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    reading, calculus, volleyball, lifting, muscle growth
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    6'4" 240#
    18.6"a 50"c 35.5"w 27.2"q 16.2"c
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    Friends, admirers, worshippers, muscle bros, encouragement/motivation.
    A community of mutual support.
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    Plausible: Slightly bigger than my partner. /chuckle
    6’4” 290# 21“+a 54”+c 34”w 32”+q 21”+c

    Fantastic: 6’6” 475#
    33”a 68”c 34”w 40”q 28”c
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    SuperLex, Scotty
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    Chris Bumstead, Hadi Choopan, Big Ramy
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    Muscle growth, muscle worship, size difference, strength, physical dominance.
    Not into macro and I’m not very good at rp.

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  1. viennabeef

    Growing at 6’3 and over

    Love the thread. My biggest growth struggle has always been just eating enough. I know @Flmuscle is on the same page with that. Hitting those macros with clean foods is like eating my way through a mountain.
  2. nice profile, man.  like the real and dream stats and fetishes.  what kinds of strength do you enjoy? 

  3. Thanks for the follow, man.

    1. ncscuc


      You are welcome. Glad to find others here working out and growing!  Nothing will stop us!

  4. viennabeef

    Need suit/tux advice for powerlifter

    My advice is that you shouldn't expect to find a suit that fits "off the rack." As @gogr2 suggested, you will need to select separates and then have them altered/tailored to fit correctly. Make the purchase fairly close to the time of the event (2-3 weeks before) so his size will not change significantly but there is still enough time for the suit to be altered. If he expects to continue growing in the future, be sure that there is plenty of extra material to "let out" so that he can continue to wear the suit with additional alterations rather than having to replace it. Like @jimwpb, I personally tend to shop at Men's Wearhouse.
  5. Great new profile pic! You're filling out that hoodie like a champ.

    1. BGryphon18


      Next step/goal: HULK OUT OF IT!!! :D

  6. Thanks for the follow, big man!

  7. viennabeef

    Too many calories?

    Nah. It's because you understand that you can't just haphazardly throw weights around and expect to grow. Thoughtful planning for both workouts and nutrition is hugely important. So if you're a dork, then you're a muscle-dork! My rough calculations (very rough since I don't really know your activity or body fat levels; I aimed to overestimate since you're bulking rather than underestimate) put your maintenance calories at about 2900. Based upon that, your bulking calories would be somewhere between 3400 and 3600. If you actually manage to get 5200 calories each day, you'll have plenty of fuel for muscle growth, but you'll put on a lot of fat in the process. More fat than muscle. You won't be able to exercise enough every day to burn all those excess calories. I know you're not interested in being lean, but 5200 calories a day will make you look soft rather than solid. For reference, I'm 6'4" 217#. My maintenance calories (based on actual tracking of my intake and monitoring of my weight rather than just calculation) are 3300. For my current bulk I'm consuming 4000 calories per day and have had great results thus far - up 17 pounds in 7 weeks. Some fat, but mostly muscle. The weight gain is only that high because I started bulking right after an extended cut. The rate at which my weight is increasing has started to level off now. I'd recommend you start at 3000 calories and if your weight hasn't gone up after 2 weeks, increase by 200 calories each week until it does.
  8. viennabeef

    Struggling with CrossFit and Bodybuilding

    I'm in the inverse of your position. I lifted for growth and then a buddy wanted me to try crossfit with him. I think crossfit is rather silly, but I also agree with you that the community and workouts are fun. However, I'm still more interested in growing. I get in a crossfit workout once or twice a week; usually only once when I'm bulking. Unlike the folks who only do crossfit, I view it as actual cross-training (as the name implies) that supports my growth. While you don't want to overdo it, focusing on growth doesn't mean you want to leave behind the cardio (to control fat gain while bulking), stamina (you'll lift harder for longer in your hypertrophy workouts), or mobility that crossfit can provide. All of this is to say that if you enjoy it, you don't need to ditch crossfit completely. You just need to severely limit it. I'm not huge or anything, but I have gotten bigger while doing occasional crossfit workouts. I expect that you can grow that way as well. And of course, in the future, if you feel that it is hindering your growth, you can reevaluate crossfit as part of your bodybuilding lifestyle. There's no need to quit cold turkey, especially if crossfit is your career. See if you can strike a balance. Best wishes on your bodybuilding journey. Keep us updated! I'd love to see you growing!
  9. Very nice header pic!

    1. viennabeef


      Thanks, muscle brother! I've got a few more sprinkled into the "Member Pics" thread if you're interested.

  10. viennabeef

    Hiring a pro coach / trainer

    Well, let's be real about this. Pros who are trainers aren't huge because they do things in the gym that other people don't know about, but rather because they take things that other people don't. I'm certainly not criticizing the knowledge or effectiveness of pro trainers. Just like "regular" personal trainers, some of the pro trainers will be good at the job and others will be quite poor. A significant mark in their favor is that they are more likely to have knowledge focusing on growth rather than focusing their knowledge base on weight loss the way many "regular" trainers do. Now for personal experience... I've been training with the same guy for several years. I started with him when I was rehabbing from neck surgery. I chose to work with him because someone at the gym recommended him as a trainer who could take me all the way from rehab, to strength recovery, to hypertrophy training when I was completely healthy again. He did a great job. I had recovered and was growing nicely when he decided that he was interested in competing. He started some "advanced supplementation," exploded in size and conditioning, and quickly earned his IFBB pro card in men's physique. I've continued to train with him and can tell you that our workouts have not changed substantially from the time before he started competing (literally "our" workouts; he's had me doing the same thing he does for quite a while and when our schedules match up we lift together so that he can save some time in his schedule). What did change was that we both got militant about nutrition (him moreso than me, of course) and he got on some gear. We've both had better growth since he started competing (again, him moreso than me; I haven't decided to take the plunge into steroid use yet), but not because of any changes to what we do in the gym. He provides nutrition and workouts for other competitors, both bodybuilders and physique guys. One comment that he's made is that he really only pushes his nutrition services. He'll train a competitor if they want it, but has pointed out that they already know how to workout. Where they lack knowledge is nutrition. He also has contacts among other pro competitors. When he talks about what some of the other guys are doing in the gym (again, both bodybuilding and physique) he points out how some of the most successful guys just do straight sets with heavy weight. Nothing special. So if you want to work with a pro, go for it! I've had a great experience with mine. I'm already bigger than I ever thought I would get when I started, and I'm still growing. There are some excellent and knowledgeable trainers out there, both pro competitors and "regular" personal trainers. I'm a believer in face-to-face training, but you could do online training if it appeals to you. And don't be surprised if you end up doing workouts that aren't all that different from what you already do. After all, your photos support my belief that you already know quite a bit about how to train for growth.
  11. viennabeef

    Overcoming Panic/Anxiety Attacks And Depression In The Gym

    Your progress, both physically and mentally, are powerfully inspirational. Having lurked the forums for years, I can tell you that you are impacting people you've never met. Best wishes as you continue your journey. Stay strong, grow on.
  12. viennabeef

    Shirtless Workout

    Hey, I want in on this action!

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