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    Bodybuilding and male muscle growth, particularly my own!
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  1. Thanks for the follow, man! You look like a BIG boy in the picture! Keep up the good work!

  2. Nocrazor, thanks for the follow!

  3. Mdlftr

    Mike n Me

    So all of these guys have magic cum, is that it? Guess I've missed that particular supplement on the shelves at GNC or the Vitamin Shoppe!
  4. Arpeejay!   GREAT to see you posting!  Hope all is well with you and yours --



  5. Unique story idea - a medically induced size increase to your skeleton, followed by intense workouts! Amazing!
  6. Mdlftr


    This is a fun story! Did it ever continue?
  7. I just came across this story today. I can't believe that I'm not paying money to enjoy writing of this quality! The technical details - about cop squads, military and medical protocols, the types of people who inhabit these places, and the jargon -- AMAZING! The research and extensive background in a large number of areas to assemble such a finely detailed, gripping, compelling story, boggles the mind. The subtlety of the emotion between John and Gabriel, the short glimpses of John's initial fears of entering the domain of "the big men" in the weight room, the hidden menace in Dwight's "helping" with the weight bar as he pushes it into John's chest --- simply superlative writing! Thank you for the story thus far!
  8. I LOVE the dialog - ======================== Dave turned around to look at his boyfriend. Then back at me. Then back at his boyfriend. “You’re hotter,” he said to Luke. He went over to his Luke and wrapped his arm around his waist. “I got distracted by the new and shiny.” Luke didn’t break the embrace but did pull away a little. “Forgive me?” Dave said and kissed Luke’s neck. Luke blushed a bright scarlet and pushed him away. “Alright, alright. Just keep your tongue in your head.” Dave looked back at me. “But there are so many new places to put it.” ====================== Excellent writing! I sometimes wonder (am pretty sure) whether we have professional writers in this group. The way the dialog flows, the effortless movement of the plot, the casual descriptions of muscle and growth that don't seem shoehorned into the text.....It's all good!
  9. Thanks for the follow!

  10. Mdlftr

    The Wellspring

    Great muscle growth descriptions! Also, the set up in the road side rest stop, late at night. Everyone can relate to the "Icky" feeling of dropping your shirt into some puddle on the floor. Usually it doesn't turn out this way! Interesting little interlude at the end where the narrator ruminated on how his actions have drastically altered other's lives. Is it for the better, or will it be for worse? Time will tell. Good writing style, Garrix! Your stories always flow well and also capture the thinking of the characters. They're very relateable.
  11. I live in the MD 'burbs. I work out at a gym downtown and at Evolution Forum.
  12. Mdlftr

    Personal Training

    Two words: "Gastric by-pass"! So, there's some hope for ol' Joshy..... Read the fine print, next time, a--hole!
  13. LOVE the line, "I can hit the ceiling with one of my gushers, but I’ve never been with someone else. I want to try everything, though." Cousin Vito is something else! Mama Mia!
  14. Arpeejay,

    GREAT to have you back! Happy 2019!


    1. arpeejay


      Thanks, although in fact "back" in this case is strictly limited. Inasmuch as this site is now overwhelmingly for posting pix I will follow the crowd (for once) and use it as  a substitute for Tumblr.

    2. Hialmar


      The community is not really the same, since the time you went silent and GiganticBeast became an infrequent visitor. I will enjoy, when you de-lurk more permanently. I hope your exercise goes well after the Christmastide excesses (We celebrate it for 20 days here, not 12 days as in the English carol).

  15. Mdlftr

    Mike n Me

    I really liked PART 1 with the food prep, eating and workouts, followed by the growth! Whoa!
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