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  1. I've been wondering this for the last 2.5 years now but does anyone know what happened to Muscl4Life? He used to be a regular on both iterations the forums for years, posting stories and participating in discussions, but he just stoped visiting back in February of 2016. Someone is submitting his stories to Metabods, and his Metabods stories have a Email associated with them, but they could be just some guy submitting them and not actually him. It's a shame too, he wrote so much great stuff, especially in collaboration with Redkage. Here are some places where you can view the entirety of his works for the most part. http://www.pridesites.com/omelissokomos/muscl4life/index.html
  2. S34N

    Office story with a hyper cock

    Where can we find more stories by Muscle Wimp?
  3. This is my favorite kind of retribution on all powerful beings, put them in a situation that they can't brute force their way out of and make them experience the bonds of mortality once more or for the first time. I like how this ended.
  4. S34N

    Muscle and romance

    Well I would recommend literally anything by Redkage on the O's site here. Please note that this website does not play well with mobile web browsers. http://www.pridesites.com/omelissokomos/redkage/index.html
  5. S34N

    Forum Mission, Purpose and History

    For me I joined the old forum around mid 2006 when I was a young middle school boy still trying to figure out his sexuality. I found the forum after just typing "male muscle growth stories" into google. Now I don't remember if I found the site by itself or by O'melissokomos site via his links section. Back then I was in self denial of my sexuality and thought that my attraction to men (specifically men with massive muscles) was just a passing thing. I never really spoke to anyone on the old forum for most of my time there because I was so young/under aged, and If I did comment on something it was mostly just a simple compliment to a story writer. After a few months of lurking on the site I realized that the attraction that I felt for the male characters in the stories and pictures of bodybuilders in the Media section was not a passing thing and came up with another explanation of my attraction. I thought I was Bisexual but that was just my young mind still making excuses for what I actually was, a 100% Gay male who had never felt any romantic attraction to a female ever. I came to that final conclusion and stage of acceptance after reading stories by authors like Redkage and Muscle4life about another 6 months later that had characters that not only were gay but also found happiness in be gay with the ones that they loved that went beyond a simple "wham bam thank you man" plot of sex and thats it. It was those stories and seeing all these other people on the forum that were gay and that accepted themselves that really helped me with my internal struggles of homosexuality. This may seem silly now to some younger individuals on the forum, but remember that even as recent as 2007 (when I came to accept that I was gay and came out to my family in 7th grade) there was still great risk and fear of being openly gay in the USA and at such a young age in middle school, where you are probably the worst version of yourself in your life and also the most easily influenced by your environment and your peers. My point is that I came to the forums a decade ago not only to explore my sexuality and my favorite kink, but also because when I was doing my initial web searches I found quite a few sights and groups dedicated to FMG (five sites in total I think) but only one sight that was dedicated to MMG. Even when I was in denial about my sexuality I didn't like FMG (I find it tremendously unappealing) and I looked everywhere for a place that was just MMG, the forum just happened to be the only large site I could find. Now I, like many others was sad when the old forum was declared to be shutting down, but I wasn't surprised as during my stint of lurking on the old site I bore witness to a few of the controversies/arguments that arose during those years, just not all of them, mainly because I keep to myself and looking for drama is not my thing. So when CMiller announced that he would be creating a new forum I was overjoyed that my favorite site to visit would still live on in some form. In the beginning of this new forum he asked the community about our feedback on what to do with the forum and I suggested that we add the "Male Muscle Growth" tag line under the site banner like the old sight, my reason being that I and many others from the old site came to the old site to see "Male Muscle Growth" related media and that if we kept it as just "Muscle Growth" we might see a influx of FMG material, as it seems that people with that kink far outnumber MMG loving individuals, and that was not what we came here or used the old site for. That and the fact that FMG centric sites and groups far out number MMG ones, so I saw no reason why this site shouldn't have this distinction to. The tagline was implemented for a time, but I think some time in 2015 the tagline was removed and there was a post by the administration that all forms of MG is welcome. Needless to say I (and some others) were not particularly happy about this as it seemed that this would lead to an influx of FMG centric stories and media being posted, but so far this hasn't been the case (thank goodness). I personally am still not happy and am somewhat wary about it, but it hasn't been the doom of the one MMG focused site on the internet so I can't complain. Anyway throughout this long ass post you can probably tell that I see the purpose of this site to be your one stop shot of MMG content, whether that be Stories, RP's, Videos, or Artwork. I could probably go into some more detail about the old forums history while I was there and some of the drama that I remember but this post is already long as is and people are probably not going to read this much text any way so....
  6. S34N

    New Kindle Book

    I just finished this book and I can honestly say that I don't know if this was worth the money, as there was no review for the book when I bought it. That being said the book starts as kind of a muscle fetish story, but towards the end of the first third of the book it transitions from a muscle fetish story to one of warning about excess and obsession. Genetic horrors become present in the quest to become huge and the story quickly turns darker and overall less fun. The characters act stupidly in their inability to see where the obsession is leading them even though they know the dangers and see the writing on the wall. They are just enablers and this leads to a lot of needless pain and tragedy. Now that I think about it, the more I read the story in the later chapters, the angrier I got at what was happening in the story.There are depictions of sex in this book but they are of straight sex, so if you are a 100% gay man (like myself) they won't really do much for you and are few in number, I think there are about 4 sex scenes in this 350+ page book. Also the scenes are pretty plain/short and don't have much detail to them so don't bother even getting the book for that, as you can find more fulfilling scenes in any of the stories that you can find on this site or the rest of the internet for free. Overall I think this story is a skip if you are looking for a decent muscle fetish book. Try this story from Hugh Michleson if you want something steamier and not quite as fucked up. Sorry for the vagueness of the review but I was trying to do it without giving away spoilers for those who might still want to read the book.
  7. S34N


    I think you are thinking of "Project Cerulean"
  8. S34N


    Site update about 2/3 weeks ago got rid of them for some reason, they may comeback in the future but I don't know for sure. There might be some discussion about it in the "Problems and Suggestions" and "News" sections of the forums but I haven't checked.
  9. S34N

    Evan: The making of an Amerasian God

    I would shy away from Evan becoming a complete domineering asshole, as there are plenty of stories that have a nice main character to start with, and then turn into sociopath when they get bigger. That is not to say that he can't be the Alpha in his relationship with his dad and Todd, but he can also be respectful and even loving while still being dominant.
  10. S34N

    Looking for "Flow" by Rowan

    if that is true then I haven't seen it in any of they places that publish his books.
  11. S34N

    Invisible Kid (Continued) Part II

    I'm glad that our main character is trying to be responsible with his powers and is becoming aware of the negative effects of a individual given extreme power. I very much enjoyed this chapter and I hope it is the first of many to come.
  12. Hey guys this is a question for users of the old Forum. As some of you may know there was a user from the old Forums named TopHeavy who had a focus on building his pecs, and they were magnificent. My question is that if anyone knows where he is now or if he is a member here, I ask this because I would like to see his progress and I personally loved his pics. Any help is appreciated.
  13. S34N


    Fallout 4 announced!!!!!!!! Get hyped!
  14. By the looks of it you are gay by all acounts, you just seem to be someone who only likes to top. Also FYI, many individuals don't like to swallow cum, mostly because it doesn't taste good. It's more a fetish/kink than anything else.

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