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  1. Thanks for the kind comment on my story. There's actually more to it starting with chapter four, although it follows a different set of characters. I hope to keep continuing it, one day, once my life gets a little less busy. 

    1. loveembig


      woo love it! thanks!!

  2. So, last night I was taking a train back to my house, and I take my seat and I lift up my head, and there's this guy walking towards me with some of his friends. Right away I got the impression that something was off about him, but I didn't really know exactly what it was. Then I realized he was kind of walking funny, holding his arms in a weird position, as though her were hiking his shoulders (like, you know, as if he were shrugging, but not letting his shoulders fall back down). But that wasn't the only thing that was kinda weird about him. It was that this biceps were enormous. And what's weird about this is that the rest of his body was fairly average. He was in decent shape, clearly, but his biceps were more bodybuilder-like while the rest of him was rather thin looking. I don't know if I'd even call him lean. Now, the first thing I thought was that this guy was using synthol injections, but from what I've seen, synthol only makes you look bigger--it doesn't give you definition since, well, it's just fluid. This guy had really defined, vascular biceps, which were completely disproportionate with the rest of his body. And I'm talking about really, seriously disproportionate. I'm kind of curious what everyone makes of this. Maybe I'm wrong about synthol? If I'm not, then could someone really over-work a body part to that point? Oh, and on top of that, his arms looked pumped, as though he'd just been to the gym, but I was on that train at like, 1:45 AM, and yeah, I know some gyms are open very late, or even 24 hours, but he didn't look sweaty or tired.
  3. You should see where he ends up. Dude started at 10cm or about 3.9 inches and ends up at 14.5 cm, or 5.7 inches. Almost two inches of growth in six weeks. *Hot flashes*
  4. Holy shit that story was a roller coaster.
  5. Interesting topic. I definitely think that there's a mix of opinions on the subject. Most people, I think, prefer thin to fit guys, while there's a good amount who like there guys on the beefier side, say, along the lines of Chris Hemsworth as Thor. But as far as bodybuilder-size goes, I think that's a much smaller pool of interest. But at the same time, bodybuilders can be different sizes. Like, vastly different sizes. So I guess it's hard to pin that down. I'd still say that there's some acceptance for larger men in the world today. I don't know if I could compare it to anything older, being only 22 and not being, say, well-versed in teenage movies from earlier decades. I don't think bodybuilders will ever get mainstream recognition, much in the same way an avant garde artist will never get it (except, you know, on very rare occasions). The more you push yourself to an extreme the smaller and smaller your niche will be.
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