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  1. Only missing the last shot of the biggest guy trying to wear a polo.
  2. Should we create a "non-proofread section" or just simply not post stories in such condition? Just announce that the next chapter is done and then send privately by request? (I'm being silly here - it may get lost in text translation) I dunno... All I know is that people are upset and this quarrel is not appealing to anyone else. Can we just stop it?
  3. A part of me wants to see Dixon get massive and be a threat. I dunno why, maybe it just adds another character who will grow.
  4. This was a balanced story. I loved it. I think the part for me was that no one was really in control. There was an initial decision and things just spun the way they did. The real target of the story got what he deserved. Although Hugh suffered through the final phases there was a knowledge that it was part of the balance restored. Not everyone comes out fine, but there was no real injustice. And the descriptions of muscle growth were top notch HOT!!
  5. Is there more? The only thing I can think of that Brett could do to get back at his brother would be to try to explode him to a size that makes it difficult to live as a regular human. But then again, the spell is wearing off. More growth!
  6. Hopefully Randy will grow bigger than expected. 8 feet tall maybe... 700+ lbs of hard solid muscle granddaddy!
  7. I guess your high percentile exudes itself in your wording. I'm not bright enough to pick out what it is specifically but it just feels intimidating. There are a few other people I know who can do this. It's usually the people who look like they have their shit together and can make things look effortless despite whether they struggle or not. It always exudes a passive threat of "I can make you obsolete without trying." I myself would be devastated if I found myself in such a situation. I never like being a waste of space or a burden to anyone by default. Words like "useless" and "untrustworthy" come to mind as well as being relegated to menial simple tasks which you can easily be substituted for on a whim. Such people can merely speak with a mildly harsher tone and it makes you want to crawl under a rock and die. I imagine Seth to be one of those people, and I can see you being that to some megantuan. Although I have to say, in regard to Seth and Trev's relationship. Trev feels his inferiority and uselessness in the world in general. Seth keeps telling him he doesn't have to feel that way. Seth will protect Trev from the rest of the world and things that make him feel that way. Trev has nothing to worry about because superiority and inferiority don't matter anymore even though it's more than plain to see who's superior.
  8. Whoa, stop right there. I was not hating. I was merely jibing. Hence the emoticon. You practically bit my head off on this. I'll stay away from now on.
  9. That idea came as I thought about Trevor continuing to shrink a little more and becoming Seth's "shoulder assistant" (meaning Trev sits on Seth's shoulder taking notes and etc.) only to find out that Seth doesn't really need Trev to do all that because Seth developed a super-humanly idetic memory. In fact, Seth has to re-do some of Trev's notes and etc. Trev finds this out and is completely humiliated even though he shouldn't be in front of Seth. Seth keeps Trev around to keep him grounded to the real world while small people still exist. The one thing Seth needs to control is his hunger for power and domination of everything from his body to his mind to the world. Trev's fragility is a reminder to Seth that his actions could have much bigger consequences. Which is why I thought a Trev death scene would be appropriate in some cases. What would Seth do? Would this OCD striving for personal perfection become an issue? That is just one of the alternative universes this story went in my head.
  10. It makes me wonder what his current lifting stats are. Those were never mentioned. He has to be squatting a kiloton now. And he's only getting stronger. I also wonder if he's still absorbing anything he can study and research. I can imagine him being able to speak many languages and have several PhD on his wall in his corner office.
  11. Now here's the thoughts... Are they really invading earth? Is it possible they're invading to assimilate all the humans with the aliens if the backstory is true? I love this story... as you know I've been trying to write a muscular alien story for a long time with no success. I hope we see more characters like this in the future.
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