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  1. Just posted some fiction based on a real bodybuilder whose instagram updates always get me extra hard. He's a 30 y.o. virgin and looking for someone special to explore his first sexual experience with. 

  2. Se basa en un culturista real que se llama Justin Jensen- si te interesa saber más su insta es jjmanofsteel.
  3. I was 14 when I decided to remain pure. My school was pretty religious, although we were given a bit of freedom to decide how far we wanted to take our Christianity. I put on my purity ring one day after a visiting speaker had sold the idea to me, and it’s been on my finger ever since. I was a musical theatre nerd in high school, and began bodybuilding when I was about 19. The combination of those two factors meant that I could count on one hand the number of students at ky school who thought I was straight. I guess the only way to prove you’re straight is to date and be seen to be enjoying it, which wasn’t an option for me. I’m definitely not homophobic, I’m well aware that the majority of men who have complimented my physique over the years, from a skinny 160 pound 19 year old to the swollen gorilla I’ve become at age 28 weighing just under 300 lbs, are gay, and that their flattering remarks about my pecs, biceps, quads, or whatever bit of me is turning them on that day, has at least a partly sexual motive. In fact when I was struggling to pay my dorm fees in my junior year of college I discovered “muscle worship”, a source of funding that far more bodybuilders make use of than are willing to admit. One or more people pay for your “time", at quite a high rate, to either go to your house or a hotel and touch you or even just look at you as you show them your muscles. When I first heard of this I was ecstatic, because I thought I may find some hot girls who wanted to pay to feel me up. I obviously wouldn’t have done anything but look at them, but as you can imagine at that age, my hormones were raging, and not exactly abated by the testosterone enhancing drugs I had started taking the year before, which incidentally were another reason I was keen to make some money under the table. It turned out that expecting some women to sign up was naive of me. My “clients" for muscle worship consisted mainly of older gay men- looking back I think not one of them was under the age of 40- and none of them were bodybuilders or even vaguely sporty. I found it curious that they were so obsessed with muscle- seriously you couldn’t imagine how thrilled being in a room with me made them!- and yet they felt no inclination to go to the gym themselves. This puzzled me on a personal level, because the idea of being big and powerful was a huge turn on for me too- and that carnal desire for muscle manifested in my becoming a gym nut. Anyway, who was I to complain? I made around $3k a month for just a few hours work, and the men who were meeting up with me for these sessions were so encouraging that I’m sure it aided my growth. Anyway, apologies for that detour! The reason I’m recording these notes is that last week I noticed that my purity ring was cutting into my finger. In embarrassed to say that as I noticed it, my dick twitches and leaked some precum, as is its usual reaction every time I’m reminded of my uncontrollable constant growth. On a serious note, I have had it removed and replaced it, so I’m not at any risk any more. But before doing so I photographed my hand and uploaded the image to facebook captioned, “Wow, my purity is starting to hurt, who knew you keep on growing into your 20s! I need to find myself a wife ASAP!” The comments I received on the post were surprising. I was just expecting some lols and smiley faces, but instead a barrage of friends began to share my post and tag their single friends in the comments. I realised that I may well be on the way to losing my virginity and finding that person to spend a blissful future.
  4. I have an occasional chat on grindr with a guy at my gym in Lisbon, this time (having not spoken in about 5 months) he asks "Are you jacked yet?" with a cheeky wink emoji. I can tell he's being a little sarcastic. I sent him a pic of me showing off the gains in my arms, shoulders, chest and quads with my rock hard cock sticking out and he replied "Jesus". We carried on chatting and concluded that when I return to Portugal I'll immobilise him with my powerful legs around his torso as he jacks off. Even this small growth I've had has made my sex life so much better and I can't wait for it to accelerate!

  5. Chaps, forgive me for this one: 1) it contains some fetishy stuff that I'm really into and I'm using this story as a gauge to see how many other are (talking about the chest hair eating scene, and some fo the more violent moments tbh) 2) I was so horned up writing this as it's based on a real encounter that some spelling errors, subject-verb non-agreement is to be expected. Devour and enjoy -------------------------- I’m rather nervous. I had met up with Alan a few times in previous years for reciprocal muscle worship sessions and this was the first time that there was likely to be an interruption to ordinary proceedings. We would go a few months without seeing one another, live our regular lives of family commitments, work and a small proportion of leisure, the whole while never letting a single day go by without longing for and fantasising over each other’s swollen muscular physique and the phenomenal sex we had together whilst admiring and worshipping ourselves and one another. It was the best sex either of us ever had, and that fact was acknowledged whilst never said aloud. Almost formulaically we would meet outside the train station and shake hands. Nothing about our encounter looked anything other than friendly or professional. Walking to the hotel we had booked for the long weekend we would engage in small talk, before checking in, grabbing two black coffees from the reception bar and heading upstairs. As soon as the door was closed and the locks bolted though, the real business began. Generally to begin with I would be the aggressor of the two, grabbing Alan’s face in my beefy powerful hand and thrusting my thick juicy tongue down his thirsty throat as I pushed him fiercely against the wall of the room. I would then rip off my shirt and begin flexing for him. Throwing Alan down onto the bed I would straddle him with one enormous leg while shoving my flexed biceps peak in his face and watch as he popped a rapid boner in his pants. Once the initial foreplay was over we would take our luggage into separate corners of the room and get out the various accoutrements that we had both brought to the meeting. Like clockwork I would strip and get into my sexy, miniscule pair of red posing trunks that made my cock shake from side to side as I walked, and Alan into a more conservative blue pair so as not to distract the judges from his muscles by drawing their eyes to his manhood (as an exhibitionist I had no problem with that scenario). The physical difference between Alan and me was always considerable (although never quite like this time) so the first thing we ever had to do was shave me down. I am a 6”7 hirsute bear, covered in thick black fur from my neck all the way down to my toes, and one of the most enjoyable and sensual parts of any of our meetings would be when I throw a towel down onto the bed after a quick jump into a hot shower, and Alan lathered my muscular hairy bod in shaving cream before removing every last hint of hair from my enormous frame. As he did it there were intermittent breaks that we took (as the task itself lasted around an hour)- I found the experience of being shaved such a massive turn on that I would normally cum 7 or 8 times during, and Alan couldn’t resist the sight of me face down for so long without occasionally stopping his shaving to eat me out. In spite of my large, round muscular glutes, my anus is so tiny as to be almost invisible (lucky guys right?) so it would take him some time to get in there and open me up. When Alan flipped me over to do my front I would invariably have an erection which he would take it upon himself to tend to as I twisted my large hard nipples thinking of how enjoyable the following 2 days would be. I would cum, either in his mouth or all over his handsome daddy face, and then he would resume shaving my stomach and chest. By the end of this procedure there was a football sized ball of hair clumped together with shaving cream which, after washing to remove the cream, Alan and I fed to each other in a haze of orgasmic bliss. Afterwards the idea of consuming my body hair with someone would have struck me as odd, but at the time it made total sense and we both felt as though we were ingesting something beautiful, masculine and sexy. Then came my highlight of the event (although not Alan’s)- the bodybuilding contest. The two of us, now ready for show in our brightly coloured posers would role play as bodybuilding competitors, exaggerating the parts of the competition that got us most aroused such as the arrogant posturing, the flexing backstage, and finally the posedown where the testosterone of the big brutes really showed in their aggressive posing and shoving one another out of the way. We took it in turns to be the victor, and then we would fuck for the first time. As a power bottom who enjoys nothing more than being used and humiliated by alphas, it was always Alan fucking me, no question, and in the contests where he won he would use the fuck as a means of asserting his superiority, and in the years he lost he would angrily the-fuck me for stealing his 1st place trophy. I preferred the latter, because it would usually involve more humiliation. He would always grab hold of my cock tightly, squeezing all the blood from it so that I was never erect, in spite of being so aroused that I couldn’t even see or form sentences. When it was time for a post-contest hate fuck my shaving routine was slightly different in that he would leave some patches of hair on my body, and whilst his cock was inside me rupturing my internal passages with its reckless disregard for my godly body, he would lick my armpits and rip the hair from them with his teeth causing me to cry out in ecstatic pain. He would also bite my nipples, which became juicier and more engorged throughout the ordeal of being pounded by this angry, enraged musclebull. My nipples would begin to swell and hurt from being so abused, but if I got an erection or attempted to touch my own cock, Alan would slap me like a bitch and remind me that my body is his, and not for my own pleasure. He would command me to pose for him as he fucked me, so I, lying on my back totally dominated, weak and worthless, would flex my biceps and lats for him as he unendingly pounded my back passage and ruined me. After my lat spread he would dive back into and rip all the remaining hair from my body with his teeth, which caused me indescribable pleasure, even though all the while I had a totally soft cock that just lay limp and useless as Alan’s threats of violence should I enjoy this fuck had convinced him to stay flaccid. Throughout the fucking the only breaks he would take from destroying my hole would be to remove his cock, allow it to go a bit softer, and launch streams of hot piss, mixed with sticky precum, all over me to remind me of just how subservient I was to him. I would rub this hot stinky mixture all over my body, writhing around enjoying the overwhelming combination of smells, noises and sensations that this encounter was made up of. Then as soon as I had been humiliated with piss, my humiliation by fucking would recommence. Ultimately Alan would cum, but it took him a long time. As he felt it was getting nearer his bucking wold become more intense and powerful, making me acutely aware that until that point only about 2/3 of the magnificent and vascular cock had been inside me. As he neared orgasm the entire instrument would enter and as I moaned in agony he would cover my mouth with his hand or stuff it with bedsheets so I could not distract him from his work. The final few thrusts were when he would unleash his hot thick deposit and with each one he would slap either my pecs, balls or face as a display of just how little respect he had for the man beneath him, who was essentially nothing more than a tissue or bucket to contain his sperm. “That’s what you fucking get you little wet pussy bitch!” He would scream as he finished fucking me, “next year I’m gonna beat your punk ass on that stage and you’re gonna think about how I've degraded you twice in this room. When I pull out I’d better not see any of my cum fall out, you know how I like it.” With a wicked smirk he yanked his entire 12 inches from within me and I rapidly sealed by anus shut. Still clenching tightly I got off the bed and went to squat in the middle of the marble floor of the room and let the entire contents of my ass go limp, covering the floor in Alan’s glorious discharge. As it dripped out my own cock became hard and rather than masturbating it directly, I decided to insert my hand into my ass and play with my g-spot until cumming spontaneously. Now out of character, lovely Alan came over to me and swallowed the entire lot as it flew out. We lay together in the pool of liquid covering the floor, making out and straddling each other’s bodies. But something was likely to be very different this time around; you see the entire basis of our relationship was fantasy. We were both skinny men who had had the fortune to discover a shared passion for bodybuilding in spite of not being actively involved, or even working out at all. Make believe was the cornerstone of these amazing encounters, but now it didn’t have to be. At least not for half of it. For the entire year since Alan and I had last met, I had been seriously diving into bodybuilding and finally getting to grips with words like macros, BCAAs, bench record etc. It turned out that my body had responded remarkably and in spite of standing at over six and a half feet in height, I had put on an impressive amount of muscle. I decided not to tell Alan, and to dress in thick layers on the walk to the hotel, so as to surprise him. I just can’t wait to show him the amazing bodybuilding physique under this coat!
  6. Will look at revisiting this story another time, in the meantime check to my most recent story:)
  7. Bloody hell- insanely hot video of Jo Nam Eun jerking off just made its way to my inbox. Have always adored the man, and now to find out he shoots a BIG load and has a neatly trimmed little bush just like his cute moustache is the icing on the cake!

  8. Glad you enjoyed it, and the realism is no coincidence! New chapter coming soon, hope you get some from one of the daddies you're talking about
  9. Semi-autobigraphical and VERY hot new publication in the stories section about my first time with a local bodybuilder, have a read and enjoy!

  10. When I first started hanging around gyms I knew I'd be popular with the men there. The place was filled with thick necked, beefy muscle studs who spent most of every day lifting free weights, discussing their gains together and checking out pussy. As soon as I stepped out of the changing room in my short, clinging running shorts that beautifully showed off my tight round ass as well as highlighting my above average sized package I noticed that heads turned. After my first hour long workout on the elliptical machine there were already men coming over to greet me, as was my plan. I'd been obsessed with muscle for a few years and as I had finally become of age where instead of just jacking off at school over the sight of our well built PE teacher or the rugby lads getting changed, I could join the rough gym at the end of our street and be surrounded by the huge horny testosterone machines that I had watched for so long. My first was called Alan. He was in his mid thirties and was strongly reminiscent of Dorian Yates during his peak, the main differences being that he was unshaven and unsurprisingly much less well defined than the ex-Mr Olympia. He offered me a ride home after working out, and I was happy to find that he meant to his home. It was a basic and unkempt bachelor pad, the perfect home for a rude and unrefined musclehead like Alan. He sat down on the couch and I instantly threw myself at him, jumping onto his lap like a schoolgirl. His hand predictably moved up my shorts and within seconds he was massaging my butthole, slipping as many of his thick manly fingers in as would go. I started to pant with excitement. As well as kissing him I began to run my hands all over his body. I begged him to take his sweatpants off so that I could worship his giant quads. Just like Dorian, just below the crotch on his right thigh was a massive thick vein that pulsated in a way that almost made me cry. I was all of a sudden in a situation that I had fantasised over for thousands of hours and I couldn't believe my luck. His quads were not just warm, they were hot from the day's workout and the map of veins streaked across those thighs could be seen even through the layer of coarse hair above. He picked me up as though I weighed nothing and dumped me onto his unmade bed that reeked of body odour covered thinly with antiperspirant spray. I didn't even notice him rip off my shirt and underpants, all I knew was that I was lying naked suddenly, watching his cock grow rapidly harder. It was not the largest I had ever seen, in fact most of the time mine was bigger (apart from the fact that while being fucked I generally was only semi-hard) but it was beautiful. It became thicker in the middle and tapered at both ends and the shaft had two random patches of hair that had sprouted out of place. He had the thick and heavy foreskin that I associated in my head with being a real man and with only seconds to ready myself I held my breath and looked up to the sky, hoping that I would not experience too much pain. He lubed up his cock and jammed it in thoughtlessly. The first thrust took him about three inches in, and the second powerful motion rammed the entire seven inches all the way up my waiting ass. I screamed as that happened and against my expectation I immediately and uncontrollably came the largest load of my life. The first shoot hit the wall behind my head and the second covered my face. I was blindsided, but Alan didn't appear off put. "Is it the first time you've had anything up your arse mate? I've seen that before, first timers who've never had their prostate kicked, then boom- jizz everywhere. Nice load though son." I was still reeling in agony and ecstasy and his voice washed over me. It turned me on beyond words when he called me son and when he described "kicking" my prostate. I moaned and after a few seconds regained the ability to talk. "Yeah, wow, that was incredible, this is my first time being fucked, I had no idea it would feel so good and make me shoot so fast!" I sat up to kiss him, but he drew his head away and pushed me back down with his hand. "Well, I've got to finish mate, so get back down and enjoy the ride." I didn't really want him to carry on, and he knew that, but the aggressive look on his face told me to keep my mouth shut and lie there. He started to flex his muscles for me as he fucked my ass, his well oiled cock sliding in and out of my inexperienced anus as he thrusted his giant hard biceps in my face. "Come on lad, feel it! Yes you know you fucking love it, I can see you starting to get back into this. Lick it, I want you to feel that thick vein in your mouth." He then stuck his whole biceps in my mouth, filling my jaw so I couldn't speak. I remember not knowing how to feel, I was so turned on by the hardness of the muscle that could even withstand my teeth being dug into it but scared and vulnerable because I had in the past five minutes become aware that the man I had trusted to deflower me had an aggressive and almost violent side to him. The fucking lasted a long time, and he flipped me over making me kneel doggy style for a period. He stroked my back and clearly loved feeling as though I was his obedient servant or faithful animal. As he became more and more aroused and approached orgasm he lifted me up and threw me back down on the bed, propping himself against me with one foot on the bed next to my stomach so that he could thrust every last bit of his dick up me. The thrusting became slower and accompanied by louder and more urgent groans until finally he pulled out and I saw his throbbing member ejaculate for a second before he jammed it back in, ensuring that I felt the warmth of his seed filling my no longer innocent bottom. Still unsure whether I was delighted or terrified I lay there waiting to see what Alan did next. He knelt down and looked right into my anus, rubbing his index finger around the side. "Look at that, beautiful. Sealed back up even after a fuck like that, you're a trouper lad! Now let me see some of my boys, loosen that hot little hole for a min." I obeyed, still finding this to fulfil my deepest fantasies and he howled with satisfaction watching his thick white wad dribble out of my exhausted hole, "Shit, wow, that is just glorious. I love the idea of you having my swimmers in you for hours, floating around your ass and leaking into your shorts on the ride home." I stood up and he smacked my butt naughtily before handing me my clothes. I got dressed in silence, feeling slightly ashamed but overwhelmingly falling for the stud next to me who was still wiping the mix of lube and semen off his cock with a towel. He embraced me tightly with his big arms and meaty shoulders and we made out tenderly for what felt like months. This was the beginning of our relationship. There were glorious times when I felt as though I had transcended heaven, but there were just as many days when I loathed, in equal measure, myself and the man who was degrading and humiliating me.
  11. I'm 24, 6"5 (196cm) and 275 lbs (125kg)- always been "stocky" and been quite quick to gain muscle, though sadly slow to lose fat. Just finishing my first month of reasonable but fairly intense cardio and weight training and been walking round the house in my speedo posing and feeling so virile and manly! Will post the progress pics at some point (depending on interest- a bit shy at the moment)....

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      Add at least one more person in the 'interested' column! I'm partial to guys who have both muscle and fat myself, so I know I will appreciate whatever bone (pun not intended) you'll throw our way!

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      Mmmm cant wait to see

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      Slow to lose fat or not you sound hot. Don't be shy lol

      also 6' 5" ... damn

  12. My bad, I wasn't aware that was how tags were used here- my apologies, appropriate tag added to this story and will be in future.
  13. I wrote this story today and I've wanted to for ages, based on a guy in his mid-50s I know who recently got into competitive bodybuilding. He's so gruff and manly and when we see each other in the street or in town he slaps me on the back and I wish I was one of his sons. This is what I imagine he and his grown sons get up to behind closed doors. Enjoy! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dave looked really good. He had turned fifty a nine months prior and had never felt better. Life seemed to be back on track for the guy, who had not had the easiest of times. His high school sweetheart Angela, with whom he had sired two sons, had been gone from his life for twenty six lonely years. His love for her had been so profound that he had never even glanced in the direction of another woman since her passing. Until her death he had been a keen gym goer and amateur bodybuilder, and she loved when he would bounce his meaty pecs or flex his powerful arms for her. It made her feel safe, and him feel masterful and strong, like a trusty protector of his beloved treasure. After she was gone he stopped paying attention to this aspect of his life, turning his attention to being a dutiful father for the lads and working hard to provide for them. It was as he approached the milestone birthday that he caught a glimpse of himself in the shower, his shoulders still broad and his waist still trim, that the idea crossed his mind to head to the home gym in the basement and see if any of his formidable strength remained. He was to be pleasantly surprised as he loaded up a squat rack with heavy weights, dropped to ground with them over his shoulders and bounced up effortlessly. The adrenaline was instant and a rush of excitement coursed through his body. After this exercise his quads were bursting with veins and pulsating wildly. “This is definitely something I could get back into.” He pondered. Fast forward to Christmas Eve, as Dave sat by the fire in the living room with the newspaper and a glass of wine, his bulging muscular frame filling the armchair his sons entered the room. “Ah there you are boys! I was wondering where you’d both got to. Come and join me on the couch.” The beast of a man stood up, his mass eclipsing the two smaller men who had sprung from his seed. He sat in the middle of the sofa and was joined on either side by Andreas and Robert. He put his arms around their necks and brought them in to nuzzle his huge, hard chest and they obediently and adoringly rested, each head gently placed on one solid pec. Dave began to rub his sons’ backs gently, and then not so gently. After not long his arm extended further and further south and was massaging their buttocks. Massaging them hard. The boys each began to squeeze one of their dad’s thick nipples, which immediately began to get thicker and harder. A small moan came out of each of their soft mouths as a large middle finger entered their rectum. “Shhhhh boys, don’t respond, just let it happen, ease into it.” Upon their father’s instruction their anuses appeared to relax and their expressions of anguish turned to beaming smiles and Dave began to thrust his finger in and out of the tight holes. “Boys I never imagined we’d have such a happy Christmas after your mother died. This is such a delight, I love you both so much.” He then began to passionately kiss Andreas, thrusting his tongue down his son’s throat. “Daddy we love you too. Every day that Andy and I stay home to look after all of your needs is a dream come true, we love our daddy!” purred Robert into dad’s ear. This pleased Dave and he flipped his body over, leaving Andreas to catch his breath, and began thrusting his giant body against Robert’s slight pudgy build. Robert moaned as Dave bit down on his lower lip before digging his warm wet tongue into his mouth. “Robbie you’re so tasty, just what I needed after a big dinner!” Dave ripped off his sweater showing a distended, but nonetheless ripped, belly from the aforementioned meal. The trousers came next and his gigantic throbbing cock made quick work of tearing through his tight boxers. “Andy, worship my body like a good boy while I smash your brother’s arse open!” Andreas didn’t need to be told twice and he got down on the floor, licking his father’s toes and then moving up the rippling legs, first kissing and groping the calf muscles that jutted out like coarse diamonds and then moving his head up between the beefy red hot thighs. He kissed the insides of his dad’s quads as Dave tightened his grip on his son’s head as his pleasure intensified. “Come on Robbie, time to see if I loosened you up enough.” In less than a second he undressed his son and turned him over, burying his handsome face in the asshole, excavating the deep crevice with his tongue. “Mmmmmm Robbie you taste so good! You’re truly the fruit of my loins, I can’t wait to get you properly lubed up to take daddy’s pillar of flesh!” Robert was in a trance, so thrilled to be dominated by his possessive, caring daddy and immediately widened his rectum, knowing that an enormous and powerful force was about to enter, and would not be soft or gentle. Having been widened by his father’s loving tongue and finger there was no difficulty slipping in his member which glided beautifully in and out of his son’s snatch. Dave beat his chest as he pounded his son’s ass and grunted primordially like a wild animal as he felt the throes of orgasm approaching. He tightened his grip on Robert’s waist as he pumped his cock into the little man’s ass three more times, unleashing a flood of semen which flew up Robert’s ass and began leaking a steady warm ooze down his thighs and onto the floor. It was so warm that it began to steam as it made contact with the winter air outside. Whilst Robbie lay on his back on the couch, continuously dripping from his asshole, Dave was not yet sated. He looked over to Andreas, his more muscular but still diminutive son and indicated that it was his turn. Andreas removed his shirt and pants and stood looking up to his father in just his underpants. Dave wrapped his arms around Andreas and began to feel his body up. “You two boys remind me of your mother and myself years ago. Robbie you’re lovely and soft, smooth all over. Putting my dick in you is like sticking it to your mum’s tight wet pussy, and you scream and howl like she used to, like you can’t decide whether you’re on cloud nine to have my godly dick inside you or whether you’re terrified it’s going to rip you wide open. Andy,” he said, caressing his son’s chiselled face “you’re like me when I was in my 20s. Tight abs, nice pair of pecs and wide shoulders. Still a baby compared to me, but I love seeing the little similarities between us. And the way your six pack is always covered in stubble from you shaving that stubborn hair that won’t stop growing. Just drives me wild, let me stick my head in there!” He proceeded to motorboat his son’s pecs. He stood side by side next to his son, spread his legs slightly, and lifted his arms in the air, bringing his large hands into fists next to his head forming an impressive front double biceps pose. Andreas followed, the arrogant smirk on his face warming Dave’s heart. He put his hands around Andreas’ left biceps, squeezing them with ease. The two continues to pose down as Robert crawled over to the two of them and began worshiping them. Sucking his father’s still erect cock and working Andreas’ with his hand. “You really are just like your mother Robbie, such a good sucker. Once you’ve made me cum a second time I’m going to reward you by letting you come to bed with me.” Robert began to suck even harder and faster, he loved going to bed with his daddy, and he would lay in his daddy’s arms al night jerking off again and again, the two of them waking up in a sticky pool of both of their discharges that flooded over the edge of the bed and all over the floor. As his father shot his load down his son’s throat, Robert blacked out, probably deprived of oxygen and enjoyed several hours of comatose muscle worship dreams.
  14. Anyone seen the new and improved Alex Fedorov?! I was devastated when he stopped competing due to poor performance and what seemed to be an inability to cut the flab and increase mass. He's been back for over a year looking amazing, bigger and more ripped than he ever was before, check him out!

  15. I'm afraid I haven't updated this much! I plan to though in the near future. A lot of people have messaged me about a followup so I finally got round to it. I really like the characters, one of whom is based on an especially impressive growing young bodybuilder on here. Prior instalments can be read at part I- https://muscle-growth.org/topic/6200-memoirs-of-young-muscle-1/#comment-58970 part II- https://muscle-growth.org/topic/7825-memoirs-of-young-muscle-2/#comment-78409 ------------------------------ ‘Alex, I haven’t seen you in months, it’ll be such a pleasure to look into your eyes once again!’ Mr. Richards had been sadly torn between Moscow, Tokyo and Beijing for half of the year. This arrangement had caught him by surprise, but work sometimes necessitated these inconveniences to his daily life. Even more surprising though had been the series of emotions that Alex had gone through in his patron’s absence. Even from the beginning he had like Mr. Richards, fund him a good-looking and agreeable man to spend time with. But in the months he had been gone, Alex found himself feeling lonely and dejected, each day looking forward to receiving a call, or even better a long letter from the man who had started merely as his sponsor and had over time, at least in Alex’s head, become his lover. Of course even this melancholy did not distract Alex from his goal; Mr. Richards had, after all, become his sponsor for a reason. He had spent millions paying for gym equipment and a team of trainers, tanners, masseurs and stylists in order to turn this young man into the biggest, hottest, most ripped bodybuilder the world had ever seen. One positive coming from Mr. Richards’ long absence had been Alex’s increased determination to impress his lover upon his return. The phone call had awoken him, and after Mr. Richards hung up, having said he would return to London in the early afternoon, Alex knew that he had only a few hours to be ready to greet him. He immediately ran down the corridor towards the gym and began a furious arm workout, first destroying his biceps with brutal 100 lb dumbbell curls, and then attacking his triceps for a further half hour. His usual workouts ere intense, but this put his other efforts to shame. After 10 reps he would breathe deeply once or twice, roar at the top of his voice, and then blast out another set. After an hour of this his face was bright red, pumped with blood, and the veins in his biceps pulsated noticeably with the sheer volume of blood pumping through. He stood in front of the mirror and checked himself out. He knew that his abs were tight already, and as arms and legs were Mr. Richards’ favourite body parts he wasted no time in starting a round of squats and deadlifts. He hit some poses in the mirror, becoming visibly aroused as he did so. He pulled out a series of pictures from when Mr. Richards had last seen him and began to laugh, thinking just hoe thrilled and turned on he would be, returning to a pumped beast so much broader, taller and beefier than six months ago. He resolved no to jack off, as he wanted to hear Mr. Richards’ sensual moan as gallons of warm thick semen filled his ass later that day. - As the front door of the apartment opened, Alex instructed all the house staff, including the staff paid to help him train, to vacate the premises. He grabbed a bottle of champagne from the fridge and opened it, the power of the cork erupting was not enough to even slightly cause his large veiny hand to shake. He had conservatively donned a black Calvin Klein speedo for the occasion, and wandered into the foyer to greet Mr. Richards. His usual cocky and aggressive manner was changed, and on this occasion he walked over to Mr. Richards and, embracing him tightly in his huge arms, kissed him tenderly on the lips. ‘I’ve really missed you.’ Was all he said, as he poured two glasses. The two of them sat on the couch and discussed the few months they had missed. They talked about Mr. Richards’ series of mergers in Russia and Japan, and about Alex’s enormous gains. Mr. Richards, having just arrived at Heathrow from a 12 hour flight, was exhausted, but his eyes could not stray far from admiring Alex’s giant physique. The combination of hormonal supplements that had been devised for him meant that he had also been growing in height and width, as well as musculature. ‘You haven’t shaved your pits Alex!’ Mr. Richards commented whilst licking, kissing and worshiping his protégé’s biceps. ‘Oh no! I forgot. This morning after I woke up I went and did some really tough arm and legs work-‘ ‘Yes, I can see! A very nice job you’ve done. I wasn’t complaining about the pit hair, I think it’s very sexy.’ He ducked his head and began to lick the armpit hair and really relish the salty sweat that had become mired therein, ‘Alex, I’ve been away a really long time, and I’m afraid I’ll fall asleep soon, so before I do, I want this inside of me.’ As he said those last words he grabbed the huge meaty cock in Alex’s speedo that had been gradually inflating. The package in his hand felt warm and smooth, and quickly became rock hard as the two began to kiss passionately. ‘Mr. Richards, that’s fine with me! But I have to tell you something else. It’s been a hard few months, quite lonely and long, and it allowed me to spend a lot of time thinking. Thinking about my training, and about life. And...about how I think I’m in love with you.’ Mr. Richards’ hold on Alex’s cock tightened and the air in the room become tense for a few seconds. This tension was cut by Mr. Richards smiling at his lad. He leaned in to kiss the giant chest. ‘I am very relieved hear you say that Alex. For a very long time I’ve bene developing feelings for you too, beyond our little arrangement here, and not just about huge muscles or domination. I had been nervous that you wouldn’t feel the same way, but now this can become even better!’ The pair’s eyes lit up with this exciting revelation. Mr. Richards immediately stripped himself of all clothes and as it reached breaking point, Alex’s speedo tore right down the middle, with the enormous cock bursting out. Having had 6 months to prepare himself to receive this giant dick, Mr. Richards simply slid on top of the shaft and slowly allowed it to enter him. The two of them continued making out, as Alex’s massive dick moved so far up Mr. Richards’ body that his gut could be seen expanding each time he was deeply penetrated. To be continued.
  16. Quite a few people have been in touch regarding a follow up, so here it is. It took ages, but I orgasmed twice writing it, so if you enjoyed the first instalment, this may do something for you! Link to previous instalment: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/6200-memoirs-of-young-muscle-1/ --- Four months had passed since Alexander, who had made quite clear that he would go only by Alex, had first begun his training programme, funded by his wealthy, horny patron, under the auspices of some of the world's leading bodybuilding and strength training experts. The training had yielded some amazing results already, in spite of the fact that Alex had been so reluctant to give up on the diet he adored so much. It turned out that Mr. Richards, Alex's billionaire sponsor, did not mind this in the slightest. He was perfectly happy to watch the increasingly thickly muscled Alex eat huge quanities of pizza, steaks and fast food. It had proven a major turn on for Mr. Richards, who it seemed had unknowingly been long harbouring a fetish for big men overeating, expanding hard stomach walls and general slovenly behaviour from giant muscle men. So, there had been so reduction in his body fat levels. However nobody was complaining, as his muscular development was exemplary. He awoke one December morning in the lavishly decorated bedroom of Mr. Richards' Holland Park penthouse. The property magnate had been willing to spend some time in the US in order to find his subject, a young man so motivated by a desire to build muscle and sculpt himself into a god that he was willing for this aim to completely take over his life. However, having found Alex, he was very much in a rush to return to London, where he found his life to be somewhat more comfortable and familiar. Alex of course had no objections to the mountains of money and resources that he was set to receive and had spent these four months living a life of unimaginable luxury, alongside his regimental exercise schedule and frequent visits into Mr. Richards' bedroom. He was not out of shape himself and in spite of his overwhelming commitments to his various investments he managed to find time to make regular trips to the gym. He had a swimmer's build, a tiny waist ribbed with muscle that bulged and twisted as he moved. His abdominal muscles were perfect if slight and covered in soft and gently haired skin. His pecs were not large but well defined and formed a sexy self at the top of his relatively small frame. As Alex entered the gym, Mr. Richard's was just finished a set of pull ups. He performed these excercises in just his boxers, and as Alex crept up behind him silently he effortlessly lifted Mr. Richard's into the air and then off of the bar as he removed his hands from it. Holding his like a baby he then moved in and gave him a long and powerful kiss, Alex's beefy chest inflating and he drew in air from Mr. Richards' mouth. 'Oh boy, you're getting so strong, I felt light-headed when you took that breath out of me!' Alex carried his patron out of the gym and down the corridor to his bedroom. He was originally planning to go in and do some squats, but he momentariyl weighed up his options, looking down at his heaving massive muscular quads and juicy ass and deceided that fucking Mr. Richards may well be a better use of his time right now. After his comments regarding Alex's increased strength, the impressive 23 year old's dick had begun to rise to its full glory. By this point a meaty semi-erection occupied his skin tight boxer briefs. Generally the two of them fucked in silence, even though over these months they had become friends and enjoyed spending time together. Mr. Richards' morbid fascination with Alex's gigantic muscles and the intense pleasure that Alex felt when slipping his big manly fingers into his tight pink little asshole meant that both parties were fully occupied by the thoughts in thei head throughout. He dropped Mr. Richards onto the bed and immediately lifted his legs into the air. With his teeth he pulled off Mr. Richards' underpants and then began to run his tongue around the anus, gently to begin with and then rougher. He then moved to deepthroating the beautiful soft and fleshy penis, which gradually grew longer and harder. Once both men had reached a state of full erection, Alex lay on his back and let Mr. Richards worship his entire body as was their routine. Mr. Richards slight body was very mobile and he moved all over Alex with ease. Alex's toes it had been discovered, were erogenous zones, and when Mr. Richards sucked both of his big toes at the same time, Alex's whole enormous body would shudder with pleasure. Then, his with nipples hard and meaty, Mr. Richards would travel up to the bulky chest, holding the two slabs of pec meat in his hands, before leaning in and nibbling on those sensitive nipples. Alex rocked his head back and howled, making the walls of the room shake and his abdominals tighten. 'Okay Mr. Richards, you've got me going now, I can't wait anymore, give it me to me!' Mr. Richards obeyed and turned around, presenting his ass the Alex, who slipped an index finger in, causing Mr. Richards to moan like a bitch, shut his eyes and grit his teeth. It turned Alex on hugely, hearing his patron squeal with pleasure, just from a single finger! He imagined how shrill and intense hisscreams would become as he pounded his thick rod in and out of the soft ass. With two fingers now inside the anus, he leaned forward and was able to put his tongue further in. Mr. Richards, who had been dutifully sucking the dick that was about to be jammed in his hole, rolled his eyes back in his head. The salty joy that was Alex's pre-cum was dripping down his face and forming a puddle on the bed and it seemed that neither of them could resist any longer. Alex reached down and covered his hands in the pre-cum that was so liberally being spilled on the bed and used it to prepare Mr. Richards now significantly wider asshole for the trauma it was about to endure. He then lifted the man up as though he weighed nothing and slid him onto the waiting 12 incher. He entered so slowly, because he loved to see Mr Richards' face as his insides became filled with the massive cock. Instead of thrusting his hips, Alex preferred to show off his strength by lifting Mr Richards under his armpits, and then placing his hands on his shoulders and pushing him back down. Precum continued leaking out of his ass, and Mr Richards was aware of the warm fluid entering his body. Alex grew tired of this quickly, and lifted Mr Richards off his dick slowly, then laying him on his back and sticking his rod back inside so he could begin fucking more quickly and powerfully. The tension built and reached an unbearable level. As Alex felt he was about to come he moved into give Mr Richards a gentle kiss, and having shown his soft side for a moment he stood up straight and roared 'HURGHHHHHHHHHHHH' before unleashing his load in the spent billionaire's hole. He hit a front double biceps pose, kissing each bulging sphere of muscle once before exhaling deeply and pulling his cock out, following by a stream of thick, hot cum. Mr Richards had a smile on his face like the Mona Lisa as he stood up and got out of bed. 'Another stellar performance Alex. This arrangement is still working well. I'll leave you for the rest of today to get to the gym, I think Franco said he was going to really work your legs today. They're looking great, but we need them bigger! And stronger! I can't wait until the next time I get to wear those big manly thighs like a necklace.' As he walked out of the bedroom on his way to the office he slapped Alex on the butt cheekily. The young bodybuilder grinned. This was everything he had ever wanted, an opportunity to build his muscle, live a life of unlimited material pleasures and fuck whenever he felt like it. More confusingly, he was starting to develop feelings for the man who was making all this possible.
  17. After years of fapping over Lorenzo Becker I have finally seen the fabled video of his manhood and I am speechless! Woof, what a fine specimen of man, I could live the rest of my life very happily with my face buried in that crotch!

    1. DublinGuy


      where can we see it?

    2. momoware


      If you search Lorenzo Becker jo on google it currently shows on pornhub.

  18. Check out my new sotry in the stories section, young muscle finds a patron who wants him to become the biggest and best muscle beast who ever lived.

  19. “I’ve been waiting for a very long time to find someone like you Alexander. A young man with brute strength, excellent genetics and a raging testosterone factory between his legs. Most importantly though, you have inside yourself an overwhelming desire to be huge, and you will be, with my help. I’m going to fund you in every way you could possibly need to become the biggest, freakiest bodybuilder on the planet. You’ll have muscle growing out of muscle and you’ll have the body of your dreams. I truly can’t wait to make that happen for you. Are you on board?” Alexander was unsure how to feel and what to say. Mr. Richards had invited him down to his beachfront mansion after being spotted taking a dip in a small pond a few miles inland. After a brief chat with Alexander, Mr. Richards knew that he had found what he had always been looking for. Alexander had never had an outlet to talk about his goals and fantasies before, so he was extremely open with Mr. Richards, explaining that in the past few months he had been training hard using an assortment of rudimentary gym apparatus that he had largely designed himself. Mr. Richards eyed the young man’s bulging upper arms, that he could not believe were the result of just a few months of lifting weights at home. The quads were mighty oaks too, with a big meaty ass at their north end that for practically any other bodybuilder would have been unachievable without significant pain, hard years squatting and probably even steroids. He was the whole package. Having waited to fully comprehend all that had happened, he finally responded, in a way that shocked and thrilled Mr. Richards. “You’ve been very welcoming to me today Mr. Richards, and I’m grateful. I’m going to accept your offer, but first I need to make somethings clear.” He stood up and walking to the other side of the table where Mr. Richards sat. He placed his large hands on Mr. Richards shoulders, squeezing the average sized man’s delts. “In just three months of training I’ve achieved all this, turn round and get a proper look.” Alexander removed his shirt, and then his boxer shorts, the only clothes he had had on prior. He proceeded to hit several of the standard bodybuilding poses. A classic front double biceps opened the show; he pumped each arm up repeatedly with several big gulps of air entering his enormous chest. The arms were remarkable. They were even well defined, considering that rest of his form still showed signs of high body fat. His chest and stomach drooped slightly under the weight of fat that was rapidly disappearing. The shape of well-formed pecs and abdominals lurked beneath this layer of fat, and that opportunity for development excited Mr. Richards. A fat cock and a big ball sack hung beneath the stomach, and from the second he felt eyes watching him the cock began to grow harder. He moved into a lat spread that saw developing muscle wings fly out from either side. They weren’t large, but they were impressive for an amateur after so little time working out. This pose made Alexanders pecs ascend slightly, giving his overall physique a more solid look. Finally came a stunning abdominals and thigh pose that began with him lifting his left leg three feet into the air and pounding it down to the ground with a thud that struck fear and admiration into Mr. Richards. The beginnings of quad striations were beginning to show, and an oversized calf jutted out halfway down form the knee. Alexander’s cock had risen to full mast by this point. He strutted over to Mr. Richards, arms not touching the sides of his bulky body and without forewarning rammed the huge meat into his patron’s waiting mouth. He continued talking as he thrust his cock in and out of the delighted billionaire’s jaw. “So you see, if you want me to cooperate, we’re going to have a professional relationship. And that professional relationship first and foremost means me on top, always. I’m in charge here, even though I’m doing this for your pleasure. We’re going to make both of us happy, but doing it my way. In exchange for your cooperation with this agreement I’ll never look elsewhere for support, it will all come from you. My cock is exclusively yours, and your ass is exclusively mine. I’m going to dominate you in ways you can’t even imagine yet, and we’ll both fucking love it.” Alexander decided that he wouldn’t continue this forced blowjob any longer, he was far too keen to get down to the business of growing. Besides, there would be a great many more opportunities to fuck Mr. Richards into oblivion. Mr. Richards was overcome with delight at this news. “Well, Alexander, that arrangement, as I’m sure you can imagine pleases me a great deal. So, I won’t waste any time in telling you what we have planned for you.” He stood up and marched across the room, pulling open a curtain that had split the room in half. Behind it stood a line of people looking into the distance. “These will be your coaches along the road to greatness for you Alexander. This is Franco, he will be training your lower body, look at his quads!” Sure enough, Franco was one of the IFBB’s most celebrated bodybuilding veterans, famed for his ripped and massive quads. He hit a similar abdominals and thigh pose, but this one, unlike, Alexander’s before, shook the entire room. “And this is Connor, he’ll be training your upper body. You’ll notice he’s got some real melon shoulder, and those pecs, woof! Adrian will be your dietician and chef, inform him later of any requests or needs you have, although I should warn you, success in bodybuilding does not consist of culinary pleasures, and lastly this is Tony, who will be your posing instructor. We’ll start you training posing right away, so that by the time you’ve trimmed that stomach down and put on some more mass you’ll already be a dab hand at it. Tony, what did you think of that posing you saw earlier?” Tony, who had also been an IFBB mainstay for many years stepped forward and directly approached Alexander. He was two inches taller and had about 100lbs of muscle over the 23 year old. “It was really good Alex,” He got up behind the still naked Alexander and held his large waist, “Once this waist gets down to maybe 34 inches we’ll show you how to get some swing in your posing, it looks great on stage and it’ll really highlight your abs and obliques, it’s going to look amazing, I can guarantee you that. Mr. Richards said we won’t spare a penny in turning you into the ultimate muscle machine.” Mr. Richards leaned into Alexander’s boyish face, “Well done Alexander, we’re going to turn your genetic giftedness into your dreams come true soon, let’s get to work.”
  20. Just watched a documentary about a village on the outskirts of Delhi where a high percentage of males bodybuild/strength train to work in security industry or professionally do sports, super hot, I'm definitely going to write sme erotic fiction on that iron-pumping testosterone town, google it, it's hot a.f., I'll upload a pic of the hottest bodybuilder I saw in the feature.

  21. What gets me off: pics of men posing with trousers around their ankles; groups of young men posing off together; muscle with armpit hair; bodybuilders showing off massive quads. Send me anything you think is worth seeing, thanks!

  22. Not read any muscle-themed fiction in a while that really turned me on, any recommendations? FYI I rly like displays of huge growth, dominance, agression and strength, macro growth and rough sex scenes, thanks!

    1. ThickRick


      Hey Momo, read SeaMusc story, Shane: Confessions of an Underdog. It's fucking rocket fuel. He just posted the last installment last night.

  23. My latest muscle obsession fantasy: lurking in the backstage pumproom twisting my nips and gazing at huge, oiled up muscle bulls flexing and lifting.

  24. New chapter of Fantasy Future Muscle in stories, read!

    1. roboprobo


      WAIT WHAT *goes to check* YEAHHHH

  25. Standard forewarning: violent sex scenes, birthing etc...enjoy! ______ Backstage dozen of spectators had gathered, having heard to the news, to see the lifeless corpse of the biggest, most muscular man that ever existed (for now). It was a mountain of hard flesh that elicited sighs of awe from the onlookers. There was muscle on every toe, on his elbows, even the brow of his face had developed a thick muscular cover. The display of shock and reverence was shortlived, and within moments worshippers had begun climbing onto the body and fucking every hole and crevice they could find. Giant bodybuilders, including Wyman, thrusted their dicks in between the massive pecs, under his armpits, between his fingers. It was an orgy unlike anything ever witnessed before. I made the most of this, and headed back onto the stage, that was now empty. I decided to gather as much of that muscle baby's semen as I could find before it became useless. It was easy to identify, as he had become so large after a certain point that the individual sperm cells were around two or three inches long and swam around, lost in the auditorium. High on testosterone and my own future enormity, I caught as many of these spunky, hormonal fish as I could and devoured them, as I began to feel my body undergo a big change. I woke up in my hotel room three days later. As my eyes opened, the rest of my body coursed with blood, and I attempted to control my new muscles. It wasn't easy, but I figured that my own body could only evade my control for a short time. I rolled over out of the bed and rose to my feet. The ceiling that I had called extremely high and daunting when I arrived at the President Hotel, now barely covered my head. The testosterone production process in my body had sped up dramatically, and the sheets of my bed were soaked with my jizz, and thick hair, much like that of the muscle baby I had to thank for tis new body, covered my entire being. My first task was to shave. As I entered the bathroom I saw the scales on the floor next to the doorway. They were scales without an upper limit, which was necessary as this hotel hosted the largest men on earth whenever the Mr Planet competition was in town. I remember standing on them when I first arrived, they read 415 pounds, a measurement which at the time turned me on beyond words. I now stood at 13"5, almost twice my previous height, and with great excitement I placed my huge, strong, hairy feet onto the scales. 1337 pounds. I instantly ejaculated, all over the scales, all over the bathroom floor. The flow was too great and it flooded into the bedroom, over the balcony and I would later discover a pool of my ejaculate that had poured over the edge and into the ornamental pond of the hotel's grounds. Like the muscle baby whose semen I had devoured a week before, in spite of being 8 feet in length, my cock was so heavy that it hung to the floor even when totally erect. I began to run the shaver all over the acres of furry muscle and an hour later I was cleanly shaven and ready to be worshipped. The thick, matted, sweaty hair I had just removed from all over my body now filled the bathtub, and I left it for the maid to fix, not knowing really what to do myself. 3 in the afternoon, and I received a knock at the door. I was thrilled, I had arranged a worship session that only I was in on. It was with Martin- I had anonymously invited him to my room, with the intention of him falling over at the sight of my magnificent new body. I bent down to open the door, but when I did all I could see was a gigantic foot and the start of a leg. I was speechless, clearly I had been mistaken in assuming that I was the only one to drink the muscle baby’s potent semen. "Hey Franco!" Martin's voice boomed as he greeted me. So he knew it was me, I thought, I guess he saw me in the audience, or Jean Marie told him about me, "I don't think this is going to work, we should head down to the auditorium." "Agreed!" I replied, attempting to gently burst through the wall, but instead ripping the entire fourth floor of the hotel apart. We marched side by side, two giant men looking forward to our reunion in the underground vault. We arrived down to the auditorium where one week prior we had witnessed the Mr Planet competition. The drama of the event and the damage done to the arena by the muscle baby had remained, it had actually been decided to abandon this venue and seek another one for future expositions. The spunk on the floor had evaporated and there was a crumbly crust of dead sperm all over the ground. Martin told me that in the statistics compiled after the contest, it stated that 140,000 litres of spunk had been expelled onto the stage that day. We turned on all the lights and then finally got to see each other eye to eye. He stood opposite me, truly magnificent. I don't need to describe every detail, you know what a bodybuilder looks like. I gazed in adoration at those calf muscles, that even in the competition had been magnificent, but now were totally absurd. The lower portion of his leg was twice as wide as it was long, and the muscle jutted out in several directions like a gemstone. His quads at their thickest point were three times the circumference of his slim waist, and he, like me, stood with a giant cock facing the ground. His ballsack was so heavy with balls the size of children that it touched the ground, and dragged as he walked. I was lucky as my scrotum was not loose but instead hung tight, just under my cock. Our huge, virile bodies produced testosterone at such a rate that we, just like the muscle baby responsible for our growth, were in a constant state of arousal, and whereas the muscle baby was constantly masturbated by a team of assistants, we managed just whacking it very three or four minutes. Needless to say, behind us was a river of no less than one hundred thousand litres of spunk from our half hour walk down to the auditorium. "I arranged for a friend to meet us here," Martin told me, as we walked nearer to one another and embraced, "Wyman thinks he’s coming down for a rematch. Silly little man."
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