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  1. Loversneak

    Black Hulk

    Fantastic story dude !!!! Sooo hot ! Congrats on your first complete story and succes for sure !! ?
  2. Hi. Will you be posting any video of the Hercules Pro contest from Second Life?


    1. Loversneak


      i'm working on it. 2/3 are done but it take a loooooooooooooot more time than expected to sink the 2 cameras

    2. hardbodor


      Thanks for the update


  3. Have you posted the video of the Hercules Pro contest yet?

    well join us dude !! i'll be happy to pose with you ^^
  4. hummmmmmmf those huge pecs !! yumm
  5. yeahhhhhhhh !!! i'll sure to be back to have fun with you guys. I can't wait !! RoidStorm.
  6. Hello guys, Me again bugging you about making a new video. BUT WAIT ! It will be super easy, i just need you to meet me on SL and give me a hug. That's simple as it is ^^. Feel free to contact me, here or on SL . Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuu.
    Was so nice to cuddle ❤
  7. Hello guys ! I'm shooting a quick video to promote SL on the forum. I'll need models to pose for me. It will be super short, i need 10-15 minutes of your time max. It will be sweet and nice to have a bunch of the big guys in it ^^ Hit me up here or in SL @RoidStorm. Thanks RoidStorm(Sketlover)
  8. Ho boy ! I love size difference and you're sure delivred a fantastic story dude !
  9. Ho boy ! Super fun and super hot ! I looooove the way you discribe the big muscular guys !
  10. One of the best story ! So super hot with those mass monsters !!!
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