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  1. I don't think Jared is going to get bigger. But if I were Jared I would be asking questions almost immediately since it's such a HUGE and drastic change. It's basically the elephant in the room kinda situation.
  2. I was just imagining Seth putting his arm on the floor next to Trev and then flexing it. I think when flexed the bicep would be half as tall as Trev.
  3. I agree with Ro. You might get more info and a deeper sounding voice over the phone. Probably deep enough to make someone cum. Please make Mitch bigger during that time! Maybe it's Mitch's brother or cousin. And you/Jared get an advantage over Mitch by befriending him... I don't think I've heard an "Elongro like story" from the perspective of the big guy.
  4. Is this the same Sam Cole that was completely humiliated in the first series? If so, I am so ready to read this! I also want to know what happened to Trent. But as far as I know, there's no way that Sam could beat Johnny. Johnny has had a lot of time to become a god and then some. Sam is just starting out. Unless Sam can drain Johnny he'll be pounded into another dimension. However, I think the worst losses will be suffered by anyone who lives in their universe. I have a feeling everything will be annihilated.
  5. I would like to see what Mr. Branson ends up reading in Dr. Breneth's book. Maybe a chapter on the future of the tiny people. Maybe psychoanalysis for when they are tiny and when they get big etc. Maybe a warning to the giant people that a good portion of the tiny people CAN grow when it's their time and may grow bigger. Maybe some stories about a person being given the drug early as a guinea pig sabotaging any future attempts to grow for the sake of science or a wife sabotaging their husband to give them a reason to excuse herself from marriage.
  6. Interesting.... this just inspired a side story for me. I am considering putting it to text. I am loving this more and more. I do feel bad for Mr. Branson though... doomed until death (if he still sees it that way). I don't feel bad for Janine's dad. As far as I read (unless I missed it), he's still young enough that he has to wait to take the V and hasn't doomed himself yet. This is the inspiration for this side story. I love this story.
  7. I love this ending. Period. It was kinda what I was expecting. Some have said that the sex scene made Trevor into a sex toy. But if that were really true, Trevor would simply go unacknowledged throughout the entire scene. But instead the two giants made it a point to keep Trevor as a part of their attention. Trevor receives a lot of attention and inclusion in this scene, in fact, this whole chapter. Yes it's humiliation but it's also countered by the amount of attention and care Trevor receives from them. I kinda assume that Trev is the small man on the totem pole of the marketing firm and probably already in line to be eliminated in the next budget meeting. I wonder how much Seth knows about Trev's job history and other reasons why Seth reached out as much as he did to offer Trev a job. But it was also touching that Seth still thought of Trev and would go to such lengths to help him. For Seth, Trev is very much needed. It gets rid of any pretense that Trev is lost his usefulness in this story. That was the worst scenario I thought would happen should the story take such a turn. Although I think if anything, Seth wants Trev's life to be fulfilled and most likely because he owes it to Trev. In a sense, Seth may be telling Trev to live through him. Much like a family member or friend runs a marathon for a disabled person. This somewhat is the case in the sex scene. They make efforts to make Trev feel like he's the one fucking Stacy. It really does feel like all three of them fulfill each other's lives in interesting ways. Trevor remains important and useful in the end and for more than just utilitarian purposes. It makes me wonder and most likely assume correctly that Seth is going to put Trev in a position that puts him in very high stress and important tasks some of which he may barely be able to complete simply because of his limitations. BUT, as throughout the entire story, Trev makes it through or is able to make lemons out of lemonade. I think Trev will always be fine in the end. It is clear though that Trev lost more and didn't recover at all from his second Elongro hit. This chapter describes Trevor as "bony" and not even 100 lbs. In order for Trev to keep at least wrestler proportions, he'd have to be under 3 feet tall. My guess is that he's probably around 4'10 which makes Trev into an extremely malnourished looking guy. In a darker sense... it makes me wonder just how much Seth needs Trev. If something bad were to happen to Trev I wonder if Seth would go into a rage. Trev holds a lot more power than most people think. God forbid Trev die in an accident and woe be those who should assault him. lol As much as I have continuation scenarios in my head I refuse to write them out. I suggest others keep away from such thoughts as well. This story is PRISTINE. Do not touch! However I must say this... I can see a scene in the "live through me type scenario" where Trev is Seth's shoulder assistant. Basically Trev sits on Seth's shoulder and relays important information and is constantly in his ear with comments and thoughts... literally. In turn, this makes Seth much more efficient because he has someone over his shoulder (literally) looking up needed info on the fly. It also creates a need for those affected negatively by Elongro since they will be small enough to fit on the shoulders of those who have benefited above the curve. TBH, I think it's hot because all those on Elongro have something to emphasize how big they really are. And the fact that Seth is able to have a little person sitting on his shoulder all day in constant comparison is really hot. Since you're over 11 feet tall, you get a live shoulder assistant. What do you all think?
  8. It's actually called the Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator Explosive? Even better.
  9. I have to see what scene Marvin Martian would go into. Probably some kind of world domination scenario. Maybe a muscle growth scene with the Eludium Pew 32 Space Modulator?
  10. ploder4


    I think Martin will keep those after growth paintings which may end up selling for tons of money if he's that popular. His newer paintings will definitely fill a gallery.
  11. I wanna bet that Patrick comes back by private jet because he's too big for regular planes. I bet he ends up about 9 feet tall and his cock is probably about 2 feet long or more with a circumference bigger than Aaron's arm after two weeks. I could imagine Patick saying that. "You may have to use a leg."
  12. Interesting take on this. I love where it's going. It has a flair of Elongro. The big guys just don't really see the world as the little ones do. It's all benevolent, but there's more of an order to it. A hierarchy was established. I bet the political structure has changed quite a bit over the time that Mr. Branson was in seclusion. More musclegods in office reinforcing the new normal leaving room for the little ones but knowing full well the future belongs to them. After all, the only ones in the future that remain small will be the ones who took V early. Future generations will all be V size. Mr Branson junior signed his own prison sentence by taking V too early. Unless they find a way to make those that took it too early to recover. But I doubt that will happen because it wouldn't be needed once the non V generation dies out. Mr Branson junior is doomed. If his father ends up benevolent... maybe junior will find some solace. It kinda makes me wonder if Branson senior is being more overprotective than harmful... I think senior IS actively searching for his son if not already knows where he is and knowing that his son was in a secluded place made him comfortable for the time being. Dr. Breneth may actually use his contacts to see if there may be a search going on. Maybe just maybe, senior may know that junior took V early and may be planning recovery for him especially if he loves him that much and is willing to go to such lengths to find him.
  13. I agree. I know that if Elongro II or a competing pharma company makes another (maybe call it Probig. ) introduced as a competitor to Elongro (Like Viagra and Cialis) I'm sure Trevor would be on the short list... although his relationship with Seth would be affected if it ended up being with a competitor. But I wonder if Seth would pull some strings to get Trev onto the testing stage of an Elongro II. I'm sure there would be conflict considering that the giants love Trev being so small compared to them. Maybe Seth would do it if the results of Trev's tests would satisfy him. Make Trev as big or bigger than he was but not nearly enough as to overshadow the original giants. The second Elongro would probably made as an extended release making it more necessary to have to be on the drug long term to get full effects (and more profit). In the meantime, Trev is still good at wrestling and he could probably make it in gymnastics since he's so small and wiry (from what I think I read still strong at scale if not stronger - being lighter may help him do really well in gymnastics with some dramatic flips and etc). It would be nice to see Trev do well in the olympics or something... maybe sponsored by Elongro. Maybe Seth will propose such a thing in his visit. If Trev does so well in the olympics, he may be reluctant to do another Elongro right away. It might end his career.
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