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    real profile.
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    here? or generally?
    here, growth, muscle, sex, power, more growth...fun. :)

    philosophy, english, poetry, dramatic movies, character development, dissociative music, and other stuff.
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    200, mostly muscle
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    again: growth, muscle, sex, power, more growth...and fun :)
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    180-200 all muscle.
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    Failed Revenge, Temple of Size, others that I'll slowly think of.
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    I have a pretty basic fantasy that recurs in some fashion pretty much everywhere for me: I love two guys fucking, the top taller and thicker and stronger--perhaps by a lot, perhaps only a little--, and growing. The top stays larger--perhaps getting significantly larger, perhaps only somewhat, or perhaps the same proportions--while the bottom grows along to keep getting fucked. Sometimes the bottom gets some muscle, sometimes he stays lithe, but both grow as they fuck.

    powertripping. (is that a fetish?)
    muscle worship.
    Size difference.
    sex + growth.
    domination (but not humiliation).

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  1. I wonder if that precum will have any effects on the jocks
  2. This is my new favorite story! Except...it cuts off at the best part
  3. I love how it ominously harkens back to The Roommate at the end I also love basically everything else, too
  4. i miss greggrth's stories, i've been hoping to talk him back into writing cuz his stories were hot
  5. elegant writing, hot images, good stuff i definitely blasted right at the end with our protagonist, hope to see this continue! thanks for sharing ~Ille
  6. so. very. hot. definitely loving this, man, keep it up cant wait to see these boys growing together
  7. your scenes are fine; totally hot and enjoyable. Well written, too i'd love to see those dreams of Rex's come true and have Add grow big
  8. definitely gonna keep an eye on this. more muscles please! and sex, too? yay! haha but really very interesting so far
  9. it's a story by greggrth; i think it's called 'growing aroused'. it's a great story, and one of his first he ever posted. nowadays he does growth comics on FA and deviantart, but hopefully he'll do more writing cuz he's fantastic
  10. Is that you in the picture? If so you're really hot! o.o

  11. aw, sexy, if only they had fucked... but yeah! love the power/size lust sexy as hell!!
  12. i'll be honest: i don't mind the smoking at all. can't say i was surprised though when i saw the scene; the dude's name is musclesmoker afterall. but yeah as a former smoker myself, and current muscle growth fanatic, i'm indifferent to the smoking and turned on as hell by the excellent, gratifying growth scenes and overall story keep on writing one of my new favorites, man!
  13. hehe, true to type, i hope both get to enjoy some growth, but definitely loving the lust-growth connection, one of my favorites!!
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