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  1. Had a read of that this morning. Good one. smart idea, and I liked the time frame as well.
  2. Gman

    Wee Jock

    Thanks for the comments! Really appreciate it. I’m really struggling to find time, but have a story in my head that I would like to continue with. The next chapter has been started.
  3. I have loved reading this story. It’s immense. Love the characters, the growth scenes, the sex scenes, the style. It’s amazing!
  4. Really enjoying the progress of this story. Got a few theories: Deano fancies either Woody, or possibly even Luke. Shaun fancies Deano and gets jealous of Deano spending time with Woody. I’m sure someone mentioned Deano teaching Luke how to pose because Woods was doing it wrong. Loads of things for my brain to play with between chapters. Whatever my brain comes up with, it won’t match your storytelling. Since this is set in the highlands, I’m wondering if there will be any kilts making an appearance?
  5. Another great chapter. Loving the slow build! Also a great illustration.
  6. I’ve really enjoyed this story. I’d be keen to read more, but I kind of got the impression this was the end: he’s going to take the serum, and if he’s bigger than Chris, they’ll even out. No need for more serum because they’ve reached a balance.
  7. Gman

    Wee Jock

    Because you’ve got an excellent judgement on narrative?
  8. Gman

    Wee Jock

    Wow. That’s quite a compliment that you can back to read it again. I can only think of one or two stories I’ve done that with. Thanks man!
  9. Gman

    Wee Jock

    Thanks. Glad you’re still enjoying it.
  10. Gman

    Wee Jock

    Can't believe it's taken me over a year to write this. But here's the next chapter. Chapter 8 I stood alone in the sitting room. Sir had excused himself to answer the door. I was alone, wearing only a cum soaked electric blue Andrew Christian jock strap. I could hear voices through the closed door, but I couldn’t make out what they were saying. Suddenly I felt exposed. Other than the first time I came here, I had always felt “dressed for sex” whenever I was around Sir. He was complimentary, he looked at me in a way that made me feel like he was evaluating and valuing my body, in the same way I was assessing his. There aren’t many tall, hugely muscled, men that can do that. Normally they would only be interested in the worship. Sir certainly got off on the worship, but he appeared to get off on my reactions more than my admiration. He also always seemed to take pleasure in my body. Perhaps he enjoyed our size difference as much as I did. I felt like I was in the presence of a giant. I could hardly imagine what it must feel like being the giant! Sir saw something in me that no one else had. And it has awoken a spark of self confidence that I’ve never explored before. Being small and skinny I’ve always looked to hide away. But I wouldn’t. Not this time. Whilst I stood there, alone, I spread my feet shoulder width apart, straightened my back, lifted my chin and clasped my hands behind my back. I would stand as if I was waiting, rather than hiding. A few moments later the door opened and Sir stepped in. He grinned as his eyes roved over my body. I saw him relax, he seemed to approve of my confidence. “Wee Jock, a… friend of mine has stopped by. We were suppose to meet earlier, but he’s turned up now. I don’t like springing this on you, but I’ve got a feeling you would enjoy it if he stayed.” I knew it was daft to believe that I was the only one of Sir’s “friends”, we weren’t dating, this wasn’t a relationship, we haven’t even kissed (not on the mouth anyway). But it was still jarring to think that there was another muscle hungry twink just on the other side of the door. Has he told him that he’s the best in town too? “It’s ok, I don’t ever want you to do something you don’t want to do. I enjoy your enthusiasm far too much.” I have a very expressive face, I would make an awful poker player. Sir must have interpretation my reaction as panic at his proposal. He put a hand on each shoulder and said “I’ll go see him out.” As he walked towards the door my mind suddenly focused to a sharp point. I ran around the back of the couch and reached the door before him. I would see who this other muscle worshiper was. I knew that whatever I imagined would never be as bad as what I saw. And I could decide what to do once I was face to face with him. As I started pulling open the door I turned to look at Sir, who had paused, mouth agape in surprise. I gave him a little wink as I squared my shoulders and entered the hall. In front of me was a ginger giant in a suit. A familiar ginger giant. “Wee Jock?” Red said whilst raising a ginger eyebrow. His glanced raised over my head to Sir behind me. “When you said you had something special planned for after the deal, I thought you were talking about a lass… not that I… I mean…” Red blushed again, maybe I wouldn’t make the worst poker player. “Calm yourself, Red. I find lads better at handling men like me, and Wee Jock here,” Sir stepped behind me and placed a hand on each of my shoulders, “he’s tougher than he looks.” I daren’t look around. I was just looking at Red. Where Sir’s suit wrapped and framed his impressive build; Red’s muscular body filled his suit to its limits. The sleeves bulged and swelled with his massive biceps. His quads looked like they were going to burst through the grey material, the central creases pulled tight until below his knees. The lapels of his double buttoned jacket gaped slightly, showing Red’s compromise between having enough room to fit his broad back, but not having a tent around his waist, The effect overall effect was impressive and imposing, but just not as sleek as Sir’s obviously bespoke suit. I stood speechless, unable to piece together what was going on. Had Sir planned on introducing his mate to his muscle hungry booty call? Was it a genuine mistake and Sir decided to try his luck? Red smirked, “so this is why you’ve been in a better mood recently?” “Aye.” Sir replied from behind and above me, I could hear in his deep voice that he was smiling too. “Wee Jock is full of enthusiasm, and skill. And as for stamina… this wee guy continues to surprise me.” I could feel myself blush at Sir’s praise and stood straighter. “Surely… I mean, no disrespect Wee Jock, but… um… I’ve seen this guy in the shower, there’s no way you could…” his glance went over my head to Sir and Red’s jaw hung a gasp. “Full of surprises, this one.” Sir stated. Red’s expression changed from one of shock to an impressed and respectful nod. He made a couple of fall starts to speak, as if trying to pick the right phrase. “… I don’t want to intrude, but… well, you know I’ve hinted at you joining me and my lass before, I’d kinda like to see you in action…” He raised an eyebrow, leaving the statement as a question. So other than the shower, Sir and Red hadn’t played around before. But Red had obviously been thinking about it, and Sir had suggested I might enjoy it if he stayed… “What do you think Wee Jock?” Sir groped my shoulders, his left hand slipping around my chest to play with my right nipple as his right hand descended down my back, and he stage whispered in my ear. “Want to let Red here watch as you worship my body and drive me closer and closer to the edge with that amazing mouth and your hot-as-fuck arse?” His right hand was groping my arse now. Red looked hopeful and a little aroused. “No.” Red was visibly disappointed and looked at Sir, who stood up and started ushering Red towards the door. “Sorry mate, but I’m not doing anything to upset this guy. Best fuck I’ve ever had, and man, does this wee guy like the muscles!” He opened the door for Red, who looked a bit dejected. “No, no, I understand, but you can’t blame a lad for trying. Looks like you two are going to have a wild fucking night ahead of you.” “No, he can’t watch.” I said calmly from the middle of the hall. “But if he proves himself, he can join in.” The two behemoths turned slowly to face me. Red a little confused; Sir close to laughing. “And how would he prove himself to you, Wee Jock?” Sir asked, obviously pleased with me. “He can show me he’s man enough to wear a suit in this house. He obviously likes to fill it, now he should show me he can push that suit to its limits.” I had addressed Sir, but then turned to look at Red. Sir still stood with the front door open, handle in his hand. “The lad wants a show Red. You in or out?” Red took two giant strides towards me, did a slight hop, planting his right leg, and twisted himself in to an obviously well rehearsed body building pose, double bicep and looked straight down at me, face screwed up with the effort of the pose. The shoulders of his grey suit bunched in to points, the seems never suppose to bend that way. The fabric around his biceps pulled so tight that little stress lines started appearing around their circumference. I heard the door close and Sir stepped round to join me in watching the show. Red brought his arms down, whilst changing his stance so that his left leg was stepping out in of don’t of him. He unbuttoned his jacket and swept the left portion away, highlighting his left thigh. As he made the dramatic gesture with his hand, he tensed his quads, revealing a solid thigh, the individual muscle heads visible through the trouser material. I reached out and ran my finger down the deepest groove. Feeling the two dense muscle heads on either side of my finger, I felt my cock stir in my jock. Red moaned and seemed a little caught off guard that the noise had come from his own mouth. He quickly grabbed his lapels and removed his jacket as he spun around, throwing the jacket on the same chair Sir had draped his early. He wore a very fitted white shirt, gripping to every undulation of his body. He put his hands on his hips and performed an impressively wide lat spread. Right leg back, arse clenched so tightly I’m not even sure Sir would be able to get his fingers in between those cheeks. Red gave a little grunt as he heard the pose. He turned to face me once more, repeating the double bicep, this time looking at his own right arm, and then bringing his left hand over to feel himself. This sight of this giant worshiping his own body, whilst dressed in shirt, tie and suit trousers, was enough to bring my cock to full erection, fresh fluid mixing with my previous ejaculation. Red looked directly in my eyes, brought his left hand back up to double bicep pose before growling and throwing down in to a most muscular that was more impressive than it had any right to be, considering he was fully clothed. I couldn’t stop myself from reaching forward and feeling his biceps, past the slim black tie, and groping his tensed pecs through the rich white cotton. After a few seconds Red stood again, shaking his limbs slightly. “Man enough for you?” He smirked a bit, red in the face from the effort, truly taking after his name. In response I went forward, and placed my hands on his chest. I ran my hands down over his massive pecs and the ridges of his six pack, which he tensed as my hands crossed them. I knelt in front of him, my hands now groping up and down his quads, which he tensed and relaxed in slow pulses. My left hand migrated towards his crotch, and I was pleased to feel firm resistance. My right hand started undoing his fly, I was met with white cotton. For some reason I had assumed he would be free balling, as Sir has been whenever we meet. I had forgotten this was not a planned meeting. I explored inside his trousers. Trunks: difficult to pull aside. I tried to lower the waist band, but the trousers were too tight. Red was making some grunting and groaning noises, as well as a few uncomfortable noises as I tried to free his painfully hard, and obviously thick cock. His breathing was getting faster and as I looked up, I could see he had gone red in the face again. “Hold on, hold on.” He gasped. He desperately undid his belt and buttons of his trousers. With them being so tight he had to almost roll them down to mid thigh before he stood up looking relieved and proud of himself. He put both hands on the back of my head and brought me closer to his still enclosed rod. I nuzzled and mouthed his shaft, head and balls. He was leaking precum almost as much as I do. I reached up to pull down his white trunks, gripping the elastic at each hip and leaning in, so that as I pulled down, his cock was trapped by the elastic and bounced back to slap me in the face. Red made a satisfied noise. I looked up to see him looking down at me, a confident, satisfied grin on his face. I looked back at his dick. It wasn’t small, but I had just been playing with Sir’s not twenty minutes beforehand - there was no way he could compare. He was about six and a half inches, slightly bigger than average. He did however have pretty large balls, each about the size of a lime, hanging low. I reached up to play with them with my right hand, my left hand now holding on to his smooth, muscular arse. “Well, I guess you’re bigger than average in more ways than one.” I said before giving the underside of his shaft a long, controlled lick. If Red had seen Sir in the shower soft, he would know that he already wasn’t measuring up. But I wanted to say something complimentary, since I had been toying with him earlier. Red’s flush turned more to a blush. “I guess the big man’s got me beaten in the cock department, as well as muscle mass?” We both glanced at Sir to find him leaning against the sideboard, stroking his cock head, about a third of the way down his left leg. He grinned. “Looks like enough to keep anyone happy.” He gave Red a nod. “Never had any complaints… well that’s not true… The lasses keep telling me to go slow.” The lasses? Red certainly seemed comfortable with a guy licking his shaft for a straight man. I gripped his shaft and started slurping his head like an ice cream. “Wee Jock here is the first time in a long time I’ve been able to go wild.” I grinned hearing Sir’s comliments. “When was the last time you were deep throated?” Sir asked. “Never happens. A few girls have tried, but it’s never been any good, I’m happy with a normal BJ. But fucking hell, this is amazing.” Red gave me a pat on the shoulder, as if I had just finished some reps at the gym with excellent form. The pair were quite happy having this conversation over my head, as if I were shining his shoes, not sucking him off. A part of me felt a little, I don’t know, ignored? Objectified? But a bigger part of me was finding it a turn on. “Ha! That’s what I thought too. Just wait, you’ll see what you’ve been missing.” Sir had stood up and was now standing beside Red, his hand stroking the back of my head as I slurped and sucked on Reds arrow-like head. “Wee Jock is going to give you the best head you’ve ever had!” Yup, definitely finding this sexy! I had to adjust my erection. I started flicking my tongue across the tip. Red rolled his head back and groaned. “It gets better?” He asked in disbelief. Sir leaned in and in another stage whisper said “just you wait.” He stepped back, moved the chair and sat about two feet from us. His left elbow resting on the chair back, he sat slightly askew, legs wide, rubbing the obvious outline of his erection down his left trouser leg. Any hope of avoiding stains was abandoned, as a wet spot appeared. I set to work lathering up shaft with my tongue and sucking on his head. So far only the head had entered my mouth. Red was obviously enjoying himself. He was groaning, rolling his head back, and thrusting his hips forward, mashing his meat in to my face. He kept grabbing my head and trying to push my head back on to him whenever I moved away. Normally with Sir I love when he takes control, but there was something about being here with Red, in Sirs presence: I didn’t want to give control to Red just yet. And my glances at Sir seemed to confirm that he was enjoying me teasing him. It must have been quite a sight: me naked but an electric blue jockstrap, servicing his gym buddy’s cock; Red standing with his suit trousers half way down his enormous quads, dress shirt, black tie, and pale white arse exposed. When I knew that I had covered his shaft in a mixture of my spit and his precum, I took a forceful grab of Red’s sac, pulling his nuts down just enough to cause a bit of a shock and take control. “Grab his hands.” I instructed Sir. Within three seconds, Sir was standing behind Red, holding both hands behind his lower back. Red was obviously confused and tried to struggle a little, but between Sir’s grip on his hands, and my grip on his balls, he wasn’t going anywhere. “Stand still.” I ordered. I didn’t shout, I kept my voice calm and level. When he stopped squirming I let go of his balls and put a hand on both hips. I lowered my mouth on to his pulsing tip, dripping with precum. My lips parted gently as the arrow head flare of his cut cock began to fill my mouth. I tensed the pressure on my lips as I slowly descended. When the flare of his corona popped past my lips Red made an involuntary gasp and his knees momentarily buckled beneath his. If it weren’t for Sir holding his hands I think he would have collapsed to the ground. But he quickly recovered and stood up, thrusting his hips forward as he did. I knew this was coming, so pulled my head back at the same time. This was not my first rodeo. Sir tightened his grip again, “manners” he reminded him. After a few seconds pause, I continued my achingly slow descent down his shaft. Red was obviously use to being in charge. He kept moaning, and trying to thrust forwards, but I kept moving my head backwards with him. I even caught Sir having a little laugh at Red’s pleading moans. When I was about five inches on to his shaft I paused. I felt Red tense, fighting against the urge to move. I extended my tongue, the tip of it touching his balls. He actually whimpered, I looked up to see his red face dripping with sweat looking down at me over his enormous pecs. Maintaining eye contact I dove down the last inch and a half and buried my nose in his pubes. The head of Red’s cock was pushing up against the back of my throat. Red groaned and his legs buckled again. Sir was ready for it, half supporting his weight. I tightened my lips and pulled off of his engorged cock, before opening my mouth wide, sticking my tongue out flat and broad, and plunging back down the full length over and over again whilst moaning. “Oh God. Oh God!” Red was getting really wound up now. Half way down his cock I paused, thrusting my tongue back and forth. Red was now standing on his toes, wrists still held behind his back by Sir. I reached around and tapped Sir’s wrists. He let go of Red, who stumbled a bit, but I kept my mouth half way down his dick. Over the last ten minutes Sir and I had been training him not to thrust. And now he was standing there tense and grunting, similar to when he was flexing for me earlier, but this time just preventing movement rather than showing off. With my mouth wrapped around the first half of his twitching cock, I stayed still. So did Red. Sir stepped round and stood behind me. I looked up; Red’s black tie cascading over his pectoral cliff, somewhat obstructing my view. He was looking down at me, face red and straining to keep control. He looked at Sir as he stepped behind me. I felt Sir’s thighs against my back, his thick, hard cock, still within his trousers, pressing against the left side of my neck. He placed his right hand on the top of my head, slightly gripping my hair. His left hand he used to grope Red’s chest. When his finger tips found his nipple, Sir rubbed it gently and then slowly twisted it. Red grunted uncontrollably, and thrust his hips forward. Burying his wide cock in my mouth, right up to the hilt. The two giants stood over my, their hard bodies pressed against each other. Sir’s crotch pushing up against the back of my head, Red’s cock filling my mouth, his red pubes against my nose. I heard Sir’s deep voice “go wild, mate!” Hearing Sir instructing Red to use me like that made me painfully hard. I knew I would only have to stroke myself a few times to come for the second time that evening. “Wild” was the right word. Red grabbed both sides of my head so forcefully that Sir barely had time to let go. He started shouting as if charging in to battle, as he pounded in to my face over and over. Sir stepped away but I was unable to tell where to, as I couldn’t move my head, all I could comprehend was the powerful skull fucking I was receiving. I found myself beginning to lean back as Red’s thrusts were driving us in that direction. It was wild. It was raw. It was animalistic. Red’s long battle cry paused whilst he took a breath, his thrusts pausing as well, so he could slam in to me harder, still holding on to either side of my head. Suddenly Red withdrew and started pumping his cock himself. I stayed on my knees, tilted my head back and stuck out my tongue, ready to receive his donation. Seconds later Sir was by his side, his own mammoth cock in his hand, aimed for my face. The sight of these two muscular giants jerking off in their suits, massive cocks aimed at my face tipped me over the edge. I came hard, yet again soaking my blue jock. I juddered and groaned, my face twisting with the effort to keep my tongue out to accept the cum of the men before me. I didn’t have to wait long Red roared as volley after volley of cum hit my face. Closely followed by Sir’s second load of the evening. My face and hair were covered, but I leant up again and gently sucked the cocks clean of the two men before me. I looked up to see Sir had his arm around Red’s back, Red in turn had his arm across Sir’s shoulders. Two mates enjoying a blow job together. Fuck this is hot. “What do you think Wee Jock, is he man enough to stay?” Sir asked with a cheeky smirk on his face.” “I don’t know, that blow job seems to have taken a lot out of him. Think he’s ready for the main event?” I answered as I stood up. Sir chuckled a bit, patting his mate on the back. Red seemed a little confused looked back and forth between the pair of us “there’s more?”
  11. I’m so happy you’ve got a new story. I love everything you write. Ticks all my boxes!
  12. Wow. What a way to revive a story! Great work man. Looking forward to reading more.
  13. Gman

    The Grower

    Really pleased to see this story continue
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