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    Gaming (classic tabletop pencil and paper that is!), World of Darkness (Werewolves), LARPing, rock climbing, kayaking, bonsia, blacksmithing, general muscle watching, to be continued.
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    6' 220lbs. Not as much muscle as I would like.
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    A handsome life partner that will kick my ass, and get me in shape. ^_^
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    Pollination, anything by Jaypat, O'melissokomos, and the Interactive Muscle Growth story by SuperWaffle. (For starters.)
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    Jeff Seid, Gregg Plit (RIP), James Dawson Martin
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    Muscle Growth, Forced Growth/Non-con, Muscle Theft, Youth Theft/Gain, Hyper, Immobilization, Mind Control, Cock Growth, Bubble butts, Dumbification, Sensitive Nipples, Moobs, Voice deepening, Extreme Proportions, Facial Improvement, Musk/Sweat, Excessive Cum, Hyper, Pecs.
    Here's the whole list of what I'm willing to try, if you're brave: https://www.f-list.net/c/Bastion%20The%20Bull

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  1. darkluster4

    GymJunkie's CG Muscle Growth Comic/Stories (UPDATED 1/20/19)

    "I kinda.... WANT MORE" too! More, LOTS more! In fact, I think I'm going to join the military now.
  2. darkluster4

    Muscle suit version 2

    Still can't find them. 😕
  3. darkluster4

    Muscle suit version 2

    Well for those of us that either can't find you on Discord, or don't have it at all, could you please post some of the pics for us?
  4. darkluster4

    Unbound Beast Inc: Side Effects May Vary

    I wouldn't mind following Mike as he takes Ian to wherever each of his pet projects end up. Might make a good follow up story.
  5. darkluster4


    Would make a good rp idea.
  6. darkluster4

    Muscle suit version 2

    Dang! Pecs like those need to have some nice big perky nipples pushing through that super tight shirt. That's awesome!
  7. darkluster4

    Story -- BOY IN A BAG

    Were do I sign up!? I love himbo transformations, plus the fountain of youth is one of my fantasies. If this had immobilization and forced muscle growth. (Like a guy investigating disappearing muscle daddies, and then joining them. )... Well, I'd be in hog heaven. lol Even so, it is one of my top five. I hope you right more on this topic.
  8. darkluster4

    Big Barney's Bouncer Blues

    Count me in on that. We could have a real magicians dual then. @BrandedX2, I've now had a chance to read a couple of your stories, and they're really good. Even on a muscle growth forum like this I still don't see very many theft stories (I might just be missing them...), especially consistently from the same artist. In this case I like how you established what was happening with the first victim, and then elaborated with the second. Good use of foreshadowing. If I may suggest using this as an example for future writings, sense you showed how fast the change is with Ox you can then put more detail into the transformation with Barney. Kinda like your jockstrap story, we want to know all the gooey details of his muscles shrinking while the other three grow. You could even note that when Bar picked up Clifford to throw him out, he noticed that the Frat Brat felt heavier or something, adding further to the foreshadowing. Just like Cutlerfan I would love to see a sequel to this and many other stories you've written. Maybe the trio continue to steal muscles from other big guys. Maybe elaborate on a day in Barney's new life. Barney and Ox could meet up, and then they try to fix things. You could even have two young magicians show up to save all the gentle giants in the land from the trio of muscle bandits. (lol ) This is a great story, and the skies the limit! Thanks for sharing with us.
  9. darkluster4

    Greed Demon Pt.4 Finale

    I still really think you should illustrate these. But, I guess I'm just being greedy.
  10. darkluster4


    Ironically, I'd be like Eric, trying to grow guys into beasts. However, in my case, I'd have a whole stable of muscle freaks hidden away of the hottest guys I'd caught. Each one at a different stage of immobilization. The one thing I'd try to avoid would be the muscle gut, if possible. True I'd have one or two that I'd just let go wild with the big belly, but the rest I'd try to keep tight and slim. I loved this story though SO MUCH! Eric is exactly the guy I need to meet, he could certainly keep me motivated. lol Where do I sign up?
  11. darkluster4

    So you wake up tomorrow looking like this...

    As difficult as it would be, I'd TRY to keep from exploring/self-worshiping my new body. Instead I'd try to retrace my steps to discover how it happened, and confirm if it was permanent. I stalk-pill as much of the source as I could, and if it wasn't permanent keep it all to myself. If it was, I'd start having fun with it and my new body. "Would you like a 'supplement' shot in that smoothy?" }:-D
  12. darkluster4

    Greed Demon Pt.3

    I'm loving these stories so far! They're super unique/creative. Any chance of these being illustrated?
  13. darkluster4

    Muscle growth generator

    I love these! I've spent the last hour playing with *them*, and trying to piece some of them into short stories. Here's a couple of my favorites. Suddenly, Jake inflates rapidly into a vast stud with a 66 inch dong, and starts working out. While working out, Jake beefs up again into a 580 lb giant with a massive dong, and his pecs feel full and heavy. In a classroom, Danny shoots up progressively into an oversized athlete with a huge bulge, and tries to cover himself up. After someone casts a spell on him, Ron transforms continuously into a musclefreak athlete with a car sized bulge, and towers over everyone. While being force fed, darkluster4 surges continuously into an unweighable bulkhead with a bus sized bulge, and moans in delight, wanting to get dominated. Through a genie's wish, Jack beefs up without effort into an enormous titan with a chest-slapping dong, and grinds against the floor. Darkluster4 sees a giant reindeer wearing a wrestling singlet; he's too big for the doorway. His thighs are so big he waddles. He catches you looking and blushes shyly, looking away.
  14. darkluster4

    Commission artist

    Could you post a link or a guide to where it is?
  15. darkluster4

    Greed Demon Pt.2

    I really enjoyed it, particularly the perspective of Landon having trouble getting used to his body after such a sudden change. Not enough writers do that. My one suggestion would be the relationship between Damon and Lamia needing to be more cut throat in the long run. Demons always look out for number one, and how to take other higher demons positions. So, any 'friendship' between two demons might seem amicable on the surface, but would only serve the purpose of furthering their own goals, suppressing a potential rival, or sucking up. When the time comes however, they'll cut the dead weight in half a heart beat.

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