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    i like to workout, it,s the first thing i am doing when i wake up right after my breakfast. I also like video games like sims 3, simcity, civilization and all fnal fantasy.
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    19" biceps

    New stats 24/07/2015

    Pants size : 36-38
    Neck : 16"/41cm
    Arms : 16"/40cm
    Forearms : 12"/30cm
    Chest : 45.5"/115cm
    Waist : 41.5"/115cm
    Legs : 28.5"/72cm
    Calves : 16.5"/42cm
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    I want someone that would help me push the limits of my body . maybe a coach that will push me hard in his gym.
  • What are your dream stats?
    Being big muscular muscle freak growing and bulking forever
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    Lee Priest
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  1. thanks for adding me as a friend ;)

  2. Sven0204

    Some Advices?

    Heya all, I have been working out using the insanity and the P90X program for a year now(becasue i wante to drop some fat before adding muscles) and i have lost around 60 pounds so far and i want to switch to a muscles building routine but i am a bit lost... I am very not dood at making a good schedule thats why i started using these programm but now i want to add muscles on my frame (specially my arms that i found tha i have lost a lot of mass on these) so if anyone can suggest any website or good routine to help me progress it would be great to have some help to workout at my home (because i cant afford a gym membership for the moment) thank you to have read me, in hope to heard from guys
  3. Sven0204

    Pdf Books Available For Your Reading Pleasure

    thanks for the hypnosis files i always wanted to try that i heard it can really help to focus more on the workout. gonna try it tomorow

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