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    male muscle worship, musclegod domination, muscleslave submission
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    Roelly Winklaar, Big Ramy, Ronnie Coleman
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  1. lobbyjay

    m/m The Twist

    So hot when you take us to the "dark side" of muscle worship! Love your work! More, please.
  2. Pecfucking is always a huge turn-on for me, but you just took it to new heights of cum-blasting ecstasy. I swear I could feel every one of those pulsing, bouncing, crushing, shredded fibers wrapped around my own cock, pumping the cum out as I jacked off & blew a huge load!!! Thanks bigtime for such a HOT story & such a HUGE release!!!
  3. OMFG!!! This story is so totally hot that I can't wait for the next one! Shot my load for the helplessly submissive worshiper & for the totally shredded self-worshiping musclegod both! More, please!
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