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  1. Gman

    AJ & Noah

  2. Gman

    Uncanny Sex-Men

    Hot as fuck!
  3. Gman

    AJ & Noah

    I’ve been away for two weeks, and I’ve just been treated to three chapters. Wow! They were the hottest thing I’ve ever read. So much intensity, and romance and sexiness and wow! Thank you!
  4. Gman

    AJ & Noah

    Oh no. This chapter started so well and now I’m all worried for them. Excellent writing yet again. Loved the raunchy stuff, and secretly enjoying that the extra drama means more story to come.
  5. Gman

    AJ & Noah

    Another great chapter. Looking forward to the competition!
  6. Gman

    AJ & Noah

    Another excellent chapter!
  7. Gman

    AJ & Noah

    Another great chapter. I'm so happy for both of them. This is great writing. Not only does it do the job that erotica is suppose to 😉, but I'm emotionally invested in these characters! I want to know how they start dating. Do they keep it secret? Does AJ come out? Will he worry about that hurting his chances as a competitive bodybuilder? Would he consider following Noah back to London and competing there? Will they do a long distance thing? Will AJ hook Noah up with a gym buddy in London and he gets noticeably bigger every time he and AJ meet up? Will the gym buddy start making advances on either Noah or AJ? Will it just be a summer romance, and both of them will move on, being better people at the end of it? Possibly meeting up again in a few years once AJ has gained confidence in his sexuality, become a pro bodybuilder, possibly with his own gym (or a partner in Scorpios), and Noah has his degree and a massive body of his own, quietly following AJ's carrier all these years, despite dating other guys? So many possibilities!
  8. Gman

    AJ & Noah

    Ahhh!!! Still so ambiguous! Love this story for the tension!
  9. Gman

    AJ & Noah

    “MuscleAddict has commented on AJ & Noah” i keep getting excited!
  10. Gman

    Knowing When to Throw in the Towel

    Arpeejay, So sorry to see you take down your stuff. But the whole point of sites like this is to only do it if it makes you happy - after all, you’re not getting paid to do it, it’s a hobby. So if you need to stop posting, then I support it. But it’s a shame, because I’ve always valued your feedback and support. I’m hoping it will just be a break though. G
  11. Gman

    AJ & Noah

    I’ve been reading this morning and then checked again a few hours later. I love this story!
  12. Gman

    AJ & Noah

    I think this is my favourite story on here ever.
  13. Gman

    AJ & Noah

    Wow this is a great story!
  14. Gman


    Well that was a great start to a Sunday morning
  15. Gman


    Yeah! I’m glad it wasn’t the Manzeum causing the problem. Keep it up! After reading this story I will be keeping it up all night.

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