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  1. Ogrebear

    Mythical Muscles?

    If you have a look around DA and FA you will find quite a few transformation sequences of Minotaur's, Centaurs, Orcs etc and in almost every case the animal parts grow with the Human if merging, or everything grows as if one body.
  2. Ogrebear

    Incredible Hulk

  3. Ogrebear


    Very good story. Enjoyed that a lot.
  4. Ogrebear

    Multilimb muscle

    Try Metabods - they have probably the biggest collection of this sort of hot thing.
  5. Ogrebear

    Incredible Hulk

    The Hulk TV series was awesome and boner inducing definitely. Lou will always be the Hulk for me. However, I thought the Hulk in the Ang Lee movie was fantastic, really well released, some good transformations, even if the rest of the movie was a bit rubbish. Shame they didnt go with the nude Hulk they had originally planned. Norton's Hulk was rubbish- movie and monster; Ruffalo gets it right for Banner, and his Hulk is well nicely done, even if we have not had a decent long transformation scene yet.
  6. Ogrebear

    The Uncontainable Hulk (Part 1)

    Interestingly written and executed. Nice idea and transformation.
  7. Ogrebear

    ThighMasters Site

    Anyone remember the fantastic ThighMasters site? https://web.archive.org/web/20120323132713/http://tm-mwgl.com/ Until 2012 it was one of the best places to get pics of Men with Great Legs online, then it seemed to simply vanish. Does anyone know anything more about it, or indeed have an archive of it please?
  8. Interesting tale so far. Willy seems like a very interesting chap.
  9. Ogrebear

    A Super's Secret

    True, but most Giant, macro Heroes are fairly unmuscled despite their height- look at Giant Man, or Goliath. I like the 8-10ft range of towering, hulking muscle- Juggernaught, Hulk, Blockbuster, Sasquatch, Solomon Grundy, Hyde, kinda size - massive, blocky, thick, solid ton of beef. Capable of chucking tanks, and bouncing artillery shells off their (preferably hairy) chests!
  10. Ogrebear

    A Super's Secret

    Interesting start to a Superhero story. I wonder how many Supervillians there are? Once our Hero changes I hope he get big, but not macro sized!
  11. Ogrebear

    Experimenter: Spider-Man

    I have been fascinated with the idea of Spider-Hulk for some years and the idea of a six armed Spider-Hulk led me to commission these pics: http://rhardo.deviantart.com/art/Commish-199-Spider-hulk-157745626 http://spidey0318.deviantart.com/art/what-if-amazing-fantasy-15-158282340 These was based on the idea of the six armed Spider-Man from this Earth: [link] running into the same Hulk energy transference device as did the regular Spidey: [link] and getting turned into Spider-Hulk!!
  12. Ogrebear

    Experimenter: Spider-Man

    Very cool story- I thought you wrote Spider-Man's quipping well. Be cool to see what happens to this Spider-Man if he encounters the same Gamma device 616 Peter did: http://www.comicvine.com/web-of-spider-man-69-a-subtle-shade-of-green/4000-33335/ http://www.comicvine.com/web-of-spider-man-70-are-you-ready-for-spider-hulk/4000-33444/

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