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  1. Mdlftr

    You're Fired!

    Like an OX in a china shop -- look out, world!!
  2. Mdlftr

    A gift to remember

    Very well written Your use of dashes to indicate changes in speakers worked well - except - when your narrator veered into stream of consciousness thinking. Maybe that part could be in italic text to distinguish it? The descriptions of growth were very sexy, as you included what they meant - e.g. a big muscle butt meant you could take anyone..... Personally I loved the "sexy pec shelf". Very good, especially for your first effort! Good luck on exams! HIT those blue books! 😂 Mdlftr
  3. As Goethe said, "Act like you want to become." I've definitely used eye candy in the gym as motivation to work out with the intent of getting buff and studly for myself, rather than kidding myself saying "Oh, I just want to tone up." Right.
  4. Mdlftr

    The Librarian - Chapter 4

    I love your writing! Thank you for sharing this with us. Some of the especially vibrant sentences that caught my eye: <snip> Then it happened. The doomed shirt split right up the back along this erectors. The sleeves blew out at the arms. Tom could barely hear the fabric tearing as he roared loudly, looking proud and cocky in the mirror. Tom relaxed the pose and chuckled to himself. He looked like the 1970's TV Hulk after the transformation, shreds of a t-shirt hanging from his frame. <snip> He had on a sleeveless shirt with large duffel bag slung over his shoulders. The strap of the bag was nestled in the gap between the pyramidal trap and his cantaloupe-sized shoulder muscle. Each exposed arm could provide any biology class a lesson in muscular anatomy. Cords of veins ran down each arm, encircling sinewy biceps and triceps that bulged off his arms even when unflexed. Tom could only imagine how much the muscles jumped if the man flexed. The veins spread out across his large forearms like parasitic vines on a tree trunk. <snip> Tom silently prepared his brain to speak as the hottest man he ever seen approached him. He was glad he was sitting at a computer desk, his crotch safely hidden underneath. <snip> Tom relaxed the stretch, stood up and turned around and froze. Jack was standing there in a small maroon tank top, plastered to his rippling, caramel colored body. The outline of his heavy square pecs clearly visible, his nipples barely visible more so because they were mostly pointing downward due the heavy development of his chest. A deep canyon formed above the neckline of the tank where his upper pecs surged upward. A large gap of air formed underneath the straps of the tank where the fabric was suspended between his huge traps and those mountainous pecs. =======END=====
  5. Honestly not sure what good this will do your bodybuilding progress ---- other than making your skinless chicken breasts and wild rice seem amazing by comparison! https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/shortcuts/2018/apr/18/charcoal-croissant-black-pastry-vegan-global-hate-object
  6. Mdlftr

    Therapy Session 2

    True. Also, if you think about it from a counseling perspective, all our superhero wants to do is vent to someone who will listen. He's not going to change his behavior. He likes rescuing people AND he needs to have a secret identity so he can live amongst normal people. The number of counseling breakthroughs he's going to have will be limited.
  7. Mdlftr

    Therapy Session 2

    You've done a great job already! Please don't take my comments as anything other than a respectful acknowledgement of all the work you put into these stories already! I know how hard it is to write stories - the few that I've submitted over the years! Kudos to you! Mdlftr
  8. Mdlftr

    Therapy Session 2

    Sithspawn, I'm honored that one of my comments inspired this sequel! Glad to be of service! I really liked this sequence: <snip> “A bit, that’s why I really needed to talk this stuff over. I want to make sure I stay grounded and don’t go off on some ego trip.” “Do you think that’s likely to happen?” “I doubt it. Thing is, when I’m like this people are either afraid or in awe of me and it gets old you know? There’s only so many times you hear ‘You’re incredible’ or ‘You’re so big’ until it gets annoying.” “So changing back into Chris is an escape from that?” “Exactly! When I shrink down to this people don’t really pay much attention to me so I can do more normal things.” “The thing I find strange is that you almost see yourself as two different people, whereas I see both forms as two parts of the same whole.” “Really?” “Sure, your humanity and sense of humour from Chris make you a likeable hero, yet your self-doubt and vulnerability from worrying about your heroic deeds makes you a hero rather than being a cocksure asshole that would only do things for himself.” “Wow, I never thought of it like that.” “Although talking about yourself in the third person is a bit egotistical.” “Right! For that I’m gonna get big again to watch you bone up. And there it is.” “Asshole!!” “That’s not very professional.” <snip> Another thought I had: Given that Our Hero/Chris is so invested in being able to become big and sexually enticing, what happens to his sense of self if all that goes away or can't be invoked? Think about what happens to a pro athlete when his career ends - who is he without the gridiron/the court/the rink? What does he do then? I really like this latest (and unexpected) episode where our hero debunks what you would think would be awesome about being a superhero - the strength is great, but how can you enjoy something when you are second guessing yourself all the time? Conversely, what if he became "normal"? Would that be "enough" for the boy friend? This premise could go so many ways. Again, it's a terrific idea! Thank you for sharing it. Mdlftr
  9. Mdlftr

    The Internet Staulker

    Picmeup - you are aptly named! At first, I thought this was going to be about the perils of internet dating! P.S. HOW does Daniel know all that about the narrator? He's obviously been tracking him for a while - cool and yet.......
  10. Mdlftr


    WHAT a great premise! A superhero has doubts and wants "someone to talk to" in a therapeutic setting. This is a terrific idea, and you executed it with humor and sexiness! Great job! I've never seen this as a muscle/worship story premise! It would be overkill, but you could go into subsequent sessions based on the issues raised by the various superhero exploits: "So, Chris, when you saved that school bus full of children and returned them to the parents, how did that make you feel? Have you ever thought you'd like to have children of your own someday?" "Chris, when you stopped the destruction of the earth by reversing time by reversing the rotation of the earth, and then stopping the bad guys, did you think about your parents and other people you have lost?" "Chris, do you feel exploited when magazines and the media show endless pictures of your massively muscular physique, and yet you don't receive royalties on those images?" "Chris, how do you think people would react if your superhero self came out as gay?" "Chris, do you believe in God or a higher power outside of yourself?" And so on...... Well done! Clapping Mdlftr
  11. Mdlftr

    Assessing Sixty

    Wow - that was intense. Deeply felt and meaningful and very true. As someone of your same vintage, it's wonderful to have that perspective. I keep looking forward, to the next accomplishment. What's already occurred in the past sometimes makes me I could change it, some things make me proud and some things I chalk up to life experience. Here's to reaching that next birthday ending in zero - and the next, and the next , and --- Mdlftr
  12. Terrific advice here from all commenters. I totally agree that a love of and appreciation of muscle, along with the unwanted body reaction (tight pants) can lead to real awkwardness. I've found in other awkward situations with friends that being able to articulate the concern, in a non judgmental, non defensive way, really can help. Good luck!
  13. My grandfather smoked - even after he had emphysema and was on oxygen! Just goes to show how addictive cigarettes are. He died at age 65. I'm with all you anti-smokers here - terrible habit.
  14. Mdlftr

    Samson movie

    Camille San Saens, French composer, wrote an opera, "Samson et Delilah". Here is the last scene, with Samson(played by Jose Cura, an Argentinian operatic tenor, and bodybuilder) bringing down the house - literally! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9wMOK9bZ1A