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  1. Right, I have got to give up playing fighters online, as it eats up too much precious gaming time. It's never 'just one more fight'
  2. Death from lung issues caused by silicone migration. Both had siliconed junk. Both died young. Both were linked to another bodybuilder/silicone enthusiast named noodlesandbeef which is a whole other clusterfuck.
  3. Perhaps I'm just getting older but I'm finding it harder and harder to have the time or the energy to play games, despite an ever-growing backlog to choose from. It's like being paralysed by choice, and not giving any game enough time to get me invested in it enough to see it through.
  4. Looks like all those compliments are well-earned.
  5. Been trying to get back into Street Fighter 5. God, a month's break made me incredibly rusty. That or being a Karin main.
  6. I may not be much for role play but this seems interesting to talk about
  7. Hobbies-wise, it's mostly reading, films and games for me. Talents, I'm not counting it but apparently being able to do simple mental arithmetic is mind-blowing to 95% of people I meet, which is just deeply. deeply worrying.
  8. Playing too much Tokyo Mirage Sessions. Yes I like to weeb, why do you ask?
  9. First time ever was probably Schwarzenegger movies. In real life, it's been very slim pickings until last year. On a trip to NY passed by a tall black guy who looked like he'd been sewn into his shirt, he was bulging out of it everywhere. I may actually have done a double-take after he passed by.
  10. As long as it has a nice soup starter, it has my money.
  11. Hopefully after the bill has arrived and not on walking in the door and seeing what the place looks like. But thanks for the advice. If anything it makes eating out sound cheaper than here.
  12. Wow, thanks. That's very detailed. In all honesty, I thought food would be a lot more expensive than your examples here. Looks like I won't need to spend half as much on food as I thought. Walking a lot won't be a problem, well used to that in town around here. And I'm from Ireland. Tipping is pretty much non-existent for anything except exceptional or complicated waiter service.
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