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    I'm a natural bodybuilder; all photos I post are of me.

    As much as I love the fantasy of instant muscle growth, I'm glad it's taken years of hard work for me to get where I am, because it's let me savor every new bulge and vein as they emerge.
  • Favorite Stories
    Ones with exhibitionism, or being forced to get bigger and show off, like a series (called something like "Journal" or "The Experiment", though I haven't been able to find it) about a guy that's forced to take part in a muscle growth experiment, and writes a journal about it.
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    Petr Molnar

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  1. Summer is a good thing...

    1. GymWolf


      It ain't summer where I am. It's chilling winter :-(

  2. Can't work out for a few days, dagnabbit! My back hurts from too much stress...

  3. Caramel-pretzel flavored protein powder is the worst...

    1. ThickRick


      cough choke. Have you tried Prozein chocolate? 34 grams per serving, multiple source types for best absorbtion/assimilation, no sugar or other junk, and tastes pretty good.

    2. calimuscle


      LOL, Pro7ein chocolate is what i usually get! store was out of it, so i tried Pro7ein's caramel-pretzel instead. blech.

  4. Gonna hit the gym now, can't wait to work shoulders & traps

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