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    Gaming (classic tabletop pencil and paper that is!), World of Darkness (Werewolves), LARPing, rock climbing, kayaking, bonsia, blacksmithing, general muscle watching, to be continued.
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    6' 220lbs. Not as much muscle as I would like.
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    A handsome life partner that will kick my ass, and get me in shape. ^_^
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    Pollination, anything by Jaypat, O'melissokomos, and the Interactive Muscle Growth story by SuperWaffle. (For starters.)
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    Jeff Seid, Gregg Plit (RIP), James Dawson Martin
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    Muscle Growth, Forced Growth/Non-con, Muscle Theft, Youth Theft/Gain, Hyper, Immobilization, Mind Control, Cock Growth, Bubble butts, Dumbification, Sensitive Nipples, Moobs, Voice deepening, Extreme Proportions, Facial Improvement, Musk/Sweat, Excessive Cum, Hyper, Pecs.
    Here's the whole list of what I'm willing to try, if you're brave: https://www.f-list.net/c/Bastion%20The%20Bull

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  1. Glad to see you active again! I hope your New Year is already going well. :)

  2. "I just started running." Ahem, you mean "Waddling", don't you big boy? I'm looking forward to the next part. I totally expect him to go through some shock about how he can't run anymore, and I know there will be hell to pay when his wife gets home.
  3. I love how you can tell that the jocks are swaggering/waddling when they walk. The way you have have their shoulders tilted in an over exaggerated manner compared to the scrawny guys really drives home their huge size!
  4. I've tried self hypnosis a couple of times, but it doesn't seem to work. I think I need to find a professional to help me...
  5. Sadly, I have no choice but to wait and hope you post more here...
  6. CLEARLY, the other alien race they are fighting with are those plants. I love the idea, particularly the cum farms. I'm surprised you didn't take it to the extreme and make those bulls over endowed to the point of immobilization in order to maximize cum production.
  7. darkluster4

    m/m Bro Fam

    They need to sign up more members for this 'exclusive' part of the frat group, that way they can start a 'stable' of bulls. I volunteer.
  8. Great job! Lol. Now I'm trying to think about like Desato, and analyze a way out of what he's done. By it's very nature magic rewrites the rules of existence, which means it is itself subject to change. So there has to be a way for some one to 'see the truth' past the illusion, like a seer or something. (Boyfriend material?) I suspect that the orb and lamp would be key to that. The orb may not work for this new version of him, but it still has magic. And the lamp was a HUGE store house of magic. So maybe the lamp could absorb the orbs magic, and make a new genie? Also, what if he had 'become the illusion' but had set it right before he found the magic lamp? Could he have gotten some more wishes? (Maybe use them to adjust his wish...) I'd also be curious to find out how Gene's life develops. Is he able to see his 'father's' true form? What does he look like as a young adult? Does he have any memories of being a genie? Does he find love? Could we have an incident like Uub merging with Buu to unlock his TRUE POWER!? (Sorry, Dragon Ball Grand Tour reference there. lol )
  9. Darn, I want to know what other flavors there were. For... research.
  10. I think a variant of this would be fun, where when the players are captured they are turned into twinks right then and there. Maybe the hunters drain them of all their muscle and masculine traits, becoming more alpha. I do like the idea of the winner getting to become a hunter himself, as he is driven to become a bigger alpha with each show. It would be good to see the personality changes, and it would add an sense of desperation. (This could even be a form of 'criminal punishment'.) Overall, I like the story idea. My biggest wish would be to see more about their transformations. To see the big macho marine get turned into a small little twink, and ect.
  11. darkluster4

    m/m Rich man's son

    I'd almost say that since the 'former' rich kid didn't have any money any more, he couldn't afford the cock swap. So the CEO's new 'son' would get to keep his monster cock.
  12. Forced muscle growth, immobilization, straight to gay, Hyper cock and balls
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