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  1. Hello, I don't know if they exist : I'm looking for stories with big young bodybuilders at the university, who enslave, transform into total muscle worshippers and fuck their teachers. Thanks for the help ! Regards. Bodyseb
  2. It's the next week-end !
  3. Hi my friends, Who goes to the Arnold Classic EUROPE, in Barcelone (Spain) between the 23rd and the 25th of September ? It's the ideal place to meet huge bodybuilders and "huge" musclefans :-) Regards. Bodyseb
  4. Thanks for the reputations you give me! I like it that you notice my comments and contributions!

    1. bodyseb


      You're welcome ! I hope you like my posts too

  5. Hello, Who will go to the Crystal Cup in Boca Raton (Florida), on saturday 30th of July ? I'll be there ! See you soon ? Bodyseb
  6. To find big muscles to worship in Florida !

    1. hero1000


      You're coming to Florida?


    2. bodyseb
  7. Looking good fella. 

  8. Thanks for the follow man :)

  9. 1000 = my current community reputation score. Thank you very much, my friends !

  10. Thanks for following

  11. Thanks I have a long way to go You have great arms


  12. Hey there.. Thanks for the follows :)

  13. Please, if you can, read my messages...:)

  14. Thanks for following me bud :)

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      You're welcome, Talisman !