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    Looking at men with huge muscles, masturbating...aside of that I have a healthy interest in foreign languages, travel, social anthropology and comparative literature. But I still can't possibly overstate how much of my time is consumed by my overpowering muscle fetish.
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    I'm huge but not toned at all. Have massive quads from school sports, trying to get biceps to match that size, maybe build up chest and shoulders a bit more too.
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    Oh wow, is this where I apply for a huge, masculine, hairy bodybuilder boyfriend? Well if I can get on that's great, otherwise talking about muscle in general really gets me off and I'm finally getting round to working on my own body after a long while.
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    On the old site I loved reading stories by Londonboy. I love macro growth stories and domination.
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    Eddie Robinson, Mike Matarazzo, Lee Priest, Jay Cutler, Paco Bautista, Hwang Chul Soon, Insu Park, Ronnie Coleman, Gunther Schlierkamp, Markus Ruhl, Alexei Lesukov, Alexander Fedorov.

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  1. I have an occasional chat on grindr with a guy at my gym in Lisbon, this time (having not spoken in about 5 months) he asks "Are you jacked yet?" with a cheeky wink emoji. I can tell he's being a little sarcastic. I sent him a pic of me showing off the gains in my arms, shoulders, chest and quads with my rock hard cock sticking out and he replied "Jesus". We carried on chatting and concluded that when I return to Portugal I'll immobilise him with my powerful legs around his torso as he jacks off. Even this small growth I've had has made my sex life so much better and I can't wait for it to accelerate!

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