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    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
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    Languages, history and mythology, cooking, playing the piano, ogling hot guys (hehe), writing fiction.
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    180cm, 68 kg.
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    Huge muscles on myself. A hot, hairy, hung bodybuilder boyfriend who fucks me every night would be a nice bonus. Otherwise, I'm fine being on my own.
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    Realistically 160 lbs. Fantasy wise that would be closer to 260 pounds.
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    All works by Josef Howard
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    Gianluigi Volti, Raciel Castro, Caleb Blanchard, Gabriel Duran, Mattia Vecchi, Kevin Wolter
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    Suits, uniforms, jockstraps, cuddling, fur, muscle bellies, kissing, making out. Oh, and I loooove having a hard cock in my mouth! 😈

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  1. Hello from NYC... 😉

  2. Well, lucky you Shippou and don't mind me, I'm just being hella jealous and salty that I don't even have half your good luck with gay muscle dudes. I know right? Thanks to our shrinking ringgit, EVERYTHING, even basic food is becoming way more expensive and our salaries just aren't keeping up with the inflation. That True Fitness pullout scandal in June isn't helping things either. There is this built guy who works at Fitness Concept on the ground floor of Subang Parade, but given the odds, probably straighter that a flagpole. Sigh. And yes, I'm VERY salty hahahaha
  3. You mean to say that there are SE Asian men who are muscular AND gay? They are not mutually exclusive? Because holy crap what rock have I been living under for all these years that I can't find em? Lmao
  4. For the past month I've just... lost interest in muscles? I thought it was the exam stress but finals have been over for more than a week and I'm still like this? Also, my blood work came back, my big T and cortisol levels are are normal. What gives? Am I still allowed on this forum?

  5. I haven't noticed till now but it looks like my chest and thighs are a bit bigger than before. My pants are getting a bit tight and my smaller shirts are starting to stretch under my armpits heh 😆

  6. Going back to college is harder than I thought it would be. There goes all my free time for the next 2 years T_T

  7. It's getting harder to take my shirt off these days. Am I getting less flexible or arm my shoulders getting bigger? Hmmm 😆

  8. thx for the Add Sir

  9. Safely registered and enrolled for night classes at my neighbourhood university! Excited for my first lecture but MY GOD all the pre-class reading to do for business law! If anybody tells me studying law is cakewalk I'd smack him silly with all my reading materials!

  10. I went for a job interview and it went really well! Here's to hoping I get that job!!

    1. arpeejay
    2. MLMuscle


      I hope that you wore a tanktop and flexed your biceps during the interview.  That would have show 'em that you are creative and have confidence!    Just kidding.   Good luck!   :)  

  11. Again, I take my hat off to all you serious bodybuilders who go on eating and working out like a champ day after day, year after year. How do you do it????

  12. Ok, that's it. Fuck finding a job I'm whoring my ass out. Who wants to buy me????

  13. More than 3 months of being jobless. I'm this close to whoring myself out.

    1. Ogun


      Hang in there sweetie

  14. Thanks for your advice! As it turns out, my annual chest X-ray showed that I have a mild case of scoliosis which would explain why the pain only always occurs on my left arm. I also get pain in the same place when doing squats. So for the moment, my solution to chest workouts is to do more bench presses and flies and less pushups. For squats, I modify it by holding dumbbells in front of me rather than putting a barbell on my shoulders. A little clumsy but it works.
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