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  1. Yeah, it's so out of the blue that it makes me think twice on it. But it should be looked at by a mod because if I took it as offensive on first read, many others could too.
  2. Dude! What the hell? Was this an insult? Please tell me it wasn't or else you have earned my contempt.
  3. ploder4

    Knowing When to Throw in the Towel

    *cringes* I hope it wasn't me who did it. If I did it may have been unintentional. I do have a bad way of making situations worse (Solan - Ian's Ascension). I do love all the stories I read here and I don't want to be an influence on them at all. As I said in Ian's Ascension, it was such an amazing work that it really pulled at my emotions to the point of voicing them... the ultimate testament to a great story. Don't ever stop writing. I am greatly sorry if I had done this. If it wasn't me... To the bully that did make this happen: Bullying is also ultimately a form of unjust censorship. It's a way to quell the ideas and concepts of others to which you have disagreement. RPJ has chosen to take his ideas off of this board. It's a new victory for unjust censorship and a loss for the idealism of free speech. The bully won. Now you (the bully - whoever they are) know how to make people leave the forum. Do you really want to see this forum go away because people won't post their works anymore? That result being from your negative and non constructive point of view?
  4. ploder4

    Using other people's characters

    This notion runs into something I typed about elsewhere. I am the same way when it comes to my stories. I like the idea that people are inspired to write an offshoot from what I have created. It might even help me create new stories. Heck, I have so many stories that have run into dead ends that anyone could pretty much take them over and breathe new life into them. lol Who doesn't want continuations written from their stories? Do you find someone continuing your works offensive or do you think the opposite? If I do try to continue a story, I do my best to separate it from the main story (always in a new thread). If you don't want to read it, you will know where it is and can avoid it. I guess I am still new to this stuff since I am not very prolific. I make sure (and so does the rest of the board) that the original story can be found in it's original format on it's original page (not altered - I will not add to the main thread unless it is only commentary from now on). Any continuations I have written that need to be deleted, please let me know and I will go through and purge them. (I already deleted one because I realized it was in the same thread as an original portion) Thoughts?
  5. ploder4

    Basically a God Part 8

    Yeah, I wonder whatever happened to Sam... and if Jack is going to do more psychological damage to him like Johnny did. Or will Sam find a way to fight back? Or will Johnny just eliminate the humans when he gets bored of them?
  6. ploder4

    (un)identical twins (1)

    I kinda agree with this one. Brett didn't believe the truth when it was told. So I wonder if it will backfire, I also wonder if Jason will let Brett off the hook now that he's dominated him. Considering that Jason is smarter, I wonder if he'll know not to push it any farther with Brett or there would be other kinds of consequences.
  7. ploder4

    Gym Confessor

    Coming from the opposite end of this conversation, I find myself doing that without even really recognizing it. I hadn't really thought about it until I read this thread. Things that I have thought about as I was reading this were the possible reasons why which some of you have already hit on the head. Envy: Not negative but positive - Kinda like "I wish I were like you. You are so brave for doing what you do without thinking twice. It feels and looks natural for you. Good for you, keep it up." Unworthiness: Probably could use a "healthy friend" as a positive influence or living inspiration for change in the flesh and not on paper. But afraid of being judged for being unhealthy and lumped into the pool of fat lazy people that cannot be helped. It may be a cry for help in which they don't want to be classified as helpless or hopeless. Keep in mind, more and more JOBS are now dependent on having healthier people. With insurance rates rising, fat and lazy people can't get away with it anymore and in the coming years, those people will be likely kicked from their jobs. Most of which those people will need them. You can't exactly go to a gym or eat healthier on welfare and unemployment without cutting back on the necessities. Maybe they also need someone healthy to vouch for them when that time comes. More healthier people (or healthier looking people) are considered type A personalities and those people tend to get farther now-a-days. In a way rightly so because they show dedication to themselves and their jobs. People who divide their time between gym and work immediately show a quality of good time management as well regardless of how true it really is. By default, a healthier person is much sharper and has more energy. They can be much more efficient and can oust out the fat lazy people who can't do as much in a timely manner. Self Consciousness: The person doesn't want it to become a "thing" in which the spotlight is suddenly on them (in a sense that spotlight feels more burning than warm.) They don't realize that the spotlight might actually be positive. Also that person may likely feel that the healthy person may be judgemental of them. "Awww look at the namby pamby weak person try to make himself look better." This feeling will be much more prevalent in the gym. Cluelessness: The deer in the headlights feeling when you even think about going to the gym and seeing all the "contraptions" that look like they could seriously hurt someone if not used properly. These are the people who would love to have a LIVING, BREATHING person guiding them along without judgement. And while it's easy to say "hire a trainer" most people will see the trainer as indifferent and expensive. A "healthy friend" would probably be much more effective. Granted, it's kinda like mooching, but most people who get that kick start might continue on their own when they gain the confidence they need. Mountain out of a Mole Hill: (in a metaphoric sense) Time spent = years... eons... an eternity -- work involved = take this spoon and move this mountain of dirt that's over 400 feet high. These people need to see visible progress or at least some sense that progress is being made. Easier to do with a gym buddy to keep them going but most of these people do not have access to that. Which is another reason why they may be pushed in their own psyche to do ask about it. It then turns inward and a sense of shame enters the mind, the unworthiness. Fear: The feeling that they might actually be hopeless or helpless. Expecting the unrealistic, they usually end up thinking that they are. Comments? Thoughts?
  8. Hey, Ploder4 - Have just joined SL (HorvathFan) and met a bunch of nice guys. But not the guys in your album! Where do you hang out? and how do you get the video captures?

    Thanks so much for posting these - amazing shots. Hope to meet you there too.

  9. There was a story a long while ago that described an older smarter brother who was able to get huge, he keeps the secret from his younger brother for a while. Once the younger brother is told the secret he gets huge and then completely surpasses his brother greatly.
  10. ploder4

    Sweet Revenge - CHAPTER EIGHT ADDED

    Bruce has to be on the same stuff Mitch and Andy are taking. Where is he getting it and is he getting a better version?
  11. I thought this story was on Silicondog's site but I could never figure out the name of it. Trial and error on links didn't help. I am looking for a story about two scientists (I think they were named Mike and Jan). They both managed to find a way to grow muscle in a way that if they did something extraordinary, they had to take something from their surroundings as a resource (or something like that). I remember Jan putting his hand into a pot of scalding water and pulling it out with no burns as he explained this to Mike. They eventually end up with a houseboy (I think) and a gym owner also gaining the same abilities. Can anyone help me find this story?
  12. ploder4

    1st gym workout

    Well, right now I am trying to start with losing weight and increasing stamina. This will help later when I do begin to seriously build muscle. I may probably build a moderate amount of muscle in the process. But a lot of articles I am researching say strength will build faster than size. Why not configure my body to work with the weights for longer sets? Thoughts?
  13. ploder4

    1st gym workout

    I am posting this to say I just finished a first workout... kinda sorta. I was finally brave enough to do it. But also it's because my workplace has it's own gym which makes it much more convenient for me. I spent 15 minutes on a treadmill increasing the speed every 1 minute to a moderate power walk then slowed it down on the last 2 minutes. Then I kinda went around and just did things I knew. Bicep curls, some of the machine exercises etc. If I looked at something and didn't know how to use it, I didn't touch it. I'm just beginning and I am not going to injure myself until I knew at least something about how to do it, or even if I can. I can't do one chin-up. Sad, but I know I'll get there. So I am doing research on how to work up to doing exercises I either can't do or don't know how to do. I know I will likely injure myself with a free weight squat. So I need to figure out safer ways to work those muscles up to begin doing squats. Anyone know any good workarounds for exercises you can't do? I spent 45 minutes in the gym just getting familiar with it. I actually had fun with it. Also, after this workout, I need to start charting progress. I plan 3 days a week when i can get in there. Unfortunately due to my schedule it will be 3 days back to back. Doesn't leave much time for recovery, or is it okay? So that's about it. I have officially seen the inside of a gym.
  14. That was it. Thank you for finding it.
  15. I'm looking for a story about a twink who ended up involved in a car chase with a mob. The twink gets into an accident and I think falls into a substance that makes him grow. He also meets a friend or has a boyfriend. The last scene was of both of them doing a dom/sub scene for a porn video. The twink was the dom in the video but when the camera goes off the roles are switched.

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