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    Workout Trainer, Bodybuilding
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    5'10 232
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    Anybody into muscles, muscles growth, worship and sponsorship me for getting bigger
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    Reaching at least 300 and the biggest as possible
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    Lifting weights to grow bigger and get a fucking pump and built

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  1. Muscu

    Deadlifts vs. Squats

    These both exercices are needed to grow muscles, then even you dislike one of them, you have to train with them if you wanna great results. The harder you train, the bigger results you have.
  2. Muscu

    Deadlifts vs. Squats

    They have no common points. Squat works quads and deadlift works back. They are both basics in exercices and are making the best results in the whole workout routines. What is your goal to compare both
  3. Happy New Years to you to. All the best for 2015.

  4. Happy New Year and best wishes to All

  5. Feel free to contact

  6. Really good alpha game, have to wait the next step to continue the story

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