for something more dedicated, well, the thing that popped into my mind when I saw your topic title was this little topic from the old forum: https://archive.muscle-growth.org/threads/4784-p1.html It's not really a story in the traditional sense, it's more like a one-shot event or flashback. But I thought it was amusing anyway, maybe you will too.
  14. Greetings, new friend.

    1. Gymaddict78


      Thanks man. How's it going?

    2. ZospenQomy


      Doing well! It's getting chilly out here finally.

  15. ZospenQomy

    So. I have a general question.

    "Handsy" is kind of vague. If I told somebody stop and they stopped, I'd leave it there. If they had to get a little bit more in before stopping, that's more questionable. I guess I'd just ask what prompted it and why they thought it was a good way to go about things. I'm less personal and more curious. Unless there's malevolence, I really don't care. That said, I'd be inconsiderate to assume other people feel the same way, so I wouldn't pull things on them that I wouldn't mind being pulled on me. At the least, I'd say it was rather inconsiderate, whether I minded or not.

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