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  1. spitandshovelover

    Your opinion on FISTING 💪👊🍩

    I fucking love fisting! It's so fucking hot! A major fetish for me.
  2. spitandshovelover

    Dominant and Loving It

    Great! Take it further. Nastier.
  3. spitandshovelover

    Blue Pill Part 9

    Glorious! Can't wait for more!
  4. spitandshovelover

    Blue Pill Part 5

    That made me cum so fucking hard!
  5. spitandshovelover

    Blue Pill Part 4

    Best installment so far! I LOVE this.
  6. spitandshovelover

    Blue Pill Part 1

  7. spitandshovelover

    6'8" bodybuilding monster Martyn Ford in the news

    Fuck he is hot! What a monster.
  8. spitandshovelover

    Don't Stop: Parts 4+5

    This was fucking glorious! I love insatiability! More please!
  9. spitandshovelover

    First story - Growth, Part 1

    Love it so far. I will second a desire for.getting bigger over flashing back to being smaller.
  10. spitandshovelover

    Steroids? Please...

    The ending was the best thing ever! I want hear more about this insatatiable monster!
  11. spitandshovelover

    The Recruit

    Very hot! I'd love to hear more!
  12. spitandshovelover

    Phenomenal Tumblr site : muscle juice

    Some very hot pics!
  13. spitandshovelover

    Shane: Complete (pts 1-3)

    Beautiful and hot all at the same time!