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  1. Part Fourteen Experimentation Nate was on top of me now, pulling his clothes off and revealing his pale skin, ginger chest hair, and chubby body. Nate wasn’t too overweight, but he definitely had a good amount of flab and lacked the muscle definition that Mark or I had. Still, it was hot seeing him like this. He seemed almost crazed, yanking off his jeans and revealing his loose boxer shorts, tented by his apparent boner. He pulled those off too, and now laid on top of me. Mark, off to the side, was surprised yet interested. “Nate, what the hell, what’s gotten into you?” Nate was straight, for sure, I thought. Even if he wasn’t, maybe a little curious, I did not expect him to be this wild and forthcoming. He didn’t answer and was now humping his crotch into mine, and he started pressing his face into my armpit. Mark was apparently turned on by this, enough to start jerking off as he watched. Nate’s cock rubbed against mine, causing me to get another boner. Nate started jerking off as he continued sniffing me, eventually rolling over to the side of me, lying on his back, still with his face in my pit. The three of us were jerking off now, in this weird arrangement. Mark stood up, perhaps to offer me his cock to suck, then seemed to realize something and laid back down. “What’s wrong?” I asked, but he only shook his head and said he would explain after. So, we kept jerking until we all felt close. I was eager to feel Mark blow his load onto my chest, so I motioned for him to stand up and shoot onto me, but he once again declined. In fact, he seemed to turn away from me, then moaned as his cock shot ropes of cum high into the air and onto his own pecs and abs. That was pretty hot, and got me close too, so I turned to Nate to let him know, but he still ignored me. I came too, my load a lot less impressive and maybe dampened by Nate and Mark’s weird behaviors. Finally, Nate panted as he too came, dribbling a small load of cum onto the bed. He lay there, a little dazed, and slowly seemed to drift to sleep. Mark whispered to me. ”Was I the first person you fucked after your convert?” ”Well, yeah...” I replied. ”Huh. I think I might know what’s going on with him... but we should probably confirm it.” ”Confirm it? What are you talking about? Is he ok?” ”I think he’s fine, but his life’s probably going to get a lot different for him soon. Kinda like it did for you. Why don’t you stick around here, see what he’s like when he gets up. If he doesn’t want to talk about it, don’t push him. He’ll get there.” Mark got dressed as he explained his plan. ”Don’t worry about him. He’ll be fine. I want to see you again, though,” he said, writing his number down on a piece of paper. “Got some friends I can ask about your roomie’s deal, and then maybe we can all meet next weekend. Let me know.” He sounded a little devilish while explaining his plans, then left the dorm. I got dressed quickly and thought about what to do with Nate. Best let him come to his senses on his own, I thought. I went to the other part of the dorm room and sat on the futon to watch TV. About an hour later, I heard Nate stirring in the other room. ”What the hell?” I heard him say. A few minutes later, he came out to the living area wearing a pair of grey sweatpants and no shirt. I thought I spotted a little dried cum on his abdomen. Damn, though, did his big fat ass look hot in those pants. If only we could have done more... ”Hey man, you ok?” I asked. ”Y-yeah, I think so. Feel weird. Not sure how I ended up here, honestly. Woke up naked-“ he suddenly stopped, as if realizing how embarrassing this story would be. “You don’t remember what happened?” I asked. ”No, why, do you?” I quickly lied. “No, no... I just, came home and you were asleep. Maybe you were exhausted from packing, you passed out on the bed.” ”Y-yeah, I guess. Anyway, it’s good to see you man! Been a whole summer! You look great!” ”Hah, thanks man! I got a lot to tell you about my break,” I answered. ”I’m gonna go take a shower, then let’s talk,” he replied. Nate dipped back to the sleeping area, then came back out in just a towel and flip flops, carrying a little caddy of soap and shampoo. He left the room to go to the communal bathroom. When he came back a few minutes later, I told him an altered version of what happened; that I had the hots for a guy at the gym, but instead of my escapade at the club, I talked about “coming to terms with myself” and came out. He was plenty supportive, and a little unsurprised. “No wonder you’d always had bad luck with the ladies, man! I’m happy for ya!” Perfect. This didn’t change anything between us. I wonder if it would had he known all the true details, especially about his own behavior. I told him about Mark. ”Nice dude, now I gotta get a girl for myself so we can all go out together!” he laughed, taking a seat next to me. Right, I thought. A girl. I texted Mark the details and he acknowledged. I made plans to join him for lunch and to go to the gym next week. So, Nate and I went about our business for the first week of the semester. I met with Mark a few more times over the week, sometimes for dates and other times for sex, but we always went to his single dorm room and we never discussed Nate. When Friday rolled around, he brought it up one day on the way home to the gym. “So your roommate, Nate,” he started. ”I called Eddie - I believe you met him - and he has a theory about what happened.” He smirked. ”Really?” The incident with Nate had started to leave my mind, but I was now excited to know the truth. “Yeah. Eddie thinks something weird happened to you. Like, some part of all the shit they pump into us stuck around longer than it should have.” My eyes widened. I was that special? Mark continued. “Yeah, so he thinks you might have some kind of weird gland. Probably in your armpit, that would make sense. Maybe it got activated when I came in you. Created some kind of pheromone, maybe. Drove him wild. That’s why I turned away at the end... didn’t want to trigger it again.” Oh, so that was why! I felt a little self conscious, right after the fact, as if maybe Mark didn’t like me as much as I thought. The last week had eliminated that doubt - Mark fucked me and jizzed on me plenty - but it was good to hear the clarification. ”I think you’ve got a powerful gift, Trevor,” continued Mark. “I’m not sure exactly what the extent of your change was, but maybe we could test it on your roommate.” Nate, a guinea pig? That didn’t seem fair. Nate was his friend, after all- using him didn’t feel right. Still, it seemed like he only had any effect on straight men, so what other option did they have? “I’ll think about it,” I said. “Why don’t we all go out together tonight? I have some friends throwing a house party.” I frowned. Nate probably would not want to go to the type of party Mark had in mind. “Relax, there’ll be plenty of straight girls there for Nathan,” Mark laughed. *** At dinner, I told Nate about Mark’s invitation. Surprisingly, he seemed really excited. “Yeah, I’d love to check out a gay house party!” he enthused. ”Well, he said there would be girls there too,” I said through a mouthful of pizza. ”Cool man, it’s all good. Happy to meet your boyfriend and his friends.” I blushed a little. I wasn’t sure if Mark was my boyfriend, but... he wasn’t just a fuck buddy, either. We met Mark on a street corner a few blocks away from the house. He exchanged greetings with Nate, who seemed really excited to meet him. As we walked, Nate whispered questions in my ear. ”Damn, that’s the guy? He’s a beast!” ”Yeah, I know,” I beamed. Now Nate started getting a little too curious. “He fucks you? Damn, I can’t even imagine...” I was a little annoyed at this line of questioning, but I used this opportunity to toy with Nate a little. “Yeah man, he pounds my ass with a huge cock,” I grinned. Nate’s eyes widened. He was definitely not expecting this much detail. I pressed a little further. “Why, you ever do anything with a guy?” He stayed silent, but I continued. “That’s how I knew, y’know. In high school I jerked off with a friend after school a couple times,” I lied. “It felt awesome.” Nate went quiet and muttered back. “Can’t say I ever tried,” he said flatly. We were nearing the party, now, evidenced by the increased presence of college kids out on the sidewalk. We stepped up and went through the front door. It was hard to hear, inside, over the deep bass and loud pop music. Mark shouted that he was gonna go find the hosts, while I went with Nate to grab a drink. The three of us met back a few minutes later, Nate and I holding red cups full of some kind of sugary drink mixed with vodka, and Mark with two guys standing behind him. “Trev, Nate, this is Chris and Evan,” he introduced. The two guys stepped forward. Both were immensely hot, and shirtless. Chris was leaner, but noticeable muscles. His body was mostly hairless, and he wore a pair of short shorts that hugged his ass. I spied the top of a jockstrap waistband poking out above the waistline of his shorts. Evan, on the other hand, was a total hunk. Ripped and muscular, he had a light dusting of blonde-brown hair on his chest and torso. His huge shoulders and arms seemingly flexed themselves as he shook my hand. His pecs were enormous, made to appear even bigger by a thick leather strap pulled tightly across his chest from the harness he wore. It connected to a pair of suspenders, which probably held up a jockstrap, though his pair of jeans prevented further investigation. I turned to see Nate’s reaction. He looked awed, weirdly. “Nice to meet you guys,” he said. “Damn,” he said under his breath. “It’s okay man, you know we’re gay- you’ll get no competition from us,” Evan laughed. “Maybe I could introduce you to my friend Jen, she’s great and singl-“ he offered, but Nate shook his head. “Nah, it’s ok,” he declined. But the party continued, the five of us talking and drinking and dancing. It was a pretty small house party, mostly consisting of Chris and Evan’s friends, so we were able to meet quite a few of them throughout the night. As we got drunker and drunker, Mark and I started to dance together on, him grinding into me to the beat of some electronic song. I looked over and saw Nate talking to a girl, which suppressed my suspicions about his curiosity a little. But on further investigation, it was clear he was just turning her down and continued to drink quietly to himself in the corner. After the song, Mark went over to him. “You doin’ O.K., dude?” Mark asked. ”I guess,” slurred Nate back. He was drunk, but not dangerously so, it seemed. “C’mon man, lets have a good time!” shouted Mark. He grabbed Nate by the wrist and dragged him over to me, where I was dancing on the small “dance floor”. Mark motioned for Evan and Chris to come over, and the five of us kind of danced in a circle around Nate, telling jokes and acting flirty to cheer him up. As the night went on, he was in a better mood as we did shots and told jokes and talked to us gay guys. Evan and Chris acted especially flirty, getting Nate to take his shirt off and at one point pulling their shorts down to show off their goods. As we had fun together, the party slowly died around us, people heading home and bidding the hosts goodnight. Soon, around 2:30, it was just the five of us sitting on the couch, all shirtless. Mark was in his underwear, for some reason, a pair of tight bright blue briefs. Nate was pretty drunk, still, but mostly lucid. “You guys wanna watch something?” asked Chris. “Yeah, sure,” I answered. “Nate, you good? We can go home if you want.” ”Nah, I want to stay!” he protested. ”Ok man, no worries,” Evan said. “The big TV’s up in our room, if you guys want.” We all went upstairs. In the bedroom was a large 72” mounted on the wall at the foot of a huge king sized bed. It was dimly lit, but we all piled onto the bed, the five of us fitting somewhat snugly. Evan and Chris sat on one end, followed by Nate, me, and Mark on the other. Mark started getting a little handsy with me, rubbing my upper thigh. On my left, Evan had his arm around both Chris and Nate. Chris grabbed the remote off the end table and turned on the TV. Suddenly, a porn movie was playing on the screen; two guys on a bed with one of them fucking the other doggy style. They were moaning loudly, the top with manly grunting and the bottom squealing in pleasure and begging for more. Evan struggled to change the channel, but eventually managed to set the TV to the Netflix login. ”Shit, sorry about that, Nate,” expresses Chris. Nate kind of perked up; I could tell he was sobering up. “It’s fine,” he replied. “But honestly, I’ve got so many questions. Trevor kind of seemed annoyed when I asked him on the way here.” ”What kind of questions?” asked Evan. ”Just... I can’t believe you guys do that with each other. It seems to weird to me, but I want to know more about it. Like how do you decide who does what? Or what’s it feel like? Damm, why do I want to know this stuff?” ”Well,” smiled Mark. “We could show you, if you’re that curious. You can just watch, if you want.” Nate sort of blushed. He was embarrassed to have asked, embarrassed to say yes, so I thought to help him say it. “Go sit over there,” I said, pointing to a chair facing the bed in the corner of the room. “You want to see what us gay guys do with each other? Well, now’s your chance.” Nate moves to the chair, and I leaned over to Mark and started kissing him passionately. Mark and Trevor continued kissing, and Chris and Evan had plans of their own. They too started making out, Chris pulling down his shorts to reveal a bright neon blue jockstrap. Confused, conflicted thoughts swirled in Nate’s head. This was all so foreign to him, so far removed from his world. Still, he was intrigued at how different it was from what he expected. The four guys were like men, he thought, not like the feminine gay guys he saw on TV. And they seemed to really like each other, which is something he never really felt with any girl. Guys like sex, he thought, and well, why not just have it with another guy who likes it just as much as he did? It was all still very confusing, but he continued watching. Trevor and Mark were fully naked now, the former laying back against the headboard with Trevor sitting facing him. Meanwhile, Chris and Evan were in their underwear, Evan sporting a jockstrap connected to his leather harness. They were kissing and grabbing each other’s crotch and ass, pulling and snapping the strap’s of each other’s clothing playfully. Finally, Evan took a spot next to Mark and Chris adopted a similar position to copy the other couple. The two tops and bottoms turned to kiss their counterpart, sharing excitement at the thought of fucking - or being fucked - by his partner. Evan made the first move forward, pushing Chris down onto his back and pulling him closer, lifting his legs to rest on his meaty shoulders and positioning his cock on his partner’s ass. Mark, on the other hand, flipped Trevor over, onto his hands and knees, arching his back and presenting his ass in the air seductively. Nate couldn’t stop staring: Trevor had the biggest ass he had ever seen on a guy. He couldn’t help but feel insecure: all these guys had way better bodies than him: Evan was super muscular and beefy, Chris was lean but with clearly defined features, Mark was less muscular than Evan by a good margin, but had an enormous cock, and then there was Trevor with his massive bubble butt. He thought about what it would be like to have a body like them, and pulled off his shirt, revealing his chubby chest and belly. Nate slowly rubbed his crotch through his pants, continuing to watch. Chris passed around a bottle of lube and was rewarded with his partner’s cock slowly plunging into him. He moaned gratefully. “Fuck me, baby,” he shouted, and Evan obliged. Mark followed suit, first slapping Trevor’s ass, then spreading it and shoving his cock in. He pounded Trevor, like he had so many times before, but now felt different in an erotic way: he had an audience. He pumped his cock in and out of Trevor with extra power, showing his strength and virility not only to Chris and Evan, but to Nate, his partner’s weird curious friend. Every thrust communicated to Nate, “this is what a man does. He fucks and gets fucked.” Mark turned to Evan and gently gave him a fist bump as they both fucked with manly power and reckless abandon. Nate looked on in awe of how primal it all was, and how real it felt. When he had sex with women... it never full like watching this did. Finally, the two tops stopped. “I think he’s about ready,” started Mark, slowly pulling his cock out of his boyfriend’s ass. Evan did the same, then Chris sat up and joined them while Trevor maintained the same position. “You ready?” asked Mark, leaning to kiss his partner. “Yeah,” said Trevor. “Let’s do it.” The three guys shuffled around Trevor, Mark now in front of his face, with Evan taking Mark’s old spot and Chris laying down under him. Mark turned to Nate, who was sitting to the side, gently rubbing his bulge through his boxer briefs. “You ready to see your friend like you’ve never seen him before?” Nate timidly gave a nod. Trevor lowered down onto Chris now, rubbing his ass against Chris’s upright cock teasingly. Chris’s balls were big and meaty, full and ready to shoot a huge load. Trevor lowered himself onto Chris’s cock now, taking it easily. Chris smacked his ass as he worked into a rhythm, easily bouncing up and down riding his new friend. Trevor leaned forward, grabbing Chris’s lean shoulders and embracing him and starting to make out with him. Evan crept forward, now pressing the head of his own cock against Trevor’s bouncing bubble butt. Trevor slowed his riding, then stopped. “I’m ready,” he said. Evan gently spread Trevor’s cheeks and slowly pushed his own cock in, rubbing against his boyfriend Chris’s as he entered. Trevor nearly screamed, pushed to his absolute limit. Mark put his own cock closer to Trevor, offering it to him. Trevor started sucking it now, gagging on Mark’s thick meat to take his mind away from the initial pain of being DPed. Evan and Chris picked up the pace now, alternating thrusts with each other while Trevor deep throated Mark. He was overwhelmed with cock, but this was the plan, after all: getting Nate in here and testing the absolute limits of Trevor’s pheromone powers. Nate felt a little uncomfortable. Trevor was getting filled from all ends with so much manly power... could that really feel so good? “Does... does he like that?” Nate asked. Trevor was moaning heavily, muffled by the presence of Mark’s thick dick. He removed it to answer his friend with an enthusiastic “Fuck yeah!” while Chris and Evan continued their pounding. A few minutes later, Evan started to tremble. “It’s time,” he moaned, then started pounding even faster. The tightness of his cock in Trevor’s ass, the sounds of sex, the feel of his own cock rubbing against Chris’s inside Trevor... it all just culminated in so much pleasure. His cock pulsed and shuttered as he shot load after load of cum into Trevor. As he did, Trevor felt the warm seed filling his ass, and Chris did too. His boyfriend’s cum coated his own cock and he too orgasmed, emptying his massive load into Trevor. Chris’s load was much, much bigger than Evan’s. Shot after shot filled Trevor with cum, each one pushing further and further into him. Eventually, he finished, slowly pulling out. Inside Trevor, the two men’s cum began to dissolve and soak into his bloodstream, a flood of testosterone traveling through his system and beginning to activate his mutations. Mark, sufficiently edged from fucking Trevor earlier and seeing how horny he had become from the double penetration, unloaded as well. Trevor didn’t even release his mouth from Mark’s cock, directly sucking down all of his boyfriend’s hot jizz into him. The three tops collapsed back in exhaustion, eager to see the fruits of their labor; their eyes now rested on Nate, who squirmed in his chair. Trevor felt stuffed, full of cum and testosterone, now swirling through his body and rushing to new glands in his armpits, pecs, crotch, and ass. The glands soaked up the testosterone, which in a way, hydrated them from shriveled husks into plump nodes, factories of growth chemicals and hormones. They began pumping out a powerful scent, which filled the room, unbeknownst to the gay men but perfectly targeted to Nate. The straight roommate inhaled a scent he thought he had recognized from somewhere, as the growth chemical entered his own body. Last time, a small dose had gotten to his brain and modified his sexual desire center, causing him to crave more of the scent and its source; but now, with more than triple the amount of activating, testosterone laden cum, Trevor’s scent was exponentially more potent. The growth compound permeated Nate now, not just altering his brain but also his muscles, thickening them and tightening his body. His cock stiffened, feeling harder than it ever had been before, and his balls swelled up. His body absolutely craved more of that smell- it was perfectly sweaty, musky and sweet. More of the smell meant more muscularity, more body enhancements, and more power- Nate simply had to have it. He stood and leapt to the bed, right into Trevor’s embrace, and began making out with him as Trevor lifted his arms to spray even more pheromones into the air...
  2. Part Thirteen Mutation It had been about a month since I returned from my trip to Chicago and my experience with Eddie. After the events of that day, I spent a couple days in the city, visiting the health club and meeting some of the other guys and guests that visited. Sadly, I didn’t get to keep most of the changes to my body that happened to me in that time, but I did come away from it a little more muscular, hairy, with a slightly bigger and much bigger sex drive. I met lots of great guys who I fooled around with, mostly jerking off or exchanging blow jobs. Most exciting of all, I met a couple of guys named Chris and Evan, who were there for a little vacation. I didn’t get to spend much time with them, but I learned they were also students at my university! I was excited to get back to school, since after my trip, I had been living at home away from other people my age for a whole month. At the beginning of the semester, I vowed to get back and find that guy from the gym who recommended me the club in the first place. So finally, when move in happened, I couldn’t have been more enthusiastic about driving back to campus and setting up my room. I moved in a couple of days before my roommate, my friend from freshman year, Nate. Nate was a good friend, if not a little absent-minded. I thought about how much I should tell him about what happened to me this summer, but couldn’t really come up with a good answer. I knew he would be supportive; on the other hand, I didn’t want to make anything about our relationship weird. Anyway, it was a hot humid late-August day when Nate would finally be moving in. I asked if he needed help, to which he responded that he didn’t and that he and his brother could take care of it. With my obligation to help my friend now handled, I had the entire morning open. I didn’t want to get in Nate’s way while he moved his stuff into the dorm, so I decided to go to the gym. I hadn’t been for a long time, and definitely not since my changes... and well, who knows - maybe I could meet the mysterious stud from before and thank him in the way I now knew how. I pulled on a grey jockstrap and the rest of my gym clothes and made the short job to the campus gym. It was not very crowded, though not deserted; but it was hot as hell in the weight room. The overworked AC could barely keep up as I tested my new strength in the weight room. Working out was fun, for once! Sure, I wasn’t the strongest guy in the weight room, but at least I could lift without feeling like everyone was watching me, secretly commenting on how weak and pathetic I looked. I went around the room, doing a variety of lifts, finally stopping at the bench press. After a few test runs, I loaded up a total weight of 180 and got into position on the bench. Before I even moved the weight, a guy stepped into my field of view. Shit! There he was! And now, I was looking straight up at him. ”Hey there stud. Thought you could use a spotter.” ”Thanks,” I replied. He was standing behind the bench, his hands just below the bar ready to spot me. He was really close to the bench, his gym shorts almost touching the top of my head. I could easily smell his manly odor. Hoping to impress him, I benched a set as hard as I could. On the 10th rep, he gave me a little help as I racked the weight. “Damn, nice man! I think I’ve seen you here before... but you look different!” ”Yeah, I think you might know a thing or two about why,” I responded slyly. “Oh shit, that’s you... Name’s Mark.” He extended a hand. I took it with as firm a grip as I could muster and shook it. “I’m Trevor.” He looked even sexier than before. Muscles for days, stretching the limits of the tight undershirt he was wearing. Thick hair sprouted from his chest and armpits. His pecs and biceps bulged as he talked to me, his deep manly voice booming. Most of all... in his presence, it felt like there were invisible waves of some force, emanating from his body, each one hitting me and making me feel more and more horny. ”So, you all done with your workout?” he asked. ”I could be done,” I smirked. “What about you?” ”Got one more thing in mind. Kind of a... special workout. I could show you the ropes.” Mark winked and started to walk out of the weight room. I could have popped a boner right then and there, but somehow I held back, jogging out of the gym after him. I followed him into the locker room, where he went up to his locker and began turning the dials of a black MasterLock. “Hey man, play it cool,” he hissed under his breath at me. ”Oh, shit, right.” I pretended to go to another locker, though I had worn all my clothes here, so I had no stuff of my own to pretend to be rifling through. The locker room was empty, as it usually was on campus in the middle of the day in summer. Most guys simply preferred to change at home, if they could. “Wait here,” commanded Mark. I looked up from fake-tying my shoes and this time, I did feel my cock starting to get hard. Mark was completely naked, just as sexy as I imagined him. Fuck, I couldn’t wait for him to fuck me with that monster cock. He walked over to the shower area, and a few seconds later, stuck his head out and waved his arm for me to come on. I quickly ripped off my clothes and threw them in an empty locker and sped over to the showers. The shower area was full of stalls, each with a tall barrier between them and a curtain across the front. Only one shower was on, all the way in the back. I threw open the curtain and there he was: Mark, leaned up against the wall of the shower, steam circling his body, his huge 10” cock hard and presenting. Closing the curtain behind me, we started off, kissing passionately. It felt good to be in a man’s arms again. Mark was gentle but firm with his embraced. I felt his cock throb against my torso, as we made out. Soon, I started kissing his neck, slowly lowering to my knees as the warm water washed over me. I gave his pecs and nipples some care, taking each one into my mouth and sucking and nibbling, massaging and feeling the mass of the thick muscular pec around it. Eventually, I worked my way down to his cock, first licking the shaft and fondling his balls before putting the entire thing into my mouth. Damn, he was big- and getting bigger. As I sucked and gagged on his cock, I could feel it getting harder, thicker, and longer, pushing deeper into my throat and choking me with its masculine power. I wrapped my arms around Mark’s body and pulled him closer to me, forcing it even further into me. I felt like a true slut being used by his muscle master- and Mark’s deep moans of pleasure gave me more positive reinforcement as he started bucking his hips and fucking my face. After a few minutes I finally pulled back to take a break. His cock was throbbing now, fully erect at a whopping 11”. I stood up, turned around, and felt the weight of Mark’s massive meat against my ass, teasing me for entry. Then, I heard the most disapppinting sound possible. A large group of guys had just entered the locker room- finished with soccer practice, maybe? The voices were getting louder, sounding like they were all about to hit the showers. Mark whispered “meet me outside the building when you’re done” and bolted out of the stall before anyone could realize the two of them were in there. A few minutes later, after I could finally stay soft, I turned off the water and left - by that point most of the guys had entered their own stalls, but there were still a few hanging around. I got dressed and quickly darted out. Outside, Mark was standing under a tree waiting. “Wanna go back to my place? I live over in Eastman.” Eastman? No way, that was all the way across town. My dorm was right here, down the street. “Mine is closer,” I answered. But what about Nate? Checking my phone, I saw a couple texts from him. He was all finished setting up- that was at 12:20, about 5 minutes ago. Oh, he and his brother went out to lunch. That should buy them some time. Mark agreed. But not enough time, stupid! If only I had seen through my hormones back then- the things I wanted to do with Mark... we needed hours, not 45 minutes! We arrived in the dorm to find it looking as clean as it would all year. Nate has nicely moved in his futon to use as a couch, as well as a mini fridge and microwave. His desk was set up across from mine against the wall. The room itself was one large space, but separated into two sort of “rooms” by a physical wall that came about 85% of the way across. We decided before moving in to put our beds in the other dividing area, so that if someone needed to study or have friends over, he could do so without disturbing the other’s sleep. Plus, if anything “else” were to happen, there was always the futon. I led Mark over to the bed area and he pushed me onto my bed - nice, he guessed right. Yanking off all of our clothes, he pressed he forehead up against mine and said, “Looks like they made you into a fine gay stud at the health club.” ”Fuck yeah they did,” I grunted back, now straddling him as he laid down on the bed. I pressed my ass against his cock which was sticking straight up at full length. Fuck, that felt amazing. I reached over to my nightstand and grabbed a bottle of lube, and dropped it on the bed next to Mark. He reached down to lube up his cock while I gripped his shoulders, getting ready to be fucked by this manly stud. Then, I felt his cock between my cheeks and slowly pushing into me. It hurt at first, but the pain quickly became drowned in thoughts of erotic pleasure. My huge bubble butt slowly stretched to accommodate Mark’s awesome girth, and he slowly developed a rhythm, bucking his hips to push further into me. I bounced up and down on his cock, feeling every inch of it fucking me. The sounds of sex filled the room: the sound of my cock slapping down against Mark’s abdomen, his masculine grunts and my loud moans of pleasure, and the shitty dorm room bed creaking as Mark fucked me hard and fast. So naturally... neither of us heard when a key card engaged the dorm lock mechanism and someone began typing his security code into the door. ”Fuck, so tight,” remarked Mark, and without warning, I felt his cock throb. He stopped thrusting repeatedly, now placing all power in one single, final thrust, desperate to jam his pulsing cock as deep into me as he could, all while unleashing an enormous torrent of cum into me. Part of me felt a little disappointed I could feel, but not see, his huge load- how hot would it be to feel every blast hitting me in the face or chest? But that disappointment quickly subsided to the sheer pleasure of feeling manly seed inside me, his hot cum seemingly rushing through my body, empowering me in ways unseen. For a moment it felt like every part of my body had tensed up and thickened or grew in some way. Later, I learned the true biological significance of this moment- of a mutation that occurred in my body back at the Health Club that would change our lives forever, but for now it was just the final straw that put me over the edge. Without touching my own cock the entire time, the dam finally burst. I shot ropes of cum all over Mark, mostly onto his pecs, but a few reaching his face and open wanting mouth. I moaned as I came, resuming to bounce on his dick to extract every last bit of feeling I could get out of it. It was then that the door opened though, and Nate’s world changed, too. I’m not sure what I was expecting, when he walked in. Anger, maybe? Or fear? Or just shock? I didn’t know how to react, either. I had risen off of Mark, his cock softening and now out of my ass. I felt his big load in me, strangely internalized and consumed. I thought about saying something, but Nate made the first move. He took his shirt off, almost instantly, closed the door behind him, and had an absolutely ravenous look on his eye. And then he lunged forward, tackling me onto the bed, pushing me on top of Mark, and started to rip off his own pants. To he continued...
  3. Enhancements Part Eleven: Rebirth Eddie stood in the small antechamber to the exam room, unscrewing a plastic water bottle as he glanced at the dual monitors of the control computer. He gulped down a few sips of water. “Thanks, C,” he said to the tall black guy he had just shared Trevor with. “Maybe see you in the club tonight?” ”Goin’ out of town tonight to see my sister,” he answered. “Ok, maybe the staff retreat next week then. Later.” C nodded in the affirmative as he grabbed his clothes from a drawer embedded in the wall and left. Now to business. This was going great, thought Eddie. The control screen read “Final Stage: Second Puberty. Step 1: Selections.” There was a long form of options on the other monitor. Meanwhile, Trevor scrolled through a series of icons back on the iPad in the exam room. They had silhouettes of men on them, each with different body shapes. The icons represented the stereotypical gay archetypes, like bear, twink, and jock. The text on the screen read “choose for self”. Trevor tapped jock without much needed deliberation. There were more icons now, with new images. “Let’s see...” Trevor swiped through the different icons, surveying them and imagining what they meant. Baseball jock looked hot: there was a tall, lean guy with thick arms and nice pecs. He had was mostly shaven, save for a light spread of hair on his chest and under his arms. He wore a white jockstrap with a gray bike waistband and a cup. Next was swimmer jock, an even thinner guy, unsurprisingly completely smooth. This guy was wearing a tight green Speedo. Next came the wrestler jock, shorter than the other two, but considerably stockier, and hairier. He was wearing a silver singlet, which left a defined outlined bulge of a thick long cock. Second to last was the quartback, who looked like the baseball jock, but considerably beefier. He wore a jockstrap with a thicker waistband, a gray pouch and streaks of electric blue in the straps. The last icon was grayed out unselectable and had the words “ultra jock”, but Trevor only got an irritating error sound when he tapped it. ”In that case I’ve gotta go for the cliche quarterback I guess!” He tapped the icon enthusiastically. Back in the control room, Eddie was receiving a data on Trevor’s current physiology and needed stats. “Quarterback, eh?” He dragged up another window into the main screen and surveyed the report. “Muscle growth: 200% mass. 140 lbs => 210 lbs. Height increase: 5’10” => 6’3”.” Eddie clicked the “Advanced” button next to these stats. The options were all disabled with a large “even distribution” checkbox overriding further edits. Eddie unchecked the box and tweaked the numbers a little to give Trevor’s pecs, biceps, and glutes a little extra mass. He returned to the main window, leaving the body hair options to default: chest moderate, stomach moderate, back none, pubic light, armpit heavy, face none, arms and legs light. Next was genitals. Cock length was set to grow from 5” to 7”; why don’t we make that 10, thought Eddie. Next was girth, which Eddie was bad at estimating from numbers. He simply dragged the slider a little further to the right. He increased the testicles slider: Trevor currently had them at “normal”, which Eddie moved two notches up to rest at baseball. He left the cum production and musk settings alone, then made some edits in the behavior module. Eddie was prompted to enter a behavior scenario, and after some debate between “locker room rivals” and “coach’s best player”, he chose the latter. Playing a coach seemed hot, and he hadn’t done a sports scenario like this in a while, he thought. Next he needed to choose his own mods. Hmm, what kind of coach should he be? Maybe an older hairy guy... nah. Maybe a young guy, nearer to Trevor’s age. Maybe Coach got injured in his prime and had to give up playing and start coaching. Yeah... Eddie entered in his growth options, popping a modest boner in the process. He had filled in the blanks that Trevor unknowingly provided him- scenario one down. A few minutes later, Eddie wrapped up his work and confirmed. A new alert box appeared, with two columns, one for Trevor and one for Eddie. Under his own name, Eddie read: Delivery Methods: Clothing (Jock) Hormones (500mL, Oral) Pheromones (Subject A) Transition stage: wear off (2 hours) And for Trevor, it read: Clothing (Jock) Hormones (3 L, oral) Subject B ejaculate This was the recipe for the two men’s enhancements. This was the final stage of the conversion program: a transformation and role play; and these were the ingredients to do it. “Damn, 5 liters of Hormones?!” thought Eddie. He knew that might be a pain. That was a lot of liquid, and the stuff didn’t start to taste good until you’d already had some of it in your system. Still, he had never tried the clothing delivery method yet, and he had an idea for how to work all of this in to the scenarios he crafted for Trevor. Eddie went over to the side of the room and pressed a few buttons. After some clicking and whirring sounds, a panel in the wall opened and a black and white Pump jockstrap dropped down from a hidden recess. Next to it were two bottles, one about the size of a bottle of soda and the other slightly bigger than a milk jug. A fountain machine like nozzle dispensed a thick white liquid into each. Back in the exam room, a similar panel in the wall opened up to reveal a jock for Trevor to put on. It was the same one the guy in the quarterback photo was wearing. Trevor kicked off his gold jock and pulled this one up to his waist, struggling to stifle his erection to to fit into it properly. It felt nice, he thought. Snug, not too tight, and a nice soft material. He went back to the iPad to see if there was anything new to do while waiting for Eddie to return. The jock kind of itched a little. Trevor rubbed his package, thinking about the quarterback from the photo. “Damn,” he thought. “If only I could be as studly of a quarterback as him.” Wait- that wasn’t right. He had never played football before- yes, yes he had and still does! I’m the third-string quarterback for the Arbor University Wolves! I’ve even got the uniform, he thought, pulling the jock waistband away from his body, allowing it to snap back proudly. The door in the back opened. Eddie was coming back- no, he wasn’t supposed to call Coach by his first name. He was just Coach to Trevor. Coach was carrying a big jug of what looked like milk. He was hairless now, save for big tufts of black fur under his armpits. His biceps and shoulders were thick and built, and his pecs were plump globes of muscle. He was naked, save for a pair of short red gym shorts which ended above his middle thigh. A white waistband poked out from above the shorts, revealing a thin strip of Coach’s ass between it and the top of the shorts. “Well, if it isn’t Trevor the Third... whatcha doing, dreaming of what’ll be like to be the real quarterback someday?” ”No...” Trevor was ashamed. He was scrawny compared to the rest of the team, compared to Coach. He couldn’t remember why he even joined in the first place. Coach answered that right away. “Why’d you even join this team anyway? Was it just because you’re a horny gay boy looking to see what a true man is like? Huh? We couldn’t deny you a spot on the roster... what with fair participation rules and all that. But you know, we do get a guy like you joining the team every now and then, and we’ve got ways of dealing with it.” Eddie smirked. This was one of the hottest scenes he’d ever acted out for someone’s final transformarion. And with Trevor having such a drastic change from a 1 to a 6... Well, no wonder he needed to bring in so much stuff. “You know, I’ve got this special protein shake right here for you, Trevor. I can sympathize with you a little... wishing to be manly and powerful. All you gotta do is drink this and you’ll be well on your way.” Trevor rubbed his hand over his package again. This jock was starting to feel tighter, and he felt himself beginning to sweat. That jug was huge...how could he finish it all? He twisted off the plastic cap and took a whiff- it smelled ok; a faint milky odor. He picked up the jug, supporting its weight with his other hand, and raised it to his lips, taking a tiny sip. It was gross. First, it had a thick consistency, like a smoothie that someone hadn’t added enough liquid to. Second, the taste was somewhat medicinal, and made worse by the addition of some kind of artificial vanilla flavor which only drew more attention to its awfulness. Finally though, was the feeling Trevor felt after he swallowed. Even the small sip felt heavy in his stomach, like he ate something very substantial and filling. He estimated he could drink maybe 5 or 6 more before being full, let along drinking the whole jug. As he lowered the jug down to work up the courage to drink more, Eddie became irate. “You don’t got all day little man! Drink it!” Trevor pushed the jug up to his mouth again, this time taking a bigger sip at first and then leaving it there to chug it as slowly as he could. He felt uncomfortable and humiliated- maybe this was some kind of prank Coach was pulling on him? Any second now, could every teammate come out of hiding to laugh at him? Still, he had to keep going. If it really worked... his life would be changed forever. Eddie sensed he needed to give Trevor some encouragement, so he knelt down and whispered in his ear: “if you finish all that, little stud in training, I’ll let you have all of this.” He stood up, stepped in frame of Trevor’s view as he continued to drink, and lowered his shorts to reveal the front of his jock. His dick was rock hard, pointed up and to the left, straining the fabric and leaving a massive outline through the thin white stitching. His balls sagged outside the pouch, too massive to sit within, and the tip of his cock peeked out from the top, only kept in by the tightness of the jock pulled over his entire manhood. “Fuck,” Trevor thought, and continued drinking. He was starting to feel full, but he tried to banish that thought from his mind. How much was left in the jug? It didn’t matter, his conscious argued back, all that mattered was that he finish it. He felt stronger now, not just of willpower but of physicality. Inside his body, the growth compound started to be absorbed by his digestive system, its speed of processing greatly exceeding that of standard food. The compound entered his blood stream and was carried around to every tissue in his body, delivering to each cell a singular message: grow. Along with the growth compound came flood of nutrients, the main reason behind the thick viscosity of the stuff, which supplied Trevor’s body with all it needed to expand. Every aspect of his body would be enhanced- and first, of course, there were the muscles, thick fibers of protein multiplying and thickening into powerful slabs. Trevor felt his whole body tighten as if his muscles were flexing without any physical movement. First, he felt it in his biceps, which swelled up. He noticed the weight of the jug less and less, lowering it from his mouth to assess the cause of this sensation. His jaw dropped as he saw his arms in the mirror, now nearly twice as thick in diameter. Next came his chest, the growth of his pecs, lats, and delts manifesting as enormous tightness. He looked at his chest in the mirror, grasping his pecs with his palms in disbelief. Gone were the days of flat chested, skinny boy Trevor; now it was tike for stud Trevor, and stud Trevor has big, meaty pecs. The rest of his body multiplied in a similar way, including his ass, which swelled up into a perfect bubble butt, still somehow framed by two straps of electric blue elastic. Though his body had grown significantly, his jockstrap was still holding strong. The elastic of the waistband and straps was pushed to its limit, and Trevor’s arousal at his new body started to stretch the fabric of the pouch. But he was still just under half done with the growth juice. “Keep going,” commanded Coach. Trevor was eager to comply, now not even caring about the rank taste of the compound. He raised it to his lips once more, this time turning the bottle fully upside down and chugging as fast as he could. It felt different, now. He became accustomed to the taste and thickness of it, and now even welcomed the previously uncomfortable feeling of fullness. In Trevor’s body, new changes started to manifest. The growth compound was composed of a mixture of different molecules: of course, the standard muscle enhancing variety was the most abundant, but now that Trevor had ingested more volume, some of the other molecules were now present in high enough concentrations to become active. Simplest of all dealt with hair growth. Thousands of growth molecules swarmed the existing hair follicles in Trevor’s torso and armpits and caused the hair there to thicken and grow longer. New follicles were formed too, causing even more body hair to sprout from Trevor’s body. He felt a small prickling sensation as his previously bare chest erupted into a thicket of sweaty black hairs. A dark trail grew down the center of his abdomen to his pubes, and his armpits exploded with what was now truly a jungle of hair. Still more molecules were at work. Other compounds migrated to various areas of Trevor’s body, including his pits and crotch. There, they grew into new glands, some to produce sweat, but others to produce powerful pheromones. As Trevor’s new testosterone-producing glands embedded themselves beneath his skin, an overwhelming musk filled the air of the room. Eddie, who was become increasingly turned on by watching Trevor’s transformation, took a deep breath, inhaling loads of testosterone laced pheromones that the newcomer was pumping out. He pulled off his jockstrap, allowing his 8” cock to spring to freedom. Precum dribbled from its tip as Eddie pumped his shaft with his left hand and reached for lube with his right. ”Keep drinking, man,” Eddie commanded, as he stroked his cock to cover it with copious amounts of lube. He walked around to Trevor’s backside and slapped his cock against the stud’s muscle ass. Trevor was hunched over now, having emptied the jug, presenting his ass to Coach. His gut felt heavy and full, his body unable to keep up with the voracity with which he chugged the protein. Slowly but surely, his stomach digested the thick slurry and the growth compounds migrated to the one part of Trevor’s body yet unenhanced: his cock and balls. Meanwhile, Eddie was rubbing the head of his dick against Trevor’s hole. “Well now you look like a real man, time to treat you like one!” he grunted, thrusting his cock into Trevor’s ass. The feeling was immediate, and indescribable. Trevor felt the warmth and power of Coach’s cock plunging into his wanting ass, the sounds of grunting and sex only enhancing the eroticism. Eddie’s cock pulsed and throbbed with some new growth of its own as Trevor’s pheromones took effect. This growth pushed into Trevor, who was roaring in pleasure commanding Coach to duck him harder. Finally, all the remaining compounds in Trevor’s cock and balls reached a critical mass, causing an explosion of growth and sex. It hurt for only a moment as the pouch of Trevor’s poor jock ripped and gave way to his enormous and thick 10” cock. His big swinging balls pulsed as rope after rope of hot cum erupted from his huge meat, spraying an endless stream of seed across the room. Eddie kept fucking, meanwhile, until finally coming himself, delivering another surge of growth juice directly into Trevor’s ass. In his brain, synapses formed and memories were imprinted as testosterone took over. Gone we’re the days of ever being attracted to women, replaced by thoughts of muscle studs and hard cocks. Eddie pounded Trevor every way imaginable, after that: cowboy, missionary, jackhammer, you name it, and Eddie delivered another load deep into Trevor. Trevor was in bliss, full of cum like any new gay stud should be, he thought. But unbeknownst to anyone were the permanent changes Eddie brought to Trevor’s body....
  4. Enhancements: Part Ten Conversion Eddie went over to the computer, where he grabbed an iPad from the drawer below and used it to the dim the room lights. The TV across from me began displaying still images of men from gay porn, all kinds of body types and ethnicities, posing to the camera. Most were naked; a few were wearing fetish gear like the harness Eddie had on, or a jockstrap. Some looked seductive and playful, others aggressive and dominating. I was pretty enraptured with them, even though none of them were actually engaging in sex. Is this what I was going to become? My cock continued to twitch, but I could tell it was still from the hormones and not because of what I was seeing. Eddie came over and lifted my shirt off my body, undoing the arm shackles briefly to do so. “Afraid I’ll run off?” I asked. “Not just yet,” Eddie explained. “But it’s important we see this through to the end, and some patients have been known to be difficult.” He next removed my jeans, leaving me in just my gray boxer briefs, my cock now forming a bit of a tent. “Oh Trevor, those won’t do,” Eddie chided me. He scurried around the room, attached a couple of wires and sticky pads to my pecs, temples, and thighs, and then opened a cabinet and pulled out a fistful of cloth. ”Look, if you want to wear those to work everyday, that’s one thing. But today, for your new life as a gay man, you need to look and feel sexy, and the first way we’re going to do that, is with these!” He held out four pairs of underwear, each one more colorful and skimpy looking than the last. “Well, cmon future stud, pick one out!” I glanced at my options: first, a simple jock with a white pouch and gray waistband. Too boring, even for me. Next, a pair of purple briefs, which I could tell had a super thin cut that I would barely fit into. Third was a weird looking thong, which seemed like it would be too uncomfortable... which left me with, great, another jockstrap, this time with a glittery gold pouch and thin-as-fuck straps. “I’ll take that one, I guess,” I said, motioning to my new glitzy prison. ”Ooh, perfect,” said Eddie, who I craned my neck to see quickly popping a pill in the background. “Ok big Trev, we’ll get you into that new sexy jock in a second, but first I think we’ve got a big problem that needs to be answered.” He motioned to my poor strained boxer briefs, my cock struggling for freedom. Eddie pulled them off and squirted some lube in his palm. My 5” cock was free now, rock hard and throbbing with pleasure. I was so horny, I thought, but I wasn’t sure why. Sure, I was excited about all the kinky shit I was going to get up to, but when I thought about it, I couldn’t even name one gay thing I actually wanted to do. Eddie took his lubed palm to my cock, and I wanted to ask if I could just do it myself, but I left it alone and let him stroke a little. He lubed up my cock with his warm hand. “Oh yeah, you’ve got a big piece here Trevor,” he intoned. He loosened my wrist straps and me start jerking myself, then handed me the iPad. “Why don’t you pick what you wanna watch,” he said, “and maybe I should join you?” He pulled a chair over to the side of the TV and sat down just in my line of sight but without blocking the TV, and pulled down his jean shorts, revealing his full black and blue CellBlock 13 jockstrap held up by a matching harness. He stroke his package a little then pulled his cock out to the side and started stroking it, facing me and giving me a seductive glare. His cock was bigger than mine: maybe 7” long, and thick. It looked good, I thought, then remembered I was supposed to choose a porno. Down at the iPad there was a selection of about 9 movies to choose from and the large header “Stage 1”. Most of them featured women pretty predominantly but still had a guy taking up nearly half the thumbnail. I selected the movie and went to town. I split my attention between Eddie and the movie, but I found myself more and more curious to see how he jerked off. The thought of seeing how another guy does this was super hot, I thought. Eddie stoked slowly and methodically, rubbing his chest with his left hand and occasionally letting out a deep moan of pleasure. His whole body undulated with pleasure, compared to my frantic jerking off. Eventually, my eyes met his and stayed there. ”You never jerked off with another guy before, eh Trevor?” Before I could answer, he continued. “But still, I don’t think I could really consider this jerking off... together.” Eddie stood up, still stroking slowly, and came towards me. I ignored whatever the fuck was going on with the TV; I wanted to know what Eddie would do next. He slinked over to me, eventually reaching my side, and started giving me a kind of lap dance while I stoked. His body was really hot, I thought, and when he turned and let his strapped ass graze my shaft, I felt myself slip into a new level of horniness I thought was impossible. I stoked harder and harder, and eventually Eddie turned around and pressed his cock up against mine, the two shafts joined together with an impressive heat. He stoked them both for a little while, then stepped back. “Time for me to cum,” he said, breathing heavier. He turned away to face away from me, and I wanted to tell him to turn back, that I didn’t care if it got on me - that maybe I even wanted to get it on me - but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Eddie roared and let out a jet of cum - which I couldn’t really see - and in the glow of Eddie’s ass I felt myself ready to explode. I let out a jet of cum all over my chest, moaning hard in the process. After a few moments of quiet, Eddie readjusted his now soft cock back into its pouch, turned off the now annoying porn movie, wiped the cum off my chest, and helped me pull the gold jockstrap up to my waist. ”Now that was quite the start,” I breathed. ”You’ve got a long way to go, stud. How’d you feel in that jock?” Truthfully, I felt a little adventurous now. What had been trepidation about having to wear this skimpy underwear turned into genuine excitement. “I feel hot,” I said. I don’t know if I had ever “felt hot” before, but I did now. ”Good boy,” Eddie answered, now glancing at an iPad with my vitals. The slideshow of men had resumed, but now there were more images of multiple men together, occasionally embracing or kissing or about to give a blow job. ”So, according to your questionnaire, you’ve never given or gotten a guy head before. You ever gotten head from a girl? Did you like it?” I had, and I did. It was after my senior prom, I think. Eddie moved around the room as I heard a door in the back open and close. “The thing is, girls don’t love to suck cock like gay guys do.” I heard two pairs of footsteps behind me now, as Eddie and someone else moved to the front of the room. I felt my cock hardening in my gold jock. ”They just don’t crave it, like I do.” The new guy came into view: he was tall, dark skinned, and fully naked, with a huge 8.5” cock. Eddie motioned for me to get up, as the new guy took my place in the chair. Eddie knelt down and started servicing the guy, licking the length of his huge shaft. He paused and turned to me, “they don’t crave it like you do.” Eddie continued his blow job, licking the guy’s balls and playing with his enormous cock with ease. It just looked... fun. Something about that dick... I wanted it. I knelt down next to Eddie and thrust my face into the tall guy’s crotch, joining Eddie in his fun. We took turns sucking and slurping on the huge hunk of man meat, stopping here and there to share a wet kiss. Eventually, Eddie took the huge cock into his mouth proper, sucking and gagging himself on the length. A few minutes later, he stopped, and passed it over to me. I thrust the big dick into my mouth and started sucking. With each minute, I felt my throat expand to accept more and more of it into my mouth. My own cock hardened and formed a tent in my gold jock as I moved my mouth further and further down the length of the cock with each pulse. Eddie started stroking himself as he watched me give my first blowjob. I wondered if he wanted a turn again, but I didn’t really care. I wanted it now, and I didn’t want to give it up. Eventually, the tall guy stood up and moved to the right of the chair. I sat in the chair in his place and turned over to continue sucking him, as he now put his hand on the back of my hand to get forceful with me. Meanwhile, Eddie pulled my jock off and took my own cock into his mouth. I had gotten head from a girl before, but this was on a completely new level. Eddie went to town on my cock: sucking and gagging himself with it like it was the air he needed to breathe. I felt the swirling warmth of his tongue on every surface of my dick; it was true, he really did crave it. Turning back to the tall guy, I redoubled my own servicing, taking his shaft even further than before. I closed my eyes and focused on the sensations of having Eddie suck me off while I had this guy’s huge tool in my throat, gagging me. I truly couldn’t get enough, almost mad that I wasn’t able to suck him for longer without taking a breather. Soon, Eddie stopped and stood up as the tall guy scooted over in the chair for him to join. Eddie sat down next to him as I stopped sucking to watch. He put an arm around the new guy, and another guy on his chest as the two started to passionately make out. This was fucking incredible, seeing two studly men kissing each other passionately, their cocks throbbing, struggling to push the limits of their size and hardness. Their bodies, each covered with a healthy serving of black hair at the chest, abdomen, and armpits, slick with sweat and lightly smelling of an usual musky odor. To say I was in awe was an understatement: I was almost in a trance at the beauty and power of these two men. Was the “process” done? Was I fully converted now? Lightly tugging on my cock, Eddie pulled away from his kiss to command me. “I know you like this, boy, but you’ve got a job to do. And a reward to get.” He reached out to pull me back into his crotch, then slapped his dick against my face aggressively, forcing it near my mouth. The sheer weight of his meat felt extremely erotic, and I returned to sucking, now alternating cocks and attempting to do anything I could to rub them both in my face. It didn’t take long for the two guys to reach climax. I had my mouth firmly around the tall guy’s enormous cock when I started to feel him pulse and stretch my mouth even further. He moaned, loudly, as I felt a surge of hot cum fill my mouth and throat. I could barely process the taste before I became overwhelmed by the sheer volume of cum that this man was pumping into me, eventually needing to let go and feel the rest of his load splatter off my cheek and down to my chest. I started stroking myself furiously, and Eddie also began to climax. “Fuck yeah, take it,” he roared. “I love when a new gay boy gets his first load!” I sort of expected Eddie’s cumshot to be a little tamer, given that he jerked off with me before, but I was very wrong. Spurt after spurt of magnificent jizz landed on my face and chest, coating me with Eddie’s seed. Each new blast felt like a badge of merit for me, the newly minted gay boy. Not long after, I let out my own load, spraying cum on myself and the floor. Eddie helped me up and gave me a little kiss, licking some of the cum off my face in the process. He and the other guy walked to the back of the room to leave as I followed them out. “Fuck, or feels good to be converted,” I said, wondering who I could find next to have fun with. ”Not so fast,” Eddie cautioned. “You’ve still got a little bit left,” he said. “Wait here for a bit, then the real fun can begin.” The door shut behind them on their way out, leaving me basking in my new found sexuality, wondering what might come next.
  5. Enhancements: Part Nine Diagnosis Several months later, I arrived at the health club that the guy from the gym sent me to. Honestly, I was nervous. I mean, what did I even expect from this place? I just wanted to get some answers about my sexuality; I didn’t need to come all the way out to the city for that. This was probably going to be some crazy sex dungeon, and I just don’t know if I’m ready for that. Still though, that guy had some kind of effect on me. He seemed to know exactly what I was going through - could he have been sent here by someone else before? Maybe this place was going to answer all of my questions. I continued to talk myself in and out of going through with this trip all throughout the bus ride into the city, cab ride across town, and walk down the street to find the damn place. Still, I had come this far... what’s the worst that could happen? I arrived at the club on a sunny June afternoon, where a couple of shirtless guys were talking just outside. “Whatcha here for?” one of them asked as I walked around them to go up the stairs to the sliding glass door. ”Uh... well, I’m not really sure, I guess...” I stammered. Shit, I was not prepared to talk to a stranger about this. A couple of the guys laughed, but the guy who had first spoken frowned at them. “Oh stop, he’s nervous.” He came up to me on the steps and extended his hand for a handshake. “I’m Eddie,” he greeted me. Eddie was short, only about 5’8”, and had short black hair. He was wearing big mirrored sunglasses and short jean shorts that ended a few inches above his knees. He was fairly muscular, but not super ripped, and his tanned skin sort of glistened with sweat in the summer city heat. He also wore a kind of harness or suspenders which crossed over his chest and down to his shorts, where it looked like they were holding up his underwear. ”Trevor,” I half whispered, shaking his hand. “Trevor, nice to meet ya! Listen, if you’re new or not from around here, I could show you around a little. It’s sort of rare we get people coming here without a partner or group of friends. Most visitors to the club usually know exactly what they want, y’know? I work here, part time: this place is just the best.” “Yeah, sure,” I replied, grateful that Eddie could help me out. “Well truthfully, I don’t really know what this place is. A guy sent me here...” I explained, sort of whispering the story of my encounter with the guy in the gym to Eddie. ”Oh man, wasn’t he mean for being cryptic with you. I’m guessing he thought if you were curious here, you could get an assessment inside. This place is kind of a super special men’s health and sexuality club for gay men. But we do offer a service just for ‘curious guys’ like yourself,” Eddie replied. He motioned me inside, where it looked a little like a doctor’s office. Eddie waved to the front desk as we walked up. “This here’s Trevor, he wants an assessment. I’m free, I can take care of it.” Eddie leaned his muscular torso over the front desk and grabbed for a clipboard, and for a second the waistband of his underwear was visible; the straps of his blue fabric harness connected to a wide black and blue 2”waistband. Below the waistband I could see the bare skin of the top of his ass: yet another jockstrap. My stomach churned a little, as I became more nervous with confronting my urges. Eddie cocked his head to the right, beckoning me through the door to my right. I followed him. This place really was like a nicer doctor’s office, I thought. Boring tile floors, pale pink walls, and dozens of doors scattered around these halls with signs I could read like “Group Room 2”, “Private Room 4”, and so on. We stopped at a room labeled “Evaluation Room”, and Eddie held the door for me to go inside. ”OK, Trevor, now that we’re in private, I’ll give you the little spiel for what we’re gonna do for you today. It’s pretty common knowledge that people develop a sexual attraction to men, women, or sometimes both, but what most people don’t know is that everyone also has a genetically destined orientation as well.” The room wasn’t unlike a normal doctor’s room; but instead of a weird vinyl tables covered in shitty paper, there was a large comfy recliner. I took a seat as Eddie continued. ”For most people, those two line up pretty well. We call these numbers the Kinsey Actual and Kinsey Genetic values: you might have heard of the Kinsey scale before?” He pointed to a large chart on the wall, which had a big vertical arrow and several images of cartoon men to the right. At the bottom was the text “0: Exclusively Heterosexual” next to a drawing of a man with his arms folded wearing a full tracksuit. As you went up the scale, the text described being less and less straight, each value accompanied by a man with fewer clothes on, all the way to the top “6: Exclusively Homosexual”, the cartoon man fully naked with two thumbs up and a boner. ”For most people, the Kinsey Actual and Kinsey Genetic values line up; for instance, I’m a Kinsey 6 in both categories. But rarely, your actual value can be lower than your genetic. Because of sociological or psychological reasons, you could be here (he pointed to the shirtless guy wearing boxer shorts next to “1: Predominantly Heterosexual”) when your genes want you here (he pointed to a guy wearing a jockstrap next to “5: Predominantly Homosexual”). “So is that why I’m curious?” I asked. ”It could be. It could also be that you’re right here (now pointing to a guy in briefs at 3: Bisexual) but you just need to start acting on it. Often, guys who are feeling super conflicted about being ‘curious’ are a 1 when they should be a 3, or a 4. If you were really just curious without any discrepancy, I don’t think you’d be feeling so unsure of yourself.” ”So what do I do about it?” ”Well, first we can try to figure out what your Kinsey numbers are.” He handed me the clipboard and a pen. “This survey is going to be about your sexual history and desires: try to answer honestly. Remember, the questions are about what you HAVE done, not about your desires or wishes.” He walked to the corner of the room to a computer and started to log in and click through some menus while I began the questionnaire. There were lots of questions, but they were mostly things like “Have you ever had sex with a man, have you ever watched gay pornography, have you ever used sex toys for anal stimulation, etc.” The answers to all these things were basically ‘no, but I want to!’, which wasn’t an option, so I found myself constantly circling no. Eddie had used the computer to print out a label with several barcodes, which he attached to a small test tube. “Spit in this,” he requested, holding the tube under my chin. I complied, and he took the tube over to a small whirring machine next to the computer. “This is a micro gene sequencer,” he explained as I continued the survey, finally getting to check yes for “have you ever stared at naked men in a gym locker room or sauna”. “It will calculate your Kinsey Genetic value by sequencing a small part of your DNA on the Y chromosome.” He stuck the tube into the machine, which started lighting up and clicking with activity. Around 5 minutes later, I finished the survey, flipping back to review that I had only said yes to the locker room question and “have you ever walked in on or witnessed a man masturbating”, remembering a time where I purposely barged in on my college roommate to get a look at his dick. Eddie fed the papers through a scanner, the told me to sit tight and left the room. I sat back in the recliner, sort of excited to find out just what degree of Kinsey I was supposed to be. Maybe a 3? It would be hot to be completely bisexual, I thought. I stared at the TV screen on the wall directly opposite me, which was just playing screensavers of landscapes on a loop. Around 20 minutes later, Eddie returned with a blonde woman in her thirties wearing a white coat. “This is Dr. Bella, she’ll be going over your results. They’re pretty out of the ordinary...” he said, as he walked over to the chair by the computer and sat down. The doctor sat down on a wheeled stool and cane over next to me in the recliner. She opened a manilla folder full of papers and complicated looking charts. “As we can see here, based on your survey results we rated you as a Kinsey 1, with a confidence of 99%. Basically this means that in your actions in life, you’ve been completely straight, but maybe here or there you did a few gay things.” She flipped several more pages to another sheet with complicated looking charts and a long series of A’s, G’s, T’s and C’s. “This here are your genetic results, where we rated you a Kinsey 5.5 with a confidence of 95%. Basically this means that according to your genes, we would have thought you’d be nearly completely attracted to men with only an incidental attraction to women.” Wow, I thought. I’m supppsed to be completely gay? I mean, Eddie made it sound like I might be a little bisexual, but completely gay? I thought I liked being with the few women I had fooled around with, but come to think of it, maybe I hadn’t? The doctor continued. “Now a discprepancy of this magnitude is fairly rare: maybe a 1 in 1,000 occurrence; but because of the confidence levels in each of your results, we can be sure that you’ve got a good deal of dissonance. I’m going to recommend a heavy conversion treatment, if you’re interested.” ”The conversion will be permanent and will bring your values in line with each other; but for a difference of this amount, it will be a pretty intense process. It involves a good amount of behavior and hormonal treatments. There aren’t any side effects to speak of, but you may experience a good deal of discomfort during the process. Still, it’s a great way to get rid of these conflicted feelings you may be happening.” Shit, I thought. This is probably a no-brainer, though. “How do I start?” ”We can start right now,” she said motioning to Eddie, who had a small tray with a couple of syringes. “First sign this form of consent,” she declared, handing me another clipboard and form. “You’ll be in our care for the process, which should take around 3-4 hours. The cost for the procedure is $300 dollars, which we will bill to you. After the procedure, we will evaluate you and perform readjustments if necessary. We will also give you free admission to the club upstairs and a free ticket for a group session in the health club. Do you have any questions?” ”What exactly is the process though?” I asked while scrawling my name just the same. “I mean, what do I have to do?” Eddie answered this time, as Bella left the room. “We’ll be starting now. I’m going to give you a couple of medications, then we’ll move to the behavioral portion of the process. We’ll be exposing you to your new sexuality, letting you explore a little, test out your curiosities, you know, all that good stuff.” He reached for the first syringe as he rolled up my sleeve and began to inject it into my arm. This is a very mild sedative, designed to open up your mind and destress you. We want your mind to be open. i immediately felt my senses blur a little, the tension and anxiety leaving my body. This was right, this was my way forward. I’m so excited, I thought. I can’t believe I was unsure about this. ”And this,” he injected another syringe slowly, “is a weak hormonal cocktail. It will stimulate your libido a little. You’ll start to get an erection and feel horny.” I felt my cock twitch a little in my genes as Eddie crept around the chair to my other side and whispered in my ear “and what a big, big erection I’m sure it will be.” He slowly reached down and placed straps around my wrists, restraining me to the recliner as the television across from me blinked to a black screen and then a message that said “Welcome: initiating session...” It was time. My conversion had begun.
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  8. Enhancements: Part Eight Spying I'm sure you're all wondering what Chris and Evan got up to now that they had fulfilled their promise to Dr. Cross and earned their reward of extended time with their enhanced bodies in the bathhouse upstairs, but first I have to tell you how I come into the story. My name is Trevor, and now that I've told you about those other three become studs, it's time to explain how the three of them changed my life. See, I was a freshman at the same college as Evan, Chris, and Mark, and although I didn't know them then, that would change quickly, in a big way. It was August, summer after my first year in college, and sixth months after Evan and Chris had transformed Mark. I had done fairly well for myself; a small friend group of guys from my dorm hall, managed to go on a few dates with some girls here and there, and even better, my grades and my physique had never been better. By no means was I even close to the jockish build I had always wanted, but I was starting to put on a little weight from my scrawny high school days. My pecs were there, damnit, and I just needed to keep working out to keep up my good progress. I was back on campus in early August, a few weeks before the fall semester began, to get a headstart with my new job at the campus library. I needed to go in for training every morning, but it was the perfect opportunity to get back in to working out after a summer off. After all, who could pass up taking advantage of the free student membership at the campus gym?! So, I started going to the gym every morning just after it opened but with ample time for me to workout before my new job. One morning, on the 2nd or 3rd day of this new routine, one of the other guys working out caught my eye. The gym was almost entirely dead this morning, usually me or maybe me and one other guy only. Today, though, I couldn't stop looking at this dude working out with the dumbbells. First off, he was huge. He wore a tiny tanktop, which barely covered up any of his huge frame. His massive pecs were basically uncovered due to the deep v-neck cut of the tank and massive armholes. His arms were massive trunks of muscle, with tufts of ginger red hair sticking out from below. I was always into women, but for some reason I just couldn't stop staring, especially when he lifted the weights above his head and showed off his deep pits. God, he's so manly, I thought. And then- What am I doing??! I returned to my own workout, but still checked in on this other guy between sets. Now he had moved on to the bench press and had enlisted the help of a third guy as a spotter. The third guy was much skinnier; still a bit stronger than me, but nothing compared to this hulk of a man he was spotting for. The two went about their business - I couldn't really hear them too well, but it sounded like the big dude had started giving the smaller guy some pointers. Huh, I thought. Maybe he can help me out one morning. As they finished their workout, the two guys left the weight room and dipped into the locker room together. My curiosity got the better of me, so I waited about 2 minutes and then ducked into the locker room after them. The locker room was a pretty big room with several rows of tall tan lockers, but of course in the early morning hours, it was nearly empty. I crept around sneakily, sticking my head around the corner of each row before proceeding. I reached the 2nd to last row when I heard two voices. "Fuck yeah", came a deep yet clear voice. I figured that was the jacked ginger. The other voice was softer, but I could still hear it. "This is so hot," the smaller voice squeaked. I peeked around the corner, pretending to be picking something up in case they were looking my way. Luckily, they were none the wiser, but as I looked up from the floor, I saw something that almost made me scream with surprise. The huge jacked guy was nearly naked, wearing nothing but a jockstrap. The jock was black, with a medium width waistband and thin black straps that went around his beautifully round ass cheeks. The contrast of his pale white skin and black underwear was extremely erotic, I thought. But why?! I had always been straight my whole life... what was going on with this guy? His jock was holding back a huge bulge, too. Fuck, there had to be a huge cock under there, wrapped up tight in the taut fabric, just waiting to be released. I need to see this, I thought. The jockstrap waistband read in white letters "PUMP!". The smaller guy had a jock on too, a white bike jockstrap with a thicker gray waistband. I managed to see inside the open locker, which belonged to the big guy, where nearly a dozen more jocks seemed to be hung up. This was such a strange feeling, but I felt very warm all of a sudden, and then sweaty. I watched the two guys as they began touching each other, mostly the little guy rubbing the big man's muscles up and down his body. He pressed his package against the big stud's moaning the more and more he got to touch him. Eventually he knelt down and took the big stud's huge cock out of its wrapping. I was right about it's size- that thing had to be nearly a foot long, and thick as fuck, too! He had huge meaty balls that hung down beneath his massive shaft, covered with a thin layer of red-orange pubes. The smaller guy took this dude's cock into his mouth-well, whatever he could fit, and the bigger guy started moaning. I watched for a while, fondling my own shifting erection but being careful not to make enough noise to be noticed. After sucking for a while, the little guy stood up and turned around, leaning up against the locker and shifting his ass outward towards the big guy. Fuck... I thought. Are they about to-!? My question was immediately answered by the moans of the smaller guy, who was now nearly being split open by this jacked stud's thick cock. The smaller guy was moaning now, almost in sync with the stud's deep hard pumps. The big stud smacked the little guy's ass, which elicited a loud squeal. He was a lot more vocal now, moaning "fuck me, fuck me!" in between muffled moans, which were met with replies with "fuck yeah, you little jock wannabe, take my huge cock!" I was getting hornier and hornier... and it was taking every ounce of mental fortitude in my body not to give myself away. Eventually I decided to retreat, ducking into a stall, where I aggressively beat my dick until I came a huge load, the mental image of the big guy and his friend imprinted in my brain. I pulled on my underwear and looked for the two guys, maybe in the shower perhaps, but they were gone. I walked over to the big guy's locker, maybe hoping to snatch one of his jocks, but it was locked. That night after work, I went home and had a few beers my roommate's older brother had bought for me. This was a really shocking day. I had always been straight - what the hell was I thinking in there? At 19, was I really just now starting to have gay thoughts? I decided not to think too much about it and just go to bed. It was another day, and I needed to see if the big dude was back again in the morning. So I went to the gym again the next day and there he was, although without another protege. I thought about approaching him, maybe placing myself in the shoes of his friend from yesterday, but I chickened out and kept my distance. How could I possibly want a cock like that? I mean, did I seriously, really want to do those things? After he dipped into the locker room again, this time alone, I wrapped up my workout and followed him in. I crept down the hall of the locker room to his row of lockers, but he wasn't there. Instead, I heard the rush of water coming from the bank of showers, so I continued to that area to peek in. I decided the best way to get a peek at this guy would be to simply take a shower; after all, the shower room at this gym wasn't separate by stalls or even curtains; all 12 or so of the showers just sat on the walls above on giant wall. I took off my clothes and walked into the showers, selecting one with a nice view of the big boy and turning up the water to hot. He was still so sexy, but I had to work hard to not arouse suspicion to myself. I tried my best to minimize my boner and then to conceal what half-chub I couldn't prevent. After about 10 minutes of watching this dude lather his huge muscles up and rinse them off, I stared at his ass as he walked out of the shower bank. I decided to wait another minute or so to not be so obvious, then I finished my shower and grabbed my towel. I thought maybe I could catch another glimpse of him in his jock, hell, maybe even muster the courage to talk to him, but when I peered down his locker row, it was shut and he was gone. I shrugged and turned to return to my own locker stall, and THUD. I ran straight into the guy, who was naked and standing right in the middle of the locker room. "Fuck! Sorry! Sorrysorrysorry" I whelped, taking a few scampered steps back. "You've been watching me the past couple days, haven't you?" he croaked. "I... I don't know what you're talking about?" "It's ok, dude, nothing I haven't seen before. Name's Mark. Next time you're interested in this-" he motioned to his entire muscular body and then grabbed his flaccid dick and shook it around - "you can just ask. I'm a horny guy like everyone else." "Well... well... I guess the truth is that I'm just curious." "Curious, huh?" He grabbed my arm, spinning me around as my towel hit the floor, as if he was appraising me. "I just don't know if I really, I mean truly want that," I admitted. "Well, there's people who can deal with 'curious'," he replied, rummaging through his locker and finally handing me a small scrap of paper with address scrawled on it. I looked at it as he dressed and began packing up. He started strolling out of the locker room, leaving me naked and standing there alone still with half a hardon, as I yelled back "This is in Chicago!" Without even looking back, he answered, "somethings are worth checking out, dude. If you want, check it out and come see me." I was shocked and nervous, but my interest was piqued. After a quick google search of the address, I learned it was the site of some kind of men's health clinic in the city. I planned a little trip taking time off work, bought a bus ticket, and began my journey... Author's note: Next time: Trevor's got a transformation of his own coming
  9. Enhancements Part Seven: Masculinity Mark could barely recognize himself. Obviously he had gone through tremendous physical change: his muscles nearly triple their previous size, his body covered with a layer of thick red hair. His pecs were huge and hard, two hefty slabs of pure muscle front and center. His biceps were thick and built, connected to his trunk like torso with bushy tufts of armpit hair. His ass was a tight bubble of muscle, currently arched outward, presented for either of his new companions to enjoy. And his cock was a footlong protrusion of pure man meat, currently hanging down half-erect above a pair of juicy balls. Not only could Mark not recognize himself physically, he couldn't believe what he was doing, the lust and behavior he was about to engage in. Mark had gone from never even having kissed anyone to participating in a several hour threesome in a matter of hours. His orgasm from before had satisfied him a little, but Mark really wanted to take this new body for a test drive. He had always been a horny guy, but it was different now- almost like he needed sex. Specifically, Mark couldn't wait to be fucked, almost like something in his ass desperately needed to be pounded by a hard dick. This too made him felt incredibly horny; here he was, the perfect epitome of a masculine physique, and all he could think about was riding Evan's cock. He begged for it a little, as Evan started by rubbing his huge dick against Mark's ass cheeks and crack, carefully teasing his bottom. Finally Evan inserted his lubed cock right into Mark's thick ass, causing Mark to moan hysterically as every single inch went deeper and deeper. Chris responded in turn by shutting Mark up by shoving his own cock down Mark's throat. Evan pumped Mark like this for a while, exchanging between soft, slow, sensual strokes to a fast hard railing. Mark loved it all, and he showed it by giving Chris an amazing blowjob. Chris became extremely turned on both by the sight of his boyfriend fucking a huge muscle stud and said stud's extreme dick-sucking talent. By the time the men decided to change positions 10 minutes later, he had shot two hot loads down Mark's throat. Mark expressed a desire to change things up, and Evan pulled out and sat down in one of the chairs. Evan's own impressive meaty cock stuck up invitingly to Mark, Evan gently playing with the steel hard member. Mark and Chris knelt down at Evan's feet and began servicing Evan. The two men licked and slurped at his hard cock and balls, enjoying the musky taste. They kissed each other passionately until Mark felt ready to be fucked again. He stood and began to straddle Evan, eventually slowly lowering his ass down until the thick cock he was attempting to sit on touched his hole. After some adjusting he felt his ass expanding to accommodate Evan's thick girth. Mark was immensely turned on by this new sex position. As he established a rhythm to ride Evan's cock to, he flexed his biceps proudly. "You see this shit? You see how fucking manly I am now?" Mark beamed. "I'm the picture perfect example of masculinity, and I want you to fuck me harder!" This was incredibly sexy to Evan. Not only was fucking this man incredibly pleasurable, but being commanded what to do so aggressively, despite being the top, made Evan feel hot. His pecs were swollen again, by now, having slowly re inflated since Mark last drained them. As Mark slid up and down Evan's thick penis, more and more pec milk began to squirt out from Evan's nipples and onto Mark's chest. Mark howled in pleasure, but he couldn't help but feel like he wanted more. He commanded Chris to fuck him too, and Chris complied. He carefully approached Mark, who was now leaning forward. He spread Mark's ass and slowly inserted his own dick, not only feeling the tightness from the bottom's ass, but also his boyfriend's shaft rubbing against his own. The men continued like this as bestial moans filled the air. Squirt after squirt of pec milk was fired from Evan's pecs as Mark continued to ride. Eventually, it was too much to bear, as Mark's cock unleashed its own torrent of cum all over Evan's still oversized chest. Evan and Chris pulled out, pushing Mark to his knees. The two boyfriends stood, their arms around each other as they jerked each other off with their free hand. As they each came, they moaned loudly, shooting 7 or 8 pumps of hot cum straight into Mark's face, chest, and throat. Mark furiously masturbated as he received his reward, carefully bringing himself to orgasm again. Evan and Chris, still standing up, immediately turned to each other and began making out, eventually started 69ing and fucking every which way, all putting on an erotic show for Mark, who beat off and shot several loads in doing so. The men all fucked each other in turn, until finally exhaustion after hours of muscle sex caught up to their freakish libido, and after one last joint orgasm, their sweaty cum-covered bodies collapsed on the floor.
  10. Enhancements: Part Six Maturity Chris and Evan walked down the hallway, wearing nothing but the white jockstraps Dr. Cross had given them. Their cocks barely were contained by the tight white fabric, the elastic straps tightly wrapped around their bubble butts. They felt incredibly sexy, and they couldn't wait for what was about to happen. Arriving at Mark's room, the technician opened the door and let them inside. Dr. Cross said, "you know what to do... you can start whenever." The technician closed and locked the door behind them. This room was much larger than the one their initial growth took place in. There were no expensive looking chairs with consoles next to them; just a regular chair off to the corner of the room, and a small bed. Mark was sitting in the chair, wearing nothing but a jockstrap himself. Chris and Evan glanced over at him. No wonder he wants to do this, Chris thought. He's even punier than me! Mark stood up, greeting his new friends. He was indescribably nervous. "H-hey guys... So I guess we're all about to have some fun, right?" "Yeah," said Evan, "I think we are." All three men now had huge tents building in their jockstrap bulges. Mark came closer. "Can I?" he asked, motioning towards the boys' packages. "Dude, we're about to be way past the point of asking. We got filled in on your whole situation, so if you're nervous or shy, we understand. But we're about to be way past the point of asking permission, so if you see something you want to do, I say go for it," Chris answered. He was staring his boyfriend in the eye. "But I can't really wait any longer." He leaned in and began kissing Evan deeply, their muscular bodies pressing together tightly. Mark hovered around, kneeling down to touch their cocks through their jockstraps. He went around and stared in awe at their asses, smacking them here and there. Mark couldn't believe it was actually happening. Evan took Mark's old seat, pulling off his jock to reveal his massive 12" member. Chris knelt down beside him and began licking up and down his boyfriend's shaft, taking in every drop of sweat and musky scent. He then put his mouth completely over the massive head and started gagging himself on the cock. Mark sat down next to Chris and pulled his jock aside, a little intimidated by the man's massive dick. Mark remembered how badly he wanted this, how furiously he had masturbated so many times to the thought of a huge muscle man's cock, and went for it. Mark gagged himself on Chris's huge dick. It was a gigantic task for a first timer, but Mark remembered how long he'd been waiting for this moment. He couldn't believe how amazing it felt to have this huge muscle man's cock filling up his mouth. The trio continued like this for a while, muffled moans of pleasure barely emerging from Chris and Mark's mouths. "Think it's time for your first load," Chris told Mark, pulling his mouth away from Evan's dick. He stood up as the redheaded twink knelt down between Evan and Chris. The two musclemen grabbed each other's cocks and furiously jerked each other off, kissing passionately. Evan rubbed his pecs, which, as before, had begun to swell up and feel tight. Suddenly the sensation at each man's cock became too much to bear and they unleashed a massive torrent of jizz down onto the waiting Mark. Mark felt like he was in heaven. Hot streams of spunk rained down on his face and body, but mostly into his wide open mouth. As he swallowed the boys' loads, he wiped more cum off his pale white skin and licked his fingers clean. Finally, as the flow began to subside, he sucked on each man's cock once more to clean off any remaining cum. "Here we go, I guess," Mark said. Evan sat back down in his chair, his cock no softer than it was before his massive orgasm, despite the fact that he had just produced one of the biggest loads of his entire life. Get up here, he commanded Mark, slapping his pecs and gently tweaking his engorged nipples. Mark complied, sitting down onto Evan's body, carefully straddling Evan's cock. The larger man's dick rested neatly on Mark's ass, the weight and warmth of his shaft gently teasing Mark. Meanwhile, Chris knelt down behind Mark and pulled the freshman's ass cheeks apart, sticking his face right between them and beginning to rim him. Mark moaned, but Evan forced his head down to his massive pecs, now begging to be attended to. It actually kind of hurt for Evan's pecs to be this full, he thought. He needed that sweet release, and he knew Mark just couldn't get enough of his potent growth juice. Mark latched on to one of Evan's nipples, which was nearly double its normal size, and began to suck. Within seconds, a flow of hot thick white liquid began flowing from the erect nipple and directly into Mark's throat. He thought it tasted amazing; a little musky, a little creamy, but the best part was how thick it was. The smell and taste reminded him of the abandoned jockstraps and underwear he used to collect from his dorm gym locker room to sniff while he masturbated back home. Meanwhile, the growth from ingesting Chris's cum was beginning. Mark's entire body frame began to swell, as if he was taking in a very deep breath, only it did not reduce in size as it would during exhalation. Mark felt a little bigger, a little more confident. His cock strained at his jockstrap. He had never felt an erection this hard before, and it only felt like it was getting harder. If he wasn't so preoccuped with tending to Evan's nipples or the feeling of Chris's tongue on his hole, he would have noticed his cock had grown from it's puny 4" erect size, all the way to a respectable 8" length. The girth of his cock had expanded too, and the entire thing was now pressing hard on the weak fabric of his jockstrap. He reached down and ripped the strained underwear clear off. The tightness was too much to bear as his waist expanded 3 sizes. He felt his biceps and triceps thickening, nearly tripling in size. His own pecs began to inflate, and Evan began to moan even more from the sensation of feeling Mark's growing pecs press up against his own abs. Mark released his mouth from Evan's left pec and switched to the right, roaring bestially as he felt more and more growth taking hold. His voice had grown deeper, too. Chris, who had still been rimming mark furiously, felt Mark's ass cheeks begin to swell. He pulled away from Mark's butt, slapping Mark's new bubble butt, before returning to his knees and turning around to start sucking on Mark's huge cock. Chris put the still lengthening cock in his mouth, and he barely needed to move up and down Mark's shaft to begin the blowjob. Mark's cock was still growing, and Chris loved the feeling of the still growing cock forcing itself further and further into his mouth. He gagged, sucking the cock for as long as he could before finally pulling away, panting rapidly to catch his breath. This break did not last long however, as Chris dove back down into Mark's crotch to taste his thick heavy balls. All this attention was becoming too much for Mark to bear, who was now struggling to hold back his first huge load as a new man. Finally Evan's pecs had returned to normal size, every last drop of pec milk sucked out of them successfully by Mark. He gazed up at the man who was now lying on top of him, nearly three times the size of the weak freshman who had started sucking on his pecs moments before. Mark stood up, and Evan got out of the chair, kneeling down to join his boyfriend. The two lovers began to worship their new friend's 12" member together. They loved the feeling of sucking on this cock together; once taking turns, one sucking and licking the shaft while the other gently played with Mark's balls, then later, both mouths sucking on the enormous dick at the same time. Finally, Mark couldn't hold it in anymore. He grabbed his dick and bellowed, letting out an enormously deep moan as he unleashed spurt after spurt of cum onto Chris and Evan. With every blast, hot spunk splashed onto Evan and Chris's chests and faces, themselves now beating off and shooting their own loads directly at each other. Finally, after the torrent had ended. All three men stood up. Mark looked at himself in the mirror, flanked by his two massive muscle friends. His dreams really had come true; he had turned into the embodiment of sex, a perfect representation of the muscle men he had spent years beating off to online. Short red hair rippled across his body, accompanied by thick tufts of red hair at his armpits and a long treasure trail from his belly button to the base of his cock. He flexed a few times, admiring himself, then turned to Evan and Chris. "I hope you don't think we're even close to done," he said, at first a little unaccustomed to his new deeper voice. In each hand, he firmly squeezed each guy's asses. Evan responded by loudly giving Mark's ass a slap of his own. "Hell no!" Evan cheered, as Mark turned around to bend over and present himself to his muscular friends...
  11. Enhancements: Part Five Getting Lucky 5 months ago... Mark set down a medium sized cardboard box in his new dorm room. He was exhausted from moving things from the back of his parents' minivan up the street, into his new dorm building, into the elevator, then down the hall into his home for his freshman year of college. His mother and father, who had helped him move, were getting ready to leave. They were worried about their son, as most parents are, but especially worried that Mark would have trouble making friends by selecting a single dorm room for his freshman year. Mark was never the most social kid, and they worried that without the quintessential roommate experience, he wouldn't fit in here at college. Nor had Mark ever had a boyfriend or girlfriend in high school, so his parents were worried about him going out and being exposed to parties and the college experience too quickly. Sports were out, too- Mark's skinny frame and lack of physical prowess made him shirk away from fitness. They reassured their son that they were always there for him, exchanging goodbyes and leaving him to this new phase of his life. Truthfully, Mark wanted to be more outgoing. He was excited by college; he wanted to go out and party, make friends, and meet guys! Mark had almost no confidence to actually act on the social life he wanted. After his parents left, Mark shut his door and began unpacking some of his things. He thought about how nervous he was to meet new people. He thought about how badly he wanted to meet up with a hot guy and act on his sexual desires. Mark undressed and looked at himself in the mirror. He was skinny, alright; almost no muscles to speak of. His dick was small and undersized, and he had no body hair either. Turning around, he saw how flat his ass looked. What guy would ever want this, he sighed, considering his fate as a loner. Some time later, Mark went out into the hallway to go to the dining hall for dinner. Just outside the entrance, he was stopped by two RAs sitting at a long table covered in a bright blue tablecloth, several small index cards, and a large box. "Care to enter the New Year Raffle?", one of them asked. "Sure, why not," said Mark. He approached the table and filled out an index card, providing his name and room number. "What's the prize, anyway?" "It's really great! There prize is over $10,000 cash - for you to do whatever you want with! School books, musical instruments, athletic equipment, computer gear, you name it! The best part is that it's all privately funded by donor money from the school, so you don't have to feel like it's a waste of money to enter. Man, it'd be awesome to win, wouldn't it? But only one really lucky student out of the whole undergraduate population gets to win..." Mark thanked the two RAs for telling him about it and walked into the dining hall. He thought a little about what he'd do with the money... video games and computer stuff, maybe? But then, he began to think bigger. He thought about the article he read online about a new clinic opening up in the city not far from here... 1 month ago... Mark woke up, late as usual. He had a 9am class that he often skipped on cold days like today, a simple statistics lecture that was all recorded and put online that he could watch later anyway. College had been going decent for him- he didn't have too many very close friends, and he still wasn't any closer to his dream of actually sexually interacting with a guy, but he was friendly with the other students on his floor and in his classes. He checked his e-mail, then screamed. He had won. The raffle winner was to be kept secret this year on account of harassment last year's winner had received by students looking to curry favor for some share of the prize winnings. Mark was overjoyed. He ran around the room in his briefs, stopping in front of the full length mirror to flex a few times, envisioning what his new body would look like. He threw the towel he was about to carry with him to the communal bathroom for a shower back on his bed and sat back down at his computer. His cock stiffened a little as he visited the website of Andros health club and began to read about the requirements for a special session, then dialed the phone. Present day... Mark and Dr. Cross sat in the viewing room, having just finished watching Chris and Evan's 'session'. "They're perfect," Mark said. "Both of them." Dr. Cross furrowed his brow a little, straightening his glasses. He turned off the monitor, now displaying Chris and Evan passed out from exhaustion, and pressed a button on the console. "Recovery to Room 3," he spoke into the intercom, signaling to his staff to go and collect the two boys. "I'm just worried you're getting into a bit much," Cross said. "I mean, you said you've never even been with a guy before at all..." Mark shook his head. "It doesn't matter. You said that doesn't matter!" Cross leaned back in his chair. "Technically no. But throwing you in there in your current state, with those two - who by the way, are going to be just as horny and insatiable as you saw them on that monitor..." his voice trailed off. Mark replied, "So then I get in there, they grow me up nice and manly, and then I join them! And then we all have fun, and I get what I want, they get whatever reward you've got planned for them, and you get your 10 grand! So everyone wins!" Cross thought back to his consultation with Mark one week ago... "Testosterone levels... very low. Well Mark, I think that should explain why you're not.... not quite the way you want to be, physically speaking. Testosterone is responsible for a lot of things in a man's development, notably muscle growth, penis grow-" Dr Cross explained, but was cut off. "Yeah, I know. I took sex-ed," Mark interjected. "But what does that mean for me, here, in your clinic. Can I be helped?" Cross looked up at Mark. "Yes. We've seen men like you before in here. We can provide a way of enacting the permanent changes to your body that you're looking for; as we discussed on the phone, the majority of our clients are here for a temporary experience- but since you're willing to pay, and you have a demonstrable health reason, I don't see why you couldn't participate. Your physical makes you an ideal candidate." "An ideal candidate," Mark recalled. "Didn't you use those exact words?" Cross nodded. He truly didn't have any reason not to allow Mark to undergo the procedure. Still, he had dealt with patients who regretted their decision before, so he wanted to make sure Mark was absolutely certain. "Just one more thing, you are 100% sure you're gay. Not just lying to get this done? We've had people come through before that just wanted a quick muscle and dick pump, only to find out they'd been permanently made hom-" Mark interrupted again, this time pointing at the tent that had formed in his gray sweatpants from watching Chris and Evan on the screen. "Alright, alright," Dr. Cross conceded. He handed Mark a clipboard with a stack of forms. The forms were mostly health questionnaires, but the back few pages (labeled "Premium Clients") were more interesting. Mark noticed a large amount of text had already been filled in (Patient requests large muscle growth, taking him to top 10 percentile... genital enhancement and other optimizations to sexual characteristics... moderate increase in body hair...). He scanned the rest of the paragraph, ensuring that Cross had taken down everything he had explained to him on the phone correctly. On the next page, he saw a little information about Chris and Evan. A statement on the top of the page stated that Premium Clients seeking permanent growth needed to go through a special procedure different from Temporary Clients, one that involved external participants. There were spaces on this page for Chris and Evan's signatures, currently blank. On the last page was a large blank box for "Special Instructions for the Premium Customer's Pleasure". Mark filled out a few things- mostly stuff he wanted Chris and Evan to do to make this the hottest session ever. He handed back the clipboard. Dr. Cross stood up, leading Mark out the door. He motioned down the hall to a room where a technician was waiting to prepare Mark for the session as he carried his clipboard to the recovery room where Evan and Chris waited. *** "...so, if you agree to participate, we're prepared to reward you with a number of great club perks!" Dr. Cross said, finishing his explanation of Mark's situation and request to Chris and Evan. The two boys were still huge, and naked, the changes from before still in effect. They had been asleep for a while, recovering energy from the strenuous process of growing and all the raucous sex they had in the session room. "What kind of perks?" asked Evan. "Well, we'll give you access to our club upstairs, for starters. After that I'm prepared to offer you vouchers for future sessions, including some new experimental stuff. I find a lot of couples like to come back to try out new kinky stuff... if you help us out with this I'll make sure you're never turned away or charged for another session here again!" "I'm totally in," said Chris. Although he was exhausted from earlier, he was still super horny. The thought of getting to do this all with Evan, as often as he wanted, sounded amazing. Not to mention how awesome it would be to grow some other guy using his new enhancements. "Me too," Evan nodded. "Splendid," Cross said. He handed the two boys each a jockstrap. "Put these on, if you don't mind... per our client's request. We'll start the session whenever all three of you are ready. He's quite a lot smaller than you right now... so please go gentle. And make sure to give him plenty of this...." he motioned to Chris's dick and Evan's pecs. The compounds in you will react with a drug we've given Mark to result in rapid, permanent enhancements for him. Evan and Chris looked at each other, ecstatic about this new turn of events. It was like they had won the lottery.
  12. Enhancements: Part Four Lust The two boys' hard bodies collided in the middle of the room as they began making out intensely. As they embraced, their throbbing massive dicks pressed against each other's hard, sculpted abs. Chris and Evan's tongues intertwined as the men shared their new bodies with each other, tasting remnants of the muscle growth chemicals on each other's breaths, each man feeling his partner's strong embrace and his hands exploring every inch of their newly sculpted bodies. Chris stepped back and looked at Evan, taking in every inch of his boyfriend's new physique. Evan had always been a good looking guy, but the afternoon's changes had taken him to the next level. His muscles, best before described as beefy and pumped, were now even larger, seemingly bursting out of his body, almost like they reached their theoretical size limit. A thin coat of hair now covered Evan's body, with thicker patches growing around the crease between his pecs in a sexy trail down to his throbbing cock. His pits, now surrounded by massively stretched and built shoulder and chest muscles, were covered in thickets of sweaty black brown hair. They smelled incredible - like the musky, manly smell that Evan gave off after a workout had been amplified tenfold. Chris leaned in, shoving his face into Evan's left armpit, inhaling and gasping for each pheromone laced breath. Meanwhile, Chris's hands explored the growth that had occurred below Evan's waist. His left hand reached around his partner's body, smacking and eventually grabbing Evan's fat, inflated ass. He could see in the mirror behind him the bulbous fat of Evan's behind bounce and jiggle as he smacked it, seemingly begging to be impaled by Chris's huge cock. That would have to wait, though, as Chris's right hand reached down towards Evan's own man meat, gently playing with his balls, which had grown very slightly, but mostly the base of his thick massive 8-incher. A light coat of precum made the penis somewhat slick, and it was hard as a steel rod from all of the stimulation Evan had been receiving. Chris was practically overcome with desire; there was so much he wanted to do with Evan, so much he wanted to try and explore - he could barely decide what should be first! His question was answered as he continued licking Evan's pit, when the latter's deep, gruffy voice whispered in his ear. "Suck my cock, you slut," Evan had grunted. Chris was a little taken aback by this language but immediately complied. As he backed away and began to kneel down, Evan analyzed his boyfriend's changes. Chris was incredible. He had essentially gone from hairless, muscleless twink, to built, jacked, stud, all in the span of 20 minutes in that chair. He had so much confidence now, his muscles even larger than Evan's prior size, chief among them his magnificent pecs (it seemed underlining the word 'large' on the form had really been taken to heart in the eyes of the study technicians). His cock stood at attention, about 7-7.5" long, oozing precum and dropping it all over the floor as the massive member swayed back and forth while Chris knelt to the ground. And good god, those balls, they were gargantuan! Although they were nothing special before, Chris's testicles had swollen up to be nearly the size of tennis balls. Evan imagined what kind of massive load those things could produce and pictured himself being subjected to blast after blast of hot spunk from Chris's tool. But for now it was Chris who had knelt to service the other man, and he began by grabbing Evan's thick tool at the base and licking up and down the shaft, tasting salty sweet precum as he went. Evan began to shudder from the sensitive touch of Chris's tongue, which now moved to the top of the shaft, circling around his cock head as he began to push the cock into his mouth. His tongue danced across the surface as Chris moaned, stuffing inch after inch of Evan's mighty meat down his throat. Eventually, he stopped, thinking he was unable to force anymore of the enormous powerful shaft into him. But, as Evan continued leaking precum, Chris remembered all of his lust and desire from several minutes ago, and somehow willed himself to go even further down. His mouth and throat were stretched to the max by the girthy cock, Evan beaming as he looked down and locked eyes with the now tearing up, moaning Chris. Finally, Chris worked up a rhythm, bobbing his head back and forth, giving Evan the most incredible blowjob of his life. For the next few minutes, Evan rested his right hand on the back of Chris's head, supporting it as he began to lean into Chris's motions, now pumping his boyfriends cock. It felt incredible - every inch of this huge tool dominating and consuming Chris's every desire and thought. Eventually, Evan felt a tingle begin to build up in the base of his balls. "I'm- I'm gonna fucking cum!" he roared, and Chris reflexively released the cock as huge thick ropes of cum gushed forward like a geyser, each one hitting a different part of Chris, coating his face, chest, and own cock with the good stuff. Chris swallowed and licked up what he could, staring at the throbbing, but no less erect cock, in front of him. "Fuck," moaned Evan. He was staring down now at his cum coated boyfriend. "Lie down," he commanded. Chris complied, lying flat on his back on the cum and sweat littered floor. Evan turned 180 degrees from Chris, dropping to all fours and lining up his mouth to Chris's crotch and vice versa. His huge dong rested on his boyfriend's face, who began licking his balls, while he began slurping and mimicking Chris's actions on the man's own cock. The two men began to 69, the sounds of intense slurping and gagging filling the room. They were intoxicated with so many feelings - the lust of their new muscular bodies, the desire to play with each other's throbbing hard cocks, the thought of being blasted with a legendary load of hot man cream as a reward for their fellatio, and finally, the eroticism of it all, hearing the sounds of each other sucking dick with reckless abandon. After a few more minutes, Chris decided he couldn't hold back any longer. His cock began pulsing and then erupted. His larger-than-life balls had created a load nearly three times what Evan had ever seen. One, two, three shots, each hitting Evan in the face, dripping down his cheek and chin. Four, five, six, each more powerful than the last, now trickling down Evan's mighty pecs and coating his torso. Seven, eight, nine - would it ever end? Evan opened his mouth to swallow all he could, finally counting fifteen enormous spurts of delicious essence-of-Chris. Through it all, Evan felt strange - stranger than anything else that had happened in the last hour, at least. He felt his cock begin to tingle, and stiffen - but it was already as hard as could be! Yet Evan could feel it getting harder, almost like the feeling he had originally experienced during the growth phase. As he glanced at his cock - did it look even bigger? It was hard to tell, given that he wasn't used to how big his cock was post-growth, but it almost looked like he had packed another inch, even two, to his throbbing member. In this moment of weakness, though, Chris had taken advantage, flipping Evan to his back and lifting his legs above Chris's shoulders. "Time to get fucked," Chris grinned. He spread Evan's juicy bubble butt cheeks, inserting his cock, so coated with precum and cum that it went in smooth as though it had been thoroughly lubed before hand. Evan howled in agony, though he knew it would not take long to begin feeling pure bliss at being split open by a cock this huge. Evan started to jerk himself off as Chris started slow, pistoning his dick in and out of his partner's massive ass. With time, Chris picked up speed, now beginning to ram Evan harder, and harder. The sound of Chris's body slapping against Evan's echoed through the room, combined with Evan's screams of pleasure and Chris's primal grunts. The hairier man jerked off faster, now, matching the pace of Chris's thrusts. His cock WAS bigger - he was sure of it now, extending 10- no, was it 11? inches into the air. As the pleasure echoing through his body multiplied, he felt a deep tingle in his pecs. Now they felt like they were growing too - but they weren't. Although Evan felt like his pecs were expanding and growing in size, they remained the same shape and dimension as before. Then, he remembered the special options he had selected in private with Dr. Cross. Chris had always had somewhat of a fixation to Evan's pecs. Not long after they began their relationship, Chris always wanted to see Evan shirtless so he could grab and feel Evan's chest and suck on his nipples. So, Evan decided, why not give him a special treat courtesy of Andros' experimental enhancement department? As Chris fucked deeper and deeper, the feeling of pec expansion without growth had reached itself limit. Evan screamed- louder than he had before- it felt like his pecs were exploding, now. In truth, they were. Jets of hot white liquid began to shoot out of his pecs, high into the air. Chris gasped as his cock thickened in his boyfriend's ass at this supernatural sight. He slowed, a little, to lean down and latch onto Evan's hard right nipple. As he sucked at Evan's tit, he gulped down a massive amount of the strange pec liquid, feeling a bizarre feeling throughout his muscles as he swallowed it. Eventually the flow subsided, Evan pleased the tightness in his pecs had gone, but disappointed that this erotic display was over. Chris resumed fucking now, soon pulling out and jerking off to shoot another massive spray of cum that had Evan soaked in glorious jizz. Evan reciprocated. The boys disclosed their ordered special enhancements to each other - Evan, who had always loved Chris's fixation to his chest, came up with the idea of making Chris's muscles grow if he ingested this "pec cum", the doctor called it. Meanwhile, Chris, who knew that Evan always loved getting facials and huge loads sprayed all over his muscles, decided it would be hot if his cum could make Evan's cock grow. So, the boys continued for a few more turns, Chris allowing Evan to fuck him doggy style (Evan's pecs dripped their milk all over Chris's back as they reached climax), Evan taking his new bubble ass for a true spin as he rode Chris cowboy-style, drinking down a little more cum to bring his cock to 12". After an amazing afternoon of fucking, sucking, and growth, the boys had lost track of time and were beginning to tire. Neither no longer had the stamina to keep going, despite all the lust that had taken over their brains. As they slowed and exhaustion took hold, they lay on the floor next to each other, Evan feebly attempting to muster the energy to resume sucking Chris's dick. As he failed to stay awake, the two boys drifted off into sleep, passing out on the floor, tired and spent. Meanwhile, in another room elsewhere in the lab, Dr. Cross and a young college student were watching Evan and Chris on a monitor. "So," Dr. Cross said, glancing at the boy from his control room chair. "You've got the muscle growth from the one boy's cum, and the cock growth from the other's - er - chest." "Sounds hot," said the boy, stepping forward, closer to the screen. He was scrawny and short, his fire red hair and pasty skin illuminated by the blue tinge of the monitor. "I'm in." "You do realize," Dr. Cross said, "that this procedure will be totally permanent. I mean, you are paying top dollar, but we will not be liable if you aren't happy with the results. And you won't be able to go back to what you look like now..." "I'm done being a twerp," the guy squeaked. "It's time to become a man." To be continued... Thanks guys again for reading and as always stay tuned for part 5! I really like writing this story and have been writing out parts almost as fast as I can think of them. Hope you like the "twist" in this part and get ready to see what this new character is going to get into when he meets these two studs.
  13. Enhancements: Part Three Growth Not even a minute after the thick, nutrient-rich growth juices began flowing into his ass and mouth, Chris was in a state of pure bliss. There were so many incredible feelings to process: first, there was the throbbing, pulsing cock, now deep in his ass and oozing a thick, warm liquid. Then, there was the erotic feeling of dozens of wires and leads attached to nearly every muscle in his body, each one vibrating and pulsing intermittently, perhaps stimulating the muscles below. The thick artificial cock plugging his mouth was gushing now, and he couldn't get enough of the viscous creamy liquid being pumped into his mouth. He was practically chugging, sucking down gulp after gulp of salty, musky spunk. The smell and taste reminded him of Evan's sweaty workout gear, and he pictured Evan's cock in its place. Being filled, from both ends, had turned him on beyond anything he had experienced before - and the knowledge that within minutes, his body would be growing and expanding and ready for round after round of hot sex with Evan, was making him tremble with excitement. Chris's cock was aching, hard beyond hard, pushing and growing bigger, and thicker than ever before. It was happening. He looked himself over, taking in his slowly expanding cock thanks to the mirror on the opposite wall. He glanced over at Evan, whose own cock was now starting to grow and pulse. A few muffled moans escaped from Evan's mouth, who was also drinking down copious amounts of the mysterious muscle-bestowing liquid. Chris wanted nothing more than to run over there and begin working his partner's now 7, no, 8" meat into his mouth, but the thick steel restraints bound around his wrists and ankles prevented him from so much as touching his own cock, let alone attending to his partner three feet across the room. Now several minutes into the procedure, he began to feel several of his muscle groups feeling tight and beginning to expand. The feeling of his muscles growing was remarkable; at first, it was pain unlike any he had ever felt- cells, dividing out of control, muscle fibers, replicating, thickening, and growing to double- no, triple- his biceps, pecs, triceps, and quads in size. After the pain had taken hold, though, another feeling- the feeling of strength, and power, took over. Fuck yeah, Chris thought, still analyzing Evan's growth. Evan had selected less growth options for his muscles, for he was already much buffer than Chris, but Chris had now surpassed Evan's original strength level and then some. Meanwhile, Evan's muscles had grown quite a bit too. His pecs, already Chris's favorite feature on his boyfriend's body, were now massive taut mounds of muscle, nearly the size of basketballs. Something else caught Chris's eye, though. More white liquid had begun to flow through the tubes connected to Evan's nipples, from the ceiling, straight down to his boyfriend's pecs. It looked as though they too were being pumped full of muscle-developing chemical, but they didn't seem to be growing any larger. Evan appeared to writhe in extra pain at this new development, and although Chris's own pecs had grown, he did not appear to be getting any additional liquid in his own nipple-attached tubes. By now, roughly ten minutes in, Evan was feeling overcome with pleasure. The pain of the initial muscle growth was gone and replaced with the feeling of his newly gained strength, and the sexual stimulation from his feeding tube and anal stimulation. As more and more liquid was pumped into Evan's pecs, he felt a bizarre tingling feeling deep in his chest. Suddenly, the cock in his ass began pulsing and throbbing faster, and penetrating deeper into his ass than before. This was too much for Evan, whose now 8" member was already dripping precum. He remembered the doctor's words about not needing to hold back, and let his cock release a massive load of jizz all over the floor in front of him. The sight of Chris, muscles grown and his own cock now extended to 7", turned Evan on even more, energizing pump after pump of manly cream to shoot further and further across the room. This sight triggered Chris, too, who also began to orgasm, screams and moans of incredible pleasure still muffled and stifled by the artificial cock pouring growth fluid into his throat. The boys continued their growth, and finally, the flow of the feeding tubes began to subside. Slowly, the plastic cocks positioned at Evan and Chris's mouths began to pull back, as if to say they had enough of this bizarre blowjob the boys were giving them. Evan and Chris licked at the outside of the shafts, lapping up every last drop of delicious fluid they could get their tongues on, before they remembered they now had the ability to communicate with each other. "FUCK. YEAH!" they screamed in unison, their voices perhaps deeper due to all the testosterone they had been injected with. They were too excited to have a coherent conversation, instead line after line of excited proclamations were shouted back and forth between the two men. "This thing up my ass feels incredible!" "I wish you knew what these pec pumps felt like, though!" "Your cock is fucking massive!" "My cock, did you even see that huge load you just shot?" Statements like these continued for several more minutes, and although their muscle growth and feeding tubes had subsided, the cocks affixed to their asses had not stopped plugging and pumping away. "So, what's left," panted Evan. "Because I can't wait to get over there and get my hands on you." "Well," Chris said, breathing heavily between each word as his cock slowly began to shoot another load of cum, "my ass hasn't grown at all. And we don't seem to have any extra hair." Almost on queue, though, Chris felt the anal dildo speed up yet again, this time seemingly shooting everything it had into his ass. "Oh, shit!" he yelled. "You feel that?" Evan nodded, moaning intensely as his cock shot out another orgasm. His own nipple pumps had now stopped, detached themselves and began retracting back into the ceiling. "Damn," he remarked, staring in the mirror at his huge, distended nipples. Meanwhile, the two boys began to feel an expansion in their asses, as fat and muscle grew and expanded, giving them the perfect, picturesque bubble butts they had always desired. Chris thought he felt a little looser, too, which was good, as he'd soon have to accommodate two extra inches of length and who knows how much extra girth down there. Lastly, Evan and Chris felt a fine prickling sensation across their bodies as hairs began to emerge from the surface of their skin. Evan's grew a little thicker and denser between his pecs and down his chest, creating a perfect trail of hair from his cock and balls up to his bellybutton and up to his chest as well. The two boys panted as their last stimulants began to putter out, the dildos withdrawing themselves from their asses after a few final weak spurts of hot liquid. Sensing that the growth procedure was over, Chris and Evan began to fight more furiously against their restraints now, desperately needing to reach the other, to explore and experience the changes that happened to their bodies. Finally, about a minute after the growth had ended, and roughly thirty minutes since the entire procedure had started, the wrist and ankle restraints opened with a metallic click. Chris and Evan sprang to their feet, taking in their new bodies, and collided in the middle of the room with a long awaited kiss.
  14. Enhancements: Part Two The Lab By now, mostly everyone had known about Andro's; everyone who was gay, that is. Originally, it was one of those gay bathhouses - a place for men to go and hookup. But a few years ago, Andro's opened up a "clinic". The clinic had gained a reputation as an experience on a whole other level from the bathhouse. Not only could you find hookups and sex, it was said that clinic goers could have their bodies modified, enhanced, to insane physical levels, guaranteed to provide a next-level sexual experience. Chris had known all this when he suggested to Evan that they celebrate their relationship with a little bit of extra naughty fun, but he did not know exactly what went on in the clinic. After some convincing, Evan agreed. Although Chris had put on a little muscle since they began dating months ago, Evan had a fantasy of having sex with someone a little more muscular. The boys walked into the sterile waiting room and walked right up to the counter. The waiting room was empty and resembled a standard doctor's office waiting room. A short male receptionist in dark blue scrubs sat behind the desk. "Uh, hi," stammered Chris. "We're here for the... enhancement program?" In a deeply annoyed, grating voice, the receptionist pointed to a sign atop the counter. "No appointment, no enhancements. We're very busy and popular, you see, and we can't just accomodat-" "But we have an appointment!" Evan exclaimed, not wanting to be sent away. "We called... it should be under Stevens, Evan Stevens." "Well... alright, Mr. Stevens. It looks like you do have an appointment for one of our private sessions for two." The receptionist stood up, turned around, rifling through a filing cabinet. "If you're ready to start the process now, fill out these forms and we'll get you back here for the consultation." He handed out two clipboards to the boys, a packet of papers already clasped in each. "Just some standard paperwork," the receptionist explained. "Medical history, liability release, and so on. And there is the matter of payment..." Evan looked over at Chris. This wasn't a cheap deal, a private session at the city's premiere male sex club. But the two had saved up some money for this occasion. Chris pulled out an envelope from his inner jacket pocket, handing over several crisp bills to the receptionist. "Already, you're all set then. Fill out those forms, bring 'em up, and we can get started. One thing I want to warn you, though - don't get too excited yet. You're still a little ways away from the main event. And we've had 'issues' with customers getting a little too excited, if you get what I mean." "Got it. No boners in the waiting room," Evan beamed. The two took their clipboards and started filling them with information. The first page was a boring bit of information - name, date of birth, emergency contract, medical allergies, and the like. The next was filled with tiny, hard to read text - Evan and Chris correctly assumed it was a bunch of legal mumbo jumbo that said they couldn't sue Andros for anything. They skipped to the end and signed. The last form was the most interesting. "Sexual interests and enhancement desires" it said, in big block letters on top. On the next line, it read- "Private sessions - consult your partner(s) while filling out." "Alright," Chris said. "This is where we write what we want." He checked "Versatile" on the top of the page, the first option - and Evan did the same. Reading the options, he was starting to get a little horny already, just thinking about the changes their bodies would be undergoing very soon. "So, muscles for me," he said, filling in the descriptions of how much he wanted his muscles to grow next to each body part group. 'Large', he underlined next to "pecs", thinking of how much he would like to have beefy pecs like his boyfriend. "And you want a little muscle growth too, right?" Evan nodded, circling "minor growth" next to the muscle positions. Next, they decided on body hair, Chris circling a picture of a torso with light dusting of body hair across the pecs and a thick trail of hair extending from the top of the crotch to the belly button. Evan selected the picture two further down and one from the most extreme option - thick tufts of hair between the grooves of his muscles, and a light coat of hair across the rest of his chest and body. "Fuck yeah," Evan said, he too starting to get horny from the thought of looking like the cartoon pictured men on the page. Next was cock, balls, and ass - each boy agreed they wanted another inch added to their cocks and some extra girth, too. Chris selected to have some extra growth to his balls, and Evan elected something called "ass inflation- perfect for those desiring a nice bubble butt". At the bottom of the page was a large blank box labeled "Additional options - technician use only." "Well, I guess we're done," Chris said. He grabbed Evan's clipboard and brought both up to the receptionist, who took the forms apart, filing the legal releases away, checking the information on the first form was correct, and then handing the 'sex option' pages back to Chris. "Come with me," he said, opening the door next to the counter and beckoning Evan forward. The two boys slipped behind the door, into a long corridor with several rooms on each side, and a heavy steel door at the end. "In here," he said, pushing open one of the smaller room doors on the right side of the hall. A small plaque was labeled "Consultation Room #3". Chris and Evan walked inside, sitting down in what resembled a normal doctor's examination room, complete with old magazines and a pink vinyl chair covered with paper for hygiene. "A tech will be with you soon." The receptionist closed the door. "Fuck, I'm so excited," stated Evan, grabbing Chris's hand tightly. "We're going to be so hot." "I'm excited too, baby, but just try to relax. And remember, it is just temporary." A few minutes, but what felt like hours, later, there was a small knock on the door and it immediately opened. A tall bearded doctor came into the room. "Hello, boys," he said. "Chris... and Evan! My name is Dr. Cross." He shook their hands. "We're just about ready to get you two boys started, as I'm sure you're very excited, but we need to quickly go over your choices here and just let you know exactly how this works." They nodded, and Dr. Cross continued. He began reading off the options to the boys, confirming their choices and clarifying their desires, in a few cases. "And so you know, it is a baseline that you boys will have quite a bit more libido and quite a bit more ejaculation for these changes. You will... be supercharged." He grinned at the boys, who were starting to tent their shorts with their erections. "Now then. We want to make this experience super special, so I want to make you each aware of some special, experimental changes we've made available. To do this, I was thinking that each of you could tell me about any fetishes or deep desires you might have, in private?" This was a strange request, but the idea of some special enhancement was especially tantalizing to the boys, so they agreed. Taking turns, Evan or Chris went out in the hall while the other had a private discussion with Dr. Cross. After both had their change, Dr. Cross finished scribbling his notes in the blank box on the bottom of their forms. "All right boys, well I think there's something we can work with that you'll both enjoy." "Follow me, please, we're ready to get started." The boys got up and left the consultation room, following Dr. Cross to the steel door at the end of the hall. The doctor typed a few keys on the security pad, which beeped. A green LED flashed to life and the heavy doors began to budge open. Cross led the boys through, into another corridor, this time with larger ceilings and thicker steel doors on each room. He approached a room with a plaque "#10", keyed in another code, and the door opened. This room was quite different from the consultation room. It was larger, with two expensive looking chairs at the far wall, facing a mirror, which covered the same wall as the door they just walked through. Two technicians followed Dr. Cross in, who shared his notes with them. "Have fun, boys," he said, leaving the room. "Alright boys," said the techs. "We need you completely naked, please." The boys complied, revealing their half erect cocks as they threw their discarded underwear to the side of the room. Each technician dealt with Evan and Chris separately. They each stood in front of the chairs as the technicians read the spec sheets, pressing a few complicated looking controls on the arm of the chair. Above each chair, panels in the ceiling opened, releasing several wires with electrical leads at the end. The technicians carefully began attaching the leads to Evan and Chris, some to the abs, arms, pits, calves, pecs, and shoulders. "These are for muscle growth," the techs explained. "And also for your vital signs." A few button presses later, larger panels opened from the ceiling above both chairs. This time, two 1/2" diameter tubes lowered in front of each chair. At the end was a complicated looking mechanism which both resembled a pump and a suction cup. The techs pressed the end of one tube to each other boy's nipples. "These are for pec growth and for some of your special modifications," the tech explained. "It will feel a little tight and you might feel a pinch..." Just as he finished his sentence, Evan felt a thwoop of suction followed by a pinch as it felt like the ends of the tubes dug into his flesh. As he looked at himself in the mirror, he felt like he was in a science fiction movie; dozens of wires connected to his body, and these bizarre thick tubes now tightly affixed to his nipples. Still, he felt horny, and kinky, ready for the changes that were to come. He looked over at Chris and felt his cock stiffen, turned on by the sight of his partner similarly covered with wires and tubes. "All right," said one of the techs. "Almost done." "We need to insert your anal stimulation," said the other. After a few more button presses on the chair consoles, a door opened on the back of the chairs, revealing a white plastic dildo-looking object. "Go ahead and sit," commanded the techs. Chris and Evan did as commanded, their butts now pressed up against the window in the chair. The dildo object wasn't sticking out- it was hidden in an alcove behind the chair. The techs pressed another button and a whirring mechanical motor indicated that it was now in motion. Indeed, the silicone cocks pressed up against Evan and Chris's asses, poking them in the butt, wishing to gain entry. The motor stopped. "This is for lubrication," the tech stated. A cool spurt of lube hit the boys in the ass. "It will feel a little warm," the tech explained. "They are also somewhat large. If you need to stop, let us known immediately." With another press, the mechanic dongs continued their advance to Evan and Chris, pressing up against their tight, now lubed, holes, slowly gaining entrance. The cock was big, Chris thought. Almost as big as Evan's, he grinned. Still, it felt good having his ass stretched like this, the kinky feelings continued to intensify. They were so close now. He looked over at Evan, who was moaning from the feeling of being penetrated. "Fuck, Chris, you feeling this?" "Fuck yeah, babe! Get ready for the real thing," he shouted back. "Those are for ass and genital growth, by the way," the techs explained. "You'll feel a few sensations from them as we go. They'll vibrate, and they might move back and forth a little, as if you're getting fucked. And finally, of course, you'll feel them injecting you with one of the growth compounds." Evan and Chris's own cocks were now at full stiffness, 6" and 6.5" of pure man meat. The boys were dying to touch themselves, but the techs admonished them. "Two more steps." With still more button presses, heavy restraints encases the boy's ankles and wrists. "We can't have you moving around during the procedure too much," they explained. "Many patients don't like to wait for the process to complete before they turn to their partner, which... causes problems." Finally, with one more button press, another large panel opened in the ceiling above both chairs. One more wide tube descended, this one baring another plastic dildo on the end. "This is sort of like a 'feeding tube'," the tech murmured. "We promise, you won't have to have it in for the whole time. But for the beginning, you need to have it in your mouth. It's going to administer one of the critical growth compounds. It's a little uncomfortable, but most patients find it very erotic. Just let it pump you full of the good stuff, and when it's done, it'll automatically retract back into the ceiling." The boys nodded, and the feeding-tube-cock moved into position in their faces, but not yet in their mouths yet. "You're ready, boys. We'll be monitoring your vitals and we can stop the growth if anything goes wrong. Don't worry about anything else, just sit back and enjoy. We recommend watching yours and your partner's growth- it really turns most guys on, a lot. Feel free to cum all you want - you won't have a problem supplying your partner all the spunk you could ever want after the growth's over. Once it's over, anything goes - you're free to do what you want with your partner right in this room. We'll come in when the time's right to show you where to go next." The boys nodded that they understood, and opened their mouths to accommodate the advancing feeding tube. The techs left the room as the metal door slammed shut. A blaring computer voiced countdown came upon the speaker: "5, 4, 3, 2, 1..." When the countdown ended, Evan and Chris stared at each other, sitting in the high tech chairs, unable to move, wires and tubes attached to their body in the most erotic way imaginable. Their cocks were hard as can be and would only be growing from here. Thick white liquid began to ooze down the feeding tubes, slowly being forced into the cock mouthpiece. Simultaneously, growth chemicals began being pumped into the boys asses, a feeling of warmth accompanying the now vibrating and pulsing dildos. As this began, Evan began to taste a sweet, salty, and musky taste as the feeding tube began supplying him with thick growth juice. Between the taste in his mouth, the feeling in his ass, the tightness of his cock, and the sight of his boyfriend undergoing all of these changes with him, his mind began to slip as he felt a twinge in his balls...
  15. Enhancements: Part One The Beginning It had been six months since Chris's life had changed forever. A nineteen year old college student, Chris's body had always been unremarkable. He was a wiry, average-height boy, his pasty, acne littered skin stretched over his bony, muscleless figure. He was mostly hairless, save for the few stray hairs poking out of his chest and nipples and his pubic hair, which he kept mostly trimmed. His butt wasn't anything special, either; although it wasn't flat, it was nothing compared to the asses on the porn stars that Chris loved jerking off to. It was on that day, 6 months ago, in fact, that Chris had sat in his desk chair, beating off and watching porn, when it happened. He had just returned from a short jog. It wasn't that Chris hadn't been trying to get physically fit- it was just that his fast metabolism and poor eating and exercise habits needed to be overcome in order to see real progress. He wasn't bad looking, either - just altogether average. Chris thought maybe if he could get a little more muscle onto his frame, he'd be a catch. But on that day, after his run, sweaty and a little horny, he returned to his single dorm room and decided to watch some porn and have a little private fun. He shut his dorm door, which locked automatically, and pulled off his mesh blue athletic shorts and his sweat through boxers. In exchange, he put on his white Bike No. 10 jockstrap - too chicken yet to wear it out on a run, but wanting to feel how his ass and cock felt nestled in the tight straps and pouch. After sitting down, he opened up his laptop and grabbed a bottle of lube, pulling up his favorite porn video and beginning to rub at his crotch through the knit fabric of the jockstrap. As he dreamed of being as big and muscled as the studs he was watching suck and fuck on the screen, he slid the jockstrap off, lubing up his 6" cock, beginning to stroke. Moans and groans of intense pleasure filled his ears as his headphones transmitted the sounds of sex from the porn video. Chris took his jockstrap up his face, gently inhaling his own musky scent, imagining instead that his own jock belonged to one of the muscled boys from down the hall. Through this blissful fantasy, Chris didn't realize he was ignoring the loud knocks on his heavy dorm room door. It was only after he decided to change videos - he wanted to look for something to satisfy his fantasy of getting fucked in a locker room - that he heard the loud knocking and shouting from the hall. "C'mon man, I know you're in there, I saw you just got back from your run," came the voice from the hall, accompanied by more loud knocks. "I really, really need to talk to you." Chris signed, recognizing the voice. It was Evan, a guy from down the hall. He pulled his earbuds out, looked down at his lubed up erection, back to the computer screen, and finally at the door. "Can it wait?" he hollered. "I'm in the middle of something." "No man, please! I'm having a crisis here." Chris sighed. Evan was a close friend, maybe even his closest; he wanted to know what was the matter. He quickly pulled on his jockstrap and shorts, wiped off his hands as best he could, and walked over to the door, his erection quickly subsiding. He opened the door, shirtless, to a similarly shirtless Evan. "Come in, then," he motioned to his hallmate. Evan did, then sat down on Chris's black futon, which was positioned in the middle of the tiny room, facing the 32" LCD that Chris had atop his dressers on one side of the room. His lofted bed and desk were on the opposite end of the room, against the far wall, and behind the futon. Evan leaned back, spreading out on the futon. Unlike Chris, he was a muscular guy, with nice, beefy pecs and thick biceps, outstretched across the back of the futon. He too, was mostly hairless, save for a few curls of chest hair and thick tufts of armpit hair, which Chris could easily see due to Evan's provocative pose. All in all, Evan was about 6', maybe about 185 lbs. It was he who Chris had been trying to get workout tips from, although their schedules had not really lined up much to be able to go workout together. Evan was straight, much to Chris's dismay- and Evan knew that Chris was attracted to him, as Chris was the first person he had come out to, back at the end of freshman year. But it was sophomore year now, a full summer behind them to clear the awkwardness of that conversation back in May, a full summer for the unrequited advances of Chris to fade in his mind. If you asked Chris, he would tell you that he didn't have feelings for Evan any more, but deep down, he knew that he was still deeply infatuated with him. And now, on this late September Saturday afternoon, Chris groaned, "So what's wrong." "Did I interrupt you beating off?" asked Evan bluntly. Chris sighed and pressed the question. "What. Is. Your. Crisis." Evan looked up at his friend. "Well. You being the expert on gay things and all..." He looked up at Chris, who was until these words sweaty and annoyed. "I need advice." Chris raised an eyebrow. He had gotten his hopes on Evan misinterpreting signs like this before and he wasn't about to let it happen again. Evan, on the other hand, looked like was going to throw up. He didn't know how to interrupt the feelings he was having, let alone tell Chris, a guy whom he had upset deeply for not being gay, this new development in his sexuality. "Well," Evan said, gulping. "I was trying to hook up with this girl, Ashley, last night over at Sig." Chris rolled his eyes. Sig was a frat they had gone and partied at a few times as freshmen, taking advantage of the free booze offered to freshmen the brothers thought might rush. Chris and Evan did not, and Chris had not been back since. Evan, on the other hand, had friends in the frat from high school. "And it was going great," he continued. "Until things started getting, well, serious. I just couldn't 'do' anything! I mean, it was like I wasn't attracted to her, at all. Like suddenly it clicked that I wasn't doing this because I thought she was attractive, but because I felt social pressure!" "So you had whiskey dick, big deal," retorted Chris, his arms folded. "You've gotten off with girls before, haven't you?" "No, it was more than that. I wasn't even that drunk. And no, if you must know, I have not gotten more than a BJ from a girl before." This surprised Chris. Really, for all that talk, Evan was a virgin? "So what do you need me for?" Chris groaned, thinking back to the porn he was watching and how much he'd so rather be masturbating. "Well... this morning I was really thinking about it. So I tried to jerk off. I pulled up all the porn I usually watch. And I realized that all of it had really, really good looking dudes in them. I mean, big, muscley guys. I think I've been jerking off to them all along." Chris sighed. He really, really could not let himself be Evan's experiment. After all the strife and sadness he went through the last time, when he came out to Evan, he couldn't do it again. "I know, I know what you're thinking," said Evan. "But this is different. Just now, I pulled up some actual gay porn. And Chris, it was hot. Like, crazy hot." Chris's cock stiffened a little to hearing Evan say this. But he knew better. "So you thought you'd come over to me, who you know wants your hot bod, to see how real these feelings are." This whole time, Chris's computer had still been playing the porn he had been watching, but just now, it must have reached close to the end, as the quiet tiny sounds of men screaming sounds of intense pleasure could be detected, despite being played through tiny Apple earbuds still plugged into the computer. "Go on then, bring that over here," Evan said. "I'll show you." By this point, Chris was too horny to protest or keep his guard up. This was a real, actual chance to see Evan, not just naked, but jerking off? He grabbed the laptop, putting it down on the floor in front of them. Evan pulled down his own shorts, revealing his thick 6.5" cock. He lubed it up, looking over at Chris. Evan was hard as a rock. "Damn, this is hot," he moaned. The two spent the afternoon jerking off, kissing, and sucking each other off. That fateful afternoon was the beginning of their relationship. A few weeks later, they would explore each other further, Chris and Evan losing their virginity together, as Chris rode and bounced on Evan's thick member. And now, six months since Evan learned his true sexuality, the two boys were going to take their relationship to the next level. --- It was a frigid February Friday morning. Evan and Chris had driven in to the city, taking advantage of their long 4 day winter weekend, to celebrate this milestone in their relationship. After parking the car in a large garage, the two boys walked out into the quiet streets of the city gayboorhood and approached their destination. They looked up at the sign of the nondescript shop front. In blue block letters, it read "Andro's Men's Clinic". In the window, a small sign read "Enhancements available here!". "This is the place," Chris breathed, pushing the door open, leading him and his boyfriend inside.
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