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    Jocks, frats, growing with a partner, cuties with muscle, romance and love
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    6'0" & 170 lbs. Skinny and pretty fit.
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    6'2" & 220 lbs of cut, defined muscle.
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    My Twin Moves On, Robin Trammel's Double Trouble, Becoming Joshua Aaron, The Jocks Rule
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    Eric Janicki, Pietro Boselli, Diego Sechi, Jeff Seid, Calum von Moger, Nick Sandell, Michael Dean Johnson, and Big Connor
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    Biceps and chests, confidence and cockiness, masculine scents and smells like musk and sweat after a workout or game

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  1. growth

    That was one of the best stories I've read in ages; holy hell it was hot! I hope to see a continuation! I definitely agree with Scriptboy, I love stories when there's parallel growth between friends, or in this case rivals turned partners.