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  1. yeah, awesome finale! loved it!
  2. when i click on the invite link i get message that says ' no application is set to open the url'.. how do i open discord?
  3. awesome pc JT

  4. workout, followed by a big steak dinner, then a cigar is a good end to a day.
  5. Thanks for following me.

  6. toriko___bubble_fruit_muscle_growth_by_m

    Clothes to the limit and still growing.

    1. JTSwole


      Love it! Massive pecs fighting for space, gigantic bis ripping clothes are my favorite 

    2. mystery7


      I knew you enjoy it.  Like the Hulk without the anger and green skin.

    3. mystery7



      You will SO thank me for sharing this if you haven't seen it.

  7. hey man great avatar pic! love those massive guys

  8. yep thats it! i had looked it up on youtube too, i had not thought about that cartoon in so many years!
  9. one of my earliest memories of getting interested in muscle and muscle growth was that old Sinbad Jr cartoon, where he as a regular skinny kid, would pull on his magic belt and then blow up with muscle.. immediately wanted a belt like that!
  10. awesome! looking forward to the next part
  11. pulled off a twofer the other day - chest in AM, tris in PM - felt great!

    1. worshipper


      Puff up that mighty chest with pride, knowing it is getting even bigger & more powerful with every hard, heavy lifting session at the gym. ;-)

  12. Thanksgiving vacation over time to hit the weights hard again

  13. ooooo... ate so much... urrrrpppp

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