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  1. Conflicted and unsure

    This discussion of the historical changes in male ideals is fascinating. I caught up on the string by reading Cardi and Hjlamar's posts about the nature of masculinity during the Enlightenment and neo classical eras: ==================== <snip> I wouldn't call early 17th century and late 19th century Enlightenment either. We could spend lot of time discussing definitions, but 1660 is probably a good conventional starting point of the Enlightenment, at least in the English-speaking world, for obvious reasons. The end of the Enlightenment is a tricky matter. The American Revolution in 1776 and the French Revolution in 1789 are usually seen, as tumultous events caused by the Enlightenment notion of universal human rights, which would end Enlightenment in either 1810 (Sweden: The poem The Viking), 1811 (England: start of Regency) or 1814 (Continent: Vienna Conference established an anti-Enlightenment settlement for a while). As for literary fashion, the classicizing movement in writing existed in parallel to the romantic movement for quite a long time: James Thompson's Castle of Indolence straddle the divide between classicism and romanticism, and that already in 1748. Goethe (though a classicist in some ways), began the Sturm und Drang movement in 1774 with his Werther. At roughly the same time, Herder combined Enlightenment ideas with ideas that would form the romantic movement's obsession with nationalism (but, at that time, liberal nationalism, not the conservative nationalism of abt 1870-1945). Sculptors during the Enlightenment imitated antiquity, including numerous depictions of Apollo and Hercules, but these divine physiques of the ancient Greek were not expected to be attainable. As a sidenote, I may remark, that big calves were popular, when trousers ended at the knee in the 18th century, but that body ideal was otherwise rather lean and slim. ========================================= In addition to the appeal of the classical, male body as being god like - muscular and powerful, the expectations of the male character, particularly in how male friendships are perceived and played out, are quite different over time. Think of the appeal of ancient Greek and Roman idealizations of male friendship in the late 19th century, and how that impacted male relationships between each other, in addition to their body image. I am thinking particularly of the English Public School traditional education in the Greek and Roman classics in the original language. There are a lot of references to strong male friendships in classical writings. From an article on male friendships, there is the discussion of "heroic male friendship":: https://www.artofmanliness.com/2008/08/24/the-history-and-nature-of-man-friendships/ In ancient times, men viewed man friendships as the most fulfilling relationship a person could have. Friendships were seen as more noble than marital love with a woman because women were seen as inferior. Aristotle and other philosophers extolled the virtues of platonic relationships- a relationship of emotional connection without sexual intimacy. Platonic relationships, according to Aristotle, were the ideal. The heroic friendship was a friendship between two men that was intense on an emotional and intellectual level. Examples of heroic friendships exist in many ancient texts from the Bible (David and Jonathan) to ancient Greek writings. A man friendship that captures the essence of the heroic friendship is the relationship between Achilles and Patroclus. Man friendships during the 19th century were marked by an intense bond and filled with deeply held feeling and sentimentality. Man friendships in many instances had a similar intensity as romantic relationships between men and women. Essentially, it was a continuation of the heroic friendship of the ancient world, coupled with the emphasis on emotion common to the Romantic Age. A fervent bond did not necessarily imply a sexual relationship; the idea that these ardent friendships in some way compromised a man’s heterosexuality is largely a modern conception. Man friendships during the 19th century were marked by an intense bond and filled with deeply held feeling and sentimentality. Man friendships in many instances had a similar intensity as romantic relationships between men and women. Essentially, it was a continuation of the heroic friendship of the ancient world, coupled with the emphasis on emotion common to the Romantic Age. A fervent bond did not necessarily imply a sexual relationship; the idea that these ardent friendships in some way compromised a man’s heterosexuality is largely a modern conception. Fascinating to think how we moderns drag sex into every relationship -= it's either happening, going to happen, or just happened. In the alternative, the parties WANT it to happen, but it never will, for various reasons.
  2. Conflicted and unsure

    I very much enjoyed Hjalmar's well written and researched posting, particularly the conclusion: Some pundits wanted the growing gym-obsession in the male population to be a "return to traditional masculinity", but that would be to fool oneself: In the late 19th century and the first half of the 20th century, upper class men didn't want to be big, and working class men seldom had the opportunity. The urge to become big doesn't come hand in hand with conservative social values – not by necessity, at least (though, in US, action film aesthetics was a way to process the national trauma of the Vietnam War). In the 00s and 10s, it is socially accepted that men take selfies of their semi-naked bodies. That is not "traditional masculinity". It is a masculinity, all right, but it is a very new expression of it. Grandfather and great grandfather would never, ever express a (as they saw it) "feminine" behaviour like posing semi-naked in public (unless they worked as funfair strongmen, circus strongmen or were pioneer bodybuilders). Today, it is a way of proud jocks bragging. Things change. From the 1970s on, increasingly so in the 90s, ideas about gayness has changed, too. A significant segment of the "out" gay population gladly identify with a hyper-"masculine" personality, and then we don't know the extent of "average" men still in the closet. In the last decade, awareness of fluidity has increased, too. If we are aware of the past, we do not need to be prisoners of either the past or the present – and that is true of us regardless of social background or sexual identification. ================================= To the extent that every man wants to "measure up" or conform to what he thinks are "masculine ideals" - being "big and strong, with bulging muscles" is one very obvious marker of masculinity. No matter what other masculine attributes you may feel that you lack - wealth, power, a commanding presence - - if you have big, bulging, obvious MUSCLE, that is one area where you can tell yourself that you measure up, that you are a MAN. This idea of conforming to an "acceptable" masculine identity is fraught with emotional baggage - In America it is also intertwined with politics - Right now, a huge insult from progressive conservatives to the opposition is that "they are delicate snowflakes, who can't handle the "real" world." The return insult is that the progressives are selfish brutes, concerned only with protecting their own kind. ========================================= Good discussion! Mdlftr
  3. Unstoppable

    Great finish! The description of Eric at the end, spread eagled like a starfish against the wall, is one of the best immobilization descriptions I've read! Good job, Garrick! Mdlftr
  4. Speedos and their stigma

    To revisit this topic, AND to prove my point about "either the wearer is under 25 or under...." AND to provide some totally gratuitous, positively STIMULATING, Beef cake pictures, I give you "SPEEDO CELEBRATION" [No, I did NOT make up the name of this Tumblr, it's just deliciously on-point] https://speedocelebration.tumblr.com/archive A representative sample: He's clearly 25 or under, MAY BE a competitive swimmer, CLEARLY thinks he's "the sh*t" and could be European ---- "The prosecution rests its case, Your Honor....." "EXHIBIT A - for Speedo wearing popular stereotypes" Exhibit B - Competitive swimmer Exhibit C - Could be European ? French? Those stripes? Those STRIPES! Or maybe HE'S European? The wine glass? Hum? Exhibit D - CLEARLY thinks he's "the sh*t!" (or is he smuggling a banana in there?) Mdlftr
  5. Resolution

    Awesome! Who knew East Buddha has such interesting people! Great read! The hard work, the desire, the progress - the stats - true love --with just-a-dollop-of-humor- It's an RPJ story! ??But no Roger!? Or does he ive in WEST Buddha?! Thank you for this! Mdlftr
  6. http://musclepotential.tumblr.com/ Note: most of t he bodybuilders picutred on this site in their posing trunks also have their instagram pages posted! e.g. @tylergfit l Tyler Garceau: https://web.stagram.com/tylergfit Michael Dalton: https://www.pictaram.org/daltonium Many more!
  7. Speedos and their stigma

    With all due respect to DaveMuscle, while I agree that "Speedos" is a brand name, and it is used as a short cut for a certain type of racing swimsuit popular in competitive swimming, it is very much NOT the norm in the U.S. CentralNJMuscle is correct in saying that Jammers or Board shorts have taken over as the male default swim wear in the U.S. I can't speak for their prevalence in the rest of the world, but given body shapes I've seen while traveling overseas, I can't believe that more men don't wear Board shorts than wear Speedos world wide. The "shame of Speedos" is so pronounced now, that if someone who is over say, 25, and who doesn't have bodyfat below 15% wears a Speedo on a public beach, they are referred to as wearing "boulder holders" and described as "gross" rather than "sexy". Rather than being the "norm", wearing a Speedo in public is a "statement" - either the wearer is 25 or under and is a competitive swimmer who thinks he's "the sh*t"; he's Euorpean, or he has no clue how he looks.
  8. Pistachio

    Nice build up to the growth, good pacing. Since you asked for writing tips: One caveat - make sure that the object of the action is more obvious. Sometimes it was unclear = for example: Chris was feeling something he’d never felt before. It felt as though the chill of the shake was travelling across his body, numbing it down. “Is my big boy getting a little chilly?” Eric asked, still stroking Chris’ thighs. When the cold got to his penis, it began warming up. His entire body followed, and he felt his cock surge slightly larger. ======================== Whose penis? Whose body? Eric has just been speaking. If the subject is supposed to be Chris's penis, Chris' body, then the sentence first identify the subject (Chris) then go to the pronoun (his body) . Good warm up story! Mdlftr
  9. Serial Muscle

    Richard, This was fantastic! Your writing seems to get better over time. The pacing of this story, the slow build up of detail, the suspense in each encounter between Haakon and his partner of the moment - Terrific! I enjoyed it - the mystery, the solution and the resolution. In the spirit of Halloween, "Boo-tifully done!" Mdlftr
  10. Richard, I LOVE the new profile picture of "casual muscular studliness"!

    Thumbs up!


    1. arpeejay


      We were on a RIB boat in Croatia and my shorts got soaked. So that left my swim suit (square cut brief style), which was fine but my polo shirt was just a little too long for it!  I should have just dispensed with the shirt but I didn't want to scare the locals! 😀

  11. The problem with this site (body dysmorphia)

    Man, if we gave academic credits for posts on this site, Muscledrain would get an A+ for his latest post on the difference between body dysmorphia and sexual fantasy!
  12. The Giant Football Coach - Chapter 1 & 2

    Great beginning to what promises to be an awesome muscle growth story! Terrific muscle descriptions! Love the Fu Manchu 'stache and side burns! I have to say that your descriptions of college in the Midwest are spot on, as are the attitudes and depictions of the football players at what is presumably a Division II school. Good work! Mdlftr
  13. Happy Birthday in Oz.  6'3" and 265#?  Serious size, man! You planning to compete at some point? 

    1. flamedelft
    2. ravenweremuscle


      Yeah he finished runner-up at his first event this year and third or fourth at Nationals. Pretty good I would think! :)


    3. Mdlftr


      1st place in Novice Bodybuilding at Waikato 

      2nd place classic men's at Waikato

      3rd place National Men’s Novice Bodybuilding - New Zealand
      4th place National Men’s Classic Physique - New Zealand

      All in one week!

      Congratulations Achilles!  All your hard work paid off!  

      Major props to you!


  14. I'm keeping life interesting: I'm teaching myself HTML5 <joke> in between sets </joke>

    Seriously, I'm starting on a journey of discovery at w3cschools.com.  Any comments or suggestions? 

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    2. Mdlftr


      Cool!  I'm learning it for work.  Colleagues with computer degrees tell me it's not that difficult, especially given their prior experience and education in computer languages.  Lacking that, I'm treating this as a new adventure in a previously unknown field!  Should be interesting going forward.....:)


    3. arpeejay


      It I can learn it, anyone can! 

    4. Mdlftr


      Thanks! Very encouraging!

  15. What happened to Alexey Lesukov?

    Maybe he's "fake news"!