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  1. Wow and wow.
  2. Ditto to this. Thanks @falseyedee, @flamedelft, @Andykins1996 for the inspiration & renewed hope of finding my own superslave.
  3. strength

    So wait, did they end up influencing the room assignments?
  4. Love this continuation — Danny vs dad, Jack; Dwayne with his new body and strength and mental powers vs Mr K.
  5. Yup. Or it could just be more bully-bullying too.
  6. muscle theft

    Oh no, I reached the end.
  7. I hope they're coming here.
  8. The scene with Todd was hot. Looking forward to seeing more of Evan's and Andre's new powers.
  9. I liked Chapter 5 especially.
  10. I don’t think Matt actually said he loved Michael, just that Michael loved him and that they had a good thing going.
  11. I wonder if there's something about the bars that makes others not quite notice one's change, by the time they’ve digested.
  12. He wasn't supposed to go see Matt tonight!!!
  13. Omigod. Go team.
  14. muscle-growth

    I like these but they all feel like cliffhanger endings. Would love to see Part I continued, or the other parts developed more. e.g. I've just gained these half dozen powers, let's see what I do with each of them in various situations. Let's go to the rival team's gym, the ones that slighted us last time, and be petty. ? Thanks for sharing your work!
  15. Wishing you many Christmases.