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    I love forced growth roleplay chat. Hyper masculinity, grotesquely huge genitals, facial and body hair growth, age progression or regression, growth as a means of humiliating a shy guy, being turned into a personal luxury sex toy.
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    6’ 185lbs
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    Roleplay partners.
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    everything by fantcman
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    Craig Golias, Roelly Winklaar, Phillip Heath, Dennis James, Alexey Lesukov, Jay Cutler... I can't name them all...
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    Forever muscle growth, male lactation, offseason muscle,
    Pumping, silicone injections.

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  1. Freaking amazing short story but I always love your work!
  2. Freaking amazing story. I’m going to have to clean Ian with my tongue.
  3. boy2beast

    The Scale

    Really amazing story. Thanks for posting.
  4. Oh absolutely! Title forgotten, but never the plot!
  5. Thank you! I thought this one was too obscure to find but it's a great story.
  6. Thank you! Just what I was looking for!
  7. Hi everyone. I don't really remember all the details on this one. I think the military man saw something streak through the sky and went to investigate and found a cave where the alien was. They enjoy some hot sex that makes the guy a total freakover a few session and I think ends upon symbiosis.
  8. Hey guys. Looking for a story where a guy saves an old woman and is given a crumpled paper bag as a thank you. He finds these packets of sugar (or so he thinks) in it. He tries them and grows. Then the jock he tutors rings the doorbell and he taunts him with his size. The story ends with his dad making himself some iced tea and adding far more packets than the kid ever used.
  9. Man, so good. If make him my little cash cow and toy. Milk his dick and nips for all their muscle cream and start an insanely profitable business.
  10. Holy cow. That was such a hot story. Are you going to continue it?
  11. What an amazing story! Thanks for sharing.
  12. I just had to show my support and appreciation. It is such a good story!
  13. Are we going to see more of our growing boys? This has been such a strong start for your first story. You're making me think I should try writing one myself. Hope you're doing well Garrix!
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