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  1. For the past month I've just... lost interest in muscles? I thought it was the exam stress but finals have been over for more than a week and I'm still like this? Also, my blood work came back, my big T and cortisol levels are are normal. What gives? Am I still allowed on this forum?

  2. I haven't noticed till now but it looks like my chest and thighs are a bit bigger than before. My pants are getting a bit tight and my smaller shirts are starting to stretch under my armpits heh ?

  3. Going back to college is harder than I thought it would be. There goes all my free time for the next 2 years T_T

  4. It's getting harder to take my shirt off these days. Am I getting less flexible or arm my shoulders getting bigger? Hmmm ?

  5. Safely registered and enrolled for night classes at my neighbourhood university! Excited for my first lecture but MY GOD all the pre-class reading to do for business law! If anybody tells me studying law is cakewalk I'd smack him silly with all my reading materials!

  6. I went for a job interview and it went really well! Here's to hoping I get that job!!

    1. arpeejay


      Good luck!

    2. MLMuscle


      I hope that you wore a tanktop and flexed your biceps during the interview.  That would have show 'em that you are creative and have confidence!    Just kidding.   Good luck!   :)  

  7. Again, I take my hat off to all you serious bodybuilders who go on eating and working out like a champ day after day, year after year. How do you do it????

  8. Ok, that's it. Fuck finding a job I'm whoring my ass out. Who wants to buy me????

  9. More than 3 months of being jobless. I'm this close to whoring myself out.

    1. Ogun


      Hang in there sweetie

  10. My brain says: Find a job.

    My dick says: Muscle Porrrrrrn!!!!!

    .... I could really use an 'off' switch for my libido right now.

  11. I've just moved back to my home town and I'm looking for a new job. Wish me luck!

  12. So I sent in my resignation letter and i'm preparing to leave my job on the 10th next month. Also, it was really hard but I kicked myself in the ass to get a leg workout done, my first workout in what, three weeks? You lifters are amazing deserving respect for being able to work out in the first place, let alone keeping at it every day for years.

  13. One month of being ill, and I got back to lifting yesterday. The strength losses were terrible, as expected.

    On the other hand, I worked up the courage to work out at the newly-refurbished mini-gym downstairs and survived. Phew!

  14. Day 16: I've been in a slump the last week and took too many rest days. I'm having an existential crisis and wondering about what the fuck am I doing with a job and general life that pisses me off.

    Yesterday I did half of a core workout. Side planks hurt, which means they are a good addition into my routine.

    1. GiganticBeast


      First off, no such THING as too many rest days. It's not just your body you're resting, you need to get your mindset to a point where you want to lift and want to GROW once again! You can drag your ass every day to the gym and hate it, every single time, or you can take the time you need, get to a point where you want to go, where you look forward to it, and day by day it's gonna get easier! ALSO WICKED core workout by the sounds of it! if it's still stinging that's damned good man!

  15. Day 13: 90 march-squats, 90 calf extensions, and 90 lunges. The lunges killed my legs good.

    Today I'm feeling downright exhausted, so exhausted I would gladly sell my soul for an afternoon nap.

  16. Day 10 last night, 100 squat marches and 120 calf raises. The burn and the sweating felt goooood.

    I don't understand how I can be skinny as a stick and yet have jiggly calves.

    Also, experimenting a bit with grocery shopping and cooking this week to see how I can tweak my calorie intake and get bigger. Gotta learn to get my homework done faster over the weekend so that I have more time to cook!

    No time to jack this morning, feeling so horny that just thinking dirty makes me hard as fuck.

    Looking forward to abs and back tonight.

  17. Uuuuuggghhhh I think I’m gonna dieeeee

    Last night I did 120 squats and 120 calf raises, and conked out for 7 hours but I’m still so exhausted and sore. It’s only Thursday and I can’t wait for Sunday to sleep in.

    (I have school on Saturday mornings, followed by homework which I gotta finish over the weekend cuz there ain’t no time during the week!)

    On the plus side, I think my chest is a tiiiiiny bit bigger now? All the pushups are starting to pay off! I’m gonna get pecs! Gotta remember to stop groping my (still flat as an airfield) boobs in the office though, but I’m excited!

    Next leg day: objective 150 squats. God I feel like dying but I also want to firm up my bum?

  18. Day 6: 30 standard pushups + 40 knee pushups. My arms are shaking so bad and I can't barely feel em. Next goal is to hit 100 pushups by the end of the year.

  19. Hey there you ripped, sexy muscle beast! You busy pumping those muscles that you forgot about your lil' guy? ;) kidding man, but get in touch! I miss our chats!

  20. Day 5: 30 minutes of back and core work on the mat last night. 100 crunches and 100 back extensions. Slept like the dead after that.

  21. Leg day yesterday, night, followed by a good jerk. Hell yeah I could get used to this ;)

  22. Did pushups today, boy am I WEAK, but all the more reason to keep plugging at it, right?

  23. Tonight worked out back and abs, then had a good jerk ;) Off to bed now!

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