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  1. Excellent chapter!! Your cast of characters is getting truly intense and varied, and I'm loving it!!
  2. Awesome chapter - cannot wait for the next segment!!!
  3. I love it - I think this story has a lot of potential! I hope it doesn't result in dumb beasts - but definitely in the 'more than they wished for' category. Great writing!!
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  6. Very fascinating story! I look forward to the next part!
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  8. growth-without-effort

    What an excellent second part!!!
  9. growth-without-effort

    Incredible story - love how amazing the surprise is it for the boys'
  10. muscle-growth

    Excellent new chapter! I cannot wait to see what happens to Patrick next!
  11. dominance

    Awesome story!!
  12. growth-without-effort

    Awesome story!! This was incredible!!!
  13. muscle-growth

    Great story! I hope you continue writing and posting!!
  14. growth-without-effort

    Awesome!! So glad to see a second chapter!! I can't wait for the next one! Great writing!
  15. growth-without-effort

    Cannot wait to see this continued!! Great start!