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  1. Domorice

    growth after sex

    https://www.metabods.com/stories/bigger-issues this story I loved a lot growing up. But exactly what you're looking for. Has a Technical season 2 as Bigger Issues: Ultimate Growth
  2. Domorice

    Gus and Tyler

    I'm totally captivated with the story honestly. I think my only criticism is that I feel you don' have enough descriptive force. I want to have a clear image in mind how truly massive Tyler is. Be that with #'s, comparisons, or just a Tolkien lv of description of this guys body. Other than that again, really awesome story :3
  3. Domorice

    Gus and Tyler

    Yessssssssssssssssss, I am an absolute sucker for love stories like this. Please moreee
  4. Domorice

    Getting bigger by fucking

    https://www.metabods.com/stories/bigger-issues here you go :3
  5. Domorice

    My dream is... dating a strongman.

    I too share this dream, being with a thick and powerful guy that dwarfs me. Most importantly the snuggle times on top of said guy
  6. Domorice

    Getting bigger by fucking

    https://metabods.com/mbxx/php/fetch_story.php?story_ref=93 this one is always got me going, ever has a second season.
  7. Domorice

    Dad's Lost Glory Years (Updated MAY 26: CH 20)

    Holy Jesus that was hot. I'm still hoping he decides to get with his son if not Ted. Feels like a giant tease with this border line son/father scandal. Please keep going, I honestly get super excited waiting to see the next chapter. Hoping giant dado finally let's some lucky guy have it.
  8. Domorice

    Dad's Lost Glory Years (Updated MAY 26: CH 20)

    Holy Jesus that was hot. I'm still hoping he decides to get with his son if not Ted.
  9. Domorice

    Dad's Lost Glory Years (Updated MAY 26: CH 20)

    Please make it a love story between the Dad and son, so good.
  10. Domorice


    Please sir, more.
  11. Domorice

    Naked (Part One)

    Any hope of continuation?
  12. Domorice

    Naked (Part One)

    Please keep this going, I want to read the next chapter so bad.
  13. Domorice

    You Can Stop by FREaky

    By Odin's beard, please keep this coming. The way it's shaping, I really do hope it becomes romantic. But that's just me
  14. Domorice

    Big Redefined (Repost)

    Please continue, the story is awesome so far
  15. Domorice



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