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    I am a 215 Ibs Muscle jock trying to get huge. I mean, freakishly huge. My interests include muscles, growth, mind control and forced growth, as well as elements of BDSM.
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    coming soon.
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    I am looking for worshippers and readers alike. People to follow me on social media, enjoy pictures I share, b
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    coming soon
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    My absolute favorite story is the Jocking, by CallMeCrazy.
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    Johnny Doull, Chris Bumsfield, Tristan Escolastico

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  1. posted some new pics in my "In Lieu…" thread!

  2. muscleandsweat

    Who comes to the Fibo 2018 ? (Germany)

    I might go next year. Want to become a bit more freakishly huge first. Turn some heads!
  3. So, I added some new pics to my "In Lieu of an Introduction" thread. May add a video or two, too.

  4. today is my birthday. Anyone that wishes to get me some tight fitting compression gear or other workout stuff as a present is welcome to check out my wishlist: 2DZJ3JO41LQKU

  5. so I'm cutting some new videos together for you guys. Flexing, jerking off and so on.


    1. Dentistclark


      Bring it on mate, bring it on!

  6. Looks like at least one of my admirers is a police officer. That's kind of hot!

  7. muscleandsweat


    a classic!
  8. muscleandsweat

    Create, transform and fuck videogame

    I actually just looked it up on the toilet. It's called Douchebag Beach Club, and it's also on iOS.
  9. so horny…

    1. Rigel126


      Me too haha. Love your website by the way ;)

    2. muscleandsweat
  10. muscleandsweat

    Create, transform and fuck videogame

    yes I know there is an app on android. forgot the name tho. I'm an appleboi now.
  11. posted a pretty nasty video on my Youtube channel

  12. just uploaded some new images from my last shoot in Berlin, there are lots more. Am uploading some to my Instagram as well...

  13. going to be in Berlin this weekend. Gonna pick up some new shots from a photographer there.

    1. raphi0508


      Great, have fun, and enjoy the photoshooting

    2. muscleandsweat


      the shots are already done. I'm going to pick up the pictures. They were made with old fashioned cameras!

    3. raphi0508


      Oh okay, sorry I misunderstood you. Then have fun in Berlin. :)


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