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  1. Big tall guy, massively hung, and the attitude to go with it. You're a true alpha alright!

  2. Back with my PT. Eating lifting with the goal "Considerably More Muscle"

  3. Worked my back and biceps as hard as I could as per your instructions, alpha!

  4. All clear from the nurse to go back to the gym at last!!

  5. Lifted like a beast this morning! Feeling big!

    1. arpeejay


      That's because you ARE big! ?

  6. When you're wearing black shorts, your hands are covered in chalk, and you need to adjust yourself....

    1. arpeejay


      That's when you ham it up! Adjust yourself, then draw a couple of arrows in the chalk pointing to your basket! ?

  7. My problem is I put on the wrong type of weight too easily, then struggle to shift it. Drives me crazy. Bigger than I was at the summer, but it's not all the right kind of size. Dammit. 

    1. arpeejay


      But that profile pic! Yum!

    2. musclegroworship


      You are still hot as hell.  You work hard, and it shows.  

  8. You know you had a good workout when you struggle to fix your own shirt collar when getting dressed afterwards

  9. Loving the profile pic! S-q-u-e-e-z-e!

  10. I've been away from here too long. Sorry everyone. Need to get my growth mojo back. Gym is going well though! 

    1. cutlerfan


      Glad the gym is going well.

  11. Starting my latest bulk this morning! Wish me luck! 

  12. feeling pretty tired and weak these days. Don't like it. What could be wrong?

    1. arpeejay


      Over training? Maybe you need to take off a few days?

    2. britmusclejock


      sorry to hear that dude

  13. Miss Me?

    1. musclegroworship


      You know it super stud!

  14. Bodyweight down, bodyfat down, muscle percentage UP!  Yeah!!

  15. This morning's progress selfie I looked scrawny; after work I looked fat and at the gym I looked like a tank! Living in a funhouse?

    1. cutlerfan


      People change a lot during the day. I'm glad you looked like a tank at the gym!


    2. argomac


      Yeah me too. I'm gonna move in

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