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  1. ploder4

    Humiliation fetish and fantasy

    I agree with you on this. There's humiliation and then emotional torture. Humiliation goes along the lines of the sub is humiliated but doesn't lose importance. Eventually the humiliated gets used to it and develops an acceptance and a sort of return to reality. Emotional torture on the other hand is what fuels a lot of school violence. This is where the pressure is CONSTANT. The sub is constantly humiliated and turns into a pressure cooker. There is no relief. It just keeps going and keeps getting worse until the pressure cooker blows. It becomes even more evident when the person who becomes that pressure cooker doesn't deserve his torture on such an extreme level. Kids these days can be evil. I was bullied at school as well. I was glad that I was able to find some kind of relief in other friends and relatively good grades. But the bullies start mindfucking you. They do one thing, "It's cool to do this bad thing" and then they urge it getting you to do it. All of a sudden it turns into "that was dumb, this other thing is cool now." Put in a situation that you will never win and it's made evident every moment even outside of the bully's physical area. To me, it seems unrealistic for someone to simply just accept increasing emotional torture to extreme levels... something has to give. I expect a dramatic climax. If it's a fight whoever loses, loses. If it's sacrifice (suicide or other) there will be a reaction (whether it be sympathetic or apathetic). If characters are written really well, you can almost FEEL that pressure cooker and who becomes it. Sometimes it's not who you think it will be. An example was "The Ascension of Ian." The main character (Trevor) became that pressure cooker. His younger brother Ian becomes superhuman after having a disability (it really affected him I know). Ian continues to apply the mindfucking pressure to Trevor more and more. In the end, Trevor had a weak "limp wristed" response. Trevor, for having been through such a mindfuck, shouldn't respond with something equivalent to a little bitchslap. It may be physically correct but it just doesn't fit in my opinion. (Sorry Solan, I wasn't able to articulate this before - your story is still well written I REALLY felt for Trevor even if it was unexpected). "Elongro" on the other hand, hasn't developed that situation yet. Humiliation is expected but for some reason I feel that it won't get to the extreme like "The Ascension of Ian." There will be pressure points, but there will be some kind of release. This also goes into my belief of what makes a real Alpha. A real Alpha doesn't just dominate, but provides a reason for the sub to be dominated and that talent ends up coming naturally. The dominant doesn't really NEED to force the sub to do his bidding. The dominant makes the sub feel just as important in his lower position as the dom is in his position. The sub VOLUNTARILY looks up to the dom and is not forced to against will. The sub is encouraged to be as such instead of forced to. Seth FEELS like that kind of Alpha. That makes Seth into a man many many times bigger than this Trevor will ever become. That's the vibe I get.
  2. ploder4

    Big, New World

    I wonder what would happen if someone scored a 0? I would assume there would be litigation and a retake just to make sure someone isn't that stupid. There was a classmate who took one of the exams and completely forgot to fill out some questions because they were on the back of the pages (and he had turned it in before discovering it.) It's good those tests were computerized in a way. In regard to disabilities, that's a touchy subject. Autism, ADHD, depression, and other mental disabilities could weigh more than physical disabilities because of the fact that the test is high stress. I mean, your future really does hang in the balance. I would assume that there would be a pad mostly because if this is a genetic cleansing (for lack of better terms), physical disabilities would probably be corrected automatically. Those with mental disabilities will be more likely to score lower because the high stress could hinder their performance. And what if the system crashes mid test? Or what if someone sneezes... OMG!
  3. ploder4

    The Tale of the Muscular Manservant

    Down to their shirts huh? When is it going to become evident to those around Phileas and Jean that they are flippin big and strong... maybe a small hulk out of a sleeve or something (nudge-nudge)?
  4. ploder4

    Using other people's characters

    Which is why a "pre-authorizing" disclaimer would be important to post either in front of each story or as a blanket across all of them (for this forum) somewhere accessible to reference. That disclaimer helps all authors determine what is accepted ahead of time especially if you're like me and want people to continue stories you make by default (because I know I never finish them). It's probably more advisable to post one in front of each story, therefore you can say, "you can use character x but not character y" and etc.
  5. ploder4

    Using other people's characters

    This would be my blanket permissions I would give to the forum authors here ploder4: I give limited rights to all forum members on muscle-growth.org to use any characters and settings provided in my written works to be used for continuations in their own works provided that they give proper reference to the original author (ploder4). These works can only be used in this forum only. Posting to any other forum or website or blog requires the original author's permission before posting. I give limited rights for others on this forum to copy and paste my work for their own archival purposes. They may not be re-posted as copied in whole or in part without contacting and making proper reference to the original author. The continuing author by making elaborations and modifications to the original author's works give FULL PERMISSION AUTOMATICALLY for the original author to copy and modify the continuing author's work based from that original author. I as the original author of my works reserve the rights to change or revoke these permissions at any time. What do people think. I know it's a bit legal like but it covers what I want from other authors who use my work or elements of my works
  6. ploder4

    Using other people's characters

    It might help if authors put a statement up somewhere in their posts regarding what liberties people can take with each story if they wish to have that happen. It could go from a simple "DO NOT RE-POST OR REPRODUCE EXCEPT FOR ARCHIVE PURPOSES" to a more descriptive one. Any lack of such disclaimer should constitute as "do not re-post or reproduce for ANY circumstance" Or maybe another subthread could be put in where authors can put their disclaimers FORUM WIDE ONLY (which should mean the rules and license applies to the forum members only and probably should be stated as such). The authors can change those rules at any time. If posted in that thread it makes to provide or negate any rights and liberties to those in the forum (and what disclaimers the next author should state in their disclaimers such as links to original author websites or simple citation of source)
  7. ploder4

    Using other people's characters

    I have taken down all my continuations of stories. Especially the one that I wrote that was from an Arpeejay story. The Arpeejay take down was out of respect. The other ones I felt I had not done right nor really had permission to do, even though no one really said anything negating their usage. Think of it like the comma... when in doubt leave it out. If posted, it should be removed or the author should post a reply in confirmation before it gets removed if they like it.
  8. ploder4

    Elongro - Added Part 4 on 17-Jan-2019

    I don't think so... at least for some. It's sometimes cause for a drive to increase the output, or a recognition of well written and developed characters to he point that people have to speak out and defend them. That's my opinion. BUT, I have come to a realization about this story that I will keep to myself. I will not comment further because of it. This story, even though people who shouldn't read it are doing that, is fucking addictive! lol
  9. ploder4

    Elongro - Added Part 4 on 17-Jan-2019

    Trevor is simply going through the five stages of grief. Denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. I'm not sure where he is at this point because they seem out of order.
  10. ploder4

    Elongro - Added Part 4 on 17-Jan-2019

    I think the Elongro is having the opposite effect on Trevor. For him it's Redushrink (or something like that). I would like to see Trevor grow too... but I don't think it's in the cards. The only thing I can hope for is Seth to slap him out of his funk and get him growing to his full (normal) potential again. Either that or have Trevor graduate with high honors and work for a biotech firm that helps sponsor Seth. There's more than one way to be on top... I dunno. And in a way, Seth may be more thankful to Trevor than anything. If it weren't for Trevor's interest in Elongro, he would still be small. In this case, this story may go along the lines of Seth and his friends doing their best to get him growing... after all, they kinda owe him.
  11. ploder4

    Tumblr is removing all porn on December 17th

    My ultimate opinion is that Tumblr will eventually crumble apart. Since it's Yahoo/Verizon, any usable functions will probably be exported to Flikr. They may want tumblr to fail.
  12. ploder4

    AJ & Noah

    Think of it as the gossip host analyzing your favorite soap opera. lol Does anyone watch those anymore?
  13. ploder4

    AJ & Noah

    It's possible that AJ encountered another "Dale type" in Ibiza. Is it possible that AJ knows he can't control himself and he likes the idea of being wanted that much? Inquiring minds want to know.
  14. ploder4

    Frosty the Giant

    I'm kinda wondering if Nick ends up being Frosty's clean up guy. Using his powers to clean up the carnage left behind. lol Destruction like that isn't exactly the christmas spirit, is it? lol

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