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  1. incognitotie

    Growing To Fit (Chapters 1-3)

    Just the growth, really. Although a negative side effect might make this more interesting...
  2. incognitotie

    Growing To Fit (Chapters 1-3)

    Moving this over from the evolution forum. Started this some time ago and kind of... Petered out. Not sure why I stopped (college might have something to do with it), but I hope to start it up again! Without further ado, here is the story of Ev, who's life is taking a series of strange turns. Some of them bigger than others. CHAPTER 1 Ev shrugged his gym bag off his shoulder, the small thud echoing through his empty apartment. Trudging towards the refrigerator, he flipped on the TV for some background noise while he made dinner. A news anchor in a red pantsuit appeared on the screen as Ev rummaged through leftovers and new groceries. "-the company has voluntarily issued this recall. The company issued it so quickly, in fact, that most stores hadn't even shelved the product at all. The product, an after wor-" Ev cut off the woman's story by flipping channels, eventually settling on a rerun of some sitcom. He sat down with a lukewarm chicken breast and some questionable, canned vegetables. About to lose himself in the protagonist's latest struggle, Ev gave a small, frustrated sigh and stood back up. "I almost forgot to take that after workout drink I got today," he mumbled to himself. Rummaging thought the gym bag, Ev pulled out a small, purple bottle. BULK OUT! the yellow label seemed to shout. He was pretty sure this was some new gimmick for gains, but at this point Ev was desperate. After years at the gym he had managed to lose almost all of the fat on his body, but his muscle gains were practically nonexistent. No matter what new workout trend or new weight gain diet he tried, nothing worked. His body seemed determined to stay at 130 lbs. And at almost six feet tall, that left something to be desired. When he would complain to his friends, they'd shrug him off. You're fine, they'd say. You have good looks. Ev had learned the hard way, though, that guys didn't want you if all you had to offer was a decent face set with green eyes and framed with dark brown hair. Not to mention when your 'friend' was a little smaller than average. It seemed he was doomed from adolescence though. All of his clothes were always too big on his frame. His parents hoped he would grow into them, as did he, but that never happened. Shaking the negative thoughts from his head, Ev twisted off the cap and downed the thick concoction. The foul taste only registered after most of it was down his throat, and he struggled to swallow the rest. After drinking heavily from the glass of water he poured for dinner, Ev sunk back into the couch to drown the lonely Friday night in the dialogue of a sub par program. At around midnight, he shut off the TV and trodded down the hall to his bedroom. Shucking off his shirt and pants, and nearly losing his underwear in the process (a daily occurrence when you have no ass to speak of and a small waist), Ev slid into bed. Within minutes he was snoring softly. That night, Ev dreamed, for the first time since he was a teen, that he was growing. He laughed as his muscles gained definition, as his frame became wider and larger. His joy turned to pleasure as his muscles grew slightly, giving him the athletic build he had always wanted. He trailed his hands across his abs, his pecs, his arms- anywhere his hands could reach. His grin grew wider as he noticed his newly bulging package, apparently having grown to a respectable size as well. Euphoria still buzzed in Ev's mind when he woke the next morning. Slipping out of bed, he noticed that he felt slightly... off as he moved towards the bathroom. His underwear did feel a little tight, so maybe that was it. Probably shrunk in the wash, he thought. Wouldn't be the first time. As he moved to relieve himself though, Ev froze. The bulge in his boxer briefs was definitely not the one he had gone to bed with. Slowly pulling the waistband down, he looked at his member. It was no longer sub par by any standards. In fact, it was slightly above average now, if anything. Very slowly, Ev raised his gaze up towards the mirror, afraid that he might be wrong about his expectations. His eyes met a set of well defined abs, followed by two pecs that looked to be the product of a hard year or two at the gym. His breath hitched. This couldn't be real. It was too good. Too perfect. Yet his hands affirmed his solid pecs and firm abs, as well as some respectable arms. Looking past his package, Ev saw that his quads and calves hadn't been spared either. After some celebration in with his morning shower, he toweled off and went to get dressed for the day. His joy was briefly dampened when he saw that the only pair of underwear he had clean was the pair he had gotten for Christmas last year. They weren't the brand he usually bought, and although they were his size (small) they ran a little bigger than his usual. He was pleased to find that they actually fit fairly well. They did seem a little loose, but at least they didn't constrict as much as his shrunken underwear did. Dressing completely, Ev left for some morning coffee, like he did every Saturday. Latte in hand, Ev sat at a small table in front of the coffeehouse and enjoyed the morning air. The pleasant cool morning would soon fall to the scorching summer heat, and he wanted to take full advantage of the pleasant air. Looking across the street, Ev almost spewed his coffee. A man with auburn hair and an athletic build was walking out of a small tea shop. The face was so achingly familiar, Ev could swear it was... "Ev! Everett!" It was him. The man he had crushed on all throughout college. Bron. He strode across the street, his sky filled eyes hidden behind Ray Bans and his smile fringed by the perfect amount of stubble. "I thought it was you, Ev!" Bron exclaimed. "I'm glad to see you." "Same," Ev replied. It was all he could seem to get out of his mouth. Luckily, Bron did most of the talking. Ev found out that he had just moved to town for a job opportunity, and was looking for a place to stay. His original plans for an apartment fell through when the landlord accidentally leased the apartment he had reserved to a nasty old woman who refused to give it up. The landlord couldn't force her out, and he couldn't kick her out for another month. "You can crash at my place if you'd like." The words just tumbled out of his mouth, unbidden. Stupid, Ev, he thought to himself, that was too forward. Now you've probably ruined any chance you had with him and he'll- "That'd be great, Ev. Thanks!" He couldn't believe it. Bron was going to be living with him! In a numb state, Ev gave him his address and told him he could come by later that afternoon. Walking back to his apartment, Ev was overjoyed. His body had somehow become the product of his dreams, and the man of his dreams was moving into his apartment. I don't think that today can get any better, Ev thought. CHAPTER 2 As he fished through his pockets for his apartment key, a flash of heat shot through Ev's body. A light sweat broke out over his body, and he began to feel a little light headed. After he locked the door behind him, Ev rushed to the bathroom. Hoping to cool himself off, he splashed cold water on his face. Rivulets of water streaming down his face, Ev looked into the mirror at his slightly flushed face. I hope I'm not getting sick, he thought worriedly. As if in response, the heat that had been surging through his body vanished. Before Ev could wonder why, a tingling sensation, somewhere between when a body part falls asleep and when you brush the roof of your mouth with the tip of your tongue, washed over his body. Ev gave a small groan and closed his eyes. His head tilted back in pleasure. The tingling feeling was all throughout his body but it was the strongest in his main muscle groups. Ev didn't know how long the feeling lasted, but after a time he realized that the tingling had disappeared. Slowly opening his eyes, he realized immediately that things were slightly off. The angle of his reflection in the mirror seemed to show a little more of his lower body, and he felt... pumped up. Somewhat like someone had left an air hose in his body for slightly too long. Ev's eyes widened as he finally looked down at his body. If he had been a division 1 athlete in college, this is what he would have looked like. Pecs that formed a small overhang above a chiseled six pack. Biceps that balled up so big he couldn't even touch the shoulder of the same arm. His calves had developed a definite diamond shape, and his quads and hamstrings gained a size and definition previously unknown to him. And his package, well what a package it was. It bulged nicely from his now very snug boxer briefs, and if it had been questionably above average before, there was no doubt now. After testing out his newly improved member, Ev was engulfed by a sudden wave of sleepiness. He was barely able to make it back into the bedroom before he passed out. A knocking from his apartment door eventually woke Ev up. After laying groggily on the bed for a moment, a jolt of realization cleared the sleep from his head. Bron. Only after he had thrown open the door did Ev realize that his shirt hugged his torso, and that it barely reached the waistband of his shorts. His shorts were pressed tight against his legs, and his package bulged out almost obscenely. Trying to appear as nonchalant as possible, Ev cleared his throat. "Let me help you bring your things up," he offered. With every box he hauled up the stairs, Ev could feel Bron's eyes on his back. Or, more accurately, on his ass. After he set down the last box, Ev turned around to see Bron leaning on his counter, temporarily focused on a small potted plant. Ev found his eyes roaming across Bron's body. To Ev, the man in front of him was perfect. Slightly tanned. A stylish swoop in his hair. A body that didn't speak of brute strength, but of agility, grace, and poise. To another observer, Bron would probably seem to be relaxed, if not a little distracted. But to Ev, he was a panther: lithe. At ease. But ready to pounce. Bron turned to look at him, and Ev snapped from his reverie. "Can I offer you a drink?" Ev asked, his face reddening slightly. "I don't have any beer or anything, but I have soda and maybe some orange juice." "I am thirsty," Bron replied,a small smile forming on his lips, "but not for any of those things." Ev's reply was lost in Bron's mouth as it pressed against his. Ev recoiled in surprise, but then returned the kiss enthusiastically. The pair gradually moved towards the bedroom, their clothes being shed along the way until they both fell onto the bed in nothing but their underwear. Hands began to roam across one another's bodies, and then their bodies pressed together. The pair laid in the afterglow for a while, basking in the feeling. Eventually, Bron turned towards Ev. "Are you going to share how you grew since I last saw you?" He prodded, only half teasing. " Both since two years ago and this morning?" Ev's smile faded slightly. "I'm not sure you'd believe me," he answered, gauging Bron's response. "You can tell me, I'll believe you." "Well..."Ev began, then stopped. After searching for the right words for a moment, he began again. "It's like this. Yesterday, after my workout at the gym, I bought a new post workout drink. I'd never seen it before, so I thought I'd try it. This morning I woke up and my body looked like a person who'd been going to the gym for a few years. Then, after I came back from meeting you at the coffee shop this morning, I had a hot flash and I grew even more. After that I fell asleep, woke up and let you in, and now here we are." After a moment of silence, Bron spoke. "Do you still have the bottle that the drink came in?" Ev was slightly taken aback. "You mean you believe me?" He asked, a hint of incredulity in his voice. "What I told you is basically crazy." "We'll, I don't see another explanation," mused Bron. " Besides, what reason would you have to lie?" Giving a small grunt of agreement, Ev got up and went into the kitchen, returning a little while later with the purple bottle and handing it to Bron. Bron's eyes widened a little when he looked at the label. "Have you looked at the news lately?" Bron asked, worry creeping into his tone. "No," Ev replied, "why?" "Because the company that made this recalled the drinks almost as soon as they'd reached the stores. Said that there was something wrong with the ingredients and that it wasn't safe to stock them. I'm surprised you even managed to buy one. Most places didn't shelve them at all, or pulled them as soon as they heard about the recall." "We'll there sure was something up with whatever ingredients they used," Ev commented, "but I'm not complaining." "I'm not either." And with that, Bron pulled him back onto the bed, pressing his body against Ev's. CHAPTER 3 Ev and Bron remained entangled for the rest of the afternoon, but the persistent growl of Ev's stomach eventually forced the two of them to get up and order pizza. After Ev made the call, and for two extra large pizzas no less, the two sat on the couch together. "So how are you going to explain this when you go back to work?" asked Bron, gesturing at Ev's new body. "We'll it actually works out perfectly," Ev replied with a slight grin, " because I actually start a new job on Monday. Nobody there knows what I look like." "Good for you," Bron teased, "because I'm not sure they'd buy the whole a-post-workout-drink-is-causing-me-to-grow-randomly thing. Speaking of which, you have any idea what's triggering your growth?" Ev frowned slightly. "No clue. There's no pattern that I can see, at least not yet." At that moment there was a sharp knock on the front door, and Ev realized he was wearing nothing but a rather tight pair of underwear. "Shit," he cursed, "that's probably the pizza guy. Can you dig some money out of my wallet while I find something to put on?" Running into the bedroom, Ev quickly looked for any article of clothing. He quickly put on the shorts he had been wearing earlier that day and moved to do the same with the shirt. In his haste though, he tore the seam at the armpit with a loud rip. Throwing that shirt to the side, he then spotted his sleeping shirt. It was ratty and too big, having been won in a contest a few years ago. Throwing it on, Ev noticed that despite his growth, the fabric still hung somewhat loose on his body. Hurrying quickly out of the bedroom, he grabbed the money from Bron, who was moving out of sight of the doorway, and opened the door. He was met with an extremely annoyed teenage girl, holding the pizzas and leering at him with absolute resentment. "Sorry about that," Ev apologized. "I was trying to find enough cash for the pizza." The girl quickly exchanged the pizza for the money, and was striding away down the hall in moments. With a small shrug Ev closed the door and opened one of the boxes, his stomach grumbling on anticipation. After 10 minutes of what can only be described as a pizza massacre, Ev sat back and let out a small belch, a vague sense of contentment settling over him. Bron just sat across the table looking mildly impressed. After all, he had only eaten two slices while Ev had devoured the rest. "So, my big man," said Bron, his voice growing increasingly sultry, "How about we move back to the bedroom?" Ev didn't need to be told twice. He followed the hypnotic roll of Bron's ass back into his bedroom. Bron turned to face Ev, a mischievous light in his eyes. The next second Ev found himself bouncing lightly on the bed, Bron on top of him. With a seductive smile, he moved down Ev's body, tracing a hand beneath his hefty pecs and then down the ridges of his abs. Bron's fingers soon found their way to Ev's briefs, strained by both the muscles and package they contained. He gave the waistband a playful flick before continuing down, tracing the quickly stiffening member with the tip of a finger. The front of the briefs grew wet as precum began to flow. "It looks like someone wants to say hello," Bron murmured. "Let's let him out." But just as Bron hooked his finger on the waistband Ev let out a deep groan, his eyes rolling up slightly. Bron watched in fascination as the muscles in Ev's body twitched and grew. His already large pecs surged out and created a defined shelf above his stomach, all of which could be seen through a now snug T-shirt. His arms now looked like coconuts had been stuffed under his skin, and it probably felt like it too. Massive thighs went from small ham to Thanksgiving turkey size, and his calves reminded Bron of chunks of flagstone from his brief employment as a landscaper. What Bron most noticed, though, was the bulge pushing against an ever-straining set of boxer briefs. The fabric had already ridden up over his expanded thighs, and the ribbed material was already stretched to the max in the front. The shaft of his member grew increasingly pronounced against the thin fabric. A small succession of pops was heard, and now Bron could see that the seams between the leg and the crotch had torn on both sides. The tears grew increasingly larger, to the point where Ev's balls we're beginning to spill out, until the fabric gave out with a surprisingly loud rip. Freed from its confines, Ev's member stiffened to about a foot long, to Bron's pleasant surprise. Surveying the changes, he noticed that Ev's shirt had survived, although it looked like it couldn't have stayed together for much longer. "You feeling okay?" Bron asked as Ev sat up. "I think so," he replied. "Actually, I feel pretty good, and I - ohshit... " Ev was staring in shock at the remnants of his underwear, now just an elastic waistband and some strips of cloth, and his tight shirt. He slid off of the bed and thudded into the bathroom. "Holy shit, I'm huge!" Ev exclaimed. "Yes you are," Bron said bemusedly. "I think that is undoubtable, really." "Where am I going to find clothes?" lamented Ev, returning to the bedroom. "The Big and Tall store should have some things that will fit you," said Bron, "but I don't think you're going to be able to go anywhere, unless you used to dress in very large clothes for shits and giggles when nobody was around." Ev's unamused expression was enough of an answer. "I'll go over there right now, since they're closing in a little over an hour," Bron decided. "Alright," said Ev, giving an exacerbated sigh. "Could you get me a dress shirt and some dress pants? I don't think mine will fit me now, and I can't show up to work half naked." "Sure thing, and I'll get you some casual clothes too, alright?" "Sounds good to me..." A loud grumble suddenly filled the room, and Ev blushed. "... And do you think you could bring back some food too?"

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