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  1. js44


    I'm late to this party but I want to use this forum to thank Hialmar for his insanely descriptive, detailed, thorough and visceral writing. This is my favorite of his but all of his are great. I don't know if English is your second language, but you have a mastery of it. Lines like this: For a short moment, you panicked, and your reason was screaming silent words of terror: "No! Not THEM! Not like THEM! I'm an ordinary man ... you realised, that your mental protests gradually lacked conviction" show the mental balance of the character. The fear but excitement. You also do an awesome job moving between the physical transformation and the psychological one. I've tried to center my stories on balancing this, on trying to show that as the character gains muscle (and in my stories anyway, "superpowers") he also changes mentally, coming to terms with who he is becoming. Sort of rising above the mortal he once was or something like that and revelling in it as he evolves. These lines really show that well: Really great writing, bro. I think it's tough to pull off something that balances the physical transformation with the psychological one and to do it clearly and also build up the intensity and excitement in the reader just as the character himself is experiencing it. I hope you find this encouraging because your stories really are top-notch. Thanks for sharing.
  2. js44

    The Ascension of Morty

    Awesome story, Ben. Thanks for sharing. Your stories are always great and they're missed around here! Keep writing, Bro!
  3. js44

    Loincloth Growth?

    Yes thanks, I do remember reading this one. I thought there was another one on the old site, too. One that's probably deep in the archives. I thought a group of guys were fighting over it or something? I could get it mixed up with another story, though. Thanks for sharing the link!
  4. js44

    Loincloth Growth?

    Was there a story on the old site, or maybe on another site, where a guy finds a barbarian's loincloth and puts it on, then he transforms into him? I wrote one with a similar story line but I never published it. Or maybe I did I can't remember. But I thought oh shit I think someone else already wrote a story like that. Does anybody know? Sound familiar? Thanks.
  5. js44

    The Shrine of the Gods II

    Tagline: A small guy finds an ancient shrine and he uses it to gain immortal powers and muscle. This is a sequel to a very old story I wrote. It's pretty typical for the kind of story I write. Any thoughts or criticisms? Please let me know. My mom told me not to go on the camping trip with Chip and the other seniors. She said they would pick on me, use me for their own amusement. She was right. I was the small, short guy that they liked to josh around with. Happened the last time I went camping with them. But we were about to go away to college and I wouldn't see them again. And I wanted another opportunity to hang out just us guys before we split up for good. You see, they were all the popular guys. And they had me hanging around them to be their wingman type. But more often they just poked fun at me. They were the great jocks and I was the skinny dweeb, the student manager of the basketball team. I didn't care. It wasn't that harmful. And anyway I got to live out some of my deepest fantasies with them. Getting naked in the locker room, streaking with them, beating off. They were ripped. Chip especially, a tall, masculine 6'4” type with huge glutes and a fat cock. Greg was maybe only 6' but he had a full chest of hair and a flaccid dick that was bigger than mine at full mast. Way bigger. We were hiking through the Pukaskwa when Greg decided to grab me by the collar. “Hey Brett ol guy, why don't you work your way down the trail to the left while we smoke a joint. You don't do that stuff, do you? You're too goody good for the reefer.” “No, I'll smoke up,” I said. “Nah we need you to find the way to the next trailhead and that closed trail to the left should be a shortcut, be a good boy for us and find it.” “Umm,” I said, looking over. The hill was steep and the rangers obviously closed it for a reason. I looked back to Chip and the other 4 guys staring at me, wanting me to go on, leave them alone. I must have been getting too clingy, they wanted me to shut up about my new comics that they thought were for nerds anyway. “Save me some grass for when I get back, then?” I asked. “Sure thing, buddy,” Chip said with a wink. I blushed and quickly turned around, I didn't want him to see me. I started heading down the hill carefully, “I think he's a fag,” Greg said as they lit up a match, pushing my shoulders down and causing me to trip. “Shut up, man,” Chip said back. “He's a nice dude.” I stumbled a few feet and lost my balance, tumbling once, twice, then three times off the trail and in a direction I couldn't determine. I then fell off a small cliff side and landed surprisingly on my feet. But my ankle twisted over itself. “Aww, fuck!” I shouted. The guy's murmuring voices were long gone, now, and I had no idea where I was. The trees looked very old, and the ivy and moss covering was dense. I walked 50 feet back to where I thought they guys were when I felt a strange, harsh draft lift up from below my feet. “Dang,” I said. I brushed aside the leaves and noticed a cracked rock. There were a line of rocks underneath the leaves moving away to my right for at least 80 feet. I walked along it, feeling pockets of cool hair lift from the rock whenever there was a split. At the end of the crevice was a small stack of rocks buried under the leaves, bristling from the wind pushing up from the cave below. I could hear rushing water below it. Curious, I wanted to see what was hiding under the rocks. With effort, I was able to push some of the rocks to the side, and as soon as I did the small pile remaining caved inward, falling down into a darkness. The wind wooshed up to me, it smelled fresh, like a spring creek. I lit up my cell phone light and peered below. It was dark but some light shone in through another alcove at the end of the cavern. I crawled into the opening and squeezed my way through, my skinny frame fitting pretty easily through the hole. I carefully worked my way down some of the boulders and landed on the cool cave floor. The light was better at the end of the room, and I worked my way forward, using my phone for light. A creek emerged to my right and the cavern made a sharp turn left, sloping downward another 100 feet or so. The cave made one more right turn, and at the end the cave opened wide. I must have walked a good distance because the sun, now shining brightly above me, was easily 100 feet high as the cave was deep under the ground. “Wow” I said, my voice echoing in the cavern. My eyes followed the creek as it split and ran down the middle of the cavern wrapping around to two intricately carved platforms. One was smaller and lower to the ground, and another was up a sloping set of stairs, a large alter looking piece with four strange, different colored stones sitting at each corner of the altar. “Weird,”I said. The creek widened in front of the alter. I put my hand in it and felt its cool, refreshing stream. To keep my shoes from getting soaked I knocked them off and pulled off my socks, and carefully walked the creek to the large altar ahead of me. I turned and saw a series of etchings on the stone wall to the right of the altar. Different depictions of this man fighting nude with his sword, defeating these evil-looking demon creatures. Having hordes of people praise him for his strength and power. Closer to the smaller altar was another set of drawings, ones that quickly drew my attention. I walked over to them and dusted off the rock to see the pictures clearer. They looked like drawings of the cave I was in. They featured a much smaller guy, someone about my size, with a large tribal group around him. The man walked to the smaller altar, removed all of his clothing, walked to the bigger altar, and set his hand on the back wall. The etchings started to fade, but it looked like the altar started electrocuting him, and he gained massive muscle as he floated above the altar. “Cool,” I said. It looked just like a comic. Suddenly, a strange thought occurred to me. What if I tried to repeat the drawings? They looked like a ceremony of some sort, like the cavern was used to create warriors of ancient times, perhaps for soldiers. I didn't know how it worked, but I was alone, and I figured it wouldn't hurt to try it, if nothing happened, well, nothing happened. I recrossed the stream and grabbed my socks and shoes, dropping them onto the lower altar. I threw off my shirt and pushed down my shorts, leaving me only in my boxer briefs. I looked over the etchings again. The man got naked at the smaller altar, turned, walked up to the bigger altar, and touched something on the back wall. I turned to the back wall behind the bigger altar but didn't see anything, it was blank. Far above I could hear some bird chirps and the wind scrape the trees and brush, but I didn't hear the basketball team above me. I was alone. I pushed down my briefs and stepped out of them, getting fully naked. As soon as the underwear hit the floor a loud WOOSH came from the back wall and a huge, magnificent picture of a muscle-clad warrior formed against the rock wall. “Holy shit,” I said. I was entranced. I walked off the lower alter, trying to repeat the ceremony as closely to the drawings as I could. I held my head high and my arms at my side. If I was to be a warrior, I couldn't be ashamed of my naked body. The rock of the larger alter was warm on my feet, and the crystals surrounding me also emenated a certain level of heat that felt warm and comforting. I looked at the warrior ahead of me and turned back to the etchings. The naked man would touch the back wall, and then the transformation would happen. I slowly lifted my right hand and, after a moment of hesitation, quickly touched the painting, putting my entire palm confidently on the warrior's chest. I could sense the crystals heating up around me, I turned to see them but continued determined to keep my hand where it was. They were growing brighter and brighter, electricity starting to form around them, arcing, and sparking out. Two of them hit me with a fierce force. “AWW” I screamed as they dug into my flesh and burned with a searing pain. My muscles started spasming in pain. The other two quickly followed, forcing me to release my hand and turn around to the open cave. The bolts circled around and into my body, spasming my muscles and causing me to twitch and turn uncontrollably. The painting behind me melted into the rock and the warrior painting literally swam through the cavern and toward the smaller altar, where it dissolved my clothes into the smaller altar. They literally evaporated as they sank into the rock. I could see it inside the rock and they worked their way back to the crystals where they were somehow powered with even more energy, arcing outward and onto my body, digging into my muscles and forcing them to balloon with incredible force! The pain quickly moved to pleasure. I started examining myself, my worried look turned to a smile, the energy charging through me was unlike anything else I had felt before. I was loving it. My arms and chest started growing outward as I went from my 5'6” frame to something more. I could feel the bone and muscle realgning themselves as the sinew started pushing hard against my arms, new crevices and muscle mass growing outward down to my hands and back to my shoulders. I repositioned myself, throwing my arms outward to take in as much of the power as it could. My shoulders snapped back as the muscle dug over my shoulder blades and outward, wrapping over the tops and down toward my pecs where they flattened and pushed outward, hard muscle shaping my pecs into the strongest of warriors. I couldn't believe what was happening, but I loved every minute, loved every second my abs aligned themselves, digging my skinny frame into a chiseled 8-pack, watching my naked Adonis belt form a deep cut v, latching my ever-exploding quads onto the top of my body as they started growing upward, football-sized quads sculpting themselves into the largest and most fit of any athlete. A masculine stench, one of sweat and semen started to radiate from me as I moved into a full warrior. “YES” I finally said, feeling the power surge through me as my shins exploded and feet grew outward, my ass locking into a large bubble to support the size of my quads, growing outward into a smooth, hard round shape, flexing to reveal the sculpted sinew of my body. My back and legs stretched as I continued gaining height, muscle and stamina. I could feel my body phasing from a normal human to something much more, something immortal. My dick started rustling between the increasing muscle of my legs and I smiled as I looked down to see it growing downward, a thick piece of meat fattening and growing downward as I felt my balls churn with the power, expanding into hyperdrive as my seed replicated itself, causing my balls to fill and drop, growing with fierce intensity as they lobbed between my legs. I wanted to touch it as I felt an intense level of horniness erupt from my package, but hair soon started sprouting upward from my tiny tuft of pubes down toward my legs, over my ass, and up a treasure trail to my abs and pecs. “YES God this feeels good!” I shouted, growing more and more confident, assured, and proud of the transformation happening to me. My mind started to fill with history and knowledge of the warriors who gained these powers, these bodies. I started cackling in pleasure. The bolts lifted me off the altar and I started levitating as I could feel an even more intense power surge erupt from the crystals. I was becoming a true god, and I couldn't be happier. That was when I realized, this was not an altar to create warriors, it was to create gods. The gods of ancient history were gracing me with their powers, and I quickly realized I was moving beyond being a mortal, the powers surged into my body and transformed my now muscle-clad body into an immortal container for pure power. I was phasing out of humanity and into immortality, and I loved it, I relished in it. I flexed my abs and arms and welcomed the powers and they dug into me, turning my flesh into an immortal power-ridden, phaseable and transformable being. “Yes! YEEEEESSSSSSSSS!” I shouted, my voice becoming deeper with each second. “AH HAHAHA!” As the transformation continued, all the crystals illuminated and bestowed me with powers of transformation and immorality. I couldn't believe that I was truly becoming a god as my human flesh became just an illusion, just a container so mortals could understand me. I could turn into anything, become anyone, be anywhere. My eyes lit with a red glow of power, “OH YEAH” I said as a supernova of power pushed one last time from the crystals and integrated into my body, exploding it into a huge mass of steam and electricity. My true, god-form erupted as I soaked in my powers, a dark cloud of a god cracking with energy and electricity. “YESS!” I said again, relishing in my pure-power form. I quickly pulled myself together and went back to a human form, forming back to the muscle-clad warrior that I was. Dropping myself to the floor, in human form once more, I examined myself, looking at the thin line of brown hair over my densely-muscled and tanned body. “What the fuck!” I said in pride and happiness. This was who I was meant to me, and I loved every minute of it. I touched my dick and felt a surge of orgasmic pleasure wrap over me, I wanted nothing more than to beat off, but I had other plans. I could sense the guys, they were thinking about jumping into the lake. I floated my body up and toward the high ceiling of the cave, phasing my body through the rock and dirt and emerging on the surface once more. I was buck naked, what would the guys think if they saw me? Would they run? “Wait,” I told myself, “I can control them, I can make them do anything. But do I really want to do that?” I decided it better not to completely freak them out, I ordered my old shirt and shorts to appear over my body, and I turned invisible, quickly moving back to the campgrounds. The guys were stripping down to their boxers, getting ready to jump into the lake. I looked onto them with contempt, these guys showered naked together but they didn't have the balls to skinny dip? I could do something about that. I turned myself visible again but reduced my body back to the dweeb I once was, save for a little muscle, just enough to get their attention. Greg turned around to me. “Hey Brett,” he said, “ how did that trailhead work out for you?” Chip walked behind him, pulling off his shirt. “Shut the fuck up, Greg!” Chip said. He turned back to me and more politely asked, “hey dude, we're gonna go for a swim. Come on, join us, Greg promised he won't be a prick any more.” Filled with confidence, I couldn't help but appeal to the jocks by acting like one. They would soon know my true form anyway. “Yeah guys, let's go for a swim, but you all are fuckin jocks, why are you wading into the water like pansies.” I pulled my shirt off, revealing a slightly more cut body. Chip paused and looked more closely at me. Greg, frowned, they had seen their manager get naked, but had never seen this kind of body on him. “Yeah, you know what I'm talking about, real men get naked, are you going to show who you truly are or just swim like pansies in your boxers,” I said. I walked toward them as I threw my shirt on the ground, the other guys turning their attention toward me, never before seen a dweeb like Brett act with such confidence or with any kind of muscle mass. “Well, what are you waiting for?” I asked, pulling off my shoes and socks. It was then I told my form to slowly morph into the true muscle-clad god that I was, to give my body the full stamina that I transformed to. My skin started darkening as hair started to reemerge across my body, my muscles slowly twiching and growing out of every crevice it could. “WHAT?” I asked with a smile. Chip said it first: “uhh, dude, you are gaining some serious muscle, here. What's happening to you?” I looked down at myself. “So?” I said. “This is who I am now, do you like it?” I told the muscle to go into overdrive as I twisted my back, “Mmm...feel so good!” I shouted as I lost myself in my transformation. I didn't care to casually strip any longer, their eyes were completely on me as they saw my body explode with muscle. I tugged at my shortline and ripped off my shorts and underwear, revealing myself in my true naked form as I transformed once more from human to god-like. “OH YEAH!” I shouted as I grew upward and outward, my dick and balls once more growing to fit the god that I truly was. The guys now had their completely attention on me, completely in awe of the growing warrior before them. I turned back to the guys, staring at my form. “What?” I asked with a chuckle. “Are you jealous or something?” I could tell that the guys were almost in love with me. They were infatuated with my body, and they could sense my immortal powers. Greg was the first to ask, “dude, what are you? How we can become...you?” I smirked, strutting myself toward the lake, I could feel their eyes following me. “If you're real man, then you'll get naked, then I can help you to become like me.” The guys looked to each other before quickly stripping themselves of their shorts and underwear, following me out to the dock by the lake. I turned around to see the team following, completely naked, and completely careless about their nudity. Greg was growing a boner he was so excited. I channeled a ball of energy out of my hands, a dark nova of power, encircling around my hands, growing outward. “Greg,” I said, looking up at him. “Come here.” Greg walked toward me, trying to cover his erection but knowing it was futile. If he was to become a fellow immortal, what difference would it make, anyway? I tipped the dark ball of power and slowly balanced it on my finger, carrying it toward him, brushing away his hands from covering his package. Greg was no doubt a jock, and his cock and balls were huge, but this was different, he was going to phase into a new being. I pushed the ball of energy into his package, and it racked his body with power. “OH FUCK!” Great shouted in pleasure as he immediately exploded with muscle, filling his body with new powers he had never dreamed of ever having. He levitated as his muscles realigned themselves, nearly equaling their size and power to my own. “FUCK YES MOOOORERREEE!” he shouted again as he let the powers of the gods take over his form, transforming him any way it wished. He landed, a completely transformed god, one of power. He understood now what he had, and his respect for me immediately changed. “Oh yeah this feels good. Dude! You did this to me! This is fuckin awesome! YEAH!!! Who wants some!!” He shouted, and the rest of the team surrounded us in eager anticipation, waiting to receive the powers of the gods.
  6. js44

    The Jocks Rule III

    The Jocks Rule III I tossed my stick to our manager as I ran off the field for cooldown. “Thanks Dan,” I said, heavily breathing. The workout was rough but worth it, another good practice for the Lacrosse team. “Last year of games, Wade, can you believe it?” my buddy Mike shouted to me as we jogged around the campus before heading back to the locker room. “Not really,” I said, shrugging my shoulders. “I think I'm gonna miss it, been fun doing this sports stuff.” “No kidding,” Mike answered back, between breaths, “work out ourselves for years, do pretty damn good, go to state champs, impress some people, get some girls, fun times right? Do you think it'll be like this in college?” “I'm not going to State, my school doesn't have a Lacrosse team, but I could do D3 football,” I said. “I haven't talked to them about it though.” “Well, I think you're a kickass footballer too, you could probably do it, I'll stick with the Lacrosse myself,” Dan replied. We stood in the field stretching ourselves as a few other players joined us, continuing the banter of school life and the ease and comfort with being jocks at our high school. The guys cracked jokes about experimenting with alcohol and getting laid, Dan and I chimed in when we felt like it. The guys looked to me for the athletic moves and the team camaraderie, I was the captain. But I wasn't really the sort of social leader, most of that was left up to Jeff, the team jokester and all around fun guy, but he didn't have the same level of maturity that I did. Dan, Mike and I were a little more mature, but Dan didn't quite have the athleticism, but he was still our good friend and on the team as a manager. Jeff quickly hopped up and pulled his practice shirt off, his sweat gleaning in the evening sun. “5pm ladies, shower time!” he shouts, running off toward the locker room. We laugh and follow, continuing our usual ritual that we've done over the years. We were part of a pretty big school district so we had opportunity to play lots of other teams. Most of the guys from the other communities were less diverse than we were. We had the slew of jocks, nerds, nice guys, means ones, all combined. Being a jock didn't necessarily mean being an asshole, though Dan and I found plenty of them. We had more than a few at our high school too, though. Mostly from the football and baseball teams. We saw the baseball team ahead of us heading into their locker rooms, we were adjacent to them and often put up with their shenanigans begrudgingly. “Why is it that the assertive jocks are on baseball?” I ask Dan as the team ran into their locker room. “Not sure,” he said, replying, “I used to think the more muscle one had on his body, the more of an asshole he became, now I'm not so sure. Jeff probably takes the cake on the beef these days, and he's one of the nicest guys around, he plays Dungeons and Dragons on Friday nights and is good friends with all the nerdy dudes.” “Yeah that's true. But Jeff is probably 2nd in muscle to Craig, who is a huge asshole. Well, and you, Danny boy,” I added, giving him a friendly tap on his rock-shaped butt. “Mmm!” Dan shouted with a smile, “you see, you do shit like that though and you just add to the stereotype, am I right?” “Dude, we are too smart for high school,” I add, laughing, as we head into the cool locker room. I felt the sweat lift off my brow as I opened my locker, checking my watch for the time. “Man, I'm glad it's the weekend,” I added to Dan, spinning the combo on his own locker. Jeff was already hopping around the locker room in his compression shorts. “Baseball team gotta hurry outta the showers I'm achin for a cleanin!” Jeff shouted. “Wade my boy!” he said, giving me my own ass tap, “what are you up to this weekend?!” “Might visit the girlfriend, might go see the grandparents not sure yet. Sister isn't using the car this weekend so I guess I could go out too. You all gonna see a movie or something?” “Yeah dude, a bunch of guys from school are seeing the new Snakes on a Something movie, should be good reefer smokin fun. You in?” “Yeah maybe, shoot me a text I'll let you know what I'm up to.” Jeff fist-pumped his arms in victory. “You don't get out enough Wade-man!” he said. “It'd be fun to hang out a little bit!” Jeff was a tall dude, at least 6'4”, he was also one of the most developed of any of us, hairy treasure trail and a thick lock of treads under his armpits and over his man package. He could throw the ball like no other either, and was a tremendous Lacrosse and Football player. I also heard he played golf like a pro but I never played with him. But his goofy mannerisms and easy to come personality made him all around laid back and likeable in general. I think most people felt I was the same way, I was just a tad quieter than him. And maybe a little more serious too, so when I yelled at the team for screwing up, maybe I alienated them a bit. But we got along well anyway. “Baseball team taking too long, I'm goin in anyway!” Jeff shouted as he stretched out his compression shorts and slipped his naked body out of them. His legs were pretty thickly covered with his black locks, but he had some trimmings done recently. “You maintaining that rainforest on your legs?” I asked chuckling at his cropped pubes. “You think you got someone to impress these days.” Jeff smiled before grabbing Dan, now down to his own compression shorts, and locking him into his armpit, “I'm doing for Danny Boy! He loves when I get naked and hold him in place!” Dan had the strength to not only unlock himself but launch Jeff into the locker row behind us, shoving the metallic cabinets a few inches back. “Whew!” Jeff said, hopping up and down in enthusiasm. “I hope to see that kinda shit when we play ball!” Dan couldn't help but laugh at the naked clown. “Dude you are too much,” he said. “But fuck yeah, I'll be out there knocking people around, thanks for the suggestion, though.” Jeff tossed his compressions into the laundry basket and strutted himself toward the showers. “Baseballers, the naked lacrossers are entering your turf, your time is up!” I pulled my shirt off and looked at my cut upper body. I spent over a year conditioning myself to chisel out, not so much for the looks. Well, not alone anyway, but because I knew strength would help me win in sport. And it seemed to work too. But I didn't mind the looks either. My pecs melded into my big shoulders, so they didn't stand out, but I had pretty big shoulders and admired the sinew that wrapped over my arms and down to my hands. My abs were more impressive, though, 6 distinct ribs jutting in and out as they cropped down to my legs. I pulled off my shorts and looked them over too, my bottom ab flexing into my adonis with my thighs melded distinctly under my compression shorts. My brown hair carried itself over my legs but I didn't have much on my upper body, not that that mattered too much, I guessed. Dan meanwhile had nearly no hair on him, but that was mostly by choice. He wrestled in the winter and said the mats and contact made that messy on him. As he slipped out of his own shorts, I grew a little hypnotic on his flat, square and rock hard butt, the guy could probably hold a building with that thing, it was a quintessential image of masculinity. Dan stretched his shoulders and turned back around to me, looking me over as I tossed my shorts and socks into the laundry basket. He looked over my body before commenting, “I know you always give me shit for having a great ass, but dude yours is shaping up nicely. You might have me beat if I don't lift more!” I turned to the mirror and noticed a nice square evolving out of my own rear. “Yeah maybe so, Danny,” I said with a smile, shrugging. “I guess you're motivating me to work a little harder here!” When I was a freshmen, the concept of naked showers scared the crap out of me. I didn't know how to handle myself. Or if I could look around, talk to people, be social. I think for the first week during football I kept my eyes on the wall. It wasn't until the other jocks, who apparently were used to the behavior from club sports, started opening up that I joined in. I was glad I did too, it was a fun bonding time for all of us, especially on the lacrosse team, we were all nice guys, and the act of getting naked wasn't just about showing ourselves and asserting ourselves, though there probably was some of that. It was just about being open and willing to be ourselves, and only ourselves, with people we trusted. I digged that. I think my buddies did too. And regardless, the compression shorts were sweating my loins like crazy, so I peeled them down and looked again at my bare butt in the mirror. “Step back, Dan,” I said, as he grabbed his towel. “Oh I see what you're doin, nope, you still don't have me beat,” Dan replied as he dropped his towel and turned his ass to compare with mine against the elevator. “Not far though!” He gave me another slap as he picked up his towel, his bare rear shining right in my face, I couldn't help but throw a towel smack on him as he lifted himself back up. “Yeah I had that one comin!” he said as he jumped his body forward unexpectedly. I threw my towel over my shoulders and walked toward the shower coordinator as none other than Baseball Craig walked his body out. He and Dan were virtually the same build, but Craig had a menacing, viking sort of look to him. His pecs pushed way out of his body and his blonde hair flung over his head like a matty mop. He didn't have a ton of hair but his dick was massive, it swagged left and right with every step he took, and he wasn't afraid to show it. “Where you thinkin of goin to?” Craig asked. He wasn't the smartest tool in the box. “You're outta the showers right Craiggy boy?” Dan asked as he bumped into him on purpose. “Oops, got a little sweat on you there, let me clear it off,” as he rubbed his sweaty palm on him. “Watch it dude!” Craig said, swatting him off. “Hey we're doing a little rugby match over at the auxiliary field tonight, coach said we could use it. You guys should come over. Let's do baseball v lacrosse bros, we'll see who dominates at the Sport of True Alphas.” Dan and I laughed, we didn't even know Craig knew what an “alpha” was. “How many people are going?”I asked, “How many should we bring?” “I dunno 10 or 8 or whoever, just ask your lacrosse bros, we're playing at 9pm, after the sun sets, should be killer...” I turn toward the shower room where my teammates are already settled and lay down my towel. Craig tapped me on the shoulder and I turn around, following him for a second. He held his towel in his hand as it waved over his package. “Dan you too,” Craig whispered. “Hey, what's this non jock doing in our locker room?” he asked pointing toward the end of the baseball player's corridor. I turned with Dan and saw a fellow senior at the end of the rows of lockers turn his head and start fiddling with his locker. “Uhh I think that's Ben, isn't it?” I asked. “Dan isn't that kid in your physics class?” “Yeah he's a senior but he looks like freshman, I don't really talk to him much. He's not a nice guy, he's always one upping everyone else.” Dan answers. “Well he's not a fuckin jock, I'm gonna show him who's boss,” Craig said, tossing his towel away and walked naked toward the kid, “Hey kid who are you? What are you doing here? This ain't no required PE locker room for nerds!” he shouted. “This is an athlete space, that isn't even your locker...” trailing off. I shook my head no, “no time for that,” I said and Dan and I headed into the shower. – – Dan picked me up at 8:55 and I threw my gear into the car, tying my sneakers as he peeled out of my neighborhood. “What took you so long, man?” I asked. “Did you bring a change of clothes I figure we might get pizza afterwards.” “Dude I had to take care of the dog she was sick earlier, I had to wait for my folks to get back. Anyway she's doing better now, but that's why I'm late,” he said, scratching the back of his neck. “Damn, man, I'm sorry about that,” I replied. “Is everything OK?” “Yeah I think so she's just getting old you know? Anyway, yeah I bet the lacrosse guys are gonna get some pizza afterwards. I'm not all that excited about having the baseball 'bros' join us, they're gonna smoke up all my pot.” “Oh you brought some?” I asked, “I might pass tonight though. I'd rather not be hanging around with Craig and his cronies too late either. The game will be fun, though.” I noticed Dan wasn't dressed. “Did you bring your gear?” I asked. “You're not gonna play in that are you?” “No,” he answered, “I'll run into the locker room before we start, assuming it's unlocked. Otherwise, you guys can have the pleasure of seeing me change once again on the field. I just didn't have time before I had to bolt.” We pulled into the lot and saw our team and the baseball guys stretching and tossing the rugby ball around. “Well,” I said getting out of the car, “nothing is too out of hand yet, not at least between the teams.” Dan grabbed his bag, shouting at the guys, “Jeff I'll be right back, just gonna change and toss this shit in my locker.” I joined up with the lacrosse dudes and started stretching, Jeff threw me the ball. “Remember those plays we came up with a few weeks ago?” Jeff asked, more serious than usual. “Not really,” I said, remembering that we had come up with some creative moves to try to outsmart an opposing team, but not really remembering what they were. “Hey Mike,” Jeff shouted, “What was that play we were talking about?” Mike's eyes lit up, “Oh yeah, remember Wade, you take prop, we'll take hooker, we'll have Dan...” “Oh yeah, I got it,” I answered, looking over at the baseball team trying out their own plays. “These dudes are going to tackle me over,” I added, “are you sure we shouldn't have you trying to block these guys' attacks?” I asked Jeff. “Let's give a try for these first few plays and go from there, I believe in you Wade!” Jeff added, smacking my ass before heading over to the baseball dudes to begin playing. It took me a minute to get my skills going again, but the rest of our team was playing great, even the baseball jocks were lightening up a little, including Craig. As we finished the first half, sweaty and muddy from a rough round, we high-fived and took a break. “Alright,” Jeff said, giving a rally dance, “they only got one point ahead of us, if we change up our strategy I think,” Jeff was interrupted by a loud Craig shouting off to the west, near a bank of trees at the forest border. “Hey you!” he shouted, “what the fuck are YOU doing here?!” Jeff and I turned to each other in question as I looked over at Dan, shrugging his shoulders. Craig walked into the woods and came back seconds later half dragging, half shoving a smaller guy out from the woods. The guy was only in his boxers, and he seemed to be fighting something in his hands, desperately trying to put it together, like a puzzle piece. “Lookie what I found here, boys! Little Ben, the kid who is always trying to sabotage and fuck with me!” Craig shouted, shoving Ben toward us. “I caught him, I think he was trying to play a prank on me. But not today! Little nerd thinks he can take revenge on me, I haven't even done anything to him! Just knocked his science books out of his hands once. What were you doing, Ben?!” Ben didn't answer, he seemed desperate, the little guy was fiddling with what looked like two rocks, but he seemed distraught, I could see tears flowing down his face in the moonlit evening. “What's going on?” I asked, Dan following behind me. “Craig, he's just a little twerp, leave him be. What the fuck are you doing in your boxers, Ben?” I asked, approaching the kid. “Get the fuck away from me! Or you'll pay!” he shouted, a threat perhaps but pretty but idle to me, the kid couldn't kick a flower over even if he tried. Blue sparks shot out of the rocks as he tried to shove them against each other but it didn't seem to do anything other than spark on his hand. “Come on!” he shouted, “what's wrong?” Craig lifted Ben's hairless arms causing Ben to drop one of the rocks. Ben shoved him back as quickly as he could, gaining a foot from him as Ben ran for the rocks. “Watch it, Ben!” I shouted, stepping forward and grabbing his arm. “What the fuck is this kid doing?” I was still perplexed by the sheer aggression of the kid, he was trying to do something to hurt us I could tell, but why he would put so much energy into doing this made me more concerned for him than for me. It's like he was hypnotized by the rocks, corrupted by them. After Craig pushed back the nerd, one of the rocks flung up and toward me, the other one still clutched in Ben's hand. I grabbed the flying rock with my free hand but when I did the other immediately freed itself from Ben's grasp, flying like a levitating yo-yo toward me, moving, as if attracted at that point like magnets, immediately to the other one once I had it in my hand. A blue explosion of light flung out from them, throwing both me and Ben back. I could sense the rocks shoving Ben away from me, almost of its own force. I started flying back too but both of the rocks were now following me alone. Time slowed. Everything seemed to slow down around me. The guys were watching me in surprise and amazement as I was lifted and flying through the air moving 1, 2, 3 or more feet back toward the rest of the lacrosse bros. I had time to look around, the two rocks were following me but couldn't catch up, they were unlatched from each other but kept following me as if attracted to me alone. I looked past them and saw Ben flying backwards himself, but neither rock followed him, only me. As the rocks approached my face a clear picture formed in my head. It was like a dream, but more detailed, more real. I could see a vision but I could also feel it, somehow. It looked like a blurry image right in front of me that was becoming more real as the field and my teammates melted around me. The vision was of me, but maybe a little older, just a year or two. I was naked, and I was filled with incredible muscle. I wasn't inflated, but every groove was distinct on my tanned body, everything looked like it had a perfect purpose, a well-balanced mix of endurance, strength and confidence. My dick and balls were huge. I smiled at the vision. “What is this?” I told myself in a slow, deliberate manner. The naked man in front of me turned and said, simply, “put the amulet together, Wade. I'll be waiting for you,” and he turned into a cloud of dark, blue, electric smoke. It gathered around my head and filled me with intense visions of power, of strength, of immortality, of other-worldly desires and vices that I never before would have dreamed of. This amulet was immortal, it felt divine in some way but how I didn't know. Was it an alien race? Or some old polytheistic god relic? More information flooded my head, the Zets, it was a race, a supernatural race of immortals, and they placed their power in these stones. This amulet. “Woah,” I told myself as the knowledge flew into my mind. I couldn't make sense of it but the images were there nonetheless. This race was selfish, forthright, they were strong, centered and dominating, I had never felt anything like it. The vision faded and the world sped up once more, back to reality. I landed on the ground and time caught back up with me. Ben was struggling maybe 10 feet away, “NO!” he shouted to Craig, braking loose from him. “I WANT IT!” he shouted, running back toward me in another attempt to grab the amulet. He approached as I started to lift my chest off the ground, he wanted the amulet. More than I did. He must have had the same vision but the amulet apparently wasn't giving him what he wanted. I lifted my leg and tripped him, causing him to fall a few inches from the amulet. “Ouff,” he said, defeated again. I quickly grabbed the two rocks and stepped back from Ben, still struggling on the ground. “What was that?” Dan asked, approaching me. “What the hell happened?” Jeff said following Dan's question, my team concerned for me as I regained my balance. The world came back into my view. I had the rocks. I had the amulet! “Guys, grab that little twerp for me,” I said, surprised at my own assertion. Dan and Craig quickly grabbed the struggling Ben who was trying to take another shot at me. They lifted his feet off the ground as he continued struggling against their strength, but he was no match for them. “Let me GO motherfuckers!” he demanded. I looked down at my body. My rugby shirt was in tatters and my shoes and socks were completely burned off. My shorts were also ripped on one end exposing part of my compression shorts, but the shorts were holding on. Barely. My feet felt damp in the evening grass. I looked around to see the other jocks circling around us, Dan and Craig holding the little Ben right across from me, his resisting was slowing down out of exhaustion, but he looked to me with an angry eye. “What was that?” Jeff asked, “that thing blew you back 10 feet.” “Woah.” I whispered, still taking in what happened to me. “It, umm, chose me,” I said, staring down at the two dark blue rocks. They both had strange etchings on each face, and both were triangular shaped. “I saw something,” I said, turning back to my friends, “when the amulet chose me, it told me to put them together, to make them one, then I saw what would happen to me. It was like, powers. These insane powers of strength and endurance and. And more.” The guys weren't sure whether or not to believe me. As fantastic as they saw what happened, they saw what looked like a supernova blow both me and Ben backwards. But this thing chose me. I looked to Ben and smiled at him, confidence brewing in me, channeling the amulet. I don't know how Ben found it but he thought he could use it for himself, and tried to strip and use it so he could gain the powers and make the baseball jocks pay for his bullying. Holding the amulet in my hands I could faintly feel his thoughts, his anger, his defeat. The thing gave me the powers to read minds even before putting it together. And it was increasing an assertion and aggression that I never felt before. “You thought you could use it!” I said, this strange sense of confidence brewing ever more inside me, “you came here to try to turn into a warrior, and to use the powers for your own selfish intent! You wanted to try to hurt us!” Craig, knowing that Ben was exacting revenge on him, asked me, “what do you mean, Wade? This little kid thought he could beat us up or something?” “More than that,” I said. “He could have done anything to us. These rocks are a form of ancient power. He found them, and hoped to enact revenge on you. Maybe all of us. But it doesn't matter. The amulet wasn't made for a shrimp like you,” redirecting my attention to Ben and feeling more excited, the adrenaline in my body fueled by the rocks. “This is for a jock, you punk. It's for someone like me. For the men standing around you.” I had to put them together, I had to see what would happen. I could feel the rocks beckoning me to. I felt a surge of energy and confidence more pronounced than I ever had before. These things were almost commanding me to do it, and I was all too happy. “Men,” I said, alerting my friends and fellow jocks, “these rocks were designed to transform male specimens of true strength into gods. The Zets, an immortal race from millena ago, created them. And they chose me to inherit this one.” I held it up for the guys around me to see, they stared up and in awe as a blue light emanated from it, the blue streaks of electric power gracing over my hand. “It's my turn to take this right, to take this transformation,” I said, smiling at Ben. I knew what to do, and the confidence in me made me more excited to do it than anything else in my life. I ripped off my tattered gym shorts leaving me only in my white compression shorts. My dick was rustling inside them, I could feel its girth pushing against my shorts. The guys could see the excitement underneath it, but I didn't care. This was my time to truly shine. “After I gain this, I'll be sure to share its riches with you all, but we'll have to figure out what to do with little Ben here, first,” I said smiling at him. “Let me go!” he shouted, “Don't do it, Wade, you're better than this! You're not like them!” “And you are?” I said back. “Fuck, Ben, you wanted to fuckin destroy us with this thing! You're telling me I'm better than this? Who are you to judge? You aren't better than anyone at all. And who are you tell a jock who he is and what he can do! No one who wants to destroy a jock deserves to make orders. Or plea. I'm in charge now, and I decide what to do!” Ben was whimpering and looking around, trying to find an exit but unable to move with my friends armlocking him in. “Hey!” I shouted, a smile on my face. I wanted this punk to take in his demise. “Look at me, kid! I said look!” Ben turned to stare at me as I placed my hands to my sides and shoved down my underwear and felt my sweat cool in the evening air. I stepped out of my shorts and stood for Ben take me in; he stared in wonder at my body and my horizontal dick, eagerly anticipating what was to happen to me. I smirked at him. I walked to the center of the gathering, everyone's attention on me. “These gods were naked beasts, and I be the same,” I added, turning back to Ben. “You don't have what it takes, the body or the personality of a jock. That's why it didn't choose you. Now, look on me, and despair.” I took the two rocks in each of my hands and neared them to each other. Looking back at Ben once more, I smiled, I saw him looking my body up and down, seeing my horizontal dick twitch at the anticipation. “This is it, boys,”I said, and I clicked the two rocks together. The rock started levitating, spinning very slowly. A streak, then two of blue electricity graced my hands. It was bonding with me, determining the jock that I was. I was naked and ready for it. “Fuck yeah,” I whispered as I felt it accepting me. The amulet circled around me once, twice, each rotation slowly picking up speed as a graced bolt or two ran across my abs or ass, when it hit my dick, the amulet started flowing out a thick, blue, electric filled steam, landing at my feet the steam started working its way up my body, across my waist, wrapping around my abs. I lifted my arms and looked up in surprise. “Here it comes!” I shouted, “I can feel the powers, the POWERS!” The bolts attacked me like fire, covering my entire naked body with its power. It was the opposite of pain, though, each strike from the electric bolts of the steam felt like an orgasm rocking my body at every level from my extremities to my inner core. Every brush from the amulet felt divine as its powers filled me with strength and power. The steam lifted me a few feet off the ground as I lifted my head toward the heavens, looking upward the heavens, toward the source of my power, gifting me with its relic, with the powers of a long forgotten alien race. “Yes, YES!” I shouted as the bolts dug into me and pumped my body upward and outward with muscles, each crack and movement of my body filling with girth and sinew. My already hardened body was contoured, but didn't have the level of sinew that the gods beheld, so they pushed outward, more weight gaining on my shoulders, chest and abs, burning deep crevices from a 6 pack to an 8 pack. My ass pushed outward and went from a box to a refined bubble, circling and hardening as it wrapped down to my quads which pushed hard against my skin. “Oh fuck yeah!” I shouted. Even though I let my body go limp, completely opening it to the powers of the amulet, it was forcefully taking it in every direction, forcing me to move my limbs and adjust them to its powers, filling them with the strength and endurance of a god. The muscle extended down my shins and onto my feet before branching out across my bi and triceps, hardening them and flexing them with multi-contoured muscle. My hands cracked and grew as they pumped with strength, filling upward to my neck and across my head, sharpening my brow with a look of aggression and strength. I stretched my body apart from itself, pulling as hard as I could as every orifice filled to capacity with the amulet's power. My body moved beyond the confines of humanity, became unbound to the normality of being a mere man. I was becoming a god, and my dick was growing to reflect it. My circumcised head folded back over and under my newly grown cock as it grew a defined and bulbous shape underneath the foreskin, fit for a true god. My balls realigned as my seed went from a normal, biological makeup to one of power. They weighed down as they filled with the power, stretching my package, and their powers spread throughout my flesh and blood, transforming it into an immortal, energy-rich power that would never go away, and would never be confined by the restrictions of humanity again. I was laughing with sheer selfishness now. I couldn't help it, my mind filled with the powers and their uses. I could do virtually anything! And no human could stop me. “YESS!” I shouted again as my voice pitched deeper, reflecting power and more masculinity. My body stretching its hair across across my chest, down my belly button and over my legs. “YESS!” I shouted again. I could feel the powers coming under my control. For the first time now I could do what I wanted; I ordered the rest of it to flow into me, feeling the steam conquering over my body. Finally the amulet itself slammed into my chest, sinking into my body. I ordered my body to literally become the immortal steam surrounding it, melding my fleshy appearance with the power of the electric cloud, reforming it and appearing as a humanoid, but with a dark, rich, electric-ridden cloud in the shape of a man. I could be whatever form I wanted, but this was perfect to show Ben what I had become, and what he could never have. “Look upon me, Ben!” I shouted, my voice rocking the walls of the sports quad. My form was an infinite, circular swath of power and might. He was intimidated and infatuated with me. With the power that I held. I lifted my steam-filled arm and stretched it the 10 feet toward him, taking a swipe as it reached through his body and across him. I could feel his flesh and his thoughts. Even with his fear and jealousy he was getting turned on, he could sense and get a glimpse of my powers as I moved my hand, depositing some of my power-ridden steam into him. “Oh, OHHH!” He shouted in pleasure, I wiped across him once more, dissolving his boxers and leaving him naked. “Let him go,” I ordered my friends as they dropped him. He tried to run but he was too lost in his own pleasure. A quickly building orgasm leaving him confused and ever infatuated with me. His dick started rising quickly, he couldn't cover it with his hands. It grew past them into the biggest boner of his life, stretching upward as his balls pulled into his body. “Oh fuck! Mmmm....” he said becoming more lost, trying to run away but finding his dick was leading the way. I pulled the steam back toward me and turned it back into a muscle-studded human. I looked the same as before, but now muscle-clad, with masculine hairline across my chest and legs, and my new godly package accentuated in front of me. As I collapsed my power back into a 6'2” body, and flesh started to reemerge throughout, Ben couldn't look away, nor could the rest of the team. But Ben's dick was knocking without any fapping, and was going to explode whether he wanted it to or not. He looked at my arms, at my chest hair, down at my ginormous penis, completely lost in me. As the flesh returned to my body, I looked at him with a smile and ordered his orgasm. And his body rocked and exploded with cum. “Oh god! NO, fuck, mmm...yes!” he said, lost as he stared at me, his goosebumps flowing over his skin as he saw his new god emerge. “YES!” He shouted again as gobs and gobs of cum raced out of his dick, exhausting his convulsing body, causing him to wipe and pass out onto the ground. I walked over to him and looked briefly, “Hmm,” I said, “looks like this little dick is tuckered out.” My teammates started laughing and hollering in support, they were in agreement with me because they knew what I had, but also because they wanted it. And they knew I could give it to them. “Woot!” a few them shouted in excitement, “we want it!” others said, gathering around me. “What is it?” Still others said. “What can we do? What do you want us to do? You're the boss now!” they shouted in succession. “Too many questions,” I answered with a controlled demeanor, and waived to silence them. “You can't explain it, you must feel it. This power is designed by supernatural jocks to reward all races of jocks around the universe. I am now a part of it, and I have the powers to share it. I can't explain it. I can only show it.” The 18 guys around me started cheering with pleasure. They wanted it, they knew what it did to me and they wanted it for themselves. I looked down at little Ben. “What to do with him?” I asked. “Should he join us?” Most of them said “NO!” or “Fuck no!” they didn't think he deserved it, and neither did I. But I looked at the pathetic body below me and took some pity. “All he wanted was this,” I said, “all he wanted was to be like us, and to feel life as a true jock.” I levitated him, still exhausted and barely awake from the most sensational orgasm he ever felt. “Let's give the kid a little something. Maybe he could become our page. Our errand boy. Not a true jock, but bring him under our influence.” I signaled to four of my friends to hold him at each limb. I stood beside him and channeled my power toward him, pushing blue-green streaks of power across his body and into his orifices. I covered his tiny prick with my large lands and touched it, funneling a taste of my power into him. “Hmmm.” He groaned as his body started pushing outward, muscle building on the frame as the shrimp became the jock. He got bigger, but I didn't allow him to grow bigger than any of my fellow jocks, not as big as they were to become. He awoke as he filled out and grabbed his now respectable dick. Ben left his inhibitions behind as he became a jock, and an immortal one at that, but one with lesser powers than my fellow team was to receive. He stood himself up and stretched himself. “Oh, Wade,” He said, a look of never-ending gratitude and humility on his face. “You did this for me? How can I repay you.” “You will do what we say, when we say it,” I commanded. “I understand,” he said. “Anything. I am your's.” “Good. Now, jocks, get naked, time to meet your destinies.” The lacrosse and baseball bros were true jocks and did not need me to force them to strip. They were all too happy. The guys eagerly pulled their shirts, shoes socks and shorts off. Craig was the first to get naked, but the other guys quickly followed behind him. Standing near me in a half circle, everyone trying to get close, to be the first one to gain the powers of the Zets. These men were respectable, they had the endurance necessary to become an immortal. While I didn't want to make them as powerful as me, I wanted nothing more than to spread a piece of my power to my friends, and make them immortal. I ordered Ben to step aside and he silently obeyed. I levitated my body and broke it apart into a cloud of blue, electric power, violently shaking above the team. “Time to become what you were meant to be,” I said, and descended down onto the naked jocks.
  7. js44

    Superman bodyswap

    There's a couple, are you thinking of an older one or newer one? SuperGod http://archive.muscle-growth.org/threads/40383-p1.html Becoming Superman https://muscle-growth.org/topic/10836-the-power-of-the-kryptons-becoming-superman/ There's probably more, would like to read them myself if there are any out there.
  8. js44

    The Jocks Rule

    Thanks Jurai, that's awesome that you made part of the story your own, would definitely like to hear what you did with it. I felt a little uneasy about the ending of part II, it felt unfinished and like the characters didn't take it anywhere satisfying, an abrupt ending that was also kind of weak. Part III is much more like I, but I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not, just to have a similar situation but with different characters. I don't have skype, but I'm happy to hear your comments if you want to PM them or post them to the Jocks Rule II forum. I'll try to get III up shortly, too, look forward to your feedback there too.
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    The Jocks Rule

    I just wrote a third part still need to edit it. I'll add it to the main story area probably in the next week or two. Thanks for your feedback, I changed the narration each time, and each story is told from different perspectives. The problem with this story is that I've only been able to write different TF sequences for groups of guys, I don't develop them. I just hop to the next jock that the amulet, or other amulets, seems to "find." Then show how the next dude gains those powers, and usually becomes corrupted them. Do you guys have a direction you'd like to see this go in? These stories have been pretty dark, I don't know if it'd be a good idea to turn this story into a good vs evil kind of thing because the guys are always pretty much evil in these stories. But maybe a different group of dudes could not be corrupted by the powers and use them for good. The fun part of these stories, to me, is that it's usually worst kind of person in these stories (just shithead jocks) who end up, well, ruling in the stories. It'd probably be fun to take it in a newer direction, but I'm not sure how to do it. Thanks for the feedback skumbum, and jurai. Always great to hear from people who appreciate this stuff, helps motivate me to write more.
  10. Shit guys, thanks. That means a lot. I appreciate all the comments. Sometimes I'll go hours writing up a story, but I can't bring myself to post because it needs way too many edits. This one, though I just quickly wrote and threw up in an hour. BigBen, you rock, man. Thanks for your story and your comments, it means a ton to me. I didn't give a lot of thought to sequels but I'd be down with trying something. I'm not normally very good at them because the sequels are often repeats of the first chapters. But maybe I could come up with something. Might take a couple of weeks. Tzeentch, thanks for the suggestion. I don't know a ton about the DC world but something with superboy could be cool. Do you think it should just focus on superman recruiting superboy with the evil kryptonite? Maybe I could tie it into the revenge story with the bullies too. I gotta read up more on superboy's backstory to see if there's something creative I could tie. Maybe he has a power that can get enhanced or increased. The merging thing could be cool too. Funny thing, I really like these supernatural/powerful TFs, but I don't know much about the comic worlds at all. It's a great area to find some inspiration though.
  11. NOTE: Hey everyone, a quick and dirty one. This one is a darker variety. I don't do fanfic much, appreciate hearing what the community thinks. Huge shoutout to BigBen, he wrote this awesome story called SuperGod and I'm kind of doing my own take on it; it's one of the best out there. Thanks to Ben for writing it. And thanks for reading. It sucks being the weak kid. It's my senior year and life as the school nerd was running me down. All the kids picked on me, even the younger kids. PE was my worst nightmare, Coach had us do hard drills and forced everyone to shower naked, the football jocks picked on me and my unathletic friends to no end. I grew tired of it. I grew vengeful, I grew angry. “I'm not going to stand for this anymore,” I said. “I gotta do something about it.” Superman was on the scene, all the rave, insanely popular, of course; he was rescuing people and aiding law enforcement. I remember as a freshman this senior named Clark did a lot of honorable stuff, he was also popular. But a few weeks ago I made a connection: this man of steel was actually the elusive man I remember from my freshman year, Clark Kent. No one else seemed to put the two together, and I sure wasn't going to tell anyone. When Clark was a senior and I was a freshman, he gained respectable reputation for himself but he didn't talk much and kept to himself. He was good at hiding the alien that he was. But I wasn't fooled. He never helped me, after all. He even looked at me during PE one day my freshman year, I could see him contemplating to rescue me, and he didn't. I got a black eye that day from the bully Bruce, a football lineman. He's still in my PE class today. I never forgave Clark for that. Shortly after that embarrassing incident I discovered something strange about Clark. He was changing in the baseball locker room after practice. I ran into the locker room to avoid the bullies who were trying to pin me down and use me for punching practice. I hid in a locker and saw Clark undressing. On his chest was a subtle, scar-like S. It grew red every few seconds. He didn't want anyone to see it. He was hiding something. Of course I didn't make the connection until I saw the S on the superman hero outfit, a tight fitting one piece of blue and red that proudly showed the hero that he was. Then I knew, it was the same guy. Superman? Clark Kent? He didn't fool me. A few weeks ago I discovered Clark's secret hideout at his parent's old farm in Smallville. He used it when he wasn't traveling to his fortress, or whatever it is. He didn't think anyone knew about this hideout in Smallville, but I hiked miles through the forest to find it. There I discovered everything about his past, about his alien ancestry, about his supernatural powers, about his incredible physique and stamina. I lusted for it. I wanted it, it was the answer to my own pathetic existence. But how could I get his powers? After my second visit to the barn, I discovered the kryptonite. Apparently it crash landed fragments of Clark's homeworld. Maybe the planet was destroyed, I don't know. But after leaving his hideout I found four chunks of red meteor glowing in the forest, near the path I took to his hideout. I picked up the rocks and stashed them away, running back to Clark's hideout to read about the red meteors he wrote in his journal. This stuff was the key. It was a special kind of kryptonite, it could literally pull and move the alien's power from one body to another. I wanted it. It was going to aid me in moving his power into me. I had been studying the effects of the meteor for a few weeks and was able to use some chemistry equipment from the high school to boil it down into a liquid form. I could use a modified version of the kryptonite, combining it with magnesium, to force Kent into a hypnosis, then I could use the liquid kryptonite on his suit to aid me in pulling his powers. I knew what to do, I only had to get the man of steel under my control. I sneaked back to his hideout on a Friday night and patiently waited for him to return. Now that he was a reporter or something in Metropolis he didn't come back to his hideout often, but I knew he'd come back tonight because he wasn't on the news. I fell asleep behind a haystack before waking to a shaking wind coming from a large hole in the barn. The man of steel, in his tight and muscle-defining outfit, flew into his domain and used his powers to barrier it, protecting him and me from the outside world. He had no idea I was there. I smiled. I watched him write at his desk, focusing on his heroic deeds of the day. He wrote an entry in his journal and read a book for awhile. The muscles on the alien were magnificent. I couldn't look away. His thick head of dark hair waved on his scalp, and his hair prickled over his hands and face. This create was magnificent, and he was going to be mine. He stood and stretched himself, looking around to see if anyone was looking. Of course he thought he was isolated. Then he did something that surprised me. He started to slip himself out of his suit! “oh this is perfect!” I told myself, as I needed his suit to aid me in transporting his powers into me. Superman took his left and right arm and with some struggle peeled the suit away from his arms before sliding it down his chest. Unhooking his cape and hanging it on a nearby hangar. The man peeled his suit down his chest exposing his large and bulked back and shoulders. He reached his waist and rolled it over his ass. The alien wasn't even wearing any underwear! Just his one piece suit. The man of steel didn't shave his ass or legs, and his dark hair prickled out as he slid it down his body and stepped out of the suit, revealing his naked, power-ridden body. He hung his suit and turned toward me. I hid behind the haystack. His rod was growing. The alien was getting aroused! He took his hands and slid them through his pubic hair staring at himself in the mirror, flexing his muscles, admiring his massive and sculpted physique. “This is too easy,” I said. I needed the alien in his most vulnerable state, and this was the perfect opportunity. With his back turned to me once again I grabbed a vial of the liquid red kryptonite and pulled off the top. I had to just splash a little on him to weaken him, then I could move forward with my plan. The man started pumping his massive rod, letting the world around him drift away. I quickly stepped behind him and flung the bottle onto his muscle-rocked back. “ARGH!” he screamed in pain. The liquid quickly sunk into the alien's body and he twisted and turned as his body seized in pain. “What the...who are you?” He said, falling onto the ground, letting go of his dick. “It doesn't matter,” I replied. “Go to sleep now, superman, I'll see you in a minute.” It took a lot of effort to pull the man of steel to a barn post in the center of his lair. I tied his chest to the barn post to hold him there, and took a chunk of my reduced magnesium kryptonite and hung it right above his head, just high enough to keep him weak and dreary, while still giving him some consciousness. After a few minutes the man of steel woke up. “What? Where...who are you?” he said, still in pain from my attack earlier. “What's it matter? I'm about to become superman.” I said smiling, watching the man of steel lift himself up, only to see himself tethered to the post behind him. “But you can call me Kyle,” That was my name, but I didn't really care at this point. “You were at my high school, but how did you know about me?” superman asked. “You fuckin neglected me when I was tormented, superman!” I said. “I knew you were Clark Kent ever since I saw you get naked after your baseball practice. I could see the S inscribed on your chest, you tried so hard to hide it, but you didn't know I was there, hiding in the locker room from the bullies who you neglected to protect me from! Well, it doesn't matter anymore. You let yourself get exposed. You let me find out about it. I discovered your weaknesses and I discovered what this rock can do. And now I'm going to take what you neglected, and I'm going to use it for myself.” The Kryptonian looked at me quizzically. He had no idea. “You're trying to tell me after years of batting your foes you don't know what this shit can do?” I asked. “This is red kryptonite, it can pull your incredible powers out of your body, and deposit them into me. And I'm going to use it.” I couldn't help but chuckle, these powers were about to be mine. “Don't you get it super FREAK?! This is the end for you! You locked us into your lair and now I'm going to use your powers against you!” Superman started to put the pieces together. He saw what the red kryptonite could do. He knew what I was going to make of him. “No, no you can't!” He started to beg. “Your planet needs me, I'm their hope for an oncoming siege, I'm here to save you not torment you! Don't do this! You don't understand!” His voice getting continually desperate. I laughed again. “Oh so the all powerful alien is begging now? I love it. Human's aren't hurt by the kryptonite. So after I gain your powers I will be unstoppable. I will be immune to all attacks. I will take over as the planet's new savior. But only after my tormentors feel the wrath of my powers!” I could feel my dick hardening at the fantasy. It was going to be awesome. I knew if I got this far I would get his powers. I would become Superman. No stopping me now. The naked man of steel struggled underneath the glowing red rock. He wanted to escape but he couldn't. I had come this far, I had to finish what I came here to do. I took the suit neatly hanging on the wall and found a bucket. I needed it to move his powers into me. I stuffed the suit into a bucket and dumped two vials of the red, krypton liquid into the bucket. The liquid starting cloning itself as it integrated into the suit, creating a full bucket with the liquid suspending the suit inside of it. The liquid thickened and darkened, mixing the blue of the suit with the red of the liquid. I sat the bucket in front of the alien and loosened his restraint from his right arm. “In order for this to work, super freak, you gotta get me some of your seed,” I said, pointing to his enormously large but now flaccid dick and balls. “Pump it.” He knew what I was doing. He knew my plan. “No!” he said with some struggle, the power of the kryptonite above and below him. “I won't succumb.” I smiled. “Yes you will.” The body of the naked alien was mesmerizing. He was perfect in every way. I stepped forward and lowered the glowing rock closer to the alien, entrancing him, making it difficult for him to see where he was, what was going on. I looked down at his dick, his balls heaving behind it in panic. I reached out and lifted his dick with my hand. The weight was insane. The girth of it huge, barely able to fit my small hands around it. I gave it a tug. The alien hadn't masturbated in awhile, it didn't take long for it to jump to attention. “Umm...” he said, yelping in pleasure at my stroke. I jerked again and again, the man of steel trying to evade my strokes of pleasure but unable to hold back, the rock beckoning him to continue. “This is your power, superman,” I said, “and it's going to be mine.” “Please don't,” he begged, his eyes shut, further losing himself in his own pleasure. Lost under the hypnosis of his own erection and the red meteor above him, superman brushed aside my hand and took his dick for himself, jerking it, lost in his own pleasure of his massive cock. His balls pulled into his body as his dick grew further, his body preparing itself to ejaculate his alien seed. His body was perfect. I could feel the heat of the alien radiating off of him. I touched my chest. As I was to be the one to gain his powers, I needed to add my own seed, too. And I could feel my dick jerking in my shorts, eager to join in on the fun. I threw off my shirt and kicked off my shoes. Superman opened his eyes, still lost in his own jerking. But looked me over as my pathetic body revealed itself under my clothes. I got to my boxers before he could see my own small erection underneath my underwear. “What are you doing?” He asked between breaths. “We need both of our seed in here. For the first time I think I'm not embarrassed to expose my naked body. Because I won't own it for much longer,” I said, peeling down my boxers and getting naked across from the man of steel. The massive alien was hypnotically massaging his dick, under the influence my newfound rock of power. The thought of gaining his powers were too much for me, I started pumping with the fantasy of becoming this muscular and powerful behemoth. It only took me a minute to explode with excitement, my semen landing in the bucket below me. “OH YEAH!” I whispered as pleasure wracked through my body. “This is mine! You are mine, aren't you super freak?” I asked, more confident than ever before. Superman was not completely lost in his own hypnosis, “No, NO, NOOOOOO!” he shouted before his dick choked and started spewing his seed. It was massive, loads of cum falling out of his dick and into the bucket I placed below. “Umm, no, ARGH AWW!” he shouted in pleasure as the cum mixed with my own, the krypton liquid, and his suit below. The red liquid ate it up and started sparking streaks of power, red electric bolts moving across the bucket and the suit. I hoisted the rock back above the alien and let his consciousness come back to him. I walked to the sink and washed off my hands. The naked man let go of his dick, surrendering himself to what was to happen. “Please, don't, do, this,” he said between breaths. “You don't know what you're gaining. The red krypton is evil. It will make you do things that you never imagined before.” I paused, listening to the alien. “That's exactly what I want,” I said. “I didn't go through this trouble for nothing, I want my new wrath to be heard on the world, I want them to know who I am.” For the first time in my life I didn't mind being butt naked in front of someone else. This was my time, this was my turn to become that which the world would fear, that which would succumb to my powers. “If I decide to become a hero,” I said, “it will be after I've exhausted my need for vengeance.” The red liquid had now soaked into the suit. It looked the same as it always had, but it was now ready for it's new bearer. I unfurled it and examined it. It was at least twice my own size, but I didn't care, that wouldn't matter. The man of steel looked up at me with concern, defeat and begging in his eyes. “Please don't,” was all he could say. I pushed my left leg, then my right, into the suit, curled it up over my dick, which was finally shrinking again, and over my skinny butt. I rolled it over my thin treasure trail and up and over my stomach and chest, slipping my arms into the right and left sleeves. The suit was huge on me, but it felt welcoming, encouraging. I was feeling more and more confident with every move I made, fitting my fingers into the gloves, attaching the back up to my neck and unfurling the cape. I could feel the suit vibrating over my body. It was feeling me, determining me. Matching itself to me. “Oh wow,” I whispered, the pathetic alien looking at me as it tightened against my body. The latex started shrinking as it grabbed hold of my skin and shrunk down to reveal all my pathetic figure. Then the pain started. Hot, searing shocks of pain erupted from the suit, it felt like lava was being poured onto me and scraped off. “ARRGH!” I shouted. The suit started lifting my body. Levitating me up 5, 10 feet into the middle of the barn. “What the fuck!” I was able to shout, “god what is this?” the suit was wracking my body, causing it to twist and turn in searing and painful movements, my head felt hot and heavy as waves of energy started to encircle me. My chest started getting particularly hot as the suit's large, red “S” started to glow and spark with red, electric bolts. The suit forced me to face the naked alien below me as the sparks shot out of the S and onto the alien. Searing him with the same pain I was feeling. “ARGH NOO!” he shouted as it burned off his ropes and pulled the muscular behemoth toward me. “My powers, NO!” he shouted again as the red bolts of electricity pulled the alien, lifting him off the ground and encircling him. As he slowly flew toward me the bolts literally drained him of his muscle and drew them upward in waves of immortal energy toward the suit and into my body. Immediately I went from pain and confusion and pleasure and confidence. “Oh god,” I said, “Oh yes, YES YEEESSS!” I shouted as I felt the immortal powers of the alien burrowed into me through his suit. “FUCK YEAH!” I shouted again as my chest twisted and turned before spasming pounds of muscle underneath the suit. My pecs grew outward into thick, tight slabs of meat, followed by my abs quickly rumbling and forming a deep 8 pack with a defined and sharp adonis belt, pushing my suit back outward, expanding it against my ever-increasing body. I reached down to feel the washboard, every contour tightening against the suit. My legs blew outward with thick, steel quads stronger than those losers on the football team. My knees knocked and my shins expanded, before pushing outward, stretching my legs as they gained length and muscle. The powers reached upward to my shoulders doubling them in size before extending out toward my biceps and hands, growing them to match the size of the once-powerful alien's stature. I could feel my legs elongating as my shoulders doubled up toward my neck, now thickening. The masculine overdrive of the superhero powered new masculine hairlines across my face and down my chest, building a physique of a powerful alien-god. I looked upward to the former man of steel, a look of fear and pleading on his face as he reached his skinny, disintegrating arm toward me, begging me to stop, quickly losing all of his stature and stamina. He levitated closer and closer to me until we were only a foot apart, “Don't do this!” he begged underneath my power of theft removing everything he knew before. “You can still stop this!” he said, the freak becoming smaller and skinnier and more pathetic than ever before, his hair receding, his muscle mass disappearing, his features fading. “You're mine, superman! I am now the new Superman! The most powerful being in the world!” I shouted, feeling my ass lock in and push a hard and defined bubble butt outward. As the man of steel dried and withered into nothing but the red electric bolts engulfing him, the last of his body literally pushed itself into me like a ghost, and I felt my immortal seed grow inside my package, my semen realigning itself to the pure power of the Kryptonians, growing with aggression as is pushed hard against my suit, my dick soon following with intense girth and power. The man of steel was gone. I was now Superman. The red powers engulfed me. “YESSS! YEAAHHHHHHH!” I shouted, “my POWERS!” as I gained the knowledge of the Kryptonians, the immortality, the ability to fly, the ability to morph and transform, I was becoming more than superman. I was becoming a superbeing of all power. “GAARRR!” I shouted as my eyes turned red. Erupting a stream of power onto the roof of the barn, burning the fortress that Superman had set over his lair. I could feel the powers coursing through me as they zapped into my body. I flew upward at the speed of light and into the upper atmosphere, feeling the burn of powers course through me. “This is who I am!” I shouted, my deep, defined voice rattling through the skies. “I am the power of the Kryptons!” I could feel Superman's powers coursing through me. I could feel my body relishing in what I had gained. I could feel the knowledge of what I could do, and the innate, begging need for me to exact some evil vengeance. The red of the kryptonite filled me with the vengeance I sought, and I intended to use it. I had been bullied too long, pushed around, ignored by those who deserved me the ultimate respect. Now they were going to get it. I willed my suit away as I floated in the skies and looked at my bare, immaculate chest. I turned to see my toned bubble ass, exposed with intense muscle, and I flexed my legs and arms to test their sinew and power. Stretching, I pushed my hands down to my dick just as Superman had done earlier and tugged on its power. My body rattled with intense pleasure. “Oh yeah, this is going to be fun,” I said, willing the suit back onto me and flying through the sky. “The football bullies are mine!”
  12. Thanks guys. I have a multi chapter story that I'm still building, it's taking forever for me to write them. It's spiritual continuation of this, where guys around the world obtain these sort of divine artifacts that turn them into the ancient gods of the past. The idea being, I think, there was some sort of ancient war between two different sets of gods, both with good and bad qualities, I want to try to make ambiguous the idea that one set is completely good and the other completely bad. Anyway after they merge with the gods the guys have to figure out their new duties and roles and set to battle each other for, you know, the fate of the world or something epic like that. Bjort, thanks for the complements, man, I used to be a fan of those old sword and sandal cartoons too but haven't seem them in ages. Have you guys found any other stories like this on the site or elsewhere? Do you have any recommendations for other directions the story can move in? Have you guys written anything along these lines? I'd love to read more stories like this haven't found too many though.
  13. js44

    Were Hunk

    Sounds like a great idea. I don't remember reading anything like this previously. I'd be interested in reading a story that's a sort of Jekyll and Hyde type thing, where the guy wants to be a hunk and as much as he tries working out, he can't get big and aggressive on his own, so he drinks a potion or something. It works and he likes it at first, but this other personality starts to take over and he's not sure which person he should become. I could try to write something up about that, might take awhile though. The cool thing would be, the guy can't predict when he's going to change, and his other half, his more aggressive athletic half is a completely different person to his friends, they don't know it's the same guy. Maybe the original, non athletic dude, say his name is Daniel, can't remember when he's the hunk, say his name is Brock or something; maybe it all feels like a euphoric daze or something to Daniel but he can't remember when he's Brock, clearly. But Brock knows who he is and tries to trash Daniel's reputation and make Daniel just want to become Brock more and more so he'll take over Daniel's body. And Daniel loses control of himself. I dunno, could be fun.
  14. js44

    The Return Of Zeus

    Plotline: After centuries of living in isolation, Zeus decides to return to earth and have some fun as a human. The following is a work of fiction, this story does not make attempts to presume religious practices, faiths nor retell any historical events with accuracy. I I sit in my small throne room, levitating high above Olympus where I was forced to relocate after the explosion of Vesuvius so many earth cycles—well, years ago. For centuries I have remained here, a prisoner of my own mistakes, I assume, watching as my creations have evolved beyond me and my fellow gods. The years of warring and brute control of our human creations resulted in a devastating loss. With many of the Titans destroyed due to their own brutality and selfishness, I no longer have the influence over my people as I once did. I should have had the foresight to understand that humans would move beyond their faith in me; after all, there are plenty of other deities both evil and good for humans to invest their lives in, and they do have free will. As humans have stopped believing in my existence, my powers have also diminished. I'm sure other Titans exist elsewhere, perhaps in far off places and times, but in any case I am comfortable where I am. I have actually found it amusing to watch the human civilization evolve and grow over the centuries, they have discovered so much about how I and my fellow Titans created them and their environment. As I walk to my reflecting pool, I realize that it has been nearly 2000 years since I was exiled from the Roman existence. Jupiter, as I was called then, was their leader, their source of power, their ability to conquer and discover and rule and love, lust. As an immortal and a deity I do realize that time bends to my will, but I have enjoyed my current role as a hands off god, living in solitude high above Olympus. I perform nearly the same ritual each day that I have since I settled here, and though I am not dissatisfied with my immortality or my power, these last few years I have become bored and restless. I look down at my reflection in the pool, the cool water shining an emerald glow of myself back into my eyes. I wear the same white toga I have always worn, prestine in its own immortality. I appear to the be same age as I always have, my bright blue eyes reflected against my blonde, curly beard and a thick, flowing blonde mane wrapping down my head and behind my neck. Not bad for a human, typical for a god, though. I smirk at myself, we Titans sure did have fun in our day. We languished in our fluid sexuality, our carelessness and candor with each fellow god as well as humans. Even in our selfish and turse natures, I had no regrets for what I did. Hyperion and I would often go to Earth, visiting in human form. We could take our picks of the strongest and worthiest humans to bond with, gracing them with our godly sex. Theia would challenge us to plant our seed into as many humans in one night as we could, I usually won because I could coerce multiple men and women to come to bed with me at the same time, Hyperion preferred one partner at a time. Pulling the strap from my toga, I undressed and dropped my garment. I put my hand against my chest and feel my blonde hair gracing over my sturdy and flattened pecs, leading a treasure trail across my six-pack abs and down to my thickly hairy pubic region. I miss my sexual encounters, my tool misses it too. Years of masturbation on my own have caused me to grow longing and restless. I flex my quads and see my hair raise over my sinew. We gods always enjoyed our nude rituals, and my daily swim in my lake remains one of my favorite activities. I take a perfect dive into the water and stroke back and forth across the lake, feeling the cool water rush over my naked body. I couldn't help but ask myself what it would be like should I return to earth today. Humans with their computers and vehicles, their vast languages, cultures and technology. Only few rituals remain from my time as a ruler, how I would love to participate once more in the activity of human life. Of course there really was nothing to stop me. As a controller of energy and electricity I could easily and quietly work my way back into the plane of earthly existence. But what would I do? The political factions and cultural phenomenons are so different now. Does it even matter? Of course not, for I am a god, and I can integrate myself back to visit the earthly existence once again. A smile grew on my face and I stopped my stroke. Floating in the water I decided right then to spend at least a few days on earth. I levitated out of my pool and toward my observatory. Up until now I simply used it to monitor human activity, but today I will use it to find a location and a group of humans to integrate myself with. I dried my body and stood before my observatory windows, watching the present time in every place on the plane. I wanted to be young, athletic and with a group that had fluid and constant access to each other. A university setting, of course! But where? Humans today seemed to enjoy fame, particularly with athletes, I should be in a university setting where a particular sporting match is popular and well-respected. My people had always reveled in the sport my fellow Titans created: wrestling. I should be a wrestler, of course. I had never visited the Americas before now, and I wanted to try a new location. I found a university with wrestling as a primary, popular sport near the east coast of the Americas and set my sights there. I could locate there in human form, but that would be difficult to integrate myself. Instead, I could share my powers and possess a male athlete already integrated, it would be perfect opportunity for me to have some fun, for the man would have already established any social necessities. I turned my focus to the athletic center of the university, where around 12 men were scrimmaging each other during their daily practices. I had not possessed a human in centuries, it would be best to take one of them while he was alone. One man stood out to me, someone of Greek heritage, a man named Lukas, someone who had a long string of Greek heritage. He was not the strongest of the sport, but he was on the team and had a fair set of friends. He also seemed to be a bit of a loner, not terribly social but people did recognize him. Perhaps I could help him establish himself as a true Power Player of the wrestling team. Yes, that would be my way of thinking him for lending me his body for a short while. I informed my demi god servants of my temporary absence and prepared myself for my journey. I could teleport myself into the human plane of existence, but I would need to be creative to possess this human and take on his form. I quickly moved to my chamber that bridged the plane of earth and set my course for the Americas. I stretched my body and prepared itself for metamorphosis, I would need to take on my form of pure energy to most effectively gain control of Lukas, it would be quick and painless for him. Actually, it would be quite pleasurable, any human gaining the awesome powers of a god would enjoy it. I smirked as my chamber began channeling the energy of my body out and toward the earth, perhaps the centuries in solitude has made me softer to the human condition. In the past I cared not for human feelings and sympathy, I simply ruled with my intent. But today I plan to take this human with care and compassion. I looked once more at my raw, nude body as my sculpted, muscular form broke apart and into waves of blue energy. I smiled as my body morphed apart, skin and muscle splitting into a blue blur of energy. “Take me to the Americas!” I ordered as the room rocketed my energetic form downward into the plane of human existence. II I wrapped myself into the energy cables that seemed to cloak every part of human life and traveled in them toward the university, into the athletic center and into the light fixtures above the gym. 8 mats lay evenly spaced apart as young, strapping collegiate athletes pushed their own bodies and that of their foes to their fullest athletic ability. These men held the same passion for sport, for respect of the male form, and for athletic camaraderie that the humans I ruled over used to have. These were men who respected and were proud of their bodies, they were the perfect vessels for me. Lukas was out of breath, his muscles ached, but he was able to pin his opponent Victor against his own odds. He was able to exhaust Victor as he slammed him in a last pin, claiming victory for himself. “Damn dude!” Victor said, out of breath, “you've been training hard, man, you got the strength! Can't wait for our competition tomorrow, I think you're going to rock it!” Lukas also out of breath answered, “thanks Vic, that was fun man.” Victor laughed, “hey dude! I know you're not in a frat or nuthin but we gotta party going on at the house tonight. You should stop by. I know you haven't been yourself since Mercedes broke up with you. We're gonna have the girls over tonight, might be nice to get laid before the big meet tomorrow, ya know?” he added with a toothy grin. Lukas shrugged him off, “yeah we'll see man, I'm tryin to get over her ya know?” Coach called Lukas before he could finish a conversation. “Lukas, I need you to condition your quads before heading back to the locker room. Rest of you men, run 3 miles then hit the showers!” Vic gave Lukas a slap on his ass as the other guys headed toward the track. With Lukas alone I should be able to take his form with ease. I traveled through the walls and electrical structure following the young man to the weight room where he hooked up a quad machine and started pumping his legs. He wasn't as big as Victor or the other wrestlers, but he had his own stature, and as I watched him pump the machine in his singlet I was reminded of the warriors I used to train. Lukas had dark, short hair and thick tuft of arm hair underneath his pits. He would have had hair on his chest and legs too but he shaved it. The guy was a jock in every sense of the word, but he was not the arrogant, stereotypical showoff I was used to seeing in other men. Lukas grunted with each pump of the machine, I could read into his head he was considering going to the frat party, he wanted to be social, but he also took his sport seriously. The thought of being with a girl was arousing him, and he started having memories of his sexual escapades with his former girlfriends. His dick started rustling under his jockstrap and he felt it best to hold off on his fantasies until later. Lukas stretched himself in the weight room and looked at himself in the mirror. He was the only one in the room, and he started flexing to see his physique. He smirked as he moved his forearms up and down, looking at the tension in his arms, his sweat shining on his skin, his sinew bulking up and down tightly against him. Lukas turned to see if anyone was around, deciding to get creative. He took his left arm and pulled down his right tank, sliding his arm from underneath it before doing the same with the left. His sweat stuck his skin close to his singlet but he was able to roll it down across his pecs and down to his abdomen, exposing his thinly defined six pack and a shaven, shaped treasure trail below his belly button. He crunched his abs and examined his back, flexing his shoulders to see how much muscle he had gained. “Not bad,” he told himself. I respected this young man, he was proud of his body. I realized now was just a good a time as any to merge with him. I just needed him to touch something that could let me connect with him. I flickered the lights in the weight room to get his attention then cut the power off of the lights. “Shit,” he said, “did the power go out?” I turned on the emergency light right above the light switch. If he were to touch it, I could reach out and into him. Lukas looked at the switch, contemplating to turn it. “Yes, Lukas, touch it!” I whispered into his subconscious. He walked toward the switch and I began anticipating the ritual I had not done performed in centuries. I could feel a flutter of excitement wrack through my form. “This is it,” I told myself. Sweat dripping off of Lukas, his exposed upper body walking toward me, I beckoned for him to reach out. As soon as his finger hit the switch I moved beyond the wall and touched his finger, a blue spark of electricity gracing the human. “Mmm,” I told myself as a wave of orgasmic pleasure hit me. I sorely missed this. I branched out of the wall and covered his hand as Lukas's eyes opened wide. “Holy shit!” he shouted, “What is the fuck is happening!?” Forcing myself onto his arm I started to move up his body, covering him in my electric power. The young man's body felt shapely and well-defined. He wasn't a muscular behemoth but that wouldn't be a problem, I could certainly help him with that. I wrapped around his neck and onto his head before covering myself over his pecs and abs, wrapping over his singlet and down his legs and feet. Feeling the entire body was nearly orgasmic, but I had to integrate with him. “Oh! Wow!” he said, feeling new surges of energy on his skin, “Oh fuck what is this?!” I lifted the human off the ground as he twitched his body in pleasure, Lukas's breathing started accelerating as my energy diffused around him faster and faster like a tornado picking up a toy. I dug underneath the signlet and toward the man's loins, ripping the fabric and causing it to fall to the ground. “Uhh!” Lukas shouted, he was starting to enjoy this and didn't mind exposing his whole body to my power. I graced his exposed ass within his jockstrap as it began to fray from the violent power surrounding him, but I needed the man truly naked to take his form. Picking up speed, I dug into his strap and ripped it off, let his large package hang free, whipped around my cyclical power. “Rarr!” Lukas shouted as he tensed his muscles and flexed his arms. I felt his dick and wrapped between his legs and up his ass crack. This human was in great form, but I was going to improve him. Pushing my energy, I dug immediately into his body, thrusting myself through his pores into his nervous system. I moved into his form, flowing into his body gaining control of his muscles, thoughts and consciousness. “Umm, moree!” he shouted as he felt me enter his mind, “YES! OH FUCK, A GOD YES I WANT MORE!” he shouted again, lost in his own wrath of pure power pleasure as his brain wrecked with my own consciousness. I pushed my power into Lukas, starting at his arms, buldging his forearms with power as veins snaked down them, regrowing his dark hair thickening on his skin. His sinew wrapped up his arm and into his shoulders as his pecs swelled and bulged with power, his skin tone darkening to a warrior-like golden hue. My powers then dug into his abs, expanding his flattening pecs engrooving his abdomen into a tight, well defined eight pack. Lukas rubbed his bulging hands across them as his midsection widened and shoulder broadened, expanding his upper body. “Oh fuck yeah!” he shouted through the wave of power surrounding him. Our minds met. "OHHHH God! Yes! YES, it's ARGH, Zeus! Fuck yeah! The powers of Zeus!" Lukas shouted as his breathing increased, his body taking in my powers. Lukas stretched his levitating body, lurching taller, his growth giving him inches in height. His arms stretched downward as he watched his body swell and grow like never before, thickening as his chest and lats continued to heave with every deep intensely pleasurable gasp of breath. Lukas looked between his legs as they began to pump and grow outward, football-sized quads hardening between his dick and balls as his shins tightened with muscle and feet grew outward. His formerly shaven legs began pushing his dark hair out with aggression, covering his legs and reaching up toward his now shaking cock and balls. His adonis belt tightened, creating a deep arrow directly toward his package, chiseling out this warrior form. His cock pushed out with power as it moved to the right and thickened with increasing girth. His balls began dropping lower from the verility of godly seed I was feeding into him. I entered my consciousness into his as I began to feel the human's body, his mind, his alignment with my all powerful abilities. “RARRR!” I shouted as I blinked his eyes and flexed his muscles. I had forgotten just how good it felt to be human! “OH YEAH!” I shouted again, lowering myself to the floor as I ran my hands across my new naked and bulked body. “Umm, yes,” I said again, “this feels fuckin good! Why didn't I do this sooner!” I looked at the mirror and began posing every possible muscular show off I could, stretching my back, wrapping my arms around me, crunching my abs and quads. I ran my hands down to my package and felt my dick and balls, remembering how good the sex organ felt. I shut my eyes as I touched my uncircumcised head, “I forgot some humans do this now, feels good,” I said. I crunched my butt and gave it a solid slap before turning around. This was going to be a fun week. III I picked up Lukas's tattered clothing and began walking toward the locker room when I could sense a human working his way toward me. “It's Freddy, another wrestler, a freshmen,” I told myself, sensing who it was. He was going to catch me nude and truly ripped. I could turn invisible. Or I could have a human to have a little fun with. Freddy approached the bottom of the stairs and saw me fully naked and ripped my arms crossed, in a pose to wait for him. He considered turning around but couldn't help but stare at me. “Uhh, Lukas? Is that you?” he asked. “Fuck yeah, man! I've been pumping up my body where you've been?” I answered. “Uhh, I just needed to lift some before tomorrow's meet. Coach said I gotta bulk up.” “Yeah you do,” I answered, a smirk on my face. “What happened to you?” Freddy answered, walking slowly, his guard somewhat down, now. “You're fuckin ripped, what did you do to yourself?” I didn't know how to answer that so I just said, “hard work, my friend! I was posing after I finished pumping the weights and my singlet ripped. Hope you don't mind I'm naked.” Freddy looked me over once again and gulped. If he wouldn't have known me he would have been intimidated, but he also couldn't look away, I was lusting him in ways he had never felt before. I smirked again, “hey man, I'll help you condition for tomorrow, hop on the press,” I said, pointing toward the bench. “I'll spot.” Freddy was in a t-shirt and shorts with a jockstrap on underneath. He wanted to look like me, he wanted to be me, he wanted to anything he could to get like me. So he excitedly agreed and hit the bench. I spotted him for a few rounds of pumping, Freddy driven to try harder and harder as he looked at my naked form. “How did you get like that?” He asked. “Can I have some of that, even 10% of your power,” he said. “Let's train,” I answered, “I'll show you some moves on the mat and maybe you can gain some of this physique.” I wanted an opportunity to share with him some of my strength, and this was the perfect way to get me laid and to get him some of my power. Freddy walked out toward the mat and positioned himself, but I crossed my arms and stared. He looked up at me. “What?” he asked. “Am I doing something wrong?” “You wanna be a greek warrior, right?” I answered, pointing to my body. “Get naked we're wrestling like real men did in the days of the true warriors!” Freddy's mouth dropped but his lust for me took over. He had only ever been naked before in the locker room, never actually on a mat. But he realized that he allowed his buddy Lukas to remain naked during his conditioning in the weight roomnow, why not get naked too? He let Lukas stay naked because he liked it, and with Lukas's suggestion he was starting to like the idea of being naked himself. He shrugged off his t-shirt exposing his sweaty arms and glistening chest. He kicked off his tennis shoes and slid his sweaty socks off of his brown, hairy legs. The guy was short but had muscular physique. He wasn't afraid to show himself and he wanted to further condition too. “Well, you went all out,” Freddy said, “I guess I should too.” Freddy dropped his gym shorts before stretching his jockstrap out and pushing it to the floor, stepping out in his own naked form. He fluffed his dick and clapped his hands. “We're true warriors, huh?” he asked. “Let's fuckin wrestle then!” We both took a starting pose and ran into each other, using our energy to try to pin the other. I could have easily taken him down but wanted the guy to enjoy this moment. We knocked our naked bodies together, grabbing each other in the back and on the ass to pin each other down. I let Freddy flip me over as he landed on my back. As he did I felt his full erection against my lower back, pulsing with each fast heart beat against me, booming over and over in rapid succession. I smiled, this human was enjoying this body as much as I was. I flipped him back over and kneel above him as he looked at me wide-eyed. “You have a big boner there, Fred,” I said, nodding down to his dick. “Look at you, Lukas!” He shouted between breaths, “how could I not with a body like that?” “You want some of this?” I asked with a smile. “Fuck yeah! But how?” Freddy answered. I gave my dick a couple of tugs and let it grow out, its girth gaining bloodflow and thickening as it went horizontal and began pointing high toward the ceiling. I wrapped my arms around him and picked him up like a ragdoll, the man going limp with confusion and letting me take over his body at my will. I pushed him against the wall and sat my erected dick against his back, feeling his hairy butt and reaching around to his dick. “This is going to give you the body you want,” I whispered as I entered into him, Freddy grunting with pleasure as my ever-powerful dick melded into his form. I could feel my powers brewing within my body, preparing itself to transform Freddy into a mortal but muscle behemoth. “Yes, Zeus, give it to me!” Freddy said, connecting with my mind, “I want your powers!” I rocked my hips as I felt a mortal orgasm build within me. I had forgotten how good it truly felt. I ordered my immortal seed to deposit muscular growth into Freddy and I shot load after load into him, hearing him gasp with pleasure as he felt my power building inside of him. “Oh fuck! YEAH! YEEEAAAHHHH HAHAHAH!” he started shouting as his voice moved into lower octaves. “The POWER!” Freddy started twisted as his body exploded with muscle, shoving his ass free of my dick. His sinew running from his bulking and square ass down his quads and up to his abs, back, pecs and shoulders. He stretched his arms and saw them bulk thicker and thicker as his neck widened and hair grew over his chest, down to his ass and between his legs. Freddy grabbed his package as he felt his penis explode with pleasure, growing downward as his scrotum accommodated for the weight in his growing testicles. “Mmmm,” he said, reality sinking back into him as he looked around. “Lukas, Zeus, whoever you are, thank you,” he said. He grabbed me and took his dick, pushing it against my legs. “I'm fuckin behemoth, now! How long...” he asked. “I will return to my plane on Olympus in 3 days, you will return to your former self at that time,” I answered, “you will not remember this physique and this event with much detail, you understand why.” Freddy didn't seem to mind, “gotta have some fun for the next few days, then!” he said. “Where are you going now? What are you doing tonight?” His energy was surging with excitement. “Off to the locker room now, my friend!” I shouted, “most of our team is still in the showers. I think there's some more worthy men I would like to share this with.” “You're the boss,” Freddy said, “lead the way!”
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    The Jocks Rule

    Thanks guys for your comments and support words. I have a sequel, more like a parallel story, over on the main stories forum if you are interested. Let me know what you think if you get a minute.