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  1. Probably not yet. But if this story were continued upon or expanded at different plots with different characters... the general public might be. Or they would simply fall to their knees because the giants are just too damn sexy.
  2. I really need to get a hold on this story... it's running away from me. Everytime I start this story I think of an idea that's even better and doesn't fit with the original timeline of events. ARGH!!
  3. I just realized something... Seth went from his first college to Harvard on a fast track. Did he graduate the first college and go for a Master's or PhD? Did he get a double or triple PhD? If so, in what? Could you imagine Seth waving that in Trev's face? Did all the giants excel in college in that way? Could you also imagine if an unexpected Elongro side effect would be delayed plate fusion? Trev becomes 4'2" with a near non-existent dick and near non-existent muscle? It already sounds like Trev may end up a femboy. Did Trev struggle through the rest of his college days? It already seems like Trev is in a state of life-long disability. He's likely short, weak, and stupid compared to even normal people. Maybe he will get some charity from the giants who will pull some strings and get him a minimum wage mail room job or fast food job (to which Trev continuously fails but is kept on because Seth pays the manager big bucks to keep him. After all, it seems like Seth is going to be extremely well off.) Or, Trev goes his own way. Finds out he can make money being a slave boy to others but has to work for really cheap because he's near worthless. Only to be hired later by the giants as a permanent slave boy/pet. Trev works for free but is given room and board. I dunno. Or, Trev could go on his own and fail at life so badly he ends up homeless. Maybe ODs on some drug which ends up laced with Elongro (that the dealers put in as a joke) and ends up shrinking to the point where he has to watch where he steps or he may through into a sewer grate. lol Trev won't even be tall enough to clear Seth's calves. Two separate posts from me, to completely flipped ideas. lol Despite my bi-polar treatment of what I think Trevor could go through, the story is well balanced over all. We are likely to find something in between. More likely realistic (they drift apart but are still friends if they ever meet again). Trevor goes through struggling with real life as he is (barely able to make ends meet with a low wage job or on and off employment). Seth and the other giants become amazingly famous. Maybe in the future, the giants think of Trev once in a while... but it will be fleeting thoughts since their lives have moved on. At least Trev can say he had a hand at making those giants, even though no one will believe him. Or, there's always the next drug (with possibly different effects). The giants will definitely have enough money to purchase it for Trev, if they still have him in mind.
  4. Well, assuming this is the end of the story (although I'm not sure)... Trev got what he deserved. The good thing is, they are still friends... maybe even closer. It does feel like they all have affection for him. Later on, they may control themselves when not doing this fetish act. Although Trev being compared to the others will make for comment by default. If Trev ends up coming out of this with some shred of importance to them I'd be happy. That was a kinky last scene so I think we can expect anything out of this. It was an awesome story. I loved it and hated it at the same time. lol This last chapter was so flippin hot. And I think I was right when I thought that Seth seemed to be getting smarter too. He must have been working his body and his mind while he was away from Trev. I need to know what they are lifting now! lol Seth's so big he has to be benching or squatting over a ton!
  5. Matt will grow massive and make little Luke his little bitch then take away his wife completely only allowing Luke to serve them and not play.
  6. This pic of my baseball shirt was taken at MusclePlex. (Shameless plug)
  7. ploder4


    No he won't... 17'8"? He would need a telephone pole to paint with. lol
  8. I was waiting for this! I was not disappointed. Great ending.
  9. Agreed. It was very hot and very imaginative. The treading water scene was hot too at least for me. It demonstrated the size difference in a new way.
  10. Do you think the giants might see that or at least feel it? I think that some may consider giving Trev a little bit of respect in the fact that his presence although small is actually felt. But most of them will just continue on their merry way eyes forward and not downward.
  11. It started out on the cheap at the beginning. Later on it was said that it street price is now over 20,000 dollars a vial and expected to go up. I also think that those on Elongro would try to keep it a secret for as long as possible. It would only become clear once a large group of people start using it. Fights would ensue about who uses it and that it's something only the rich and privileged could afford. A new street version which could have worse side effects would be made (I called it "ProBig" lol). FDA crackdowns, Elongro qurrantine, bans from typical sports. Brooke and Jack would lose eligibility in basketball... all that and more. If Trev ended up an Elongro warden, would he give Seth and Stacy special treatment?
  12. I agree. Jack's interaction was not that bad. Humiliating yes, but not really bullying. It's just further reognition of just how physically superior the giants are becoming. I agree, don't change Jack... although I can see an epilogue where Mark outgrows Jack. "Sorry bro, it's the way the cookie crumbles."
  13. I thought this was supposed to be torture? Granted Trevor got completely taken down a thousand pegs but it feels like Trev has a thousand more pegs left. He's becoming quite bulletproof in regards to the humiliation. You have to admire it. I really thought that Trev was going to be set up and exposed by Logan but that didn't happen. Very hot chapter but I want more stats and strength feats especially from Seth! They're so fuckin huge now! *more commentary to come
  14. I wanna see Trev get small enough and Seth get big enough that Trev can sit on Seth's cock like a horse and Seth can walk around holding Trev up with no effort. Heck, to Trev's scale it would be bigger than straddling a real horse!
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