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  1. Trontastic

    Sticking with it

    I just wanted to thanks everyone for their support! I've got a program, and im writing all my exercises down. Gonna build that habit!
  2. Trontastic

    Sticking with it

    Hi all, My office has a small basement gym free for employees, and I want to make the most of it. But I recognise I have some serious mental hangups about going to the gym. I get myself through the door, then I flail around for half an hour trying the cable machines. Then I feel like i've accomplished nothing and will never see progress, so I lose motivation to go and it gnaws at me for a few weeks, where i'll go another one or two times and so on. I've heard that once the habit of going to the gym is established, it's actually an addictive experience. I just have serious trouble getting to that point. Long story short, what should I do?
  3. Hope you continue your transform story line!!!!   Big fan!!!!

  4. Trontastic

    Changing my Life - Part 11

    I love it! I hope Jake and Max find a way to be together... on equal footing! (wink wink)
  5. Trontastic

    Muscle Worship University - Multi-Media Story Project

    I'm curious - does this school have scholarships available to those less muscularly gifted looking to advance themselves to a level they never could before?
  6. Trontastic


    I'd personally love a blog feature. Having an online journal where I can feel comfortable talking about muscle and getting bigger could definitely give me a confidence boost, especially of there are others with similar goals cheering me on!
  7. Trontastic

    Muscle-Growth's 1st Annual Storiversary

    Hey, quick question regarding story upload times. Is there a time zone we are working from? I figure if I release my story at 12pm my local time, it will be 12 hours early for everyone else.
  8. So, if someone not in the guild will die if they touch someone who is... isn't that an incredibly dangerous situation out in public? Like, bumping into someone on a crowded street, or contact in a sport. Forgive me if this is a plot point elsewhere, but it seems like a curse for those in the guild.
  9. Trontastic

    Muscle-Growth's 1st Annual Storiversary

    I'll nab the 13th then. It's thursday, so i'm clear of any curses!
  10. I don't know what the best feeling in the world is, but breezing through a final exam has to be up there!

  11. Trontastic

    Finding a workout partner

    Thanks blowingup. I guess it comes down to my own stupid insecurities. I guess im not comfortable letting on I'm trying to get fitter, when my family has always known me to be such a recluse. Plus I still look like an awkward stick insect at the gym. So being next to all those beefy guys, through no fault of their own, makes me feel I don't know what the fuck I'm doing. Which makes the half hour drive I have to make out of my way to the nearest gym seem not worth the cost in both fuel and time. Though, I'm probably going to do something about that by getting a used weight bench and a weight set from Gumtree and set something up in the shed out back.
  12. Trontastic

    Finding a workout partner

    Hey good fellows! I've come to understand that going at it alone when it comes to working out just isn't working for me. I barely keep to training times, and I always feel as though I have to hide the fact I work out from my family and those around me. So, to help fix this, I figure I need an accountability buddy. Someone I can talk to about working out, and to keep me on track and stuff. Someone IRL would be nice, but... again, shyness and awkwardness. If there's anyone on the board who can help, or give advice or whatever, please do!
  13. Trontastic

    Transform: Gaiden - The Story Thus Far

    Yus! Stuff be happening!
  14. Trontastic

    Transform: Muscle City

    Well, Muscle Club is the first one there chronologically (Though there is a prelude called Teen Truman in the archive as well). But they all work as standalones, so dont worry too much about continuity!
  15. Trontastic

    Naked (Part One)

    Very nice! Great to see you back, AKA!

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