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    United Kingdom
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    real profile.
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    Muscle growth!! I'm all about being big and getting bigger!
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    238lbs, 6ft, 18% fat (working on it)
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    To get bigger and stronger.
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    I'll never stop piling on the muscle. Would like to get more trim but enjoy having the gut
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    Massium or anything with muscle growth to immobility
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    E-Stimm, poppers

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  1. vadis

    One-Shot: CashGro

    Awesome story! Wonder how big He'd get if his account was open to crowd funding/mysterious benefactor!
  2. vadis

    Lunch Ideas

    Yea agreed! Pot noodles are to be avoided. That sounds pretty tasty, I'll give a try this week. Thanks!
  3. vadis

    Lunch Ideas

    Hmm Noodles... never thought of those. Is this the dried 'pot noodle' variety? I'll a look for all types. What would you have them with?
  4. Hey Everyone. Just wondering what anyone might suggest is appropriate food for Lunchtime during work. I'm lucky to work very near a Tesco supermarket but I'm struggling for ideas on what to buy. I've been buying chicken, chicken and more chicken (which I love) but want to mix it up as it gets a bit boring. I'm after foods that require little preparation as work only has a microwave. Any suggestions on what I can stuff my face with? Vadis
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