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  1. Jaypat

    Using other people's characters

    You can't give a ringing endorsement like that to a story and author without telling us the title and name you're referring to. I want to read this thing!
  2. Jaypat

    Self consciousness, depression and weightlifting

    I have to echo what ryoso said. If you’re suffering see a doctor. You might be surprised at what they turn up. I was and it made all the difference in the world to my workouts. There wasn’t anything wrong with me that wasn’t easily treatable and the results were life changing. If anything I’m upset I didn’t say something to my doctor and find out years earlier.
  3. Jaypat

    Self consciousness, depression and weightlifting

    You may have a medical issue. Have your testosterone levels checked. Low testosterone could explain both your lack of progress and your depression.
  4. Jaypat


    Wow, how do I write? There really isn't only one way. But I'll tell you what I can. I write alone. Tried writing on planes and trains, but as another writer mentioned above, I am too self conscious about other people in the area. Also, as mentioned above, I can get a little... excited by what I'm writing and that's a little awkward in public places... at least for me. Used to have a cat. Didn't much care for it when she demanded attention when I was in the middle of an... exciting scene. So, no critters either. Just me. No music. I've tried music, but ultimately I found it too distracting. And if I was really intensely into writing a scene, I wouldn't hear it anyway. So, no music. I use a computer and Word. Lap top, desk top, I've used both. It's all the same to me. I've also tried writing on my phone, which I have found alright for drafts, but not the finished product. For that I need a laptop/desk top. I go anywhere where I can be alone. Over the years, I've shifted from one room in my residence to the next, depending on circumstances. Don't think I've ever written in the kitchen, otherwise, I've hit them all. Ideas come in all kinds of ways. Sometimes I get an idea for a scene and the story grows out of it. Sometime I have a whole story arc in my head from the start. Sometimes I just start writing and see what happens. I've tried outlining but now only fall back on it when I'm stuck for a direction. For the most part, I find outlines restrict creativity and spontaneity and tend to make a story pat and predictable. ...and I never usually stuck to them anyway. I always draft and redraft my chapters. Sometimes I post them as I write them. Sometimes I don't post a word until I at least have a complete draft of the entire story. Sometimes I lose interest in a story before it's finished. That usually inspires a series of on-offs because I'm paranoid about doing it again and I hate disappointing my readers. Sometimes the stories seem to write themselves and sometimes they're a real struggle. But I love, writing. I love the process and I know I'll be doing it, in one form or another, until they plant me in the ground.
  5. Well... a lot of your stories do tend to have a mentor character, one who is already an accomplished bodybuilder, who guides the main character into the world of pumping iron, and is eventually out grown by them. Frequently, a relationship develops between the mentor and student by the end of the story. I consider this to be a vital element in the Arpeejay Formula. I'm not knocking it. It's just an observation, and something I've come to expect from your work.
  6. Richard, one of the great things about this forum is we get to write what we want to write, beholding to none. If people like it, great! If they don't, there are plenty of other stories for them to read. You go on writing what you feel like writing, and don't listen too hard to anyone who proclaims themselves a literary expert.
  7. Jaypat

    Americanised Stories

    Wouldn't that be a "public school" in England? (Sorry, I couldn't help myself.) 😈 Really, write what you're familiar with. Americans aren't as thick as all that. We'll figure it out. Dust bins and lifts, I get it. Car parks, I get it. Brexit...? Well, that one you're going to have to give me a little help with. 😉 A rose by any other name...?
  8. Jaypat

    GymJunkie's CG Muscle Growth Comic/Stories (UPDATED 2/3/19)

    They are all amazing to look at, every panel is a feast for the eyes!
  9. Jaypat

    Enjoy your workout

    @Hulk2B get your testosterone levels checked. Good workout habits and poor gains with depression are symptoms of low testosterone. If that's your problem it's easily treated. And since you have the dedication to hit the gym for three years without noticeable gains, if low T really is your problem and you get it treated, you will explode.
  10. Nice profile photo! Wonderful thick arms on that guy. I wonder what's the context there.

    1. FerrenWolf


      Nice! Love that expression. He's really into it!

  11. Jaypat

    Hulk Hunter 2: Hulk Spawn

    First, I'd like to say thanks to everyone who responded and left a comment. I always like hearing how I did. One satiated customer; always good to hear. Thank you very much. I'l glad you enjoyed it. It's too hard to say when I'll write the next installment. Maybe next year. Maybe sooner. Thank you for all the compliments. I'm always happy to hear from someone who liked the story. I can't thank you too much for this! It's amazing! You are very welcome. I'm glad you liked it. He echos my thoughts as well! Now, we're just getting greedy. Thank you. I know it's a very different kind of story from the first one but I thought I'd just write it anyway.
  12. Josh stared at the gas pump in frustration. “See attendant,” said the message on the screen. He looked down at his credit card and wondered what the issue was this time. It was all paid up… at least he was pretty sure it was… Fuck! He glanced over his shoulder at Eric in the passenger seat of his car. Eric nodded at him and smiled. Damn, he was cute. Josh thought about how long it had taken him to convince Eric to go hiking. The thing about going to college in a small college town was everyone always seemed to know who you were, what you were doing and who you were doing it with. All he wanted to do was get Eric alone so they could do some… exploring. And he wasn’t just thinking about day packing. And now here they were on the way to the North Mountain Trail, and he couldn’t get gas. How fucking frustrating was that?! “Be right back,” he called into Eric, unwilling to share the details of this financial hiccup. After all, he didn’t want to look like a total idiot. And this could just be nothing, maybe only a computer glitch. He made his way past the gas pumps and into the little minimart where the cashier would no doubt be waiting for him. But as soon as he walked through the door and saw the cashier, he just froze. The slender frame, the shaggy blond hair, the all-too-familiar sparkling blue eyes and that intoxicating smile, seriously? Today? Resigned, Josh walked up to the register. “Hi Ollie,” he said. “What are you doing here?” “I work here, Josh,” said Ollie. “And I suppose it’s a coincidence that you happen to be working here, in the same town where I’m going to school, hundreds of miles away from home?” said Josh. “Don’t be stupid,” said Ollie. “Of course it’s not. What are you doing here?” “I need gas,” said Josh, “and this doesn’t seem to be working.” He handed Ollie his credit card. Ollie looked at the credit card and said, “Really? Whaddaya know. I wonder what the problem could be.” “Cut the crap, Ollie,” said Josh. “What do you want?” “You know what I want,” said Ollie. “I want you back.” “I thought we went over this before I left,” said Josh. “No, you announcing you’re ending it and then walking out the door is not going over it,” said Ollie. “So, now you’re a stalker?” said Josh. Ollie stopped and thought for a second. “Yeah, I guess maybe I am.” “It’s not going to work, Ollie,” said Josh. “You like it too much. People get hurt.” “But I’ve got so much more control over it now. And I get way bigger!” said Ollie. “How about you? Do you get bigger?” Josh froze. The memory of the change hit him like a physical shock. … the feeling of all that hard muscle all over him… rippling… bulging…the power…. He felt his heart beat quicken and his nether regions flush with pleasure. Fuck! Ollie was doing it to him. He was doing it to him again! “I wouldn’t know,” said Josh, fighting it back. Fuck! He hoped he wasn’t beginning to swell. He felt like he might be beginning to swell. “Really?” said Ollie. “How long has it been?” “Over a year,” said Josh, “not since I left.” “A year!” said Ollie. “I couldn’t go two fucking days! How do you stand a year?” “You just do,” said Josh, feeling the urge to change surge even stronger within him. He had to get out of there before it overwhelmed him, before… Fuck! “Are you going to run my card, or what?” said Josh. “What’s the matter, Joshy?” said Ollie. “You ok? You’re looking a little green.” “Fuck you, Ollie!” said Josh. “You’d set me off, right here, right now, wouldn’t you?” Ollie grinned, nodded once and said, “Yeah. And after a year of going without, it shouldn’t be that hard... Ooooo… poor choice of words.” He flashed a cocky grin. Josh reached out and snatched his card back from Ollie. “This isn’t the only gas station in town,” he said. He turned and started for the door. “Actually, it is,” said Ollie, stopping Josh in his tracks. “A couple of nights ago, all the other ones were just sort of ripped to pieces. Big mystery. No one can figure it out.” Josh let out an exasperated sigh and marched out the door to his car. He pulled open the door and slid into the driver’s seat. He looked over to see Eric staring at him, a concerned expression on his face. Those deep, dark eyes, the short black beard, the high cheek bones, this guy had it all. He was a bit skinny, but then so was Josh, at least these days. “What happened?” asked Eric. “The pumps aren’t working,” said Josh. “We’ll go someplace else,” said Eric. “Apparently, they’re not working anywhere,” said Josh. “That’s ridiculous,” said Eric. Suddenly his eyes went wide. “…who is that?” Josh looked back toward the mini mart. Strolling across the pavement was Ollie. Only Ollie had made a couple of adjustments. He was probably 5 inches taller and about 100 pounds heavier, and all of it rippling, bulging, chiseled muscle. His cannonball shoulders were filling his uniform’s short sleeves near to bursting and pulling the cloth up away from his softball-sized, sculpted biceps, giving an easy view of the thick pulsing veins running over the top of them. The buttons on the shirt were strained to their limits, the front nearly pulled apart by his massive, heaving pecs. His back was so wide and thick, it made his entire upper body flair out from his narrow waist like a Y. His legs had become thick stalks of muscle, showing every cut and bulge through his thin uniform pants. …and he wasn’t getting any bigger. He was just staying that size. And his skin looked a little pasty, but not green. He was only partially hulked. He could do partial hulk-outs! Holy shit! On Ollie’s boyishly beautiful face was a goofy, mischievous and slightly sinister grin, as he continued to approach the car. “Ah… we should go,” said Josh, starting the engine. “What’s the hurry,” said Eric, his tongue nearly rolling out of his mouth. Josh froze, not certain how much to tell Eric. He didn’t want to scare him off. He wasn’t planning on having this conversation until they were a lot further along with their relationship, a lot further along. Right now, they were pretty much just friends. “I know this guy,” said Josh. “At least I knew him in high school. He’s trouble.” “Trouble?” said Eric. “Just when I thought he couldn’t get any hotter. What’s his name?” Before Josh could answer there was a tapping on the driver’s side window. He looked over to see Ollie grinning in at them. “Anything wrong?” came his muffled voice. “No,” said Josh. “We’re fine.” “Sorry about the gas,” said Ollie, reaching up behind his head with his right hand as if to scratch it. Suddenly his huge, veiny, chiseled bicep bulged up and ripped right through his sleeve. Eric’s chin dropped. Josh could tell his friend was seconds away from cuming in his pants. “Oops,” said Ollie, grinning cockily. “That just keeps happening. My boss is going to kill me when he sees I’ve blown out another sleeve. I keep telling him I should just go sleeveless, but he says that doesn’t look professional.” Eric leaned over across Josh and rolled down the window. “I think you should just go shirtless,” he said, almost panting. Ollie’s eyebrows shot up in a bemused expression. “You think?” he said, grinning. Then he began unbuttoning his shirt, slowly releasing the striated mountains that were his pecs and the carved bricks that made up his abs. Then, struggling to bend his arms around their own ponderous muscle mass, he peeled the rest of the shirt off his titanic frame. Then he stood there naked from the waist up, his mammoth god-like muscles, bulging and heaving on his enormous, sculpted upper body. “This is definitely more comfortable,” he said rolling his giant shoulders and tensing his epic pecs and sculpted abs. “It’s actually how I dress when I’m at home. Except, I usually don’t wear any pants either.” Eric was just sitting there, staring, mouth open, with just a little bit of drool leaking out one side. “Yeah, well, we gotta get going,” said Josh. “Oh no,” said Ollie, let me at least check your oil. It’s all part of the service.” Part of the service? No gas station checked oil anymore. What was he talking about? “No, that’s ok,” said Josh. But then Eric grabbed his arm and mouthed, “Let him check the oil.” Josh threw up his hands and said, “Ok, fine, check the oil.” Ollie grinned, went around to the front of the car and looked down at the hood. Josh reached down for the lever that would release it; but before he could pull it, Ollie grabbed the hood on either side and, titanic muscles bulging, just ripped it right off the car with a squeeeeek POP! “Oops,” said Ollie, still clutching the car hood in his mammoth hands, his massive, sculpted torso heaving and glistening in the morning light. “Sorry.” Eric let out a squeal and Josh could see a dark stain spreading across his crotch. And it was effecting Josh in a completely different way. The sight of all that muscle, all that power, was waking up something inside of him, something he preferred stayed asleep. He could feel it like a deep thrumming, rumbling through his frame. Did he want it? Oh fuck, yes. But it was it good for him? No. Much as he wanted to let loose, he knew he would regret it if he did. Fucking Ollie wrecked his car and his date, and all in about two and a half minutes. If Josh stayed around him much longer, he’d wreck his life. Ollie tossed the hood to the side and leaned back into the window. “If you want to bring it back tomorrow, the mechanic will fix it free of charge.” “Yeah,” said Josh, starting the car. “I’m sure he will.” Then without waiting for a reply, Josh tore out of the gas station, wheels squealing. “Are you going back tomorrow?” asked Eric. “If you are, can I go too?” “Jesus! I don’t know!” snapped Josh. “Maybe.” And neither of them really said anything else all the way back to the school. Even though Josh wasn’t quite 20, he knew a few people who were over 21. For these people, Vodka was never in short supply, and it wasn’t long before he had a bottle. And that night, he needed it. Never one to drink it straight, he also wanted a carton of orange juice, which was considerably easier to come by. The campus store would have some. As he walked across the dimly lit quad, Vodka bottle concealed in a telltale paper bag, he paused in the middle to pay his respects to Willy. William Mayweather, the school’s founder, had a floodlit statue in the center of the quad. Kids were always doing things to it. On this occasion it was wearing a particularly silly rainbow afro wig. In the past it had been adorned with glasses, party hats, fake mustaches and on one occasion someone had actually glued a condom to his crotch. Josh paused, uncapped his vodka and drank a quick toast to the much maligned statue. The cheap liquor burned his throat on the way down and reminded him why he needed the orange juice. “Here’s to you, Willy!” he said, and then continued on his way. The campus store reminded him uncomfortably of the mini mart where Ollie was now working. He got his orange juice and left as quickly as he could. Josh settled himself on a shadowed bench at the edge of the quad. Swig of orange juice. Swig of vodka. Ollie. Ollie, Ollie, Ollie. He thought back to high school, back to when Ollie had been that cute, skinny, loner kid always in a corner by himself, the kid who was always steeling glances at him, when he thought Josh wasn’t looking. Josh had been gifted with a lantern jaw and strong masculine features even at the early age of 16. He was used to getting these glances from the girls. But for some reason it had been Ollie that had intrigued him. “What’s your name?” He’d finally asked him. “Ollie,” he said. “Well, it’s actually Oliver, but that’s pretty lame. Just call me Ollie.” “Josh,” he said, extending his hand. “I know,” said Ollie shaking his hand, “everybody knows.” “Everybody does?” said Josh. “Well… yeah,” said Ollie. “Don’t they?” Josh just laughed. “Fucked if I know.” Their friendship had grown pretty quickly after that. Josh had noticed one or two strange things such as they never went to Ollie’s house. Ollie’s parents, particularly his mother, didn’t like visitors, so they were always meeting off somewhere or at Josh’s house. And Ollie actively avoided other people. Josh seemed to be the one exception. He asked Ollie about it all the time, but all he ever said was, “I’ll tell you someday.” There was that first kiss, unexpected, unbidden and unsurpassingly sweet. That had led to exploring each other’s bodies. Josh had hair on his chest, which traveled right down to his navel and beyond while Ollie had a smooth bare torso with only a wisp of a treasure trail. Then there had been that day when Ollie had brought a backpack full of muscle mags over to Josh’s house and the two of them had jerked off to them for hours. Could it have been any surprise when the next day Ollie told Josh to meet him in the school locker room if he wanted to see something dope. Of course Josh had gone. He’d relived the day over and over again in his mind. There was never a scenario where he wouldn’t have gone. Maybe it had just been fate. When Josh got to the locker room it was long after school hours and the place was deserted. It was as quiet and empty as he had ever seen it. Half the lights were off and there was a weird echo in the place. Ollie had been waiting for him. The two of them had never gone all the way and Josh guessed that was what Ollie had in mind. “So, what’d you want to show me?” asked Josh. “You know I’ve already seen your cock.” He laughed and said, “Really? You sure about that? Hold that thought.” Then he started pacing back and forth like he was thinking about something. “What the fuck are you doing?” Josh asked. “I’m trying to decide,” he said. “Do I want to do this with the shirt or without?” “How about completely nude?” said Josh. Ollie cracked a leering grin and said, “We’ll get to that.” Then he lifted up his t shirt front and said, “Check it out.” Josh looked. It was Ollie’s stomach. It wasn’t like he hadn’t seen Ollie’s stomach dozens of times before. It was smooth and flat and…wait a minute. Were those abs? Holy shit, they were! And they were growing larger, more defined as he watched! Josh looked back at Ollie’s grinning face in shock. “Don’t freak on me, Joshy,” said Ollie. “Everything’s chill.” But Josh was finding it hard to chill. Ollie had abs! And his arms… they looked thicker and ripped! “What the fuck, Ollie?” “It’s my secret, Josh,” said Ollie, flexing a large, thick bicep, and stretching his sleeve. “You’ve always wanted to know my secret. I know you have.” “Yeah, but…” trailed Josh. “Just watch,” said Ollie, “just kick back and—“ Suddenly Ollie threw back his head and moaned, “Ungh!” Josh watched as his neck practically doubled in thickness. He arched his back. His chest rose high in the air and…whoa. It looked bigger Ollie straightened up, his arms arched out slightly to the side. Fuck, he looked bigger, way bigger. But how could that be? Josh saw Ollie’s burgeoning chest, bulging shoulders and widening back completely filling out his shirt and his expanding thighs and glutes were completely stressing his jeans. He heard a double POP as his mushrooming feet exploded out of his sneakers. Ollie looked at Josh, leered and flexed his suddenly large right arm. A huge striated bicep with a split head exploded out. Damn. Josh watched Ollie’s sleeves slide off those, large, boulder-like mounds and bunch up below his ballooning shoulders. Pop, pop, riiiip, and, as Ollie watched, grinning, his sleeves just broke apart, shredding and rolling back. His huge, veiny, muscular arms already looked bigger than any jock’s—really fucking strong. Then Ollie started breathing hard, groaning and growling. He turned around and Josh could see dense muscular plates rolling and heaving out of his back, stressing the hell out of his shirt, and then he flexed it. Snap, snap, snap riiiiiip and his shirt tore open revealing a thick, ridged wall of solid, undulating muscle beneath. Grinning, Ollie turned back around and practically rammed Josh with his fucking enormous chest; big, round powerful pecs still packed inside his overstressed t-shirt which had ridden up well above his fucking brick wall stomach. Then he shot Josh a knowing leer and flexed his upper body. His t-shirt split apart at the neck and ripped downward as his mammoth striated pecs burst out. Then his lats broadened into thick, heavy wings and exploded out of his shirt on the sides. Josh was so focused on Ollie’s huge, sculpted torso that he almost didn’t notice the scraps of his ruined t shirt fluttering to the ground. Then Ollie began making animalistic grunts as his body began turning green and all his huge, carved muscles just started erupting with size. Monstrous traps rose out of his broadening back, his chest grew from melons to basketballs and his abs bulged up to the size of a fist. And as all these muscles erupted out of Ollie, he was shooting upwards, getting taller and taller and wider and wider, while all the time his massive carved muscles swelled and bulged to impossible dimensions. Josh saw Ollie’s pant legs fill with ponderous masses, stretch tight and then rip apart, destroyed by ridiculously huge, ripped hamstrings and quads. Josh gulped. The fucking size of him… he was so fucking enormous, an 8 foot wall of massive, heaving sinew. One of his immense, sculpted arms alone probably weighed 3 times what Josh did. But Ollie had been so skinny… And now… his face was almost unchanged, but he had the look of a wild animal, a wild animal who had just been set free from a cage, and who was pretty pissed about being locked up for so long. And now that pissed off face sat on top of a veiny, corded neck as thick as a telephone pole and flanked by huge, thick mountainous traps. He was about six feet wide at the shoulders. His gargantuan lats spread out behind him, like the sail on a schooner. His biceps looked like two chiseled basketballs exploding out of his arms, unimaginably huge with thick veins like garden hoses running all around them and up to his planetoid sized delts. His forearms were as thick around as a keg. His chest was two mammoth muscle mounds hard, solid and ripped. His abs were ten carved, concrete slabs of sinew leading down from his pecs to his waste. Ollie grinned savagely, tensed his enormous thigh and growled. Suddenly giant masses of muscle surfaced and bulged out of his pylon legs. Josh could see the striations and thick veins ran all up and down them and sense their immense power. Just one could kick him into the next county! And suddenly Ollie ROARED. Lifting his massive arms to the heavens like the branches of a giant oak, he flexed his impossibly huge sculpted boulder-like, split head biceps and let out a deep, deafening bellow of savage rapture! Josh ran. It wasn’t even a conscious decision. The Ollie-thing terrified him. That’s what propelled him, pure terror. He ran all the way home without stopping. Josh lived 3 miles from the school. He had never run 3 miles without stopping in his life. But even now, looking back on it, that entire run was a blur of terror. His mind had been functioning on a purely instinctual level. His survival instinct overwhelming everything else. He didn’t stop until he was in his room, under his bed. Only then did he realize the Ollie-thing hadn’t chased him. He stayed there until about midnight. Then he came out and collapsed on top of his bed where he passed out until morning. Josh didn’t go to school the next day. He told his mother he wasn’t feeling good and just spent the day in bed. All day long, he went between dazed stupor and sleep. He realized he must be in some kind of shock, as he was completely unable to process what had happened to him the previous afternoon. Ollie had been blowing up his phone, but eventually Josh had just turned it off. There was no way he could deal with Ollie, not now, not today and maybe not ever. By the next day, Josh was feeling better and he realized he needed to go back to school. Hiding at home wasn’t going to make anything better. As for Ollie… well, he’d cross that bridge when he came to it. Upon arriving at school, the first thing Josh learned was that gym classes had been canceled that day. Apparently they had been canceled the day before as well because the locker room had been completely trashed. The lockers had been smashed, broken and torn into pieces. Those who saw the mess said it looked like a bomb had gone off in the place, but the cops could find no trace of an explosion. The locker room had been sealed until an explanation could be found. Of course Josh knew the explanation. What he didn’t know was if he had just missed becoming part of the locker room disaster or if Ollie had trashed the room because he’d run away. Unless Ollie lost all control when he changed, Josh tended to believe the latter. The moment Josh had been dreading finally arrived during the free period that should have been gym. Ollie was standing in the hall outside the classroom to which they all needed to report, waiting for him, his medium sized t-shirt hanging loosely on his skinny frame. Josh started to wonder if maybe it had all been in his head. “’sup?” said Ollie. “Hey,” said Josh. “You ran,” said Ollie. “Jesus, Ollie, what did you think would happen?” said Josh. “You were supposed to find it insanely hot,” said Ollie. Josh thought for a second. Ollie had been massive, ripped and powerful…“Well, I might have… if you’d given me a little warning.” “And how was I supposed to warn you?” said Ollie. Josh thought for a second again. But this time, nothing came. There was nothing Ollie could have said that would have prepared him for what he saw. “It was easier to just… do it,” said Ollie. “Do what?” asked Josh. “What the fuck happened to you?” Ollie leaned in, lowered his voice and said, “I hulked. I can hulk.” “How?” asked Josh. “Since when?” Ollie looked around at the crowded corridor. “I don’t want to talk about it here. Meet me after school.” “Where?” asked Josh. “The locker room? Oh that’s right; you tore it to pieces with you bare hands!” “You ran,” said Ollie. “You think it was easy for me to show you my deepest, darkest secret. I bared my soul to you and you ran. I kinda lost it.” “Dude, you just exploded into a muscle giant right in front of me and started roaring. What was I supposed to do? And what you did to that locker room… You scare the living shit out of me,” said Josh. “I do?” said Ollie. Josh nodded. “But it was hot, too, right?” said Ollie. “You can’t tell me that wasn’t hot as hell.” “I don’t know,” said Josh. “It’s tough to get hard when you’re pissing your pants!” “Ok, ok,” said Ollie. “Why don’t we try it again, you know, now that you know what’s coming?” “Again? Can you just… do that… anytime you want?” Asked Josh. Ollie just shrugged. “Pretty much.” “You mean you could do it right here, right now if you wanted?” The right side of Ollie’s lip curled up in an evil smirk. “Why? Do you want me to?” “I’m not saying that,” said Josh. “But could you?” “You want to see me explode with muscle right here in the hall, swelling, vein covered, iron like masses shredding my clothes to confetti, growing so tall my head’s denting the ceiling, my giant shoulders breaking the walls. Huge, chiseled biceps ripping through sleeves and flexing into massive carved boulders. Watching everyone scream and run from my immense sculpted body while I pull the school down around them with my mammoth bare hands. The cops’ll never stop me, neither will the fucking army. I’d crush them! I’d crush them all! And I’ll do it, too, right here, right now… if only you ask me to.” Josh looked at Ollie, raised his eyebrows and said, “Yeah… Why don’t we save that for the second date?” Ollie broke out laughing. “I really thought I had you going,” he said. “Not for a second,” said Josh, shaking his head. “So, you want to try it again?” asked Ollie. “Yeah, ok,” said Josh. “But no starting World War 3 or anything, ok?” “No promises,” grinned Ollie. They decided to meet in the weight room, which was right next to the sealed locker room. And as Josh passed the locker room on his way to meet Ollie late that afternoon, he couldn’t help but peek inside. The lockers had been torn apart, ripped to shreds and crinkled up like they were made from aluminum foil. He swallowed hard, feeling a little bit of the fear revisit the pit of his stomach. What was he about to do? Was this really smart? Of course, this could be hot… This could be really, really hot. And it really was just Ollie, right? An 8-foot, 2-ton, muscled out Ollie, but still… just Ollie. Suddenly, some dude stepped out from the shadows. He didn’t look like a cop or even a detective. He was dressed casually in jeans, a button down shirt and a black leather jacket and looked like he hadn’t shaved in a couple of days. “Who are you, kid?” he said. “What are you doing here?” “I… I… I was just curious,” said Josh. The guy looked him up and down with a laser-like focus and then said, “Let me see your student ID.” Josh had no idea why he should surrender his ID to this complete stranger but he found himself doing it nonetheless. The man looked the ID over and then said, “You see what happened?” he gestured to the room. “No, sir,” said Josh. “You see anyone else hanging around here who shouldn’t be? A teacher? An upperclassman, maybe a senior?” “No, sir… I just… was curious.” “Well, don’t be,” the man said. “It’s not healthy. Now, get outta here.” Josh didn’t need any further encouragement. For some reason this man scared him. He didn’t even know who he was or why he was hanging out in the destroyed locker room. Maybe he was from the insurance company or something. Josh went next door to the weight room and as soon as he entered he almost completely forgot about the strange man. Ollie was waiting for him, only it wasn’t the normal Ollie, it was the HUGE, green Ollie. It was as if his body had just exploded muscle. His heaving chest was the size of basketballs and his abs the size of bricks. His shoulders just seemed to stretch out impossibly wide with dense with thick, cut muscle. Giant traps rose up next to his widened neck while titanic slabs of muscle bulged up out of his back, making his entire body impossibly huge, wide and thick. And he was so tall his head touched the ceiling. “Hey Josh,” he said in that deep rumble as he flexed his upper arms, they swelled and bulged until they were nearly twice size of Josh’s head, with veins the width of his fingers running up and over their baseball sized peaks. “What do you think?” said Ollie, flashing a cocky grin. “Though you might not freak if I started out huge.” Fuck. Ollie had to be around 8 feet tall and just one impossibly wide mass of gigantic ripped muscles, one rolling into the next. Ollie walked right up to Josh and was now grinning down at him over his massive, striated pecs. Josh was rendered mute. He knew his mouth was hanging open, but fuck, how did you prevent that? “So, Joshy, what makes you hotter?” asked Ollie. “Is it the aesthetics of my massive physique?” Then he flexed an arm. Fuck. His bicep was huge; it had a split head and was as big around as a 45 pound plate with a vein thick as my finger snaking around it. Josh could hardly believe it was real. “Or is it feats of strength that get you hard?” Then Ollie lifted and Olympic bar loaded with 495 pounds off a rack and started curling it with just two of his fingers like it was nothing. Josh couldn’t take his eyes of Ollies forearms as they bulged in to sculpted, vein-ridden iron and relaxed. Josh gulped and felt the hardness in his pants. He was perilously close to ending the session right there and then. “Maybe we should go somewhere else,” he said, suddenly remembering the guy in the next room and feeling really self-conscious. “Why?” smirked Ollie. “There’s an insurance guy in the locker room,” said Josh. “He might hear.” “Insurance guy? What Insurance guy?” said Ollie, putting down the barbell. There was a door directly connecting the weight room with the locker room and Josh moved over to it, opened it a crack and peeked through. Sure enough there was the insurance guy taking pictures of the rubble with his phone. Josh felt Ollie come up behind him. His humongous size gave him palpable body heat and almost a gravitational pull. Ollie leaned down and peered through the door above Josh’s head. Suddenly Ollie stumbled back and whispered, “Fuck!” Ollie immediately began shrinking, his muscles dwindling and deflating like they were being sucked back into his body. In seconds he had become skinny Ollie again and he was scrambling to put on his clothes, which had been lying in a heap in the corner. Josh closed the door softly. “What going on?” he asked. “What’s the matter?” “That’s not an insurance guy,” said Ollie, still whispering. “That’s a Hunter!” “A Hunter?” said Josh. “What’s a—” Suddenly the door flew open, almost knocking Josh over, and the guy stepped into the room. “What going on here?” he demanded and then spying Josh, “I thought I told you to get lost.” “From the locker room,” stammered Josh. “This is the weight room.” “Semantics,” said the guy. “Who’s this?” He nodded at Ollie. “Ollie,” said Josh. “You got ID…Ollie?” said the guy. “Ollie reached into his pocket and hands shaking, opened his wallet at gave the guy his ID. “You seem pretty nervous… Ollie,” said the guy taking his ID and eyeballing it. “You see what happened in there?” Ollie just shook his head. “What are you two boys doing in here, anyway?” he asked, giving Ollie his ID back. The two boys exchanged looks, stymied for a moment before Josh suddenly answered. “It’s a weight room,” said Josh. “We’re working out…” “Neither of you look like the athletic type,” said the guy, suspiciously. “That’s why we’re here,” said Josh, “to get buff.” “Yeah, well, get buff some other day. This area is closed. Go home,” said the guy. Ollie and Josh nodded and left. As soon as they cleared the building, Ollie started walking at top speed and Josh had to hustle to keep up with him. “What was that all about?” asked Josh. “That dude’s a Hunter,” said Ollie. “He hunts people like me… you know… hulks.” “That guy?” said Josh. “You’d wipe the floor with him.” “You’d think, right?” said Ollie. “But they get us. They make us disappear.” “How?” said Josh. “I don’t fucking know,” said Ollie. “No one fucking knows. They just do it, ok?” “Ok, ok,” said Josh. “Where are we going?” “I gotta warn Ma and Pa about the hunter!” Suddenly Ollie stopped in his tracks. “Oh my god, it’s my fault!” “What’s your fault?” asked Josh. “If I hadn’t trashed the locker room, the hunter wouldn’t be here! How am I gonna tell ‘em?” said Ollie. “I’ve put us all in danger!” “All?” said Josh. “You mean your parents…” “Of course! Where do you think I got it?” snapped Ollie. “I don’t know,” said Josh. “I don’t know where someone gets… something like that!” “What am I gonna do?” said Ollie. “Look,” said Josh. “Just take a minute. We’ll go over to the park. You catch your breath and we’ll figure something out.” “Ok,” said Ollie. The park was practically deserted that time of day and the two boys deposited themselves on the vacant swing set, swaying subtly back and forth as they talked. “So, are there a lot of hunters around?” Josh asked. “There are enough,” said Ollie. “No, too many.” “What do you usually do when you see one?” asked Josh. “Go away,” said Ollie, “as quickly and quietly as we can. But you can’t disappear too fast or they get suspicious.” “So, what are you going to do now, just go away?” asked Josh. “I guess we have to,” said Ollie. “Why?” asked Josh. “How is he going to know it was you that trashed the locker room? There are no cameras in there. All he’s got to go on is a bunch of torn up lockers, right? How’s he going to connect that to you? He didn’t say anything in the weight room. All he did is ask for your ID. He probably doesn’t even have a clue.” “Yeah…” said Ollie, “he couldn’t know about me… I’m too young.” “Too young?” “Just take it from me, they’re not looking for anyone under 18,” said Ollie. “That’s why he asked me about teachers and seniors…” said Josh. Suddenly Ollie stood up. “FUCK!” he shouted, “FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” “What’s the matter?” said Josh. “My clothes!” said Ollie. “The one’s I muscle exploded out of. I left them in a heap on the locker room floor! If he finds them, he’ll be able to tell how they got all torn up! He’ll review the school security footage from that day. He’ll see me walking around the hallways wearing them. He’ll know it was me! “I gotta get home! I gotta warn Ma and Pa. We gotta leave!” “Wait a minute, wait a minute,” said Josh. “What?” said Ollie. “He can’t have found your clothes yet,” said Josh. “They were in the far corner of the locker room buried under about a foot of scrap metal.” “Yeah,” said Ollie, “I probably got enough time to get home and warn my folks.” “Or,” said Josh. “We go back to the school, wait for him to leave and then go in there and get your clothes.” “What if he finds them first?” “At the rate he was going? He won’t get there til next week,” said Josh. “You think it’ll work?” said Ollie. “I know it will,” said Josh. “Ok,” said Ollie. “I guess we can try it.” The boys made their way back to the school, long deserted at this hour. Only a couple of the janitors would be there. They entered in through the front door, the farthest door from the gym, and made their way to the science annex. There was a good view of the gym door from the second floor chemistry lab. The two of them peered down at exit expectantly. “How do we know he’s still in there?” said Josh. “He’s still there,” said Ollie. “He won’t have left this early.” The two boys stood in silence for a while, just staring out the window. Finally Josh said, “So, are there a lot of hulks? “I guess,” said Ollie. “Don’t know exactly. We kinda all live in hiding.” “So, is your brother a hulk-kid, too?” Ollie shrugged. “Don’t know. He’s too young to tell yet. Guess we’ll know in a few years.” “How did it work, you know, for your parents? How old were they, when they started… you know… hulking.” “Oh, they weren’t born this way. They were in some kind of accident a long time ago.” “What kind of accident?” “I don’t know,” said Ollie, “an accident. There’s never been a kid who was born a hulk before. I’m the first,” said Ollie. “How long have you been able to do this?” “Since I was 12,” said Ollie. “But I didn’t get so big back then, only about six and a half feet tall, maybe 500 pounds or so. I’m as big as Ma now. My Pa’s a little bigger, but I’m gaining on him.” “You mean you’re getting bigger?” asked Josh. “Yup,” Ollie nodded, grinning. “I’m getting bigger all the time. Last year I barely passed 7 feet. Now, I’m over 8!” “How big are you going to get?” asked Josh. Ollie turned and looked at Josh appraisingly. “You want to see it again, don’t you?” “Well… yeah,” said Josh. “You wanna see it now?” asked Ollie, getting an impish expression on his face. Josh felt himself getting hard at the thought of it. “With the Hunter just over there?” he asked. “How’s he gonna know?” asked Ollie. “He’s in the next building. He’s not going to hear anything… unless I take out a wall or something. I just… won’t take out a wall.” Josh hesitated. “You better be sure,” said Ollie, “because once I start, I can’t stop. Hell, I don’t wanna stop! Damn! I wanna do it! I wanna do it right now, right now! Let’s fucking do this, okay?” “Okay…” said Josh. He looked around tentatively. Where do I stand?” “Wherever the fuck you want,” said Ollie. “Just try not to get hurt. I can get carried away.” There was a large lab bench in the center of the room. Ollie walked over to the bench and lifted. It didn’t budge. He lifted and lifted and lifted until he was red in the face. Still the bench didn’t budge. “Dude, you know that things bolted to the floor, right?” said Josh. “Doesn’t matter,” said Ollie, out of breath. He let go. “This is me before,” he said. Then he grabbed the bench again. Only this time it was different. This time he had a fierce gleam in his eye and slight curl in his lip and Josh could hear a low growl coming from his slightly parted lips. Suddenly Ollie arched his back and let out a yell like he was hit by some kind of seizure. He began shaking all over and Josh could see veins rising up all over his body, down his arms, his legs, and up his neck into his face. Ollie’ breathing got harder and Josh could tell he was different already. Ollie’s exposed forearms were rippling with thick cords of shredded sinew that weren’t there a second ago. Ollie laughed out loud. “I love this shit! LOVE IT!” Josh heard a subtle stretching sound coming from Ollie as he saw his back widening, getting bigger and thicker. He saw his rock hard chest swelling outward, pushing up against his tightening shirt, evolving into two granite mounds. “FUCK! OH FUCK,” Ollie yelled as his shoulders expanded, getting wider, bulkier and stressing his sleeves. Ollie’s eyes were gleaming now, gleaming with a fierce pleasure and a lust for what was happening to his body, a lust that was mirrored by the cocky smirk now erupting on his face. Josh looked down and saw his friend’s hands, which were wrapped around the bench, changing, his fingers stretching longer, his palms getting wider, his wrists thicker, his forearms… fuck… swelling with shredded sinew, his biceps ballooning into chiseled globes of rock-hard, vein-covered muscle. Fuck, Ollie’s arms weren’t just growing, they were evolving, his bulking muscles fundamentally changing their shape, becoming big, powerful sculpted masses. Fuck, his entire torso was getting bigger, thicker, broader, and longer, bullying his shirt, stretching it, pulling it, distorting it. He saw it slide up above Ollie’s waist, exposing the bottom, layer of abs, as they swelled into thicker, harder, cement-like bricks. Then Josh heard a POP, POP POP as the bolts holding the table down snapped. Then, the bench started rising. Ollie was lifting and lifting hard and the huge bench was inching upward, starting to respond to his growing muscular form. “Yeah! Yeah! YEEAAHHHHHHH!” bellowed Ollie. Josh gasped as he saw Ollie’s torso growing and changing even more under his skin tight t-shirt. The muscles were expanding out of his stomach, enlarging into 8 huge bricks. His chest was swelling out, evolving into two round striated orbs, sticking out further and further and further, pushing his nipples into a downward slant. A double bang as his shoes blew to fucking pieces, as his feet erupted into huge, solid, veiny appendages. He could see rock-hard, massive thighs and giant calves expanding inside Ollie’s jeans, pushing and stretching the cloth, and then ripping it apart with their iron-like bulk. And his package… Josh could see the zipper pushed out as far as it could go in a giant bulge, and practically breaking under the strain. Then his waist band snapped, the zipper burst apart as his cotton covered package exploded out from the confining garment. Man, look at the size of that thing. Ollie ROARED! Veins pulsing in his expanding chiseled arms, he had lifted the entire bench up over his head! FUCK YEAH!” he shouted as his thighs continued to bulge out thick and hard to new dimensions, and his chest and back grew bigger and more powerful. Threads were snapping. His t shirt—tearing. His shoulders, his arms, they were getting huge. Bowling ball sized muscles blossomed out. Fuck. Josh couldn’t help himself. He grabbed one. It felt solid and heavy under his fingers. It was fantastic. It was power. Ollie’s torso had stretched and expanded, too, so that his now shredded t-shirt was completely destroyed by its hard muscular mass. Fuck. He had gotten taller, way taller. He looked so fucking strong. Josh passed his hand over Ollie’s midsection. Ollie’s eight muscle brick abs were rippling out, hard like steel and defined. They were practically shoving their way out of his stomach. His chest was two rock hard, striated boulders and his shoulders were becoming cannon balls, thick, heavy, and powerful! Ollie was a fucking monster! Ollie tossed the table across the room where it fell to the ground with a crash. He flexed his bicep and Josh grabbed it. His bicep was huge and diamond hard; it had a split head and was as big around as a basketball with a vein thicker than a pen snaking around it. Ollies jeans completely fell away and he reached down and tore the underwear from his body. His balls were like two oranges and his cock hung over them almost to his knees, thick and heavy as a fire hose. And as Josh stood staring open-mouthed at this vision, he saw that cock start to lengthen and grow stiff. “AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!” yelled Ollie as his legs exploded into two immense, ripped-up, thighs which throbbing and writhing bulged out to an unbelievable size. Josh reached down and felt the cement hardness of his friend’s legs as they stretched taller and wider at the same time developing into huge, freaky, sculpted boulders of muscle, packed tightly together and bulging out in all directions. “YEAAAAAAHHHHHHH!” he shouted as he flexed his already massive arms and watched them bulge up and grow and grow and grow into veiny peeked mountains! He threw back his head and roared again as his shoulders stretched outward, further and further, exploding into great boulders of incredible size. His back pushed out further, causing his entire upper body to grow wider and wider as he continued to grow taller and taller. His pecs exploded out of his chest into massive, striated muscle balls. Ollie looked like a god! He was just humongous now, eight feet tall and two tons of raging, throbbing muscle! Roaring with a savage euphoria, Ollie flexed his biceps making them expand from the size of watermelons to car tires, unimaginably huge with thick veins like garden hoses running all around them and up to his planetoid sized delts. “THIS IS ME AFTER!!!!” He bellowed. Suddenly Josh found himself kicking off his shoes and pulling off his clothes and in seconds he was climbing Ollie like a rock wall. His fingers wrapped around the giant rock-like abs. His feet found purchase in the crevices between his massive, shredded thigh muscles. And Josh began to scale the granite-hard throbbing muscle mountain that Ollie had become. He grabbed Josh kind of roughly, wrapping one massive hand around his entire torso and lifted him into the air like he was nothing. Josh looked down and saw the gigantic chiseled, vein-covered mass of Ollie’s bicep, contract, bulge and writhe under his paper thin skin as he was raised high into the air. Then Ollie set Josh down and kissed him, running his hands over Josh’s shoulders and arms, and then tossed him onto a lab table. It creaked and groaned as Ollie climbed on top of it, lasting about 10 seconds before it collapsed. Then Ollie positioned himself over Josh. God, the overwhelming mass of Ollie looming over him was overloading Josh’s senses, those huge pecs, those insanely broad, cut shoulders, and those massive ripped arms… If his weight hadn’t been on the lab table, Josh knew he probably would have been crushed like an egg. With a shock Josh felt Ollie enter. CHRIST! It was intense. Josh came almost instantly, but not Ollie. He needed more and he began to pump. Josh felt pain, but oh so much more besides… The feel of that powerful cock thrusting, it was unlike anything he’d ever experienced. Damn, Ollie was hurting him, but it was so amazing, so overwhelming; it was almost overloading his senses, and destroying his mind. Just when he didn’t think he could take it anymore, Ollie finally climaxed and pulled out. Oh fuck, the pain… the burning… Josh felt like he was burning… He lay there gasping. “Did you like that?” thundered Ollie… towering over him… so massive, still. “I…,” said Josh, “I may never be the same.” A leer lit up Ollie’s face. Suddenly they heard a door slam outside. Ollie rushed to the window. Josh limped after him. The two of them saw the Hunter leave the gym, get into a car and drive away. “Now’s our chance,” said Ollie. “Better let me go,” said Josh. “If I get caught, I’ll just make up some dumb excuse. If you get caught… I don’t want you to disappear.” Ollie nodded. “I kinda destroyed my clothes anyway,” he said. “Are you sure you can do it? I mean, you don’t look so good.” “I don’t feel so good,” said Josh, “kinda like I’m burning up inside. …not to mention my ass hurts like hell. But I can do this. I mean, it’s now or never, right?” Ollie just nodded. Josh pulled on his clothes and quickly and stealthily made his way to the boy’s locker room. He was nervous. He knew the hunter might reappear at any moment. He guessed that’s why he was sweating so much. And that burning feeling wasn’t fading; it was just getting worse. Was that normal? Did this always happen after sex? He stepped cautiously into the locker room and switched on the light. A sudden wave of dizziness hit him and he almost lost his balance. And the flames inside him were intensifying. What the fuck was wrong with him? He made his way over to the spot where Ollie’s muscles had first blow out of his clothes. Had the hunter been through this part of the room yet? He couldn’t tell. He didn’t think so… He started sifting through the chunks of sheet metal. Ollie’s shredded clothes should have been there somewhere. But no, he couldn’t find them. He couldn’t see them anywhere! “Looking for these?” Josh whirled around to see the hunter standing there holding Ollie’s ruined clothes dangling from one hand. “It’s you,” said the hunter. “I guessed as much. You wanna tell me who these belong to?” He waved the shredded clothes.” Josh just shook his head. Man, he was feeling dizzy and burning up inside, almost like a fever, but way more… energetic than a fever. Something was seriously up with him. The hunter crossed the room until he was looking down on the shorter teen. “I don’t wanna get tough with you, boy. But, you know who I’m looking for and I’m going to find him before he does any more damage.” “Congratulations!” thundered Ollie. “You just did!” Josh looked up and the hunter whirled around. There was Ollie, huge massively muscled and green, squeezing though the doorway. “No,” gasped Josh. “No, you can’t be here.” “Sorry, I saw him come back,” said Ollie. “I just couldn’t do nothing.” Suddenly the hunter reached behind Josh, grabbed the ruined locker bank and pulled hard. The wrack of crumpled metal swayed for an instant before it toppled right on top of Josh, pinning him beneath it. But the hunter managed to leap out of the way. Ollie roared and took a giant step toward the hunter. “Stop!” yelled the hunter. “If you care about your friend, you’ll stop!” Ollie hesitated. “Now, your friend might be pretty hurt under there,” said the hunter. “I’d be happy to get him the best medical attention, but you’ve got to shrink down first.” Ollie took another room-shaking, menacing step toward the hunter. “Un uh,” cautioned the hunter. “You try to go after me, you’re gonna wind up stepping on the locker bank. That’d probably finish him off. You really wanna do that?” Josh was in pain. Not only was the locker bank squashing him, but the sharp pieces of locker fragments were cutting into him in more than one place. He could tell one of them was really deep. He was bleeding and bleeding bad. On top of that, the burning was getting really bad, almost blotting out the pain from his cuts. And then suddenly it flaired. “ARRRRGGHHH” he shouted, as the sensation ripped through him! It felt like every muscle in his body had been blasted with fire, just radiated with it to the point of exploding, but it felt… good… so damn good! And then it started to happen. He felt his muscles began to harden, and fuck, he felt them get thicker and heavier, too and it felt FUCKING AMAZING! “OOOHHHAHHHH!” he cried. “We gotta get him outta there!” yelled Ollie, and took another step forward. “Stop right there!” said the hunter and he put on foot on top of the toppled locker bank. “You don’t want me jumping on there, either. All those sharp metal shards, who knows what a little extra pressure would sever.” Josh gasped as he felt his arms bulge up hard and huge. Holy shit. His biceps kept growing larger and harder. He could feel the sleeves getting tighter and tighter around them. And his legs, he could feel his hamstrings and quads bulking up, getting huge and hard. They felt like living pulsing rock, filling his pants, making the heavy cloth feel like tissue next to their hard swelling mass as they pulled his pants tight around them. He could feel himself grinning. Somehow, Ollie had passed the hulk thing on to him and now he was hulking too! FUCK YEAH! And then the seams in his pants started popping. Oh fuck. The thick fabric started ripping, tearing, flying apart, as his mammoth quads forced their way out into the open. So fucking big, so fucking strong. . It felt so good, he was getting so powerful, like a fucking beast. “ARRRGHHHHHH!” he bellowed, the timbre of his voice had dropped dramatically. “What the…” cried the hunter, hearing the animalistic bellow coming from beneath the locker bank. He looked from Ollie to the locker bank and then back to Ollie. Even the hulk seemed confused by the sound. Josh was lost in the euphoria of feeling his entire body grow huge with powerful, iron-hard muscles. His shoulders stretching out broader, his torso was getting thicker, beginning to pulse and swell as it bulged out with muscle. His shirt was getting impossibly tight, even around his midsection where his abs were growing. He could feel the skin kind of shrinking in around the hard, boulders of sinew. “FUCK!” he shouted as his thighs bulged out thick and hard to new dimensions, and he felt his chest and back growing more powerful. Threads were snapping. His t shirt—tearing. His shoulders, his arms, they were getting enormous. Grapefruit-sized, hard muscles blossomed out, feeling like lead on his arms. His sleeves exploded like wet tissues around their hard, chiseled mass. He felt HUGE! Time to get the fuck out of there! The locker bank lurched. The hunter, who’d had his foot perched on it, lost his balance and fell on top of it. “NO!” yelled Ollie. But in that instant, the locker bank flew up and across the room, taking the hapless hunter with it and sandwiching him against the wall as it smashed into it. And up from the shards of sheet metal rose the new Josh. He was huge. Big, bulging muscles rippled out all over him. And he’d gotten way taller. He passed his hand over his midsection. His eight pack was totally ripped and so fucking defined. It practically pushed its way out of his stomach. His torso had stretched and expanded, with huge, wide lats and carved stratus so that his shredded t-shirt now only covered a small portion of its mass. His chest was two rock hard boulders, his shoulders had become cannon balls, and his biceps bulged out thick, heavy, and powerful. Oh yeah! He was a total beast! Not a monster, like Ollie, but… oh fuck! His eyes went wide as suddenly, he felt another muscle eruption building! “AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!!” he shouted as he started to explode with size. His shirt disintegrated and his underwear blew apart as enormous pecs, lats and gluts just burst out of him. He felt himself stretching toward the ceiling as massive rock-hard muscles just erupted from his body. It felt like iron boulders were bulging up under his skin, expanding out and covering every inch of his frame with unbelievable power. In seconds, he was so fucking huge and hard and solid all over, he felt like a walking mountain. His body was a mass of veiny, rock-hard hills and valleys, one huge, bulging mound just rolling into another. He felt so fucking good, like he could do anything. “Holy shit, Josh, you hulked!” said Ollie. “Yeah…” said Josh, flexing a mammoth, mountainous bicep and loving the shit out of the vein-covered, sculpted mass. “I guess I caught it from you.” “I didn’t know I could do that!” said Ollie. “Fuck, man, I’m sorry.” “Don’t be,” said Josh. “This is legit.” He flexed his other bicep and admired his two massive, vein-ridden arms. “What about him?” he asked nodding toward the hunter. Ollie walked over and looked down at the unmoving hunter. “You fucked him up,” he said. “You fucked up a hunter!” He briefly grinned over at Josh, but it faded quickly. “But I think he’s gonna live. We better get outta here.” Ollie bent down and pulled his torn clothing from the hunter’s hand. “You better get yours, too,” he said to Josh. Josh bent over and retrieved all the scraps of his shirt and pants. “Now we gotta find some clothes,” said Ollie. “There should be some gym shorts and shit in one of these lockers.” Josh picked up a mostly intact locker in one of his big hands. “Hey, dude, check it out,” he said. Then he placed one end of the locker on his stomach and pushed. The locker completely crumpled as he forced it against his iron-hard, sculpted abs with his veiny, megalithic arms. “Fuck yeah!” he cried. “I’m a monster!” “Yeah, you are, bro!” said Ollie grinning. “One hot fucking monster!” Josh leered at Ollie and took a step toward him. But Ollie held out both his hands. “We don’t have time for that now,” said Ollie. “We gotta find some clothes and get out of here.” The boys rummaged through the destroyed lockers until they discovered what they needed. Josh held up his pair of shorts. They looked like doll’s clothes next to his massively muscled torso. “I’ll never fit into these!” he said. “We gotta shrink down,” said Ollie. “What?” said Josh. “Shrink? I just got huge! I don’t wanna shrink already!” “Gotta, bro.” “I don’t even know if I can.” “You gotta kinda feel your way into it,” said Ollie, shrinking down. It was like someone was letting the air out of him. All those amazing muscles, just diminishing, and his stature reducing until he was just skinny stick boy Ollie again. “But you can do it.” “Why should I?” asked Josh petulantly, clenching his fists and making his massive, veiny biceps bulge into rocky planetoids and the thick cords in his impossibly wide forearms practically blast out of his green skin. “Because soon there’ll be cops and hunters all over this place and you’re kind of easy to spot.” “Let them fucking come,” said Josh. “We can handle them. World War III, remember?” “Dude,” said Ollie, looking alarmed. “That was just talk. I was… you know… just trying to get you boned. No hulk has ever tried that and won. They get us, man; they always get us. Now, shrink down… please. We gotta go.” Reluctantly Josh tried to shrink and it was with some disappointment that he discovered he was able to do it. It was not unlike giving himself limp dick, which he’d had to do occasionally to avoid potentially embarrassing situations. When he had returned to his normal, puny size, Ollie pulled him in for a hug. “That’s the way,” he said. “Now get dressed. We can always hulk later when were someplace safe.” “If I can ever do it again,” said Josh. “I’m sure you can do it again,” said Ollie. “We can always find out now,” suggested Josh eagerly. “No, bro, later, really, later,” So Josh pulled on the clothes they’d found. They checked on the hunter one more time before they left. He was breathing but still out for the count. “What happens when he wakes up?” said Josh. “He’s not gonna know what hit him,” said Ollie. “He never actually saw you and he believes guys our age can’t hulk. Since we got our shredded clothes, I think we’re gonna be fine.” Ollie had been right about a lot of things. For the next couple of weeks, cops and hunters were all over the school, and the town for that matter. Ollie was nervous but Josh was just itching for an opportunity to hulk again. “No, dude, not yet,” Ollie kept saying. “When?” said Josh. “Soon,” said Ollie, “when the hunters go away.” And went away, they did, after a couple of weeks. Then he and Ollie would go into the woods at night and have some fun, ripping up trees, throwing boulders and having wrestling matches, lots and lots of naked wrestling matches. It was the best time of his life… until the accident. They had been out in the woods about a mile out of town. Ollie had thrown a boulder about the size of a Smart Car at him, shouting, “Think fast!” Josh had thrown up his mammothly muscled right arm on instinct to block it. The boulder had collided with his pile driver arm and instantly split in two. One half rammed into a tree, destroying it. The other half went bouncing down a hill. And that’s when they heard the train whistle. They rushed down the hill but they were too late. The boulder had landed on the tracks and before they could get there, the train hit it and derailed. It was a very long freight train and Josh and Ollie watched as one by one the cars all toppled of the tracks in some nightmarish domino effect. Some of the cars were tanks filled with flammable substances and the boys watched in horror when they exploded as they fell. “We gotta get outta here,” said Ollie, grabbing Josh by his sculpted oak tree arm. But Josh couldn’t tear himself away from the horrific sight. “We gotta do something to help,” he said. “No!” said Ollie. “If they see us, we’ll get blamed for it and the hunters will come again. And maybe this time we won’t be so lucky. Right now it looks like an accident, just another falling rock.” “But it wasn’t an accident,” said Josh. “It was us.” He could see the fires starting to spread out into the woods. “It was an accident,” protested Ollie. “We didn’t mean to do that.” “But we still did it,” said Josh. “Come on, we gotta go,” said Ollie. “We can talk about this later.” Reluctantly, Josh turned away from the burning train and followed Ollie back to the barn. They both shrank down and then Josh went home. Neither of them really felt like talking anymore that night. Fortunately, it had been a freight train or things could have been a lot worse. The engineers survived but were in comas. The fire had spread until about 1,000 acres had burned, and twelve families had lost their homes. It was then Josh decided he was through with hulking. It was an amazing feeling, but it wasn’t worth the guilt he was now experiencing. There were only 2 months left before graduation when he told Ollie he was done. Ollie did not take it well. And now, here Ollie was again, working at the gas station and tempting him to change. Damn. Josh suddenly realized he had consumed half the bottle of vodka and most of the orange juice. He stood up and sat right back down again. The entire quad was rolling like the sea. He figured he’d better get back to his dorm room before he passed out on the bench. Slowly, he got back to his feet. He paused for a moment, waiting for the quad to stop heaving, or at least slow down a bit, so he could be relatively sure he’d make it across without tumbling over. After a minute of swaying on his feet, he realized things were as good as they were going to get and started on his way. He was going to stop by Willie and drink a toast to the statue, but the entire thing was missing! He laughed out loud. No one had ever stolen the whole statue before! So, instead of drinking a toast to Willie, he raised his bottle to whatever frat had pulled this prank off. He hoped security never figured it out because the frat would be bounced out of the school so fast, they wouldn’t know what hit them. He was still chucking to himself, as he stumbled up the stairs to his room. But the humor died as he saw the lock on his door had been broken and the door was ajar. “What the…?” was the best his alcohol addled brain could come up with. He pushed the door open. There in the middle of his tiny dorm room, filling it almost to capacity, was the statue of Willy! And lying reclined on his bed, completely nude except for the silly rainbow afro wig the statue had been wearing, was skinny Ollie. Josh just burst out laughing, drunkenly. “You gotta be kidding me.” Ollie just laughed right back at him. “It’s good to see you too, Josh.” “Do you have any idea what would happen to me if they found that statue here?” slurred Josh. “Expulsion, right?” said Ollie. “Right,” said Josh plopping himself down on the bed so he was sitting next to Ollie. “Can I have some of that?” asked Ollie. “Some of what?” asked Josh. “That,” said Ollie pointing at the vodka bottle. Josh lifted the bottle in his hand and regarded it. “Oh.” He’d actually forgotten he was carrying it. “Wait a minute,” Josh said. “You’re too young to drink!” “So are you,” said Ollie. “That’s right!” said Josh, unceremoniously handing the bottle to Ollie, who took a swig. “Now, put it back,” said Josh. “Put what back,” said Ollie, “the bottle?” “No, not the bottle,” said Josh waiving his hands wildly in the air as if to wipe away the words. “The statue. Put that statue back where you got it!” “Can’t do that,” said Ollie. “Yes, you can,” said Josh. “I’ve seen you move things twice… no three times… no, TEN times as heavy!” “And you too,” said Ollie. “You’re damn right!” said Josh. “I was a bad ass!” “So, you move it,” said Ollie. “AH!” said Josh. “AH HA! I see what you’re doing! But it’s not going to work!” “What’s not going to work?” ask Ollie. “You think that if I hulk, I’ll fall in love with it again and won’t ever want to stop!” “Well, won’t you?” asked Ollie. “Probably,” said Josh, his face falling. “But I’m still not going to do it!” Just then there was a rapid knocking on the door. Josh found himself grateful that even though the door lock was broken, he’d remembered to shut it when he’d come in. “Aren’t you going to get that?” asked Ollie. “Hell no!” said Josh. “Not with that statue in here. You think I want people knowing I’ve got Willie in my room?” “Really?” said Ollie, hopping off the bed. “You never know who it might be.” Ollie made his way over to the door and peered out the peep hole. A smile lit up his face. “Oh, this is going to be good.” And suddenly, from behind, Josh saw Ollie expand. His skinny back erupted into huge, ripped muscle plates with thick ridges and valleys. His shoulders broadened and exploded into striated muscle boulders. His neck doubled in size to a heavy stalk overwhelmed with massive cords and tendons. His gluts transformed into two huge shredded hemispheres. His legs lengthened and enlarged until he’d shot up about half a foot and his enormous hams and quads practically burst from his skin, every cut and separation clearly visible. And then he stopped. He was about the same size as he was that afternoon when he’d ripped the hood off Josh’s car at the gas station. “How the fuck do you do that?” asked Josh. “How do you only partly hulk?” “I could teach you,” said Ollie, turning slightly to him and giving Josh a peek at his shredded boulder-like pecs and his brick wall abs. “No!” said Josh. “That’s ok, never mind!” “Suit yourself,” said Ollie, and then he opened the door. “NO!” shouted Josh, but it was too late. There on the other side of the door was Eric, beautiful Eric whom he’d been trying to get alone all semester. At first Josh was desperately trying to think of a way to quickly hide the statue—maybe throw a blanket over it. But then he realized Eric’s eyes never made it past the naked behemoth standing in front of him. “Ahhhh…” was all Eric managed to get out as his eyes practically bugged out of his head. “Hey,” said Ollie, grinning roguishly and making his huge, striated pecs dance. “’sup?” “Ah… I was just… ah… stopping by to see Josh,” Eric managed, as his eyes roamed up and down Ollie’s massive, sculpted torso, lingering on his generous endowment. “We’re kinda busy right now,” said Ollie, winking. “But I’ll tell him you stopped by.” “Ah… yeah…” said Eric, but then he suddenly seemed to snap out of his reverie. “Don’t bother,” he said as he turned in a huff and stormed off. “What did you do?” asked Josh, as Ollie closed the door. “What did you just do?” “He was never into you, Josh, and he was never going to be. He’s a muscle slut. You saw the way he was ogling me at the gas station. He’s only mad because he thinks you got to me first.” Josh buried his face in his hands. Ollie was right. Eric really had never been into him and Ollie wasn’t the first built guy he’d seen Eric ogle. But he’d felt certain that would change if they could only get to know each other… or maybe it wouldn’t have changed anything. He didn’t know. “What do you want, Ollie?” asked Josh. “Come hulk with me,” said Ollie, “just like back in high school. We’ll put the statue back and then go have some fun.” “Why me?” asked Josh. “There are lots of dudes out there, and I’m sure you could hulk anybody you wanted.” “I don’t want just anyone; I want you. Don’t you get it? I can’t talk to anyone else the way I can talk to you. I don’t have to run everything I say through a filter the way I do with other people. I can just speak my mind and you understand. I’ve never been that close to anyone else, ever. And I know you felt the same way, or at least you used to. That’s why I can’t understand why you left. How could you just walk away from that? You think that happens every day?” “No,” said Josh, looking around for the vodka bottle. “I can’t believe you want to get serious. I’m too drunk to get serious.” “Maybe I should get drunk, too,” said Ollie snatching the bottle from the floor where he’d set it. “Then, at least, we’d be on equal ground.” “No!” shouted Josh, grabbing the bottle from Ollie. “If you get drunk the school might not survive!” “If you can hold it back,” said Ollie, grabbing the bottle back, “then so can I.” “Yeah, but I’ve had practice,” said Josh, “lots and lots of practice… too much practice… Ollie, I want to get big again…” “Then get big,” said Ollie. “No… no… no…” said Josh. “It’s fun, a lot of fun, too much fun. It’s too easy to get carried away and hurt people.” “What about hurting me?” asked Ollie. “Are you kidding? Have you seen the size of you? No one can hurt you,” said Josh. “One person can,” said Ollie. For the first time, Josh realized he hadn’t considered Ollie’s feelings much at all, just his own guilt. He took another swing from the bottle. He’d really hurt him. “I’m sorry, Ollie,” said Josh, his voice cracking under the strain… or was it the vodka…? “I love you, but… I’m afraid.” “You don’t have to be,” said Ollie and suddenly he was shrinking back down. In a moment, he was Josh’s skinny friend from high school again. He sat next to Josh on the bed, and put his arm around his shoulder. “I’ll look after you; I’ll keep you safe.” “No, you don’t get it,” said Josh, “I’m afraid… I’m afraid… of myself.” “I don’t get it?” said Ollie, chuckling. “I’m probably the only person on the planet who does get it. I absolutely get it. And maybe, just maybe, I need you to look after me, too, to keep me from going too far.” “That’d be a full time job,” said Josh, cracking a smile. “Well, there’s definitely an opening,” said Ollie. Then came the kiss, the embrace and the fondling. But Josh pulled back. He kept seeing the grim expression of the illustrious William Mayweather glaring down at him. “First,” said Josh, “can we get rid of him?” He pointed at the statue. “At least before my roommate gets back. You, he’d understand. Him, probably not.” “Course,” said Ollie. “Would you like to do the honors or should I?” Later that night when Josh’s roommate did get back, he fully expected to find Josh curled up in bed, sound asleep, like usual. Instead all he found was a note not to wait up and a pile of Josh’s torn and shredded clothes.
  13. Jaypat

    Gym Confessor

    It happened to me again the other day. This time it was a woman - first time for that! She started explaining to me why she doesn't eat right. Let me tell you, this woman was in her early 20's and she didn't look like she had any dietary issues at all. She went on to explain that her mother has always been thin and the only reason she's thin is that she has good genetics. I can't help but wonder if I have this "Confess your unhealthy life style choices here" sign tattooed on the back of my neck where I can't see it. But it does me a lot of good to hear many of you guys have had similar encounters. I could understand asking for advice on diet or working out. (Hell, I did that to a coworker once - a big dude - and it was one of the smartest things I ever did.) But they're not doing that. They're just looking for permission to keep on doing what they're doing. I think next time, I'm actually going to try to convince them to start working out -- just to see what happens.
  14. Thanks Arpeejay! Another classic to add the MG Library! And just because you are the unofficial forum spelling/grammar cop, I'm going to point this out: I love you anyway, buddy. You are an awesome writer and it just goes to show nobody's perfect. Oh yeah, and Happy Birthday!
  15. Jaypat

    Can you scratch your back?

    I can get my lower back, but from the rib cage on up, forget it. That is the literal definition of muscle bound, having your movement restricted by the size of your muscles. Another good test : can you touch your elbows together in front of you? Most dudes I know can; I cannot.

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