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  1. londonboy -- your dialog! Awesome! Funny, enticing, witty...subtle! Thank you!
  2. Sounds like the General has more than a hangover! Hmmmm....what WAS in that drink, anyway? The plot thickens....and so does Oscar!
  3. ".... I had torn through my clothes, I had cum all down my leg (I could even feel it pooling in my sock), and I had no way of contacting anyone because my phone and computer were dead." D-mn! Mondays in the office are just a b-tch, aren't they?! Terrific growth scenes!
  4. I DID not expect this ! I was thinking this story was a solo by the general about the regrets of getting older but still being devoted to duty on the way out the door. I DID not expect [comment deleted due to spoiler alert!] I'd forgotten what a terrific writer you are - the pacing, the descriptions, the inner dialogues......Thank you for sharing this!
  5. The muscle descriptions, the horny state of mind, and the detailing of the general atmosphere of "overcome by lust as he plunges his babymaker into her." I loved the unexpected sex in the dressing room, right near the a--h---e former coach. "Hello cuck-Daddy!" Nasty, but Niiiiice, Dude! You know, "stuff".
  6. “This is a seduction malediction. Key word: malediction. It’s the favorite spell of jealous wives. It’s designed to punish adulterers. People under a seduction malediction who cheat on their spouses suffer some pretty bad consequences." “Impotence is a popular consequence. Some guys turn gay, which I guess means you’d turn straight. One really sleezy French guy ended up legless. The consequences are as unique and imaginative as the contractor. And we already know this contractor is imaginative.” “Wow.” ================ This has to be more of the more unique excuses [MacGuffins] for a muscle growth story that I've read. Add the muscle growth details and the HUMOR! -- you've got me sold on this series! Loving it! Mdlftr
  7. follow up thought - but what about all those babies? The mini-Jasons running around? This could evolve into a multi-generational epic!
  8. OMG!! Best sex and domination scene EVER! Thank you, man! Awesome!
  9. oh, mon ami! Merci beaucoup!
  10. I LOVE the growth descriptions! HOT! YES! Take all the time you need to develop this story - and our narrator too!
  11. Awesome writing! Very well done, especially with the mutual streams of consciousness!
  12. Dred, Awesome descriptions of the workouts - visually, tactically and olfactorily. I felt like I was on that treadmill with Miller! Well set-up and nice "Meet cute" scenario -- perfect for Valentine's Day! It's not a Harlequin Romance, but it's the "Muscle Forum" version of it! Thanks for writing and posting!
  13. The story combined multiple shifts in time. It started off 3 years before the present day, when Miller first watched Hank come to the gym. That time period lasted through Miller starting to describe Hank's workouts. At that point, if this were a movie, the scene would shudder and dissolve, indicating the passage of time to the present day (3 years on). What made this story interesting was that the time jumps were not obvious at the beginning. Good writing technique on Dredlifter's part!
  14. Great ending! Glad to hear that the wife was cool with the muscle growth! Typical "I secretly want you to do this, but I won't tell you, since I want you to read my mind" behavior = very believable! Love the description: "He looked like an off season bodybuilder that ate another off season bodybuilder."
  15. Great story! I just read it and really enjoyed it! I love unwitting muscle growth, where the recipient doesn't realize how he's getting bigger and more muscular, and then SUDDENLY!! he sees! The shock and awe reaction is great! His wife is going to kill her brothers when she gets home! 140 pound runner husband transformed into a 300 + pound muscle mountain! His movements will be more like an earthquake than running!
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