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  1. scot158f

    Elongro - Added Part 4 on 17-Jan-2019

    Either that - or Trevor finds himself experimenting with something like Elongro 2.0 - or even worse. Right now Seth is using and almost abusing Trevor, as is Brooke - taking advantage of the optimism and squashing his hope at getting big. It is really humiliating to watch. Very well written story, dredlifter.
  2. scot158f

    Uncommon Cold

    This is an incredible story!! Would love to see in what other trouble the poor warlock’s illnesses might land him! Great writing!!
  3. scot158f

    Hope Springs

    How awesome!! An excellent story, cutlerfan - can’t wait to read more with Hope Springs awesome writing!!!
  4. Wow...those are incredible heights - and a pretty neat look at how things have to be adjusted for larger men!!
  5. This was incredible, F_R_Eaky!! I would LOVE to find a well like that - though I might use its wishes too much to get too big. But your writing - it is astounding and so powerful. Thank you!!
  6. scot158f


    Incredible!! Great job!!
  7. Loving your pic, man.  So thick and powerful!

  8. scot158f

    Find the rules

    Good start to the story!! Can't wait for the next part!
  9. diggin' the avatar!  nice one!  big and strong looking. 

  10. scot158f

    Happy Father's Day Part Four - by F_R_Eaky

    Incredible story!! Great job!
  11. scot158f

    Happy Father's Day Chapter 2 by F_R_Eaky

    Awesome - love the start of this - I hope they don't stop their growth spurt!! Great writing, F_R_Eaky!!
  12. scot158f

    Muscle Sighting by F_R_Eaky

    This was incredible - so wish this could happen to me!! Great short story!!
  13. scot158f

    Grow A Boyfriend

    Very nicely done! A great story to enjoy - again and again!

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