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  1. AMAZING growth descriptions! One paragraph I especially liked: The feeling of his chest. Pecs growing beefier at an almost visible speed. Cupped his pec. Flexed. It jumped in his hand. Hard slab of meat. Full. Imposing. He could feel his manhood expand inside his posing trunks. His chest feeling hefty. Chiselled and beefy. Different than before. Different. Better. Beefier. Brawnier. Not like before. Him. Brawnier. God! Felt so hard. All of him: muscles, dick, mind. So hard. and another... His mind pumped up, because the testo ... the testo levels ... He was becoming a testosterone-factory. Yeah! Excellent stream-of-consciousness writing about growth, Hialmar! Are you SURE English isn't your first language?! This is very good writing! Thank you for posting this! Mdlftr
  2. Unusual take on the "Holiday Hunks" story! Let's hear more about "GumDrop" and his muscle bros - any bodybuilding competitions up there at the Pole?
  3. Butch needs to learn to modulate his wishes! If he ever gets the chance! Fun story! thought: it would be fun to read a story about a duel between two magical entities who try this tricky stuff on each other. [that's probably been done, but where and when aren't occurring to me just now!]
  4. Mdlftr

    Thanks for the follow!

  5. O.k., the first few times (years) I experienced really, really hard boners, I thought they would poke holes in my pants, as well as be noticeable (!) to everyone,, but I NEVER thought they'd poke holes in concrete! "Believe it or not, the erect cocks of our men are sturdy enough to function as high-grade jousting devices, as well as are capable of piercing through concrete and flipping trucks! " Clearly, I have no imagination.......
  6. Question: if the alpha is created to be a soldier, why would he need large genitals? The only soldierly purpose would be to be a source for testosterone and growth hormone to keep that huge body in prime condition. Of course, if the soldier's duty included rape of the enemy, then the large genitals make functional sense.
  7. You had me at: "He marked me."
  8. Really loving the growth descriptions! Hot! and even believable!
  9. Interesting start! I like the narrator's self-deprecating, self-aware tone. Nitpick - why is the trainer extending his LEFT hand to shake the narrator's hand? Don't most people use their RIGHT hands? Is that just a minor glitch or is that a significant fact about the trainer - like, he's somewhat surprising and unpredictable? Excuse me if I'm reading too much into it! Carry on! I look forward to future sessions!
  10. I've had that happen sometimes when writing. The words just come out and the story unspools on the page. I love the insightful comments sprinkled throughout: -Being subdued can be very empowering. A bully doesn’t turn me on, though. Cockiness can be very sexy, but meanness is definitely a turn-off.” -His face lit up like a Christmas tree. It was like I had taken the leash off a big dog to let him run free at the ocean. -It was like the curtain going up on the most lavish set design ever to hit a theatre. It was like beholding the Northern Lights for the first time. It was like Dorothy finally making it to Emerald City.
  11. Well written, good character development (the switching points of view are convincingly done) romantic and funny! A hit out of the park!
  12. As Cousin Enzo would say, "È una salsiccia nei pantaloni o sei felice di vedermi?"
  13. Lucky you! Talk about constant inspiration.......
  14. Well THAT was an unexpected ending! GREAT writing - the sensual descriptions, the cocky inner and outer dialog and our surprisingly ballsy narrator -- nicely done! Let "the kid" give Pops a run for his money! Thumbs up on another fun Londonboy read!
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