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    fantasy profile.
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    MUSCLE lifting bending stuff breaking twinks GROWING
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    Biceps 32 and growing
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    a hot boy to help me grow massive as all hell
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    Never ending cause I do twant to stop growing
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    Priest wolf Craig...all of em really hahaa
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    leather endless size growth

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  1. leathermuscle

    m/m Spice

    can't wait
  2. Whoooo love this start I'm excited to see where all this goes
  3. Please please do a part two I don't wanna see this story die at such a amazing point
  4. I'd love to read this again please post it
  5. Yheres hoping he grows Huuuuge beyond compare hung and powerful
  6. Oh gods please yes do more more more bigger need him biger massive do huge he fucks cars to ge tofff grrr
  7. It's called the temple of testosterone by supperwaffle on fa
  8. Omg thebbicep car scene really got my goat more more more please grrrr wanna see his biceps destroy that car ohhh fuck yeah man so hot please post more soon
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