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    Tall hung muscle men, both in stories, pictures and IRL
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    5'8 of not muscles, working on that
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    5'8 of beef

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  1. ILM19

    Real Myostatin Kid, Now age (Year - 2000)

    My theory: Myostatin mutations are provoked by muscle giants from another dimension, as a way to increase their ranks. They kidnap the muscle boys near puberty, and replace him with a normal clone, with the exacts same memories. Afterwards the myostatin boys grow gigantic in their new home.
  2. Go back to sleep to see if I'll get bigger
  3. ILM19

    What happened to Alexey Lesukov?

    Maybe he's gotten too big to use cellphones/keyboards?
  4. Je te salue, d'un Québécois à un autre :)

    1. klern


      hehe Salutation Québécois! ;)

  5. ILM19

    (NSFW) Insane cumshots !!!

    Got more pics/infos on this alpha man?
  6. ILM19

    Liquid Manhood- Chapter Two

    I really like the story so far, can't wait to read more

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