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  1. skumbum

    The muscle app (3)

    Drain the two freshmen. Or asst coach gets the school counselor to intervene and convince Chad to give up the muscle, but Chad turns the tables and drains the shrink's skill at hypnotism. And then drain the two freshmen.
  2. skumbum

    The muscle app (1)

    Anyway, @Herald, I love your stories and appreciate that you make time to write and share them with us, regardless of what color text they end up in.
  3. skumbum

    The muscle app (1)

    It's really not anyone's job.
  4. skumbum

    The muscle app (1)

    At the very bottom of every page, you can switch your theme between dark and light to compensate for miscolored stories. You don't want to miss out on this one.
  5. skumbum

    Tuck Wants a Loan

    I thought it was a great ending, lets you steep in Rob's feeling of wondering what's going to happen. But happy to read whatever you write next, whether here or in a new story.
  6. skumbum

    New Gym, Part 1

  7. skumbum

    You Might Not Survive the Experience (WARNING: SNUFF)

    Loved the bit about controlling with the eyes.
  8. skumbum

    The Car Salesman - Chapter 1

    I was hoping Joe would apply it to himself before Karl got back! Can't wait to see what happens next instead.
  9. skumbum

    The Trainer, Part I

    I don't believe you could write a story that doesn't leave the reader ready for sex.
  10. skumbum

    The Trainer, Part I

    [deleted duplicate message]
  11. skumbum

    The Trainer, Part I

    [deleted duplicate message]
  12. skumbum

    The Trainer, Part I

    Fingers crossed for 2018! Not just that we survive that long but also that we see a Part 2. :-)
  13. skumbum

    Evan, the making of an Amerasian god Part 10

    I didn't quite understand the part about the heart and how Evan stopped Andre's breath; but loved the new installation.
  14. skumbum

    Beast Master II: Brandon

    Can we look forward to a Part 3?