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  1. Hey Alphabrute! Always great to see one of the truly huge guys on here! Hope ya have a great 4th!

  2. Really like the handle! It gives a great mental image of you! Hope we'll get to chat sometime!

  3. hi


    1. Cambear62


      Hi big man! You've got some awesome stats! Definitely someone I'd want to encourage and support you reaching your strength and mass potential! And it sounds like you've got a great foundation going already!

  4. It seems like I read a lot about bodybuilders and strongmen having problems dating/finding boyfriends or girlfriends who support their lifestyle--or even being actually sabotaged by their significant others giving them grief about their diets/workouts/schedules etc. and I'm wondering if this is really a big problem or just the occasional complaints from a few? I've known a few bodybuilders /strength athletes over the years (both straight and gay) and most of them have had a significant other that supported them and understood the needs of their lifestyles. I'm wondering which is more common--support or lack of it. I realize that as a gay man who likes muscles I may be unusual in that if I was lucky enough to have a partner into working out and growth I'd want to support him in his lifting and growth goals. I'd have no problem planning meals and cooking for him, or giving back rubs when he's sore-or anything else I could do to help him achieve his goals. So I'm interested in input from other guys. In your experience is it fairly common to have a partner support you in your efforts--or is iI unusual in wanting to help my partner grow?
  5. Hey Beastman-how ya doing? Whats been going on with you since the job change? You back to growing bigger again?

  6. Hey big man! I'm a little late but I wanted to wish you a happy birthday! I hope you had a great day and have had a lot of fun! Hopefully you got out of the hospital and got to have a little fun!  How are the workouts going? You still growing ever bigger?  I'm looking forward to hearing you've passed the 400lb mark--but I know when you're as big as you are that its hard to get a lot bigger.  As it is I bet your daily calorie intake must be astronomical and you're probably spending a mint on food and suppliments!  Of course-a stuf like yourself can probably find a sponsor or more who'll help offset those bills.  I know I'd volunteer in a heart-beat (if I could afford it) to be allowed to take care of you--and I'm sure you get lots of offers from other guys. After all--guys of your size, stature and intelligence are to be treasured--and we should allow your true Alpha spirit to roam unfettered so as to allow your to grow in every way possible.

    Hope you'll have time to update me on your progress and activities (those that you care to talk about that is) but I know you're one busy guy--and I know that a musclegod like yourself is in hot demand. Still-any reply at all is greatly appreciated!

    Your most obedient fan,



  7. Cambear62

    Dating Apps: The Only Gaydar Some of Us Have

    Anyone have an opinion on Growlr? Is it only for bears looking for hook-ups? Or can you find friends, dates, relationships, etc?
  8. Congrats on a year at the job! Hope you're still loving it!

  9. Cambear62

    Wet Dreams May Come Part 9

    Another terrific chapter! Cant wait for the next one!
  10. Cambear62

    Wet Dreams May Come Part 6

    Wonderfully descriptive! More please!
  11. Cambear62

    Wet Dreams May Come Part 3

    I'm really enjoying it too! Cant wait for the next installment!
  12. Cambear62

    The Twist

    Don't know how you keep doing it Londonboy! Another fantastic story!
  13. Cambear62

    The Bear's Cub Part 2

    I gotta agree! It was a great read and I hope you can gift us with a few more chapters! I can't wait to see how it develops!
  14. Cambear62

    Big Frank Thread Idea

    Sounds like an interesting idea to me! I'd like to know more about you BIG FRANK!

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