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  1. Mdlftr

    What started this for you?

    Yeah, well, the whole "1980 Olympia - fix is in, followed by 1981's even MORE egregious 'Let's give this title to Arnuld's buddy Franco, even though he has major leg imbalances'" just convinced me and reinforced that the Olympia is only a marketing tool for content publishers! It's about as fair and balanced as Fox News or MSNBC! With all the self promotion out there, I think we have a million "mr. olympias" in people's minds - with no consensus! Ba da BUMP!
  2. Mdlftr

    What started this for you?

    Tom! Yes, your recollections of the muscle mags being slightly above porn in the magazine hierarchy triggered memories for me. I always paid for mine, though. You were 5'9" and 140#? Try being 6'2-3" and 140# ! Not exactly a Mentzer-est physique! Imagine my surprise in the years since, where I"ve read that Mike was only 5'8" and 210#! The whole Mentzer hero worship thing really illustrates for me, how misleading bodybuilding magazines were in promoting the idea that, given the "right" exercise routine and diet, "ANYONE" could big HYUGE muscles. Uhh, NO. I remember spending YEARS wondering why my triceps didn't grow like Mentzer's, no matter how much I worked out. Well, when your triceps muscle stops 4 inches before your elbow, while Mentzer's continued to the joint - that explains the difference! Both Mentzers were definitely genetically gifted, particularly in the arms and calves. They also had dark good looks that heightened their masculine credentials - sort of like dangerous, insanely muscular, sexy pirates! Bottom line, they were inspiring. I"m sure they are right up there with Schwarzenegger in terms of inspiring people to work out. They were a lot handsomer, IMO, than Arnuld. They just weren't as good at marketing themselves like he is. Just yesterday (Sept. 8 2018 ) I saw a workout magazine with a picture of Arnuld on the cover. He must have been in his late 20s in the picture. In real life he's over 70! Talk about marketing! What other sport uses 40 year old pictures of past champions today - Golf maybe (Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus) I couldn't even tell you who Mr. Olympia is this year without looking it up!
  3. Mdlftr

    What started this for you?

    http://www.gmv.com.au/default.asp?pageid=products&template=PRODUCTCAT&catid=8&prodid=962&site=1 This is the link to Gallash Muscle Videos. The video with Mike oiling up his pecs is "On the Beach" As Arpeejay would say, "SWOON!" Mike Mentzer was the epitome, for me, of masculine beauty and muscle developed to the utmost!
  4. Mdlftr

    What started this for you?

    ?!?!!!! I DEFINITELY don't recall any sort of "homoerotic stuff" that Mentzer did. The closest that comes to mind: Those briefs are like underwear!
  5. Mdlftr

    What started this for you?

    NO, but I wish I did! I can honestly state (hand over heart) that I have NEVER seen any amazing, delectable pictures of Mike Mentzer showering! Day-um! - and not in a good way! Wish I had seen that! Mdlftr
  6. Mdlftr

    What started this for you?

    I HAVE his iconic poster in my home gym! I also have all the GMV tapes of him posing. The one where Cathy Gelfo oils up his back and then he lovingly oils up his pecs! ...........................................[We have lost all audio or coherence at this point!] OMG!
  7. Mdlftr

    What started this for you?

    THIS and THIS:
  8. So Ravenmuscle, so would you say he's got a "butter face" compared to the other guys in the movie? Sorta like THIS? ["but-her-face!" as in YOIKS! Ooogly!] To be fair, Channing Tatum is pretty every day in the looks department. He isn't pretty like Matt Bomer, Channing also does not have the smoldering, sexy, Mediterranean HOTNESS of Joe Manganiello: Also, the plot of the movie is kind of like sex, -- after you blow your load, you want to move on to something else! Pretty high on the Yawn-O-Meter in terms of plot or story or narrative arch...."Oh, a bunch of 20 something, ripped guys sharing an apartment as they strip in the evenings to supplement their incomes"...what a ....um, really uh...it held my attention for at LEAST 20 minutes after the requisite audition scenes. Also, Matthew McConnaughey is my idea of leathery and "overly TEXUS twangy" - He "sunds liake he jes' fell offen the back of a pick yup truck out theyure in the prairie." It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't the same exact character he plays in every movie -- "Failure to Launch" "How to Lose a guy in Ten days" -- even parts of "Armistead" which was probably his best early role. Better to just google the movie and search out the still pix.
  9. Yes.... BUT...he's a genie! Bound to be some twists and turns.....
  10. A new McGuffen! I love the "rules" that the genie has to follow, a la Aladdin: 1. Can't raise anyone from the dead 2. Can't make someone fall in love with you and 3. He won't kill anyone. As for what happens in Universe 975832B, we'll have to wait and see!
  11. Mdlftr

    The Arpeejay Formula

    Continuing the thread before I timed out: RPJ's muscle stories are fun. Jaypat pretty accurately described them up above. All I'll add to that description is that: 1. The main character ALWAYS used to be named "Roger," then he started varying the name. 2. "Roger" is always a relatively happy, uncomplicated muscle bear of a guy who has always been strong, or able to put on muscle. 3. "Roger's" "tragic flaw" is that he is lonely - he needs a kindred spirit or a sole mate. 4. He always finds one, usually in the context of the gym, or some other physical situation. 5. Although Roger may sometimes engage in intellectual pursuits (he's been a librarian a few times, I believe) the emphasis of the stories is always on his life outside of work or the office. This became really apparent to me, when I compared the recent excellent series "The Librarian" which actually dealt with what a librarian actually does in a typical day, and the co-workers (admittedly based on "Sex and the City"-style characters,or like "Karen" from "Will and Grace") with a typical "Roger" scenario. Roger is definitely all about the extracurriculars. If he's ever shelved a book as a librarian, it was probably in the context of a power lifting meet! 6. Of course, Roger is always gay and unconflicted about his sexuality. He always seems to fall in love with a gay guy. No complicated "falling in love with a straight/married/unavailable guy". No "lost loves" for Roger! 7. Rarely, the formula is varied. Instead of Roger as above, RPJ has varied his story line with a time travel element. Those versions are clear winners, in my opinion. My favorite in that genre was a series where the self-sacrificing hero always managed to influence the course of history (JFK assassination, Civil rights era, etc.) before dying abruptly and "re-setting" in another historically significant setting. 8. Roger is always about the stats: reps,sets, poundages lifted; body weight; occasionally height; body part sizes - limbs, organs, etc. The effect is kind of like listening to a friend who really, really REALLY loves baseball stats - kind of there. The stats may or may not advance the story and may or may not add some detail to show progress. It depends on the setup - sexy growth in size and strength, or boner-killing tedium. The effect varies, but it's a constant feature. 9. RPJ is prolific. Even if I've binge -read a half dozen "Roger" stories, there's always another one coming out. 10. RPJ is incredibly generous with his time and talent. He always has something positive to say in his stories, or his comments. He leaves the world a better place than he finds it. He emphasizes the positive aspects of life and muscle growth (no Overdoses , no deaths from organ failure or heart attacks, no arrests or jail time) as we wish it was. Thank you, RPJ, for all you do to make this genre "a thing" that endures. Yours in flexing, Mdlftr
  12. Mdlftr

    The Arpeejay Formula

    Great topic ! I do a LOT of reading for pleasure in my spare time [a lot of historic mysteries, actually] and I enjoy the muscle growth stories as a different "palate cleanser" if you will. Of course stories are formulaic -that's the whole point a of "writer's brand." Think Tom Clancy - take a generous helping of descriptions of military hardware, technical descriptions for guns, weapons, cars, ships, boats, etc. - all probably cribbed from "Jane's Fighting Ships". Add minimal character development. Take an emotionally stunted main character, give him a bland, "any man"name, like "Jack Ryan", and put him into improbable, unlikely international adventures with a strong "shoot first, ask questions later" approach. Every instance of guessing always works out. Our hero never misses. His involvement with other people is always peripheral and transactional - limited to obtaining information, revealing a truth or marching on to a conclusion. This formula worked because the first books came out in the later Reagan "Fight the evil empire/tear down this wall" phase of the Cold War - what policy wonks probably wished they could do, besides writing position papers. Similarly, the "Mitch Rapp" novels by the late Vince Flynn (now restarted by a different author; See: http://www.simonandschuster.com/series/A-Mitch-Rapp-Novel ) are all about a superman CIA agent, Mitch Rapp, a sort of modern James Bond, without the emphasis on fashion and sex, and with a strong "Kill-the-evil-enemy" approach. All very entertaining and simplifies all complex world problems into, "infiltrate the bad guys and kill them, because they're scum, and America is the best place in the world, even with all the d-ckhead, bleeding hearts in g'uvmint who get in their own way of furthering America's ideals!"
  13. Mdlftr

    Big Jim: Rough Going (Now with a Conclusion)

    I remember Big Jim! He was like a shorter G.I. Joe who was a bodybuilder! He used to "pop the muscle band"! The muscle band wrapped around his bicep, which expanded and blew open the muscle band due to his growing bicep! Big Jim hit the toy stores circa 1974 - not a particularly noteworthy time, as I look back - it seemed like everything was being kept on hold or NOT happening [No World War III, No open warfare with Russia, no trust in government..... Ongoing Cold War (1945–1991) Space Race (1957–1975) Détente (c. 1969–1979) Watergate scandal (1972–1974) Capital punishment suspended by Furman v. Georgia (1972–1976) 1973 oil crisis (1973–1974) 1970s energy crisis (1973–1980) DOCUMERICA photography project (1972–1977) Boy, did he and his big muscle make a lot of boys feel inadequate!
  14. Mdlftr

    Americanised Stories

    More American insults: On the attractiveness of a particular person (could be male or female): -"They have a lovely personality!" -"Yeah, s/he's got a real butter face." ["But her FACE!!!] -"She has a real RBF" [RBF=Resting bitch face, someone who has a habitually unpleasant expression on their face] -"Wo/man of my dreams!" - said sarcastically as an aside to friends as the particular individual walks by. -"She's a f--king saint!" - means that the spouse is a major a--hole. -"He's a man of conviction." - said by both opponents and supporters of a politician convicted of a felony, who served his time and was back running for political office. [The individual in question was re-elected to office and served for another 20 years!]
  15. Mdlftr

    Americanised Stories

    Thanks to sithspawn, and "Daft is a nice kind of stupid. The phrase "daft as a brush" comes up every now and then, usually with older folk." I learned something new! Here's a transAtlantic version of "nicely dim": / also an example of American regional expressions that mean totally different things depending on who is saying them and where. - "Oh bless your heart" - [said in a sweetly sarcastic way] - an expression in the American South. I only recently learned that it was a (typically Southern) genteel put down after living below the Mason-Dixon line (considered the start of the American South) for over 30 years. Talk about nuance! Up north we'd just call you a "dumbass" and leave it at that. Course, that could lead to violence from the recipient of the insult. Most American insults are pretty direct and unsubtle. A few have become famous, due to their use in movies, or just popular culture: "If you don't think your behavior is rude, then you must be from New York!" ["Terms of Endearment"] "He couldn't spell "cat" if you spotted him a "c" and an "a"! "Never send an unarmed man to a battle of wits!" {said of a clueless individual} "Even a broken clock is right twice a day!" ....and so on..... My contribution to cultural enrichment!