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    Bisexual (Male Preference)
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    Male and Female muscle/growth/bodybuilding/flexing/Competing
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    5'11" 215 pounds 45chest 17arms 24quads 17calves
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    Friends into similar interests including bodybuilding in real life/mutual support
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    60 inch chest 21 inch arms 32 inch quads 20 inch calves
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    Too many to name
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    Branch Warren, Nathan De Asha, Justin Compton, Roelly Winkllaar, Old School Arnold, Bev Francis, Colette Guimond, Trudy Ireland, Virginia Sanchez
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    Fantasy Male and Female Muscle Growth/ Muscle Worship/Flexing/Contest Muscle Posedowns/Big Male Bodybuilders that are into other Big Male Bodybuilders/Female Bodybuilders that outgrow Male Bodybuilders

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  1. TommyGunz

    Blue Pill Part 20

    Awesome continuation ... I wonder how Riley will react to seeing Sarah walk in to the steamroom...
  2. TommyGunz

    Blue Pill Part 19

    Dying to find out what happens to Chris as she enters the gym full of huge muscle dudes lifting...
  3. Nice avatar! Huge muscle flexing on the beach! Woof

  4. hey man. saw your message about the brother/sister rp. hit me up on yahoo or Skype. bkwme2000

  5. TommyGunz

    Female muscle and growth

  6. TommyGunz

    Female muscle and growth

  7. TommyGunz

    Female muscle and growth

    Another roided up female for your consideration:
  8. TommyGunz

    Female muscle and growth

    Super Sized Sge Stud Caroline Wang anyone? Oops, that's "She stud"
  9. TommyGunz

    Female muscle and growth

    Something like this roided babe?
  10. TommyGunz

    Bigger You Get The Hotter The Orgasm

    Ditto everything ThickRick says!
  11. TommyGunz

    The couple

    I am actually excited for some female as well as male muscle growth! Bigger the better! Great stories thanks for sharing your talent.
  12. TommyGunz

    Muscle Women World

    Hey! New to this topic, but just want to add that I enjoy both male and female muscle growth, pushing the envelope of what's humanly possible. In terms of this site, I agree with it staying male focused but would appreciate some growing male bodybuilder to have a female bodybuilder girlfriend in a story or be attracted to both male and female muscle like I am. Thanks!

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